allowoverridehow do i go about finding what group my user needs to be in to see usb devices, but i can already see other usb devices when i plug them in,,,00:00
ubunrtwgoldhi,how install gdm themes in maverick?thanks00:00
allowoverridei think the usb_modswitch is involved as well00:00
jmillsallowoverride: have you tried to tail syslog or messages when you insert the drive?00:00
histoallowoverride: plugdev00:01
allowoverrideill post that in a few, thanks histo i asked about that early.. i am already a user of that group00:01
allowoverrideill pastebin tail -f messages... brb00:01
ActionParsnipBenkinooby: i use lxde dude, full desktop mashings, ask nothingspecial00:02
allowoverridehere is the output http://inetpro.org/pastebin/1048400:02
BenkinoobyActionParsnip, ok, thx00:02
allowoverridedisco is the first entry, and replugged in is the next 3 entries00:02
ubunrtwgoldhi,how install gdm themes in maverick?thanks00:03
allowoverridejrib which one do i use for the BLOCK_DEVICE00:03
jriballowoverride: the one that corresponds to the new device00:03
PhantomStringAre you trying to mount a phone?00:03
=== prince_j1mmys is now known as prince_jammys
allowoverridePhantomString: yep00:03
ubunrtwgoldhi,how install gdm themes in maverick?thanks00:03
allowoverrideit used to mount all by itself, again, from a clean install its not working00:04
n0a1iasis there an easy way to moniter system temps?00:04
allowoverrideID 04e8:f00000:04
ahaney3how do you view the !repeat and !attitude sections?00:05
PhantomStringdo have usb_modeswitch installed?00:05
galusrHi, Can someone help me out with my crontab file. It isn't working.00:05
TerpIt seems like my gdm is not working properly. It only shows my computers name but no loginform what so ever. I've tried to upgrade everything on my system but it does not seem to work. Running Ubuntu 10.10. Any idéas?00:06
ahaney3galusr can you pasted it at paste.ubuntu.com and describe what you need it to do?00:06
allowoverridePhantomString: explain a little more... messages show it is working, and i would think as a mod as i pasted in bin00:06
icy_Anyone here know how to install Ubuntu Server 10.10/10.04 from a USB drive without getting CD error?00:06
xanguatried unetbootin icy_¿00:06
ActionParsnipicy_: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:06
icy_or can direct me to some links00:06
PhantomStringallowoverride: is the package usb-modeswitch, installed?00:06
galusrahaney3: Thanks. http://pastebin.com/ It's for backing up a directory and then outputting a success log. I've tried both commands manually at the terminal and they work.00:07
icy_yes xangua, no phantom00:07
nothingspecialDo this http://paste.ubuntu.com/526055/00:07
allowoverridePhantomString: ill double check, im pretty sure it is. sb00:07
allowoverridestand by00:07
galusrahaney3: Sorry http://pastebin.com/KvWa8DcY00:07
ActionParsnipicy_: did you test the ISO before transferring it?00:07
icy_how do i test it00:07
xzjhello, I just installed ubuntu from the alternate installer, but towards the end (after installing and creating my primary user), root was giving that user permission to do things but the install froze.  I shut down and restarted and boot works fine, but this user doesn't have a desktop, doesnt have permission to execute anything, etc... is there a command that will give this user control of his own home?00:07
ActionParsnipicy_: then how do you know it was consistent or complete?????00:07
ahaney3galusr and you want it to run those commands every night at 12:02?00:08
ActionParsnip!md5 | icy_00:08
ubottuicy_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:08
icy_because it boots from the image, i see the application00:08
allowoverridePhantomString: yes it is00:08
icy_it just fails on detect CD step00:08
galusrWell I'm just using the current time to test. Once I get it working I plan to run it @ 4am.00:08
icy_and other ppl have had the problem00:08
ActionParsnipicy_: the ISO may possibly be faulty, MD5 test would have shown this00:08
galusrahaney3: Well I'm just using the current time to test. Once I get it working I plan to run it @ 4am.00:08
sieI tried to download the ubuntu iso, and I dd'ed it onto /dev/sdb1(flash drive). It ain't working — why?00:08
galusrahaney3: Daily.00:09
ahaney3galusr, might I suggest setting the crontab file to run every minute and see if it will do that properly? that way you know it's not a time related error?00:09
icy_Even though it is from official ubuntu site?  I have used the same method on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 without fail.00:09
n0a1iashow do i moniter system temps?00:09
ActionParsnipsie: did you MD5 test the ISO?00:10
Eventyretanyone able to help me to create a bootable USB for windows XP in ubuntu ?00:10
nothingspecialBenkinooby: Use byobu00:10
ActionParsnip!sensor | n0a1ias00:10
ahaney3also, I believe you have to restart crontab after changes, sudo /etc/init.d/crontab restart00:10
galusrahaney3: Yes I have tried that. I have been modifying it and setting it to run then at the next minute to test. Strangely the echo command is creating the log file but not writing the text into the file.00:10
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.00:10
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Benkinoobynothingspecial, i am with tmux00:10
djznis there a linux gaming channel in freenode?00:10
nothingspecialBenkinooby: What is tmux??00:11
icy_I will look into this, ActionParsnip00:11
ahaney3I installed git on my server recently and now I am unable to ssh in, I receive http://paste.ubuntu.com/526039/ as output on my OS X machine, any idea what I need to set that enviromental variable to?00:11
histodjzn: you can /msg alis list *game*00:11
Benkinoobynothingspecial, like screen (byobu is based on scree) but with "neater" code, more flexible, easier to configure and native vertical and honrizonta split00:12
Benkinoobynothingspecial, it's in the repos. give it a shot :P00:12
galusrahaney3: All looks ok to you? Does it need a pipe between the echo perhaps? If I set the verbose flag on rsync where would it write the log data to?00:12
nothingspecialI got it, google. I like dvtm00:12
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allowoverridealrighty, per PhantomString suggestion: apt-get purge usb-modeswitch  worked00:14
dfdfsdfhi i have 3 nics in my pc, 1--> wlan0 connects to router and gets ip netmask;    2--> eth0 ethernet with static ip netmask is masqueraded to wlan0 with iptables so i can connect with cable another pc to have internet ;   and third another wifi cand wlan1 that is configured ad-hoc with ip connected to a laptop with ip and netmask for both ; and wlan1 is also masquerad00:14
dfdfsdfed to wlan0 to have internet. the thing is it either works one or the other i mean either eth0 or wlan1 not both at the same time, do i need to put them in different subnets?00:14
ActionParsnipdjzn: #linuxgames00:14
nothingspecialBenkinooby: but I will have a go with tmux00:14
EventyretAny guides on How to make a windows bootable usb in linux ?00:14
allowoverridethis took care of my phone WAN dongle'd issue that now opens a nautilus window and mounts the cell phone. i would think that works with most if not all phones that use this type of connector. thanks. im out l800:14
Benkinoobynothingspecial, the nice thing is that you can set tmux to have a vi or emacs similar keybinding. what makes it a lot easier to use for me as a vim user :D00:15
ActionParsnipBenkinooby: the OS is flexible like that ;)00:16
nothingspecialBenkinooby: The thing for me, is how the apps play......... with each other.00:17
sieActionParsnip, hash is alright00:17
sieActionParsnip, The iso works on flashes, right?00:18
Benkinoobynothingspecial, that also applies to me. atm i am using fluxbox and kupfer and/or tmux00:18
pwillzBIGGEST P.O.S. EVER00:18
FloodBot1pwillz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
Benkinoobymaybe i'll try irssi later, but for now i am with xcaht00:18
nothingspecialBenkinooby: I`m not doing this ty00:18
histopwillz: click on your user folder or open a terminal00:19
pwillzim about to shoot whoever thought unity was a good idea00:19
sieFloodBot1 is overreacting.00:19
nothingspecialBenkinooby: sorry00:19
Benkinoobynothingspecial, ?00:19
rwwgord: consider wearing kevlar :(00:19
LjLsie: i wouldn't say that00:19
pwillzhow do i get my home dir on to my favorites tab00:19
pwillzit has documents music and all this other gya shit i never use00:20
nothingspecialBenkinooby: I`m not doing this to be clever or geeky or anything....... the only thing I can`t do is read comics00:20
ActionParsnipsie: sure, then use unetbootin to put the ISO on the USB, yes it can be used00:20
pwillzand why the hell is it when i search something it starts opening random shit!?00:20
rwwubottu: language | pwillz00:20
ubottupwillz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:20
LjLpwillz: please calm down and control the language :(00:20
rwwubottu: guidelines00:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:20
danieloalguien habla espanol?00:20
rwwubottu: es | danielo00:21
ubottudanielo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:21
pwillzim just saying, unity is the biggest piece of trash ever, the interface on 10.04 LTS > unity00:21
pwillzcan i downgrade to that?00:21
=== Jyggaa is now known as Jygga
rwwpwillz: Downgrades aren't supported. Feel free to reinstall 10.04, though.00:21
LjLpwillz: there's something i don't follow. unity isn't the default interface in 10.10...00:21
Benkinoobynothingspecial, hm... must have missed something... somehow i can't follow you00:22
pwillzLjL, netbook00:22
LjLpwillz: ah ok. well i don't think you can downgrade to the other interface (not sure though), but Maximus at least is still available as a package00:22
pwillzThanks B-)00:22
rwwYou can't use 10.04's Netbook interface in 10.10.00:22
pwillzwhy would ubuntu go with unity, i mean.... UGH00:23
pwillzits so... BLAH RArahrgh FUFLF URGLE00:23
hypatiaLjL: algorithm might have been the wrong word.  if you take the same file and trancode it to the same bitrate in, say, h264 on a cpu vs. gpu, i would think the output would be just about the same, if not identical00:23
aeon-ltdpwillz: why would ubuntu even split in 2?00:23
pwillzi literally almost kicked my child00:23
hypatiathe gpu will just generate it faster00:23
danieloi need a favor my ubuntu always give me wrong after the finish some instalation00:24
ZykoticK9lol - and just imagine, 11.04 Unity is the default interface for Ubuntu too.  Hope everyone doesn't react the same as you have.  </OT>00:24
hypatiaLjL: lol replied in the wrong channel, sorry :)00:24
nothingspecialBenkinooby: I talk, I use a cli only system. I wish I could read cbr files on it. That`s why I have the option to start X00:24
Benkinoobynothingspecial, ah, ok00:25
histonothingspecial: watching videos on ratpoison right now. I'd go no X but I need a modern browser00:25
h1ll37Hey all00:26
gh0sthey guys, i just downloaded some files for an mmo framewark called "World Forge" and they came in a ******.package format. How do i open them?00:26
nothingspecialhisto:  Why do you need X? realy, you don`t00:27
h1ll37gh0st i'm not 100% sure i'm looking it up though, is no one else answering?00:27
gh0sth1ll37: nope, your the only one!00:27
histonothingspecial: modern browser00:28
ZykoticK9gh0st, i've never heard/remember .package as a format.  I'd be interested to know what the terminal command "file whatitscalled.package" states the file is.00:28
nothingspecialhisto: For what??00:28
histonothingspecial: unless you've been able to get firefox working with framebuffer but people are having troubl with it.00:28
h1ll37alright gh0st i've never actually encountered a .package file one se thouhg00:28
histonothingspecial: youtube facebook etc...00:28
h1ll37gh0st i assume you just tried double clicking it?00:28
gh0stZykoticK9: it says its a bourne again shell script... but it wont execute as one00:29
gh0sth1ll37: not associated with anything00:29
ZykoticK9gh0st, "bash whatitscalled.package" maybe?00:29
nothingspecial#Ahh, facebook - no, youtube, you see the the pic with links2 then youtubedl.......00:30
MagusOTBWhen my ubuntu tries to go to sleep, it just goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and kicks out heat like a fireplace.00:30
MagusOTBI think my bios doesn't like whatever it's trying to do. is there a way to make it hybernate instead?00:30
histonothingspecial: yeah.  But i've heard some mumblings of firefox running in fb so i'm looking that up00:30
h1ll37gh0st i'm with whoever said they've never heard of that, i haven't either.00:30
gh0stZykoticK9: AHHHHH!! there we go!  i kept going              $ bash ./******.package    but             $bash *******.package worked00:31
histonothingspecial: however performance in fb is not going to be as good as running X with a lightweight de/wm  like ratpoison etc..00:31
nothingspecialhisto: source??00:31
histonothingspecial: let me find some linkage00:31
nothingspecialhisto: ok :)00:32
EventyretHow can i know what libs or something im missing when make is not working (trying to install ms-sys)00:32
histonothingspecial: http://www.shellperson.net/the-trouble-with-the-framebuffer/00:32
a7i3n /exit00:33
salahhow r u ?00:35
h1ll37pretty good you?00:35
h1ll37how's everyone's computer running ;p00:35
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nothingspecialhisto: This is interesting, but I fail to see how running X wil improve my Cr*p laptop. Yes, if I compare ratpoison and fb on a high spec machine.00:37
salahDoes everyone here uses lunix ?00:39
Nayrpretty much00:39
Eventyreth1ll37: i would love to get some of mine up and running ><00:39
h1ll37prolly everyone ;p00:39
Nayrit is the linux help irc channel..00:39
h1ll37why can't you get them up and running eventyret00:39
histonothingspecial: you'd get better video performance in X is all based on drivers vs fb00:39
Imagineer66good evening00:39
Imagineer66q regarding Unity...00:40
Eventyreth1ll37: well its up and running but making a USB boot for tinyXP >< and i cant get ms-sys to work "make" fails00:40
salahgood evening00:40
Eventyreth1ll37: http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/00:40
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Imagineer66I install Unity on 10.4 to give it a try.  Now my normal UNE session panel is screwed up.00:40
Eventyreth1ll37: cant compile it >< i just get error 127 from make00:41
h1ll37Wiat eventyret what are you trying to do? lol. slightly confused to your goals00:41
nothingspecialYes, but that`s not the point. Coming from full gui stuff00:41
GH9897969x987l 00:41
=== eddie is now known as Guest28554
Imagineer66How do I get rid of Unity's unified panel and application menu?00:41
nothingspecialI think fb is great00:41
StaRetji1People, please read my conversation from xbmc channel. I really need clarification on this from experienced users http://paste.ubuntu.com/526072/ Thanks in advance!00:41
Eventyreth1ll37:  make a bootable tinyXP usb in ubuntu00:41
h1ll37eventyret: have you tried unetbootin?00:42
Eventyreth1ll37: yeah it screwed up the bootloader of TinyXP ><00:42
DajoriEventyret from00:42
m4they, is there a preferred way to switch versions of gcc? eg. from 4.4 to 4.5?00:42
GH9897969x987lhi all00:42
EventyretDajori: ?00:42
m4tswitch the symlinks in /usr/bin over00:42
h1ll37eventyret: did you try the built in ubuntu startup disk creator?00:43
DajoriEventyret usa00:43
StaRetji1Anyone experienced with know-how on gpu drivers?00:43
Eventyreth1ll37: pref i could do it the manualy way, if i could get "make" to work00:43
ahaney3I'm having problems connecting to a server via ssh, I did some more research and called ssh -vvv and I got a TON more output, although I need some help deciphering it, can anyone help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/526076/00:43
EventyretDajori: no im not from USA :)00:43
Eventyreth1ll37: no im gonna try it now :)00:43
seanp2ki upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 using dist-upgrade, and now some programs think I'm stil running 10.04, where are they looking to see that i'm running 10.04 ?00:43
seanp2kor, how can I update my system so that everything knows I'm using 10.10 and not 10.0400:43
h1ll37Eventryet: tell me how that goes. I've actually had more luck with unetbootin, never had it fail strange that it did on you00:44
Eventyreth1ll37: and make seem not to work on other things i tried to compile just get errors ><00:44
ZykoticK9seanp2k, doing "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" does NOT update to a new version of ubuntu - at all!00:44
GH9897969x987lubottu, hi00:44
DajoriEventyret moras in which parents00:44
Imagineer66anyone familiar with Unity's settings?00:44
h1ll37I've actually never done a startup usb the manual way so i can't help you there eventyret sorry00:45
seanp2kZykoticK9: i updated all refs in /etc/apt/sources.list from 'maverick' to 'lucid' and it worked00:45
EventyretDajori: ? sorry00:45
icy_During Ubuntu Install, how do you view contents of /var/log/syslog using the drop down shell (Trying to resolve errors during install)00:45
Eventyreth1ll37: would you know anything about "make" and the rror then :P00:45
icy_I am unfamiliar with these shell commands00:45
seanp2kZykoticK9: if I go to system -> about ubuntu it says I have 10.1000:45
seanp2kZykoticK9: and it updated a ton of packages00:45
xanguaseanp2k: doing what you said sounds like a bad idea00:45
EventyretDajori: you are wondering where i am from oO ?00:45
h1ll37eventyret: prolly not lol, what's the error message?00:46
DajoriEventyret how old00:46
MagicJI am running lucid on a number of machines - apt-get upgrade works fine on all of them - on one however I get the message: The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers=generic linux image-generic = what is the issue here00:46
Eventyreth1ll37: paste here00:46
Eventyretmsgfmt -o mo/sv.mo po/sv.po00:46
Eventyretmake: msgfmt: Command not found00:46
Eventyretmake: *** [mo/sv.mo] Error 12700:46
seanp2kxangua: yes, it wasn't the supported route, but I'm not worried about that.  I'm just wondering why some of the refs i.e. in update manager under "other software" tab it says "10.04 lucid lynx"00:46
FloodBot1Eventyret: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
DajoriEventyret yes00:47
EventyretDajori: Norway >< 24 why ? :)00:47
Imagineer66Unity?  anyone?00:47
StaRetji1Folks, I have a situation where I use usb stick on two different hardware, Intel gpu and Nvidia gpu. Now, firstly stick was installed on Intel gpu and everything works well including OpenGL. Then I took out USB stick and plugged into Nvidia GPU pc and installed drivers for nvidia, everything works well including OpenGL. So, I'plugged back to Intel gpu PC and now OpenGL doesn't work.00:47
DajoriEventyret 2300:47
GH9897969x987l! no | Nayr00:47
ubottuNayr: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!00:47
StaRetji1Does this mean I can't use both drivers and OpenGL on same USB stick?00:47
roastedI'm getting a bunch of errors trying to add my gmail to evolution in ubuntu. Anybody have any idea of what I could be doing wrong? It errors out authentication-wise, yet I don't see what's different from evolution vs thunderbird and t-bird works...00:47
xanguaseanp2k: updgrade the right way then00:47
StaRetji1Anybody, please, just yes or no, thx :/00:47
seanp2kxangua: i am already at 10.10, I can't really downgrade just to upgrade again00:47
DajoriEventyret what makes life00:47
Eventyretroasted: i got one for you 1 sec was it gmail and evo ?00:48
roastedEventyret, yes.00:48
roastedEventyret, gmail and thunderbird work fine but evo is giving me some issues00:48
Eventyretroasted: one sec :)00:48
h1ll37Eventyret: a quick google search came up with someone saying "try this: sudo apt-get install mono-mcs"00:48
Eventyretroasted: http://tuxicity.wordpress.com/2007/03/08/howto-set-up-gmail-in-evolution-gnomes-mail-client-and-organizer/00:48
h1ll37eventyret: then try to make again00:48
roastedEventyret, bummer - I wanted to use imap :(00:49
Eventyreth1ll37: 1 sec then00:49
Eventyretroasted: i am using imap xD00:49
Eventyret<--- google apps <300:49
Eventyretroasted: its just the ports :) 1 sec00:49
h1ll37eventyret: alright tell me how it goes00:49
Some_PersonI'm trying to access some SMB shares at home, and it prompts for a user/password/domain. I don't have any domains on this network, so what should I do? This seems to have started when I accessed some shares at school on the same computer, on a network with domains00:49
Eventyretroasted: http://weakish.int.eu.org/tutorial/configure-evolution-for-gmail.xhtml00:50
* GH9897969x987l has quit ("leaving")00:50
Eventyreth1ll37: testing now00:50
id10t'lo all00:50
h1ll37eventyret: alright, if that doesn't work make sure you have gcc installed (should be in synaptic)00:50
Connor1<CJ> Ezcal when you right click an image online ... what option do you choose to copy the image location?00:50
Eventyreth1ll37: same error00:50
h1ll37eventyret: do you have gcc installed?00:50
Eventyreth1ll37: dunno ><00:50
Eventyreth1ll37: apt-get gcc ?00:50
h1ll37idk, just check in synaptic, you know how to get there right?00:51
id10tEventyret, h1ll37 apt-get install build-essential00:51
h1ll37id10t, Eventyret: what he said i guess ;p00:51
id10tevelyn_, h1ll37 or search for build-essential in synaptic00:51
h1ll37eventyret: we assume you do know where synaptic is right?00:52
Eventyretid10t: i got build essentials :)00:52
Eventyreth1ll37: yeah :P00:52
h1ll37eventyret: okay didn't want to overestimate anyone's skill level ;p00:52
id10tEventyret, pls /msg me your original query ... i just joined00:52
h1ll37id10t: he had an error 127 when trying to make something00:53
Eventyretid10t: ok00:53
Eventyretroasted: did it work ?00:54
Eventyreth1ll37: id10t - http://paste.ubuntu.com/526079/ the error from start00:54
id10tEventyret, thanks00:54
roastedEventyret, trying now00:54
Eventyretroasted: i removed my evo i love my thunderbird <3 :D00:55
Eventyretroasted: so oposite with you, i even synced contacts + calendar :D though i got a google phone xD00:55
h1ll37eventyret, id10t: i've covered about all I know in this area, sorry I couldn't help more but I'll leave this one to id10t he seems to know more. I've gotta go though, cya later00:55
roastedEventyret, I like thunderbird, but it just lacks so many necessary features if you're using an email client for work...00:55
danielosoy nuevo en llinux como encuentro el canal en spanish?00:56
Eventyreth1ll37: thanks again have fun00:56
Eventyretroasted: like what :P00:56
ahaney3I found a solution to my ssh issues, I was able to ssh into another machine and then ssh into the remote machine, afterwhich I added a new user that was different than the git user and suddenly everything worked as it should00:56
roastedEventyret, I think it worked. let me test his hizzy out... one second...00:56
Shadow_7Is there a way to prioritize you soundcards in ubuntu?  In a non-technical / hardcoded way?00:56
Eventyretroasted: =)00:56
id10tEventyret, msgfmt is from gettext do you have that installed?00:56
roastedEventyret, contacts, calendar, memos, notes, all kinds of stuff integrated.00:56
xangua!es | danielo00:56
ubottudanielo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:56
Eventyretid10t: uhm no oO00:56
roastedEventyret, thunderbird needs add ons to make that happen. And while add ons are awesome, Ive had my lightning extension in thunderbird break with every SINGLE update to thunderbird00:56
Eventyretroasted: ahhh ok00:56
roastedEventyret, granted I was using the PPA for mozilla, but still00:56
Eventyretid10t: what you told me to get ?00:57
id10tEventyret, gettext00:57
Eventyretid10t: now i got it trying again00:57
=== jrib is now known as Guest7535
Eventyretid10t: no error now though00:58
Eventyretid10t: just LOADS of text00:58
Eventyretid10t: think it worked im gonna test00:58
coxnI'm hoping somebody can help me identify the package I should file a bug against00:59
coxnI'm deploying a fleet of laptops and using pxe boot & preseed00:59
Eventyretid10t: think it worked00:59
coxnin the process I'm creating an admin user and setting a root password00:59
nimbioticsHello all. I need to record phone calls I make thru Google Voice. I'm using Audacitiy for this purpose but so far I've only be able to record my own voice. Ho can I make Audacity  record my voice AS WELL AS the other party's??? TIA!00:59
id10tEventyret, cool, you owe me a beer :)01:00
coxnwhen I deploy laptops, I create new accounts and give them sudo privileges01:00
coxnthese new user accounts can use sudo or gksudo just fine01:00
roastedEventyret, still getting errors01:00
roastedEventyret, I can get mail, just cant send it01:00
coxnwhat they cannot do is successfully get things like the automatic prompts for password when updates are available to work01:00
coxnor, for example, when firefox prompts for the install of flash01:01
id10tcoxn, is your sudoers file default still?01:01
coxnid10t: yes. no change there.01:01
coxnand again, if they do a 'gksudo synaptic' or a 'sudo aptitude' they are fine01:01
Imagineer66Anyone familiar with the Unity Panel settings?01:01
mrnelson1986_hey i need some advice: I have an intel centrino 6300 N wireless card...but using the drivers that ubuntu 10.10 automatically installed, I only can connect to wireless G bands, and my wireless N connection either doesn't show up, or will repeatedly disconnect and reconnect01:02
coxnit is only when they click on the software center from the Applications menu or are prompted from (again, for example, firefox) an application that it does not work01:02
id10tcoxn, what groups are they in? or are they exactly like the default first user created during setup?01:02
Eventyretroasted: what error is it :P01:02
Eventyretroasted: pm me it =)701:02
Eventyretid10t: fine *gife a bear*01:03
Eventyretid10t: oh got another one if you got time01:03
Eventyretid10t: nvm xD01:03
id10tEventyret, sure, just ask... mebbe someone else will know more :)01:03
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_, There was an article on ubuntuforums about going back to earlier stable drivers to fix these types of problems.01:03
Eventyretid10t: can you make a WinXP usb for NTFS oO or is it just FAT32 oO ?01:03
Eventyretid10t: or doesnt that have anything to say01:03
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Eventyretroasted: but your using gmail right ?01:04
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mrnelson1986_Imagineer66, i did a clean 10.10 install, i never had another driver01:04
roastedEventyret, yes.01:04
roastedEventyret, sec, Im pastebinning01:04
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id10tEventyret, dunno... i don't do windows01:04
roastedEvelynn, http://pastebin.com/UCdCUtb501:04
Eventyretid10t: neighter do i >< just for some games for my fiance :P01:04
Eventyreti got her convertet to ubuntu xD01:04
roastedEventyret, http://pastebin.com/UCdCUtb501:04
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_, even so, the 10.10 drivers are not necessarily stable.01:04
roastedEventyret, when I hit send/receive, it seems to GET mail fine, but it gives me that error after it locks up on smtp for a while.01:05
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_, even so, the earlier drivers will work with 10.1001:05
GlowballHow can I repeat a command every 10 minutes?01:05
coxnid10t: all the boxes under the "User Privileges" tab after "Advanced Settings" button in the GUI interface01:05
mrnelson1986_Imagineer66, ty, so i'll just look for a post on ubuntuforums, you have any idea of keywords that may have been in the title?01:05
coxnid10t: they are in all the groups as the initial user, plus a few more01:05
Eventyretroasted: can you login via web ?01:06
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_, I was trying to find my bookmark01:06
rumpe1Glowball, cron01:06
roastedEventyret, yes.01:06
bpgoldsbSometime ago I told my 10.04 box to not automatically mount my iPhone when I connected it.  Anyone know how to change that setting?01:06
Eventyretroasted: no errors or capata01:06
roastedEventyret, gmail works flawlessly with thunderbird and webmail. I just dont know why its being a brat with evo.01:06
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_,  http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download/stable/01:06
Eventyretroasted: hmmm what ports you using for SMTP out01:07
coxnagain, this is not an issue of these users lacking sudo01:07
Imagineer66is where is will eventually lead you01:07
MagicJglowball - crontab01:07
coxngksudo and sudo both work for these users01:07
DanMDIf I add a script into /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom and make a new initramfs, why won't it execute? I can't even just echo one line. Any help deeply appreciated01:07
mrnelson1986_Imagineer66, i really appreciate it i will look at that01:07
id10tcoxn, what about startup in the background processes?  some gnome/kde utility...01:07
Eventyretroasted: evo had a ass with me due to the ports where wrong or you might have missed a @ or something01:08
roastedEventyret, I put the addresses in like that link did - imap.gmail.com:993 or whatever it was.01:08
Imagineer66mrnelson1986_,   That's what the community is all about, paying it forward01:08
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Eventyretroasted: maybe http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-904692.html01:09
jamesstanleyI am using 5MB of my ubuntu one storage. Whenever I try to copy a file in to ~/Ubuntu\ One, a little box appears telling me that my storage is full. However, if I use the web interface it works perfectly well01:09
coxnid10t: I'm not sure I understand the question01:10
coxnI'm creating these end users via the graphical interface01:10
coxnis that not the expected way?01:10
coxnbecause if the expectation is that users with administrative privs will be created through some other mechanism...01:11
coxn(a) that seems odd/silly, and (b) I want to know about it.01:11
id10tcoxn, i would think so01:11
Imagineer66anyone know of a channel to ask gnome questions?01:11
dougb_freebsdI was fiddling around with the System > Preferences > Network Connections thingy, and now my network does not start when I boot; although if I do 'ifconfig eth0 up ; dhclient eth0' then everything is fine ... how can I make it start automatically again?01:11
id10tcoxn, i was thinking it was an issue of the popup for updates not appearing at all, so the user is never prompted for them01:11
f00bar80tried to rmmod and rmmod -f  module , can't unload it always got module in use or "ERROR: Removing : Resource temporarily unavailable", then after i wait a while i can unload , but i'm sick of always can't unload at the start and have to wait, maybe sometimes also i have to reboot , any comment ???01:11
coxnid10t: nono, the user is definitely prompted for updates, which is the main time when we see this bug.01:12
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id10tcoxn, ah01:12
nimbioticsHello all. I need to record phone calls I make thru Google Voice. I'm using Audacitiy for this purpose but so far I've only be able to record my own voice. Ho can I make Audacity  record my voice AS WELL AS the other party's??? TIA!01:12
id10tcoxn, mebbe i shouldn't have had that second beer :)01:13
=== pinnae is now known as Pinna
Eventyretroasted: ? did it help01:13
f00bar80any comment ?01:13
civixierCould someone direct me to a guide on how to change from gnome to lxde?01:14
replicasexI was one of the many experiencing problems with the new xorg in 10.10 while running the nvidia driver -- has this issue been addressed at all?01:14
id10tcoxn, but pulling something out of my butt, can you write a wrapper shell script that calls gksudo manually to start update-manager?01:14
Glowballrumpe1: Right, I got my cron line. Do I just have to add it to /etc/cron.d/anacron and it'll be fine?01:14
coxnf00bar80 what module?01:14
Eventyretreplicasex: what issue ?01:15
f00bar80wireless interface driver01:15
coxnid10t: I don't need to if people are going to initiate things; they can just use gksudo01:15
replicasexEventyret, huge issues with it freezing the system especially when playing video.  I had heard a lot of people had this problem so I went back to 10.04.01:15
coxnid10t: the issue is that when they are prompted by any interface to elevate their privs where they didn't start explicitly with gksudo01:15
replicasexEvelynn, essentially the problems made the system unusable.01:15
coxnid10t: for example, when they are prompted for updates. Or when they click on the software center from the application menu01:16
Eventyretreplicasex: oh i havnt had any problems so far, i just issues with my wifi freezing my reboot :P01:16
f00bar80coxn,  i've googled it but can't find a reason or a way to get rid of that01:16
coxnor when they are prompted to install flash from firefox01:16
coxnf00bar80: what module?01:16
replicasexEvelynn, apparently it's an issue with the nvidia driver and the new xorg in 10.1001:16
f00bar80cox, rt2860sta01:16
id10tcoxn, ah...01:16
Chaos2358how do i upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 ?01:16
f00bar80coxn, rt2860sta01:17
coxnf00bar80: why are you trying to rmmod that module? Is the wifi card hanging? Maybe you want to blacklist that module and use a different one?01:18
xangua!upgrade | Chaos235801:18
ubottuChaos2358: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:18
DanMDHey everyone: Does any script placed in initramfs need to be made executable?01:18
dougb_freebsdI was fiddling around with the System > Preferences > Network Connections thingy, and now my network does not start when I boot; although if I do 'ifconfig eth0 up ; dhclient eth0' then everything is fine ... how can I make it start automatically again?01:18
roastedEventyret, wow, I feel stupid01:18
f00bar80coxn, , that's the latest one i think01:19
replicasexso does anybody know of any updates to the nvidia driver or xorg?01:19
ChogyDan!notes | replicasex01:19
ubottureplicasex: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101001:19
replicasexChogyDan, O.o thanks01:20
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Eventyretroasted: oO you owe me beer now ? :P01:20
ChogyDanreplicasex: there are relevant links in there01:20
Eventyretroasted: hope it worked though...01:20
replicasexChogyDan, yes I see.01:20
Nattgewhow do you get backintime to back up hidden folders?01:21
coxnf00bar80: take a step back and please describe what you are trying to accomplish rather than the rmmod problem. Are you, for example, trying to get a wireless card to work that does not currently work?01:21
coxngood luck01:21
MysteryPigHELP! After making some changes in GParted (growing partitions), when I startup the computer I get error: no such partition, and then grub rescue>    I am currently using live CD. What do I do?01:21
=== ChSR[dnd] is now known as ChEaSeR
f00bar80ppl any comment ?01:22
BerylFor blocksizes in dd, does the bs determine the final outcome, of the bytes on the file?01:22
doorunrun:-D Hello01:23
MysteryPigHELP! After making some changes in GParted (growing partitions), when I startup the computer I get error: no such partition, and then grub rescue>    I am currently using live CD. What do I do?01:23
Eventyretid10t: how you show what Wlan card im using remember the command ?01:24
_chun #wireshark01:24
doorunrunsomehow I just don't get chat rooms.01:24
drmp420using a dell latitude and it seems to be running HOTTER than with win 7 any ideas what I should look for?01:25
Eventyretid10t: nvm google01:25
GH9897969x987ldoorunrun, why?01:25
replicasexthe only thing the nvidia driver says is [version current] -- does anyone know what version that is?01:25
BerylFor blocksizes in dd, does the bs determine the final outcome of the bytes on the file?01:26
zaeryI have a server, running desktop Ubu 10.10, it's running a shell script in a terminal window on the monitor connected to the box itself. Is there any way to stop the script using ssh?01:26
Nattgewdrmp420: you can run the command "top" in a terminal, or run the system monitor from your menu to see if there is a program using a lot of CPU01:26
doorunrunwell, I trying to use google talk and I have no clue how to set it up. I guess I don't have buddies01:26
IdleOnereplicasex: apt-cache policy nvidia-current01:26
dougb_freebsdBeryl: your question doesn't really make sense, what are you trying to do?01:27
Nattgewzaery: if the script shows up like in top, could you do a killall on it?01:27
drmp420thanks will look at that, total newbie here01:27
rwwBeryl: no, just how many are copied at a time01:27
replicasexIdleOne, am I to take it that this command will reveal the current version number of the nvidia driver (and nothing else)?01:27
BerylI'm trying to copy files.  "dd if=whatever of=output bs=1024" does the "bs" matter?01:28
dougb_freebsdzaery: yes, if the system is running sshd, and you have login credentials01:28
BerylNvm, rww answered.01:28
taofdmy fan keeps surging high and low, i've already tried lm-sensors and most of the fan control utilities out there (they can't detect my fan)... someone have any opinions? Does the linux kernel have any control over fan speeds or regulating temperature?01:28
IdleOnereplicasex: it will reveal the version of the installed package and the available version in the repos01:28
BerylThank you, rww.01:28
dougb_freebsdI was fiddling around with the System > Preferences > Network Connections thingy, and now my network does not start when I boot; although if I do 'ifconfig eth0 up ; dhclient eth0' then everything is fine ... how can I make it start automatically again?01:29
Eventyretroasted: working now ? :)01:29
replicasexIdleOne, thanks.01:29
IdleOnereplicasex: sure thing01:29
drmp420hmm looked in there , nothing out of ordinary01:29
Tweedleanyone mind helping me a little bit?01:29
dougb_freebsdI'm running 10.10, is there a way to downgrade to the version of grub2 that was installed in 10.04?01:30
