duanedesigngood morning all11:39
mahenenjoy your lunch ! ;)11:41
mahen(ah, timezones !)11:41
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gabrihi all, hi jdobrien hi rye14:38
gabriI'm still blocked in the TRY_AGAIN Loop14:38
jdobriengabri, hmm...very strange14:39
gabriwhy very strange?14:39
jdobriengabri, have you filed a bug yet?14:40
jdobriengabri, I'm going to need to call in reinforcements to find out why you get that error14:40
gabriand this will happen when?14:41
gabribecause in the next two weeks I'm out of the office and then today should be the only day that i can contriubte in some way14:42
jdobriengabri, do you get this problem on your computer at home or just at work?14:42
gabrionly here at work14:43
gabrithus i suppose that the mistake is something local14:43
jdobriengabri, when you look at the web interface, is everything there?14:46
gabrii'll check but i dont think so14:46
jdobriengabri, so i want to make sure i get the full picture14:46
jdobriengabri, you have two different computers right? one at home and one at work14:47
jdobriengabri, which computer did you create the files/directories on?14:47
jdobriengabri, have any of the files/directories created on your work computer shown up on the web site?14:48
gabrionly those created say two weeks ago14:49
gabrithe files created more recently14:49
jdobriengabri, are you on your work computer now?14:50
jdobriengabri, what is the output of u1sdtool -s14:50
gabrithe files created more recently are the ones that are stucked in a move loop14:50
gabriState: QUEUE_MANAGER14:51
gabri    connection: With User With Network14:51
gabri    description: processing queues14:51
gabri    is_connected: True14:51
gabri    is_error: False14:51
gabri    is_online: True14:51
gabri    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH14:51
jdobriengabri, do you leave your computer on at work or do you reboot it daily?14:52
gabriit's a laptop so i need to shut it down every night14:53
jdobriengabri, can you paste the result of tail -n 100 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log14:55
jdobriengabri, in a pastebin of course :)14:57
gabriyes man I've pasted there ... simply forgot to give you the link ...:(14:58
jdobriengabri, do you know your ubuntu one username?15:01
jdobriengabri, or the email you used when you registered? you can send it in a private channel if you like15:01
gabrii'll send on the private channel wait15:02
jdobriengabri, i'll be silent for a moment while i check the database15:10
gabriok i'm here ping me when ready15:11
jdobriengabri, do you have that folder shared with a lot of people?15:12
gabrithe folder "CppLesson" which is the one blocked in the TRY_AGAIN loop is not shared with others15:13
jdobriengabri, are any of it's parent folders shared?15:13
gabriwait parent15:13
gabrinot parent say brother15:14
jdobriendoes it have a log of files in it?15:14
gabriat the same level there's PhpLesson which is shared with others15:14
jdobrienno log15:14
jdobrienhundreds? thousands?15:15
gabrils -lR CppLessons/ | wc -l15:15
jdobrienthat's not really much15:15
jdobrienLunar_Lamp, wait15:16
jdobrienLunar_Lamp, sorrry...false ping15:17
Lunar_LampTwice the false ping! ;-)15:17
jdobriengabri, can you make a copy of that folder that you moved and put it somewhere safe? outside of ubuntu one?15:20
gabrialready done15:20
jdobriengabri, also, does CppLessons show up on the web?15:20
gabrithe folder shows in the web page15:20
gabrisome of his children also15:20
jdobriengabri, delete it on the web15:20
gabriit's better if disconect my client before?15:21
jdobriendoesn't matter15:21
jdobrienas long as you have the client connected15:21
jdobrieni mean as long as you have the files safe15:21
gabriah ok15:22
beunokklimonda_, ping15:22
jdobriengabri, it looks like you have several move operations in that log, what is the relationship between those directories?15:23
gabrithe move operations result from a mv folder1 folder2 since i ve adopted a different naming structure during baking the exercise for my students15:24
gabrii moved Lez1 to Lez1-Dev15:25
gabriinside Lez1-Dev there's children named from es1 to esN where N is the biggest number obviosuly15:25
jdobriengabri, where are they in relation to CppLessons?15:26
gabri~/Ubuntu One/CppLessons/Lez1-Dev/es115:26
kklimonda_beuno: pong15:26
gabri~/Ubuntu One/CppLessons/Lez1-Dev/es215:26
gabriand so on15:26
jdobriengabri, ok15:26
