Chloricevening everyone02:09
reya276anyone in02:58
reya276I'm trying to figure out how to run an app I installed through synaptic03:05
reya276but is not on the applications menu03:05
crashsystems1What app? 03:05
reya276let me get the name of the package03:05
reya276one sec03:05
reya276this is the package name kde-config-tablet03:06
crashsystems1Don't have ubuntu up atm. If nothing else, grab the deb and look inside to see what extracts where03:07
reya276but is from the package manager how would I do that?03:08
crashsystems1Well, you could go to packages.ubuntu.com03:08
reya276k thanks03:16
reya276ok this is what I found http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/amd64/kde-config-tablet/download but yet no command on how to run it03:29
reya276its called something like this kcm_tablet03:30
HamalielHeya folks :)03:30
HamalielHows it going Chloric?03:31
Chloricwatching IT Crowd03:31
HamalielNo idea what that is hah03:31
Chloricbritish comedy03:31
HamalielGotcha.  I like British television :)03:32
Chloricyup! 03:32
HamalielHuge Doctor Who fan 03:32
Chloricand Little Britain is good too03:32
HamalielI haven't seen Little Britain in ages =D03:33
Chloriclol my dad has like every doctor who episode and has em i think03:33
HamalielThat's awesome.03:34
HamalielThose things are too damn expensive to own :(03:34
Hamaliellike 90 bucks a season or something over here.03:34
ChloricO_O i know03:35
Chloricits ridiculous03:35
HamalielI'd like to own em all, but I can't even afford to get a single season without breaking the bank03:36
* Hamaliel glares 03:36
Chloricmy dad starting buying them after he stopped paying for gas03:36
HamalielI wanna stop paying for gas!03:37
Chloricmy dads company's pays for his gas03:37
HamalielOh wow.  I wish my company did the same.03:37
HamalielI don't even get benefits!03:37
Chloriche's a pre-construction manager.... whatever that is03:38
HamalielDunno, but it sounds exciting :)03:38
HamalielAnywho, just wanted to drop in and say hey.  I gotta get to bed =D03:39
Chlorictake care man03:39
HamalielSo, Chloric, anyone else who may not be afk, you all have a good night :)03:39
reya276I still can't find a way to run this kde-config-tablet04:06
reya276Morning Everyone13:15
itnet7morning reya276 !15:03
DammitJimanyone here have a honda odyssey?15:03
itnet7I do 15:04
itnet7Well.. Hannya does15:04
DammitJimdoes your cd player still work?15:04
itnet7Mine is older15:04
DammitJimI'll buy it from you LOL15:04
itnet7no cd player,  don't think15:04
DammitJimmy kids played with the CD player and jammed something in there... now there is no CD option15:04
itnet7I put in an aftermarket eclipse head unit15:04
DammitJimI'm about to buy just an iPod adapter for the AUX15:04
DammitJimit's too bad there is no interface for an Android phone :(15:05
itnet7Well you can use the old cassette to 3.5mm possibly15:05
itnet7it wouldn't work in my toyota but YMMV15:05
DammitJimno cassette here15:06
reya276itnet7, morning15:06
itnet7Does it support bluetooth?15:06
itnet7reya276: how did your upgrade/backup stuff go?15:06
DammitJimno bluetooth... 15:07
reya276horrible, simple backup on the new version(10.10) had a new version of their app that could not read the backup due to it being 1.4 and on maverick is 1.5. So is a good thing I was able to get into the backup drive as root and extract the zipped files.15:08
itnet7Wow, so I will definitely never recommend simple backup15:08
itnet7I would like to play around a little more with backup stuff when I get the chance. That backintime app I mentioned is supposed to be like 'timevault'15:10
reya276oh trust me the app works great is just that their new version can't read the backups made by the older version. But I use it all the time and the darn thing works great. All they need to fix is that bug. It tried to convert the old backup to the new version format but it failed.15:10
itnet7Well at least you were still able to get to it and use the them 15:11
itnet7Just wouldn't recommend it to some of the newer folks15:11
itnet7I.... Just wouldn't recommend it to some of the newer folks15:11
reya276but since there was no way of know that they would have a newer version on maverick than on Lucid then once you upgrade your screwed15:11
reya276not unless you know what your doing15:12
itnet7When I do linux SIGs they ask me all the time what I use for backups15:12
itnet7I personally just use rsync15:12
reya276see I don't know what that is15:12
itnet7it's what most of the gui backup apps use behind the scenes15:13
mhall119does anyone use the project-manager plugin for gedit?15:15
itnet7mhall119: only in playing around with it, not much more15:16
mhall119well if anyone does, I added the ability to save and restore the working directory from the file browser15:16
mhall119might enhance it more as I go, but that was the one thing I hated not having15:17
Jake2|cflitnet7: when is the next "BUG" linux meeting?15:21
Jake2|cflitnet7: oops--wife says I need to go now15:23
NCommanderHey all, I'm looking for a Tim who might have taken notes during the spice seeds session at UDS 22:44
NCommanderAnyone know who that is (or what their handle might be?)22:44
MichelleQ1hhm...  Don't know, but can ask around, if you'd like.22:45
MichelleQ1is there a spice-devel channel?22:47
MichelleQ1OK, there were two Tims on the UDS-N attendee list 22:49
MichelleQ1which can be found here:  https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-n22:49
MichelleQ1Maybe one of them?22:49
NCommanderMichelleQ1: thanks22:54
Chloricevening guys23:11
Chlorici just tested out a Wacom Bamboo tablet on my netbook and it functions beautifully 23:11
tiemonsterChloric: I'm glad! I was worried when I saw you talking about that the other day.23:12
Chloricyeah, sorry. i havent had the chance to use it23:13
Chloricim at my girlfriends house editing stuff on GIMP23:13
tiemonstersounds like fun23:13
Chloricit works great23:14
Chloricit worked out of the box23:14
tiemonsterpictionary is fun with a tablet23:14
Chloricmost of the buttons work out of the box too23:14
Chloriconly the FN1 and FN2 buttons arent working23:15
tiemonsterChloric: http://www.gameshot.org/?id=231623:19
reya276anyone in?23:24
Chlorici couldnt make rectangles23:24
reya276hey has anyone used Kleansweep before23:25
Chloricwhats it for? i could try it out23:26
reya276oh is to clean your OS of duplicated, deprecated, broken symlinks, empty dir, empty files23:30
reya276there are files that seem to be empty but I'm not sure if they should be empty or are needed23:31
reya276like this empty directory for example /home/reya276/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/fsm/0/023:35
reya276do I even need that23:35
reya276and there are tons of these listed23:35
reya276oh my god and the empty files are insane23:37
reya276I can't believe this I just installed this OS last night23:38
reya276I'm guessing is because I restored my /Home Dir it create duplicate and extra file that I no longer need but there is no way for me to tell what is good or not23:38
reya276If you delete a file and then run applications do the applications create them again?23:40

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