castlechey guys.  i recently upgraded from 9.04 to 10.04.  It looks like the diskless config is gone from control centre.  Is this true or is my stuff messed up?02:04
castlecno comments?02:10
chilukso does anyone know if there has been any progress on a dlna client (a.k.a renderer) for mythtv?02:12
mrandcastlec: it is true.  Several people have worked on it recently... I thought they were updating the wiki02:49
castlecworked on it to have a plugin again?02:49
mrandGibby and fluvvell most recently.  Some others before them02:49
mrandjust figuring out the steps to getting it working I believe02:50
castleci found some tutorials that i'm willing to follow to get it back up but it would have been helpful to play with it before upgrading02:50
castlecthat's what I get for assuming it would be there but better :)02:50
castlecare others just putting disks on all of their front-ends?02:51
arriflexAfter upgrade to 10.10 some of my ATSC recordings won't play back properly.03:38
arriflexIn perspective, also updated hardware03:39
arriflexwent to VDPAU amongst other things03:39
arriflexOtherwise everything seems fine aside from a little wierdness with a streamzap remote03:39
arriflexvideo problem is that playback of certain HD streams (not all) appear to be playing at about 2x speed while the sound is normal.03:40
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zuixroHas anyone else had random logouts since upgrading to 10.10? I upgraded last night, and I keep getting logged out.04:50
arriflexYeah, that happens depending on my playback profile04:53
zuixroMine happens outside of MythTV too though04:54
arriflexhmm, dunno04:54
arriflexIf I set my Playback Profile to CPU-- It crashes out the session everytime.04:57
arriflexThis is the mythfrontend.log entry:04:58
arriflexFatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.04:58
rhpot1991you will want a VDPAU playback profile if your hardware can support it05:03
rhpot1991if not check out slim and normal05:03
rhpot1991there are a number of bugs out there, feel free to add your hardware information to one05:03
rhpot1991at this point we know the root cause but aren't sure if disabling it will affect other users05:04
arriflexI am having problems with my VDPAU05:14
arriflexThat's why I was trying other profiles, to see what I could see05:14
rhpot1991arriflex: what kind of problems?05:14
arriflexI don't intend to use it that way.05:14
arriflexI think it is nvidia driver related05:15
arriflexplayback is mostly 2x speed05:15
arriflexaudio sync issues05:15
arriflexfrontend log shows buffer underuns, prebuffering pauses05:15
rhpot1991arriflex: what cpu?05:16
arriflexcpu is an intel core 2 duo, don't remember the speed05:16
arriflexgpu is a 21005:16
rhpot1991what vdpau profile are you using?05:16
rhpot1991no network invovled?05:17
arriflexproblem exists throughout the profiles05:17
arriflexno, frontend backend combined05:17
rhpot1991well you just ruled out all the reasons I've ever seen buffer underruns :)05:17
arriflextried non-vdpau profiles also05:17
arriflexseems like it's probably audio driver related05:17
rhpot1991arriflex: verified you are using nvidia driver and not the open source one?05:18
arriflexor audio configuration related05:19
arriflextook me forever to get the audio over hdmi figured out05:19
rhpot1991arriflex: I would hit up the mythtv-users mailing list05:20
rhpot1991could also ask #mythtv-users05:20
ZinnSorry I don't know about list05:20
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rhpot1991!mailinglist | arriflex05:20
Zinnarriflex: The MythTV Users mailing list is located at: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/05:20
arriflexyeah, tried them earlier, they were sleeping05:20
rhpot1991hit the mailing list and see what happens tomorrow05:21
arriflexmythtv-users that is05:21
rhpot1991you have a unique issue so you are gonna have to find someone who knows about that05:21
rhpot1991sadly those take time to fix themselves normally05:21
arriflexmy issues are always unique!05:21
rhpot1991good luck, and let us know what the fix is if you come to one05:21
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Seeker`is there anything I can do about the abysmal flash playback in mythbrowser?23:26
Seeker`or, alternatively, another way of playing iplayer inside mythtv23:36

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