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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:02
dbc254can anyone tell me how to find the ID of my new wireless card?00:25
d_edwhat do you mean by ID?00:32
d_edMac Address?00:32
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dbc254I just put the card in. How do I get it to scan for anything?00:45
xrdodrxIs the standard kubuntu-desktop suitable for a netbook?01:03
Picixrdodrx: Sure.01:04
xrdodrxPici, I mean is it slower than GNOME01:05
Picixrdodrx: Oh.  I don't know.  I don't use KDE myself.01:05
xrdodrxbecause I like KDE so much more, but am hesitant to put it on here01:05
xrdodrxPici, umm, ok01:05
jmichaelxxrdodrx: kde has a netbook gui built-in, but you will have to read up on how to use it... i never have01:06
Picixrdodrx: I thought you were just asking in regards to the package name.01:06
jmichaelxxrdodrx: yo umay have to install a few packages to have that netbook gui available, though01:07
xrdodrx@Pici, lol I'm not that dumb, @jmichaelx, do you think it would run fine w/o the netbook gui01:07
jmichaelxxrdodrx: i don't see why not01:07
Picixrdodrx: Didn't mean to say you were.  People do ask that though ;)01:07
xrdodrxI mean, does it make much of a difference.01:07
xrdodrxBecause unity actually was slower (for me) than regular gnome01:08
jmichaelxxrdodrx: the kubuntu netbook gui does not have unity, of course01:08
xrdodrxjmichaelx, yeah01:08
xrdodrxbut I'm just asking if the netbook gui would be that much quicker01:09
jmichaelxxrdodrx: unity is one reason i stayed with 10.04 on my dell mini-9... not to mention the fact that mobile intel drivers in 10.10 suck01:09
jmichaelxxrdodrx: lie i said, i have never used it01:09
xrdodrxeh, I may as well just install it01:10
xrdodrxI can always apt-get autoremove kubuntu-desktop01:10
jmichaelxwell.... apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop... and no, kubuntu-desktop is only a meta-package... removing it would only remove the meta-package itself, but not all of the packages it causes to be installed01:12
xrdodrxjmichaelx, I think this'll work: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome01:14
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shjordancan anyione help me?01:25
paskawhat's ur problem?01:25
shjordanmy screen resolution is now set to full hd, i just installed nvidia driver.01:26
shjordanBUT, all my fonts are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small that i can't even read the names on the K-menu01:26
shjordandetail = i'm using a 32" full hd monitor.01:27
shjordani'm not used to Kubuntu, if i was, i could take a screenshot to you.01:27
paskapress printscreen to take a screenshot01:28
shjordanpaska: where can i paste it? over internet?01:30
paskaI use imageshack01:31
jmichaelxis there any way to automatically disable screensavers while watching videos in apps like miro?01:32
shjordangonna take a while.01:32
shjordanhave a look paska01:33
paskai had that problem a while ago. i don't remember the solution atm. i'll try to remember01:35
shjordanpaska: do your best, and thank you.01:35
paskago to system settings->appearance->font settings and force fonts dpi to 9601:38
paskayou can find system settings in the KDE menu on the bottom left01:38
shjordanpaska: should i relog/reboot after that?01:40
paskanot sure. if pressing 'apply' doesn't do the changes instantly, try to logout and back in01:41
shjordanpaska: thank you, it worked BUT...01:47
shjordanthat botton bar... is not extended as well, any solutions to that aesthetic problem?01:48
paskaright click on desktop->unlock widgets and then right click on the taskbar, panel options->panel settings->height01:49
paskaand when ur done adjusting the taskbar height, right click and press lock widgets01:49
paskaoh, do you mean the taskbar does not fill the screen horizontally?01:51
paskathen drag the sliders (with arrow on them) when in panel settings01:51
paskagot it?01:53
shjordanomg omg omg02:14
shjordani fu*ked up with my panel, and now it frozes...02:15
shjordani can't even change it back to previus state02:15
shjordancould anyone try to help me?02:16
shjordani mean my plasma-desktop became frozen02:19
shjordanis there a way to reset it?02:19
shjordanbut i cant hear anothing... =\02:35
shjordancan anyone help me solving this?02:35
shjordani can't hear nothing03:01
shjordannothing at all03:01
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westyeverytime I go to foo.com rekonq is not filling in my password, even though its in kwallet. Is this a bug or a setting that I am missing. It asks to store the password each time04:40
sobczykanyone can tell me what is the average space that kmix takes up? I  htink it shouldn't take 700MB05:24
mkpaa_is there a repository for up-to-date kitchensync?05:31
xyvhello everyone07:28
xyvcan I play drm protected musicon kubuntu07:28
xyvbecause vlc isnot able to play it07:28
xyvseems like I have figoure out myself07:30
sresu_Muon package manager gives an option to save markings of packages for installation/removal/purge which can be used for next session. This option appears when you mark a package for installation but quit without installing it. Can I save all the markings made for the packages and use it in cases of re-installation of OS?07:39
sresu_!info muon07:39
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 139 kB, installed size 952 kB07:39
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tsimpsonchinmaya: please disable that away message08:52
Tyr_Kyella2012hello room09:21
pYroman1achello there09:21
Tyr_Kyella2012wonderin if anyone has come across "Lucidiot" lately09:22
comawhiteIs there a way to remove the Qt3 based apps so I don't accidently install them or pull them in?10:34
valorieyou mean you want to pin to Qt2 or something?10:43
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comawhitevalorie: naw, i just want the latest applications to show up only, no multiple version apps, etc10:44
valorieI see10:48
zegenieanyone in here got the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+PageUp shortcut to display the fancy "show windows" effect?11:20
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sobczykis it normal for kmix to take 3GB of memory?11:33