dougb_freebsdTweedle: just ask your question01:30
replicasexwell according to the release notes my driver version should be compatible01:30
roastedEventyret, my issue was I had a stuck email in my outbox causing the error, not the actual server settings. I had it right all along. Man. I suck. :(01:30
roastedEventyret, mucho thanks for the help tho man!01:30
Tweedlewhen i try to type "su" my password fails, so i am VERY confused01:30
dougb_freebsddon't use su01:31
Dr_Willis!sudo | Tweedle01:31
ubottuTweedle: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:31
Eventyretroasted: your welcome :D01:31
bob3000ola ubuntequeiros ... heheheh01:32
drmp420is it normal for my laptop to run hotter with ubuntu 10.10  as opposed to win 7?01:32
taofdanyone here with extensive experience with fans? I'm having fan surging problems and it's super annoying :(01:32
Dr_Willisdrmp420:  you could try installing the 'powertop' stuff - that may give you some tweaks to  reduce its power and heat.01:33
hiexpoeverything that uses 10.04 and later like ubuntu , caine and deft will not boot from usb   > what is the problem here ?01:33
Dr_Willisdrmp420:  its possible that win7 has some better drivers/optmized things to let it throttle down the cpu better on win7.01:33
replicasexDoes anyone know if Kubuntu uses the same version of xorg as Ubuntu?01:33
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  yes - it should.01:34
SolvedIn my bootloader, there is the same things repeated over and over01:34
Solvedhow come?01:34
replicasexDr_Willis, sigh :(01:34
zaeryLet's just say i want to kill a process that looks like this when i run ps:    30703 pts/1    00:00:00 sumthing. How would i do that?01:34
drmp420thanks dr01:34
SolvedI dual boot, and there is one choice for windows XP, yet 6 for Ubuntu01:34
ejvzaery: sudo kill -15 30703 or kill -9 3070301:34
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  there are some PPA's out for newer versions of Xorg. but ive never needed touse it.01:34
myeyespyHow do I add a source like "lp:panflute" to my download sources?01:35
dougb_freebsdSolved: you have a lot of old kernels. Try moving the older ones out of the way, then regenerating grub.cfg01:35
Dr_WillisSolved:  3 differnt kernel versions, with a recovery option for each...01:35
nUOVOhi all!01:35
juliohmhow to host a software to Ubuntu software center?01:35
replicasexDr_Willis, the problem is that apparently my system's nvidia card/driver isn't very compatible with it.01:35
SolvedDr_willis: what do you mean by kernels01:35
replicasexDr_Willis, it's frustrating.01:35
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages01:35
nUOVOI need to configure q4wine but it doesn't fine /usr/lib/wine01:35
ejvzaery: there is a difference btw, learn it! 15 sends a TERM signal, 9 sends a KILL signal.01:35
Dr_Willis!info q4wine01:36
ubottuq4wine (source: q4wine): Qt4 GUI for wine (W.I.N.E). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.118-4 (maverick), package size 1258 kB, installed size 3368 kB01:36
nUOVOubottu: ok, but I installed that01:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:36
dougb_freebsdSolved: no offense, but if you don't understand what a kernel is, you  might want to just leave things alone :)01:36
zaeryejv: good to know01:36
Solveddougb_freebsd: how do I move the old ones out of the way?01:36
nUOVOubottu: cute bot! :D01:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:36
Tweedlewould my root password be the same as the one i set during the install?01:36
SolvedTweedle: most likely01:36
Solvedit should be01:37
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:37
dougb_freebsdTweedle: don't think in terms of a "root password"01:37
plainasok, so i want write a script that assigns a global keybind to another script01:37
nUOVOso any1 here can please tell me where is /usr/lib/wine in Ubuntu? q4wine needs that01:37
edbianTweedle, There isn't a root password by default in Ubuntu01:37
plainasfrom what i've red there's no clean way of soind this as it requires some hackery... maybe somone could point me the _easiest_?01:37
Dr_Willis nUOVO  i notice here on a 64bit install i have --> /usr/lib32/wine/01:37
beaverI need help getting a wireless connection to my Laptop01:37
nUOVODr_Willis: oh because I have amd64 also!01:37
nUOVOlet me see01:37
SolvedIs there any  way to change the names of the partition options in the boot loader?01:37
metaphazeHow does 'sudo' worked compared to escalating priveledges with issuing 'su root'?01:37
Dr_WillisTweedle:  There is no root password by default.  the initial user has sudo rights.. the sudo password is that password.01:38
nUOVOta-daaan!!! :D01:38
Solvedmetaphaze: sudo will ask for your password, su will not.01:38
Dr_Willismetaphaze:  its better to use sudo -s, or sudo -i, as needed.01:38
drmp420hey drwillis ran powertop01:38
* replicasex is sad over the whole ordeal01:38
Solvedmetaphaze: su = Superuser01:38
drmp420now what should i look for01:38
dougb_freebsdsudo allows you to do everything that you would normally be able to do as root, but one command at a time01:38
metaphazeSolved, if I am logged in as metaphaze, and what to su to Dr_Willis or jane, or root, it will ask me for the the usr's password.01:38
Dr_Willismetaphaze:  the initial 'enviroment' may differ in those  cases also.01:38
nUOVOoh, when I press alt+f2 what should i digit to get terminal?01:38
metaphazewhen I sudo it allows me to run admin tasks as my user, by asking my password.01:39
Dr_Willismetaphaze:  thats how it works. :)01:39
metaphazeBut metaphaze is not root, is he?01:39
Dr_Willisbut by defualt theres no root password. so you cant su to root.01:39
metaphazesu = set user id, not super user01:39
roastedis evolution slow, or does it just take a while to heat up?01:39
metaphazeyou can su any account01:39
hiexpoeverything that uses 10.04 and later like ubuntu , caine and deft will not boot from usn whats the problem here did something change01:39
SolvedDr_Willis: how do I get rid of the older kernels in the bootloader?01:39
xanguanUOVO: you could just hit Control+Alt+T01:39
metaphazethat you know the password to, so it is not super user01:39
Solveddo I need them?01:39
Dr_WillisSolved:  use the package manager and remove them. is one way.01:39
nUOVOxangua: ty01:40
Dr_WillisSolved:  they dont hurt anything. the newest should be the default.01:40
gryllidawhy do the repos contain an ancient version of znc, which works as a web proxy and enyone using that znc can connect here and get booted off the server with the proxy scanner? who and when is going to update the znc in the repo with a newer version?01:40
metaphazeDr_Willis, that sounds not a security flaw, can I set a root password, diff then my user acct?01:40
SolvedDr_Willis, I prefer to use the terminal01:40
SolvedDr_Willis: is there a specific command I can use?01:40
nUOVOand can someone give me some docs with story about in Ubuntu there's *only* sudo and not su?01:40
con-manhow do you open a root terminal without typing "sudo su"01:40
Solvedsudo apt-get remove (     )?01:40
Dr_WillisSolved:  sudo apt-get remove whatever01:40
beaverCan someone help me i can not connect to my wireless internet i am currently connected throughmy neighbors ethernet01:40
plainasnuovo, there's su too01:40
nUOVOit doesn't ask for root pwd during install01:40
Dr_Williscon-man:  use 'sudo -s' or 'sudo -i'01:40
Solvedyes but how do I know what to replace "whatever" with01:41
nUOVOi know that01:41
metaphazenUOVO, apparently there is no root account...01:41
dougb_freebsdSolved: If you make a mistake with your grub configuration you can render  your system unbootable ... if you don't really understand what you're doing, your best bet is to leave it alone01:41
con-manDr_Willis, what is this difference exactly?01:41
metaphazeThis is confusing me too01:41
Dr_Willismetaphaze:  Huh?  not having a root password is not a security flaw. its a security enhancement accordding the the info on the topic ive read.01:41
Solveddougb_freebsd: I am willing to take the risk in order to learn01:41
nUOVOmetaphaze: and why it doesn't ask during install?01:41
SolvedIf you tell me the correct commands, I will not make the mistake01:41
plainasroot doesn't come enabled by default, you'll have to sudo -s then passwd to set a password for the actuall root user01:41
rdw200169Dr_Willis is right, sudo > root01:41
Dr_Williscon-man:  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/01:41
metaphazeDr_Willis, so who is root then? The creator of the enviroment? The first account installed?01:42
Solvedis there a command to get rid of older (useless) kernels?01:42
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:42
Dr_Willismetaphaze:  there is the root account.. but by default its basically 'locked down'01:42
ejvSolved: rm /boot/<kernel>01:42
plainasroot is the system administrator, with maximum privileges01:42
metaphazeDr_Willis, sounds good, but dangerous if the user uses less then secure passwords, or other issues.01:42
Dr_WillisSolved:  see what versions yu got installed. use the proper 'sudo apt-get remove XXXXXXX' command to remove them.01:42
ejvomg enough about root and sudo, take it to offtopic already...01:42
* ejv facepalms01:42
SolvedDr_Willis: how do I determine which kernel's I have installed, that is my question01:43
dougb_freebsdworking as root and working with sudo are completely different perspectives .... the ubuntu way is to use sudo, so if you're running ubuntu don't worry about root ... simple :)01:43
Dr_Willis!apt | Solved01:43
ubottuSolved: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)01:43
hiexpoin system tools there is a root terminal in 9.10 but later editions i do not know01:43
ejvSolved: ls /boot | pastebinit01:43
con-manDr_Willis, cheers, that helped01:43
symptomSolved, dpkg | grep kernel01:43
ejvor yea dpkg01:44
dougb_freebsdI'm running 10.10, is there a way to downgrade grub to the version that came with 10.04?01:44
symptomSolved, sorry it is 'dpkg -l | grep kernel01:44
Dr_Willisdougb_freebsd:  you mean to use the older grub 1, or the version of grub2 that was with 10.04?01:44
Eventyretnight IdleOne roasted01:44
dougb_freebsdDr_Willis: grub2 from 10.0401:44
drmp420dr_willis ran powertop it keeps make reference to usb and bluetooth interfaces running recommend to disable01:44
drmp420thanks for the heads up01:44
dougb_freebsdthe version in 10.10 has a regression in regards to booting multiple freebsd partitions on the same disk01:45
Dr_Willisdrmp420:  powertop can give a lot of hints and info. overwhelming in some cases.01:45
Solvedejv:   http://pastebin.com/chnaC7nf01:45
drmp420its telling me to run as root01:45
Dr_Willisdrmp420:  you mean 'sudo powertop' (or whatever it is)01:46
beaverCan someone help me i can not connect to my wireless internet i am currently connected through my neighbors ethernet01:46
vnnlatest version of ubuntu?01:46
Dr_Willisdrmp420:  makes sence.01:46
Solvedsymptom:  http://pastebin.com/5CxfSZjF01:46
mrnelson1986_beaver, you gotta give more specifics before someone can help01:46
plainasbeaver, your neighbour's internet seems to be working just fine ;) (jk)01:46
ejvok Solved , so vmlinuz-<blah> are your kernel images, so you apt-get remove to wipe them out01:46
Dr_Willisvnn:  10.10 was released on.. 10.10 2010  :)01:46
ejvSolved: looks like you have 3 viable kernels available01:46
Solvedejv: which ones do I get rid of?01:47
ejvSolved: uname -ra | pastebinit01:47
ejvSolved: you're probably using 2.6.32-25, but uname -ra will tell us01:47
beavermrnelson1986_: i have an inspiron 8500 and i have no clue what my wireless card is01:47
Solvedejv: http://pastebin.com/XwgXuSjx01:47
drmp420mrnelson got a service tag?01:48
ejvSolved: ok, so you're using 2.6.32-25, so if you're satisfied with the kernel and it's stable for you, use apt-get remove to wipe out 2.6.32-21 and 2.6.32-2401:48
symptomSolved, also need to purge them01:49
Solvedejv: so I type sudo apt-get remove 2.6.32-21?01:49
Solvedsymptom: how do I do that?01:49
con-manguys I need help, my hard drive keeps mounting at different points (ie /dev/sdc, /dev/sb1, and so on) this causes my fstab to get confused when trying to mount it. any suggestions?01:49
mrnelson1986_drmp420, service tag?01:49
plainasSolved, first do a search at least01:49
Solvedplainas: for what?01:50
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drmp420yeah serial number of the macine01:50
mrnelson1986_beaver, run in terminal ifconfig see what that tells you01:50
symptomSolved, no you need to put the whole pkg name01:50
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plainasSolved, so you can check the exact name of the ackage you want to remove?01:50
mrnelson1986_drmp420, its not me, its beaver :P01:50
ejvSolved: apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic , it will also kick in modules that need removing, should be fine01:50
drmp420oh sorry01:50
drmp420trying to chat and watch soccer01:50
symptomSolved, once you remove them you have to actually delete them to free up space.  Not exactly sure how that works.  someone else here can tell you.  Might need to do it though dpkg01:51
plainasdrmp420, which match?01:51
drmp420nyrb vs sj01:51
symptomSolved, ive done it before, but i have to look it up everythime01:51
con-manI will wait 5 before asking my question again01:51
nimbioticsHello all. I need to record phone calls I make thru Google Voice. I'm using Audacitiy for this purpose but so far I've only be able to record my own voice. Ho can I make Audacity  record my voice AS WELL AS the other party's??? TIA!01:51
plainasok.. i don't know any of those... care to spell the complete names?01:51
beavermrnelson1986_: eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0d:56:35:0f:b601:51
beaver          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
beaver          inet6 addr: fe80::20d:56ff:fe35:fb6/64 Scope:Link01:51
beaver          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:101:51
FloodBot1beaver: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
beaver          RX packets:8877 errors:2 dropped:2 overruns:0 frame:001:51
diz_Child1map (hd1,3)/xxxx.iso (fd0)01:51
beaver          TX packets:7411 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:001:51
diz_Child1map --rehook01:51
diz_Child1rootnoverify (fd0)01:51
diz_Child1chainloader +101:51
diz_Child1Error 11: Unrecognized device string01:51
FloodBot1diz_Child1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
drmp420new york red bulls vs san jose earthquakes01:52
Gnea!pastebin | beaver diz_Child101:52
ubottubeaver diz_Child1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:52
ejvSolved: if you prefer a gui program, Synaptic works great for removing kernels, my preference is the CLI01:52
Solvedejv: and the second command would be:     apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic01:52
ejvSolved: sure, give it a try :)01:52
Gneadrmp420: what?01:52
ubuntu4shaneon a laptop when it is unplugged, my battery meter doesn't come up on the panel, how do I get it up there?01:52
plainasahahah american tem names are so american01:52
drmp420yes they are01:53
Gnea!ot | plainas01:53
ubottuplainas: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:53
Solvedsymptom: can you give me any idea how to free up this space?01:53
ubuntu4shaneit is like ubuntu doesn't even know that it is unplugged??01:53
con-manguys I need help, my hard drive keeps mounting at different points (ie /dev/sdc, /dev/sb1, and so on) this causes my fstab to get confused when trying to mount it. any suggestions?01:53
Solvedejv: and now these kernels will no longer appear in bootloader?01:53
Gneacon-man: it shouldn't matter01:53
xanguaubuntu4shane: i believe for default only shows when the energy is 10% por something like that01:53
zaerysorry for those of you who've seen my question(s) before, but I have a shell script running on my server that I need to kill with ssh, and I really shouldn't just reboot the thing, when I run ps, i get http://pastebin.com/a4ZNaW1J so I can't see the process i need to kill, all i get is ps and the bash that i'm using on this computer. Any help?01:53
xanguaubuntu4shane: you can configure it in the energy preferences01:53
ejvSolved: i doubt dpkg scrubs your bootloader clean, you may have to manually go in and remove the old kernel entries yourself then run a `grub-update`01:53
ubuntu4shanexangua, well, sometimes it shows up, and sometimes it doesn't01:54
Gneacon-man: ubuntu doesn't use device names to mount, it detects UUID01:54
ubuntu4shanexangua, right, I have it configured so when it is unplugged it shows up there01:54
dougb_freebsdzaery: do ps ax01:54
Solvedejv: how do I remove the old kernel entries?01:54
ejvSolved: i don't use Ubuntu very often, take my advice with a grain of salt01:54
mrnelson1986_zaery, its in an active terminal window? you can't ctrl+c?01:54
ubuntu4shanexangua, but it doesn't show up.01:54
SolvedIs there anyway to rename partitions that appear in the bootloader?01:54
zaerymrnelson1986_: it's in an active terminal window on the monitor that the server is physically connected to, all I have here is ssh01:55
GneaSolved: partitions?01:55
inetd50does anyone know what this wallpaper is? http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=stxza#/d1x8yah01:55
ubuntu4shanexangua, what is the actual program name to kick-start it from terminal?01:55
con-manalso, whats the best file system that can be used by both windows and linux, I see some variants of FAT3201:55
diz_Child1map (hd1,3)/xxxx.iso (fd0); map --rehook; rootnoverify (fd0); chainloader +1; boot; Error 11: Unrecognized device string01:55
beavermrnelson1986_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/526097/01:55
blakkheimcon-man: ntfs01:55
SolvedGnea: I am trying to rename the options in my bootloader to simpler names01:55
Gnea!best | con-man01:55
ubottucon-man: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:55
dougb_freebsdcon-man: what kind of files are you going to be storing?01:55
GneaSolved: I'm not following... what options?01:55
mrnelson1986_zaery, oh i see, i missed that part01:55
ejvSolved: to update grub, sudo nano -wc /etc/default/grub01:56
mrnelson1986_zaery, can you use the "kill" command?01:56
SolvedGnea: in linux bootloader01:56
con-mandougb_freebsd, media mostly, its currently NTFS01:56
zaerydougb_freebsd: thank you very much, it worked :)01:56
ejvSolved: afterwards `update-grub`01:56
rinku_kokirihei guys..  got a problem here with sound01:56
zaerymrnelson1986_: now that i know how to find the PID, i can01:56
Solvedejv: the first command opens a file01:56
icy_Where is "xorg.conf" located on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 ????  It should be in /etc/X11/, but it isn't.01:56
Solvedejv: am I supposed to modify it?01:56
mrnelson1986_beaver, sorry i don't know how to fix01:56
dougb_freebsdcon-man: then blakkheim is right, ntfs is fine ... if you run into problems with accessing that from linux, I've had very good luck with fat3201:56
GneaSolved: yes, I understand WHERE, but WHICH options?01:56
ubuntu4shaneok, seems as though gnome is not picking up that I'm disconnected from power.01:56
drmp420anybody with a link or doc on how to use/read powertop data?01:57
con-mandougb_freebsd, cheers01:57
rinku_kokirianyone running current ver ubuntu have audio issues?>01:57
hiexpohello Gnea01:57
Gneahiexpo: good evening01:57
SolvedGnea: like I want to rename the ntfs partition to Windows XP01:57
ejvSolved: sorry grub2 shifted some config files around, sudo nano -wc /boot/grub/grub.cfg is where it's located01:57
GneaSolved: show me the line that specifically says "ntfs partition"01:57
ejvSolved: stay with me, we'll get there, run that command ;)01:57
Gneaejv: not sure where you're going with this...01:58
StaRetji1Folks, can someone help me out making nvidia card work with nouveau drivers. Thank you01:58
Solvedejv: k i ran it01:58
StaRetji1I can't bring X01:58
Solvedejv it says DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE01:58
Gneaejv: let's make sure that that's what he needs to do first :)01:58
ejvhe wants to simplify the display name in the bootloader01:58
rinku_kokiriyou could unmount it, rename it, then mount it01:58
rinku_kokiriall with gparted01:58
Gneaejv: he didn't specifically say that.01:59
GneaSolved: or did you?01:59
dougb_freebsdejv: it's not a good idea to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg directly, it is likely to get wiped out by some automated process01:59
ejvdougb_freebsd: i do it all the time, should be fine for some minor display changes01:59
dougb_freebsdejv: I didn't say "impossible" I said "bad idea" :)01:59
SolvedAt the moment, I believe ejv is helping me to scrub clean the remains of the older kernels, but yes Gnea, that is also something I wish to do02:00
rinku_kokiri<Solved> Gnea: like I want to rename the ntfs partition to Windows XP  << looks  like he wants to rename a partition.. nothing to do with grub02:00
drmp420how can i tell if bluetooth interface is disabled?02:00
dougb_freebsd... especially for a new user who doesn't quite understand what's going on02:00
ejvrinku_kokiri: i think his terminology is just off that's all02:00
rinku_kokiriejv, i think he want's to rename a partition, from what I read02:00
rinku_kokiriand editing grub won't do that02:01
ejvSolved: in that file you can edit the menu entries and remove them, if anyone knows a prettir tool speak up02:01
GneaSolved: okay, I wasn't sure, because you seemed to be focusing on one thing rather than another02:01
StaRetji1I get this in kernel.log NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  How can I remove nvidia from kernel module. I need to make "nouveau" driver operational. HELP :)02:01
SolvedI want it to say "Windows XP" and "Ubuntu 10.04" instad of long spews of stuff02:01
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:01
Solvedejv: so I run that command and then what?02:02
dougb_freebsdejv: if he was successful in removing the old kernels, 'sudo update-grub' would be a better way to start then editing the grub.cfg directly02:02
replicasexyou know, installing different desktop environments -- that's generally a bad idea, yeah?  I've heard it leads to significant instability.02:02
ejvSolved: if you're worried, back out of the file (ctrl+x) and sudo cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg.bkup, then go in and make changes02:02
nimbioticswhat are the restricted multimedia packages and where do I find them?? TIA!02:03
ejvdougb_freebsd seems to be an authority on this, so if you removed the old kernels like i instructed before using apt-get remove, run update-grub and see if that removes the old ones, then we can go in and change the silly names02:03
ejvSolved: ^02:03
quanru哇  有中国人不02:04
Solvedejv: I have ran update-grub and it seems to have done this02:04
CJO232I was wondering, by definition would the MBR be the essence of a filesystem?02:05
plainashow to i set a global keybind using a script02:05
Solvedok I need to get some rest02:05
ejvSolved: ok cool, now make the backup using this "sudo cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg.bkup" as precaution, now re-open via "sudo nano -wc /boot/grub/grub.cfg" and you'll see each loadable kernel has a menuentry, feel free to simplify them, be aware of syntax02:05
dougb_freebsdCJO232: define "essence"02:06
rinku_kokiriCJO232, that's a loaded question02:06
Solvedejv: allready been done, thank you so much02:06
Solvedgnight all02:06
ejvSolved: cool, good luck ;)02:06
rdw200169CJO232: MBR is the Master Boot Record at the beginning of the Hard Drive.  It describes the partitions and how to boot the hard drive.  i.e. its information for the BIOS so the computer knows how to boot02:06
rinku_kokirithe "essence" of a filesystem would be the MFT's02:06
rdw200169!cn | diz_Child102:07
ubottudiz_Child1: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:07
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dougb_freebsd... and speaking of grub, I would like to downgrade to the version of grub that came with 10.04 ... any suggestions?02:08
rinku_kokirianyone with alsa experience?02:08
CJO232Thank god Ubuntu has the ability to have multi linguil channels... " No speaking non english languages -b/-quiet " would be bad02:08
rinku_kokiridougb_freebsd, i thought ubuntu has been using grub2 since 9.1002:08
dougb_freebsdyes, it has02:08
taofdi'm having fan troubles, anyone here free?02:09
rinku_kokiriso how can you revert to a grub we currently use dougb_freebsd02:09
arrrghhhstupid question, if i setup passwordless logins for ssh, how do i get new public keys onto my server so i can auth?02:09
dougb_freebsdI would like to downgrade the VERSION of grub2 that comes with 10.10 to the version of grub2 that came with 10.0402:09
rinku_kokiriarrrghhh, ftp?02:09
dougb_freebsdthey are different02:09
arrrghhhrinku_kokiri, lol i'm not leaving ftp open...02:09
dougb_freebsdtaofd: just ask your question02:09
rinku_kokiriarrrghhh, usb?02:10
arrrghhhrinku_kokiri, this is assuming i have physical access to the server at all times...?02:10
taofddougb_freebsd, my fan keeps constantly surging (high/low) i've tried several fan control apps, but nothing seems to work, not even the bios options...02:10
N00bsauceRunning 10.10. Off hand anybody know how to stop independent sound settings for flash? While watching a youtube if I hardware mute or software mute it totally ignores system sound levels and can only be controlled from the youtubes interface02:10
dougb_freebsdtaofd: when you say "constantly," what do you mean? IOW, how often does it cycle?02:10
taofddougb_freebsd, like high/low every 2 seconds02:11
=== administrator is now known as Guest87676
arrrghhhrinku_kokiri, well i guess that answers my question.  it's best to try & setup all my boxes that access the server, then flip it to be passwordless...02:11
rinku_kokiriarrrghhh, don't change your keys?02:11
dougb_freebsdtaofd: does it do that in other operating systems?02:11
rdw200169N00bsauce: thats more a pulseaudio thing... if you want to effect alsa, use alsamixer02:11
taofddougb_freebsd, i havent had a chance to reinstall 7 yet, but it does this during bios load and grub boot screen02:11
rinku_kokiriso i have this problem... sound stops working on a clean install02:12
arrrghhhrinku_kokiri, yea no problem.  i just don't have it setup currently, i was using password logins because it was easy... but it appears to keep hackers at bay it's best to use passwordless logins.02:12
dougb_freebsdtaofd: if it's doing it during BIOS load that sounds like a hardware problem .... or, possibly a buggy BIOS, I would check with your manufacturer and see if there is a newer version02:12
N00bsaucerdw200169, ack, afraid of that02:12
taofddougb_freebsd, i have the latest bios version, and apparently there are a few others experiencing thsi problem -___-; i suspect its hardware02:13
taofddougb_freebsd, i was just wondering if the linux kernel had control over fans02:13
sofaking88Hey everyone, I need some help. I have an inspiron 8500 and I can't connect wirelessly to the internet. What should I do?02:13
taofddougb_freebsd, i have the newest version of the bios02:13
N00bsauceAlso another issue is with my HP laptop I hear a frequency from my speakers related to my mouse. When I scroll or move the mousewheel I can hear it whine - drivers? or is there any way to see why theirs an interference?02:13
taofddougb_freebsd, it's an hp mini 21002:13
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dougb_freebsdtaofd: even if you have the newest version installed, try installing win7 then flashing the bios again ... the problem you describe could theoretically be caused by a bad acpi table entry, which would theoretically be fixed by re-flashing ... you might also try flashing to an older version of BIOS if that is a possibility02:14
=== Guest76722 is now known as zhang_
taofddougb_freebsd, there is only the initial bios available at this time T__T02:15
CJO232I am told on the gparted site I need to give my master boot record and the ntfs boot record? Whats the ntfs br and are there more than one mbr for each partion ( or logical drive) containing a diff. os?02:15
dougb_freebsdtaofd: ah, then it is almost certainly a bug ... try reflashing, and if that does not work, poke your manufacturer02:16
rdw200169rinku_kokiri, N00bsauce, one of the things about pulseaudio, is that it sometimes has problems finding the correct sound card... you *can* force pulseaudio to directly use a certain card by using a different means of finding modules.  I.E., I edited my /home/<user>/.pulse/default.pa file to include "load-module module-udev-detect" and now my pulseaudio installation actually finds my HDA...02:16
rdw200169...Intel sound card02:16
taofddougb_freebsd, okay yeah, i'm going to try to reflash once i install 7, and if not this netbook is only 3 days old so...02:16
taofddougb_freebsd, thx for the help though, you've been more helpful than any of the answers i've received the past 2 days :)02:16
dougb_freebsdglad to help02:16
dougb_freebsd... sorry it wasn't better news02:16
rinku_kokirirdw200169,  i forced it to use my creative hw... still represents a problem though.. waiting for it to surface again02:16
CJO232"The MBR is first of what could be many partition sectors, each one containing a four entry partition table." (http://www.ata-atapi.com/hiwmbr.html) makes itr sound like each sector can have 4 partitions and each can have a mbr02:17
sofaking88Hey everyone, I need some help. I have an inspiron 8500 and I can't connect wirelessly to the internet. What should I do?02:17
sofaking88It has a brodcom wireless adapter, or something like that02:17
rdw200169rinku_kokiri: N00bsauce also, running pulseaudio from the command line may help diagnose exactly what problems pulseaudio is encountering with using your soundcards02:18
A1kmmIs anyone else here had problems with using GDM as an XDMCP after upgrading from Lucid to Maverick?02:18
taofddougb_freebsd, well its fine, like i said, i just bought it from costco a few days ago... i buy these sorts of things from costco for this very reason :/02:18
rinku_kokirialso, i CAN play two medias at the same time, and adjust both independantly (one being adobe flash.. youtube)02:18
A1kmm(XDMCP server rather)02:18
octopus@sofaking88 did you try installing the driver from "menu>preferences>additional drivers"?02:18
mercutio22It seems there is no geany package in the ubuntu repository, is that right?02:19
Pavlzpc tell me that there are errors02:19
N00bsaucerdw200169, my experience with pulse with dapper forward has left me with no working sound or a hassle with exclusive locks and usb headsets. I'll definitely give it a go though, can't wait until html5 embedding video >.<02:19
rinku_kokirimore info... get multiple error windows referring to pa_stream_cork failed02:20
rdw200169N00bsauce: i used to hate pulseaudio until i finally figured out how to use the configuration files to my advantage... took a little bit of 'getting my school on' though, at pulseaudio.org etc...02:21
sofaking88octopus: I think so. I connected to the ethernet cord, and went through an update. I had something pop up asking me to activate the wireless driver, so I did, but it didn't do anything.02:21
taofddougb_freebsd, just out of curiosity though, do you know how fan control usually works? I know that hardware wise, the fan will kick in at certain temperatures, but I also know that software policies influence fan speeds as well...02:22
rdw200169rinku_kokiri: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9978103#post9978103 references that problem to gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio ...02:22
N00bsaucerdw200169, going to read through that, Thanks for the help.02:22
Pavlzhttp://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy-security/universe/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found02:22
Nattgewhow do I get backintime to back up hidden folders?02:23
roastedAnybody have any idea why in evolution when I edit the "work hours" of my calendar it doesnt change the color scheme of active hours vs inactive hrs?02:24
boodroscotchHye guys, I have a screwed up fstab file, and I can't mount any of my NTFS drives with ntfs-3g without root priveledges. I've already tried rw, user, users, group, and removing defaults to no avail. This started after I installed and "auto-confgured" my ntfs drives with ntfs-config. any help would be appreciated.02:24
rinku_kokirirdw200169, and unstallation requires the unstallation of ubuntu-desktop02:24
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magusOTBdoes wpa_supplicant not work in ubuntu?02:25
PCChrisI have an autorun.sh on an eSATA drive that I would like to run when I plug it in...how would I go about automounting the drive?02:27
nimbioticswhat are the restricted multimedia packages and where do I find them?? TIA!02:27
FloodBot2Legion___: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:27
nimbioticsHello all. I need to record phone calls I make thru Google Voice. I'm using Audacitiy for this purpose but so far I've only be able to record my own voice. Ho can I make Audacity  record my voice AS WELL AS the other party's??? TIA!02:27
dougb_freebsdtaofd: that's OS dependent02:27
arrrghhhnimbiotics, ubuntu-restricted-extras for multimedia stuff02:27
dougb_freebsdnimbiotics: what you're asking to do is almost certainly illegal, so don't be surprised if no one offers to hel you with it02:27
debianmanhi, i have a problem with the charset on gnome-terminal on debian, dont show accents and any especial chars, i have configured with LANG=en_US.ISO-8859-15, any idea how to fix this?02:27
Nahledgewhats the sudo snytax to remove package again? (uninstall)02:28
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)02:28
dougb_freebsddebianman: use LANG=en_US.utf802:28
roastedAnybody have any idea why in evolution when I edit the "work hours" of my calendar it doesnt change the color scheme of active hours vs inactive hrs?02:28
PCChrisNahledge, sudo apt-get remove         ?02:29
magusOTBdoes wpa_supplicant not work in ubuntu?02:29
debianmandougb_freebsd: i tryed with this charset, but dont work, is the same problem02:29
PCChrisI have an autorun.sh on an eSATA drive that I would like to run when I plug it in...how would I go about automounting the drive?02:30
magusOTBI'm trying to use it and it says CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED - disconnect event - remove keys repeatedly02:30
driverdavidso i used synaptic on xubuntu to install apache2 php5 mysql-server libapache2-php5 and phpmyadmin, but when i browse to a php file on on http://localhost it downloads it instead of executes it02:30
dougb_freebsddebianman: where are you setting it, and what apps are you having problems with?02:30
debianmandougb_freebsd: i tryed with en_US02:31
debianman en_US.iso8859102:31
debianman en_US.iso88591502:31
debianman en_US.utf802:31
debianman es_ES02:31
FloodBot2debianman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
debianman es_ES@euro02:31
dougb_freebsddebianman: where are you setting it, and what apps are you having problems with?02:32
PCChrisI have an autorun.sh on an eSATA drive that I would like to run when I plug it in...how would I go about automounting the drive?02:32
boodroscotchHey guys, I have a screwed up fstab file, and I can't mount any of my NTFS drives with ntfs-3g without root priveledges. I've already tried rw, user, users, group, and removing defaults to no avail. This started after I installed and "auto-confgured" my ntfs drives with ntfs-config. any help would be appreciated.02:32
debianmanonly gnome-terminal and rxvt02:32
dougb_freebsddebianman: ok, typing in a gnome terminal window, type this:  export LANG=en_US.utf802:33
dougb_freebsdthen still in that same window, try viewing the text you were having problems with02:33
nimbioticsdougb_freebsd: almost certainly ilegal? I might not be a Linux ubuntu expert but I aint no dumb either. I'm not pretending to do anything ilegal with it; I need to transcript many of these calls and I'd like to be able to record some with my laptop when I'm not home where I do have a recording device attached to my phone. Please help. TIA02:33
yaomsi want to disable the X11 of my 10.04 Desktop system , anyone tell me how ?02:34
eu_soh_me_fodo_vala aalaa02:35
=== eu_soh_me_fodo_v is now known as Abdullah_bin_Abd
=== ChEaSeR is now known as ChSR[dinner]
Genieliuif I want to kill x,which command should i use?02:35
debianmandougb_freebsd, i do, but dont show special chars02:36
dougb_freebsdnimbiotics: recording phone calls IS actually illegal in the United States except under very specific circumstances.  Your intentions for the use of the recordings are not relevant02:36
kasunGenieliu, CTRL+ALT+Backspace will kill your nome session02:36
snootI need help02:36
snoothelp is what I need02:37
snootit involves hardware02:37
snootof the laptop nature02:37
snootIm replacing a dc power jack02:37
snootfor a hp g6002:37
dougb_freebsddebianman: ok, try logging out, then after selecting your username in gdm but before entering your password look at the menu on the bottom of the screen, and choose the UTF charset.  Then log in with your password and see if that helps02:37
apporcHi,man. Who can tell something about ubuntu's automount windows filesystem. It is that , when you02:37
apporcleft click one disk icon , it is then mounted for you.02:37
snootand the original came out with 6pin connector02:37
snootand the one replacing it has a 5 pin with 4 wires02:37
snootbut the 4 wires appear to cover all the bases on the back of the power jack02:38
snootis that possible?02:38
snootthe two black wires that are missing are black on the original one02:38
snootI have a picture02:38
dougb_freebsdsnoot: wrong channel, and your "one line at a time" method of typing is very annoying :)02:38
snooto sorry02:38
snootbad habit02:38
snootwhere do I go02:38
apporc Hi,man. Who can tell something about ubuntu's automount windows filesystem. It is that , when you \02:38
apporc left click one disk icon , it is then mounted for you.02:38
