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godbykhumphreybc: I was literally just typing you an IM to remind you about the meeting. :)20:51
humphreybcyou're lucky i'm here20:51
godbykAh, well, I see it as *you're* lucky *I'm* here. :-P20:52
flanYou're both unlucky, since I'm kinda here.20:56
godbykHey, flan.  Have you had any time to work on the Quickshot stuff?  I think the Dutch translation team is basically waiting on us.20:57
flanThat's been ported over.20:57
flanBut all they're missing is the first screenshot.20:57
flanI could capture that manually.20:57
godbykAh, okay.20:57
flanOr they could.20:57
flanIt's really easy to do.20:58
godbykSpeak of the devil... Hey, Hannie. :)20:58
flanJust pop the ISO into VirtualBox and crop it with The GIMP.20:58
HannieHi there20:58
flanCall it '01-welcome.png' and pass it to anyone with bzr commit access.20:58
godbykHannie: flan said that he thinks you're just missing one screenshot and that you could probably take it manually.20:59
godbykHe's setup the new Quickshot server.20:59
HannieI was told the quickshot server is not working20:59
godbykflan: Is the new Quickshot app itself usable?20:59
flanTaking it manually's probably easier.20:59
flanIt is.20:59
flanIt also seems pretty stable.20:59
flanBut some of its wording may be counter-intuitive.20:59
flanIt needs us to give it a full run-through before we can call it 1.0.21:00
HannieHi Chris21:00
flanhttp://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-04 nl's only off by one screenshot. You can preview the others (JPEG compression) online.21:00
flanAnd reject anything that doesn't look right.21:01
humphreybcso who's here?21:01
flanNot me.21:01
HannieYes, 47 shots are there21:01
flanOh. Not -welcome.21:01
ChrisWoollardnot me either21:01
flanIt's first-slide.21:01
flanSo you'd need to get as far as starting the install.21:01
flanStill easy to do in VirtualBox, though.21:01
humphreybchey matt21:02
ChrisWoollardhey matt21:02
humphreybcokay should we start this meeting? I don't have an agenda, slightly hungover21:02
flanStop drinking, college-boy. =P21:03
HannieReady, steady, go21:03
ChrisWoollardnothing like preperation21:03
MootBotMeeting started at 16:03. The chair is humphreybc.21:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:03
* trijntje is reading along21:03
humphreybcshould we figure out where we're at first?21:03
* daker o/21:03
Hanniehey tijntje21:03
humphreybc[TOPIC] Where are we at currently?21:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Where are we at currently?21:04
godbykWhich branch do you want to hear about first?21:04
humphreybctop priority first21:04
ChrisWoollardIt requires screenshots21:04
trijntjeHi Hannie21:04
humphreybcwhat about the changes from lucid?21:05
godbykMaverick's had some editing, writing, and reorganization done to it, but still needs a bit more of each.21:05
godbykI don't know that there's been any systematic effort to check for the changes from lucid and update the manual.21:05
* ChrisWoollard is looking for stuff21:05
humphreybcso should we appeal for people to help?21:05
ChrisWoollardi would say yes21:06
humphreybcif we could get a list of changes21:06
humphreybclike a todo list21:06
humphreybci'll post some stuff on OMG! and see who we can get to help21:06
ChrisWoollardit is the url i have been trying to get people to proof read21:06
MootBotLINK received:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/382986/ubuntu-manual/UbuntuManual.html21:06
godbykIf we're having random passersby read the manual to look for changes, we should assign them each a different chapter or section so we don't have everyone read the installation chapter and then quit.21:07
OmegaOh, I got here on time.21:07
c7pone guy from my loco team reviewed some chapters -more on pad-21:07
michael_kit was me21:07
ChrisWoollardi am looking for the pad link21:07
michael_ki ma currently reviwing ch 421:08
c7phey michael :)21:08
michael_khey john!21:08
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ump-m-todo21:08
humphreybclet's try to quickly jot down known changes between lucid and maverick here21:08
humphreybcwhile the meeting continues and after21:08
ChrisWoollardthe install has changed21:09
ChrisWoollardit still needs updating21:09
humphreybc[ACTION] Team to create checklist and todo in etherpad21:09
MootBotACTION received:  Team to create checklist and todo in etherpad21:09