sobczyksobczyk   2945 37.5 75.7 8304072 2965544 ?     Rl   20:22   3:54 /usr/bin/kmix11:33
comawhitesobczyk: no11:34
stevellionanyone know if/why archive.ubuntu.com is down?  For me I'm unable to connect or ping.11:35
bazhangstevellion, it is; being worked on now.11:36
sobczykis there a way to troubleshoot the cause of the leak?11:36
sobczykit would be nice to be able to use the tray icon11:37
stevellionbazhang - thanks for the feedback :)11:37
sobczykis there any alternative to kmix?11:48
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ArranHi there12:40
ArranAnybody some experience with an Epson Perfection V300 Photo?12:40
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rorkArran: please ask your question, the problem might not be specific for that printer/scanner, do name the device though for it might be ;)12:47
rorksobczyk: maybe alsamixer but I don't know if that works with other audio systems then alsa12:48
ArranOK: the scanner is not detected at all, despite I have done all the necessary drivers installations. Epson Scanner V30012:53
YunifeHi. I've installed Kubuntu 10.10 and I've problem with KDE. I use system normal and then KDE don't responds to mouse, but keyboard work corectly. Any idea? Bug?13:02
rorkArran: is it listed under `lsusb` ? and under `sane-find-scanner` ?13:03
rorkYunife: either that or it's not supported, it's broken or it's plugged in the wrong port. (Yes, I was able to fix a mouse by plugging it into another usb port)13:05
Arranit is listed under "lsusb", but not under "sane find scanner"13:06
Yuniferork: Mouse work, pointer's moving correctly, right click work, but left click stops work after few minutes13:08
Yuniferork: interface of KDE stops respond on left click after few minutes and also hover effect on buttons not work after :(13:12
magIRCiensalut, y a quelqu'un ?13:15
magIRCien^e^o << quelqu'un peu m'expliquer pourquoi moi clavier ne fonctinonepas avec konversation ?13:15
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rork!fr | magIRCien13:18
ubottumagIRCien: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:18
rorkYunife: you're not the only one with that problem, maybe you can find a workaround here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157523913:18
Shaan7Hi, kubuntu 10.10 doesn't have packages for the required versin of libpolkit-dev for trunk (I know its optional, but I want it). Any PPAs with updated versions?13:19
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rorkArran: have you installed image scan? http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/faq/id000651.php13:27
Yuniferork: Thanks, I'm going to try it We hope It helps me13:28
Arran>rork. Yes, both files from avasys are installed.13:35
rorkArran: have you seen this topic? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100034113:49
sresuMuon package manager gives an option to save markings of packages for installation/removal/purge which can be used for next session. This option appears when you mark a package for installation but quit without installing it. Can I save all the markings made for the packages and use it in cases of re-installation of OS?13:50
Arran>rork: no, but after the F-1 tr5aining seission (which is look at with one eye) I go after it. The page is loaded in Firefox.14:06
James147sresu: in maverick kpackagekit can export a list of installed packages14:08
sresuJames147: How can I do that?14:09
James147sresu: in kpackagekit > Get and remove software tab > installed packages > export installed pckage list...14:10
sresuJames147: The exporing works but importing doesn't recognise the .catalog files14:14
James147sresu: :S never actually tried it before..14:15
sresuJames147: Well, I was thinking of such options so that it can be helpful to install in cone click all packages due re-installation instead of seeing the list and manally installing one by one14:16
sresuAhh.. my eyes are straining.. typo again14:16
James147sresu: yeah, i htink thats what those options are for... but I havnt actually tried them so dont know how well they work... didnt think they wouldent though ;14:17
sresuJames147: Can you please try one there?14:17
James147sresu: installing stuff atm14:17
sresuJames147: Ah-ok. Opening the catalog file by Kpk externally also doesn't help14:18
sresuI tried all this from new user14:19
sresuSo that there is no conflict14:19
sresuMaybe, not sure14:19
James147sresu: ... not sure a new user would help with this as all packages are system wide... but what error does it give?14:19
sresuNo error. It should first be able to recognise the *.catalog files it created. Its not recognising those in the folders in which its created after exporting14:21
cuzntis there a scripting channel?14:22
James147sresu: hmm, mine worked :S14:22
James147sresu: what version of kpackagekit?14:22
James147cuznt: might help if you say what your scripting for14:23
sresuJames147: 0.6.2-0ubunutu114:24
James147sresu: hmm, same here... are the files created by the export with the .catalog extension?14:25
cuznti am learning basic scripting for konsole. but really basic. i am a gnubee14:25
sresuJames147: Yes, that's what I said before :)14:25
James147cuznt: so bash scripting?14:25
James147cuznt: then try #bash14:26
James147sresu: not sure, its finding the .catalog files fine here :S14:27
James147sresu: try chaning the filter to *14:28
James147sresu: what version of kde are you using?14:29
sresuJames147: Do you use Muon package manager?'14:29
sresuJames147: The latest kpk is close to software-centre(gnome) but muon is very much alike synaptic14:32
James147sresu: dont really need another packagemanager :) I tend to use aptitude anyway14:34
theannihilatorhi all14:34
theannihilatorhow do you static an ip in 10.0414:34
James147theannihilator: here is one way: http://codesnippets.joyent.com/posts/show/31914:36
ubuntuhello guise14:39
ubuntuif i chose to install side by side. will it keep my other windows install and add the kxstudio install on that partition?14:40
ubuntuor does it only mean that it keeps the partitions the way they are but i lose the old data?14:40
James147ubuntu: kxstudio?14:43