nimbioticsdougb_freebsd: what I'm trying you to understand is that all FIVE persons whose phone calls I need to record have signed a waiver for me. On top of that, we do follow a certain protocol before I can actually start recording the call02:38
PCChrisI have an autorun.sh on an eSATA drive that I would like to run when I plug it in...how would I go about automounting the drive?02:38
debianmanok, i come back soon02:38
snoot ruhroh02:38
dougb_freebsdnimbiotics: ok, good luck with that02:38
rinku_kokiridougb_freebsd,  and it only usually requires ONE PARTY to know the call is being recorded02:39
dougb_freebsdrinku_kokiri: In the United States that is not correct, but IANAL, and this isn't the legal advice channel02:40
rinku_kokiriTwelve states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. Be aware that you will sometimes hear these referred to inaccurately as “two-party consent” laws. If there are more than two people involved in the conversation, all must consent to the taping.02:40
dougb_freebsdI was just giving nimbiotics one possible explanation of why no one was answering his question :)02:40
dmsupermanIs there a tool to re-analyze an mp3 and set the header data for the lenght?02:40
rinku_kokiriFederal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call.02:40
lyjHello everyone02:41
rinku_kokiriso unless you have statutes thaat conflict with that...02:41
lyjMy ubuntu 9.04 has no sound, anyone can help me?02:41
blakkheimlyj: no, because 9.04 is unsupported02:41
NahledgeI was installing aircrack-ng and told I have to add it to the PATH. what does that mean02:42
lyjThe laptop become silent when I install ubuntu 9.0402:42
apporcWhen I click the disk icon , the ntfs-disk is then automounted .But I am not satisfied with the options about that disk .How can change that myself02:42
blakkheimNahledge: you shouldn't be using aircrack-ng if you don't know what $PATH is02:42
rinku_kokiridougb_freebsd,  and actually, michigan has an ALL PARTY law that a judge ruled invalid: one Michigan Court has ruled that a participant in a private conversation may record it without violating the statute because the statutory term "eavesdrop" refers only to overhearing or recording the private conversations of others.02:42
NahledgeI dont know what anything is. I only installed ubuntu to use it02:42
blakkheimlyj: you need to install a supported version such as 10.04 or 10.1002:42
Flanneldougb_freebsd, rinku_kokiri: Please take this to #ubuntu-oftopic, thanks02:42
dougb_freebsdrinku_kokiri: seriously, way OT, and I'm done discussing it02:43
Flanneler, #ubuntu-offtopic02:43
lyjThat was totally a disaster to install a new version....02:43
Nahledgeblakkheim: can you explain what it means to add to path brieefly. I plan on only using nix for aircrack-ng02:44
fracasaurioUbuntu no me monta el cd automaticamente02:44
lyjI don't think it's a good idea02:44
blakkheim!es > fracasaurio02:44
ubottufracasaurio, please see my private message02:44
blackchook #el-lnx ellnx02:44
lyj9.04 release with the sound can't work !!02:45
blakkheimlyj: i told you 9.04 is unsupported, no one here can help you with it02:45
rinku_kokiriso i think that gstreamer thing fixed my sound problem02:45
rinku_kokirihaven't had it disconnect on me since i uninstalled02:45
lyjwhy does it release then...02:46
blakkheim!9.04 | lyj02:46
ubottulyj: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.02:46
=== root is now known as Guest33612
lyjI mean in the beginning ,it doesn't support the sound??02:47
lyjThat was totally unacceptable02:47
wast3landanyone know if it is possible to mount the network drive itself? not an individual share on it02:47
wast3landive searched for ways to do it on google02:48
wast3landbut all answers provide ways of mounting the share's02:48
wast3landnot the actual network drive02:49
rinku_kokiriwast3land, how's this... share the root of the drive02:49
rinku_kokirithen mount that02:49
wast3landi tried, but samba doesnt appear to support that02:49
wast3landit requrires a share02:49
ish_hey guys02:49
ish_whats a good channel for c++ questions?02:50
homei need help figuring out to get my webcam on this laptop to work02:50
wast3landsay 'bar' is the share and 'foo' is the acutal drive the shares on. i try smbmount //foo/ /mnt/foo02:50
rinku_kokiriish #c++ ?02:50
vdubhackAnyone know a good message board or something similar for sorting out UUID issues ?02:50
roastedEvolution says I have 1 in my inbox. Yet when I go to my inbox, it says no messages. Uhh?????????????02:50
wast3landbut it work unless i provide the 'bar' at the end: smbmount //foo/bar /mount/foo02:51
Nisstyre65ish_: ##c++02:51
replicasexsay I wanted to try the latest kde out -- would installing and uninstalling the kubuntu-desktop be a very poor way to do this?02:51
vdubhackreplicasex: No thats fine you can have multiple desktops I do for when gnome goes crazy02:51
roastedI also delete 3 emails from my evolution, hit refresh, AND THEY COME BACK. What in the world?02:51
replicasexvdubhack, I've been warned anecdotally by a few people for possible instability .. any merit to that?02:52
rinku_kokirireplicasex, is your drive corrupted?  memory failing integrity checks?02:52
vdubhackreplicasex: I havent yet seen that02:52
replicasexrinku_kokiri, no no just wanted to give kde a try -- i was going to use a vm but kubuntu wouldn't play with the gues installtions02:53
Pavlz233 packages updated02:53
vdubhackreplicasex: the ubuntu wikis even say you can have multiple desktops, though the one I use multiples on though I only use for basic uses and backup02:53
replicasexvdubhack, yeah I don't want to rock the boat with my main system >_>02:54
replicasexi wouldn't mind giving the netbook remix a try either, for unity at least.02:54
vdubhackreplicasex: My main use systems are all xubuntu02:54
rinku_kokirithey need to make a palmbuntu02:54
nimbioticsdougb_freebsd et all: Thanks02:55
vdubhackrinku_kokiri: LOL02:55
rinku_kokirivdubhack, i'm tired of webos and no microphone api.02:55
MagicJwhem I run apt-get upgrade on ONE machine I get "The following packages have been kept back -linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-generic-image - what do I need to do02:55
rinku_kokiriand i can't lshw02:55
vdubhackrinku_kokiri: there are open source OS's you can put on the palm or you can set up a build environment and make your own :)02:56
vdubhackrinku_kokiri: or just get rid of the palm :P02:57
rinku_kokiribut it has wifi02:57
vdubhackOK and? You cant find a comparable device with wifi?02:58
rinku_kokirivdubhack, not for free =D02:58
vdubhackAhhh got ya02:58
vdubhackgo the build environment route then :) Look up OpenEmbedded02:58
vdubhackAnyone know a good message board or something similar for sorting out UUID issues ?02:59
austinbvHey I am having an issue chmoding my secondary drives mounted via the gui, I tried chmod -Rv /media/drive_name and run with sudo and run with root user the output says perms change but nothing changes03:01
austinbvHey I am having an issue chmoding my secondary drives mounted via the gui, I tried chmod -Rv /media/drive_name and run with sudo and run with root user the output says perms change but nothing changes03:02
vdubhackaustinbv: you dont need to flood your question so quickly03:02
vdubhackpeople will answer if they know03:03
=== CJO232 is now known as XXXStillAVirginX
shibuindieHi all..03:03
tibmanjordan_u, are you online?03:05
shibuindieinstalled 3d acceleration software in Ubuntu 10.10, but when try to open message pops up as "XDriInfo returned with non-zero exit code"03:05
tibmanshibuindie, what brand of card?03:05
=== swordfish is now known as genupulas
vijay_hi all03:05
shibuindiexdriinfo in terminal shows up as "libgl is too old."03:05
Matt4542Can someone help me? Gnome literary is gone.03:06
shibuindiegts 25003:06
Matt4542I just have a white background.03:06
MagusOTBHow do I connect to a WPA network from the cli? wpa_supplicant won't work.03:06
tibmanshibuindie, I had a lot of problems installing the nvidia drivers on another computer, Ati install much easier, sorry guy I wont be much help03:06
xanguaexplain better yourself Matt4542, what did you excactly do¿03:07
Pavlzhow to update the kernel ?03:07
Pavlzi don't remember mre03:07
Pavlzi made 1 or 2 time03:07
shibuindieok..thats fine "-)03:07
Matt4542xangua, I have no idea. I rebooted my computer and turned it on and all I see is a white screen.03:07
xanguaPavlz: sudo apt-ger update && sudo apt-get upgrade ¿03:07
SnakkahDoes anyone here have experience with Western Digital external hard drives?03:07
zhangxinhuiwhat 's wrong?03:08
Pavlzapt-get update && apt-get upgrade03:08
SnakkahI'm using Ubuntu 10.10 and I'm trying to find a way to get the "Virtual CD" to go away.03:08
rusiviSnakkah: Yes, I have 2 recently purchased WD external USB HDD working great.03:08
tibmanI inadvertently installed grub on my win 7 partition and now it wont launch, anyone know how to correct this?03:08
SnakkahEvery time I mount their "My Passport" hard drive, this "virtual CD" mounts with it.03:08
yaomsi want to disable the X11 of my 10.04 Desktop system , anyone tell me how ?03:08
Nisstyre65yaoms: apt-get remove xorg ? or something like that03:09
rusiviSnakkah: Your referring to the "WD SmartWare"?03:09
zhangxinhuiUse PE to boot you system,bootsect c: /nt6003:09
SnakkahYes rusivi.03:09
SnakkahHow do I remove it?03:09
mecablazeI have a make file, is there a way to use mingw32-g++ to compile instead of normal g++?03:09
ZykoticK9yaoms, if you want to boot to text mode you can see my notes at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/boot-to-console---disable-graphical-login-gdm03:09
=== emma_ is now known as emma
rusiviSnakkah: Don't worry about it. It does not interfere or persist after "Safely Remove Drive" or doing anything else.03:10
ZykoticK9yaoms, that's technically for lucid obviously, but i'm sure it will work for Mav too03:10
Pavlzcomputer tell me to be rebooted03:10
Snakkahrusivi: I know. It's just kind of annoying. Also, if I'm going to be installing an OS onto this WD drive, will that "virtual CD" still be there?03:10
Pavlzand that there is one package not updated03:11
Pavlzi reboot the pc03:11
Nattgewhow do you get backintime to back up hidden folders?03:11
Pavlzse we later03:11
rusiviSnakkah: It's Windows-based prop. software. Assuming it's not hardcoded into some flash memory you could try to reformat the entire drive with your filesystem of choice.03:11
Matt4542Ugh guess I can't get help.03:12
poohstixI want to use a liveCD with a laptop with CD drive.  Does that mean I should use the desktop image, rather than the notebook image?03:12
ZykoticK9poohstix, it would probably be easier with the desktop vs the netbook version03:13
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest56051
kopI want to pound a nail with a screwdriver does that mean I still nned the hammer ?03:13
poohstixZykoticK9: thanks.03:14
rusiviSnakkah: Unless your using USB 3.0 I would not recommend running a Live USB OS from the external HDD unless you want inferior performance to an internal HDD>03:14
kopinferior = slower than plan 9 upgrades03:15
ZykoticK9esata = fast external drives :)03:16
zakwilsonDrive-by semi-troll for anybody who works on the UI and might happen to be here: it's 2010. Why can't I drag songs from Rhythmbox to a Thunderbird message window to make attachments?03:17
tibmanInstalled grub on windows 7 partition inadvertently, grub will load linux but when I try to load windows 7, it says "error fylesystem not found". While in linux I can open my windows partition, so the files are still intact. I also tried the windows 7 install disk startup repair multiple times, no dice. Anyone have any idea?03:18
Glochouch that sounds nasty03:19
zakwilsontibman: I'm guessing the Windows installer puts a bootloader in the MBR, but not the partition, right?03:19
ZykoticK9tibman, does booting into ubuntu and running "sudo update-grub2" find/correct your windows install?03:19
tibmanzykoticK9, i tried that a few times, it says "win 7 found" but it doesnt fix it...03:20
ZykoticK9tibman, ummmm, sorry can't help then.  good luck.03:21
tibmanzakwilson, I am not sure where windows puts its bootloader...03:21
yaomsZykoticK9: thank you03:21
ZykoticK9yaoms, glad to help03:21
Pavlzi tunred back03:21
zakwilsontibman: alright, let me put it this way: when you "fix" it from the Windows installer, does it still load grub on startup?03:21
Smalltalkhi,I am a newbie03:21
tibmanzakwilson, yes, grub still loads after using windows startup recovery03:22
kopSmalltalk, we all were once03:22
=== emma_ is now known as emma
hyperstreamtibman, if all else fails, and you go for the format option, backup all required data, then format the drive - install 7 then ubuntu straight after (had a very similar issue, wasted 3 days seeking answers, fast to reinstall)03:22
zakwilsonSmalltalk: you're a newbie? I thought you were a programming language from PARC.03:22
SmalltalkI like the name03:23
tibmanhyperstream, i thought about that option, but I have my windows so customized, i would rather find a fix, but I am considering it...03:23
zakwilsontibman: I don't know what to tell you then. I figured it would put the bootloader in the MBR and you could dd it to the partition.03:23
kopSmalltalk, just watch it scroll by for a bit you'll get the basic idea03:23
hyperstreamtibman, i know the feeling, but i also noticed i resetup my windows pretty quickly(i spent a day, jotting down stuff i should backup/restore/do/add/install) i only forgot my pop3 mail (no biggie)03:24
tibmanI hate grub, it has been the center of many headaches for me03:24
* Anom01y is away: TRP idle03:24
fakhirhello. i want to mount a raid on boot (/dev/md0) what is the best way to configure that? (ubuntu server)03:24
hyperstreamtibman, before 9.10 was for me also. now grub plays nicely for me.03:25
* Anom01y is back (gone 00:00:06)03:25
zakwilsonI find grub to be rather nice as bootloaders go.03:25
Smalltalk kop,smalltalk translated in chinese is novel!03:25
hyperstream!mount > fakhir03:25
ubottufakhir, please see my private message03:25
hyperstream!raid > fakhir03:25
tibmanI wouldnt mind grub if it didn't lock me out of windows03:25
hyperstreamfakhir, hope those may help bud03:25
ahtmly2khey how do i turn on the Unity UI on maverick meerkat? i upgraded from previous versions and is now still using the old UI..03:26
fakhirhyperstream, thanks03:26
zakwilsonAnom01y: please don't use public away messages like that (they kick for it here)03:26
hyperstreamtibman, you installed it to the wrong partition/drive (has been my issue in many cases) When it comes to installing an alternative OS beside another, i always check things like 18 times lol. Hate messing it all up03:26
tibmanI have to get my laundry, thanks guys, be back03:27
leoowuThe version : ubuntu 10.10; the mic doesn't work, but i can hear from when i say sth by microphone, any other thing normally03:27
ZykoticK9ahtmly2k, 1st install unity "sudo apt-get install unity" then Log out - and once you've selected your username, at the bottom select Ubuntu Netbook Version - log back in and you'll be in Unity03:27
Glochahtmly2k,  you have to apt-get it first03:27
leoowuwho can help me with it ?03:27
=== FireCrotch is now known as nickmoeck
Glochthen just loout and choose unity then login03:27
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
Glochusing unity now03:28
leoowui can't find an effective way to resolve the problem03:28
leoowuwho can help me03:28
hyperstreamhow do i restart pulse?03:28
leoowuthe headphone and mic is new and works well under win703:28
kopdeath to Pulse Audio !03:29
hyperstreamkop, whats it replace?03:29
ahtmly2koh yeah i just realized that.. but is it okay if i get it from the USC ubuntu software center?03:30
kophyperstream, I just use alsa03:30
ZykoticK9hyperstream, Pulse replaced ESD - pulse uses alsa for lowlevel soundcard stuff03:30
* choonming is away: Time to sleep03:30
kophyperstream, just an opinion here . PA was a bad idea gone worse . I got tired of hearing from devl discus and launchpad that it "should just work"03:32
=== corey_ is now known as D_Money
hyperstreamafter like a day03:33
hyperstreamsound stops working03:33
hyperstreamSorry- enter key bad habbit from facebook. let me re type that.03:34
hyperstreamAfter around 24 hours, or so, it seems my sound just stops working, how would i go about restart what ever controls the sound in ubuntu 10.1003:34
=== Aaron5367|detach is now known as Aaron5367
MagusOTB_Where's the best place to put an xrandr command so that it'll get executed when I login to xmonad?03:35
Sicklercan someone tell me what the channel is for xbmc as all my plugins have errors when i run them03:35
shcherbak99.99% Up-time Guarantee? Does it mean in life time?03:35
genupulasmy empathy not showing online gmail contacts.....can any one help mw03:36
genupulasmy empathy not showing online gmail contacts.....can any one help me please03:36
denisesballhey all, i cannot figure out why my CPU is running hot only since my upgrade to 10.1003:36
atari2600aI need to add some files to an ISO03:36
atari2600abut archive manager opens it read-only03:36
atari2600aanyone know how to fix this?03:37
genupulasmy empathy not showing online gmail contacts.....can any one help me please03:37
denisesballhey all, i cannot figure out why my CPU is running hot only since my upgrade to 10.1003:37
denisesballload is constantly around 1, and the only thing I see is X using 4-5% CPU03:38
pedroHey i got an easy one, when im using dual monitors and im on youtube i cannot switch to full screen mode03:38
genupulasatari2600a,  i dont know exactly but extract them and change permissions  with  chmod03:38
atari2600agenupulas, that would ruin the boot sector03:38
genupulasatari2600a, after that u can do what u want03:38
genupulasatari2600a,  hmm give me a sec03:39
pedrohelp me03:39
pedroubottu i love you but i dont think "we" can work out im sorry03:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:40
Sicklercan someone tell me what the channel is for xbmc as all my plugins have errors when i run them03:40
pedroplease dont say that about yourself03:40
jayd3equestion, I got a certain piece of hardware(Wireless NIC that uses RT2860 chipset) to work in a Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop install, anyway I can transfer those drivers via a flash drive over to a Ubuntu Server Edition install?  so my wireless connections works instantly?03:40
pedroyour beutifull03:40
pedroits not u its me03:40
genupulasatari2600a,  at which areas u want the change03:41
pedrodiego, ablas espanol?03:41
nimbioticshello all. Rythmbox keeps crashing w/o any warning message whatsoever as soon as I try to play any readio station. Any ideas?03:42
pedrodiego, de donde sos usted?03:42
ejv!espanol | pedro03:42
ubottupedro: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:42
apporcnimbiotics:Maybe you can try to reinstall it.03:42
pedrorythmbox, crashes for me aswell03:43
atari2600aGenieliu, I have a freedos livecd ISO that I want to put my BIOS updater on, but I can't write to the ISO03:43
pedrohey where do i go to delete sys32?03:44
genupulasatari2600a, was that for me03:44
atari2600agenupulas, I think the ISO may have been corrupted, hold on...03:44
jayd3equestion, I got a certain piece of hardware(Wireless NIC that uses RT2860 chipset) to work in a Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop install, anyway I can transfer those drivers via a flash drive over to a Ubuntu Server Edition install?  so my wireless connections works instantly?03:44
genupulasatari2600a,  hmm03:44
gryllidaPavlz, ubuntu doesn't have win32, sorry03:45
gryllidahe left03:45
FloodBot1gryllida: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
roastedwhy is it when I delete emails in evolution, they just come back after 20 seconds????03:45
Genieliuatari2600a: sorry,i dont know how to add files to iso.Maybe you should ask somebody else03:46
xanguaroasted: using pop¿03:46
roastedimap, with gmail xangua03:46
heshamjayd3e: yes you can as long as the kernels are the same version, make sure you copy the firmware as well (/usr/lib/firmware or /lib/firmware)03:46
jayd3ehesham:  how would I go about transfering the drivers?  and exactly what directories would I have to transfer03:47
xanguaroasted: then just drag them to the trash directory instead of deleting it using the evolution menu03:48
roastedxangua, is that a serious suggestion03:49
BadAnthemsAround The World - Dune Greatest Hits (Utmost nice music)03:49
heshamjayd3e: you should transfer the kernel modules for the RT wlan, which driver are you using? the rt2860sta?03:49
heshamthen its the rt2860sta.ko file in /lib/modules/`uname -r` folder03:51
BadAnthemsroasted: Always copy03:51
Nahledgehow do i find the mac address of an access point?03:51
roastedBadAnthems, always copy?03:51
BadAnthemsroasted: You should not need to ask me that.03:51
BadAnthemsMove along now03:51
roastedBadAnthems, well, I am.03:51
Sicklercan someone tell me what the channel is for xbmc as all my plugins have errors when i run them03:51
heshamNahledge: iwconfig03:51
roastedI'm sorry. Is this a support channel?03:52
jayd3ehasham: in this path /lib/modules/2.6.32-24-generic/kernel/drivers03:52
Nahledgeits showing me my own wireless device... is there anyything i have to append to that?03:52
BadAnthemsroasted: Always copy important stuff before you remove it. To move means no inbetween storage mostly.03:53
heshamjayd3e: yes its somewhere in there, use "find -name rt*sta*" to find the exact location03:53
roastedBadAnthems, I'm not trying to copy anything. I jsut want my emails deleted when I select delete. I don't want them re-emailed to me 20 seconds after I intentionally delete them.03:53
heshamNahledge: no, in the output there should be Access Point: xx:xx:xx...03:53
genupulasi wanna install "gaim" Im03:53
BadAnthemsroasted: They are in your mailserver queu ?03:54
roastedBadAnthems, I use evolution at work, and I dont have this issue. I just decided to use evolution at home because I like the extra functionality but I can't seem to figure out why I just get my emails back that I delete.03:54
genupulasbut it was replaced by pidgin how can i get "gaim"03:54
heshamgenupulas: install pidgin its the new gaim03:54
NahledgeOkay let me rephrase this. The only thing I know how to find is the SSID (I think its called this) in this case its Anges1.03:54
roastedBadAnthems, well, I'm using gmail with imap. I don't have anything in my gmail web interface at the moment...03:54
roastedBadAnthems, not sure if that answers your question.03:54
xanguagenupulas: pidgin is formelly gaim......03:54
NahledgeKnowing nothing of linux, and starting at this point.03:54
NahledgeWhere do i go from there03:54
roastedBadAnthems, however, it says I have 1 email in my inbox, yet when I click on inbox, it says empty. lol?03:54
jayd3ehashem: do i want the one in /net/wireless or in /staging?03:55
BadAnthemsroasted: Set your Evolution email client to not delete emails and somehow the database pulls what you already have maybe ?03:55
heshamNahledge: maybe you should mention the main problem, are you trying to connect to a wireless network and having issues?03:55
BadAnthemsroasted: From the pop server03:55
heshamjayd3e: /net/wireless03:55
roastedBadAnthems, by pop you mean imap? mine is set up as imap.03:55
jayd3ehashem: and also is that really the only driver I need, because I went through a whole process of installing a driver and it embedded a number of files in my system>03:55
NahledgeNo I'm trying to figure out the mac address or any information on it in general. In order to use aircrack-ng03:55
jayd3ehashem:  were all of those files only necessary to create that one file?03:56
BadAnthemsroasted: you always have a pop/imap server03:56
genupulasxangua,  when i am going to connect with gtalk it not getting connect and showing ssl error and connecting with other yahoo,msn etc only the problme with gtalk account03:56
genupulasxangua,  username and paswd fine for that from me03:56
heshamNahledge: oh, so you're not connected to it already, then use iwlist scan03:56
BadAnthemsroasted: Put and get. This is what email is about. Some also have push, but thats hardly good securitywise03:57
genupulasxangua,  but when i deleted already added acnt and adding it again then it will for that session only03:57
xanguagenupulas: no problems here using the latest pidgin 2.7.503:57
genupulasxangua,  ok03:57
genupulasxangua,  let me check my version03:58
genupulasits 2.7.303:58
roastedBadAnthems, hm, I see. I dont know, its just confusing me as to why this is happening. I dont have this with thunderbird on the same email acts....03:59
genupulasxangua,  is it possible update specific pkg03:59
xanguanever had problems with that version either genupulas, you could try #pidgin but i don't think there are too many people alive at this hour03:59
jayd3ehashem: and also is that really the only driver I need, because I went through a whole process of installing a driver and it embedded a number of files in my system>03:59
jayd3ehashem:  were all of those files only necessary to create that one file?03:59
genupulaslet me xangua04:00
xanguagenupulas: yes, you can update pidgin following the instructions at pidgin.im04:00
heshamjayd3e: most likely yes this is the only file you need. there should be no harm trying to load the module and checking the dmesg output, if anything else is required it would show you there04:00
BadAnthemsroasted: Same isp's in between the mailserver/pop server ?04:01
roastedBadAnthems, same everything. same dang computer.04:01
roastedBadAnthems, I can open thunderbird, works fine. same two gmail accts, imap, setup, etc.04:01
icekCan someone direct me to a good OSX theme?04:01
roastedBadAnthems, I mimiced the same setup to evolution when I began to adapt to it tonight04:01
roastedBadAnthems, but like I said I have this issue...04:01
BadAnthemsroasted: You have forgotten something. What it is i cannot tell :)04:02
roastedBadAnthems, um..04:02
roastedI'd be really, really happy if you'd tell me.04:02
jayd3ehashem:  one more question, shouldn't the two installs be acting the same as far as my wireless goes?  does the server install not have a module installed tht it needs?04:02
roastedseeing as though this is a support channel and I'm quite frustrated, to be completely honest with you.04:02
BadAnthemsroasted: Trust me, youve forgotten a tiny detail somewhere in your setup. Go over it again!.04:03
heshamjayd3e: rtsta module need compilation, it can't be included the default installation due to license issues04:03
roastedBadAnthems, Ive been over my setup about 40 times.04:03
roastedseriously... can you just give me an indication on what you are referring to.04:03
BadAnthemsroasted: Ah, a deadlock. Remove the new email client. Erase this email clients settings in your home directory: "ls -la"04:04
roastedBadAnthems, you think thunderbird's settings being existent (even though thunderbird isnt running) could result in that happening with evolution??04:04
jayd3ehesham:  right but I went through the same exact process to install rtsta module in my Ubuntu-Desktop install as I did with the server and yet somehow I got results on one and not the other.  It is important to note, that on my Server Edition install, wlan0 never changed to ra0 after compilation; however it did on the Ubuntu-Desktop install04:05
BadAnthemsroasted: No, the new email client's settings04:05
CodeWarwhile building the ubuntu kernel using instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ... doing make mrclean takes out the debian/ directory04:05
roastedBadAnthems, the "new" email client is evolution. You want me to wipe evolution's settings?04:05
CodeWarany idea whats the best way to bring it back04:05
BadAnthemsroasted: Yes, and evolution. Then install it and begin again.04:05
roastedBadAnthems, and evolution - you mean and thunderbird? :P04:06
wrektjethello. is there a program that can tell me the wattage my comp is using?04:06
mzuverinknessus in any repos?04:06
BadAnthemsroasted: Just evo. It should work, i trust you.04:06
heshamjayd3e: well it seems the built-in modules were not blacklisted, you tried rebooting the server? or if that's not possible then try modprobe -r (any old modules) and reload rtsta04:07
roastedBadAnthems, hm, thats strange because I JUST set up evolution...04:07
roastedBadAnthems, but Im trying with both tbird and evo removed, then setting up evo again.04:07
=== administrator is now known as Guest73535
BadAnthemsroasted: Version of Ubuntu is ?04:07
cpsDCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 004:07
roastedBadAnthems, 10 1004:07
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.04:07
BadAnthemsroasted: Maverick right ?04:07
BadAnthemsStevooo! :)04:08
BadAnthemsFrom jackass :P /Just joking04:08
BadAnthemsroasted: Setup the encryption right if any ?04:09
jayd3ehashem: ok ill try those things04:09
jayd3ehashem: ty for all ur help04:09
porjoHow can I set parameters on glslideshow under Ubuntu 10.10 ?  I've followed a howto which said to edit /usr/share/applications/screensavers/glslideshow.desktop however that hasn't made any difference04:09
roastedBadAnthems, I found about 5 guides online that all told me to do the same thing - SSL for receiving, TSL (or whatever) for sending.04:09
BadAnthemsroasted: Naah, use SSL for ANY04:09
roastedBadAnthems, it said in every guide to use TLS for sending04:09
lake1I use xmonad as my window manager. I'd like "nm-applet" to run automatically. How can I have an application (nm-applet) launch when I boot into Xmonad?04:09
BadAnthemsroasted: Most isps people dont know what they write.04:10
roastedit wasn't anything to do with an ISP04:10
roastedit was specifically for setting up evolution with gmail04:10
BadAnthemsroasted: The understanding is the same.04:10
roastedit still came back04:11
roastedI just emailed myself from 1 acct to another04:11
roastedI delete the message, and blam - its back in 15 seconds in my inbox, unread04:11
demitrius_Hello. Does anybody know how to get Netbook 10.10 to work and look like Netbook Remix 10.04?04:11
wrektjethello. is there a way to gauge the power consumption of a computer in wattage? either via terminal or a program?04:11
BadAnthemsUse an echo server04:11
BadAnthemsemail echo server04:12
roastedecho server?04:12
FrenchMaidwrektjet: is it a laptop?04:12
=== minty is now known as unknown379
wrektjetFrenchMaid, it is a desktop04:12
FrenchMaidwrektjet: then I cannot help04:12
wrektjetFrenchMaid, running 10.0404:12
BadAnthemsroasted: Send to: echo@sunet.se and itll try to send it back to where it came from04:13
FrenchMaidwrektjet: sorry04:13
wrektjetits ok thnx04:13
roastedBadAnthems, what the... it failed to send.04:13
girlie_womenHey Benny!!! You seem to be everywhere today...04:14
Benny_GeckoOh, yeah. I was in Vegas today.04:14
BadAnthemsroasted: Check your logs why it failed. Start the logger if its not running first (rsyslogd etc)04:15
girlie_womenYou wasted all the money at that strip club again???04:15
BadAnthemsSTRIIPCLUBS!!! :)04:15
FrenchMaidgirlie_women and Benny: Isnt this just a little off topic?04:15
BadAnthemsFrenchMaid: you sexxi thang :)04:16
macogirlie_women: not an appropriate topic here04:16
FrenchMaidBadAnthems: Oh baby04:16
BadAnthemsFrenchMaid: Give it to me baby :P04:16
xanguastop that04:17
BadAnthemsHehe, sorry04:17
BadAnthemsBut it was fun for once :)04:17
girlie_womenBenny: I didn't see you this time...04:17
dante1Hallo Ubuntu. I just upgrading alsa 1.0.23 on ubuntu 10.04. the headphone is not working. anyone have similar problem?04:17
FrenchMaidanyway, either start your own channel or goto offtopic04:18
girlie_womenFrench maid: You lesbian, by any chance?04:18
FrenchMaiddante1: how new is your setup?04:18
macogirlie_women: this is not a dating channel04:18
macogirlie_women: get on the topic of ubuntu tech support ASAP04:18
demitrius_Hello. Does anybody know how to get Netbook 10.10 to work and look like Netbook Remix 10.04?04:19
BadAnthemsFrenchMaid: Who are you talking to ?. Always put the nick you wish to talk to first in your sentence please.04:19
dante1frenchmaid: I am upgrading elsa yesterday04:19
FrenchMaidgirlie_women: I'm actually a cross-dressing male04:19
macoFrenchMaid: i dont care04:19
macoFrenchMaid: dress how you want, just keep this channel for tech support04:19
FrenchMaidmaco:  k04:20
BadAnthemsFrenchMaid: Sexxi, do you wear prada :P04:20
girlie_womenBadAnthems: I DO!04:20
macoBadAnthems: fashion != tech support04:20
girlie_womenAnd Louis Vuitton04:20
FrenchMaiddante1: how new is your COMPUTER, also laptop or desktop?04:20
dante1frenchmaid: do i need to get specific modules to fix the headphone jack?04:20
moviefan33i need to ask two things04:20
macogirlie_women, BadAnthems: please see /topic -- this channel is for ubuntu tech support ONLY! not dating, not fashion04:20
dante1frenchmaid: it is a lenovo g460 laptop04:21
aegisgirlie_women: do you have any pics?04:21
macoaegis: not appropriate04:21
moviefan33is there a faster dvd encoder than devede. it is so slow.04:21
FrenchMaiddante1: do you know how old ur pc/sound card is? that kinda takes things into accoutn04:21
aegisof Ubuntu screenshots?04:21
aegismaco: You didn't let me finish.04:22
macoaegis: yeah yeah nice save. stick it on one line if you dont want it to look like a guidelines violation04:22
BlackenedSääääXxxI !!!04:23
Blackenedmacos fillibracos04:23
dante1FrenchMaid: Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High  Definition Audio (rev 05)04:23
dante1Audio device: nVidia Corporation High Definition Audio Controller (rev  a1)04:23
roastedCan anybody give me any sort of idea on why when I delete email from Evolution, it gets RESENT to me within 20 seconds??04:24
FrenchMaiddante1: do you know how to et into the mixer?04:24
FrenchMaiddante1: in GUI04:24
dante1I am opening my mixer now04:24
Blackenedroasted: you have sent email that bounces from your isp04:24
Blackenedroasted: Bad recipient04:24
roastedBlackened, impossible. it works with thunderbird on this very same PC.04:25
=== Blackened is now known as Amaranthian
roastedand Im emailing 1 acct to another. I have two gmail accounts set up with evolution.04:25
dante1FrenchMaid: I am opening alsamixer via terminal at the moment04:25
roastedso I'm essentially emailing myself during this process, but like I said - it comes back in my inbox even when I delete it.04:25
FrenchMaidlook for some sort of head phone jack sensor and turn it on04:25
punkmexichelllo can somebody help me find a wordpress teemplate similar to omgubuntu site?04:26
Amaranthianroasted: The evolution database on your computer has been hosed ?04:26
roastedAmaranth, I've deleted the .evolution folder so many times and re-set up my accounts man.... It can't be.04:26
brick_hello, i'm using brasero burning software, it works alright, i'm wondering if it's ok to burn at maximum speed if I have large video files also with it04:26
Amaranthianroasted: Ive had to delete my evo db a few times during the past 10 years.04:26
FrenchMaiddante1: look for some sort of headphone jack sensor option and turn it on.04:26
xanguaroasted: like i said, just trad them to your trash folder04:26
brick_hello, i'm using brasero burning software, it works alright, i'm wondering if it's ok to burn at maximum speed if I have large video files also with it. What's the advntge of burning at such a low speed?04:26
roastedxangua, that cant be a serious suggestion.04:26
roastedxangua, when I delete an email, it should delete.04:26
roastedIm sorry to sound picky, but thats just kind of ridiculous.04:27
AmaranthianIn the Midnight Hour! HardCore viiibes! :)04:27
demitrius_brick_: lower speed produces fewer burn errors.04:27
roastedAmaranth, when you refer to dumping your evolution DB, is that done by deleting the .evolution folder?04:27
brick_ok, thank you demitrius_04:27
demitrius_brick_ : welcome04:27
FrenchMaidUbuntu: and hello to you04:27
FrenchMaidUbuntu: whats up?04:28
AmaranthianGood Morning! Im Luke Skywalker. Ill never get to work with what is sooo very good at.04:28
Ubuntui am just install finished Ubuntu 10.10 and learning to use04:28
dante1FrenchMaid: I didn't find any jack sensor in alsamixer04:28
FrenchMaidUbuntu: need any help at all04:28
brick_Ubuntu, change your name. you have to be admin to have that name.04:29
rwwbrick_: no, you don't04:29
brick_yeah you do04:29
Ubuntusearch Ubuntu toolbox04:29
IdleOnebrick_: no you don't04:29
brick_admin or high mod04:29
lake1I use xmonad, I have a "nm-applet" file in my /etc/init.d/ dir. But, when I boot into Xmonad, I have to manually launch "nm-applet" to get internet. How can I resolve that?04:29
brick_yeah you do04:29
rwwbrick_: no, you don't ;)04:29
IdleOnebrick_: NO, you don't04:29
FrenchMaiddantel: it should say headphon on the bottom.04:29
brick_sorry, it's all i know04:30
brick_every server i've ever been on04:30
Ubuntuhi ubuntu04:30
Lindahi guys,does anyone knows the command for imagemagick ?04:30
FrenchMaiddante1: if not look for a headphone volume control i have seen one on a thinkpad I owned once04:30
snarksterusing the dd command to create a hd img file. if seek 6241 = 3gb what seek do i need to do 160gb04:31
brick_sorry IdleOne04:31
Lindai have the software but i cant get it running i guess is on terminal,i need command so i can make a short cut04:31
FrenchMaiddante1: anything?04:31
=== Amaranthian is now known as EchristIdleMoron
xanguaLinda: If you are refering to some tool like pastbinit but for images, i don't know04:31
dante1FrenchMaid: Nope.04:31
brick_lol EchristIdleMoron04:31
snarksterlinda: the command for imagemagick is display04:32
FrenchMaidhmm i dont knoe what to say..  May you have better luck elsewhere, sorry.04:32
xanguaUbuntu need something¿04:32
EchristIdleMoronbrick_: Its good to be nice i think.04:32
Lindaimagebin and pastebin04:32
snarksterLinda: so to display image abc.jpg you use display abc.jpg04:32
UbuntuI need you04:32
Ubuntube friends04:33
heshamUbuntu: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:33
dante1FrenchMaid: Ok. Thx.04:33
