ScottLthank you persia, subscribing now00:01
paultagpersia, are you around perchance?01:26
paultagpersia, I need someone with the CC hat01:26
paultagI just need a quick LP change :)01:27
persiaWrong place to ask me :)  I'm around.01:30
paultagpersia, sorry, you were not in community-team01:39
paultagthat's where I'm used to doing stuff like that :)01:39
persiaThat's not the right place either.  The right place is email to CC or /query01:39
persiaAnd /query gets strictly limited results (for transparency/accountability reasons)01:40
persiaIf you think CC should have a group IRC presence, please add that to the CC agenda for the next meeting: historically it's been email or informal.01:40
paultagIt's OK persia. No sweat.01:41
* abogani waves all08:40
aboganiFYI I have just uploaded at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git the two git trees with packaging for -lowlatency kernel (if you are interested).08:42
persiaabogani, Great!  Thanks.10:22
astraljavaabogani: Sweet!11:22
scott-workpersia: you were mentioned as a good example in jono's latest blog :)  http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/11/05/making-our-world-more-respectful/14:28
scott-worki am assuming jono's post is at least partially in response to Bradley Kuhn's questions of Canonical's possible use of "open core" business model, but i speculate of course14:41
JFoso does Brad Kuhn :-)14:59
JFospeculate that is ;)15:00
scott-worklol JFo15:12
astraljavapersia: Totally the wrong channel for this, but you mentioned your quest for a decent light browser; have you checked out midori?15:26
persiascott-work, Also in response to discussions at plumbers that we aren't seeing clearly.15:32
persiaastraljava, Indeed I have: it's not quite what I want: heavier than the really light stuff, but lacking things I expect in the richer experience.15:32
astraljavapersia: That's not a very encouraging review. :D We were thinking about it for Flux', but let's see.15:34
persiaastraljava, For flux, it's probably a fine choice.  I have somewhat idiosyncratic wants in terms of browsers.  Midori works.15:35
astraljavapersia: Okay, cool. Thanks! Will have to put it under heavy testing.15:35
persiaIt doesn't have the desktop integration of epiphany, nor the delicious separation of concerns of uzbl or luakit.  I don't think the last two are interesting for most folk, and the first only makes sense if you already have GNOME.15:36
persia(mind you, the KDE guys are doing some interesting things with rekonq: which ends up being something like an integration wrapper library around the Qt webkit wrapper tools.  You might be able to do something like that for luakit, but that's upstream work vs. distro work.15:37
persiaBTW, where is the flux stuff being discussed?15:37
astraljavapersia: #fluxbuntu-devel, you're most welcome :)15:38
astraljavapersia: re: rekonq, really interesting!15:39
scott-workpersia:  are you saying that "we aren't seeing clearly" the discussion happening at plumbers...or that that discussion at plumbers is saying that "we aren't seeing clearly"?18:28
persiascott-work, That we aren't at plumbers, so only have a very limited view into discussions there.  I think it's more than just response to one thing, but response to a wider volume of complaint (which often happens at plumbers).20:18
scott-workpersia: that is what i thought you meant, but i'm probably being a little daft presently, work has my head wrapped around pretty well currently20:26
scott-worka little cheeky, this -> http://identi.ca/ubuntutwo20:28
persiaYep.  Some of what is says hits just the right nerves though (and pours hyperbole on issues that would benefit from resolution)20:30
paultagScottL, I tweeted that earlier, it's so good, I love it so much23:12

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