ryu_kurisuNew ubuntu font is added (going open-source when complete)21:09
humphreybc[ACTION] Benjamin to write a post on OMG! and get some peeps over here to help out21:09
MootBotACTION received:  Benjamin to write a post on OMG! and get some peeps over here to help out21:09
ChrisWoollardHere is the proof reading log of what is done21:10
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ump-10-10-pr-log21:10
michael_kc7p has also posted for help in our forum. Maybe other loco temas could do the same21:10
humphreybcI'm keen to keep the meeting moving on and continue further discussion in the mailing list21:11
humphreybcanyone else have any action items for the maverick manual?21:11
humphreybcflan: what's the story with quickshot?21:11
ChrisWoollardI am not sure. I haven't read the rest yet. I have been a bit slack on that front.21:12
* humphreybc feels like he's talking to himself21:12
ryu_kurisuI'm might be able to contact the Dutch LoCo21:12
Hannietrijntje does the screenshots, he is here21:13
humphreybcwell since no one is talking about this, i'll move on to the next topic21:14
Hanniewhen will the server be ok?21:14
humphreybc[When are we going to release Maverick?]21:14
godbykHannie: Using the new Quickshot with the new Quickshot server should work fine.21:14
godbykHannie: The old Quickshot app won't work, though.21:15
HannieAnd is the new Quickshot working at the moment?21:15
humphreybc[TOPIC] When are we going to release the maverick manual?21:15
MootBotNew Topic:  When are we going to release the maverick manual?21:15
godbykHannie: Per flan, it should be, yes.21:15
c7p1humphreybc: hm, is there any dead line for the writing ?21:15
humphreybcshould we aim for two weeks from now or something?21:16
Hannieok, thanks21:16
ChrisWoollardi would say asap.21:16
humphreybc[ACTION] Release maverick manual ASAP21:16
MootBotACTION received:  Release maverick manual ASAP21:16
ryu_kurisuI've send word to sehof of the Dutch LoCo21:16
humphreybc[TOPIC] Should we put a hold on translations until the team has a better infrastructure to handle them?21:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Should we put a hold on translations until the team has a better infrastructure to handle them?21:16
godbykI think that the lucid translations can probably continue.21:17
godbykFor maverick translations, I guess it'll depend on how long it takes us to get a better infrastructure in place.21:17
humphreybcIt's best to start translations after the final freeze21:17
michael_kI wouldn't like that but we can release english version and release tranlsations as they get completed21:17
ryu_kurisuI don't know, it would be wise to start translation only when the manuel is complete....or start on sections that are finilised21:18
humphreybcbecause when we change things as they're translating, it doesn't work too good21:18
c7p1current infrastructure (launchpad) has some bugs but we should keep on releasing translated editions21:18
ChrisWoollardI would say that we should really push for screenshots too be done soon.21:19
humphreybcwe're probably going to change our structure to aim for main release about 2 weeks after ubuntu comes out21:19
michael_kI think it;s eassier for translators to work with finished products21:19
OmegaBut other languages will lag behind substiantially then.21:19
HannieIf there are only minor changes we can start translating maverich asap21:19
humphreybcsee this is the thing, some languages will never get done due to the 6 month cycle21:19
humphreybcby the time they've almost been done, it'll be time for the next manual21:19
michael_kthat's true even for Ubuntu itself21:19
humphreybcbut even harder for a 170 page book21:20
OmegaMaybe we can use a \releasename \releasenumber command in the doc's so those get updated automatically?21:20
humphreybchence I think only certain instances should be translated, maybe just LTS releases to give 2 years for full translation21:20
c7p1there should be selected freezed content for every release so the translators cope with the work more easily21:20
trijntjeare chapter-freezes an idea? That way translations could start early on21:20
godbykOmega: Where would you use those?21:20
trijntjeand just create translation templates per chapter and combine them when building?21:21
godbykRight now our writing freeze coincides with our release, basically.21:21
Omegagodbyk: Everywhere you want to say "Maverick"21:21
