serpyxahi every109:51
serpyxai need help09:51
charlie-tcaGood Morning12:39
charlie-tcamr_pouit: that abiword translation bug. Isn't that a .desktop file translation?15:33
davmor2morning charlie-tca 15:34
charlie-tcaGood morning, davmor2 15:34
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: indeed, but still, it's probably upstream (unless they now translate universe packages on lp)15:50
mr_pouitto me, rosetta is an awesome tool to break translation, so I avoid speaking about it :P15:50
charlie-tcaheh, thanks15:55
charlie-tcaum, I broke natty when I updated last night and then shut down the computer15:56
charlie-tcaI will have to try and fix it tonight15:57
charlie-tcaw00t! Xfce 4.7 now running in Natty22:42

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