ubuntui guess you linux people call that14:43
ubuntua distro14:43
ubuntuor something.14:43
ubuntualong the lines.. i guess14:43
James147ubuntu: not heard of that distro before... and I cannot say what it will do, this is the support channel for kubuntu14:44
James147ubuntu: you might want to joib #kxstudio14:44
ubuntuso "side by side" is really that uncommon in linux glossary?14:44
James147join ^^14:44
ubuntualready in there14:44
ubuntuno one around atm i guess14:44
James147ubuntu: no, my guess is that it will resize you partition and install in the new free space, but i do not know the distro so i cannot say for sure14:45
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sresu!info jovie14:55
ubottujovie (source: kdeaccessibility): a Text-to-Speech system for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 387 kB, installed size 1160 kB14:55
Arran> rork: es, i did look at the site. I have actually done everything, but nothing helps. Quite disappointing, because it run OK under Ubuntu 09.1014:59
theannihilatori try to edit my interface file and i dont have anything that stats auto eth0....14:59
theannihilatorwhat am i missing15:00
ArranAnd I did not use the on-year old drivers, but now downloads...15:00
apparletheannihilator: what are you trying to do?15:00
ArranTschüss! I am leaving for now.15:01
theannihilatorcreate a static ip15:01
apparletheannihilator: any problems with network manager?15:01
apparletheannihilator: why are you using the interfaces file?15:02
theannihilatori went through the kde network module and just created a new network connection but for somereason it displays the dns reversed of what i type in15:02
theannihilatorcause that is how i am used to creating a static ip15:02
apparletheannihilator: that is alright, it is just displayed reverse, it is alright15:03
ubuntuthx james15:03
ubuntuapparently its non-destructive.. keeps the data15:03
apparletheannihilator: which kubuntu version?15:03
ubuntuhave a nice one. gonna try right now15:03
apparletheannihilator: last time I used 10.04, my dns was also displayed reverse, otherwise it was working perfectly15:05
theannihilatorwell that is all wubi installs lo15:05
apparletheannihilator: why don't you try the latest 10.1015:06
theannihilatorhow can i install it using wubi?15:07
theannihilatori have windows installed on my computer and i dont feel like repartitioning it atm lol15:08
eagles0513875theannihilator: just run the wubi installer off the cd after you have booted on windows15:08
apparletheannihilator: you can install 10.10 on wubi15:10
apparletheannihilator: just get the latest CD or wubi exe15:10
theannihilatordo i need to dl the i386 version since my windows is 32bit15:10
theannihilatoror can will 64bit work15:11
apparletheannihilator: that depends on your processor15:11
apparletheannihilator: how much ram?15:11
theannihilatorits a pentium D15:11
eagles05138752gb of ram15:11
eagles0513875not to shabby for an early dualcore15:11
theannihilatorit was free lol15:12
apparleeagles0513875: I have pentium d with 1.2g15:12
theannihilator3ghz pd15:12
apparletheannihilator: stick to i38615:12
eagles0513875theannihilator: free is gd15:12
eagles0513875i wont mention my current desktop then15:12
theannihilatoryea i got 2 80gb hdds 1 160gb hdd a pentium d 3.0ghz and 2 gigs of ram free15:12
theannihilatorall i did was buy a 1tb hdd power supply and motherboard15:13
apparletheannihilator: there is no point installing 64bit unless you have enough RAM15:13
theannihilatorwhich only cost about 250$us15:13
eagles0513875i have a 2tb hdd for linux 500gb for win 715:13
theannihilatori do a media computer15:13
eagles05138758gb ddr2 800mhz and an intel core2 quad q9550 and an asus p5n-d motherboard15:13
theannihilatorand one of the programs i have is windows bsed15:13
apparleeagles0513875: what do you put in 2.5tb?15:13
theannihilatori need a 2tb hdd15:13
apparleeagles0513875: awesome comp man15:14
theannihilatormy 1tb is already 89% full15:14
eagles0513875damn remove some of the dirty stuff15:14
eagles0513875anywho we going offtopic here15:14
theannihilatornot really15:14
apparletheannihilator: just to warn, there are a few bugs in kubuntu 10.1015:15
theannihilatorwe discussing what a good media computer should be15:15
theannihilatorlike what15:15
PiciAnd you can do that in #kubuntu-offtopic.  #kubuntu is for support.15:15
theannihilatorlol ok15:15
apparletheannihilator: I had graphics problems, and then amarok can't save playlist and logout crashes graphics15:16
theannihilator.... well i would be using vlc anways15:17
apparletheannihilator: the first and last one, I have found a workaround, so I'm happy, but I didn't find solution to amarok15:17
theannihilatorconsidering most of my files are in mkv form15:17
apparletheannihilator: which gpu?15:17
theannihilatori have a nvidia15:17
apparletheannihilator: then you are good to go, my friend's nvidia runs awesome15:18
theannihilatori prefer nvidia over ati because of reliability in linux and in most of my games i play15:18
BluesKajtheannihilator, the dragonplayer plays mkv without any problems on my setup15:18
theannihilatormy only problems in using straight linux is orb15:19
theannihilatorand verizon media center15:19
apparletheannihilator: I have pentium D 2.8 and 1.5gb ram and 1TB. does having a gfx card lot of difference? particularly games?15:19
apparletheannihilator: which mobo?15:19
theannihilatori have an nvida 6i15:19
theannihilatorin that setup having a higher end card does make a big deal15:20
theannihilatorespecially in linux games15:20
theannihilatoror even when playing game in wine15:20
apparleok, I got to go. bye15:20
theannihilatorwhats the big differences in 10.04 and 101015:21
gunsofbrixtonhi, just wondering, what software license is google voice under? is it free software?15:30
theannihilatori think15:32
theannihilatoris there an iso program in kubunt15:36
Darkie_DJwhich package do I remove to completely disable the netbook remix?15:42
Darkie_DJfor 10.1015:42
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fmergeson ubuntu 10.10 im getting when im trying to execute a python qt app: python: /build/buildd/sip4-qt3-4.10.5/siplib/siplib.c:2600: sip_api_parse_result: Assertion `assign_helper != ((void *)0)' failed.   any idea?16:10
