akgranerHi all01:12
akgranerHope everyone is doing well - thought I would see where everything is and see about getting back on track next week01:13
nhandlerHey akgraner. Hope everything is going well. I just got a bit more free time, so I've started finishing up my actions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/ToDo01:18
akgranernhandler, awesome!01:19
akgranerSo I haven't checked yet but did Issue 215 ever get published??01:20
nhandlerakgraner: I don't think I've seen anything published since before UDS01:21
akgranerjust trying to see where we are and what needs to get caught up01:21
akgranernhandler, ok thanks we can just combine a bunch of weeks and go forward and work on some training01:21
highvoltagehey, what's up?02:41
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