jadariteI have a D-Link DWL-132 USB wireless adapter.  It works fine in windows, but I would like to install it through edunbuntu.  Does anyone know how?04:51
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charlie-tcaNatty 64bit image is available today14:05
stgrabercharlie-tca: doesn't it have the same aufs issue as yesterday's ubuntu images ?14:57
charlie-tcaI am hoping cjwatson got the unionfs instead.15:01
charlie-tcaI am still downloading here. about 4 hours left15:01
shazzrHi. Have installed Edubuntu @ work, and trying to get a Smartboard to work. If I don't install the Smartboard driver, I can use the SB as a giant trackpad. The drag is that if I try to install them to get all of the goodies out of it, I can't use it at all. It works on win. Anyone with any experience in this field?15:10
vmlintuI've got Smartboards working on Ubuntu15:37
vmlintushazzr: which Ubuntu version are you using?15:39
shazzrvmlintu: 10.1015:45
vmlintushazzr: that's something I've never tried, only 8.04 and 10.04. 10.04 had quite a few problems when it came out and it took SmartTech several months to fix it15:49
shazzrvmlintu: Crap. I think I had it working on 10.04 actually....but you know...one allways want the latest and best. ;)15:58
vmlintuheh, that's how life goes.. ;)16:01
shazzrvmlintu: So I guess I have three options. 1) Downgrade to 10.04 2) Wait a couple of months, and hopefully....3) Switch back to Windows.16:02
vmlintuIt seems like smart doesn't officially support 10.10 yet16:02
shazzrHow can you tell?16:07

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