KukuNutcan't find it but is 4.6 for 11.04?16:11
KukuNutnever mind16:14
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theannihilatorhow do you install 1010 using wubi when it says that you need to boot to the live cd?16:29
dasKreechtheannihilator: How are you installing?17:44
sresuGPU is hanging rapidly. The screen hangs. How to fix it?17:50
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house_of_caindoes anyone know how I can turn on tab completion for yakuake?18:09
yoyolike double tabbing?18:11
house_of_cainyoyo:  so that I don't have to type the full name, I can type the first few letters and then hit tab18:11
house_of_cainyoyo:  having a command history that works would also be very helpful18:12
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tjingboemi can throw anything in the Trash but when i look into it it is empty. Is this a bug?18:21
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kirillnextwhat install, for samba in windows18:43
theannihilatorhey how do you do wubi 101018:46
theannihilatorcause the cd just says to do a live cd and then install from ti18:46
sresuWhich application can help me trim audio files?18:54
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone19:11
phoenix_firebrdanyone able to send and receive files though bluedevil to nokia smart phones?19:12
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: mm maybe19:16
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: read this ... but remove kbluetooth from the string19:16
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: have you 10'.10?19:16
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: 10.1019:17
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: ok so read this but remove kbluetooth from the string sudo apt-get install stuff19:17
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: phoenix_firebrd: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/kubuntu-10-04-browse-your-phone-with-kde-with-bluetooth/19:17
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: ok19:18
sresuHow to append two audio files?19:25
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: when i run the command "sdptool browse X" , i am getting an error "Failed to connect to SDP server on X: Connection timed out"19:26
Peace-sresu: ? which kind of ?19:26
Peace-wav ?19:26
Peace-sresu: sudo apt-get install kwave19:27
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: audacity ? is agtk19:27
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: kwave is qt19:27
Peace-there is another ...19:27
sresuPeace-:  What backend kwave relies on? ffmepg?19:28
Peace-but i think kwave is the easier19:28
Peace-sresu: look at the link up19:28
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: forget that stuff19:28
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: just now try to use bluetooth19:28
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: ok19:29
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: i will try some19:29
Peace-who is of ottawa?19:31
sresuPeace-: Can it append audio files? Joining of audio files?19:31
sresuI don't see such options19:31
Peace-sresu: import...19:31
Peace-file ----->import19:32
sresuNo I've installed kwave now and there is no such option of import under File19:32
mrcreativityare desktop effects inherently unstable19:32
mrcreativityor is it just my installation19:32
Peace-sresu: wait there is for sure import just check th estupid menu...19:32
sresuPeace-: http://imagebin.ca/view/w2V2ciF0.html http://imagebin.ca/view/q66QCqVl.html19:35
Peace-sresu: then opne the first mp319:37
Peace-sresu: select all the track19:37
Peace-press CTRL C19:37
Peace-now open the second mp319:38
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Peace-go whre you want press CTRL V19:38
Peace-should work19:38
Peace-of course you have not to close the first kwave with mp3 open19:38
sresuPeace-: Have you used kwave before?19:39
Peace-or consider to tinstall sresu sonic visualiser19:39
Peace-sresu: yea19:39
Peace-i have sent a bug even19:39
sresusonic visualiser part of package manager, Peace-?19:39
Peace-sresu: sudo apt-get install sonic-visualiser19:40
sresu!info sonic-visualiser19:40
ubottuPackage sonic-visualiser does not exist in maverick19:40
Peace-sresu: make sure the ouput devices is the default card19:40
Peace-o wow19:41
sresu!info sonic-visualizer19:41
ubottuPackage sonic-visualizer does not exist in maverick19:41
sresu!info sonic-visualizer lucid19:41
ubottuPackage sonic-visualizer does not exist in lucid19:41
Peace-sresu: http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/19:41
sresu!info sonic-visualiser lucid19:41
ubottuPackage sonic-visualiser does not exist in lucid19:41
Peace-sresu: if you have not the package you can downoad19:41
sresuPeace-: And it can help me append two files, right?19:42
Peace-sresu: i mean it's a audio editor ...19:42
Peace-sresu: look at the screen19:43
sresuDoes it append two audio files? You are suggesting me solution19:43
sresuProbably it doesn't19:43
Peace-sresu: ok19:43
Peace-i have used kwave..19:43
Peace-just right now19:44
sresuPeace-: Sonic Visualiser is a program for viewing and exploring audio data for semantic music analysis and annotation.19:44
sresuPeace-: Anyways, thanks. I'm still at the same place where I started asking about appending audio files.19:45
=== miguel_ is now known as Guest63939
sresuPeace-: sox -m first_file second_file joined_file19:48
Peace-sresu: you can do it with an interface19:49
Peace-or with sox of course19:49
Peace-kwave is a sox interface19:49
Peace-like audacity19:49
sresuOh.. so why didn't you say about sox before?19:49
sresuI'm very confortable with CLI than GUI19:49
Peace-well the most of people here wants what they do on windows19:49
mothhey guys how can i view hidden files in my home ? CTRL+H did not work19:50
Peace-but xD i am a scripter19:50
sresuAlt + .19:50
sresumoth: ^^19:50
Peace-sresu: i have done a audio looper with sox via bash19:50
sresuPeace-: Anyways, thanks..19:50
mothsresu, thank u19:50
sresuoh.. cool!19:50
peponeHi, i have update to networkmanager-0.8.2  knetworkmanager-4.4.0_p20101012 and wifi connection stop to work any ideas19:50
