mbergamophillw: i haven't tried this yet, i'll give it a shot in a minute, thank you00:00
Timo_szczur: are you a member of the ubt?00:06
szczurTimo_, nope00:07
szczuri'll be someday :>00:07
szczurwhat about you?00:08
szczurare you a padawan? :)00:08
Timo_I guess :P00:08
phillwstlsaint: how?01:17
EpicCyndaquilphillw, wrong channel? what are you taking about? :P01:18
phillwEpicCyndaquil: this is the support channel :D01:18
EpicCyndaquilI know, I know, was messing with you :P01:19
phillwEpicCyndaquil: it's just that this one gets logged so people can search it, the offtopic area specifically does not get logged.01:19
EpicCyndaquilso should I go straight to install from unetbootin?01:19
EpicCyndaquilgotcha, fair enough01:20
phillwuse the 'iso' button and tell unetbootin where the iso is01:20
EpicCyndaquilI deem this motherboard buggy01:21
EpicCyndaquilno, I was in unetbootin on the USB on the computer :P01:21
phillwEpicCyndaquil: Do you remember me saying RTFM? http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/01:22
stlsaintphillw: im sure i can figure this out on my own but i want to get it from the experts...whats the best way to get fluxbox up and running on lubuntu?01:22
phillwstlsaint: you'd to ask someone like bioterror or ask on the ml.01:22
stlsaintbioterror: HELP01:23
stlsaintphillw: again i have been using multisessions for some time01:23
EpicCyndaquil"these ISO files will not work as-is"01:23
stlsaintphillw: i figure it would be a good teaching lesson for our new members?01:23
phillwstlsaint: he's in bed, do not forget bioterror has been ill.01:23
stlsaintphillw: and i dont want to "hack" my way to getting it done :D01:23
EpicCyndaquilI seriously blame this motherboard01:24
EpicCyndaquilsomething is wrong with this thing01:24
EpicCyndaquilsometimes things boot, sometimes they don't, keep in mind I try multiple times touching nothing but my power button01:24
phillwEpicCyndaquil: I'm running out of ideas, I'm not to sure what to suggest next :(01:24
EpicCyndaquilthrow it against the wall? :D01:25
phillwdid the cd self test as okay?01:25
phillwtry the alternate install option.01:25
EpicCyndaquilthe minimal you mean? and is that a different ISO?01:26
phillwwhen the cd boots up, it is listed as alternate / text based installtion in the menu where you see the self test option.01:26
EpicCyndaquilI don't see that O_o01:27
phillwEpicCyndaquil: what version did you download?01:27
EpicCyndaquillet me try the install one more time01:27
EpicCyndaquilthe torrent01:27
EpicCyndaquil10.10 torrent01:27
phillw10.10 or 10.04 ?01:27
phillw10.10 has alternate on it.01:27
EpicCyndaquilmaybe I'm going blind from being sick of this -_-01:28
EpicCyndaquilit's not lubuntu's fault, it's the computer01:28
phillwEpicCyndaquil: sleep is always a good healer of frustration :)01:28
EpicCyndaquilvery true01:28
EpicCyndaquilthis might be the last time I work with a used mobo01:28
EpicCyndaquilthey always give me nothing but trouble01:28
hblounthi. is there a way to mount an image in wine so it is recognized by game in wine?01:31
EpicCyndaquilgot a bunch of buffer I/O, squashfs, and phy0 errors01:31
EpicCyndaquilregardless, it still seems to be starting01:32
phillwhblount: I have no idea, but http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=313 is the wine section of the main forum area, I'd suggest asking there.01:32
hblountphillw: ok thanks01:33
EpicCyndaquil"failed to run /usr/bin/ubiquity as user root" when I go to install...01:33
EpicCyndaquilnow it seems like my dvd drive has given up on lubuntu01:35
EpicCyndaquilperhaps it's time for me to do the same for now01:35
EpicCyndaquilWAIT IT'S WORKING xD01:35
phillwEpicCyndaquil: I'd suggest cleaning the cd drive lens. The burn and read leds are different, "If you can get hold of one - Clean the CD drive with a CD-Drive cleansing CD, burning an ISO CD requires far greater precision than burning, say, a music CD. ( just type in cd lens cleaner into your favourite search engine, they can be bought for about 3 USD / 1 GBP)"01:35
EpicCyndaquilI know that's not the issue, it's the computer reading it01:36
EpicCyndaquiland the optical drive reading it is nearly new01:36
EpicCyndaquilgood suggestion, but I'm 110% sure that's not the issue01:37
EpicCyndaquilInstaller crashed ;_;01:52
mbergamophillw: I tried that wired network configuration, but there was no difference :/. I'm outrageously stumped on this, I don't know why I'm struggling so hard. I'll make a forum post and make it outrageously specific.01:54
mbergamophillw: and if i get it to work maybe i'll make a wiki specific for setting up my broadcom bcmxx on Lubuntu without any internet connection.01:54
EpicCyndaquilI think lubuntu installed but failed to set up the bootloader, can I check this, and if so, how do you suggest a fix?01:55
phillwmbergamo: I'm stumped, I had no problems with broadcom in lubuntu; it simply showed up in hardware drivers :(01:55
phillwEpicCyndaquil: without internet connection, no. with internet connection yes :)01:56
EpicCyndaquilphillw, wired ethernet?01:57
EpicCyndaquilif so, time to move to the next room ;P01:57