snarksterthen again I didnt say anything to you. :|04:33
FrenchMaidGOODNIGHT ALL04:34
xanguathis is not a let's be friends channel Ubuntu, is a support, support for ubuntu linux channel; so wathever you are trying stop now, if you just want to chat there is #ubuntu-offtopic04:34
EchristIdleMoronxangua: As a representative i feel that the word "Friend" is relevant, dont you ?04:35
=== EchristIdleMoron is now known as Niceman
=== Niceman is now known as Niceman3
Niceman3xangua: Yes ?04:36
Niceman3xangua: Let pece rain on your soul so that it may find its path.04:37
phananhhi i want a question04:38
roastedCan anybody give me any sort of idea on why when I delete email from Evolution, it gets RESENT to me within 20 seconds??04:38
phananhi have two mechine a window and a ubuntu connected by a line without moderm04:39
c3lhow do I change DNS settings for all networks? right-klicking the network applet gives me the option to change DNS settings for specific networks, wired, and then every single one wireless network. how do I changn DNS settings for all networks?04:39
Niceman3Ps, thats a load of crock, but it enstills a profound belief in those who believe and makes then snap out of their jibberish ways more often then not.04:39
phananhhow to share file to ubuntu to window04:39
phananhsamba has not found window mechine04:39
Niceman3Question is, qhy do they have to believe in anything but themselves in the first place... Odd04:40
rwwubottu: ot | Niceman304:40
ubottuNiceman3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:40
=== Niceman3 is now known as Briceman
Bricemanubottu: ot | rww04:40
ubotturww: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:40
poohstixroasted: Are you sure you aren't receiving many copies of the same email, and the deletion has nothing to do with the new arrival?  (Sorry, it's the best I can come up with.)04:41
Bricemanbe nice now04:41
Bricemanrww: Right! ?04:41
c3lphananh: using ssh throuhg putty or cygwin or similar works, but you might be looking for a more native solution04:41
roastedpoohstix, I don't think it's a NEW email, I think it's the old email due to the time stamps being the same.04:41
poohstixroasted: How are you deleting, then?04:41
roastedpoohstix, I select them and hit delete, or I right click them and select delete message - both do the same thing.04:42
Lindathanks guys04:42
xanguaroasted: you see that folders in your IMAP account¿¿ in the sidebar on evolution¿¿ just drag the file to the TRASH FOLDER04:42
Bricemanrww: I asked you a question. How do you respond my friend ?04:42
roastedxangua, you've told me this like 8 times.04:42
roastedxangua, and I'm going to tell you something for the 8th time.04:43
roastedThat is not an acceptable solution when there is a TRASH ICON right fricken there I should be able to click and work.04:43
rwwxangua: your question marks all fell over :(04:43
coldfirecan someone tell me the difference between gentoo and arch and how they differ from ubuntu?04:43
rwwIdleOne: may as well remove the other four ice.net bans on dynamic IPs. I hear you're short on banlist space ;)04:44
dougb_freebsdI was playing with System > Preferences > Network Connections and now when I boot the network is not started automatically. How can I get it to start automatically again04:44
poohstixroasted: Have you always had this problem with deletions, or is it new?04:45
dougb_freebsdwow, there are bans there that are 200 days old04:45
dougb_freebsdthat's impressive04:45
roastedpoohstix, new, because I moved from thunderbird to evolution.04:45
celvindougb_freebsd, delete it, add it, and check the option auto start04:45
heshamroasted: after deleting, did you try to expunge trash and see if the messages still return?04:46
poohstixhesham: good thinking.04:46
dougb_freebsdcelvin: delete the interface in that same tool?04:46
roastedhesham, yep. I deleted them and did that REAL quick trying to beat it. But they still came back when I hit send/receive.04:46
celvindougb_freebsd, yes04:46
dougb_freebsdcelvin: ok, thanks ... I'll give that a try04:46
celvinor simpy the conection configuration04:47
rwwIdleOne: plus a +q >.>04:47
arrrghhhwhere is my "authorized_keys" file?  i don't seem to have one in /home/user/.ssh... in fact .ssh doesn't exist there.  this is on my server, not on the client.04:47
macoarrrghhh: make it?04:47
dougb_freebsdarrrghhh: you will have to create it04:47
arrrghhhi thought it was there from ssh being installed.04:48
poohstixroasted: Do you have "view deleted messages" selected or not?04:48
Treelanea You certainly look sensationable my queen :P04:48
TreelaneaSpice exists on the planet, the planet is Arakis.04:48
roastedpoohstix, where at, under "view" itself in the top of the menu?04:48
celvinarrrghhh, sudo find / -iname '*ssh*'04:48
heshamroasted: did you check if in your imap settings, the move deleted files to setting points to the trash folder on your server and not on local computer?04:49
poohstixroasted: yes, there.04:49
yahello, world!04:49
roastedhesham, not sure I follow you 100%. I'm in the menu now, but I'm not sure I'm seeing what you're speaking of.04:49
yawhat are U speaking about?04:50
TTTPlay IdleOne04:50
=== Administrator__ is now known as vissible
=== beer is now known as Guest39618
arrrghhhso to do 'keyless' ssh authentication i just skip the passphrase portion in the key generation?04:52
arrrghhhor passwordless sorry04:52
roastedhesham, you out there man?04:54
heshamroasted: yes one minute trying to get evo running to show you the exact setting04:54
roastedhesham, k, thanks bro04:54
starncan mplayer use pls files? and how do i fix "failed to open LIRC support04:54
=== derp_ is now known as popbob
poohstixroasted: In the meantime, what version of evo?04:55
roastedpoohstix, 2.30 I believe. its with 10.1004:55
c3lhow do I change DNS settings for all networks? right-klicking the network applet gives me the option to change DNS settings for specific networks, wired, and then every single one wireless network. how do I changn DNS settings for all networks?04:56
MagusOTB_How do I disable the media buttons on my apple keyboard and make them default to the function keys? I don't use gnome, so they do nothing...04:56
poohstixroasted: ok, I'm on 2.28 (10.4).  I like where hesham is going, but I can't find that setting on mine yet....04:57
starncan mplayer use pls files? and how do i fix "failed to open LIRC support"04:57
=== Guest51825 is now known as dhruvasagar
MagusOTB_starn: I don't think mplayer on its own does pls's, but totem does.04:57
rotrotstarn: have you tried pls with mplayer? let me know04:58
starnrotrot: so far it does not work.04:58
starnMagusOTB_: is totem CLI?04:58
rotrotstarn: me too. i simply paste the url in the pls to the commandline. works04:58
MagusOTB_You can start it from the cli... Are you talking about like framebuffer CLI?04:58
c3lstarn: ffailed to opend LIRC supportt is nothing you have to care about, unless you want to use LIRC, iirc its linux infra red control04:59
starnrotrot: i get seek failed.04:59
starnohhh.. i do not have infra red stuff on computer.04:59
poohstixroasted: Do you have any filters defined?05:00
MagusOTB_starn: yeah, lirc is a remote control program. Unless it's stopping playback, I wouldn't worry about it.05:00
roastedpoohstix, nothing I set up separately.05:00
starnMagusOTB_: i don't think its effecting play back i assume the pls file is. what formate does mplayer support ang again is totem CLI?05:00
=== drew is now known as Guest58337
=== K4k is now known as Guest32275
MagusOTB_starn: what do you mean "Is totem cli" if you mean "can you start it from a terminal with an argument that is a .pls" then yes. If you mean "will it run without xserver" then no.05:01
rotrotstarn: sorry. can i have a link and try that one?05:02
heshamroasted: sorry can't connect to my desktop running evo at the moment. I have had the same problem in the past, just can't clearly remember how I resolved it05:02
snarksterif im trying to image a hard drive why isnt it it taking the whole drive?05:02
roastedthanks for trying bro05:02
starnrotrot: i'm using my own playlist to files on my computer.05:02
roastedhesham, I posted on the forums under the username roasted about this issue. If you find a fix and think of it, could ya bump my thread with some input? :)05:02
heshamroasted: sure i will keep checking05:03
starnMagusOTB_: yes i mean as in no Xserver. command line interface like moc and mplayer. and few others.05:03
Chaos2358hey guys i just upgraded through update manager from 10.04 to 10.10 and cant find software sources among many other small problems can anyone work with me to try and resolve a few?05:04
taofdcan any artists here recommend me any *good* drawing apps that they actually use for their professional works?05:04
MagusOTB_starn: no. but if you're manly enough to be using framebuffer movie players, can't you use sed to convert a pls file into a shell script that will invoke several mplayer instances in sequence?05:04
heshamroasted: you are not running any other client at the same time? mobile client, another computer etc?05:04
roastedhesham, nope. :(05:04
snarkstertaofd: gimp05:04
maco!pm > diego05:04
ubottudiego, please see my private message05:04
taofdsnarkster, do you actually use it for production work? i feel that the way layers are organized and some of the other UI features is kind of awkward :(05:05
starnMagusOTB_: i'm just getting into this CLI stuff and i'm loving it so far.05:05
heshamroasted: you see when you delete IMAP messages in evo it doesn't remove them just marks them for deletion, and finally deleted when you empty trash. it seems some other client is unmarking them in the meantime05:05
rwwmaco: your pastry hat's showing05:05
macotaofd: um im not professional, but MyPaint is *excellent* -- if you have a tablet.  i do brush calligraphy with it, but its got watercolour and oil simulations as well05:05
macorww: oh right i was gonna remove some old +q's05:05
roastedhesham, what if I switch from imap to pop?05:05
taofdmaco, okay i'll take a look at it05:05
snarkstertaofd: actually my artist friend who is sitting on the couch across from me uses it daily.. I turned him onto ubuntu and he hasnt looked back05:05
heshamroasted: it should delete directly from the server when using POP05:06
=== zipp0 is now known as zipchick
roastedhesham, so if I switch to pop, technically the issue would be sorta resolved. right?05:06
heshamroasted: yes05:06
roastedhesham, the only downside is, if I leave my client open, I cant hit my inbox with messages that evo would have already intercepted. right?05:06
poohstixroasted: careful -- pop has a subset of the features of imap.  You might be disappointed.05:07
macoroasted: right05:07
snarkstertaofd: there is a learning curve but it is free05:07
roastedpoohstix, I really dont see what "features" I would be missing out on. I just want my email to send/receive/delete :P05:07
poohstixroasted: :-)  Got it.05:07
macoroasted: you should be able to set which dir to use for Trash, no?05:07
roastedmaco, I think so... I think I saw that option... let me check quick.05:08
heshamroasted: you will not be able to use server side folders with POP, only Inbox, no sent items etc.05:08
macoroasted: then set it to use your webmail's Trash dir, so it moves deleted messages there, that way when you empty trash on webmail or expunge in evolution, itll be the same thing05:08
snarkstertaofd: can we talk private for a sec.. I wanna send you a link to my friends deviant art page.05:08
taofdsnarkster, sure thx05:08
roastedmaco, ehh I have a thing here for drafts and sent, but not trash. ehh.05:08
macoroasted: oh boo. i wonder if that was why i switched to KMail...05:08
poohstixroasted: Which provider?05:09
roastedmaco, I really, really like evolution. I just. want. to. delete. my. email. :(05:09
roastedmaco, I dont have this problem with evo at work, and I use imap at work...05:09
roastedpoohstix, comcast is my ISP, gmail is the email I'm using.05:09
dougb_freebsdSo on my network issues, the network manager icon is showing in the upper right of my screen, but it says it's not running05:09
macoroasted: the "expunge" option (ctrl+e iirc) should force the delete...but if its using a local trash instead of remote im not sure how well thatd work05:10
dougb_freebsdand the app is enabled in the startup list05:10
roastedmaco, hm, do you know how to tell which one its deleting to?05:10
dougb_freebsdIn order to get this connection to autostart again I had to edit /etc/network/interfaces05:10
maco*sigh* i think this is telling me what the next patch i should write is... make-evo-trash-configurable.patch05:10
macoroasted: well if theres no config optino for what dir to use as trash, then it only has a local one :-/05:10
poohstixroasted: (Sorry for following -- not a gmail user) So you're using IMAP to gmail, which is fetching mail from comcast?  Rather than accessing comcast imap directly?05:11
roastedmaco, why isnt this an issue for me at work then? Granted Im using exchange and not gmail, but I'm still using imap...05:11
heshamroasted: gmail delete does not work with evo05:11
roastedhesham, whaaaaaat.05:11
heshamroasted: http://thegreyblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/gmail-with-evolution-and-trash-bin-how.html05:11
dougb_freebsdgmail's implementation of imap does not follow the specs05:12
roastedso maybe Ill just use pop05:13
macoyeah, that was *definitely* why i went to KMail...05:13
macocuz i'm a gmail user05:13
roastedI only used imap cuz I was told to use it05:13
roastedmaco, so kmail handles the gmail thing better?05:13
roastedmaco, that whole K thing scares me tho...05:13
dougb_freebsdpersonally I'm quite fond of tbird 3, it's what tbird was trying to be all along05:13
heshamroasted: i guess its better to switch to thunderbird/kmail/zimbra desktop instead of evo+pop05:13
macoyou tell it "use [GMail]/Trash as trash" and then it *does* and everything is lovely05:13
roastedI've tried KDE so many times and been let down... well... every single time...05:13
macoroasted: you can use kde apps within gnome :P  amarok is very popular!05:14
rwwmaco: mail clients doing what you want? what is this heresy05:14
roasteddougb_freebsd, I like tbird a lot, but I want a calendar integrated with my client - and dont even bring up the lightning extension... many headaches there.05:14
macoand when you reach the point of "this gnome app doesnt have the configuration option i want" ... well, thats the point where kde apps start looking good ;-)05:14
roastedmaco, yeahhhh I know. I just try to stay as gnome-pure as possible. come to think of it that sounds kind of stupid, but hey.. is what it is :P05:14
macoroasted: i used to do the same because qt3 was ugly and didnt know how to match theme with the gnome desktop. qt4 can look native though05:15
roastedhesham, this link is also from 2009 ya know... I wonder if theres been a patch? Then again, if it still aint working, I guess not :P05:15
roastedmaco, yeah.. I dont know.. gnome looks normal and presentable to me. I just dont like anything at all about kde apps or kde in general. font choices, size, etc, its all off to me.05:15
heshamroasted: i don't think there is a patch, if there is you would see the option to selece the trash folder alongside sent items and drafts in your evo settings05:16
roastedif I go with pop with gmail, what EXACTLY would I be missing out on?05:16
macothere isnt a patch05:16
macoi was just saying i probably ought to write one05:16
heshamroasted: POP has no folder support, no support to save sent items or drafts on server05:16
=== gantry is now known as gantrixx
poohstixroasted: iirc, IMAP pulls down headers without needing to pull down mail body.  With POP it's all or nothing.05:17
roastedhesham, wait, did you read the last entry on that link?05:17
poohstixroasted: aha!05:17
dougb_freebsdI'm running 10.10, and the version of grub2 that's installed has a regression. I'd like to downgrade grub2 to the version that was in 10.04, how can I do that?05:17
roastedthey came back anyway05:18
roastedseriously. how has this bug lasted this long in evo.05:18
heshamroasted: its not an evo bug, its a gmail issue, gmail does not adhere to IMAP specifications05:19
gantrixxA weird thing happened when I rebooted.  It didn't boot up into gdm05:19
roastedhesham, oh. so how can kmail get away with it?05:19
gbear14275hey guys, I just extended the root lv of a headless machine I have but when I run df it doesn't seem to reflect the new room.  Did I do something wrong?05:19
gantrixxIs there a way to start the GDM/GNOME environment by the command line?05:19
macopoohstix: there's also dimap. i <3 dimap. it pulls everything down and caches locally so you have a copy like with pop, but it has all the nice folder support and everything. perfect mirroring of webmail and local maile.05:19
roastedpoohstix, whats the downside of "all or nothing?"05:19
heshamroasted: other clients have created workarounds for such issues, but again not in accordance with IMAP specs05:19
macoroasted: kmail gets away with it by having an option to pick a different dir to use as trash05:20
Guest39599I would like to stop the "extra" folders being created when creating a new user (in /home/newuser/ directory). Does anyone know where I should be looking? (it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the skel dir...)05:20
roastedmaco, ahh...05:20
roastedhesham, what is IMAP+05:20
poohstixroasted: main downside is bandwidth.  If you've got lots, no downside.  I still live in a 2400 baud world in my tiny little brain, sometimes.05:20
=== Crisco is now known as zz_Crisco
heshamroasted: enhanced IMAP support in evo, still won't solve your issue IMO05:22
roastedhesham, perhaps its worth a try :P05:22
Chaos2358when ever i try to view a webcam feed through the yahoo messenger account on empathy in 10.10 it disconnects the account and says ne reason given. any ideas?05:22
poohstixGuest39599: "adduser --no-create-home", if you're doing it from commandline.05:23
snarksterChaos2358: the yahoo client version isnt up to snuff for video confrencing unless the other person is using the same client05:23
Chaos2358snarkster, so the other person using yahoo and me using empathy wont work? is there a bug fix for this in the works?05:24
cryptodirahello.... has anyone solved the backlit keyboard failure at bootup for amd64 in 10.04 on a toshiba satellite??05:24
snarksterChaos2358: I have no idea.. I know that if your using the same client on both ends it works.05:24
Guest39599poohstix: thanks, but it is a little more complex - I am doing via a gui...05:24
Chaos2358snarkster, ok well thanks05:25
poohstixGuest39599: I figured....05:25
snarksteryour welcome sorrelp more05:25
gbear14275Do I have to do something to get a rot filesystem to reflect an extended lv?05:25
snarksterum yah "sorry couldnt help more"05:25
xanguaChaos2358: you cold try gyachi http://gyachi.sourceforge.net/ need to add the ppa to install from repository05:25
Chaos2358snarkster, thats ok05:25
gbear14275I just extended my root lv, but it is not being reflected when I run df05:25
Guest39599actually using likewise-open which creates the user upon AD authentication..... problem is ubuntu creates all the other folders...05:26
Chaos2358xangua, thats is a different chat client?05:26
snarksterim using that new chat thingy that came with 10.10 (prettycool) but if you click the camera thing it crashes05:26
roastedhesham, I wonder if IMAP+ fixed it....05:26
c3lhow do I change DNS settings for all networks? right-klicking the network applet gives me the option to change DNS settings for specific networks, wired, and then every single one wireless network. how do I changn DNS settings for all networks?05:27
Chaos2358snarkster, thats what my problem was05:27
gbear14275and lvm wizards here?05:27
xanguaChaos2358: it's supposed to support voice and video with yahoo05:27
SwedeMikegbear14275: ask and you will see.05:27
heshamgbear14275: you have to extend the ext3 partition as well using resize2fs05:28
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Chaos2358xangua,  ok thanks. would you also be able to tell me how i add software sources to 10.1005:28
roastedhesham, imap is confusing the crap out of me. I'm getting the emails back, but they're not bombarding my inbox. they're here in all mail though.05:28
gbear14275hesham: ah thanks05:28
akshu1 hi all i have windows application after running in ubuntu 10 i am getting error as ActiveX component can't create object05:28
xanguaChaos2358: sudo add-apt-repository "ppa name"05:28
akshu1i am running application using wine05:29
poohstixcollabra: "man resolv.conf"05:29
akshu1getting error as  hi all i have windows application after running in ubuntu 10 i am getting error as ActiveX component can't create object05:29
Chaos2358xangua ok so there is no longer a gui software sources?05:29
xanguaChaos2358: yes there is, just copy the ppa name to it05:29
akshu1fixme:ntdll:server_ioctl_file Unsupported ioctl 24000 (device=2 access=1 func=0 method=0)05:29
gbear14275hesham: thanks... missed that part in the howto05:29
cryptodirahello.... has anyone solved the backlit keyboard failure at bootup for amd64 in 10.04 on a toshiba satellite??05:29
dougb_freebsdI'm running 10.10, and the version of grub2 that's installed has a regression. I'd like to downgrade grub2 to the version that was in 10.04, how can I do that?05:29
heshamgbear14275: :)05:30
xanguaand manually import the jey Chaos2358 pff i am just to lazy to do all that; so i preffer to use the add-apt comand05:30
xanguamanually import the KEY*05:30
heshamdougb_freebsd: 10.04 has grub2 AFAIK05:31
Chaos2358xangua ok i am confused here. there used to be "software sources" in system>admin in 10.04 10.10 doesnt have. i understrand how to do the add-apt but it helps to know what i already have05:31
dougb_freebsdyes, but it's a different version of grub205:31
xanguaChaos2358: edit the menu and mark it05:31
heshamdougb_freebsd: sorry didn't get the question at first05:31
dougb_freebsdhesham: no one seems to :)05:31
Chaos2358xangua didnt see it05:31
xanguaChaos2358: you can also acces to it from the software center and synaptic05:31
Chaos2358system>pref>main menu correct to gelect? it isnt there05:32
roastedhesham, do you know with pop and gmail if theres a way to have TWO separate inboxes for each of my accts? I just set them up to evo with pop and I have 1 inbox :(05:32
heshamdougb_freebsd: well as grub usually doesn't have many dependencies, i guess a download and dpkg -i of the old grub deb package should do the trick, i would keep a recovery cd handy though05:32
dougb_freebsdhesham: already have that one :005:33
akshu1ubuntu 10.10 does wine has almost all support , because i am getting error as fixme:ntdll:server_ioctl_file Unsupported ioctl 24000 (device=2 access=1 func=0 method=0)05:33
heshamroasted: pop downloads email to local inbox only05:33
dougb_freebsdhesham: what you're saying makes sense, but what I need help with is A) determining the version I'm looking for, B) finding it, and C) the proper dpkg commands ... I'm new to linux :)05:33
roastedhesham, I understand that. I just want two inboxes for each of my accounts. I had this in thunderbird...05:33
xanguaChaos2358: when i said edit the menu, i mean to say  EDIT the menu (right clic> edit) and search it in the administration section, enable it05:34
heshamakshu1: wine is a work in progress05:34
dougb_freebsdroasted: so use thunderbird :)05:34
dougb_freebsdoh wait ..05:34
heshamdougb_freebsd: the version in 10.04 is 1.98-1ubuntu805:34
collabrapoohstix, I'm really trying to infer why you would want me to man resolv.conf,.... any insight you could give me would be appreciated.05:34
roasteddougb_freebsd, I'd love to. if their lightning extension didnt suck.05:34
Chaos2358xangua ok that does the same as system>prefs>main menu and it isnt there.05:34
heshamdougb_freebsd: and you can get it from http://packages.ubuntu.com/05:34
akshu1hesham, after googling i saw many pepole gets error as ActieX cant create a object05:34
akshu1runtime error05:34
heshamakshu1: wine is a work in progress, it does not run all windows software, you can get better help in #wine05:35
collabrapoohstix, You have me essentially clueless at the moment.05:36
poohstixcollabra: There are probably more "modern" ways to do it, but entering a line "nameserver" (where is your dns server IP) should universally update DNS resolution.05:36
Chaos2358xangua nvm i got it05:36
Chaos2358xangua sorry its late and my eyes are on strike05:36
akshu1hesham, on #winehq no response nothing is going there05:36
baphometcan anyone help me solve an issue i am having with UNE?05:37
Tweedlei cant get my sound to work in stereo05:37
collabrapoohstix, okay,... do i have a problem resolving DNS updates?05:37
heshamakshu1: well then try at a later time, or post a bug at http://bugs.winehq.org/05:37
baphometi can duplicate the issue on my other laptop running ubuntu desktop05:38
collabrapoohstix, or did you mistake me with someone else?05:38
hesham!ask > baphomet05:38
ubottubaphomet, please see my private message05:38
poohstixcollabra: I probably goofed.  Sorry -- first day with xchat.05:39
collabranp,... and no worries poohstix05:39
dougb_freebsdhesham: ok, I've downloaded the files  ... now how do I use dpkg to delete the newer version of grub and then install the ones I downloaded?05:39
collabrapoohstix, :)05:39
heshamdougb_freebsd: dpkg -i filename.deb05:40
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baphometi would like assistance with an issue i am having with the 2d launcher on UNE.  when i boot into this desktop i get gnome (with my docky launcher) overlayed on top of the 2d interface.  this was happening on UNE and i can duplicate it on my laptop running ubuntu desktop.  here is a link to the thread that i have posted on the forums and gotten absolutely no help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159410205:42
dobblegohow do I set the time zone on ubuntu server?05:43
heshamdobblego: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata05:44
dobblegogot it thanks05:44
baphomethesham, any ideas on the issue i am having?05:45
heshambaphomet: sorry can't help you with that05:46
baphometit seems no one can, should i report this as a bug then?05:46
heshambaphomet: can you paste the screenshot somewhere and send the link? (i kno you have the screenshot on the forum, but i don't remember my ubunu login :S)05:47
baphometsure, any suggestions for a site that i can do that with?05:47
heshambaphomet: http://tinypic.com/05:47
bazhanghttp://tinyurl.com/imagebin baphomet05:48
baphomethold on05:48
sivakumari have installed new themes ..in my ubuntu 9.10 but it is not looking good for...but now my problem how can i get my ubuntu default theme05:48
baphometthere you go05:49
dougb_freebsdhesham: thanks, I think I've got everything set, wish me luck :)05:50
baphometyou can also see how things are the wrong size in that image05:50
heshambaphomet: what netbook you have? i will try to reproduce it on 10" asus eeepc later today, what locale are you using?05:51
baphometthat was on a dell mini 10.  i can reproduce it on my mini 9.  the mini 10 is using japanese as the locale, the mini 9 is using english (us) as the locale.  the mini 9 is running ubuntu desktop and i installed the netbook packages on it to test the issue.  the mini 10 was running NBE05:52
cryptodiraamd64 on 10.005:55
cryptodirasigh.... would be nice to have the backlight working in ubuntu05:55
cryptodiraamd64 on 10.04 .... do any of the NON adobe flash players work for this combination?   no luck with any of them here....05:56
dw-I force quit Steam/TF2/hl2.exe and my resolution is now 800x600 in Ubuntu.  What's the least-invasive method of resetting the resolution?  Nvidia drivers.05:57
heshamdw-: nvidiax server settings05:58
aaron11Hi everyone05:58
dougb_freebsdhesham: success!  Thanks again!05:59
dw-hesham: yea i can config it and stuff but dont see how to reset the active resolution05:59
karthick87How to to delete a NTFS partition from terminal..?06:00
heshamdougb_freebsd: great!06:00
jubobakarthick87: fdisk --help06:00
heshamdw-: there is resolution in "X Server Display Configuration"06:01
jubobakarthick87: you have to list them and delete the one you need06:01
dw-hesham: it just writes to xorg.conf i ned to restart X or something.  any way to do it without reboot ?06:01
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what to do from here?06:01
dw-hesham: the xorg.conf never change to 800x600 its just from crashing TF206:01
karthick87This is my drive "/dev/sda2 * 7 6534 52436160 7 HPFS/NTFS" how to delete it ..?06:02
ramasGood evening, its been a while since I logged into the support chatroom first of all thanks to all the people giving good support here06:02
baphomethesham, how can i contact you?06:02
dw-sup ramas06:03
ramashey dw06:03
heshamdw-: did you try using System->Preferences->Monitors06:03
rkhshmwhere can i find the code for iostat used under debain06:03
heshambaphomet: if i found anything i will post it in ubuntuforums in your post06:03
ramasI have a good one for you guys here, been driving me crazy and looking for a solution06:03
aaron11Any help would be nice06:03
bazhangrkhshm, #debian06:03
baphometok cool06:04
dw-hashem: seems to work thx06:04
rkhshmbazhang: i cannot join that channel.. it says i need to be identified by 'services'06:05
ramashere goes, I have a vostro v13 notebook very nice It came preloaded with Jaunty06:05
rkhshmwhat ever that means///06:05
bazhangrkhshm, then register06:05
rkhshmI'm a registerd user of IRC06:05
bazhang!register | rkhshm06:05
ubotturkhshm: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:05
bazhangrkhshm, /join #freenode06:05
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what to do from here?06:05
ramasall hw supported preloaded by Dell, had no issues until I upgraded it to Karmic and eventually to Lucid and I still experience the same annoying issue06:06
heshamramas: whats the issue exactly06:06
ramasok here it is06:07
ramasI dont know why it doesnt seem to be an issue with dns resolution06:07
ramasit is just that all works fine but any net service ftp, ssh, sftp06:07
ramastakes a lot to start connection06:07
bazhang!enter | ramas06:07
ramaslike if it takes a lot to resolve06:07
ubotturamas: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:07
dw-ramas: you left a proxy on ? :)06:08
karthick87This is my drive "/dev/sda2 * 7 6534 52436160 7 HPFS/NTFS" how to delete it from terminal..?06:09
dw-ramas: changed your DNS servers? router DNS servers?  ISP delays? :)06:09
heshamramas: try dig www.google.com and see if it takes time to resolve (should be within 100-200 ms)06:10
ramasoh sorry..  Ill keep it as concise as I can. So it takes eons to connect, once connected for ssh for example, it works fine, ftp and all too. I have no firewall, no proxy, direct connection to my router, I have 2 other laps one with karmic, one with jaunty and a desktop with karmic too all of them are fine.06:10
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: this is missing: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what t06:12
aaron11from here?06:12
ramasI could live with it because after connection is made all works normally, for navigation when freshly installed firefox took eons for each resolution too, that I solved by disabling the network.dns.ipv6 resolution. Because surfing was a pain in the neck too.06:13
DrManhattanquake live is crashing on me! wah.06:14
ramasit just happens on karmic and lucid (my my I havent dared to test maverick as I dont want to upgrade now) and ONLY on my vostro, have seen several installations of lucid, karmic, jaunty, all the way back to hoary and never ever seen something this weird. nslookup works normally is just when connecting to a service where I see this behavior06:15
ramasYou guys are my last hope as I have been looking for a solution for months now, without any luck06:15
ramasany ideas?06:16
aaron11Can someone please help06:16
hanasakiwhat controls the screen visible bell in gnome?06:16
Blue1ramas: sorry just got here fill me in.06:16
ramasBlue1: ok will repost06:17
Blue1hanasaki: screen visable bell?06:17
hanasakiBlue1:  the screen flashes on a bell doesn't it?06:17
Blue1hanasaki: not mine....06:17
ramasit is just that all works fine but any net service ftp, ssh, sftp06:18
ramas takes a lot to start connection  like if it takes a lot to resove06:18
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: this is missing: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what t06:18
aaron11from here?06:18
ramasI have a vostro V1306:18
hanasakiBlue1:  when I hit backspace on an empty input in pidgin the screen goes dim06:18
aaron11Ive been asking for a while now06:18
ramas So it takes eons to connect, once connected for ssh for example, it works fine, ftp and all too. I have no firewall, no proxy, direct connection to my router, I have 2 other laps one with karmic, one with jaunty and a desktop with karmic too all of them are fine.06:18
ramas I could live with it because after connection is made all works normally, for navigation when freshly installed firefox took eons for each resolution too, that I solved by disabling the network.dns.ipv6 resolution. Because surfing was a pain in the neck too.06:18
praxishello everybody06:18
ramas it just happens on karmic and lucid (my my I havent dared to test maverick as I dont want to upgrade now) and ONLY on my vostro, have seen several installations of lucid, karmic, jaunty, all the way back to hoary and never ever seen something this weird. nslookup works normally is just when connecting to a service where I see this behavior06:19
Blue1hanasaki: oh that easy fix.  System/Preferences/Sound/Sound Theme:  No Sounds06:19
Blue1ramas: please prepend all messages for me, with my nick, thanks06:20
ramasok will do again will put it all in one message06:20
praxisi am looking for a word list06:20
praxisdoes anybody have one?06:20
aaron11:-/ doesnt anyone know?06:20
ramasblue1: do you want me to repeat?06:20
Blue1ramas: sounds like a dns problem.  do you use static or dynamic ip?06:20
ramasdinamic ip06:21
hanasakiBlue1:  that didn't solve it.. :(06:21
aaron11praxis, hello06:21
aaron11praxis, for what do u need a word list06:21
Evil_Ericis there a chan for bash commands06:21
Blue1hanasaki: you have sound theme set to no sounds, right?06:21
hanasakiBlue1:  yes06:21
ramasblue1: I use dinamic, all to my dhcp router, my win lap, my other 2 ubuntu laps and ubuntu desktop use it, without this issue06:21
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: this is missing: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what t06:22
aaron11from here?06:22
booksbuggyis there anyway to join a password protected irc channel with pidgin or is this the wrong place to ask?06:22
Blue1ramas: can you pastebin /etc/resolv.conf please06:22
ramasblue1: If I do a nslookup it resolves quick no issue is just the services and when I disabled ipv6 resolution in firefox I stopped experiencing it on surfing06:23
Blue1hanasaki: dunno that got rid of it here.  you might try logging out/in somethings require X to be reset06:23
sunithello , I am using ubuntu 8.04 LTS06:23
hanasakiBlue1:  you had the same dimming issue?06:23
ramasblue1: ramas@Virago:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf06:23
ramas# Generated by NetworkManager06:23
Blue1ramas: why are you using ipv6?06:23
xanguabooksbuggy: password protected channel¿¿ maybe you just need to register your nick...06:23
sunitI am using a jar file to integrate openbravo erp and magento ecommerce06:23
ramasblue1: Im not using it I DISABLED it it was enabled by default06:23
Blue1hanasaki: dimming as in something is greyed out?06:23
booksbuggyit's a private channel for my school's club06:24
heshamramas: i would start by disabling ipv6 (http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu-1004.html) then by checking if the machine can resolve its own hostname (check /etc/hosts for an entry pointing to hostname)06:24
aaron11^_^ no one???06:24
Blue1ramas: what hesham said06:24
xanguano idea booksbuggy, there is #Pidgin if you want to try luck, a little late here, midnight06:24
booksbuggyokey dokey thanks06:24
hanasakiBlue1:  no.. the whole screen brightness gets lower... if I open a new window.. just that window is the full brightness.  if I restart compiz --replace then the whole screen comes back to normal brightness until something like that backspace on an empty line06:24
aaron11booksbuggy, lol. I thought u said ok donkey06:25
sunitcan any body tell me how to use this jar file as a service so that jar file will run spontenously afer boot up ?06:25
Blue1hanasaki: are you on a 64 bit system by chance?06:25
aaron11I have a good problem right here. I want to install some plugins for NetBeans. But every single time I try updating or try to install Ruby on Rails plugin I get some error. For trying to get Ruby on Rails I get this error: this is missing: module org.netbeans.modules.server/0-1 > 1.0 Whats the problem?I cant update. Im currently running 6.1 right now. And I realy would like to get started on programming and robotics. Can someone please tell me what t06:25
hanasakiBlue1:  yes... tell me what you know please06:25
aaron11from here?06:25
hanasakisunit:  what jar file06:25
Blue1hanasaki: and are you running firefox?06:25
Blue1hanasaki: i have the same issues here.  I had to switch to chrome of opera to reslove.06:26
dw-aaron11: a module is missing, go find it ?06:26
heshamsunit: you can add a line to /etc/rc.local to run the jar file06:26
hanasakiBlue1: nuts06:26
hanasakiBlue1:  is there a ticket open?06:26
hanasakiBlue1:  I quit firefox and still have the same issue06:27
aaron11dw-, Uhh... A little bit more help?06:27
sunityes, I can , hesham.06:27
Blue1hanasaki: flash and firefox doesn't work correctly and you might have the 32 bit plugin and 64 bit plugin (flash) both installed at the same time.  removing the 32 bit plugin did NOT resolve the issue with firefox.06:27