Peace-sresu: http://cli-apps.org/content/show.php/lal+linux+audio+looper?content=10239819:51
freinhar1how can i make the devicenotifier ignore the first partition of a ipod which he can't mount anyways?19:51
sresuPeace-: Ah-ok19:51
Peace-sresu: are you interested to test a script to automount video on kdenlive?19:52
BluesKajpepone, which network wifi hardware do you have on your pc/laptop ?19:52
sresuPeace-:  default sox in ubuntu repos has no mp3 support, how to enable it?19:54
Peace-sresu: sudo apt-get install libsox-fmt-all19:55
Peace-sresu: medibuntu open19:55
Peace-sresu: sure19:55
theannihilator1010 will not update 100419:55
sresuPeace-: $ sox -m Finaljpwhiting.mp3 trimAE.mp3 Final.mp319:56
sresusox FAIL formats: can't open output file `Final.mp3': SoX was compiled without MP3 encoding support19:56
peponeBluesKaj: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 the driver is up and the interface is detected in Knetworkmanager19:56
Peace-sresu: medibuntu ?19:57
Peace-lame ?19:57
Peace-sresu: libsox-fmt-all should enable that stuff19:57
freinhar1does maverick use devicekit?19:57
sresuPeace-: That`s the one although I thought it was libsox-fmt-mp319:58
Peace-well i use all because i need every formats19:58
BluesKaj!BCM | pepone19:58
ubottupepone: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:58
peponeBluesKaj: sorry i m in the wrong channel19:59
Peace-sresu: maybe you should try to encode it into wav19:59
peponeBluesKaj: i m looking for gentoo :)19:59
sresuPeace-: Umm.. that will consume more time.. lemme see20:00
sresuAnd i know how to do it20:00
Peace-sresu: anyway kwae open a new window...20:00
Peace-sresu: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpeg-0-videopreviw1120:01
BluesKajpepone, good luck with that :)20:02
Peace-BluesKaj: xD20:03
BluesKajtrying to install gentoo is worse than wearing a hair shirt IMO20:03
sresuBluesKaj: Gentoo20:06
sresuYeah, but I still like it more since it was first distro20:07
BluesKaj sresu ?20:07
sresuBluesKaj: trying to install gentoo is worse than wearing a hair shirt IMO20:08
Peace-BluesKaj: did you know dolphin can show the disk usage ?20:08
sresuPeace-: No it cannot, filelight works better20:08
Peace-sresu: xD http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/diskusage.jpeg?w=600&h=37520:09
Peace-yes it can20:09
Peace-yes we can :D20:09
sresuPeace-: Encoding to .wav helped but the final file was a mixture. I need appending as in one after other20:09
BluesKajsresu, the first linux distro was slackware20:10
sresuAhh that,, that i knew of.. its already ticked. I though like filelight20:10
Peace-sresu: sigh i used.. kwave... any way.. lett me see the audio looper i can' remember well sox stuff20:10
sresuOh... sorry my first distro BluesKaj :)20:10
Peace-sresu: sox stuf1 stuf2 OUT.WAV20:11
sresustuff1 and stuff2 w/o extension?20:11
Peace-sresu: sox input1.wav input2.wav input3.wav output.wav20:13
Peace-omg :(20:13
Peace-sresu: google--------> merge wave with sox20:13
sresuBluesKaj: Gentoo had its advantages - no releases to worry about the upgrade process was continuous and incremental But it used to break a lot more often,a nd did require a lot of effort and time to keep unning smoothly especially if you upgraded often.That's partly why I switched to ubuntu - I didn't want to spend as much time maintaining my linux in grad school as I did in undergrad20:14
sresuPeace-: No, that doesn't help either. Same output file20:15
Peace-nowadays peopel want system that works20:15
sresuThat merges but I want to append20:15
Peace-sresu: i can't understand what you want do then... append to me it's  stuff1+stuff220:17
sresucontuously but not mixture20:17
Peace-sresu: here it works fine tha command ..20:17
sresuWhat its doing is that both files are playing together in the o/p file not one after other20:17
Peace-i have used for audio looper20:17
BluesKajsresu, there are advantages to ubuntu that outrank the tedious install and maintain methods required by gentoo , however I can't disqualify it completely since I'm just speaking about it's reputation and not from personal experience20:18
Peace-BluesKaj: like every damned distro if you upgrade often... you break often it20:19
sresuBluesKaj: Ah-ok That was only my view as you mentioned Gentoo. Nothing more :)20:19
Peace-and who has gentoo..20:19
Peace-wants break20:19
sresuI've it still Peace-20:19
sresuas secondary OS after Ubuntu20:19
Peace-sresu: after you have lost your soul understanding a lot of stuff20:19
Peace-i guess20:19
sresuNothing of the sort20:20
sresuRather It did speed up my understanding of linux20:20
sresuIn those days one is completely by himself to fix an error, no IRC, no forums, very very few people using linux and the documentation was what I hated the most20:21
sresuAh..I should stop on Gentoo now, its becoming offtopic. Sorry20:22
westyRekonq is not using kwallet. This is extremely annoying. The point of storing my passwords is so that it will use them. What am I doing wrong?20:22
Peace-westy: ppa version?20:23
BluesKajisn't kwave depracated ?20:23
Peace-BluesKaj: kwave?20:23
Peace-BluesKaj: i am here working with it20:23
westyPeace-: no its the defualt that comes with Kubuntu20:23
skafticant update kubuntu what should i do ?20:23
BluesKajyeah, i thought it was an old kde3 app20:23
Peace-westy: please add the ppa version i guess it's better or install another browser20:23
Peace-westy: lucid or maverick?20:24
BluesKajPeace-, westy, i thought it was an old kde3 app20:24
Peace-BluesKaj: no it's qt420:24
BluesKajas opposed to kde420:25
Peace-BluesKaj: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpeg-0-videopreviw1120:25
BluesKajwell, if it still works i'll reinstall it20:25
Peace-BluesKaj: works for sure man20:26
Peace-BluesKaj: i have insert it on my special page20:26
Peace-BluesKaj: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/what-you-should-wan-do-on-kubuntu-10-04/20:27
westyPeace-: maverick20:27
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=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
westyPeace-: and i really like it, its offering to save the passwords, but doesnt use them20:27
