kinygosapologies...i must go offline...i may need to ask my question again in the morning00:03
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osmosissoren, kirkland: your comments appreciated, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu-kvm/+bug/671163  and  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/66804200:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 671163 in qemu-kvm "win2k3 guest has blank screen and high cpu on first boot" [Undecided,New]00:27
smosererichammond, yeah, you made a good argument.  it *is* a change, though, there is no ignoring that.00:41
smoserif it was done in a package, it would have to go through SRU.00:41
erichammondsmoser: And I'm often on the other side arguing against change :)00:41
smoserif the installer wanted to change the default filesystem, there would need to be a decision officially ack'd00:41
smoseri think that is basically the same thing as here.  there is good reason, but it needs to be considered.00:42
erichammondsmoser: I'm happy with the file system matching what you  would get with the standard Ubuntu server.  I like consistency.00:42
smoserright. i'm just saying, this change is basically a change to the defaults in an installer.00:43
erichammondsmoser: Disk size is more like hardware to me than software.  Pick an AMI chooses the software parameters and a couple hardware ones.00:43
erichammond(architecture 32-bit vs. 64-bit, and root disk size)00:43
erichammondsmoser: I guess AMIs can also affect what other disk devices are available, too: ephemeral storage, other EBS volumes created from snapshots.00:45
smoseri really dont like setting precedent that we react to somewhat arbitrary external events (like one that would allow customers to save $6.00 per year)00:47
smoserbut other than that, I think its the right decision00:47
smoserand it will be acked by TB00:47
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vraahi everyone, how can one figure out which apache module is in use out of (mpm_preform_module, mpm_worker_module, mpm_event_module) in a ubuntu-server 10.10 installation01:24
vraai'm sorry 10.0401:24
twbvraa: ask dpkg?01:25
twbUsually it will be worker unless PHP has forced the use of prefork01:25
vraai'm just doing some optimizations of my new vps, and i noticed in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf it has the "if modules" for all 3 listed01:26
vraahow, um, what does it mean to ask dpkg01:26
twbSounds like you're not sufficiently familiar with the Debian apache setup to safely "optimize" it01:27
vraahaha im not, i am going from googling01:27
twbvraa: google is full of people who don't know anything, too.01:27
vraayeah that sucks a lot :(01:28
vraai installed mod_pagespeed today01:28
twbvraa: re dpkg, something like "dpkg -l apache2-mpm-*" should indicate which of the (mutually exclusive) mpm implementations is installed.01:28
vraagotcha, i was doing dpkg -S, wrong one01:28
vraasweet i think i have prefork installed01:29
vraai do have php installed, :( is that bad01:30
twbWell, I don't like it.01:30
vraaany reasons you dont like it01:34
twbBecause it's a language made for newbies by newbies.01:36
vraawhat is a good language to write a webapp in?01:40
twbMy opinion of web "apps" is about the same01:40
twbBut I suppose if I was forced to, I'd be looking at Python in preference to perl, php or java01:41
vraapython > perl > java|php ?01:44
vraaso you can have a python and mysql and apache2 app/01:44
vraaor i guess, since mysql no longer has innodb, might be wise to move to postgresql01:44
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twbI've never met a DBA would liked mysql01:49
hallynkirkland: re Andre Dawson - awesome02:07
arrrghhhjust wanted to ask here too.  thinking about setting up passwordless ssh logins, but how do i add new systems when passwordless logins are enabled?02:12
JanCnew systems?02:15
JanCyou mean new installs?02:16
arrrghhhi access my server from my laptop at home02:16
arrrghhhin win7 and ubuntu02:16
arrrghhhi access it at work02:16
arrrghhhi sometimes like to access the server from my phone...02:16
JanCyou'll have to add ssh keys for all those devices02:17
arrrghhhso just add 'em all at once then eh02:17
arrrghhhlet's say i go to a friends house... i'm sol?  lol02:17
vraatwb, thanks for your help, i've really been able to get my stuff faster now02:17
JanCarrrghhh: not if you have your laptop or phone with you  ☺02:18
arrrghhhmakes me not want to get rid of password-based logons...02:18
JanCwell, the alternative is less security, it's your choice02:19
arrrghhhdenyhosts, i'm assuming that would work in either situation?02:19
arrrghhhpassword or passwordless logins?02:19
JanCyou could also carry an ssh key on an USB stick and use that02:21
arrrghhhthe server's key yea?02:22
twbThat assumes you trust the machine you're putting the USB stick into02:22
arrrghhhi shouldn't be connecting to my server on a machine i don't trust ;)02:22
twbarrrghhh: not the server's host key.  Your user's private ssh key.02:22
twbarrrghhh: correct.02:22
JanCa private key with a strong password preferably02:22
JanCand when you lose the usb key, you want to remove the public counterpart from the server  ☺02:23
arrrghhhi will read more on it.02:23
arrrghhhconcept always confused me, and i keep revisiting it.02:23
JanCbut as twb says, usign an untrusted computer is always bad for security02:24
arrrghhhkeyloggers, etc.02:24
arrrghhhcool guys, thanks for the help02:27
icekhi, my resolution is 1280 - 800 how do i make it higher?02:29