ramasblue1: Ok will do, I think Ive tried, Im actually writing from the lap itself it works pretty fine is just this issue, and I could live with it... the thing that made me mad was when I opened an account at livestream06:27
Blue1ramas: exactly it dies...06:28
ramasblue1: will check the doc hesham said, will be back06:28
hanasakiBlue1:  checking.. how do I check which one?06:28
dw-aaron11: google the name of the missing module and how to install06:28
dw-aaron11: never used whatever youre usign sry06:28
Blue1hanasaki: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=38206:28
ramasblue1: YES YES!!! it keeps disconnecting and I cant open the webcaster or livestudio, cant even watch videos it keeps disconnecting, chat, and all06:28
sunitbut , hesham , I am using many jar files for different purpose for integration.06:28
aaron11dw-, ive been asking this 4 hours06:28
sunithesham , so I need to add differnt jar file to run as services06:29
Blue1ramas: afaik no open ticket - this did NOT resolve the issue, but it;s def. a problem06:29
heshamsunit: you can run as many jar files as you want on startup by adding them to /etc/rc.local06:29
ramasblue1: afaik???06:29
Blue1ramas: as far as I know06:30
dw-aaron11: maybe this will help http://google.com/search?q=netbeans+install+modules06:30
hanasakiBlue1:  Shockwave Flash 10.1 r102 File:  npwrapper.libflashplayer.so06:30
dw-aaron11: searching is the best skill06:30
sunithesham , How shall I add jar file to /etc/rc.local ?06:30
dw-aaron11: that and thinking :p06:30
Blue1hanasaki: yeah that's the 32 bit guy06:30
heshamsunit: no need to add the jar file, just add the line java -jar /path to your jar file06:31
dw-aaron11: g/l bro06:31
ramasblue1: oooh no open ticket where? in bugs in ubuntu? I opened 2 tickets at livestream, they stopped at me having a firewall and all and they couldnt give any answer.06:31
hanasakiBlue1:  then umm ubuntu installed what it shouldn't?06:31
sunityes, I understand , hesham.06:31
Blue1hanasaki: well - -no.  ubuntu refuses to use an alpha or beta anything even though the 64 bit alpha is WAY more stable then ther blessed 32 bit plugin.  But ubuntu use the 32 bit flash plugin in a 64 bit environment -- it works crappily.06:32
sunitbut , hesham , should I add all the path of jar file to rc.local ?06:32
heshamsunit: yes06:33
hanasakiBlue1:  hmm would think what you say would be reaosn enough to package something more stable06:33
hanasakiBlue1:  I am getting the same issue even with flash uninstalled06:33
sunitok, and all the jar will run as service . I am correct , hesham ?06:33
Blue1hanasaki: blame mark shuttleworth - owner/ceo of ubuntu06:33
heshamBlue1: there is no more a 64-bit flash player from adobe06:34
Blue1hanasaki: yup you will - firefox just don't work for crap on a 64 bit system flash or no flash - again no issues with chrome or opera06:34
heshamsunit: well they will just start on system boot06:34
xanguathere is a ppa for the new experimental 64bit plugin hesham Blue1 https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/%2Barchive/flash06:34
hanasakiBlue1:  funny thing is that firefox  and flash are not running.  and still the issue06:34
Blue1xangua: I am using the beta flashplugin works fine - just not with firefox06:35
DimaVHey guys, i am running 10.10 server and i got this sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found06:35
custom_can anyone tell me how can i convert .rpm package into .deb?06:35
DimaVany ideas?06:35
xangua!info alien | custom_06:35
ubottucustom_: alien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.81 (maverick), package size 83 kB, installed size 244 kB06:35
sunitok. hesham, I am trying. I shall inform you later editing the file06:35
hanasakiBlue1:  so firefox is going out of business in your opinion?06:35
sunitthanks, hesham06:36
xanguaDimaV: try sudo withoud the ":"06:36
ezequlel /IGNORE * CTCPS06:36
fermulatorhas anyone experienced slow transfer rates when transferring via "rsync" over samba mounts?06:36
Blue1hanasaki: will it's not stable in ubuntu on a 64 bit platform - it works peachy on a 32 bit system though06:36
fermulatorI have a file server.  From my desktop, if I browse via GUI to smb://servername, and copy/paste, i'll get 12Mbps easy (max for 100Mbps NIC)06:36
fermulatoralso, i have the samba share mounted in /mnt/myserver, same speeds there06:36
hanasakithanks Blue106:36
DimaVxangua: sorry, i copied in the wrong spot06:36
fermulatorbut if i use rsync to copy over that samba mount, it's really slow ... < 3MB/s....06:36
hanasakilater all06:36
DimaVxangua: what i tried was 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa06:36
fermulatorusing a command like: "rsync -avhEA --progress --delete --include-from=~/scripts/sync_files.list /mnt/myserver/share/* /mnt/storage/destDir"06:36
ramasblue1: Ill reboot to test the ipv6 disable from the file that hanasham gave me I will get back if I still have the issue06:37
Blue1hanasaki: sorry that didn't resolve your issue, but nice to know I am not alone06:37
DimaVand i got add-apt-repository not found06:37
Blue1yeah no reason to run ipv606:37
xanguaDimaV: what version of ubuntu are you using¿ i believe that command was introduced in karmic06:37
DimaVxangua: maverik, server06:37
Blue1xangua: cat /etc/issue will tell you thant06:37
vgoldneed help on updating metasploit3 in bt406:38
DimaVxangua: ah, i tried it without sudo and it told me to install python-software-properties06:38
DimaVxangua: how ODD06:39
ubuntu_lolsI just installed unbuntu 10.10 64, right out of the box i did apt-get open ssh server06:39
DimaVproblem solved06:39
ubuntu_lolsits working, but when i try to ssh in locally there is a delay, any ideas?06:39
DimaVanyone here use deluged?06:39
uLinuxcya "tomorrow"06:39
ben_qubuntu_lols, maybe the home dir is encrypted and has to be mounted first06:40
ubuntu_lolsnah, i did not encrypt home dir06:40
vgoldhi DL06:40
ubuntu_lolswell i sure dont recall doing so, unless it is done by default?06:41
ubuntu_lolsi remember in the netbook edition of 10.10 it asked if i wanted encrypted06:41
ben_qthe install setup would've asked you06:41
vgoldubuntu_lols can you explain this little problem in ubuntu for me?06:41
=== IllminatOFF is now known as Illuminatus
ben_qbut anyway, since you logon to localhost, the home dir would already be mounted06:41
ubuntu_lolsnah im am loggin in via another machine06:41
ubuntu_lolsquickest way to identify if I encrypted the homedir?06:42
ubuntu_lolsvgold i can try, but i am an ubunutu nub06:42
=== zhang is now known as Guest17262
=== Guest17262 is now known as zhang_
coconutzhey guys06:43
ben_qahm.. don't remember the exact names, but there are funny hidden folders in /home/ that have something to do with encryption06:43
dr0idffrom ssh, how can I check how much bandwidth is used on my VPS ?06:43
coconutzi have a message; ubuntu disk failure is imminent06:43
coconutzwhat i should do? the hd is new about 1 year06:43
ben_qnew <-> 1 year06:44
ramasblue1: Im back did what the article told me to disable ipv6, is disabled: cat /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6  = 1 yet the issue remains06:44
ben_qdid you run a checkdisk?06:44
coconutzhow i do that?06:45
ramasblue1: very annoying actually I could live with the slow connection to start because when connection is done it works fine, just being unable to work in channel or watch livestream is cripping and very damaging for me06:45
ben_qcoconutz, with fsck06:45
ben_q"sudo shutdown -Fr" will do a reboot and check everything on startup06:46
ramasanymore ideas?06:47
coconutzhow can i know what files i should backup?06:47
coconutzill go to buy new hd06:47
vgoldand what will sudo shutdown will check for and will it do some repair?06:47
DrManhattanlinux is SORELY lacking in 3d games. Wow.06:47
coconutzwhat is the command to run the disk check on the next reboot instad of now?06:48
coconutzim in a middle of work06:48
ramascan anyone else be kind enough of lending me a hand? please let me know06:49
vgoldwhat do you need?06:49
vgoldramas can you talk now?06:49
ramasvgold: Issue with a vostro v13 and weird annoying disconnections while using livestream media, seem to be related to ipv6 or something although I have disabled it from several howtos06:50
heshamramas: are you using wired or wireless? can you run some tests like tracepath -n www.google.com06:50
ramasvgold: running lucid, but it started happening on karmic, vostro came preloaded with jaunty in it didnt have any issues06:50
vgoldwhat error does the disconnection gives?06:51
ramashesham: It exhibits the SAME behaviour either by wireless or wired, everywhere, not only my router06:51
ramasvgold: on livestream no error, thats what has made it really difficult to fix, it just says disconnected in the chats, the streams, NEVER start and in the webcaster or livestudio app in flash I never pass from the authenticating please wait message06:52
vgoldYes, you re right, I get tired of this kind of problem with ubuntu, also here to get a solution but tht kind of yours is something tht will need some little more attention06:52
vgoldokay, do this, try to apt-get update it and lets see what message it will pop up with06:53
ramasvgold: I think is related to the fact that if I open a ssh, ftp or other service connection it takes some 22 secs to open the connection, from there it works fine no issues06:53
ramasvgold: my system is up 2 date u want me to try anyway?06:53
vgoldwell, if it work on port 22 you shouldn't border about it anymore then. Go ahead and use it06:54
vgoldjust to give it a try06:54
ramasvgold: just did it fetched all in 11secs ... Reading package lists... done06:54
vgoldI do that sometimes06:54
ramasvgold:I have an open window of chrome on livestream, no luck the chat tries to connect then it goes to disconnected, the stream never starts06:55
ramasvgold: I could live with this, all else works flawlessly is just that due to my job we opened a livestream account and Is irritating to be unable to admin or see the streams from my main laptop06:56
karthick87how to run bash script simply by double clicking it06:56
vgoldthe problem is with the chat, try maybe you can update the chat it self separately or look for it in the directory if you can06:56
ramasvgold: any more ideas? when the lap is freshly installed I had to disable.ipv6 resolution on firefox because it was taking eons for each link, chrome didnt need anything but both exhinbit the livestream issue, dont know if it is related06:57
vgoldcan you talk with me from yahoo instant messenger, I can sort this problem for you nightly?06:58
ramasvgold: dont have a yahoo messenger account, I have msn, google and skype any work for you?06:59
vgoldokay, let me have your msn my yahoo id can talk to your msn messenger06:59
vgoldmine is v198gold@yahoo.com07:01
ramasok can u add me? I use empathy how can I add you to my contact list?07:02
vgoldjust accept my add request when you see it07:02
vgoldI just send you a add request now07:03
ben_qwhy would a messenger work better than irc?07:03
dr0idhow can I check my bandwidth usage via ssh ?07:03
ben_qonly because they don't notice that you lost your connection?07:03
ramasvgold: Ok I just lost that one, can u send it again?07:03
vgoldlook for where you can add the id to your list here it is again v198gold@yahoo.com or you can just IM me direct07:04
ben_qdr0id, try http://bwmon.sourceforge.net/07:05
ramasvgold: I added you  but it said nothing, annoying thing I liked pidgin better07:05
ben_qdr0id, and btw.. I just found that via google..07:05
ramasvgold:I have a yahoo mail account, can we talk through that?07:06
vgoldjust IM me direct but pasting my id to your list and talk with me direct07:06
vgoldokay, let me have it then07:06
pvh_sacan anyone recommend an OCR program for ubuntu? i see some listed via apt-cache search, just wondering if anyone has had experience and can recommend one07:06
nicarkwhat do you guys think about shuttleworth decision regarding wayland?07:07
Jordan_U!ot | nicark07:07
ubottunicark: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:07
ramasvgold: Ull have to excuse me but I dont get if u ask me to msg u directly from empathy or through a Dmessage here, I have only used irc chat 2 or 3 times so not very familiar with the commands07:08
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ramasDMSG vgold testing07:08
vgoldokay, re you on your msn messenger now?07:08
ramasvgold: yes Im online07:08
vgoldtalk to me from there period07:09
vgoldtake things simple ramas07:09
ramasvgold: I select new conversation then use your v198gold@yahoo.com account but nothing else opens07:09
vgoldwhich chatter re you using?07:10
vgoldYou re on my yahoo instant messenger now but is say you re offline07:10
vgoldam talking to you right there now07:11
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vgoldRamas did you leave the room?07:12
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
Axsuulis there any way to upgrade to latest ubuntu through shell?07:21
Axsuulerr nm07:21
Guest39599does anyone know which script creates the extra directories in /home - adduser does what it says on the box! (copies from /etc/skel/) - but after luanching gnome we get extra dirs..... what script creates these? anyone?07:22
genupulas1  07:23
ghkanyone familiar with bluefish? i want a pdf guide of bluefish.07:25
AbhiJithow to get pacman package manager in ubuntu?07:26
Balsaqsudo apt-get install pacman07:29
kwagnercould i upgrade my server 10.04 2.6.32 kernel to the newest 2.6.36 kernel?07:29
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AbhiJitBalsaq, its game07:33
=== efthymios_ is now known as Efthymios
AbhiJiti want package manager07:33
AbhiJit!kernel | kwagner07:33
ubottukwagner: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages07:33
berk2030Privet russkie tut esti ?07:33
berk2030sau moldoveni si romani ?07:33
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kwagnerubottu: thanks07:33
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:34
rwwubottu: ro | berk203007:35
ubottuberk2030: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro07:35
berk2030multumesc foarte mult07:35
wdupdate stopped, what to do? http://s3.directupload.net/file/d/2334/hkaap59f_jpg.htm07:36
CeazeHi All!!07:36
CeazeHow can I change theme in XUbuntu07:37
alkisgWhat is needed to get youtube html 5 video working? I've tried with chromium-browser and google-chrome, but I'm still getting video playback with flash...07:37
=== Guest67041 is now known as kinetikopp
OsamaKalkisg, unfortunately, only a little fraction of YouTube videos are available without Flash.07:37
padhuGuys, I couldn't add my repo DVD ISO's to source list. I followed these link. http://twitteling.com/2010/06/how-to-install-ubuntu-repository-dvd-lucid-lynx-10-04/07:37
CeazeHow can I change theme in Xubuntu and which should I prefer? Ubuntu or Xubuntu or Kubuntu or Lubuntu or.............07:38
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alkisgOsamaK: ah, ok - do you have some video link handy?07:38
OsamaKalkisg, one minute07:38
kinetikoppHi everyone, new ubuntu user here.07:38
alkisgThank you07:38
padhuwhenever i update, Zero kb, no file found. message displayed.07:38
the_germanHi! I need an mp3tag tool for the CLI...any suggestions07:38
OsamaKalkisg, you can add "&webm=1" to your search query.07:38
airtonixpadhu, last time i "add a optical repo " to the sources i just put the disc in and auto run detects that it is a repo and offers to add it for me07:39
alkisgOsamaK: thank you - I just found one to test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UFJOcdvWMo&feature=related07:39
OsamaKalkisg, or select "WebM" from "Search options" -> "Features:"07:39
alkisgOsamaK: wow, cpu usage = 6% instead of 60%! At last!07:39
OsamaKalkisg, I personally use http://e-valkov.org/linterna-magica to avoid Flash when I want to watch videos.07:40
OsamaKit works on Firefox07:40
padhuairtonix: i have an iso files in hard disk07:40
BalsaqCeaze, ubuntu is the best overall07:40
airtonixpadhu, and i assume you are using a loopback mount ?07:40
cong06Can anyone suggest a place to ask questions about whiptail? I'm trying to collect it's STDERR output and failing miserably.07:40
padhu airtonix: yes07:41
alkisgOsamaK: thank you, I wasn't aware of that software, it seems like it'll help a lot with thin clients! Much appreciated.07:41
CeazeBalsaq, Ok but whats the difference between each?07:41
CeazeBalsaq, Main Differences??07:41
airtonixCeaze, your question is vague and invites erronous answers07:42
Ceazeairtonix, how can i change theme in xubuntu?07:42
airtonixCeaze, start with the menus ?07:42
airtonixCeaze, menu> settings> settings manager07:43
airtonixCeaze, its been at least three years since i bothered to use XFCE so the menu path might be wrong07:44
Ceazeairtonix, what to do in settings manager?07:44
chouchouis there any reason why I can't tune my Desktop on my Vmware player? I am trying to tune my desktop settings and I am told "Desktop Could not be enabled"  what do I do?07:44
airtonixCeaze, investigate ?07:44
Ceazeairtonix, I really find Xubuntu **!!!@#$%^07:44
kinetikoppHey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to configure fluxbox on a fresh 10.10 install. I tried using the package manager to install it, then restarting gdm.07:44
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cyruxhi i need some help with wubi07:44
airtonixCeaze, you are a aware that any themes, icons & fonts you download go into ~/.themes ~/.icons ~/.fonts ?07:44
hellajefffHi. Something really word that I can't find any reference to online... there is no more http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates ... or intrepid anything07:44
Ceazeairtonix, Its worst kind of Ubuntu07:45
airtonixCeaze, you need to clam down and have some paitence...no one is going to hold your hand and think for you.07:45
Ceazeairtonix, which version do you use of Ubuntu?07:45
airtonixim using 10.0407:46
cyruxi need some help with wubi disks07:46
cyruxanybody here07:46
Ceazeairtonix, and you use Ubuntu, Lubuntu or..........07:46
airtonixCeaze. ubuntu07:46
OsamaKcyrux, just ask.07:46
b14ckHi guys. I have a simple question. I've got ubuntu-one synced with two computers right now (using 10.10). However, I just realized that on my primary system ubuntu-one isn't syncing my files any longer. It says that it is when I go to system->prefs->ubuntuone, but it won't sync them and I see no indication that it is when I'm in my file manager looking at my folders. Any idea if this is a bug or if I've somehow messed it up?07:46
Ceazeairtonix, OK07:47
=== cong061 is now known as cong06
OsamaKcyrux, if someone knows the answer, they probably will try to help you.07:47
Ceazeairtonix, I tried Ubuntu but it has many errors, and I am fed up of them07:47
Ceazeairtonix, I think version 10.04 is better than maverick 10.1007:47
airtonixCeaze, the only difference between what you call a "version" (which is actually called a flavour".... is the desktop environment... (and you can have all the Desktop Environments install on the same computer)07:47
b14ckI also realized that when I right-click folders in my home folder, I no longer have the 'synchronize with ubuntuone' optino.07:48
b14ckIt disappeared from my right-click menu all together.07:48
cong06I'm trying to collect data from a whiptail radiobutton. How do I set a variable? Which variable is being set? I know the data goes to STDERR, but enclosing the command: v=`whiptail --radiobutton ...` doesn't work.07:48
cyruxok .. here is the deal , i have a wubi partition on my windows machine. i was getting low on space , so i decided to increase the partition using a shell script.07:48
Ceazeairtonix, 10.04 and 10.10 has same desktop environment I think??07:48
airtonixCeaze, if it is Ubuntu then yes.07:48
Ceazeairtonix, Ya07:49
cyruxthis creates another /home directory and a file under /host/ubuntu/disks/07:49
airtonixCeaze, default Desktop Environment for Ubuntu is called Gnome.07:49
Ceazeairtonix, ok then I will use Ubuntu 10.04 now, and will hope there are no errors07:49
EfthymiosHey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to configure fluxbox on a fresh 10.10 install. I tried using the package manager to install it, then restarting gdm.07:49
Ceazeairtonix, I know07:49
Ceazeairtonix, Xubuntu is Xfce07:49
airtonixEfthymios, and then ?07:50
Efthymiosand then it came back with the same desktop manager as it had before I did that...07:50
padhuEfthymios: you may get help from #fluxbox07:50
Ceazeairtonix, So, finally i have to go back to those Gnome Feet07:50
Efthymiosalright, i'll try there. Thanks07:50
airtonixEfthymios, no you missed a step... you need to choose the Destop Environment from the login screen when you enter your username07:50
Bigfatcatlove123sorry ! i enter they wrong room07:51
Efthymiosalright, i'll try that first. Thanks airtonix.07:51
SwedeMike!cn | yuguoqiangzx07:56
ubottuyuguoqiangzx: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:56
Balsaqubuntu is easier to deal with all the way around07:56
Balsaqxubuntu are good but ubuntu is the best07:56
gaurav_hello every one07:56
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Guest68829wishing you all a diwali greetings ( the festival of lights and joy of india )07:57
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Gurvcan anyone tell me how to use the windows based tool in linux07:58
rishilabhpurHello all08:01
krishnanduHey guys, I followed this http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml to fix my plymouth resolution, but now the tty fonts got much smaller. How to fix that?? Please help08:01
rishilabhpurMy sound is not coming, and my speaker is Intex. How to solve the issue?08:02
Balsaqrishilabhpur, have u done all the updates08:03
replicasexoh dear08:03
replicasexinstalling kubuntu-desktop on top of my regular desktop was very messy :(08:03
rishilabhpurBalsaq: If I do the updates, will it solve the issue?08:03
Balsaqrishilabhpur, not sure yet08:03
rishilabhpurBecause the speaker is a bit messy. :(08:03
Gurvcan anyone tell me how to use the windows based tool in linux08:04
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: give this a try if you want to remove kubuntu-desktop; http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome08:05
MoopzHey, quick question. How do I execute a script through the terminal?08:05
krishnanduMoopz, ./filename.sh08:05
alkisgOsamaK: does the whole video need to be downloaded (streamed) locally before LinternaMagica starts playing it? Or am I doing something wrong?08:06
JoeMaverickSett!wine | Gurv08:06
ubottuGurv: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:06
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, thanks.08:07
replicasexI removed the metapackage but it didn't remove much08:07
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: no problem. :)08:07
varunithi all08:07
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: did you follow the guide from the link?08:07
varuniti have a problem with totem player can anyone help me?08:07
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, doing it now.08:08
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: okie.08:08
magn3tsThoughts on X Forwarding vs FreeNX/NeatX/x2go ?08:08
varunithello friends,please reply me08:08
G__81when i boot into 10.10 i get some messages on screen and hence it breaks the bootup experience there was a blog somewhere to over come this08:08
G__81can someone give me that link please ?08:08
varuniti have a problem with totem player can anyone help me?08:09
OsamaKalkisg, YouTube videos do not have 'flv index', so yes, you will need to wait for the video to download.08:09
OsamaKalkisg, some other video websites work just fine, directly.08:09
alkisgOsamaK: ah, so on some non-youtube videos seeking will work. Thank you.08:09
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, thanks.  That did it.08:10
OsamaKalkisg, check http://vimeo.com/14717494 for example, it should probably work directly, without flash.08:10
replicasexIt's a real messy pain to get rid of all that stuff.08:10
varunitno body responding... i have a problem with totem player can anyone help me?08:10
varunitplease help me guys08:10
varunitif any one accepts i will describe my problem08:10
alkisgOsamaK: yup, works fine without waiting08:10
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: okie. i'm glad it did. :D08:11
krishnanduHey guys after following http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml my plymouth get fixed, but the fonts in tty got much smaller. Tried to change GRUB_GFXMODE but didn't helped.08:11
varunitfuck u all :(08:11
karthick87what is ssh tunneling..?08:11
Balsaqrishilabhpur, u can open terminal and run this, ubuntu-bug audio08:12
sosaitedkarthick87: Using a virtual server to route your traffic to it via a secure channel08:12
JoeMaverickSett!language | varunit08:12
ubottuvarunit: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:12
krishnandu!patience | varunit08:12
ubottuvarunit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:12
karthick87How to send an encryped mail using pgp keys..?08:12
krishnandu!anyone | varunit08:13
ubottuvarunit: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:13
sosaitedkarthick87: It is helpful in securing your traffic in public Wifi and such places.08:13
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, oh dear it killed wine :(08:13
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: reinstall it? :D08:13
replicasexshould have looked at that list a bit more thoroughly08:13
replicasexyeah but I had games on there with steam >_> large games08:13
krishnanduvarunit, What's the problem?? Say the problem rather than asking anyone for help you with totem player08:13
sosaitedkarthick87: You can use Thunderbird for that. There is a guide on mozilla08:13
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: :O08:13
banjomanhi, anyone familiar with nero burner saying heder blocksize of ISO cd is wrong ?08:14
Gneavarunit: and show some respect while you're at it if you want to be respected08:14
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, it's still showing up for some reason even though it's not installed :(08:15
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: can you run the games?08:15
replicasexno it's definitely uninstalled08:15
replicasexit's just showing up in the menu08:15
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: then reinstall it.08:15
replicasexthere are no files in the package manager to uninstall08:15
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: i had that kind of thing once. all i did was reinstall it.08:15
sosaitedreplicasex: Did you compile it yourself?08:16
replicasexsosaited, uh no?08:16
replicasexi'm reinstalling now08:16
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ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:17
oraclehello! can someone tell me how to disable ipv6 only on epiphany?08:18
paranoid_ndroidcould anyone help me troubleshoot a LAN wifi connection?08:18
oraclei can do it on firefox but cant find any solution on epiphany08:18
replicasexok it's all good08:19
replicasexit even had my games fortunately08:19
replicasexthe menu is a bit weird now it says <wine-programs-steam> instead of just saying steam but w/e08:19
techitchhi guys..are there some issues with dm-crypt and ubuntu 10.10 ?08:19
yfkIt seems that updating CUPS requires me to insert a pw every time I want to print something. Is it a good idea to keep it's version?08:24
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, oh that's annoying it deleted my gstreamer codecs too08:24
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: :O i've never encountered that problem, so idk how to help you. :-/08:25
hyhi. i wanna use nm with wired (dhcp/static ip) and wifi (dynamic ip), how to do it?08:25
replicasexwell i'm just installing them again08:25
hyi dont want to use the old debian config files. i want to keep using nm-applet08:25
JoeMaverickSettreplicasex: hope that solves it. :-/08:26
hythe problem is my routes, /etc/resolv.conf etc get screwed when nm switches from wired/wifi08:26
replicasexJoeMaverickSett, yeah it just seems like I was overzealous with ubuntu tweak as well08:26
replicasexI did a load of package clean cycles08:27
karthick87sosaited: Installed thunderbird,wat next..?08:28
Gurvhey quick question any good antivirus tool for ubuntu08:29
hyGranis, cav08:29
krishnanduHey guys how to fix tty(terminal) resolution?? GRUB_GFXMODE not working.08:29
hykrishnandu, explain08:30
hykrishnandu, what do you want to accomplish08:30
Balsaq clamAV08:30
krishnanduI followed this http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml to fix my plymouth resolution, but the terminal fonts got too small to read, how to fix it?? hy08:30
AbhiJit!virus | Gurv08:30
ubottuGurv: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus08:30
krishnanduGurv, Though you won't need any AV in Linux :)08:31
hykrishnandu, sry dont have time to read that url.. i'd say update to grub2 and grub<tab> on cli08:31
krishnanduhy, Already did all those08:31
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:32
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:32
krishnandu!repeat | leoowu08:32
ubottuleoowu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:32
Gurvthanks ,08:33
Balsaqwe are workin on it leoowu08:33
sosaitedkarthick87: You need to install the Enigmail addon to thunderbird http://enigmail.mozdev.org/home/index.php.html08:33
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:34
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:35
paranoid_ndroidI have two laptops connected to a local network via wi-fi but the transfer speed between computers is very very low08:35
oraclenoone can tell me how do i disable ipv6 on epiphany?08:35
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:35
techitchguys where is the grub config file held on ubuntu?08:35
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:35
techitchthe menu.lst08:36
microjoshHi... I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to get a firewire audio device working on 10.0408:36
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:36
MoopzHey. I was wondering, is there any way to circumvent having to set permissions for everything all the time? I'm getting annoyed at seeming like an unwanted guest on my system.08:36
krishnandu!repeat | leoowu08:37
ubottuleoowu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:37
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:37
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:37
FloodBot3leoowu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:37
krishnanduleoowu, You are not listening, you'll be banned08:37
damian-Moopz, you only need to set the permissions on things you don't own, but look at the 'umask' command.08:37
leoowuAH ,am i banned ?08:38
krishnandu!repeat | leoowu08:38
ubottuleoowu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:38
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:38
krishnanduleoowu, Don't flood, otherwise OP may ban you.....08:38
Moopzdamian-, well for example, I cannot even set permissions for a USB drive I have in.08:38
oracledoes someone can tell me how do i disable ipv6 on epiphany?08:39
karthick87sosaited: It is sayin that "Enigmail 1.1.2 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird 3.0.10."08:39
leoowuOh ,my god ,the bot is kidding with me! i've been suffering with the problem for a while day08:39
xerox1i am looking for a program to monitor log files on my server; any advice?08:40
leoowu!!!who can help me with the problem ? Problem :  i can hear from the mic ,but can't record from it, and any others works well , the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:40
greppyxerox1: logwatch and/or logcheck08:40
bazhangleoowu, no need to precede your question with a !  ; dont repeat so often , perhaps every ten-fifteen minutes08:40
leoowuok ,i got it ,thks08:41
histoleoowu: what can you hear your mic in?08:41
leoowuhisto i can hear what i say by the mic08:41
xerox1greppy, thx will have a look at them08:42
tomoyuki28jpHow can I set the default brightness of login screen?08:42
Unirgyhi, from some point i have cron.1234 files appearing every minute in home folders, but i can't find any setting that would do that, any idea? thanks08:42
leoowuhisto but i just get some noise when i record from the mic08:42
histoleoowu: okay then what do you mean it doesn't capture what are you using to try to capture with?08:42
histoleoowu: and what are you capture settings in the volume control panel08:42
greppyxerox1: logcheck uses regexp filters, so if you are getting lots of information you don't want, take a look in /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/ to see some examples08:43
noob-tuxwhy do i keep getting gpg error badsig everytime i do sudo apt-get update? is there a way to get rid of this error? it annoys me alot08:43
leoowuhisto  i'm sure that there is no item muted at the alsamixer08:43
histoleoowu: are you running gnome?08:44
xerox1greppy: great! thx again08:44
oracledoes someone can tell me how do i disable ipv6 on epiphany?08:44
leoowuhisto the alsa-info : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a52b2f2e941631f48e0d6c20b242d39f417479ae08:44
histoleoowu: yes I already got that but are you runing gnome?08:44
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leoowuhisto Linux leo-desktop 2.6.32-25-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 19:52:42 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:44
leoowu  ubuntu10.04 64bit08:44
histoleoowu: left click on the volume icon up by the clock. Then click on sound preferences.  You will find an input tab that you need to take a look at.08:45
leoowuhisto 2.30.208:45
rumithnoob-tux you need to register the key with apt-key add08:45
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leoowuhisto . ok ,i'll try it08:45
noob-tuxrumith: how?08:46
histoleoowu: also you might want to try recording in a different app just to make sure your problem isn't app specific08:46
sosaitedkarthick87: You need Enigmail 1.0.1 for Thunderbird 3.0 . Use http://enigmail.mozdev.org/download/index.php.html to select your system and Thunderbird version08:47
leoowuhisto  oh, sorry ,i'm a little puzzled about the app specifci08:47
leoowuhisto ,i just boot the record app from the menu and record from the mic ,but get only some noise08:47
joseraulhi madafacas08:48
joseraulim a nigga08:48
joseraulof the west coast08:48
sosaitedkarthick87: You will also need Gnupg installed if it isn't already.08:48
greppy!ot | joseraul08:48
ubottujoseraul: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
joseraulsosaited its a fag08:49
joserauljooona is a fag08:49
joseraulaloril is a fag08:49
joseraulgema is a fag08:49
rww!ops | joseraul08:49
ubottujoseraul: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!08:49
joseraullol fag08:49
gapwkraul is gay08:49
rumithnoob-tux try: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys $KEY, where $KEY is the GPG key signature that apt-get annoys you with08:49
joseraultalkeemos sobre vainas bacanas08:49
karthick87sosaited: Gnupg is installed08:50
sosaitedkarthick87: There is an easy to follow quick-start guide which will be helpful http://enigmail.mozdev.org/documentation/quickstart-ch2.php.html#id253318508:52
paranoid_ndroidI have two laptops connected to a local network via wi-fi but the transfer speed between computers is very very low08:52
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noob-tuxrumith: thanx i'll try08:54
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dvaskehi i'm having problems with scp command, when running it in verbose mode I can see it issues the command: command scp -v -r -t -- , but those last to dashes confuses the receiving server, how can I configure those?08:57
histoparanoid_ndroid: wifi is slow08:57
histodvaske: what's with the last two dashes?08:57
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dvaskehisto, I dont know where they are comming from, support guys just said that it was them that was confusing their server08:59
histodvaske: do you have them in your command?09:01
histodvaske: get rid of the -t09:01
dvaskeno the command I type in is: "scp -r -v * asolsson@server:/path/to/"09:02
paranoid_ndroidhisto it should be 54Mbps09:02
histoparanoid_ndroid: yeah what sort of speeds are you getting?09:03
histodvaske: that's odd. You could try it the other way and ssee what hapens09:03
histodvaske: ex: log in the remote machine and request the file from your machine.09:03
paranoid_ndroidless than 1Mbps09:04
dvaskehisto, I'll try, but I'm not sure I can log in on remote machine09:04
histodvaske: you have to be able to push files to it09:05
histodvaske: ssh needs to be installed on asolssson@server <<< otherwise you can't copy files that way09:06
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »09:06
dvaskehisto, yeah, but I think they have closed the login09:07
dvaskehisto, and I'm able to scp the files i need from another internal server in our company, just not from my laptop, and the only difference seems to be those two dashes in the scp command09:08
dvaskehisto, So I just tried the channel to see if anybody perhaps had a quick answer ;-)09:08
histodvaske: but their saying the 2 dashes are there you're not putting them in right?09:09
histodvaske: and I don't know how'd they block ssh but allow scp09:09
histodvaske: nvm that can be done. Try sftp maybe for the time being09:09
dvaskehisto, right, I'm not putting the two dashes, but they appear in the output when running with -v.09:10
histodvaske: I don't know that's wierd I would try sftp see if you can get in that way09:10
dvaskehisto, I dont know how they've closen ssh access either, but I'll give sftp a try - thanks for your help!09:11
histodvaske: I can confirm that scp works so it's some sort of problem with their setup not ubuntu or scp09:11
dvaskehisto, yea' I can also push the files to some other server, with scp, and from that push them again to the correct location, but pretty cumbersome...09:13