sresuPeace-: No, its not working still. How do you think can be wrong?20:27
BluesKajtoo bad there isn't a windows version for my linux phobic friends who have several media sticks full of live recordings that need editing for crowd noise and chatter etc20:27
=== petr_ is now known as russo_turisto
Peace-westy: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/yoann-laissus/rekonq-ppa/ubuntu maverick main20:28
Peace-westy: open kpackagekit and add that repository20:28
russo_turistowht my alt-tab does not work?20:28
Peace-russo_turisto: .. please don't use that wt*20:28
russo_turistoPeace-  )))20:28
russo_turistoPeace-  you are funny20:28
Peace-russo_turisto: what alt tab20:28
sresu!ohmy | russo_turisto20:29
russo_turistoPeace-  ALT-TAB combination20:29
ubotturusso_turisto: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.20:29
sresuIts not about being funny20:29
BluesKajalt-tab switches apps on a given desktop20:30
westyPeace-: i really dont like adding ppa's unless absolutly necessary. but you dont think there is a setting I am missing eh?20:30
russo_turistoBUT IN MY CASE IT DOES NOT WORK EVER!!!20:30
russo_turistoI CHANGED MY "COLATE"  or somthing like this20:31
russo_turistoI did not remember how it is in english20:31
westyrusso_turisto: alt-tab to use the switcher?20:32
russo_turistowesty  YES20:32
sresurusso_turisto: Are your packages fully up to date?20:32
russo_turistoI press this buttons and nothing happenes20:32
russo_turistoI use 8.0420:32
russo_turistoBut 1 month ago all worked!20:33
sresurusso_turisto:  Do you use compiz or kwin or any desktop effect?20:33
westydid you check that its set? go to system settings, windowbehaviour20:33
russo_turistoGuys, I have not time to upgrade system to 10!!!   so I use 8.0420:33
russo_turistoI use kubuntu 8.0420:33
westyusing kde at 8.04 is a LONG time ago for KDE20:34
russo_turistoI want run through windows when I press alt-tab20:34
westyrusso_turisto: is it still kde 3.5?20:34
sresurusso_turisto:  Desktop effects -> General Effect for window switching20:34
sresuKDE version?>20:34
russo_turistomay be20:35
russo_turistoI do not know20:35
sresuCheck the version please20:35
russo_turistowhat a hava nagiva20:35
westyopen konq, and click on about and click on about - kde20:35
xomaop))) russkiy)20:36
sresuEither ways, that's where you used to configure it before KDE SC 4.420:36
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russo_turisto3.5.10 (thanks for please ))  )20:36
russo_turistoxoma  ??20:36
russo_turistoxoma anton?20:36
sresurusso_turisto: Worked? Desktop effects -> General Effect for window switching20:37
xomatoje linux nedavno ustnovil?)20:37
russo_turistoDesktop effects  where is it?20:37
russo_turistoxoma blat... ya davno uzhe.... 2 goda20:37
sresuSearch in System Settings20:37
xomao) togda pomigi s vainom)20:37
russo_turistoSystem_Settings->  what next?20:38
theannihilatorwhat is the difference between debian and kubuntu?20:39
xomane) menya ne anton zovut) xomjakov v inete mnogo))))20:39
russo_turistoxoma  blat20:39
sresuHey Peace- -m, --combine mix        Mix multiple input files (instead of concatenating) in sox -m Finaljpwhiting.mp3 trimAE.mp3 Final.mp320:39
russo_turistoблятство ...  ну ладно20:39
xomaы) короче дуй в системные настройки, там дальше увидишь если локализация русская20:40
russo_turistosresu so?20:40
sresuPeace-: That is to be replaced my --combine concatenate20:40
russo_turistoDesktop effects -> General Effect for window switching  .... it is not exist20:40
sresurusso_turisto: Did you find Desktop effects in System settings?20:40
xomaтада обнови kde)))20:40
russo_turistosresu I found Desktop only!20:40
russo_turistoxoma я 8.04  юзаю20:41
xomaу мя наприемер кде 4.х стоит... там есть настройки для переключения окон.....20:41
russo_turistoя ж сказал - не хочу обновлять20:41
xomaтогда обьясни в чём плюсы 8.04 относительно 10.10, мб тоже перелезу20:42
xomaу меня кстати есть ощущение что эти америкосы все дружно обновляют операционку по первому свисту.. так что техподдержку по более старым версиям надо искать на русских форумах20:43
russo_turistoбестолковвая поддержка20:45
russo_turistoне могут написать как поменять альт-таб20:45
xomaэто россия.....20:45
BluesKaj!ru | russo_turisto ,xoma20:45
ubotturusso_turisto ,xoma: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:45
xomaтож вариант...20:46
BluesKajxoma, please stop !20:47
BluesKajyou want russian then there's a channel for that20:47
xomai can speak english, but im so lazy... and i think that amerikans know more that russian and they are more helpful)20:48
ubuntu_hi all, i need some help.. I have windows and kubuntu installed, and my MBR was overwriten. I tried to recover it with grub-install from live CD, but now i just get into grub shell on startup, it doesnt offer boot options... how can i fix this_20:48
russo_turistobye... pindosy20:49
russo_turistoпока пиндосы20:49
rorkubuntu_: boot into linux manually and do a `sudo update-grub` one sec, I'll get you a howto for the first part20:53
ubuntu_rork: ok, thanks20:53
rorkubuntu_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Using%20CLI%20to%20Boot20:54
ubuntu_rork: its using grub, not grub2, does this make any difference20:55
BluesKajxoma, not all here are americans20:56
house_of_cainanyone know how I can adjust the terminal settings in yakuake.  It currently does not have tab auto completion enabled, and the up arrow only prints ^[[A20:56
ubuntu_rork: i am running a liveCD at the moment, maybe i can just re-install grub or something?20:56
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:57
rorkubuntu_: I thought you've allready tried that, if you reboot and you get to the command it probably means it can't find the config file20:57
theannihilatorwhats the diff between deb and kub20:57
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!20:58
ubuntu_rork: yes, it gets to the command prompt.. what can i do now? can i fix it from within live cD_-20:58
theannihilatorbut y cant i use debain repose in ubuntu20:59
theannihilatori am debating on whether to use fedora or kubuntu on my laptop20:59
theannihilatorthe bigest debate is gaming20:59