icekthats the max it shows02:29
* twb grumbles about plymouth02:43
twbOn my debian netbook, I can add video=LVDS-1:d to the boot options, and the onboard head is disabled (meaning you get native resolution on the external monitor).  $coworker can't get it to work in karmic, and I suspect it's because plymouth is modprobing i915.ko by hand before /etc/initramfs-tools/modules takes effect.02:45
twb(Native resolution on the framebuffer, that is -- no X.)02:46
demonsporkare there any open source packages meant for managing a webserver hosting multiple websites? as in setting up the site with a webform and a paypal button?03:14
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twbapache has been able to host multiple, nominally distinct, websites from the same server for nearly as long as there has BEEN a "world wide web".03:49
twbOh, you mean a web UI for end users (who don't have root on your webserver) to purchase space for their website?03:50
twbSo I asked <vendor> for quotes of 1TB and 2TB HDDs, and they've given me numbers for a 7200 1TB and a 5900 2TB.03:54
twbAm I old fashioned for thinking "WTF is the point of sub-7200rpm in a server"?03:55
e_t_twb: Do you expect high I/O, or do you just want massive storage?03:57
twbBoth :P03:58
twbI mean, surely you can *get* 7200 2TBs03:58
twbFWIW, the workload I'm CURRENTLY speccing for is basically a SOHO server doing nfs/samba/squid/cups/postfix/dovecot, for about two dozen end users.04:00
twbIt'll also have a shitty PHP/MySQL timesheeting system, but I still don't expect it to need seriously high I/O.04:00
twbOh, and add slapd/krb/ssh/openswan to that list.04:01
twbI'm deploying a 10.04 LTS "do everything" server for an office full of VERY heterogeneous sysadmins.  Management (linux, not windows, desktops) are pushing for some kind of calendaring "thing", which to them means Zimbra.04:56
twbI *really* don't want to deploy Zimbra, because it insists on its own custom versions of everything from slapd to postfix04:56
SpamapStwb: Kolab has been gaining traction.. not sure if the maverick stuff has been backported to lucid.04:57
twbIn my ideal world, there is <some thing> that is implemented on top of stock postfix and slapd, using a commodity interchange format, say emails with iCalendar MIME attachments.04:58
twbIt'd need to work with at least thunderbird and mutt, or (worse) some kind of web UI.04:59
SpamapSI wanted that 10 years ago.05:00
SpamapSI think they call it "google calendar" now. ;)05:00
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SpamapStwb: I'm with you on Zimbra though. Rather than provide a good route to integration, they just provide a product. :-/05:16
twbThere *was* a couple of guys looking into fixing ZCS to use stock ubuntu packages, but last I heard they gave up05:18
SpamapStwb: Kolab I believe was a bit simpler...05:29
SpamapSwhy must every new server package land with 45 unpackaged dependencies?!05:31
* SpamapS eyes mod_pagespeed05:31
twbAt least kolabd is in sid05:45
twbI've asked a flunky to try installing it onto a scratch box and see how far he gets05:45
eagles0513875hey guys what the easiest configuration for dovecot + postfix when it comes to adding users etc06:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #671289 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server 1:5.5p1-4ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: underproces installed post-installation script returnerede afslutningsstatus 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67128906:52
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LyonJTDoes anyone how to specify which domain names can access my ubuntu-server via port number?08:17
LyonJTi.e. ftp.domain.com can only access the server on port 2008:17
_rubenone usualy uses ip addresses to restrict access, not hostnames, as hostnames are way easier to "spoof"08:21
eagles0513875hey guys how do i run the smart hdd tests via cli08:24
_ruben!info smartmontools08:27
ubottusmartmontools (source: smartmontools): control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.. In component main, is optional. Version 5.39.1+svn3077-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 422 kB, installed size 1016 kB08:27
LyonJT_ruben: fair point actually i might have to purchase some more ip addresses then08:28
LyonJTdoes anyone know how tools that you can use to check the security of a server?08:29
LyonJTi.e. from a network point of view - what ports are open etc08:29
_ruben!info nmap08:29
ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 5.21-1~build1 (maverick), package size 1737 kB, installed size 7052 kB08:29
_ruben!info nessus08:30
ubottuPackage nessus does not exist in maverick08:30
LyonJTaa nmap!08:30
LyonJTgood call!08:30
LyonJTthanks buddy!08:30
_rubenaww, no nessus package .. nessus is a security scanner, tho i seem to recall it no longer being free or something08:30
LyonJTi see08:30
LyonJTthank you :)08:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #671304 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1 [modified: usr/share/bind9/bind9-default.md5sum] failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67130408:37
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HackeMateis it a bad idea try to install gnome in an ubuntu server?12:02
HackeMateor, simply apt-get install gnome-core could be fair enough?12:02
sorenDepends on why you're doing it.12:02
HackeMatei only need a dhcp and samba server12:03
HackeMatei just wanted to know if gnome could networkmanager could break my dhcp12:03