histodvaske: yeah then I would suspect the problem is the with the config of the server you are having the issue with.09:14
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dvaskehisto, yea' probably, thanks09:14
techitchhi guys09:14
techitchi'm having real issues getting cryptsetup working09:14
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Jonathan_Hello, i would like to install a service : "Nis" on the last ubuntu server 10.10, but it' says that the package is not found. Can someone help me?09:20
Jonathan_Hello², i would like to install a service : "Nis" on the last ubuntu server 10.10, but it' says that the package is not found. Can someone help me?09:20
histoJonathan_: what are you trying to do exactly?09:21
Jonathan_installaing an authentification server but with nis09:21
shashwatIs there any alternative to Adobe Flash Professional?09:21
shomonif you mean for creating flash, there are loads of programming libraries that do this, shashwat09:22
shomonor you could use SVG or silverlight/moonlight I guess09:22
tavastianybody having suggestions for firewall. Environment is OpenVZ virtual machine, and shorewall or arno-iptables-firewall don't work09:22
shashwatshomon can you tell me a few09:22
histo!firewall | tavasti09:23
ubottutavasti: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.09:23
shomonmain one was in php a few years ago. I've never used it, so a web search of "php flash library"09:23
Jonathan_So, histo, is it still possible to download the package NIS? :I09:23
shomonmight be good, or change php for whatever language you prefer09:23
tavastihisto, ok, thanks, I'll try that09:23
histo!info nis | Jonathan_09:23
ubottuJonathan_: nis (source: nis): clients and daemons for the Network Information Service (NIS). In component universe, is extra. Version 3.17-31 (maverick), package size 191 kB, installed size 796 kB09:23
histoJonathan_: yes it's in universe make sure that is enabled09:24
Axsuulomg how long does it take for sudo do-release-upgrade09:24
histoAxsuul: if you are upgrading versions you can expect to download about 600+MB09:24
shomonI used a cool svg/javascript library that did some cool animations, but it depends what you want to do really. html5 shows video, as does silverlight, and svg does vector animation and graphics...09:24
shomonraphaeljs.com/ is the link for that last one.09:25
Axsuuldownload was instant, installation is taking forever =p09:25
chouchouhello good morning all, any WYSIWYG editor in ubuntu like dreamweaver ? which can handle CSS, html, maybe coding too ?09:26
shomonbluefish can do that stuff09:26
JoeMaverickSettchouchou: bluefish09:26
bazhangchouchou, aptana studio perhaps09:26
shomoneclipse too I guess, chouchou09:26
nicola_pavhello. I am looking for a tftp client on ubuntu09:26
chouchouI can't see that option in eclipse09:26
nicola_pavthat i can list the files in the tftp server09:26
shomonanjuta is a good one, chouchou09:27
nicola_pavis there a way to do that?09:27
chouchouI have bluefish installed but can't see the coding aspect09:27
chouchoushomon, hehe, who is anjuta ?09:27
chouchouwhat is the url ?09:27
shomonbut I just use gedit, vim and gftp or filezillla...09:27
shomonah, google is your friend... but you can just install it from ubuntu too...09:27
chouchouI want to see the design side of it so I can easilly modify it09:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:28
michael_2can someone help me get my intel gigabit card working in ubuntu?09:28
penos!guidelines > penos09:28
ubottupenos, please see my private message09:28
shomon"sudo apt-get install anjuta" should work09:28
penos!guidelines | penos09:29
Jonathan_cant Install Nis, by doing, sudo apt-get install portmap nis, it says can't find package09:29
Jonathan_why? :o09:29
histomichael_2: it should work out of the box what is the problem you are having?09:29
penos!guidelines | penos09:29
shashwatshomon i actually wanted to create a desktop air application probably a Who wants to be a millionaire?09:29
penos!guidelines > penos09:29
ubottupenos, please see my private message09:29
penos!guidelines | penos09:29
michael_2histo: the e1000e module did not recognize when i have a cable inserted09:29
histoJonathan_: you have to have universe repository enabled09:29
bazhangpenos, stop that09:29
Jonathan_i dont undestand that09:29
michael_2so i did some googling and found that i probably should use e100009:29
histomichael_2: have you checked blacklist?09:30
shomonoh I'm not sure shashwat09:30
michael_2so i blacklisted e1000e and installed manually e1000 which is loaded in lsmod09:30
histo!sources > Jonathan_09:30
ubottuJonathan_, please see my private message09:30
michael_2and now the eth0 isnt visible at all09:30
michael_2e1000 should work with my card :/09:31
michael_282566MM is the name of the card, have a thinkpad t6109:32
histomichael_2: lsmod | grep e100009:32
michael_2histo: its loaded09:33
karthick87How to kill all running process..?09:35
michael_2histo: lshw -C network shows it as unclaimed09:36
histomichael_2: what does ifconfig show?09:36
michael_2not showing up there09:37
michael_2only lo and wlan009:37
shomonshashwat, you made me curious, so I searched and found http://www.ioncannon.net/programming/875/developing-adobe-air-apps-with-linux/09:40
karthick87How to kill all running process..?09:41
P1tt0hello, i've a trouble with ubuntu themes: each session start my panels looks in "clearlook" theme, if i go in the theme selection it comes back to ambiance except for folder icons & right click menu...09:41
greppykarthick87: sudo halt?09:42
michael_2anyone good with intel NICs? :(09:44
SwedeMike!anyone | michael_209:45
ubottumichael_2: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:45
michael_2SwedeMike: jag skrev ju högre upp allt :P09:45
=== zhang is now known as Guest88798
SwedeMikemichael_2: what does dmesg say when you load the module?09:46
chouchouhello, how do we enable WYSIWYG editor in eclipse IDE ?09:46
shashwatshomon, this is nice thanx!09:47
michael_2SwedeMike: what should i look for in dmesg?09:47
michael_2crazy amount of text came up09:47
SwedeMikemichael_2: the output from the module when you modprobe it.09:47
SwedeMikeit's in cronolohical order, so probably the last stuff09:48
=== Guest88798 is now known as zhang_
michael_2now its loaded at bootup though09:48
NativeAngelscan any of you tell me how to enable wirless in the alternative version of lubuntu09:48
michael_2any way to single out e1000 in dmesg?09:49
sosaitedmichael_2: Use grep?09:49
michael_2sosaited: it doesnt say module names in dmesg it seems09:49
michael_2ok i reload the module09:50
ttiicccrontab -e | grep drfy.sh    This freezes my terminal!can't kill it with "ctrl + c"09:50
michael_2to remove module is modprobe -r right?09:50
=== administrator is now known as Guest63498
ShorTiehow do you check a systems sanity? with gentoo it's revdep-rebuild. is there something like that?09:51
michael_2SwedeMike: i found it now09:52
michael_2in dmessg it says "intel pro/1000 network driver - version 8.0.23-NAPI09:52
michael_2and next line, copyright intel blabla09:53
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:53
=== eviltoaster_ is now known as eviltoaster
sosaitedmichael_2: What problem do you have with your NIC. Sorry I didn't read it if you told already09:54
Guest63498Thank you!09:54
michael_2sosaited: with e1000 its not found, with e1000e it always says network cable unplugged09:54
=== _liam_ is now known as z_liam_z
michael_2when i googled it suggested i should use e1000 instead which i downloaded and installed from intel09:55
michael_2e1000e is default09:55
sosaitedit seems intel suggests e1000 as well http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=2896&agr=Y09:56
sdhwhen i connect to a samba share using ubuntu, and my password on the ubuntu and the server are the same, it seems to authenticate me automatically09:57
sdhwhere does it get the creds from?09:57
sunit_hello I am trying to integrate openbravo erp and magento ecommerce09:57
sunit_we are using several jar file for this integration09:57
sosaitedmichael_2: Does it show your intel one in "dmesg | grep eth" ?09:58
michael_2sosaited: i think both modules support 82566MM though09:58
penosanyone here plays assaultcube?09:58
mjqhello, I am about to download the meerkat iso.  I have a 64-bit system, but the ubuntu website says 'recommended' near the 32-bit version09:59
cong06I have a ".desktop" file with terminal set to true. the exec is "gksudo /path/to/myscript" why isn't it opening the terimal and running it?09:59
michael_2sosaited: nothing09:59
mjqare their still compatibility issues with 64-bit libs/software?09:59
rigvedmjq: go for the 64-bit version09:59
brontosaurusrexcough, how to enable splash screen again? i have a situation that automagically boots to broken unc session? 10.1009:59
sunit_we are trying to use these jar file as service so that it will start at boot time09:59
mjqrigved: will there be any issues with 32-bit compatibility?10:00
rigvedmjq: it says that because some people do not know whether their system supports 64-bit or not. so to help them make a decision, the default is set to 32-bit10:00
sosaitedmichael_2: lcpci?10:00
chalcedonyi have a stuck open office, it was recovering and froze. how can i identify the process and kill it or is there something else to do? (ubuntu 9.04)10:00
mjqrigved: ah ok10:00
sosaitedmichael_2: SOrry, lspci10:00
michael_2sosaited: it shows up there10:00
sunit_for these purpose I edited rc.local file and add the the path of jar file10:00
rigvedmjq: i have never had any. i am also using 64-bi ubuntu 10.0410:00
speakmanAnyone know if there's a Xorg release with this patch available: http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2010-October/014150.html10:01
hariomHi, I am running on DSL dialup connect where I need to enter username and password to connect to ISP. I have linux machine which doesn't have pppoeconf installed. How can I make my machine to dial to ISP with username/password and connect to Internet10:01
mjqrigved: thanks for your help10:01
sunit_please see the url http://dpaste.de/F21n/10:01
rigvedmjq: yrw10:01
sosaitedmichael_2: Did you check if it got named to eth0, 1, 2 ?10:01
sunit_then I rebooted the machine10:01
michael_2sosaited: feels like i should rever to e1000e module as the network card gets loaded atleast10:01
sunit_but all the jar file is not running as service10:01
sunit_can any body help me10:02
stenhi alll10:02
michael_2sosaited: with e1000e it get named eth010:02
stenim studying linux for beginners and have a question regarding x clients10:02
steniv managed to boot up in command mode10:03
brontosaurusrexhow to enable session manager from cli?10:03
histohariom: ubuntu has pppoeconf by default10:03
stenand can do xstart &10:03
stenthen start xclock10:03
stenfor example10:03
ace_steelhi all10:03
stenbut where in the directory tree the X clients are, i.e where are the program files?10:03
hariomhisto: I installed my machine as minimal install. I have checked with dpkg -s pppoeconf and it says not installed10:03
sosaitedmichael_2: What does "lshw -C Network" tell?10:03
jattsten: which xclock10:04
michael_2sosaited: with e1000: unclaimed10:04
histohariom: it maybe part of ubuntu-desktop then.  You could install the package if you have another machine with internet.10:06
rigvedspeakman: i suggest that you ask in the ubuntu dev channel10:06
histo!offline | hariom10:06
ubottuhariom: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:06
histohariom: or install it possibly from the cd10:06
airtonixsten, btw... if you are following a "linux for beginners" then it's most likely 10 years old and the current version of ubuntu has gone through enough changes to render that guide obsolete save for how chmod and chown work.10:06
ace_steelcan i use netspeed applet on xfce environment??10:06
airtonixace_steel, no.10:07
=== CrazyET is now known as ChesterX
ace_steelairtonix:anything remotely closer to it?10:07
airtonixace_steel, conky ?10:07
cong06hariom: also check out keryx: http://keryxproject.org10:07
sosaitedmichael_2: I think you already tried loading the driver manually via modprobe right?10:07
sosaitedmichael_2: What is your Ubuntu version?10:07
ace_steelairtonix:conky doesnt show the speed...10:08
airtonixace_steel, yes it does10:08
stenjatt; iv started xstart & then the white terminal starts10:08
ace_steelairtonix:i am already running it.10:08
sosaitedmichael_2: lsmod doesn't show it either then I guess?10:08
airtonixace_steel, then you configured it wrong10:08
stenjatt: then i start xclock10:08
ChesterXhi, i just installed xwelltris through the software center and the rotation function doesn t work. Does anyone know how to fix that?10:08
steni guess default from ubuntu10:08
* gregori79 hello10:08
LiquidDemocracyHi, I can not start Zim anymore.10:08
stenhisto: yeah i guess so.. but still can i list all the xclients some how?10:09
cong06ace_steel: you want up and down speed?10:09
airtonixace_steel, i recommend you read the conkyt website to learn how to configure it10:09
LiquidDemocracyWhen I start Zim I can see the hourglass for a few seconds but the program does not start.10:09
stenmeant to airtonix10:09
airtonixsten, what do you mean by xclients?10:09
histosten: huh?10:09
stenairtonix well iv disabled gdm10:09
airtonixsten, why ?10:10
stenbecause i just want to run in command mode10:10
airtonixsten, nvm i suppose you have a good reason10:10
michael_2sosaited: xubuntu maverik, had same problem in regular ubuntu10:10
stenits a exercise10:10
stenits dumb10:10
stenbut i need to do it10:10
cong06sorry ace_steel, was looking for the example conkyrc file10:10
airtonixsten, well you dont start X with startx anymore.10:10
airtonixsten, thats the point of gdm10:11
stenyeah i now10:11
bpovouai so tem ingres10:11
stenthe exercise is fucked up10:11
histo!who | sten10:11
ubottusten: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:11
stenbut its the last one10:11
Axsuulcan I upgrade from 9.10 to maverick?10:11
airtonixsten, and to disable gdm, you simply took it out of the appropriate init level ?10:11
histoAxsuul: yes you can upgrade10:11
Axsuulhisto: by running do-release-upgrade?10:11
Axsuulbecause i just did it10:11
histo!upgrade | Axsuul10:12
ubottuAxsuul: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:12
airtonixsten, the exercise is most likely created when russia was running goulags10:12
michael_2sosaited: i have e1000 loaded by default right now10:12
Axsuuland it seems like it only upgraded me from 9.04 to 9.10 h10:12
stenairtonix: yea10:12
michael_2it shows up in lsmod10:12
histoAxsuul: upgrades are incremental but you can go from LTS to LTS10:12
cong06one sec ace_steel10:12
stenairtonix: just for the sake of the exercise, is there a way of listing all the xclients, or is it just a list of all programs installed+10:12
stenairtonix: i mean, i can run xclock, or firefox from the command and get a gui...10:13
airtonixace_steel, the default conlyrc has up & down net speeds10:13
LiquidDemocracyIs there a support channel for the desktop wiki Zim?10:13
ace_steelairtonix:k thnx....10:13
histoAxsuul: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes10:14
histoAxsuul: it's explained int he first paragraph there10:14
sosaitedmichael_2: "sudo ifconfig eth0 up && ifconfig" does it do something?10:15
cong06yeah, I pm'd you the details10:15
cong06did you get it?10:15
cong06ace_steel you can also check10:15
michael_2sosaited: no such device10:15
cong06*can also check http://conky.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html10:15
michael_2but still e1000 doesnt find my card so its not loaded right now10:15
sunit_can any body suggest me to run the jar file at boot time as services ?10:16
SwedeMikemichael_2: "ifconfig -a", does that yield anything different than just "ifconfig" ?10:16
michael_2SwedeMike: no10:16
stenairtonix: if i run xclock & from command it says "cant open display"10:17
stenso first  i need to run xstart &10:17
stenthen xclock10:17
=== carmelo is now known as Guest78661
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:18
raxelohi all. can i determine which interface is virtual and which one is physical ?10:18
airtonixraxelo, apart from simply examining the interface name ?10:18
raxeloairtonix, as i understand it is not only set by system but user can change it too10:19
raxeloin configuration log10:19
rigvedhow to do a live broadcast from my ubuntu 10.04 machine? i have a tv tuner card and a dvr which is giving video input to it.10:19
raxeloin config =)10:19
ace_steelcong06:i pmd u10:19
histo!tv | rigved10:19
ubotturigved: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out10:19
rigvedhisto: thanx10:20
hariomcong06: Can I install it in Windows, download required packages and then use USB stick to install in Ubuntu10:21
histo!offline | hariom10:22
ubottuhariom: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:22
=== Foppe_ is now known as Foppe
alvmysql does not auto-start on boot. the error log is empty. so i think, it does not even try to start it...10:22
cong06hariom: yes, keryx is designed specificly for that10:22
cong06histo: the ubottu is actually not very helpful in this case. i would strongly suggest keryx instead. he wants to download in windows.10:23
alv /etc/init/mysql.conf looks fine, so how to "reinstall" the autostart?10:23
histocong06: yes it is helpful10:23
histocong06: http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt10:23
* histo ponders why people make things more complicated10:24
AxsuulAnyone know where I can get the source for sources.list for the 10.10 maverick packages10:25
sosaitedmichael_2: Did you try "sudo ifconfig eth1 up && ifconfig" as well?. If it is showing up in lsmod, then it should pick it up unless there is some other conflict.10:25
histoAxsuul: ?  can you pastebin your sources.list10:25
histoAxsuul: the name just changed from lucid to maverick10:26
sosaitedmichael_2: Did you ever get a eeprom checksum error while loading module?10:26
michael_2sosaited: dont think so10:26
Axsuulalright ill try that thanks10:26
sirlarkHi there, I'm having trouble getting a PXE boot system to boot with an NFS root filesystem10:28
sosaitedmichael_2: Maybe you should compile the e1000 drivers yourself. Or hopefully someone else have some tips.10:28
histoAxsuul: just run do-release-upgrade again10:28
michael_2sosaited: i did compile it myself i think10:28
michael_2but now im messing with e1000e instead10:28
michael_2i blacklisted e1000 but still it loads why?10:29
anvotaofd, Are you there?10:29
michael_2so now e1000 and e1000e loads at boot10:29
sosaitedthat is bad.10:29
taofdanvo, yo?10:29
sirlarkI'm following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EasyUbuntuClustering/UbuntuKerrighedClusterGuide10:30
sirlarkwhich refers to hardy, but I'm using Lucid10:30
sirlarkThe problem is that on the PXE boot machines complain that there is no device /dev/nfs10:30
sirlarkthe problem seems to be that nfsbooted is no longer part of ubunu (was ther is hardy, but not in lucid)10:32
motaka2how can i watch .mpeg files on my ubuntu system?10:32
sirlarkand that the initscript /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs no longer exists10:32
sosaitedmichael_2: unload the modules via modprobe, then run sudo make uninstall in respective e1000 and e1000e source folders.10:33
motaka2iceflatline: it does not show me10:33
spetreahow can I grep with multiple patterns, one matching and one excluding10:33
iceflatlinemotaka2: hmm..it works for me10:33
motaka2iceflatline: the player bar moves forward but there is no sound no picture10:34
iceflatlinethen the file may not be good.10:34
hariomcong06: While using it, I get Please create the Project on the plugin's supported OS.10:35
darth_tux71wow K3b is still around10:35
dpac_Guys, after my futile attempt to speed up my boot process, I've come to IRC for help. It takes more than 70-80 seconds to starup.10:36
j3r3miasalguem do brasil???10:37
cong06hariom: if you go to the keryxprojet.org website, you can download projects.10:37
cong06hariom: also note, I should have checked out the website that histo suggested. if you're just installing packages and have a nice download manger http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt might be better.10:37
jpds!br | j3r3mias10:37
ubottuj3r3mias: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.10:37
darth_tux71dpac_, how much ram do you have and what is your CPU?10:38
dpac_darth_tux71: Core 2 duo 2.0Ghz and 2GB ram10:38
dpac_darth_tux71: 667mhz FSB10:38
cong06hariom: that being said, for updates, keryx is the way to go. it doesn't seem like http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt would be very good to install updates (unless I don't know how to use it right histo?)10:38
AbhiJithow to use this clock http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/David's+Star?content=12174410:39
darth_tux71dpac_, well I have a quad 2.4 4gb and I take about 45 to 50 seconds so really that sounds about right10:39
AbhiJithow to install it?10:39
j3r3miasubottu: thanks10:39
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:39
psyt7what is the name of the applet that has the button for drop-down menu that let me choose to lock screen/suspend/reboot etc..? it suddenly disappeared after a update and can't find it10:39
dpac_darth_tux71: I think not. I've seen people having 15second bootup with Ubuntu. Same config more or less.10:40
AbhiJitnooon knooows10:40
dpac_darth_tux71: 15 second is a bit of exaggeration. But definitely around 20-25 seconds10:40
darth_tux71i have never had that fast a boot i honestly don't think a hard drive can load an os that fast10:41
dpac_darth_tux71: Also, there seems to be something wrong with wlan. Coz it takes around 30 seconds on that line. I'll show you, hold on.10:41
taofddpac_, i dunno, maverick boots pretty fast for me, maybe 10 -15 seconds and that's on an old asus netbook10:41
dpac_darth_tux71: Read taofd's reply10:42
housamhi there10:42
housami need a help10:42
histo!ask | housam10:42
ubottuhousam: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:42
AbhiJitwhat is .vlt theme? whre its been used?10:42
dpac_darth_tux71: http://pastebin.com/gGsyqtEF10:42
taofddarth_tux71, fom my experience, ubuntu will boot at different speeds depending on hardware and software configurations10:42
darth_tux71dpac_, i cant read it this chat moves to fast for my old eyes10:42
taofddarth_tux71, you could always try to directly chat with one of the members10:43
dpac_darth_tux71: He says his old Asus netbook boots maverick in 10-15 seconds10:43
=== RippZzZ is now known as Ripp__
housami need to play  my mp3 music10:43
darth_tux71taofd, he wanted me to read something you wrote actually10:43
JoeMaverickSettAbhiJit: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/VLT10:43
housambut there is no code to run it10:43
histo!codecs | housam10:43
ubottuhousam: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:43
cong06I love ubottu10:43
horrible!love > cong0610:43
AbhiJitahh its vlc10:44
taofddarth_tux71, oh lol, i just wrote that ubuntu boots 10-15 seconds on one of my old asus netbooks10:44
taofddarth_tux71, an estimate, but it boots pretty darn fast10:45
darth_tux71taofd, that can happen but there are so many variables and how stripped down the system is I have almost ziltch of Debian 3 on a thinkpad and it blazed10:45
gogetawhat a good /boot size10:45
dpac_darth_tux71: if you see line 820 on the pastebin link i just sent, you'll see it takes about 24 seconds doing nothing. I just wanted to know if I can fix that?10:45
gogetabeing im gona use btrfs as root10:45
darth_tux71ok give me a second to find and look or private me10:46
darth_tux71yeah 819 to 820 there is a huge lag10:47
AbhiJitcant install this theme http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Technical?content=13445210:48
AbhiJitnot a valid theme error. help10:48
AbhiJitor any clue how can i correct the theme package?10:48
histoAbhiJit: ask the author of the theme. A lot of those themes have issues on gnome-look10:50
AbhiJithisto, how to solve those issue? why not anyone cotribute to it? i wish to solve all those bugs10:50
noob-tuxany link where i can study cli commands?10:50
AbhiJit!cli | noob-tux10:50
ubottunoob-tux: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro10:50
gaelfxrecently, Google music stopped producing any sound, and yet Baidu MP3 and other flash sites have no problem producing sound.Any advice on how I can diagnose, if not resolve, this issue?10:51
Genieliui just come across a strange problem,my resolution suddently change10:51
histoAbhiJit: you need to post a comment on gnome-look then10:51
AbhiJithisto, oh10:51
gaelfxI should also note that it doesn't work in Chrome OR Firefox10:51
JoeMaverickSettgaelfx: could you give me the link?10:52
histogaelfx: linkage?10:52
GenieliuI am watching a movie,and after I return to the desktop I found the resolution have changed10:52
gaelfxhang on10:53
gaelfxJoeMaverickSett: histo: wait, link to what precisely?10:53
histoGenieliu: system > preference > monitors10:54
histogaelfx: whatever page you can't play sound from10:54
JoeMaverickSettgaelfx: to the link that doesn't work for you?10:54
Genieliuhisto: the resolution has changed and there is no choice to fit my monitor10:55
gaelfxbut I'm not sure that you can use it outside of China10:55
histoGenieliu: have you restarted X10:55
histoGenieliu: or you can try using xrandr to set it directly10:55
Genieliuhisto: not yet10:55
histoGenieliu: ctrl+alt+f1 and log in then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart10:56
gaelfxat any rate, the problem is that everything seems to be working normally until the player actually starts playing and no music comes out10:56
JoeMaverickSettgaelfx: i don't think you could use it outside China.10:56
Genieliuhisto: thx :)10:56
Genieliuhisto: i think this will work :)10:56
JoeMaverickSettgaelfx: it's showing "Sorry, Google is not your region provide you with the services they need." :-/10:56
JoeMaverickSettgaelfx: in chinese. :D10:57
gaelfxyeah, so you can see the pickle I'm in. NOBODY uses Ubuntu here (at least that I've seen), and even though China Mobile is a Linux Foundation gold member, I think that news story was not featured in any of the Chinese language papers 'round here10:58
Genieliuhisto: Sorry,but the resolution doesn't changed thought i have restarted the x11:01
histoGenieliu: resolution was fine before playing the video correct?11:06
Genieliuhisto: Right11:06
=== saftsack__ is now known as saftsack
histoGenieliu: what is your normal resolution?11:07
Genieliuhisto: 1400*90011:07
histoGenieliu: does xrandr show that as an availible resolution?11:08
Genieliuhisto: And now it is 1360*76811:08
histoGenieliu: just type xrandr in a gnome-terminal to see a list11:08
alvhow to add mysql to "autostart"?11:09
tonsofpcslspci -A intel-conf1 is showing my NIC but lspci -A linux-sysfs and -A linux-proc do not.  What can I do to make the machine happy?  (Note: The NIC worked fine yesterday)11:09
histoalv: it should if you isntalled it11:09
kopafter upgrade to 10.04 ubuntu studio all of the desktop is missing and the /etc/apt/sources.list is near empty wth are/is the repos for ubuntu studio ?11:09
histokop: dunno maybe ask the #ubuntu-studio11:09
kop<krap , only me :-/11:10
alvhisto: the /etc/init/mysql.conf is fine, but it does not start on boot. there is no error or notice in the logs.11:10
=== hacker is now known as Guest37839
alv`service mysql start` works well11:10
kophisto, tnx for that ...11:10
histoalv: what about sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status11:11
alvhisto: "mysql stop/waiting"11:11
alvwhat is it waiting for?!11:12
Genieliuhisto: there are noly the choices showed in the system->preferences->monitor11:12
histoalv: you installed mysql-server  right?11:12
histoalv: sudo netstat -tap | grep mysql11:12
alvhisto: right, on a vps11:12
Genieliuhisto: how can i add the resolution i want to it?11:12
histoalv: look for mysqld11:12
histoGenieliu: have you rebooted the machine since this happened?11:12
Genieliuhisto: not yet11:13
alvhisto: netstat ... returns nothing11:13
histoGenieliu: I would try that if you still are having problems then http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html11:13
histoalv: sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start11:13
Genieliuhisto: thx for your advice :)11:13
histoalv: or restart11:13
histoalv: sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld restart11:13
histoalv: sry get rid of the d at the end of mysql11:14
pure_hatealv: sudo update-rc.d mysqld defaults11:14
pure_hatewill autosatrat it11:14
histoalv: and what pure_hate advises11:14
alvhisto: without the "d" it starts on my system.11:14
alvpure_hate: i'll try and reboot11:14
uosiuhi all11:16
uosiuI have a question about energy saving in ubuntu 10.0411:16
uosiuI'm preparing advert station which uses ubuntu + 50" TV11:17
uosiuin power settings i've disabled turning off display11:17
uosiuin screensaver settings I've disabled screen saver and that two checkboxes11:18
uosiustepbar is turned into max11:18
uosiuand after some time screen turns of11:18
tonsofpcspower management11:18
uosiutonsofpcs: system - preferences - power menagement?11:19
tonsofpcsuosiu: no clue, I wouldn't use ubuntu for such a display11:20
hariomI have downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 server CD. Now how can I use it to install a few selected packages. I don't have access to internet on my ubuntu machine.11:20
uosiuboth combo lists are "Never" and stebar is 100%11:20
histo!offline | hariom11:21
ubottuhariom: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD11:21
histo!aptoncd | hariom11:21
ubottuhariom: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline11:21
histohariom: sorry I believe you are looking for apt-cdrom command11:22
hariomubottu: I have ubuntu install but don't have internet access bcoz pppoeconf package is not installed. To install that in return get internet access, I have downloaded server CD. Now I want to install pppoeconf from CD11:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:23
hariomhisto: yea, I guess you are right11:23
histohariom: yeah use apt-cdrom11:23
histohariom: I thought the bot trigger said something about that just ignore ubottu's comments.11:23
alvpure_hate, histo: again, no mysql server running after reboot and no info in the logs :-(11:23
alvstarting the service manually works without any troubles11:24
histoalv: did you use pure_hate's update-rc.d command?11:25
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Genieliuhisto: With the help of the website you gave me, now i have change my resolution back. Thanks a lot.:)11:28
EventyretMorning everyone11:28
alvhisto: yes, with mysql instead of mysqld11:29
ubuntuhi lubuntu11:31
=== ubuntu is now known as nickname-new
nickname-newlubuntu is a bit faster11:32
alvhisto, is there a link missing or why does my system call the service mysql instead of mysqld?11:32
llutz_alv: the system is mysql, mysqld is just the daemon11:33
nickname-newproblem is i cant print using my ubuntu laptop11:33
alvllutz_: there should not be a need to install the daemon in addition to mysql-server, right?11:34
nickname-newi bet you guys can help?11:34
llutz_alv nope, mysqld is part of mysql-server11:34
BlaDe^Hi uys, I have Rhythmbox installed and all the plugins are in /usr/lib/rhythmbox but don't actually show up in the app11:34
BlaDe^any ideas why?11:34
gnomefreaknickname-new: try in #lubuntu11:35
gnomefreaknickname-new: since no one has answered you please join #lubuntu for help with lubuntu11:37
h_2_2121BlaDe^, those are plugins you installed yourself? Shouldn't you install them in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins I think?11:37
gnomefreaknickname-new: since no one has answered you please join #lubuntu for help with lubuntu11:37
BlaDe^ah i'll try mv'ing them h_2_212111:38
BlaDe^I'm not sure I think I installed them via apt-get install rhythmbox-plugins but I just did a locate rhythmbox | grep plugin and found them there11:38
dw-so tf2 runs great after setting commandline -dxlevel 81 in steam11:38
h_2_2121This tells you where you can install them: http://live.gnome.org/RhythmboxPlugins/WritingGuide#What_makes_up_a_plugin11:38
gnomefreakoops sorry my screen didnt scroll :(11:38
dw-but now the sound crashes after it plays for 2s. and i can adjust the audio settings, and it comes back on for 2s, then it stops again :D11:38
nickname-newproblem is i cant print using my ubuntu laptop11:38
h_2_2121BlaDe^, If you installed via apt-get, they should already be in the correct place I guess11:38
h_2_2121BlaDe^, I'm guessing you restarted rhythmbox?11:39
dw-nickname-new: i got some hp driver it works great11:39
dw-nickname-new: hplip package11:39
nickname-newusing samba?11:40
nickname-newdont work with my wifi11:40
JoeMaverickSett!details | nickname-new11:40
ubottunickname-new: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:40
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logicpathhello :) I have ubuntu 9.04 installed, downloaded ubuntu 10.10 and burnt it on a disc, I was wondering If i could install the latest version on top of the one I'm using11:42
BlaDe^h_2_2121: i've copied them all there11:42
BlaDe^a couple more loaded but not the one i specifically want (Lyrics)11:42
dw-logicpath: if you read the site it says dont do it11:42
logicpathin a way that it would replace the old one, but keep my data in place, is this possible?11:42
logicpathdw-: ah, okay hmmm11:42
dw-logicpath: it says do each update individually11:42
Eventyretlogicpath: you want to update or just test 10.10 ?11:42
logicpathoh, yes i read that, that i shouldn't jump upgrades. but no I mean i already have ubuntu 10.10 on a cd right now, can't i install it on top of the one i have installed now? (ubuntu 9.04)11:43
h_2_2121BlaDe^, That's weird, I guess you could try looking at rhythmbox log files11:43
dw-if you wanted to overwrite it it would leave a bunch of unncessary crap11:44
logicpathEventyret: i want to upgrade to 10.10, but i don't want to lose my data, and my internet connection is not that strong so i downloaded ubuntu 10.10 on a cd11:44
lliuhi all11:44
logicpathwhen i tried to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 it told me it will download 2gb worth of upgrades, so frankly 2gb compared to 700mb...11:44
logicpathdw-: so you are suggesting i do a fresh installation?11:45
dw-logicpath: delete everything but your home folder then go for it? :P11:45
Amin_hello there11:46
Amin_is anybody here?11:46
logicpathokay, thanks for the help all :)11:46
dw-better just move it or archive it11:46
logicpathAmin_: just ask your question11:46
dw-logicpath: you know how to do it :p11:46
EventyretHello Amin_  =)11:46
dw-sound works for 2s per reset in steam games then crashes. ideas ?11:47
logicpathdw-: I'll do just that, I figured maybe I'd try something new but frankly don't feel like risking my data. I'll backup everything and do a fresh install :D11:47
LjLAmin_: pray tell what's the need for that language?11:48
dw-logicpath: i dont think its a data risk but will be a lot of old unneeded stuff laying around...  what about mv /* /backup :)11:48
deepinfernohello! i'm using the theme ambiance and on left of menu applications have a ubuntu icon, how can i edit this icon? to put an  custom icon11:48
Emmanuel_ChanelCan't I use Skype without uninstalling pulse on Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat yet?11:48
logicpathdw-: oh! okay I get you, you mean old unused packages, and stuff like that11:48
dw-logicpath: yup11:49
logicpathalright, i'll do a backup :)11:49
dw-logicpath: that or 2GB x 10 :)11:49
Amin_I wonder what is the best client for chatting in irc in ubuntu?11:49
deepinfernohello!, please i need from help i'm using the theme ambiance and on left of menu applications have a ubuntu icon, how can i edit this icon? to put an  custom icon11:49
logicpathi'll take 'that' :D11:50
logicpathAmin_: xchat11:50
* lliu love pie11:50
dw-amin_: i got smuxi11:50
dw-lliu: concur11:51
zambawhen trying to generate a new certificate request, i get the following error: 6162:error:0D06407A:asn1 encoding routines:a2d_ASN1_OBJECT:first num too large:a_object.c:109:11:51
zamba6162:error:0B083077:x509 certificate routines:X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_txt:invalid field name:x509name.c:285:name=S11:52
Travis-42is there a way to get a directory listing but show the last modified time of each folder's contents, not the folder itself?11:54
dw-Travis-42: make a little script for it :)11:54
TonusTravis-42, ls -al *11:55
Travis-42dw-: Yea, I guess I'll have to write a script.  Tonus: that only displays the last modified time of the folder, not it's contents11:56
dw-Travis-42: do it in PHP then you can extend your skillz to the web later :p11:57
deepinfernohello!, please i need from help i'm using the theme ambiance and on left of menu applications have a ubuntu icon, how can i edit this icon? to put an  custom icon11:58
dw-deepinferno: that is strictly forbidden.  everything else in ubuntu is wide open, except that icon xD11:59
madsteinhey freacks11:59
dw-deepinferno: i just made that up11:59
deepinfernodw-: lol12:00
deepinfernodw-: really, do you know how can i edit this?12:00
dw-deepinferno: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39986912:01
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JuJuBeeI can't seem to open konsole from gui.  I get http://pastie.org/1274674  when I try opening konsole from gnome-terminal12:02
histoJuJuBee: why not just use gnome-terminal12:02
madsteinpastebin error12:03
histoJuJuBee: and try hitting alt+f2 to launch konsole12:03
madsteinor get guake12:03
xcarmJuJuBee: ctrl+alt+f112:03
histoJuJuBee: or launching it from the applications menu12:03
histoxcarm: no he doesn't want a tty but konsole12:03
xcarmhrsito: are you bulgarian?12:04
JuJuBeehisto: I use kubuntu and like Konsole.  No real preference, but the fact that it won't open today disturbs me.12:04
JuJuBeeWont open from applications menu12:05
