Tyler_hey guys09:23
Tyler_hows it going?09:26
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ceytchesonQuestion:  Can anyone recomment any good Networking quality assurance tools for ubunutu?16:42
ceytchesonI need to generate lots of different type of network traffic on Ubuntu to test various routers and network products16:42
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persiaceytcheson, I've not used any of them, but bittwist, mz, packeth, and python-scapy are all such tools in the repositories.  If you have time to document which of these (or something else) works best for that sort of testing, I'm sure that it could become the recommended default.20:20
faganceytcheson: well there is that network tools thats included with ubuntu I found it ok for picking up basic info21:55
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persiafagan, Issue there is scriptability: that's more a GUI (and has limited ability to generate incorrect/apparently malicious/etc. packets)22:29
faganpersia: interesting22:29

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