sorenIf you only need dhcp and samba, why install a desktop?12:04
HackeMatepersonal reasons12:04
sorenI can't advice on your personal reasons, sorry.12:05
twbHackeMate: in #ubuntu-server we advocate learning to administer servers from the CLI.12:08
twbHackeMate: we don't recommend installing a GUI on a server.12:09
ScottKIf you want to convert your server to a desktop, just installing Gnome on your server is fine, but further support would be in #ubuntu.12:10
HackeMateit just requires graphic enviroment because im not the only preson who will touch it12:12
HackeMatethey need an user, and, i can't force them to learn linux12:12
HackeMateindeed i just can make his life easier with X12:13
HackeMatetwb: thanks12:17
HackeMateI guess it will be better if I create some kind of frontend for his routines12:17
twbIt is better not to mix server and desktop roles12:17
twbOne of my customers had about eight FreeBSD workstations, with daemons spread across them all.  It was insane to maintain.12:17
twbGive them a headless box that is "the server", and a bunch of workstations.12:18
yann2you could put all the services in a kvm vm :)12:19
yann2would be an interesting approach12:20
HackeMateaha, right12:21
HackeMatethanks, for real12:22
HackeMateI was very lost at this point12:22
LariHI added some comments (link to the patch that fixes this one) on this Ubuntu bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/579276 . It's quite critical and it hasn't been assigned to any one. Ubuntu 10.04 is unstable running on Linux kvm virtualization (virtnet). We haven't been able to upgrade our Ubuntu VMs to 10.04.1 LTS because of this bug. Could someone take a look at this one?13:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579276 in linux "Lost network in KVM VM / virtio_net page allocation failure" [Medium,Triaged]13:14
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laenHey does anyone use dcron?13:28
mexxi'm trying to install x11 on a 10.04 server and it hangs while Unpacking libxfixes313:39
michhi there, trying to upgrade u-server from 10.04 tu 10.10  like described in http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade but fail13:41
mich root@joah:~# do-release-upgrade Checking for a new ubuntu release13:41
michNo new release found13:41
michannyone an idea13:41
michdidnt found anything on the net13:42
michor shouold i manualy change apt sources file13:42
Mutrumich: You should follow the "upgrade notes" link and then 10.04 upgrade notes link. :)13:43
Nafallomich: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades might be interesting to look at.13:43
hggdhzul: time for a few Qs on SRU?13:45
hggdhwell, actually Q & A, just the Qs will not carry me long...13:46
michok i did set Prompt=normal former13:46
twbmich: d-r-u defaults to LTS->LTS when you're already ON an LTS release.13:47
twbmich: there should be an option to d-r-u that says "non LTS releases matter" or so13:47
smosersoren, ping13:58
michok is do it the debian way13:58
michdidnt find anything else13:59
smoseris there anything at openstack summit on booting from disk (rather than kernel), ie what i did with the grub loader and a floppy in uec13:59
smoserhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/ods-b i don't see anything htere13:59
michman d-r-u didnt take me top such a option13:59
twbd-r-u = do-release-upgrade13:59
michjea i did that14:00
michbut man do-release-upgrade didnt popiunt me to a a "non LTS releases matter" or so14:00
mexxwhy would the installation of the libxfixes3 package hang, sha1 and md5 sums are ok14:02
twbmich: dunno, then14:04
michdunno ?14:05
twbmich: I do not know.  I can not help you further.14:05
michok thanks14:05
twbmexx: please pastebin the output of "ps auxf"14:06
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Wise_does ruby or rails run as like deamons or anything when I have an apache with passenger running?14:20
Wise_like is there any way I can check if passenger or rails or ruby is actually up and running as they should (if they should)?14:21
Wise_like with ps -whatever14:21
twbI think it runs as like a guy falling out of an exploding plane, without a chute14:21
ScottKtwb: For d-r-u there's a config file to change if one wants non-LTS releases.14:21
Wise_twb; why wouldnt he have a parachute?14:22
sorensmoser: 'sup?14:22
smoseri asked in above and in #openstack14:23
smoserregarding loader and openstack14:23
twbsmoser: thanks; I couldn't be bothered looking it up :-)14:23
twbEr, that was for ScottK.14:23
ScottKYou're welcome.14:24
twbWise_: because I'm a design bigot.  In that I think systems should, you know, have one.14:24
noname_Hi guys .Can someone guid me to the best place to get all information that its make me gd administrator of linux server14:29
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com14:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #671427 in cloud-init (main) "grub-legacy-ec2 should not use UUID" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67142714:32
twb!smart questions14:32
twbnoname_: read those URLs, and http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Essays/smart-questions.html14:32
noname_twb: ok thx i'll :)14:33
twbAnd https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html14:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #671431 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67143114:36
JFoDaviey, are you around?15:01
