canthus13.243? Or .308?00:15
BiosElementHeh, .coming_monday canthus13 :P00:17
dmcgloneHi people :-)00:37
canthus13No hi people here. :P00:52
Cheri703hey boys00:53
dmcgloneyou mean "men"00:57
dmcgloneoh well, i've been called worse... LOL00:58
dmcgloneLast week I was so pissed off at fantasy football01:20
dmcgloneI just set my line up and the guy that beat me last week, was gloating, but he only won because my best WR was on bye week, my quarterback couldn't get going and my TE got injured in the first quarter01:22
dmcgloneeither way, I would have won if my TE wouldn't have got injured01:23
dmcgloneBiosElement: php rules, python drools01:28
* BiosElement dropkicks dmcglone >.>01:28
dmcgloneouch that hurt01:29
dmcglonebut at least it woke you up01:29
BiosElementlol I've been up for ages :P01:29
dmcglonehow did you manage that?01:30
dmcgloneeating coffee grounds?01:31
BiosElementHeh Yep01:31
dmcglonewhy not just roll em and smoke me... LOL01:31
dmcglonesmoke em that is01:31
dmcgloneI usually mix my coffee grounds with water, it taste better that way01:32
dmcgloneHow can you tell when a programmer has had sex?01:35
dmcgloneWhen he’s washing the pepper spray out of his eyes.01:35
BiosElementThat's 'really' poor taste. >.>01:37
dmcgloneit was the joke of the day01:39
dmcglonedon't blame me01:39
dmcgloneI didn't vote01:40
Cheri703you did repost it01:42
dmcgloneyeah I did01:48
dmcglonethought you all might get a kick out of it01:48
dmcgloneAAAAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse.01:49
Cheri703implied rape isn't really amusing...01:49
dmcgloneI didn't see it that way, I seen it as a "geek" not being liked01:50
Cheri703well, if he had sex with someone who pepper sprayed him, then apparently it wasn't consensual, ergo rape01:50
dmcgloneI got that one all wrong :-(01:51
Cheri703many people find humor where humor doesn't exist...01:52
Cheri703glad you're willing to acknowledge the difference :)01:52
Cheri703(many people won't)01:52
dmcgloneAh well, I'm not perfect :-)01:53
dmcgloneI didn't see what it meant till you pointed it out01:54
dmcgloneI was looking at it more of the perspective of us not being liked at all01:55
Cheri703I'd go with "how d you know when a programmer has had sex?" "when he's cleaning his keyboard"01:55
dmcglonethats gross01:56
* Cheri703 is watching Lewis Black, he's HILARIOUS01:56
dmcglonetook me a minute but I got it01:56
dmcgloneI'll be back, going to take a quick shower and get on the laptop01:58
dmcglone1what was you watching again cheri?02:13
Cheri703a Lewis Black special02:13
Cheri703also, did you catch that link?02:14
dmcglone1is it on tv02:14
Cheri703nah, I maaaay have downloaded it02:14
Cheri703I saw it on comedy central a while back02:15
Cheri703he's so freaking funny02:15
dmcglone1I've seen that link before :-)02:15
Cheri703yeah, I like that one :)02:39
BiosElementWow windows games suck...I boot up win to play a game...then start reading a book cause I'm bored02:50
Unit1931Tested Nexuiz?02:52
Unit1931(The first is also Linux :)02:52
BiosElementEh, I refuse to use support the Nexuiz devs who stole from the entire foss community02:53
dmcglone1night people :-)02:54
Unit1931BiosElement: What Linux games do you play?02:56
BiosElementUnit1931, Sauerbraten, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress. Also developing a FOSS game engine.02:57
BiosElementI really wonder why twitter complains about spam so much. If someone posts the exact same link 30 times in 24 hours, I'd put money on it being spam. >.>06:31
thafreakMorning Ohio14:28
* Cheri703 is tired and pissy15:19
_bbbnot a good combo15:26
Cheri703yeah, got about 2 hours of sleep and boss is ridiculous, it's good times15:27

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