Travis-42why might a command not work under cron, but work fine from the command line? I know from the system logs that cron is running the command (under cron.d with my username)?12:05
JuJuBeeAlt-F2 either...12:05
JuJuBeeTravis-42: user perms?12:06
jribTravis-42: just tell us the command so we don't have to guess12:06
Travis-42JuJuBee: I have it set to run as my user in cron.d, so that shouldn't be the reason12:06
greppyTravis-42: full path to the command being run?  is it using environment variables from your shell?12:06
Travis-42jrib: it's a script of mine that runs /usr/bin/offlineimap12:06
dlimy mouse pointer is stuck at the upper-left corner of the screen, can not be moved by mouse. help!12:06
jribTravis-42: just paste the exact crontab line12:06
histoJuJuBee: The people in #kubuntu may be able to help more12:07
Travis-42jrib: 0 12 * * * travis sh /home/travis/scripts/gmail-backup.sh12:07
greppyTravis-42: are you using full paths in your script?12:07
jribTravis-42: ok, then pastebin the script12:07
JuJuBeehisto: thanks usually find kubuntu a bit slow....12:07
cboyhw are u all doing?12:07
stealhi all I have created a system user with the command adduser(or useradd  I can't remember) now I would like to hide this user from gdm and from users list in system->advanced-user groups list12:07
greppyTravis-42: chmod 700 /home/travis/scripts/gmail-backup.sh and remove the "sh " from your cron12:07
jribsteal: how did you create the user?  Why do you say "system user" and not just "user"?12:08
Travis-42greppy: jrib: http://pastebin.com/WpEKieah12:08
greppyTravis-42: is there a config file for offlineimap?12:09
greppyTravis-42: if so, is there a way to specify it on the command line?12:09
greppyYou may need to do that so that it can find the config.12:09
stealjrib, I have create the user with the commandline adduser! it is a system user because he can't login he is a database user12:09
Travis-42greppy: cron won't use my user's information? that might be the problem then12:09
jribsteal: if you actually make him a system user (see adduser man page, he will get a uid lower than 1000 and thus not display in gdm12:10
james296does anyone here know how to fix the issue of changing your status on Pidgin in the indicator menu and when you switch it back it kicks you offline?12:10
akshu1for wine command getting error as err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {6c736db1-bd94-11d0-8a23-00aa00b58e10} not registered12:10
akshu1Provider can not be found12:10
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jribsteal: you understand?12:11
stealjrib, so I only need to put an uid lower than 1000 in /etc/passwd file and it don't display right?12:11
jribsteal: yeah, but you should probably recreate the user so that adduser takes care of the details (don't duplicate uid)12:12
=== xc3rm is now known as xcrm
=== xcrm is now known as xcarm
Eventyretjanek: explain again12:14
jribTravis-42: is nothing ending up in /tmp/gmail-backup.log?  Does "sh /home/travis/scripts/gmail-backup.sh" work in a terminal?  And here's how I do it... I use my user's crontab (crontab -e) and have: */10 * * * * offlineimap -o -u Noninteractive.Quiet     Also, make sure you have a final newline in your crontab.12:15
Travis-42jrib: my messages are ending up there showing that the cron entry is working. yes the exact command works in a terminal. Ah, but maybe it's the -u user interface specification, I will try that in addition to manually specifying the config file12:17
GoldlineHey i have a question iys mainly a routing issue in ubuntu12:17
stealgood jrib it work well now thank you very much12:17
jribsteal: no problem12:17
GoldlineThe issue is that im running a gameserver on ubuntu but i cant reach it from the outside, i guess its because the routing is incorrect, nay idea howto solve this12:20
GoldlineIts reachable from the LAN but not from the internet12:20
greppyGoldline: how are you connecting to the internet?12:21
histoI love that the edge of the windows are impossible to grab in the default theme. Thank you devs12:21
izinucsI noticed that too12:22
IncarusGoldline, check if router firewall is enabled12:22
GoldlineItsn ot because it works with hamachi12:22
darth_tux71histo, you just gotta have some paitence and a lot of luck12:22
GoldlineIts working with hamachi12:22
Goldlinebut not12:22
Goldlinewith the external IP12:22
Goldlineany idea?12:22
* darth_tux71 remembers when mouse wheels didn't work and there were no wobbles just dots for buttons12:23
izinucsGoldline: hamachi build a tunnel... the router needs to forward the correct ports to the server from the external IP12:23
benpowers23i need help installing flash12:24
Incarus!ask | benpowers2312:24
ubottubenpowers23: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:24
GoldlineHowto find out what the ip is of the router or modem12:25
Goldlineis there an easy way12:25
Goldlineif you dontk now it12:25
darth_tux71Goldline, ifconfig12:25
Goldlineok but12:25
Goldlineheres the issue12:26
Goldlinethe routers web interface is not reachable from
schweegiif i try to send a fax with ffgtk i get the message that capifax is not arranged. what can i do?12:26
Goldlinewhat now?12:26
Goldlinecant forward12:26
GoldlineIts saying page cannot be displayed12:26
darth_tux71Goldline, how is that possible?12:26
izinucsGoldline: don't use enter for punctuation.. the IP of the router is probably or 1.1 (on the end)12:26
GoldlineI really dontk now, do you?12:26
darth_tux71der me sorry12:27
benpowers23to install flash on my compute i was told to use     sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree   and it didnt work can someone help me?12:27
* darth_tux71 hangs head in shame and goes back to lurking12:27
jribGoldline: route -n will tell you12:27
farsheedsudo apt-get update12:27
jribbenpowers23: "didn't work" means?12:28
izinucsbenpowers23: did you restart the router?12:28
benpowers23sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree12:28
izinucsbenpowers23: sorry  .. firefox12:28
Incarusbenpowers23, what do you mean with "didnt work", any error messages?12:28
Goldlineits a cable modem, whats the most likely address?12:28
benpowers23i just quit there12:28
izinucsGoldline: you don't have a separate router? You're using the router built into the cable modem?12:29
Incarusbenpowers23, try to install just the flash player, not nsplugin-thing12:29
dlihow do I disable the shown text 'Applications' in the system menu? i.e., only showing the icon instead of icon and 'Applications'12:30
benpowers23ok, using the software center?12:30
Goldlineizinucs i tried both and no responsei n the web interface12:31
Incarusbenpowers23, doenst matter12:31
izinucsGoldline: you don't have a separate router? You're using the router built into the cable modem?12:31
Goldlinewebpage cannot be displayed12:31
jribGoldline: did you try the command I gave you?12:31
GoldlineIm on xp now12:31
DciteI wonder if there is a way to make gnome power manager force a redectionn of the power state.12:31
IncarusGoldline, what router do you have?12:31
izinucsGoldline: then I've no idea what the router address is..12:32
jribGoldline: this channel is for ubuntu support :/12:32
benpowers23incarus, thank you12:32
DciteGoldline: your gateway IP should normally be the router address, though not all cable modems accept connections.12:33
tphiveI'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 as OEM, ultimately I want it to be Netbook Edition, but I've tried UNE, Desktop, AND Alternate. NONE OF THEM are giving me the option upon boot to install as OEM. What on earth am I missing?!?!?12:34
IncarusGoldline, read the manual.12:34
izinucsthere usually isn't a manual for an ISP supplied cable modem/router12:35
GoldlineBliva go ahead12:35
Goldlinewhich modem is it12:35
Incarustphive: http://media.cdn.ubuntu-de.org/wiki/attachments/09/38/oem000.png (ik its german, but should be clear)12:35
Goldlinethats unclear to us12:35
benpowers23incarus, the software center says waiting for apt-get to exit12:35
GoldlineIts actually bliva12:35
Goldlinehe doesntk now which modem it is and how he is connected12:36
Incarusbenpowers23, try "sudo apt-get -f install"12:36
Dr_Willistphive:  so you have some sort of special OEM disk? I thought the OEM feature was for People like DELL and so on to easially make a 'custome' ubuntu setup for specific hardware/12:36
GoldlineBliva do you have anymore info12:36
gvandeweyerhi all12:36
gvandeweyerI'm fiddling with sudoers configuration and could use some help12:36
GoldlineI tried the routers ip12:37
Dr_Willistphive:  a forum thread on the OEM topic --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146069412:37
gvandeweyerI'm trying to change the targetpw settings for a single (or couple) of users12:37
gvandeweyeris this possible?12:37
tphiveIncarus: I know, I've seen a similar image from this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview    it's about verison 8 though, when booting v10.04 there are VERY few options. :(12:37
GoldlineIts non-reponsive12:37
Goldlinethe one shown in ipconfig in xp or ifconfig in ubuntu12:37
gvandeweyerI want to allow apache user to run scripts as other (non-root!) user, but apache does not have password12:37
=== Zilla_ is now known as Zillaaah
tphiveDr_Willis: It's supposed to be on all disks, but I saw that thread too, and so I downloaded the Alternate version, and STILL nothing. >.< I'm installing from a USB thumbdrive, but I don't think that really makes any difference.12:38
benpowers23incarus,   http://paste.ubuntu.com/526281/12:38
gvandeweyerso 'echo passwd | sudo -u otheruser -S bash -c ""' syntax would be the option, but I don't want to inverse the default sudoers settings (ask own password) for all users, since they don't need to have root password12:38
Mr_Blikhi all12:39
Incarusbenpowers23, kill first dpkg proccesses with kill12:39
Dr_Willistphive:  wiki page says its on the DVD's12:39
Mr_Blikhi all (i've said it twice already)12:39
Dr_Willishttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview  Note: as of Ubuntu 8.04, the DVD contains an OEM installation mode, which can be found in the boot options.12:39
GoldlineCan you clarify: do you also need to forward ports in a cable modem if ur directly connected to the internet12:40
cucoritkaMr_Blik, hello :)12:40
DciteMr_Blik: If you have a question, just ask instead of greeting12:40
Goldlineaswell as with a dsl modem12:40
Mr_Blikgood idea12:40
Mr_Blikhow do i fix splashy12:40
benpowers23incarus, how12:40
Dr_Willis!info splashy12:40
ubottuPackage splashy does not exist in maverick12:40
tphiveDr_Willis: hm... FOrgot there are actually full dvd's available somewhere, got a link? OTherwise I'll see if I can find it.12:40
Incarustphive, it should be in the alternative cd12:40
Incarusbenpowers23, ps -u USERNAME | grep dpkg12:41
Dr_Willistphive:  i dont even really see what the 'oem' installer does exactly different from a normal install.12:41
tphiveIncarus: I thought the same thing, not though. :\12:41
=== az_ is now known as overlordtm
Mr_Blikany ideas12:41
coz_Mr_Blik,  I have never used splashy12:41
coz_Mr_Blik, let me check online12:41
Mr_Blikcoz_:  go ahead12:42
Incarustphive, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=d0bb3d88a443986450c82c1d6121387b&p=9162234#post916223412:42
tphiveIt allows the computer to be set up as if it were new from the store, so when you turn it on it starts the "Out of the box experience", where you make your account and everything.12:42
tphiveDr_Willis: It allows the computer to be set up as if it were new from the store, so when you turn it on it starts the "Out of the box experience", where you make your account and everything.12:43
GoldlineYou wanna answer my question please?12:43
Dr_Willistphive:  so thats it?  it basically delays the 'ask user for their initial username/password' untill the next reboot eh.12:43
Mr_Blikabout me\?12:44
Dr_Willisactually Im suprised thats not the default really. be less to ask during the install. :)12:44
greppyGoldline: if your server has an IP in the RFC1918 space (google is your friend) you will need to forward ports.12:44
ComradeHaz`Goldline, your question doesn't seem to be particularly Ubuntu related12:44
Goldlinedo you also have to forward ports in a cable modem because with a dsl modem you have to forward ports for gameservers etc...12:44
Goldlineplease calrify12:44
Goldlinedoes that work the same with cable?12:45
ComradeHaz`Goldline, your question still doesn't seem to be particularly Ubuntu related.12:45
greppyWhat is the IP of your server?12:45
bazhangGoldline, how is this related to Ubuntu? you're using xp12:45
sirlarkanyone know anything about diskless boot on ubuntu?12:45
coz_Mr_Blik,  I have no idea...maybe install startupmanager... I believe that can deal with splashy12:45
tphiveDr_Willis Basically, oh, but it allows you to set everything up/ make any tweaks on a temp account before preparing it for the end user. It's mainly meant for machines that are to be sold.12:45
Incarustphlive, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/ubuntu-10-04-live-cd-installer-gets-a-slick-new-look/ text under picture 112:45
GoldlineNo, im using ubuntu aswell12:45
Goldlinethe question related to ubuntu12:46
histosirlark: yes12:46
Mr_Blikcoz_:  already have that one (:12:46
36DAARLV5so, the new adobe flash plugin that came today crashes in fullscreen on hardy. any ideas ?12:46
histo!anyone | sirlark12:46
ubottusirlark: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:46
benpowers23incarus, i used your cmd, but it did nothing12:46
greppyGoldline: actually, it sounds more like your question is general network related, please see my PM.12:46
izinucstphive: I was wondering about the setup.. nice to know.12:46
Incarusbenpower23, whats your username=12:46
paolobHi guys! since maverick I cannot change the wallpaper any more. Whatever image I select in the background properties, the wallpaper doesn't change. Any hint? thank you!12:46
benpowers23incarus, ben12:47
Incarusbenpower23, so type "ps -u root" and look for "dpkg" or something smiliar and kill that process with "sudo kill NUMBER"12:47
tphiveizinucs: a handy function, that 'theoretically' works. lol Nothing successful here yet though.12:47
sirlarkhisto: I've got a server; tftpf, nfs-server, dnsmasq all running. My client machine boots off PXE, loads the initramfs, but can't mount the NFS root because it can't find eth0.12:47
sirlarkI've added the appropriate network card modules to the modules list for the initramfs12:48
hvipenHello!! Here's a problem. Ubunto10.10 - wlan0+eth0+eth1. wlan0 connected to internet. eth0 connected to a Cisco router. eth1 bridge to vmware workstation. Problem=12:48
histosirlark: no idea on that one perhaps someone else can help12:48
hvipenif installed is blocking eth0+eth112:48
dl551Is there any way to dim the display further? Even at display brightness set at 0 it's still bright12:49
tphiveIncarus: I actually don't even see the 'one button' screen. Just the one with 7 or so options, just none of them are what I want. :P Found a DVD download though, looks like it might just be extra languages though, can't tell.12:49
tphivethe full DVD download of Ubuntu, what does that include that the smaller CD sized versions don't? IT is just languages?12:50
Incarustphive, did you try F1, F2, ... ?12:50
jribtphive: includes the main repository iirc12:50
hvipencab iptables be configured with multible lan interfaces?12:50
tphiveIncarus Every single Fkey.:P12:50
nickname-newubuntu is just awesome12:50
Dr_Willisiptables is so configurable.. its scary...12:51
tphivejrib: any idea if it has functional OEM features that the others for some reason don't?12:51
36DAARLV5so, the new adobe flash plugin that came today ( crashes in fullscreen in FireFox (3.6.12)on hardy (8.04.4 lts). any ideas ? or should i just try to install an older flash until they decide to actually test it ?12:51
hvipeniknow - tried firestarter and guarddog - doesn't meet my needs12:51
jribtphive: I don't know.  You tried the alternate cd?12:51
ozfalconI just created a user on a server. But I cant ssh into the server as the new user! Any Ideas?12:51
jribozfalcon: using passwords?12:52
Incarustphive, you should choose "Innstall Ubuntu" and then "OEM-Installation"12:52
tphivejrib: I did, :( No luck there either. Tried UNE, Desktop, and Alt so far.12:52
hvipenso no real hacker here?12:52
jrib!iptables > hvipen12:53
ubottuhvipen, please see my private message12:53
histotphive: language packs is the difference12:53
Kacohvipen, what do you need?12:53
noob-tuxhvipen: why are u looking for hackers? go join #defcon or #backtrack-linux :P12:53
hvipenimean hacke not hackert12:53
=== nouitfvf is now known as nouitfvf|aw
benpowers23incarus, i used sudo kill 9284  which was dpkg, but no confirmation and it didnt start in the software canter12:54
tphiveIncarus: On which version? Am trying it on alt right now.12:54
jrib!away > nouitfvf|aw12:54
ubottunouitfvf|aw, please see my private message12:54
hvipenis it a channel for pure network hacking?12:55
ozfalconjrib, yes using passwords12:55
jpt1105i need some help with my internal mic in acer aspire one 532h12:55
Incarusbenpowers23, pls paste "ps -u root"12:55
bazhanghvipen, here? no12:55
jribozfalcon: can you ssh localhost successfully?12:55
sirlarkokay, failing that that anyone point me to an up to date (i.e. works on lucid) guide for diskless boot on ubuntu12:56
Dr_Willissetting up iptables rules is network hacking?12:56
sirlarks/that that/that, can/12:56
Dr_WillisI dont think so.12:56
ozfalconjrib, I can ssh with the original install account. (Infact it's the only way to access the box).12:56
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.12:56
hvipendo you know how?12:56
hvipenyes but i have multiple interfaces12:57
benpowers23incarus,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/526287/12:57
Dr_Willisive read iptables tutorials and guides in the past. but not needed to use it in proberly 17+mo.12:57
FlyOnZeWallHello, does anybody have any creative solutions for locking the screen on a tablet pc that doesn't include an on-screen keyboard?12:58
Incarusbenpowers23, "sudo kill -s KILL 9261" "sudo kill -s KILL 9284" "sudo kill -s KILL 9973" and "sudo kill -s KILL 10093"12:58
FlyOnZeWallpreferably with already written software12:58
hvipenhow do i tell iptables that eth0 + eth1 are local ant wlan0 is internet , and i can still route between locals?12:58
FlyOnZeWallhvipen, you have your routing working aside from iptables?12:59
dlihvipen, that's the job of routing tables, not iptables12:59
yoshieubuntu 10.10 64 bit did they fix the nvidia GT 240 problem yet? so i can install 10.1013:00
Aijsemoonlight ( isnt working for me anymore in ff 3.6.12. Any known problems or fixes?13:00
karthick87Thunderbird Error: "Thunderbird is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Thunderbird process, or restart your system."13:00
FlyOnZeWallhvipen, so if you do "ip route", it shows correct information?13:00
tphiveWhen installing 10.04 from USB pendrive, does it remove the options at the bottom like F6 for more options and whatnot? Or is it like that on the CD too?13:01
hvipen192.168.23.0   UG    0      0        0 eth013:01
hvipen192.168.55.0   UG    0      0        0 eth013:01
hvipen172.16.131.0    *        U     0      0        0 vmnet813:01
FlyOnZeWallyoshie, what nvidia problem was that?13:01
hvipen192.168.22.0   UG    0      0        0 eth013:01
FloodBot1hvipen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:01
hvipen192.168.22.0    *        U     0      0        0 eth013:01
hvipen172.16.1.0   UG    0      0        0 eth013:01
histohvipen: stop13:01
FlyOnZeWallhvipen, never ever ever do that again in any channel13:01
Kacohvipen, stop flooding ... however your eth0 has too many IP addresses :)13:01
hvipennew here13:02
yoshieflyonzewall: when installing 10.10 , first day it came out it did not support nvidia gt 240 as in im guessing didnt have the prop driver yet13:02
Aijsekarthick87, in terminal:  ps -aux|grep thunderbird  that sudo kill "insert proces number"13:02
xukunis there somebody here who can help me the first steps of setting my 2x1tb disks for raid1 and lvm?13:02
Incarusyoshie, whats the problem?13:02
anygivennamewhat does the findtime on fail2ban refers to?13:03
yoshieincarus: prob is i cant finish ubuntu install because it didnt support my video card, so im wondering if they have updated since the first day it was released 10.1013:03
karthick87Aijse: Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See http://procps.sf.net/faq.html13:03
hvipenno- eth0 is connected to a cisco13:03
karthick87karthick  3170  0.0  0.0   3320   796 pts/0    S+   06:33   0:00 grep --color=auto thunderbird13:03
FlyOnZeWallxukun, I take it you've read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/RAID1%2BLVM13:03
hvipenbehind cisco 3 networks13:04
tphiveThanks for the help guys, haven't quite solved the issue yet, but I'll come back to it later.13:04
FlyOnZeWallyoshie, should be fine, I'm using a brand new nvidia card and I've had no trouble at all13:04
Incarustphive, http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/oem-config13:04
mrnelson1986yoshie, i have a nvidia GT 330M and it takes some finagling but by using the "nomodeset" option you can get a GUI to show and finish your install until you can install the proprietary nvidia drivers...nouveau does not work on the 200-300M series I think13:04
Aijsekarthick87, sorry suposed to be karthick8713:04
yoshieFlyonzewall: ok but is that the gt 240 ?13:04
Aijsekarthick87, ps aux|grep thunderbird13:05
Incarusyoshie, installation in low graphic mode should work, because it doens't use the nvidia driver / (nouveau?)13:05
benpowers23incarus,  i killed em all but dpkg refuses to die13:05
yoshieIncarus: ok so whats the command for low graphics?13:06
karthick87which is the process no here "karthick  3221  0.0  0.0   3320   800 pts/0    S+   06:36   0:00 grep --color=auto thunderbird13:06
mrnelson1986yoshie, nomodeset added to the boot line of the live cd will let you set up and install, also adding nomodeset to the boot line of the actual installation will let you get to a gui13:06
Incarusbenpowers23, pls paste again (new paste ;) )13:06
mrnelson1986nomodeset is the command (added to the quiet splash line of the boot line) yoshie13:06
Incarusyoshie, I think you can choose that when booting the cd13:06
mrnelson1986yoshie, also you may be able to do it by hitting F6 and choosing nomodeset13:07
FlyOnZeWallis there some channel regarding tablet pc issues and ubuntu?13:07
Aijsekarthick87, Is that the only line that comes up?13:07
yoshieok thanks guys appreciate it.13:07
benpowers23incarus,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/526297/13:07
tphiveIncarus: An interesting find, would this still work though    sudo oem-config-prepare           so the config account is deleted13:08
karthick87Aijse: Yes13:08
Incarustphive, I never tried it13:08
hvipenso nobody here master in firewalls?13:09
iceroothvipen: #iptables13:09
hvipeniknow but im stuck13:09
Aijsekarthick87, Than there are no processes running that belong to thunderbird. THe one you found now was the proces of the grep command I told you to use. I dont know howcome it acts like there is a window open in this case13:09
tphiveIncarus mkay, best lead so far, thanks13:09
Incarusbenpowers23, "sudo killall -s TERM dpkg" and "sudo killall -s KILL dpkg", should work.13:09
hvipenit works for 2 interfaces but not 313:10
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karthick87Aijse: Restarting the system also din solve the problem13:10
=== zul_ is now known as wakkarto
bradwhat's the recommended (most supported) virtual machine for ubuntu 10.10?13:11
starkвсем привет13:11
wakkartoniew pa rosky13:12
Incarus!en | stark13:12
ubottustark: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:12
ZykoticK9brad, personally I'd recommend VirtualBox - but VMware or KVM work too.13:12
Incarusbrad, I would recommend VirtualBox too.13:12
bradvirtualbox it is then, thanks guys :-)13:12
Aijsekarthick87, Ask again, include the fact you found no proces of thunderbird running and restarting didnt fix it. I dont understand whas wrong13:13
bradI presume it works find on headless servers too?13:13
jose1105i need some help with my internal mic in acer aspire one 532H13:13
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Incarus!ask | jose110513:14
ubottujose1105: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:14
ZykoticK9brad, if you want it for a server install, then perhaps VMware or KVM might be better actually....  good luck man (VirtualBox doesn't have an "easy" way to start VMs on boot, and I believe that VMware or KVM does)13:14
bradahh, thanks ZykoticK913:15
rooksbrad, theres normal headless vm support of vm13:15
rooksbrad, in virtualbox13:16
ozfalconI have created a new user on a headless server. But can't login as new user. Auth.log says PAM: user unknown.... how do I fix this?13:16
rooksbrad, i forgot its name, but its there, vboxremote or sth like that13:16
histoozfalcon: did you give the newuser a passwd and assign them any groups?13:16
kephucan anyone tell me how do I keep grub from pausing to mince my cdrom every time I boot? I mean, it's not like it does anything with it, there's no menu.lst items that tell it to "hey do something with the cdrom drive okay awesome"13:16
bradrooks: thanks, will look at both13:17
ZykoticK9ozfalcon, you can verify the user exists or doesn't by using "cat /etc/password | grep YOURNEWUSERNAME" - and yes, using "sudo passwd NEWUSERNAME" will set a password.13:17
ozfalconhisto, yes to both. sudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash -U -p password sentinal13:17
rooksbrad, the commoand for virtualbox headless is: vboxheadless, it comes along normal virtualbox-ose package, tho im sure its in virtualbox-puel13:17
histokephu: grub shouldn't be looking at the cdrom your bios mostlikely is13:17
ozfalconZykoticK9, User exists in /etc/passwd13:18
ZykoticK9ozfalcon, using adduser instead of useradd is a lot easier BTW13:18
histoozfalcon: seconds adduser13:18
roberto_ajuda aqui13:18
kephuhisto, it happens when grub kicks in, not sooner. And the moment I pop the CD open, grub goes from "okay grub is loading" to "here's your menu kind sir make your selection now yes"13:18
Incarus!br | roberto_13:19
ubotturoberto_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:19
roberto_preciso de ajuda13:19
roberto_saindo aqui13:19
histokephu: are you using grub2?13:19
Incarusroberto_ it is an english channel13:20
kephuhisto, I assume so. I'm using whatever the default in 10.10 is13:20
mexxi'm trying to install x11 on a 10.04 server and it hangs while Unpacking libxfixes313:20
ozfalconok. Using "adduser" worked and enabled ssh via that (new) user. Thanks.13:21
histokephu: can you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg13:21
jamesstanleyHow do you change the text colour of the Gnome clock? In the guest session it is fine, but on my account if I use the Ambiance theme the clock is black-on-black and the theme can't really be used13:22
SembianceMy computer was not powered off correctly (power loss). Now when booting I'm just starting at the Ubuntu logo. Is there a Key Combination I can press to view a console log of what it is doing right now?13:22
SembianceI'd like to see the boot process. My guess is it's doing a disk check or something13:22
histoSembiance: you can hold the shift key to get a grub menu13:22
jamesstanleySembiance: i would try f2, ctrl-alt-f1, ctrl-alt-f2 in that order13:22
kephuhisto, I could, but it's completely unmodified13:22
histoSembiance: then you should be able to boot to recovery mode13:23
IncarusSembiane, are you using kde?13:23
mexxSembiance: or boot in recovery mode13:23
histokephu: well it should have your menu entries in it.13:23
kephuhisto, also, this is not exclusive to ubuntu, this happens every time I get my linux on13:23
histokephu: make sure there is nothing related to cdrom.  I would double check your bios boot sequence13:23
SembianceIncarus: no, not using KDE, but not at that point yet.13:24
SembianceStill at the ubuntu menu with 5 red dots that are not changing heh13:24
kephuhisto, searching for "cd" in grub.cfg yields nothing13:24
Sembiancejamesstanley: tried those, none of them worked13:24
mohanohiNo sound, using ubuntu 9.10 64bit, removed pulse audio and installed esd, please help13:24
Sembiancehisto: I'll give it a few more minutes then try rebooting and using the grub menu, thank you13:24
mohanohino sound app in system>preference13:24
histokephu: no anything that isn't a uuid for a boot option etc..13:24
jamesstanleymohanohi: is the volume turned up? that was my problem, it came with it defaulted to 9% volume13:24
histoSembiance: yeah or you can try hitting ctrl+alt+f1 through F613:25
gnomefreakkephu: you maybe want to try #linux if we can not help you here, but if it is not just Ubuntu that would be a better place IMHO13:25
mohanohijamesstanley: yes it is, i checked it through alsomixer13:25
kephualso, it's not that it tries to BOOT from CD-rom. What happens is this: grub outputs its plain "grub is loading", THEN minces the cd, then, after it's done with that, it loads the menu13:25
mohanohijamesstanley: i mean alsamixer13:25
tgywawhere can I download Ubuntu emergency boot disk ? for Ubuntu 10.04 + 64 bit server?13:25
gnomefreakscratch my comment above this sounds like harware issue13:25
gnomefreaktgywa: from ubuntu.com13:26
mohanohiplease help me............13:27
gnomefreakto rescue a borked installl or bug you use the normal image13:27
ZykoticK9mohanohi, did you have sound prior to removing Pulse?  If so, why did you remove Pulse?13:28
ghisen|homeAnyone good at the route command? I would like the traffic to IP x.x.x.x to go on eth0 instead of tap0(vpn)13:30
histotgywa: just use the install cd13:30
jamesstanleyghisen|home: i think: route add x.x.x.x dev eth013:30
ghisen|homejamesstanley, thanks13:30
kephuokay, here's something ubuntu-related: I have a broadcom 4328 wireless card, and it offers to install restricted drivers for it. Problem is, all of them are blacklisted.13:30
dlikephu, is it by the b43 driver?13:32
michhi there annyboday an idea, im trying to upgrade from server 10.04 to 10.10 like it is told on ubuntu.com but 10.4 system told me nothing to ubdate  using cmd do-release-upgrade and set config to normal bevore13:32
ghisen|homejamesstanley, didn't work :/13:32
jamesstanleyghisen|home: in that case i can't help13:33
kephudli, probably. jockey.log lists a couple, but yeah, b43 was one of them13:33
ghisen|homejamesstanley, maybe i need to define the GW aswell? not its * on that route13:33
mohanohiZykoticK9: no :(13:33
histomich: sudo do-release-upgrade13:34
michi did it as root13:34
jamesstanleyghisen|home: i got it wrong, i meant "ip route add x.x.x.x dev eth0"13:34
dlikephu, or you can try the broadcom binary driver13:34
michChecking for a new ubuntu release13:34
michNo new release found13:34
ghisen|homejamesstanley, oh ok i try that.. thanks13:34
michwas printed13:34
jamesstanleyghisen|home: i don't know how to do it with the route program, but i believe the ip program is now the preferred method anyway13:34
DJonesmich: You might find that because its 10.04 which is a LTS version, its only looking for a new LTS version, have a look at http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade and the Ubuntu servers section for instructions on how to upgrade13:34
kephuI forget, dli, how do I un-blacklist b43 then?13:35
mohanohiZykoticK9: i am unable to find sound app in preference too. what to do?13:35
ghisen|homejamesstanley, it says: RTNETLINK answers: File exists13:35
michid did all the steps mentioned on the website13:35
=== administrator is now known as Guest27648
jamesstanleyghisen|home: "ip route del x.x.x.x", and then run the ip route add i gave above13:35
dlikephu, b43 is part of kernel, you need the firmware-b43-installer package13:35
ghisen|homeah ok13:36
xukunI'm creating raid1 and lvm but after I do this: "lvcreate --name LV --size 1863.02G VG " I get this message: Rounding up size to full physical extent 1.82 TiB  Insufficient free extents (476932) in volume group VG: 476934 required13:36
Incarusmich, "update-manager -d"13:36
tgywahisto, I am buring ... the iso file ... into a CD. Is that all what I need? in that case the Live CD is th same as the the install CD ... right?13:36
erUSULIncarus: that will upgrade to 10.0413:36
erUSULIncarus: that will upgrade to 11.0413:36
xukun--zise is the sum of my 2x1b disks13:36
Guest2056and besides, it's a server13:36
Guest2056no X13:37
kephudli: jockey.log seems to indicate b43's blacklisted, though13:37
IncaruserUSUL, 10.1013:37
=== Guest2056 is now known as vega-
ghisen|homejamesstanley, still not going out on eth0... thanks anyway13:37
michsorry im still per ssh13:37
michisnt updatemanager a gui13:37
jamesstanleyghisen|home: in that case, i recommend reading this http://lartc.org/13:37
erUSUL-d is development version. right now dev version is 11.04.13:37
mohanohiplease help me.........13:38
DiyttoI have a ppc mac g413:38
ghisen|homejamesstanley, i will. thanks13:38
Incarus!ask | mohanohi13:38
ubottumohanohi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:38
HiddenHeroDHhi i need Binary File Descriptor (BFD) library, where to find???13:38
erUSULmich: maybe asking  in #ubuntu-server ?13:38
DiyttoI was wondering which cd i should get from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/maverick/release13:38
mohanohiilli gandasaru yaru ilwa?13:38
dlikephu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx13:38
michok thanks13:38
mohanohiIncarus: my system is not outputting audio, using ubuntu 9.10 64 bit,13:39
Incarusmohanohi, try "alsamixer" in terminal and look if something is muted13:39
HiddenHeroDHi need Binary File Descriptor (BFD) library, where to find???13:39
quiescensxukun: just use " --extents 100% " or " --extents 476932 " instead of --size or something13:39
vega-mohanohi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting13:40
mohanohiIncarus: no.13:40
mohanohiIncarus: everything is alright, its not muted13:40
DiyttoShould i get the desktop cd or alternate installer cd for my ppc from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/maverick/release13:40
dlimohanohi, fuser /dev/snd/*13:40
mohanohivega- how can i install sound app?13:40
mohanohidli: ok..13:40
lackvoidHi, I screwed up the my HDD partition table by carelessly rewriting mbr in testdisk. Now my ntfs 500gb partition is gone. How do i recover all the data?13:40
vega-mohanohi: "sound app" ?13:40
nijanHello, i have installed ubuntu latest but can't connect to the internet because firefox (only the ubuntu version) idles on loading this authentication page. can anybody help? https://auth3.unipi.it/auth/perfigo_weblogin.jsp?cm=ws32vklm&uri=https://auth3.unipi.it/13:40
mohanohivega- sound app in preference has vanished..13:41
=== detoxica_ is now known as detoxica
idefinehow do I select the nouveau drivers in ubuntu 10.10? I currently have the nvidia binary drivers installed13:41
mohanohidli: ok, did that, nothing happened.13:41
nijanis there any problem with https?13:41
rigvedlackvoid: i think there's some software called partition magic13:41
dlilackvoid, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk13:41
lackvoidrigved, windows? or ubunut?13:41
xukunquiescens, like this: lvcreate --name LV --extents 100% VG13:41
dlimohanohi, aplay /dev/urandom13:42
rigvedlackvoid: windows13:42
lackvoiddli, I tried searching for lost paritions in testdisk, didnt get anything13:42
kephudli, see, this doesn't work. Because THE DRIVERS ARE BLACKLISTED.13:42
pirrohhi, got a strange issue with 10.10 and the theming engine -- basically the window decorator works but the theme does not13:42
mohanohidli: Playing raw data '/dev/urandom' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono13:42
mohanohiInvalid rate plugin version 1000213:42
pirrohsomebody saw this bug in launchpad?13:42
mohanohidli: no sound :(13:42
quiescensxukun: 100%VG without a space, or 100%FREE13:42
lackvoidrigved, let me try partition magic.. any other solution?13:42
PhantomStringlackvoid: You have options, you can go the forensics route and manually rewrite the MBR in hex or you could just use a bootable CD with Partition Table Doctor or something equivalent13:43
Incarusnijan, .lsp stands for javaserver pages, sure that java is installed?13:43
quiescensxukun: oh wait, VG is a different argument isn't it13:43
kephudli, the step that says "Under the desktop menu System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers, the STA drivers can be activated for use. " doesn't work - it won't let me activate the driver13:43
nijanIncarus, nk13:43
lackvoidPhantomString, I am new to this.. Can you point me to any tools or links for this?13:43
nijanIncarus, not at all, it is a vanilla installation13:44
hosedsystemcan someone please tell me what to do? Upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 left my system completely bricked.13:44
jcrawfordugh really no Gnome in Ubuntu 1113:44
PhantomStringlackvoid: start here: http://www.ptdd.com/mbr.htm13:44
jcrawfordwhy not leave it as an option and just make Unity the default?13:44
rigvedlackvoid: http://www.ntfs.com/partition-recovery-concepts.htm13:44
jcrawfordGnome is widely used13:44
quiescensxukun: sorry, VG was your volume group name, altogether something like: "lvcreate --name LV --extents 100%FREE VG"13:44
nijanIncarus, isn't it a server based app?13:45
dlimohanohi, pulseaudio --start;pavucontrol13:45
nijanIt even worked with a vanilla lenny, which i don't think comes with java pre-installed13:45
mohanohidli: i uninstalled pulseaudio13:45
lyj_how to increase HISTSIZE in ubuntu?13:45
lyj_which file should I modify?13:46
lackvoidPhantomString, rigved : thanks.. i will try ptdd13:46
hosedsystemI triedto upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10, when I came back it stopped with a message box that said one of the .py scripts could not find/locate encoding latin1, from then on, nothing worked.  Booting stops, even in recovery mode.13:46