BluesKajtheannihilator, nope, and debian uses a different permission system for installing and using sudo20:59
theannihilatori was joking about the deb repos on kub21:00
rorkubuntu_: you may try: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435121:00
Peace-BluesKaj: night21:00
house_of_caincan anyone suggest an application like yakuake that will allow for tab completion of commands?21:00
BluesKajgawd, buy an xbox or something21:00
ubuntu_rork: ok, trying21:01
theannihilatori have a ps3 a ps2 a wii and windows but i would like to have some linux gamesi n the mix21:01
russo_turistokey board shortcats ..... SO  I SOLVED MY PROBLEM MYSELF21:01
russo_turistoI am clever man21:01
russo_turistoI am not jewish anyway I am clever21:01
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BluesKajtheannihilator, no matter . ome ppl wouldn't know whether you were joking or not21:03
ubuntu_rork: ok, i need to restart. hopefully it should work....21:03
theannihilatoritried doing it once with kubuntu 9.10 ibelive21:03
theannihilatorand it did work21:03
theannihilatorbut then crashed 3 weeks later when i tried updating21:04
BluesKaj!religion | russo_turisto21:04
ubotturusso_turisto: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct21:04
russo_turistoBluesKaj !!!  ?  I have not said nothing BAD....  I control my voice21:05
theannihilatorBluesKaj: does that mean i cannot talk about the dwarfs or little human looking people called hobbits?21:06
BluesKajrusso_turisto, just a reminder of the COC here21:06
russo_turistoBluesKaj  thanks for attantion21:06
xomablueskaj but russian users are too lazy to answer some questions, so that is why i connected to english support21:06
dasKreechtheannihilator: I don't think there is much difference in the games offered for Fedora and Ubuntu21:06
BluesKajtheannihilator, no you can't , because it's offtopic :)21:07
russo_turistoBluesKaj xoma  )))))  it is not true21:07
dasKreechrusso_turisto: what was the problem?21:07
rorktheannihilator: last thing I heard about gaming distrowars is that every distro is fine for gaming, I only know (k)ubuntu and if you decide to use it have a look at playdeb21:07
russo_turistoI use english ... becase there is more people21:07
dasKreechrusso_turisto:  :)21:08
russo_turistodasKreech  I fix my problem already...21:08
dasKreechrusso_turisto: I saw that I didn't know what the problem was21:08
russo_turistodasKreech  *fixED21:08
russo_turistodasKreech  problem was in alt-tab combination of buttons21:09
theannihilatori know they are but some distros have more games precompiled then others and i am to lazy to compile so the least i have to install the better21:09
dasKreechah ok :)21:09
russo_turistohow many people use windows in USA???21:09
dasKreechtheannihilator: again I'd be surprised if you didn't find a game for either set. and if you do you can convert from Fedora's RPM to Deb and vice versa21:09
russo_turisto(wind. must di*)21:09
tsimpsonrusso_turisto: that's offtopic for this channel21:09
dasKreechrusso_turisto: #kubuntu-offtopic21:10
dasKreechcan talk in there :)21:10
theannihilatoralso which better for a htpc primarily used to play open anime files (mkv) and can be used as a server21:10
russo_turistotsimpson   ok ... what is "all_users - linux_users = X"21:10
theannihilatormyth or (k)ubunutu21:10
dasKreechhmm might be myth but I've not set up either for that21:11
russo_turistoALL_USERD - LINUX_USERS = X,   X - ?21:11
dasKreech There is a Media center plasma setup for Kubuntu21:11
tsimpsontheannihilator: myth is designed to be a media centre, so probably myth21:11
tsimpsonrusso_turisto: stop that21:11
russo_turistotsimpson ok21:11
theannihilatorbut tsimpson can it also be used as a server?21:12
tsimpsontheannihilator: all a server is, is a system running the appropriate services, any system can be a server. so yes :)21:13
theannihilatorwell tsimpson not true not all os's can be a server21:14
tsimpsontheannihilator: anything that can listen on a TCP/UDP port can be, and I don't know an OS that can't do that21:14
theannihilatorwindows can listen but does not always host21:15
tsimpsonwhat exactly do you mean by "server"?21:15
theannihilatorwindows xp could not host a website that well without having to deccomboulate it21:15
tsimpsontheannihilator: it can, IIS runs on XP21:15
tsimpsonas does apache21:16
theannihilatori am not going to argue i tried hosting an html website with iis and it failed and this was when i was coding websites for my school21:16
theannihilatorended up finding a nice little piece of software some created to do that21:17
tsimpsonregardless, as long as it can listen for remote connections, any OS can be a "server". depending on what exactly you are serving21:18
theannihilatoralso tsimpson i was asking cause to also have an os be a server it has to be reliable in utilizing the services and i was sure if mythbuntu which was geared towards htpc would be stable hosting a website with an ftpserver and irc server21:20
theannihilatorcause i know kubuntu is stable enough to host the services but can be a pain to work with for a media center  computer....:(21:20
tsimpsontheannihilator: as long as the system has the resources needed to do all that, sure21:21
tsimpsonboth share the same base system, just with different UI and default applications21:21
theannihilatorhow do i install kde from the terminal?21:23
theannihilatorsudo apt-get install ?21:23
tsimpsoninstall kubuntu-desktop to get a default Kubuntu install21:25
theannihilatori am using vmware and it installed everything but the gui lol21:26
tsimpsonthere are also kde-minimal and kde-standard packages, which may have a smaller footprint, but don't include some default packages21:26
dasKreechtheannihilator: It's still a server. crappy one but hey that's what you get when all your resume says is "I do windows"21:32
osinethello guys... I'm newbie in Linux Kubuntu.. and I have a problem with the proxy and update the repository21:33
osinetI have the message when i try to update my repository  No address associated with hostname21:33
dasKreechosinet: are you using kpackagekit?21:33
osinetbut i have the same problem when i use commands21:34
dasKreechhm ok21:34
osinetwhy :(21:34
dasKreechyour normal http works on the proxy?21:35