JFoif/when you do get 'round, would you mind having a look at bug 579276 and giving me your impression?15:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579276 in linux "Lost network in KVM VM / virtio_net page allocation failure" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57927615:02
mathiazDaviey: o/15:07
mathiazDaviey: you asked about openldap yesterday?15:08
ivoksi'm stupid; how does one boot virtio disk from libvirt?15:20
ivoksdisk is a file15:21
Ninjixivoks: what is the file format? qcow2,raw, etc...15:22
* SpamapS wades into the bug triage list..15:23
Ninjixdid you build the machine with KVM and are now trying to use libvirt?15:23
ivoksi used kvm trough libvirt, booted from Cd and installed the system15:23
ivoksinstalled grub into mbr and now it can't find bootable device on disk15:23
sorenivoks: Can I see your libvirt xml?15:23
Ninjixhmm... sounds like you need to update the boot order15:24
Ninjixlooks sane15:25
ivoksi know :)15:26
ivoksthat's why i'm stupid15:26
sorenivoks: Can you show me the resulting kvm cmdline?15:26
Ninjixhave you tried it without libvirt wrapper?15:26
ivokssoren: it's missing boot=on, i've noticed that15:26
sorenivoks: Then you're screwed.15:27
sorenIt needs boot=on for virtio.15:27
ivoksi know15:27
sorenWhich libvirt version is this?15:27
ivoksi was looking how to add boot=on to xml15:29
ivoksdidn't find anything15:29
sorenIt should happen automatically.15:29
Ninjixdoes this boot it? http://pastebin.com/v7YdqKtv15:29
sorenBased on     <boot dev='hd'/>15:29
ivoks<driver name='qemu' type='qcow2'/>15:30
ivoksNinjix: that's how it should look like, yes15:30
ivoksNinjix: boot=on15:30
sorenI also don't get why it says if=none. that's just weird.15:30
soren..but maybe that's due to the new -device thing.15:30
sorenI've sort of lost track of this stuff.15:30
Ninjixyeah... libvirt on debian/ubuntu is a little too far behind upstream15:31
sorenNinjix: Uh.... We're following upstream /quite/ closely.15:31
NinjixI stopped using libvirt and just started working with direct kvm15:31
ivoksyes we are15:32
ivoksi had problems with boot=on in qemu15:32
ivoksqemu doesn't work with it15:32
Ninjixah... ok. I was speaking without having checked :)15:32
ivokscouple of months passed before redhat acknowledged there's a bug :)15:32
ivoksi'll start all over15:37
ivoksdisk image was created by vmbuilder15:37
Ninjixivoks: pastebin your ps aux | grep kvm > foo.txt15:39
ivoksi've pasted the command on pastebin15:40
ivoksit's missing boot=on15:40
ivoksthat's the problem15:40
Ninjixdidn't see the past for the libvirt generated kvm command15:41
Ninjixonly the xml15:41
ivoks16:27 < ivoks> http://pastebin.com/eNNbWkFh15:42
Ninjixyeah... no doubt about it15:43
Ninjixmaybe give the PPA a whirl?15:45
ivoksif reinstall doesn't work, i will15:46
ivoksreinstall of VM15:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #668400 in cloud-init "Adding RightScale support to cloud-init" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66840015:56
jdstrandhallyn: hey. in reviewing your merge, it doesn't pass qrt. I am investigating to see if it is a problem with the tests16:05
HackeMatehi again16:06
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hxmI have installed dhcp3 and I manage a subnet, I want to store all dhcpd log stuff in /var/log/dhcpd/dhcpd.log, so I added the line log-facility local7; to the dhcpd.conf and added a line local7.* /var/log/dhcpd/dhcpd.log at rsyslog.conf16:08
hxmI read in some tutorials I should do it in syslog.conf but I don't have that file, I guess it must exist in somewhere else16:09
hxmthe fact is doesn't work at the moment16:09
hxmoh, maybe /etc/rsyslog.d/16:10
ivoksNinjix: you know where that libvirt ppa is?16:20
ivoksNinjix: \sh oh, just ignore me16:28
ivoksNinjix: soren i was actually using my own libvirt, in which i disabled boot=on :D16:28
ivoksfr... retard16:28
mathiazSpamapS: o/16:32
mathiazSpamapS: do you have some time to mumble about the installation service?16:32
mathiazSpamapS: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Specs/Natty/InstallService16:32
SpamapSmathiaz: certainly.16:33
SpamapSmathiaz: give me a couple of minutes to read that.16:33
hggdhzul: still want to ask you some Qs about SRU ;-)16:42
databitsdoes anyone know of bandwidth monitoring software to run on a ubuntu server, that can be administered and checked through a web portal16:43
ssureshotdatabits: I don't know if you want full feature or not but I'd look into zenoss16:45
ssureshotit can monitor just about anythying you want16:45
vraamaybe munin ?16:48
databitsdamn they charge :(16:48
databitsI need something freeware16:48
PiciMunin is free and open source.16:48
PiciCacti is as well.16:48
ssureshotI thought it was open source,, zenoss also has a company that will support it that might be what ur looking at16:48
jdstrandhallyn: fyi, looks like a testsuite issue. earlier libvirt's seemed to be ok with 'virsh domname "uuid"' (where the quotes don't get stripped by the shell) whereas the new libvirt wants 'virsh domname uuid'16:49
vraai like munin more than cacti, but that's just my preference16:49
PiciCacti is mostly SNMP related, Munin can pretty much take any datasource if you can write a script/program to get the data.16:49
hallynjdstrand: hm16:50
databitswell basicly I just wanna have something running on my ubutu server where I can have a gui for the bandwidth monitor16:50
hallynthat's kind of weird.  why would you not want to allow quotes...16:50
* hallyn looks through git log16:50
Picidatabits: ntop might do this too, it has been a while since I've played with it though.16:51
