CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * fa7c656f9468:1704 tests/core/test_storage.py: properly refresh the database in test_storage10:46
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CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 94ba69c15f19:1711 tests/core/test_storage.py: rewritten test_storage to use DatabaseTestCase properly12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 18c4ade7390b:1712 inyoka/core/test.py: Make a list the default value of DatabaseTestCase.fixtures12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 31f1876cb974:1713 inyoka/core/test.py: small cleanups in DatabaseTestCase and InyokaPlugin to not drop and commit too much12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 6521aa82d087:1714 inyoka/core/storage.py: Fix CachedStorage.set: rollback the session properly if we get an IntegrityError12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * aa7aa804a785:1715 inyoka/__init__.py: Updated component system: Added unload_component method to ApplicationContext, added proper return values to unload_component and unload_components. ...12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 49eda15d59b2:1716 inyoka/core/database.py: make the setup of an anonymous and admin user depending on wheter they exist or not.12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * fd5524c3d7cb:1717 inyoka/core/test.py: setup the database before every test. This finally makes our doctests run on postgresql12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 4acca3b21946:1718 tests/core/test_database.py: Fixed tests/core/test_database to work with postgresql properly: Make the slug column of SlugGeneratorTestModel only 50 chars long (half of the name ...12:25
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * d1c4bd3b2c48:1719 inyoka/core/test.py: Fixed FixtureLoader: collect and delete all fixtures in order of their specification. This ensures that we're not running into constraint-errors.12:25
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » sqlite,2.7 build #15: FAILURE in 41 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=sqlite,python=2.7/15/12:26
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * fc2bd7a9a000:1720 tests/core/test_test.py: fixed fixture tests12:26
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » mysql,2.7 build #15: ABORTED in 1 min 23 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=mysql,python=2.7/15/12:27
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » postgresql,2.7 build #15: ABORTED in 1 min 36 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=postgresql,python=2.7/15/12:27
webshox-buildYippie, build fixed!12:28
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » sqlite,2.7 build #16: FIXED in 32 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=sqlite,python=2.7/16/12:28
apollo13aborted == fixed?12:30
EnTeQuAklies richtig12:31
EnTeQuAkder is vorher fehl geschlagen, dann hab ich die anderen beiden abgebrochen12:31
EnTeQuAkund nun lass ich alle 3 nochma durchrennen12:31
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » mysql,2.7 build #16: SUCCESS in 3 min 56 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=mysql,python=2.7/16/12:31
EnTeQuAkso, fehlt nur noch das problemkind :)12:31
apollo13die url ist komisch12:31
EnTeQuAksag das den hudson leuten :)12:32
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » postgresql,2.7 build #16: STILL FAILING in 6 min 7 sec: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=postgresql,python=2.7/16/12:33
EnTeQuAkden fehler hab ich lokal aber behoben oO12:34
apollo13schau ob hudson gegen die richtige rev gebaut hat12:35
EnTeQuAkich bau ma nochma mit frischem workspace12:36
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 9f6df721ef24:1721 inyoka/core/test.py: erase all fixtures in the proper order: First we call all custom fixture cleanup factories. Then we reverse the loaded fixture list and run this list ...13:42
webshox-buildYippie, build fixed!13:56
webshox-buildProject inyoka-ng » postgresql,2.7 build #18: FIXED in 10 min: http://webshox.org:8080/job/inyoka-ng/./database=postgresql,python=2.7/18/13:56
EnTeQuAkapollo13, ^^13:59
EnTeQuAkDasIch, ping14:08
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 920632abe380:1722 inyoka/core/test.py: push logbook TestHandler to application in unittest mode14:09
DasIchEnTeQuAk: pong14:09
EnTeQuAkweißt du ob http://paste.pocoo.org/show/7db8WJUdDSMir4shUTRV/ der einzige weg ist?14:10
EnTeQuAkeigendlich müsste doch durch das with statement dadrüber der level bereits auf ERROR gesetzt werdne oder?14:10
EnTeQuAkDasIch, okay, ich habs ;)14:13
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * e1359b7fae9a:1723 inyoka/ (core/test.py __init__.py): disable debug logging if we are in testing mode14:15
DasIchEnTeQuAk: das level wird beim handler nicht gesetzt14:15
DasIchEnTeQuAk: das ist ein filter14:16
EnTeQuAkjupp, zu spät gesehen14:16
EnTeQuAkDasIch, aber… hrm… so recht is das noch nicht was ich will.  Ich will das die dinger quasi ausm stderr verschwinden und komplett rausgefiltert werden oder nach stdout fliegen.  Nur so ist der nose output brauchbar14:18
EnTeQuAkne Idee dazu?14:18
DasIchEnTeQuAk: gibt dem handler kein level14:19
EnTeQuAkhab ich jetz14:20
EnTeQuAkdas müsste reichen dann? auch cool ;)14:20
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * a8751bae274f:1724 inyoka/utils/profilehooks.py: remove unused profilehooks utility14:35
EnTeQuAkmoin Tarrega 15:00
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * c13bd9460a1e:1728 inyoka/core/celery_support.py: fixed celery support: call proper get_backend_cls function to get the backend, default to amqplib again as the memory backend is awefully broken.15:03
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * f1ee7454f259:1729 inyoka/core/tasks.py: Fix search: Implemented get_index_implementation that allows us to pass either instances or strings around. Used that function everywhere so that it ...15:03
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * a5aa401bc905:1725 inyoka/ (static/js/html5.js templates/base.html): add html5.js to add a html5 fallback for old browsers15:03
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 3e048e0432e6:1726 inyoka/ (4 files in 3 dirs): removed more unused functions (ForumEntry.poularty, utils.confidence)15:03
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 430c81b211ca:1727 inyoka/utils/pagination.py: limit the query object in SearchPagination15:03
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * f9faef86427f:1730 inyoka/core/tasks.py: set the retry countdown to one minute15:06
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * c5996dea072a:1731 inyoka/core/tasks.py: lower to 30 seconds15:08
CIA-5inyoka [sandbox]: EnTeQuAk * 7550da56c0df:1732 inyoka/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed search controller and pagination, limit the results properly15:30
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