dasKreechI think there is an apt-proxy package21:35
osinetdasKreech, yes my http works well21:37
dasKreechok look at apt-proxy then I think that may be what yo uare looking for21:37
=== administrator is now known as Guest3331
osinetdasKreech, it doesn'y work21:42
osinethello someone know how can I configure the proxy to use apt-get?21:56
jhutchins_ltWhat's kubuntu using for wifi management these days?21:58
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: it is using network-manager, same as gnome... but using a plasma systray widget to interact with it22:08
jhutchins_ltjmichaelx: Yeah, it's the interface that concerns me, not the technical backend.22:13
jhutchins_ltIn 3.5 the network manager made it pretty easy to find a list of available networks and would connect if you clicked on one.22:13
jhutchins_ltWith this version, you have to discover, then go to another part of the applet to manually configure it.22:14
jhutchins_ltDemonstrably not intuitive enough for a non-technical person to get on line in her hotel room.22:14
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: what version of kubuntu and kde are you using?22:15
jhutchins_ltNot on kubuntu, that's kindof why I'm asking what kubuntu has now22:15
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: i felt the same way until 10.10 and kde4.5.x22:15
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: well, what you are saying certainly applied to lucid and before, but the plasma widget that works with network-manager has seen some real improvements lately22:17
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: i very much prefer KDE to gnome personally, but i have always been (and still am) hesitant to recommend kubuntu to new(er) users... it just does not get the attention in the ubuntu world that gnome does22:18
jmichaelxjhutchins_lt: btw, it's always been easy to get rid of the network management plasma widget, and just use gnome's nm-applet in KDE...  that is what i used to do22:19
=== mren is now known as mren|off
ademosKubuntu Forums refuse to let me register ---- the system continually tells me that I I didn't answer the verification questions correctly, but they don't tell me WHICH question is wrong. Any ideas? ---- Here's what I entered: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/4742/kubunturegistration.png22:24
jhutchins_ltSorry, phonecall, but it appears this is 4.4, so basically I'm hoping to hear that it gets better, and it sounds like it does.22:25
jhutchins_ltThere's a non-plasma knetworkmanager, but it didn't work when I tried it, and there's wicd, but that doesn't see my network card on either laptop.22:26
BajK_Which package do I need to install for the partition manager in kubuntu 10.10? It is present in the final but not in the RC which I have (though completely updated) on my external hdd. But the Partition manager is not present in systemsettings22:27
jhutchins_ltOk, so now I have to see if we can bring the 4.5 plasma widget into the main 4.4 body of the release, at least I know where I'm going with it.22:27
jhutchins_ltI should probably throw a kubutu partition on here to test it.22:27
jhutchins_lt(Had serious issues with Intel video last time I tried it.)22:28
theannihilatorhow do i remove plasma from kubuntu?22:32
ademostheannihilator: You would have to use KDE3 (before Plasma was started) or another window manager (like Gnome) but it wouldn't be KDE4 if you didn't use Plasma22:34
theannihilatorlol that would be fun then22:35
theannihilatortrying to get kde 3 on kubuntu22:35
jhutchins_ltI wonder if 4.5 widgets are compatible with 4.422:35
theannihilatoroops wrong server22:36
ademosQuick hard disk question: If I'm getting a checksum error from smartcontrol (hard disk monitoring software) what does that mean?22:36
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Alarmhello, i just upgraded to maverick. unfortunately my gtk applications like firefox and xchat do not look like all the kde windows. Where the Menus are (File, Edit, etc) the colour is different than the rest of the window22:44
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BajK_theannihilator: why would someone want to remove plasma? o.O22:46
BajK_Alarm: The only thing I could imagine - which I do - is setting QtCurve as design for both GTK and QT applications22:46
BajK_(it is a highly customizable theme)22:46
Alarmi just found something appmenu-gtk.22:46
Alarmyes. gtk-engines was on prior releases22:47
BajK_uff I never really use gtk apps22:47
Alarmwell i use firefox, and xchat22:47
BajK_hm, so I use chromium and quassel^^22:48
Alarmwell i use xchat over 5-6 years now, so  i got used to it .22:48
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theannihilatorlxde vs xfce23:05
theannihilatorwhich is better?23:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:18
djusticeroxy_: poke23:19
theannihilatorhuh? djustice?23:22
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roxy_how can i find the qt-docs?23:26
tsimpsonroxy_: in the packages qt4-doc and qt4-doc-html, or online at http://doc.qt.nokia.com/23:28
dasKreech!best | theannihilator23:31
ubottutheannihilator: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.23:31
jhutchins_ltIsn't there something like debian's popcon?23:32
djusticeroxy_: be more vocal...23:33
djustice"how might i go about figuring out the file list for the qt4-doc package?"23:33
roxy_leave my noobish alone...23:33
djusticeroxy_: *huggles*23:33
djusticetsimpson: thx btw ;)23:34
theannihilatordasKreech: i was asking for opnions23:34
theannihilatorcause i dont see a difference23:34
theannihilatorso i was wanting to know what the difference was23:34
bazhangtheannihilator, try #ubuntu-bots for polling23:35
djusticeroxy_: dpkg -L qt4-doc23:35
tsimpsonroxy_: qt4-doc documentation can be viewed in qt assistant (from qt4-dev-tools), or install qt4-doc-html and point your browser at file:///usr/share/qt4/doc/html/index.html23:36
djusticetsimpson: yep. i was trying to show her how to find where a pkg gets installed. and how to ask such a question on irc.23:37
roxy_but thanks at the same time >.>23:38
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