databitsok sweet thnx alot16:51
ssureshotI just don't feel like doing work today16:52
* jdstrand really needs to convert libvirt-aa-secdriver.sh to python...16:53
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databitsok I got ntop up and running16:59
databitsit is telling me that I have to go to http://localhost:300016:59
databitsI allready have a webserver running on the server16:59
SpamapSyeah thats how it works16:59
SpamapSport 3000 will not interfere with 8016:59
databitsso I should be able to hit http://datait.dyndns.org:300016:59
AnirbanHazrahow can I check whether curl is properly installed on my server or not ?17:00
databitsthat dns is pointing to that machine17:00
zulhggdh: umm....swap day today :P17:01
jenkinbrAnirbanHazra, try using it; i.e. 'curl http://google.com'17:04
patdk-wkssureshot, take the day off and work tomorrow instead?17:05
ssureshotpatdk-wk: interesting thought but I think I'd rather finish today and not work tomorrow lol17:09
ssureshotnewborn kept me up all last night so I'm a little unmotivated17:09
ScottKssureshot: That's a sign you lack coffee.17:10
ssureshotthank you sir17:10
ScottKSpeaking of which ...17:10
ssureshotScottk: ha right on, you may be right17:10
patdk-wkmine is 3, and keeps me up all night watching movies17:12
TAOmine is 15, and her guitar keeps me up.17:12
ssureshotI'd enjoy that,, right now all he does is scream at me17:12
ssureshotI can only hope he picks up the guitar, I'd love to jam with family17:13
TAO...just like I punished my parents when I was 15...17:13
ssureshotthey say what goes around comes around.. so I think I'm just screwed17:14
ssureshotright lol17:14
databitsdoes anyone in here have any experience with ntop ?17:14
databitsI'm trying to figure out how to bring up the web interface17:14
TAOnot familiar with that, sorry.17:15
ssureshotI do not, but the man page might .. try this howto http://www.howtoforge.com/network_monitoring_with_ntop17:15
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arrrghhhhey all need some startup script help.  i built a script in init.d, added it with update-rc.d.  everything is fine, but it seems the script didn't start as expected.  what logs can i look in to see why it failed?17:16
=== oubiwann-away is now known as oubiwann
TAOI would have to look around Webmin to find what script it is...17:19
arrrghhhwas that to me?  what does webmin have to do with it?17:19
TAOI use webmin to look at my logs.17:20
arrrghhhi use ssh :P17:21
arrrghhhi just don't know what log to look at17:21
arrrghhhi don't see it in there...17:21
arrrghhhmaybe syslog?17:21
TAOI am looking at my syslog now to see if I can find anyting about init.d17:21
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arrrghhhi can run the init.d script by hand17:22
arrrghhhi wonder if it doesn't like the screen command in there...17:22
ssureshotarrrghhh; I think it would depend on what your trying to start,, general I would look at syslog.. but the service your starting might have a special log file17:23
arrrghhhrtorrent runs in a screen session.  maybe i have to pass a command so the session is immediately daemonized17:23
arrrghhhssureshot: well it's just one i wrote.17:23
arrrghhhreal simple, just designed to start a screen session w/ a python script.17:23
arrrghhhi can run it by hand no problem.  just wondering why it failed on boot.17:23
ssureshotah,, you could try to send stdout and stderr to a log file17:24
arrrghhhso in the command do a > fileanme17:24
ssureshot> /var/log/file 2&>1 or something like that17:24
arrrghhhgoing to look at how rtorrent does it17:25
arrrghhhi may just be doing something silly :P17:25
ssureshotdoes it require to be started after networking ... ? if so change the script to start last in rc1-5.d from say S20script to S99script17:26
arrrghhhyes it would need to be up for networking17:26
jdstrandhallyn: I've committed a change to libvirt-aa-secdriver.sh and it seems to be working now17:27
arrrghhhupdate-rc.d: /etc/init.d/bot exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force) - i did put a -f, i still get this...?17:27
arrrghhhmoved the -f :P17:27
jdstrandhallyn: I'm not sure how much of your time it is worth investigating... you can look at my changes if you want to help narrow it down if you want17:28
arrrghhhssureshot: to do the update-rc.d and put it at 99... how do i do that?17:28
arrrghhhnvm i think i got it17:28
arrrghhhdefaults 9917:28
arrrghhhk here goes another reboot!17:29
hallynjdstrand: i'm assuming it's fallout from their (ongoing) switch to the new monitor or whatever they're doing17:29
ssureshotgood luck17:29
Aisonhello, is that a problem of ubuntu 10.10 or is it just mine, that NFS version 4 is not working right? when I connect from one ubuntu server to another ubuntu server then the rights on the client are really strange17:29
jdstrandhallyn: there is one qrt test left that is failing that I am investigating17:29
jdstrand(not libvirt-aa-secdriver.sh)17:30
Aisonit looks like this17:30
Aisondrwxr-xr-x  2 4294967294 4294967294   24 2009-12-03 21:52 ftp17:30
Aisonand files like this17:31
Aison-rwxr-xr-x  1 4294967294 4294967294  234 2007-11-19 23:09 store-jukebox-home17:31
arrrghhhscript still doesn't work17:33
arrrghhhi'm guessing there's an issue with my screen command.17:33
arrrghhhis there something special i need to do to get a screen session running in an init.d script?17:34
arrrghhhmy rtorrent init.d script does it, but i'm not following how they do it :P17:35