Omegaor "10.10"21:21
ryu_kurisuwell, some pages are filed with pictures...and really simple to translate sections21:21
humphreybctrijntje: maybe but it's hard to organize especially with ubuntu ignoring their UI freeze21:21
michael_kalso if there are no complete rewrites of large parts translations can progress farily qyickly21:21
humphreybcshould we defer further discussion of translations into a new mailing list thread?21:22
ryu_kurisuthat's true21:22
humphreybc(also to include the many translators that aren't here)21:22
HannieThat is a good idea21:23
humphreybcmichael_k: do you reckon you could start up a new thread to the list?21:23
michael_kok !21:23
ryu_kurisuI'm not a translator, but most parts are the same for lucid and maverick, right?21:23
ryu_kurisuThey've switched to applications for two similar applications21:24
humphreybcOkay, I think we should aim for these things this week and have another meeting next weekend to discuss more about the project21:24
humphreybcright now we have the following goals, to get the maverick manual out, finish screenshots, get new contributors for the final push, release the website (will talk to daker) and have further discussion about translations21:25
trijntjeryu_kurisu, I dont think LP is that good at recognising that strings are very similar. If the English text changes all translations are discarded. Even fixes for typo's I believe21:25
c7p1actually we should promote more the project and apeal more volunteers21:25
humphreybcc7p1: yeah21:25
c7p1who is writing the content now ?21:25
humphreybcno point getting people to help if there's nothing to do21:25
HannieHave you read the proposal of Jonas: New Features guide21:25
ChrisWoollardThat was mine21:26
ChrisWoollardidea that is21:26
humphreybcso are we happy with those goals for this week?21:26
c7p1yap but i don't remeber what he said :/ nvm i ld look at it21:26
michael_kI propose to get done with maverick asap and start working on that for natty so we can assign  tasks to new people coming21:26
humphreybcyeah, we should have a meeting solely to discuss team structure21:26
humphreybclet's get this maverick manual out somehow21:27
humphreybcand then work on that afterwards21:27
humphreybcsound cool?21:27
ChrisWoollardYep. Can't do anything else until then21:27
humphreybcso we'll defer stuff to the list, i'll write a summary of the meeting and send that too later today21:27
humphreybcmichael_k: start up a translation thread21:28
humphreybcI think those are good goals for this week21:28
humphreybcanother meeting, same time next Friday?21:28
michael_kOK! hope to get it by tomorrow morning!21:28
ChrisWoollardSo, who can help with what and when? Any responsibilities?21:29
c7p1sounds good to me21:29
michael_knext Friday same time is OK for me21:29
humphreybci'll make sure next meeting has an agenda21:29
humphreybcChrisWoollard: I'll make sure our list of changes is concise21:29
michael_ki' ll continue reviewing ch. 4 and continue to other chapters21:29
humphreybcgodbyk: are the instructions on our website for writers etc up to date?21:29
HannieIs each chapter assigned to one person?21:30
humphreybcHannie: not currently21:30
ChrisWoollardnot at the moment21:30
godbykhumphreybc: For writers working on the Maverick edition, they should be up-to-date, yeah.21:30
humphreybcmaybe we should do that21:30
michael_kjust check etherpad21:30
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ump-10-10-pr-log21:30
ChrisWoollardThe installation chapter needs looking at as the whole install changed21:31
humphreybcwell i'm out for now but i'll fire off something to the list today and write a post on OMG early next week21:31
trijntjebye all21:31
humphreybcsee ya guys, thanks for coming21:31
dutchiehumphreybc: don't forget to stop the meeting21:32
humphreybcis this time good for meetings?21:32
ryu_kurisuYou'ra welcome =D21:32
ChrisWoollardalways good for me21:32
Hanniefor me it is21:32
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:32.21:32
ryu_kurisuhumpreybc: As far as I'm concerned it is21:32
humphreybci'll mail the list again21:32
humphreybcfor a new meeting21:32
michael_kok! bb21:32
HannieSee you21:33
MuscovyHello all.21:44
dakerMuscovy, hi21:45
MuscovyMeeting hasn't happened yet, has it?21:45
MuscovyI've just gotten in.21:45
dakerit's already finished21:46

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