dpmgood morning all08:08
happyarondpm: morning, :)08:22
dpmhey happyaron :) how are you?08:22
dpmciao primes2h :)08:22
primes2hHola dpm :-) How are you?08:23
dpmprimes2h, fine, with a bit of ubuflu, but fine :)08:23
happyarondpm: fine, thanks, enjoying busy days, :)08:24
primes2hdpm: ubuflu?! :D08:24
happyarondpm: I'll be back in July next year, this should be the latest time08:25
primes2hdpm: I often have it as well ;-)08:26
dpmhappyaron, the latest time of what? Are you having exams?08:27
happyarondpm: I will have College entrance exam in June next year, :)08:28
dpmhappyaron, ah, I see :-)08:29
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eagles0513875|2hey dpm09:46
eagles0513875|2i have a question for you09:47
dpmhi eagles0513875|2, sure, just ask09:55
eagles0513875|2its not really translation related though09:55
eagles0513875|2who would i need to talk to about documentation on the wiki ?09:56
dpmeagles0513875|2, probably the ubuntu-docs team. You can reach them on IRC at #ubuntu-doc10:00
eagles0513875|2dpm: channel is dead10:00
eagles0513875|2just 2 people10:00
Andre_Gondimdpm, hi, may you help me?14:56
dpmAndre_Gondim, I can try :) How can I help?14:57
Andre_Gondimdpm, I saw a bug translation reported, but the pack is upstream, how may I manager this?14:58
Andre_Gondimdpm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/abiword/+bug/67137615:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 671376 in abiword (Ubuntu) "Portuguese translation hides "AbiWord" from launcher menu item (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:09
Andre_GondimI just change to incomplet?15:09
dpmAndre_Gondim, I'd recommend using the "Also affects project" link to open a bug task for Abiword (the upstream project). Then you can add a watch for the upstream bug15:20
Andre_Gondimdpm, can you confirm if is correct? https://bugs.launchpad.net/abiword/+bug/67137615:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 671376 in abiword (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Portuguese translation hides "AbiWord" from launcher menu item (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress]15:32
dpmlet me check...15:37
dpmAndre_Gondim, yeah, it looks good to me :)15:39
Andre_Gondimthanks ;)15:39
dpmhi TomaszD, have you got a minute? I'm just wondering how the Polish team is doing. Someone was trying to contact you guys about a month ago without success. I sent you an e-mail back then, have you had the chance to have a look at it?16:19
dpmhey TLE, are you around?16:20
TomaszDdpm, yeah sorry, it's all sorted out now, that person is now on the team16:21
TomaszDit actually got sorted out yesterday16:21
dpmTomaszD, ah, cool, glad to hear that16:21
dpmTomaszD, we also talked some time ago about subscribing to the ubuntu-translators mailing list to keep track of announcements re: Ubuntu Translations. You said you were going to have a meeting to have a contact person for Ubuntu to forward important announcements to your local mailing list. Did that get sorted as well?16:26
TomaszDno, but that's because I forgot about it :)16:27
TomaszDI'll subscribe16:27
andrejzhello dpm ! i was wondering whether pictures from various translation events are also going to be posted somewhere as a promotion material ?16:28
dpmhey andrejz, I'd love to post pictures for translations-related articles, we just need people to start sending them :)16:28
andrejz@dpm: this cycle we decided we need to meet & hang out more, so we started with this project called "translator's beer", where we meet in a pub and socialize once a month (usually translations or open source related)16:30
dpmandrejz, that's just awesome!16:30
andrejzthe first time i forgot to take pictures, but this time i think i will. You think you could make any use of them?16:31
dpmthanks TomaszD, btw, now that I've got you here, all questions related to the Polish team come to mind - you wanted to join the Launchpad Translators group some time ago, but I didn't hear back from you guys. I seem to remember that the only step needed was to send the application (last step in https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/LaunchpadTranslators#StartingTeam) - just a heads up in case you are still interested16:32
TomaszDheh, I have this channel on autojoin and I'm here almost every day :)16:33
dpmandrejz, sure, that could be the first article in the series of translations stories for this cycle! We could write an article for the Fridge and Planet Ubuntu16:33
TomaszDI'm not sure if I'm still interested in that, will evaluate16:34
dpmup to you, perhaps some other Polish translator is interested as well16:35

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