ssureshotbummer, I can't help with python though.. what about upstart?17:35
arrrghhhwell the upstart scripts are just symlinks to init.d scripts...17:35
databitswell I found zenoss17:36
databitsI'm going to install that instead17:36
databitswhat is the command to remove ntop17:36
arrrghhhapt-get remove?17:36
databitssudo aptget remove ntop ?17:36
ssureshotsudo apt-get purge ntop17:36
arrrghhhassuming you installed it with apt17:36
ssureshotor remove17:36
databitsthanks that is what I figured... it has been so long sense I have been doing with all these linux cli commands17:37
ssureshotarrrghhh:  true17:37
ssureshotdoes the script run fine when you run it manually?17:38
arrrghhhwhich is why it's so maddening :P17:40
jdstrandhallyn: the remaining failure seems to be due to a too low timeout with pexpect17:41
jdstrandhallyn: so it seems fine functionally at this point (at least for what we test)17:41
jdstrandhallyn: I'm going to review the merge now17:42
ssureshotId try calling it from upstart,, use something like this... http://pastebin.ca/198306117:43
ssureshotyou can also use .................start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=eth0)17:45
ssureshotso it starts after networking17:45
arrrghhhi don't know if that's the problem.17:45
hallynjdstrand: cool, thanks.  about to head out for some pho, bbl17:46
arrrghhhssureshot: when i call it from upstart manually it's fine.17:48
arrrghhhi think my screen command wasn't quite right.17:48
arrrghhhtrying again...17:48
arrrghhhmy screen command was not correct :D17:49
ssureshotgood deal arrrghhh sorry I steered you in the wrong direction17:52
hggdhJamesPage: there?17:54
arrrghhhssureshot: no worries you were grabbin at straws ;)17:54
beniwtvHi all... I have a strange problem on one of my servers. It seems that none of the locales "LANG" options are set. So, I tried to set a default language via dpkg-reconfigure locales. It generates some locales, but the dialog that used to come up in previous versions of Ubuntu to select the default locale doe snot come up anymore. Any ideas?17:56
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jdstrandhallyn: btw, when putting packages in your ppa, instead of using 0.8.5-0ubuntu1serge1 as the version, use 0.8.5-0ubuntu1~serge1. this way when you upload 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 users of ppa will get the new version. (eg try running "dpkg --compare-versions '0.8.5-0ubuntu1serge1' gt '0.8.5-0ubuntu1' && echo yes")18:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #671552 in autofs5 (main) "package autofs5 5.0.4-3.1ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/sbin/automount', which is also in package autofs 0:4.1.4 debian-2.1ubuntu2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67155218:31
corecodesuddenly my machines start mounting /home via nfsv419:05
corecodeany idea why that might happen?19:05
corecodethe problem is that if the machines are not configured to run idmapd all the permissions are wrong19:06
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wiredfoolI've got a packet loss problem across a bridge for KVM on lucid server -- it's a 2 nic server, internal and external nets. One bridge is working fine, one is dropping packets in waves. The packets are getting to the bridge (according to tcpdump), but not getting to the vm inside, according to a fw logging rule as the first input rule. I've checked arp, and it's stable on both ends.19:13
arrrghhhhey all.  i have multiple versions of java installed on my system, some things require 1.5, some require 1.6.  how can i ensure programs are using the correct version?  i set 1.5 the default as per a guide i was reading, but now a program that requires 1.6 fails...19:17
wiredfooland even more curiouser, I've got 2 identical hosts with the same set of guests, and they're doing the same thing.19:22
wiredfoolthough one loses a lot more packets than the other.19:22
hallynjdstrand: but 0.8.5-0ubuntu1~serge1 wouldn't have worked for me, bc i had tried to dput 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 and build had failed, so i had to do something higher next19:39
hallyni didn't mean for anyone to use it, only to make sure it would build on the build farm - so i'm about to delete it19:39
hallyni suppose what i ought to do is always immediately  *start* with ~serge1 for my tests19:40
jdstrandhallyn: sure. I recommend ppa packages always use '~' and official ones omit it19:40
jdstrandhallyn: yes19:40
jdstrandhallyn: no huge deal, just an fyi19:40
hallynthanks.  i need to work on the discipline19:40
jdstrandhallyn: see, you have to assume that you have fans that are just waiting to try out all your cool stuff :)19:43
jdstrandif I actually had a fan, he/she would be seriously disappointed in my ppa. but there is always hope19:44
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hallynjdstrand: but so i have to keep doing it wrong so i can get the 'hate'-mail, so i can know i have fans :)19:57
lieuwe[49ft]i've been trying to run a ftp server for a while now, but i can't seem to be able to set it up so that it asks for a username/password, any pointers?20:02
lieuwe[49ft]i've got an smb share, which i can view, but i can't add/change/delete files, what do i need to change to be able to do that>20:07
sherrlieuwe[49ft]: Howtoforge has a lot of pointers for things like FTP and Samba. Have a look there.20:22
lieuwe[49ft]sherr: in the meantime, i fucked things up :P i should really learn to not touch shit XD20:24
lieuwe[49ft]sherr: i cannot find anything related on howtoforge,20:26