dlikephu, check the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist13:46
dlimohanohi, reinstall pulseaudio pavucontrol13:46
mohanohidli: ok13:46
lyj_how to increase HISTSIZE in ubuntu?13:47
lyj_Is there anyone can help me?13:47
rookslyj_, for terminal?13:47
mohanohidli: should i restart the system after installed pulseaudio?13:47
xukunquiescens, thaks a lot that worked perfectly13:47
rookslyj_, linecount backlog in terminal?13:47
rigvedlackvoid: urw13:47
hosedsystemso, ok.  basically no one in here knows what to do.13:48
mohanohidli: i mean after installing pulseaudio?13:48
Incarusnijan, not sure about that. that page doesnt work for me. sure that it is not caused by the page itself?13:48
PhantomStringlyj: change your /etc/profile to have export HISTSIZE=whatever13:48
quiescensxukun: its just that you were asking for 1863.02G and it probably had 1863.019G or something13:48
PhantomStringhosedsystem: One sec13:48
dlimohanohi, no need, just do "pulseaudio --start;pavucontrol"13:48
lyj_where is the default value 500 set?13:48
PhantomStringhosedsystem: What exactly happened?13:48
miguel000how do I get this mail symbol in my traybar? because I use another window manager and it does not start up automtically.13:48
xukunquiescens, I see13:48
mohanohidli: ok13:49
PhantomStringlyj: default is 100013:49
hosedsystemPhantomString: I tried to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10, when I came back it stopped with a message box that said one of the .py scripts could not find/locate encoding latin1, from then on, nothing worked.  Booting stops, even in recovery mode.13:49
lyj_Er... So where is it set?13:49
lyj_which file sets the default value?13:49
hosedsystemPhantomString: I guess that's expected behaviour when installation fails right somewhere in the middle13:50
mohanohidli: ok i opened pavucontrol, the sound was muted..... thank you very much.. now its working!!!!13:50
lyj_ which file sets the default value?13:51
hosedsystemPhantomString: but it did fail for no apparent reason, the 10.04 was a pretty vanilla installation, I followed the upgrade path directly.13:51
PhantomStringlyj: you can create a .bash_profile in your home directory and then just put in that file "export HISTSIZE=20000" or whatever number and then type source .bash_profile13:51
lyj_I just want to know where is the default value set...13:51
xukunquiescens, can you help me some more to install this ubuntu on this raid1 lvm? I can get it if you don't have time, no worries13:51
lyj_Can anyone tell me?13:51
PhantomStringhosedsystem: Well, you are not alone with many boxes getting a little messed up.  Question is... do you need to recover anything?13:52
orbitHello, i have Ubuntu 10.0.4 and every time i reboot my computer the visual effects are gone, someone know a way to fix this?13:52
36DAARLV5does anyone know how to change the lowest frequency of powernowd ? its set for 10000000 but i want it even lower.13:53
PhantomStringlyj: type find / -exec grep "HISTSIZE" {} \;13:53
Incarusorbit, have you got an intel graphic card?13:53
kv102tAnyone kn ow how easy it is to put a normal PC into a virtualBox ?13:53
lyj_Ah... That's a great deal of search13:53
hosedsystemPhantomString: It's a RAID 0 with all my embedded work on it13:53
dli36DAARLV5, cpufreq-info13:53
PhantomStringlyj: Well, I could just give you the answer or teach you to fish13:53
hosedsystemhosedsystem: it's "hosed life" when I cannot recover that thing13:53
rusivikv102t: Installing VMs in VirtualBox is very easy.13:53
orbitIncarus, i got a Nvidia 960013:54
36DAARLV5dli: ty13:54
kv102tI mean move a PC from real to virtual13:54
darth_tux71ok i got a question how do I change an icon theme?13:54
lyj_It's not a good idea to search. In other distro, the place is obvious.13:54
Diyttohttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/maverick/release which installer should i get13:55
rigvedorbit: even i have nvidia 9600 gt. mine works fine13:55
rusivikv102t: What is the cloning software your using?13:55
=== raven is now known as linux
=== linux is now known as _raven
PhantomStringlyj: You are not in another distro.  You are in ubuntu.  They have their own way of doing things.  Using FIND will allow you to discover this.13:55
hosedsystemPhantomString: I don't have a clue about what goes on under the hood in ubuntu.  What could I do/try?13:55
PhantomStringhosedsystem: Well, I would definitely boot into single user, if possible, and get the network up and try a apt-get install --fix-broken13:56
kv102trusivi: i have a few at my finger tips13:56
kv102tnorton ghost, clonezilla etc..13:56
rusivihosedsystem: Your best bet is if you need to recover information, pop in a Live CD and copy/paste to external media, then do fresh reinstall.13:56
darth_tux71nm got it13:57
hosedsystemPhantomString: how to boot into single user? at least grub2 seems to work still13:57
rusivikv102t: Regarding Ghost, you have Universal Imaging Utility?13:58
Sembiancehisto: I booted up into recovery mode, went to a command prompt, did  'touch /forcefsck'   rebooted. It checked all my disks. Now things work just fine. Thanks for your help:)13:58
DiyttoWhich installer should i get from here? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/maverick/release desktop cd ot alternative?13:58
hosedsystemrusivi: I don't have the raid 0 stuff in my head.  that will take me ages to figure out how to mount the raid 0 from the live system, I guess13:58
rusivihosedsystem: Did you make a full, RAID 0 system backup prior to upgrading?13:59
nijanHell, can anybody open this page using firefox installed on 10.04 ? https://auth3.unipi.it/auth/perfigo_weblogin.jsp?cm=ws32vklm&uri=https://auth3.unipi.it/13:59
kv102trusuvu: i think so. I have MiniPE CD13:59
hosedsystemrusivi: of course not.  I waited for 10.10 to be officially released to upgrade.13:59
MrsBDiytto: if its a normal desktop setup you want, go with the desktop one13:59
hosedsystemrusivi: a little naive14:00
rusivihosedsystem: A little? :D14:00
DiyttoMrsB: Thanks!14:00
DiyttoFinally an answer :014:00
rusivihosedsystem: Full backups before upgrading are always the way to go, irrelevant to what OS your upgrading from/to.14:00
MrsBDiytto: those are 4 bit and others tho14:00
DiyttoI have a ppc14:00
MrsBDiytto: 64 bit rather not 4 bit14:01
Diyttoyea lol14:01
hosedsystemruvisi: It never happend to my in *BSD so I thought...ahh.well... yes.  hugely naive ;)14:01
rusivihosedsystem: Then you were lucky.14:01
halI am trying to compile searchmonkey for my system, available from http://searchmonkey.embeddediq.com/index.php .  However, I have no idea how to compile it. Could someone offer me some advice.  See this screenshot  http://yfrog.com/73screenshot093p to see the files extracted14:01
PhantomStringhosedsystem: Edit your kernel line to say rw init=/bin/bash and boot that to see if it will work14:01
JovaroI just updated my server from 9.10 to 10.04 and not it tries to autostart X on startup. Which fails and the computer crashes. How can I prevent X from starting?14:01
=== root is now known as Guest3173
hosedsystemPhantomString: So I drop to the grub2 command line using 'c', and then I type "rw init=/bin/bash" and then "boot"?14:02
Guest3173whats new14:03
felix_-_Can someone please tell me how to get libstdc++ _5_ on my ubuntu 9.10? i cant find compatibility packages14:03
felix_-_i have a binary only package which links agains version 514:03
dekroningis it possible to play a video file as a screensaver?14:03
B-r00tdanielbw: yes14:03
Jovaroalso, I changed splash in grub to no-splash but I still get the splash screen. Does anybody know why?14:03
PhantomStringhosedsystem: when you get to the grub menu, hit E to edit the kernel that you are running, then find the kernel line and hit 'e' again and at the end, add that line, hit esc and hit 'b'14:03
macabreola, i have an existing pdf that i need to edit. i am using ubuntu 10, can anyone reccomend a pdf editor?14:03
Guest3173search always google first14:04
halcould anyone please help me?14:04
Guest3173whats the prob14:05
chrome_Anybody can point me out a good IM application, supporting msn and gtalk protocols?14:05
Guest3173chrome_  search google14:05
hosedsystemPhantomString: ok.  Let's assume that works.  I will probably drop into the shell.  What can I try then?14:05
chrome_Guest3173: no... I want to ear some opinions from here14:05
PhantomStringchrome_: try empathy14:06
OsamaKchrowe, or pidgin.14:06
thumbs`NOTICE: FREENODE IS CHANGING HOW YOU CONNECT TO IT! At 10pm EST tonight Freenode will enforce SASL for ALL connections! If you don't fix your client to use SASL, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE! PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND/OR MSG A STAFFER FOR DETAILS! thumbs` AaronMT shinthux chrome_ izinucs chiluk linuxguy101 saputra kevke shafic dekroning abhijeet macabre KindOne felix_-_ farsheed Vivek ericm|ubuntu abhinav_singh squizghaal MeFra myth_ Jova14:06
thumbs`NOTICE: FREENODE IS CHANGING HOW YOU CONNECT TO IT! At 10pm EST tonight Freenode will enforce SASL for ALL connections! If you don't fix your client to use SASL, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE! PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND/OR MSG A STAFFER FOR DETAILS! Destine nijan wet maxxxxxxx pmcgowan Cage Diytto ElNota huca2 dracor sniperjo anon33_ JanC_ irvy Keell vinc3nt mitiora Yopy richardjapenga ghisen|home DBEvil draioch Makarov littlebearz apelgate14:06
thumbs`NOTICE: FREENODE IS CHANGING HOW YOU CONNECT TO IT! At 10pm EST tonight Freenode will enforce SASL for ALL connections! If you don't fix your client to use SASL, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE! PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND/OR MSG A STAFFER FOR DETAILS! Hypnosekroete flashkidd krachny hughhalf nispaur dashua W1N9Zr0 brad forzan SimonP86 richardjapenga_ csgeek Slasher` hal award c0p3rn1c Rookie_one cm_ detoxica mackintosh117 tieinv dfgas kamarti14:06
chrome_ok :D14:06
MPXI mean, why do people bother? It's like streakers and whatnot. What's the attention good for? Damn script kiddies wasting their time.14:07
Chellwhat's this sasl now?14:07
PiciIts spam, ignore it.14:08
=== djuggler_ is now known as djuggler
* Chell goes back to sleep ...14:08
rusivikv102t: Universal Imaging Utility ( http://www.uiu4you.com/uiu-46.aspx ) creates hardware independent images to push from real to virtual w/ Ghost, Altiris, etc. If your in a production environment, looking for biz class support  and have the budget you may want consider it. If that is not a requirement/desire, feel free to try partimage/fsarchiver/clonezilla. fsarchiver claims highly caveated Windows HAL independence -> http://www.f14:08
FloodBot1rusivi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:08
dfgasyah seriously if freenode wanted to let us know that they would send us a server notice14:08
rusiviFloodBot1: nailed it.14:08
CaptainAwsomeguys, s'up? good? whats X11? what can i use it for?14:09
PhantomStringhosedsystem: Well, you can try fsck  first14:09
PhantomStringhosedsystem: after that, get your network up and running (wired) and then try to fix broken packages with apt-get14:10
ChellCaptainAwsome, If you have to ask, you probably never need to know;) It's the thing that does your display (in a nutshell)14:11
linuxguy101is that true about the freenode log in?14:11
MrsBCaptainAwsome: You can use X11 Forwarding to remotely run applications over ssh which display on your own desktop - look up X11 Forwarding14:11
Dr_Willislinuxguy101:  i doubt it.14:11
PhantomStringcaptainawsome: Your name is contradictory BUT it's the graphical part14:12
halI am trying to compile searchmonkey for my system, available from http://searchmonkey.embeddediq.com/index.php .  However, I have no idea how to compile it. Could someone offer me some advice.  See this screenshot  http://yfrog.com/73screenshot093p to see the files extracted14:12
linuxguy101Dr_Willis: that is what i was thinking14:12
AlinnWhat is the linux market share in server computers?14:12
Dr_Willislinuxguy101:  i would say if they were doin changes . they would have itn in the server MOTD.14:12
PhantomStringalinn: Server side, maybe 60-70%.  Not sure.14:13
linuxguy101Dr_Willis: Or have it posted in at the login of freenode..  Wonder why he is spamming that message.. What is he getting out of it?14:13
PhantomStringalinn: google runs linux :)14:13
Diyttoidoru: Nice :)14:13
xukunquiescens, ?14:14
toaderHi, when run my program by: ./myprogram >thelog.log 2>&1, how to flush the log to the logfile? as currently even my program has been printing the message, when i check the thelog.log, it is empty. I thinks the message are buffered.14:15
macabreso nobody edits pdf's in ubuntu? :)14:16
rusiviAlinn: The followin article describes the % of $ spent on linux, not the install base %, but good start -> http://www.idc.com/about/viewpressrelease.jsp?containerId=prUS22360110&sectionId=null&elementId=null&pageType=SYNOPSIS14:18
Euthanatoshow do i use exportCC=gcc to indicate the kernel compiler because everything I've tried either isn't there or doesn't match lucid 64 bit14:18
quiescensxukun: hmm? what are you trying to do? i'm kind of here14:20
rusivimacabre: When I want to edit PDFs I use the package openoffice.org-pdfimport (requires/uses OOo Draw)14:20
mkotwdhollo how i can do the power operator in pascal language14:20
=== sepehr1 is now known as sepehr
mkotwdanu help14:22
ActionParsnipmkotwd: wassup?14:23
Dr_Willismkotwd:  perhaps find a pascal tutorial or 2 via google?14:23
FlynsarmyThere's an infurating bug in 10.10 where on startup the notification area applet won't be sitting at the far right of the top panel - it'll be like 2 inches left. and when i try to 'move' it (unlocked) it wont move any further right even though there's nothing there. it'llmove left but not any further right. Anyone else experiencing this?14:23
Dr_WillisFlynsarmy:  not seen it do that.14:23
mkotwdActionParsnip: i search about how i can do the power function in pascal language14:24
mkotwdActionParsnip: i mean the operator , i try ** but it is not work14:24
noname_Hi guys i just installed empathy  inside ubuntu  , but i could not connect to my hotmail account with msn protocol ...;any help plz14:24
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: what desktop?14:24
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: gnome14:24
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: are there seperators there? It's hardly infuriating either14:25
ActionParsnipmkotwd: i'd ask in #pascal  or #delphi14:25
noname_ Hi guys i just installed empathy  inside ubuntu  , but i could not connect to my hotmail account with msn protocol ...;any help plz14:25
mkotwdActionParsnip: ok14:25
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: no separators. its just empty space between that applet and the clock14:25
Euthanatoshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46356 this is exactly what i get so does anyone have any idea how to use exportCC to indicate the kernel compiler?14:25
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: if you right click in the gap and select remove, does it vanish?14:26
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: if i right click in the gap it offers 'add to panel' there is no remove option - there's nothing there.14:26
AlinnPhantomString: rusivi: in Wikipedia is 60% . i didn't find in idc.com. is it correct?14:26
noname_ Hi guys i just installed empathy  inside ubuntu  , but i could not connect to my hotmail account with msn protocol ...;any help plz14:26
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: then you could reset the panels to default then rebuild14:26
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: how do i reset?14:27
PhantomStringalinn: Correct, meaning 100% accurate, probably not, but a great start and very close14:27
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel14:27
rusiviAlinn: Regarding Web Servers, Steve Ballmer noted in 2008 that 60% of web servers run Linux -> http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/151568/ballmer_still_searching_for_an_answer_to_google.html14:27
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: reboot required?14:27
chadiI installed cntlm, and it auto starts on boot, then i installed bum and unchecked cntlm, it stills attempts to load. How can I prevent it from loading?14:27
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: no, this isn't windows14:28
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: haha touche14:28
SomelauwWhen printing my colors are fucked up. Is it likely to be linux or is my printer broken?14:28
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: the only time you need a reboot is to load a new kernel14:28
IdleOne!language | Somelauw14:28
ubottuSomelauw: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:28
ActionParsnipSomelauw: keep the language PG14:28
SomelauwWhen printing my colors are messed up. Is it likely to be linux or is my printer broken?14:29
Dr_Willischadi:  bum handles SysV type init processses. but not the newer upstart ones perhaps.. (bum is rather old) - If its ran by upstart. there will be an init scrpt for cntlm in /etc/init/ you could rename to disable it.14:29
Dr_WillisSomelauw:  ive had drivers mess up the colors.14:29
GoldlineGreppy ur here14:29
ActionParsnipSomelauw: much :)  thanks :)14:29
Dr_WillisSomelauw:  Got a Canon printer that ubuntu auto configured.. but it dosent print properly. :(14:29
ZanQdoIm having trouble installing 10.10 SE from a stick14:30
ZanQdoit hangs on Verifying DMI Pool Data ........................ Update Success14:30
ActionParsnipZanQdo: did you MD5 test the ISO before transferring it?14:30
SomelauwYes, it was autoconfigured. Printing black/white works fine, but colors are printed very ugly.14:30
ZanQdoActionParsnip: no14:30
chadiDr_Willis, there's no cntlm entry in /etc/init/14:30
ActionParsnipZanQdo: ahhhh thats not an ubuntu issue.14:30
ZanQdoActionParsnip: no?14:30
ZanQdoits the bios?14:30
noname_Empathy doesn't work with hotmail account for me .any help14:31
Dr_Willischadi:  check the old sysv dirs then perhaps. Ive no idea what cntlm even is.14:31
ActionParsnipZanQdo: power off the system, take the power cable out of the back and let it site for half an hour14:31
AlinnPhantomString: rusivi: Thanks a lot :)14:31
ZanQdoActionParsnip: ok14:31
ActionParsnipZanQdo: you should also check the ISO before using it as you have no way of knowing if the ISO was complete or consistent14:31
camer0n_Hey, just what is required to set up a minimalist mail server. I am wanting to be able to have my pc tell me when it performs something in a script14:32
SomelauwAlthough my testprint works fine.14:32
GoldlineGreppy ur here14:32
ActionParsnipZanQdo: the errors on the system are stopping it booting, you can test the ISO whilst the errors clear14:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:32
ActionParsnipcamer0n_: you can use sendmail in cli14:32
chadiDr_Willis, thank you; I will try installing sysv-rc-conf14:32
spiekeyis there a intrepid repo archive somewhere?14:33
erUSULcamer0n_: a nullmailer like ssmptp or esmtp ?14:33
ActionParsnipspiekey: very unlikely, intrepid is dead and gone14:33
leafwizHey, latest update of ubuntu broke my wifi :( on my dell m1330. Anyone have a fix?14:33
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.14:33
camer0n_ActionParsnip, does this need to be setup? i tried using it last night and it didn't work14:33
erUSUL!eol > spiekey14:33
ubottuspiekey, please see my private message14:33
camer0n_erUSUL, i wouldn't have any idea what either of those mean... i just want to be able to send an email :S14:33
erUSULspiekey: old-releases.ubuntu.com iirc14:33
ActionParsnipcamer0n_: not sure, i'm only aware of it. It will need access to a mail server14:33
Dr_Willischadi:  the sysv scripts these days for the most part are Upstart scripts/links to them.    Most services/tools are converting to Upstart methods, so its worth learning.14:34
Sorensenhello ppl. I got some problem with grub. Anyone want to helt me?14:34
Dr_WillisSorensen:  state the issue to the channel..14:34
chadiDr_Willis, where are they exactly?14:34
ActionParsnipleafwiz: run: sudo lshw -C network    you can search for guides based on the product line14:34
halok forget searchmonkey - can anyone recommend a good GUI for find/grep?14:34
ActionParsniphal: why do you need a gui, find and grep are easy to use14:34
Dr_Willischadi:  upstart  uses /etc/init   Sysv - uses the /etc/rc* type dirs.14:34
halActionParsnip: because I prefer to point and click rather than type a long-winded command14:35
Dr_Willissearch the package manager tool? see if it has any allready there?14:35
erUSULhal: find is in Aplications>Accesories>Search14:35
Jovarohow can I stop ubuntu from autostarting X on startup?14:35
Dr_WillisJovaro:  disable the GDM service in /etc/init/14:36
ActionParsniphal: you will need to type the search strings so its not point and click even with a gui, you could write a script then write a python gui. much quicker and far easier to just use terminal14:36
Dr_WillisJovaro:  or use the kernel 'text' option at boot time.14:36
chadiDr_Willis, and I assume that the numbers represent the priority, right?14:36
halfor example, find ./ -type f -exec grep -Hi 'this phrase' \{\} \;   do you know a better way ActionParsnip ?14:36
ActionParsniphal: what are you searching for, the command isn't long at all14:36
camer0n_erUSUL, can you use something like gmail/hotmail/etc with sSMTP? just having a read of it at the moment14:36
erUSULJovaro: add text to boot options in /etc/default/grub ? run « sudo update-grub »14:36
Dr_Willischadi:  for sysv? its the order they are ran in yes.14:36
erUSULcamer0n_: i know gmail works; the others should work too14:36
halerUSUL: the native search does not search all files14:37
chadiDr_Willis, thank you very much :-)\14:37
ZanQdoActionParsnip: it doesnt match but I remember md5sum had problems with 32 bit vs 64 bit testing?14:37
ActionParsniphal: if you use it a lot, you can put the command in a script and replace the search and grep strings with $1 and $214:37
erUSULcamer0n_: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/10/21/sending-email-from-your-system-with-ssmtp/ <<<<14:37
JovaroI don't have gdm14:37
ActionParsnipZanQdo: no, if the md4 doesn't match, the image is bad14:37
Jovaroso I try the text alternative, thanks!14:38
replicasexActionParsnip, any idea if I can install Unity without UNBR?14:38
erUSULJovaro: kdm xdm or whatever you use14:38
Jovaronone of those, maybe that is why it crashes14:38
halevent then you have to move up and down directories, and escape non alpha characters, which is also slower than a gui14:38
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  you can install the netbook-destop package.14:38
JovaroI just use fluxbox14:38
ActionParsnipreplicasex: sure, just install it and the deps will be used. te default WM is mutter which is a little slower than compiz14:38
halActionParsnip: ^^^ *even then...14:38
ActionParsnipJovaro: fluxbox rocks14:38
camer0n_erUSUL, thanks, ssmtp seems like it will be good to use... just hope it doesn't use too much ram....14:38
delinquentmewhats the line command to go with sudo that just gives you temp superuser options ... is it " sudo -i"?14:39
replicasexDr_Willis, ActionParsnip yeah I just had a bad experience installing kubuntu dekstop environ and having it be horribly messy to remove -- how easy would it be to remove Unity/UNBR?14:39
JovaroActionParsnip, I don't know about that, but it works great for my mythtv-box14:39
ActionParsniphal: true, is it something you use a lot?14:39
erUSULdelinquentme: yes14:39
halyes, a lot ActionParsnip14:39
erUSUL!rootshell > delinquentme14:39
ubottudelinquentme, please see my private message14:39
ActionParsnipreplicasex: if you emove unity and mutter, it should then mark the rest for removal afaik14:39
replicasexActionParsnip, I'm assuming the install isn't as extensive as a KDE install as it doesn't have to pull in so many libs and so on.14:40
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  thats an issue of how the meta-packages work..  the netbook stuff added a new meni entry to gnome for the Netbook interfaec.. is all i saw it do.14:40
ActionParsniphal: wow, hmm, let me search: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grepgui/14:40
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  not near as cluttered as if you would have kubuntu and ubuntu both installed.14:40
ZanQdoActionParsnip: awesome, using a download manager this time14:40
delinquentmeerUSUL, and how do i escape from that mode?14:40
ZanQdothank you man14:41
replicasexDr_Willis, good cuz that was a bloody nightmare :p14:41
erUSULdelinquentme: run "exit"14:41
ActionParsnipZanQdo: using torrents adds extra checking and can help, MD5 still needs doing14:41
SorensenAnyone knows why i get alot of errors when i install ubuntu (not from windows) on sdd? When i restart it just says "no such device: f313d1d-a60e-8c1e-53208ebc9656" Grub rescuse >14:41
ZanQdoActionParsnip: oks14:41
erUSULdelinquentme: or do "crtl +D" ( the same thing you will do to exit any other shell )14:41
makkuraI recently installed Ubuntu server edition 10.10 and set up shorewall last night.  Now I find that I can no longer _edit_ files. I can create and remove them but cannot edit them even when using sudo, varrying directories.  I've never heard of such a thing so wondering what thoughts people might have on it.14:41
erUSULmakkura: what errors do you get? when you try to edit?14:42
noname_guys i just installed empathy but it's doesn't work with my hotmail account , any help plz14:42
ActionParsniphal: http://www.magmax.org/drupal/node/8814:42
Dr_Willisnoname_:  have you checked the forums yet? it could be Hotmail broke the feature with some recent changes.14:42
chervacan someone help me with a FakeRAID partition on a 3 x 1 TB hards I booted the 10.04 server cd, added the 3 hard drives in a fake raid, partitioned it, installed ubuntu all is ok BUT when I power down the PC and remove one hard ( as if it is broken ) I get to grub rescue not to a working ubuntu ... is grub waiting for me to plug an empty hard drive or what ?14:42
ActionParsnipmakkura: could make a note of ownership too then make root the owner, or your user etc14:43
SorensenAnyone knows why i get alot of errors when i install ubuntu (not from windows) on sdd? When i restart it just says "no such device: f313d1d-a60e-8c1e-53208ebc9656" Grub rescuse >14:43
makkuraerUSUL: Editing via nano it lets me edit and it looks fine. When I exit and save it asks what name to save it as and then drops back into the editor. If there is an error, I dont' see it (but I am vnced into a system that then connects to the server via ssh so it may not stay on screen long enough).14:43
x-NihilOh. So that's how they go in.14:43
noname_yes there are many ppl have the same prblems , but some of them fixed the problem ..but i used the guid and no result14:43
makkuraI tried editing the file with ruby and it echos the file after it is done and it looks correct. Cating the file after that and it is unchanged.14:44
sjmcherva, did you use linux software raid rather than the motherboard "fakeraid"?14:44
noname_<Dr_Willis>:yes there are many ppl have the same prblems , but some of them fixed the problem ..but i used the guid and no result14:44
erUSULmakkura: the error should appear in the nano modeline14:44
x-NihilCan anyone tell me some pointers on what keyboard shortcuts to assign? I don't want any conflicting shortcuts in play.14:44
ActionParsnipsjm: may have used good hardware raid too14:44
chervasjm, yes that one from the "manual partitioning" in the setup14:45
makkuraActionParsnip: ownship of the file to be edited is root and i'm editing using sudo nano ..  Editing a file without sudo in my /home has the same effect with me as the owner.14:45
JovaroerUSUL, just adding text at bootup didn't make a difference... I used nosplash instead of splash but I still get the splash screen after a while and it switched to tty7 instead of sticking to tty1...14:45
erUSULmakkura: or you can try to add a comment line to a file « echo "#this is a comment" >> /etc/whateverfile »14:45
ActionParsnip!shortcut > x-Nihil14:45
ubottux-Nihil, please see my private message14:45
makkuraI'll double check nano and try that as well.14:45
ActionParsnipmakkura: is the partition healthy?14:45
sjmcherva, did you put grub on each drive?14:45
sjmcherva, raid 1, 5, 10?14:46
SorensenAnyone knows why i get alot of errors when i install ubuntu (not from windows) on my 4th hdd? When i boot from the disc, just says "no such device: f313d1d-a60e-8c1e-53208ebc9656" Grub rescuse >14:46
makkuraI installed just two days ago and saw no signs of problems before that.  I haven't checked specifically, however. What's the best way to go about checking?14:46
=== Copia_de_sud0 is now known as sud0
chervai saw "grub-install /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc"  during  the setup so I guess YES, raid 514:46
halActionParsnip: thank you. I've just found regexxer that looks pretty good, and includes replace also14:46
Sorensensorry if you feel that im spamming, but i really dont know how to solve this :(14:46
replicasexActionParsnip, what would you say the preferred way of getting Unity/UNBR?  The software center?14:46
x-NihilOh, I do know how to set shortcuts, but so far when I set them up other programs also use them as shortcuts, and problems occur.14:47
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:47
replicasexI don't really want the unbr itself, just Unity -- is that possible?14:47
sjmerUSUL, why is software raid called "fakeraid" here.  There is a difference.14:48
sjmcherva, not sure here.  I haven14:48
ActionParsnipreplicasex: any package manager is fine14:48
sjmcherva, not sure here.  I haven't worked much with raid 5.14:48
sachaelhi, I'm looking for a gnome program that automatically records time spent on a project by tracking the active window14:48
erUSULsjm: no here fakeraid is bios raid ;P14:49
camer0n_erUSUL, ssmtp works great! thanks14:49
erUSULcamer0n_: no problem14:49
camer0n_erUSUL, just have to work it into a script now :P14:49
ronihi everybody .. i need a little help with iptables ..14:49
replicasexActionParsnip, ok, I'll install the ubuntu-netbook package and see how it goes.  I'd rather just get unity itself but that seems impossible14:49
Dr_Willissachael:  theres that zeigiest thing that can sort of do that.. but i think it does more then just that. :) I never use it myself. but it seems neat14:50
sjmSorensen, can't find the specific drive UUID to boot from.  Look for information on UUID.14:50
erUSULsjm: but if you want to tweak the wording of the factoid you can propose a change14:50
ronii got 3 ip in a server ... , ,
Sorensensjm. Please tell me so an idiot understand. Im very new in linux14:50
ronii need to block all the access to ip , and allow the access just for the ip
gondoiis there a guide somewhere on creating seed files for automated install?14:50
sachaelDr_Willis, thanks for the pointer, will look into it.14:51
sjmerUSUL, that's my definition, but the links you pointed ubottu to, seemed to equate the two (at least the titles)14:51
roniis there a way to do that ?14:51
erUSULsjm: yes i see that For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto can lead to ambiguity. as i said you can propose a better wording14:51
ActionParsnip!iptables | roni14:51
ubotturoni: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.14:51
x-NihilCan anyone help?14:52
Dr_Willissachael:  gnome activity journal seems to be the gui to it.14:52
sjmroni.  yes, with iptables firewall you can only allow that ip14:52
makkuraerUSUL: editing a file via echo >> file  worked on my own files and presents me permission denied even with sudo on the root own file i intended to edit14:52
Dr_Willissachael:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nautiluszeitgeist-video.html14:52
Chaos2358xangua you in here?14:52
ActionParsnipmakkura: sudo doesn't traverse the redicrection14:52
Dr_Willismakkura:  when using >> with sudo. you need to use the 'tee' command and a few other tricks.14:52
ActionParsnipMAAAAD: echo "Text I want to write" | sudo tee /path/to/file14:53
Chaos2358xangua that link you gave me last night for gyachi isnt updated for maverick yet14:53
Madwillanybody know the implication of using something like an LPGL licensed framework into an application14:53
erUSULmakkura: with sudo you need « echo "something" | tee -a /etc/something »14:53
Dr_Willis echo "foo" | sudo tee /root/somefile14:53
makkuraerUSUL: nano leaves the text up to save the file rather than show and error.. it stays until i resize the window to for a refresh (damn putty :P)14:53
erUSULMadwill: LGPL allows linking to closed source software14:53
petanx-Nihil: just ask14:53
makkuraahh my bad on usage then, just a moment14:54
x-NihilI want to know what keyboard shortcuts I can set up without setting conflicting shortcuts with other programs.14:54
petanx-Nihil: you can display current shortcuts in your keyboard settings14:55
sjmerUSUL, I'd suggest "for motherboard raid" or "for bios ("hardware") raid" rather than "for software raid"14:55
camer0n_how do you declare a string variable in bash? i have been using "x=10" for numbers... but can you use "email=email@address.com"?14:55
petanx-Nihil: also do not use ctrl+alt+del ctrl+alt+fX ctrl+alt+backspace14:56
greppycamer0n_: email='something'14:56
NoiseEeehiya, what's the deal with "W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80]" during apt-get?14:56
makkuraerUSUL: it appends the comment the same as it did on my own files14:56
erUSULcamer0n_: email="email@address.com"14:56
NoiseEeewhat happend to interpid-updates?14:56
x-NihilAh. Thanks. Is Alt-fX fine?14:56
erUSULmakkura: then there is no problem that i can see14:56
camer0n_erUSUL, tried that... it's kinda screwing up :P14:56
camer0n_greppy, will try the single quotes14:56
camer0n_.... once i can exit the script14:57
erUSULcamer0n_: how is failing? give example14:57
petanx-Nihil: I do not recommend that as long it is chortcut for switching between tty's but should be disabled in X server mode14:57
camer0n_erUSUL, script is stuck :S14:57
petanx-Nihil: so it probably would work14:57
erUSULBluesKaj: hi14:57
camer0n_erUSUL, not responding. ctrl+c not killing14:57
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.14:57
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:57
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luis_hasbonHello users14:58
BluesKajhi erUSUL14:58
x-NihilAh. Thanks.14:58
greppycamer0n_: double quotes " ", will try to expand variables.14:58
ActionParsnipNoiseEee: intrepid is dead14:58
luis_hasbonIm glad to join this channel once again14:58
Dr_Willis'retired' :)14:58
camer0n_erUSUL, i was trying to do the command: "ssmtp $email < msg.txt"14:58
NoiseEeeActionParsnip: odd, i didnt think my install was that old :\  how to tell what version of ubuntu im running14:58
x-NihilAlso, does anyone have any sort of link to a tutorial on the usage of OpenOffice Formula?14:58
makkuraerUSUL: double checking the ruby snippet i tried using.. may just be a problem over the chained connections vnc->putty then14:58
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »14:58
camer0n_greppy, what do you mean by "expand variables"?14:58
luis_hasbonI was wondering if any of you has have problems or issues with sound in ubuntu maverick?14:58
greppycamer0n_: if var="testing" and you have var2="${var} again" var2 would be 'testing again'14:59
camer0n_can't kill script :S14:59
BluesKajluis_hasbon, did you just upgrade?14:59
ActionParsnipNoiseEee: lsb_release -a14:59
SomelauwOpenOffice formula is just clicking on the buttons to create a formula14:59
camer0n_greppy, ah cool :D14:59
luis_hasbonI made a fresh cd install14:59
erUSULcamer0n_: ssmtp -s "nothing here" "$email" < msg.txt15:00
camer0n_greppy, how do you kill a script that won't stop with CTRL+C?15:00
erUSULcamer0n_: should work15:00
luis_hasbon<BluesKaj>: I made a fresh cd install15:00
x-NihilSomeone67: Oh, so it doesn't calculate anything on its own accord?15:00
Dr_Williscamer0n_:  some scropt  You made? or what exactly?15:00
sjmActionParsnip, what does "No LSB modules are available" from that command mean?15:00
Chellcamer0n_, kill from terminal15:00
camer0n_erUSUL, awesome. will do that...15:00
NoiseEeethanks Dr_Willis, ActionParsnip15:00
Dr_Willissjm:  means you forgot the -a15:00
luis_hasbonBluesKaj: I made a fresh cd install, do i ned to upgrade? I already mde an update15:00
ActionParsnipsjm: the rest will tell you the release15:00
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.15:01
* Dr_Willis has no idea what lsb modules are...15:01
camer0n_Dr_Willis, yeah... just something i have been trying to get working. simple script.15:01
sjmActionParsnip, no, I put in the "-a" and still got it.15:01
erUSULcamer0n_: check that the configuration is ok; it may be stuck in the authentification with gmail servers etc.15:01
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: me neither, i dont think its important for support either so I havent dug into it15:01
ActionParsnipsjm: me too but it still gives the release name15:02
sjmActionParsnip, yes, I was just curious about the message.  (I usually just use "cat /etc/issue")15:02
camer0n_erUSUL, i have a loop with a sleep command... i think that is the issue. will comment that out with testing :P15:03
BluesKajluis_hasbon, check alsamixer in the terminal..for some reason the ctrls are either mutd or turned down after upgrades15:03
* Chell is happy ssh is universal. Even under Haiku you can still run your favorite Ubuntu apps ;)15:03
camer0n_erUSUL, maybe i do not :S15:03
rigvedhi everyone15:03
luis_hasbonBluesKaj:  it says alsamixer cant be open, cant find the file or directory15:04
sjmerUSUL, did you see my suggestion for the ubottu wording above?  to whom do I make the suggestion?15:04