jdobriengabri, did the deletions of CppLessons work?15:27
gabri~/Ubuntu One/CppLessons/Lez2-Array/es115:27
beunokklimonda_, false alarm, fix for missing songs has been deployed, but the script to fix existing users hasn't been un yet15:27
gabrijdobrien, it doesn't seem to work I still can see CppLessons there15:27
jdobriengabri, ok, disconnect the client then15:28
jdobriengabri, u1sdtool -d15:28
gabrialready done15:28
jdobriengabri, we'll give it a minute15:29
jdobriengabri, there's locks on your record still that may take a few to release15:29
jdobriengabri, what is the output of  find ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/move_limbo/ -type f15:30
jdobriengabri, ok, looks like your records have freed up, can you refresh the web and see if it's deleted...if not delete it now15:35
gabrisorry jdobrien15:38
gabriwhat are u suggesting ?15:38
gabrisome problems with the intrnet connection15:38
jdobriengabri suggesting?15:38
jdobriengabri, can you check the web to see if that folder still exists?15:38
gabrioh the last command u send me ?15:39
gabrithe folder is still here15:39
gabrii could see it through the web15:39
jdobriengabri, can you delete it from the web now?15:42
jdobriengabri, make sure your client is disconnected15:42
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jdobrienneeded to switch computers15:42
gabrijdobrien , sorry again15:46
gabrithe files are still there15:46
gabriat the place I leaved them at15:46
jdobriengabri, on the web?15:47
gabrinothing happened15:47
jdobriengabri, hmm.15:47
jdobriengabri, can you try deleting the indiviual subfolder?15:49
gabriok gone15:50
gabrino more cpplessons on the web15:50
jdobriengabri, finally :)15:50
jdobriengabri, so now connect your client15:50
gabricoffee time give me 5 minutes15:51
jdobriengabri, let's wait for a while and see if you get to idle15:51
jdobrienperfect timing15:51
gabrithanks very much for now see U later15:52
jdobriengabri, i'll ping you in a while to see if your client is IDLE15:52
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gabriqueues: IDLE16:12
gabrino more content or metadata pending16:13
jdobriengabri, great16:14
gabrithis is quite annoying indeed16:15
jdobriengabri, is your computer going to be connected long enough to upload those files?16:15
gabrihow can i control?16:15
jdobriengabri, good point16:15
gabrilooking them one by one it could be a little bit boring16:16
jdobriengabri, what i mean is, if your not about to leave, you should be able to put that folder back in16:16
gabriu1sdtool --waiting-content give no more ouput16:17
gabrithe folder is back in i can access to some files chosen randomly16:17
gabriand the Ubuntu One folder shows the tick icon16:18
danyRgabri: try u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | ws -l16:18
jdobriengabri, let it sync (its all on the web) before fiddling with the files :)16:18
gabriempty danyR16:18
danyRand what does u1sdtool --status gives?16:19
gabriState: QUEUE_MANAGER16:19
gabri    connection: With User With Network16:19
gabri    description: processing queues16:19
gabri    is_connected: True16:19
gabri    is_error: False16:19
gabri    is_online: True16:19
gabri    queues: IDLE16:19
jdobriengabri, is everything on the web?16:20
gabrisuppose so i do not have time to check every single files16:20
jdobriengabri, cursory checks are fine :)16:21
jdobrienor lots of cursing16:21
danyRgabri: that's exactly what my u1 outputs and it's totally sinced.16:22
gabrii suppose everything is synced since the ubuntu one folder shows the green tick icon16:22
gabrithis afternoon it showed the "syncing icon"16:23
gabriand now everything seems to be in plase16:23
jdobriengabri \o/16:23
gabrithis evening back home I'll check what will be synced on the home laptop16:24
gabriI'll send U a report16:24
jdobriengabri, thanks16:24
gabrithanks for your time jdobrien16:24
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vbabiyTraceback (most recent call last):17:51
vbabiy  File "/usr/bin/u1sdtool", line 33, in <module>17:51
vbabiy    from ubuntuone.syncdaemon.tools import SyncDaemonTool17:51
vbabiyImportError: No module named syncdaemon.tools17:51
vbabiywas trying to move from nighlty to what comes with 10.0417:51
shane4ubuntuok, when I'm editing a document in Openoffice in a U1, it gets synced often while I'm editing it and I end up with a lot of conflict files is that normal?18:01
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