guntbert!language | lieuwe[49ft]20:27
ubottulieuwe[49ft]: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:27
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: sorry20:29
sherrlieuwe[49ft]: google search - "howtoforge +ftp" and try the first link. Lots of FTP links to scan. Simialr for samba.20:29
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: did you see https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ ?20:30
sherrWhich, incidently, is the first google hit for "ubuntu server +ftp"20:32
lieuwe[49ft]currently my first concern is getting this share to work20:33
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: the server guide covers that too20:33
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: they all asume you use a user structure, this is(should be) a public share, but right now i get acces denied no matter what20:37
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: it doesn't accept the password for a local user either20:37
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: I have to tell you that I never quite got the hang of windows networking - so I'm familiar with what you experience but cannot help ;-(20:38
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: i've got a temp solution, but its a bit silly to use netcat to write files you my www dir20:39
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: oh, the problem seems to be the permisions set on the folder, could you help me with chmod?20:41
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: I can try :-)20:41
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: and read the server logs20:42
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: absolutely *no* idea where the log is20:42
lieuwe[49ft]lemme find out20:42
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: search in /var/log20:42
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: doesnt seem to be there20:43
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: look in /var/log/samba20:44
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: even /var/log/syslog might contain something...20:45
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: there are lotsa logs in /var/log/samba what one should i read?20:47
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: as I have none I cannot say - please !pastebin the output of ls -l /var/log/samba20:48
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: okies20:48
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/286659/20:49
hallynjdstrand: so in a merge request - does it matter at all how many crummy commits are in the tree i'm proposing?  Or do you just squash them all into a signle commit when merging?20:50
hallynjust curious20:50
hallynwell, not just curious - i'm wondering whether i should use a new, clean branch for the next request20:51
jdstrandhallyn: it'll get squashed in the commit, but it possible to see all your small commits in the history20:51
jdstrandI forget the incantation... bzr log squashes it, there is something else that shows all the little ones20:52
hallynok, thx20:52
jdstrandhallyn: for uber-cleanliness, a separate branch is nice, but not required20:53
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: look into log.smbd and maybe log.nmbd.1.gz (you might need zless here)20:53
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: log.smbd only contains a copyright notice20:55
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: ok, I was only asking because its easier to fix permissions if you know whats wrong20:56
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: should i pastebin log.nmbd.1.gz? it doesnt seem to contain anything usefull20:56
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: its a compressed file, so I said "use zless"20:57
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: i did20:57
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: nothing errorlike tho20:57
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: just lotsa [server started at x.x.x.x] and [server stopped]20:57
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: lets proceed with the permission you want to change20:57
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lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: well, i basicaly want everybody to be able to read and write to /var/www20:58
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: please be aware that this in generally a bad idea ™20:59
guntbert*this is20:59
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: the system has only one user, and a share thats within a firewalled network21:00
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: i dunno how to otherwise make the share work21:00
lieuwe[49ft]it get permission denied every time now21:01
lieuwe[49ft](before i could at least read)21:01
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: what do you get with ls -ld /var/www ?21:01
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: d----w--w- 2 user root 4096 2010-10-23 23:01 /var/www21:02
lieuwe[49ft]i chown'ed it to user before21:02
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: it should be drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2010-10-05 11:09 /var/www/21:03
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: and how do i do that?21:03
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: i don't really get chmod, i'm pretty good at shell stuff, just not chmod21:04
segv`there a way to make a shared /var/cache/apt/archives?21:06
wiredfoollieuwe[49ft]: chmod 75521:06
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: so how do i chmod it correctly21:06
lieuwe[49ft]wiredfool: thanks21:06
wiredfooland chown root:root21:07
lieuwe[49ft]it works21:07
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: when you use chmod -v you get feedback21:07
lieuwe[49ft]okay, wth, i can browse it now, but i can't read or write21:08
lieuwe[49ft]wiredfool: do you happen to know anything about smb shares?21:09
wiredfoolI tend to avoid them.21:09
lieuwe[49ft]wiredfool: :P21:10
lieuwe[49ft]wiredfool: any idea why i can browse but not read/write files in my share?21:10
wiredfoolI wonder if you mucked up items on the inside of the folder as well?21:10
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: one way: create a group (webauthors), assign the directory to that group and chmod it to 775, then make your user a member of that group21:10
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: i'm not using users for this share,21:11
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: I forgot, but the samba system must act as a user to be able to write there21:13
lieuwe[49ft]there's probably something like a samba group or something21:13
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: there's a group called sambashare21:14
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: try: chown -v :sambashare /var/www21:15
lieuwe[49ft]guntbert: still no read acces21:18
guntbertlieuwe[49ft]: well I told you about my experience with windows networking/samba - sorry21:19
lieuwe[49ft]fudge it, i'm going to netcat my files over to the server21:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #671637 in irqbalance (main) "Not stoppable/restartable via initctl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67163721:26
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beav_35I installed the apache2-suexec package but apache doesn't report that it found suexec in it's logs when it starts. What else do I have to do so that it will find it?21:42
RoyKbeav_35: cd /etc/apache2/mods-enabled; ln -s ../mods-available/suexec* .21:46
RoyKapache2ctl graceful21:47
lieuwe[49ft]i forgot my mysql database name, is there any way to get it back?21:47
RoyKshow databases?21:47
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: how do i do that exactly? this is the first time i've ever used mysql21:49
RoyKmysql -uusername -p21:49
RoyKtype password21:49
RoyKshow databases21:49
EventyretMorning RoyK21:49
RoyKEventyret: morning?21:50
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: "ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"21:50
RoyKlieuwe[49ft]: fix your password, tehn21:50
EventyretRoyK: evning x:P21:50
beav_35Royk: thanks I worked21:50
RoyKgod kveld :)21:50
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: i tought i knew the login username/password, aperantly not, any way to reset those?21:50
RoyKlieuwe[49ft]: stop mysqld - start it manually with --skip-grant-tables - login as root - no password - set a new password21:51
* RoyK has just installed 16U worth of storage21:52
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: hold on, my shell is spazzing21:52
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: stop: Unknown job: mysqld21:53
RoyKlieuwe[49ft]: /etc/init.d/mysql stop ; mysqld --skip-grant-tables& sleep 10; mysql -uroot mysql21:53
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: "ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)"21:55
RoyKtry #mysql21:55
* RoyK is too tired for the newbie helpdesk21:56
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: i'll go poke someone else about this :P21:57
RoyKlieuwe[49ft]: no offence, but there's tons on google about the subject21:57
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: yeah, i'm probsably too tired to google properly as i couldn't find anything21:58
RoyKsecond hit on google21:59
* RoyK sends lieuwe[49ft] to the Learning The New Internet course21:59
lieuwe[49ft]RoyK: :P21:59
demonsporkare there any open source packages meant for managing a webserver hosting multiple websites? as in setting up the site with a webform and a paypal button to get webhosting with FTP/SFTP access?22:06
demonsporkor do I have to write my own software that will configure that type of service22:07
RoyKdemonspork: I'm quite sure there's a lot of free software for that, but I somehow think that google or some other search engine may give better advice than asking in here22:10
bkpcwhy sles not ubuntu server????22:55
AcsI have created a new user but did with the useradd and not the adduser23:33
Acsso there is no home folder for the user23:33
Acsis there any problem with deleting and create again the user (this time with adduser)23:33
AcsI ask this because I have already change the mod for some files23:34
Acsmaking the owner this user23:34
Acsso will the files get somehow mixed up or something?23:35
qman__Acs, only if the user is given a different UID/GID23:38
qman__you can specify it as an option to adduser, so that that doesn't happen23:39
Acsaaa ok ok23:39
Acsand how do I get the user uid?23:39
qman__grep username /etc/passwd23:39
qman__gives you something like this:23:39
qman__first number is UID, second is GID23:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #671672 in krb5 (main) "Sync krb5 1.8.3+dfsg-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67167223:46
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