mbergamophillw: when i click on additional drivers it gives a prompt, "Downloading package indexes failed, please check your network status. Most drivers will not be available." And then it says "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system".02:37
phillwmbergamo: pass. :(02:40
mbergamophillw: bah!02:40
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bioterrorI figured out how to start programs without decorations06:42
bioterrorI wonder who asked it06:42
Goodgamebioterror, you found me on ubuntuforums :D10:08
bioterrorGoodgame, did you like my posting?10:08
Goodgamebioterror, I don't undestand when you explain how to launch them but I think I've understood the part for the position (not tried yet, just woken up, will try this afternoon)10:09
bioterroryou make yourself a file10:09
bioterrorand put that kind of information there10:09
bioterrorit's an example file of my conky.desktop10:09
bioterrorwhich launches conky on my desktop10:10
Goodgamecan you explain me each line please?10:10
Goodgamewe can write whatever we want in "comment" don't we?10:10
Goodgameexec is the same as we enter in A-F2 ?10:11
GoodgameWhat does the 4 lasts lines mean?10:12
bioterrorjust random stuff for the lxde menu ;)10:12
Goodgameso, all the time terminal=false?10:12
Goodgame(except maybe when I wanna launch the terminal :-°)10:12
bioterrorit means you dont want to launch that in terminal10:13
Goodgameeverytime type=application?10:13
bioterrorsomething like that10:13
Goodgame"something like that"?10:13
Goodgamewhat does it mean?10:15
bioterrorput application in there10:15
Goodgameand what is categories?10:15
bioterrorleave blank, as I said it's for the lxde menu10:16
bioterroryou're not going to put it in there10:16
Goodgameand I just copy the last line everytime?10:16
Goodgameok thanks a lot10:19
Goodgamegotta go10:19
Goodgamegonna try later10:19
Goodgamebioterror, in your answer you explain how I can explain where I want my windows, but not how to specify their sizes. is there a way,14:21
bioterroryou're so demanding14:22
Goodgametheir's no interet to put windows in specific places if they don't have the right size (they could cross each other)14:23
bioterrornope, that's not supported in openbox, I think14:26
Goodgamethanks a lot14:27
Goodgamebioterror, I've got a last question, when I configure my autostart, can I chose on which desktop the apps open?14:31
NativeAngelshow do a get a command prompt again15:00
mark76Alt F2?15:01
mark76Do you have the LX panel?15:02
mark76Are you using LXDE?15:02
NativeAngelsi thinkso15:02
NativeAngelsall i have is run and logout15:02
mark76Is there a bar at the bottom with things on?15:02
NativeAngelswith a swallow like icon on the toolbar15:03
mark76Is there something on the far left that looks like a bird?15:03
mark76Click on it. Do you see an option called Run?15:03
mark76Click on that15:03
NativeAngelsi did and nothing happened15:04
mark76Have you uninstalled anything lately?15:04
NativeAngelsall that happened was the toolbar dissapeared and thats it15:04
NativeAngelsthis is the alternate text install15:04
mark76You should install gmrun15:05
NativeAngelshow do i do that15:05
mark76Go to Synaptic15:05
NativeAngelsi dont even have that option15:05
mark76Can you run a terminal?15:05
mark76Then you're screwed15:06
NativeAngelsit seems like whoever made the alternate version15:06
NativeAngelshas messed up15:06
mark76Yes it does15:06
NativeAngelsnot very helpful15:07
mark76What have you got in the Accessories menu15:07
NativeAngelsive gone to menu:://applications/ and theres nothing15:07
Goodgameis this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp the only lubuntu documentation?15:08
mark76So there's nothing in the menu?15:08
skritehey all, is nvidia still the video card to buy? newegg has lots of bundles with ATI but i have always had an easy time with getting nvidia working.15:08
NativeAngelsall there is run and logout15:09
mark76I'd reinstall15:09
mark76Do you have an icon anywhere to open the file manager?15:09
mark76Okay. Open it15:10
mark76In the sidebar is there an Applications option?15:11
NativeAngelsits not even doing anything15:11
mark76How are you talking to me?15:11
NativeAngelson a windows laptop15:11
mark76Oh right15:11
mark76I think you need to download the full install CD15:12
NativeAngelsi tried 10.10 but it hung15:12
mark76What about 10.04?15:12
NativeAngelsi will try it15:13
NativeAngelsdo you have a link15:13
mark76No, but you should be able to get it from the Ubuntu website15:14
bioterrorGoodgame, u define that in a same place where the position15:15
Goodgamebioterror, I just add <desktop>2</desktop> ?15:18
Goodgamebioterror, you can speak french don't you?15:19
Goodgamecause I've got a problem with rhythmbox, it's about a french tutorial15:19
GoodgameI must be mistaking, sorry15:19
bioterroreasy solution15:19
bioterrorsudo apt-get install moc && mocp15:20
Goodgamebut I can explain it to you, you may know the solution15:20
Goodgamemoc ubuntu15:20
Goodgamedon't wanna use the console here15:20
bioterrorGoodgame, needs some help in french :D15:33
gilirbioterror, there is no other french-speaking here ? :)15:38
bioterroratleast i dont  know15:38
Timo_Goodgame should learn English, then it's way easier to get help :D15:39
bioterrorluv u guys <3 :D15:40
bioterroror to use google translate :D15:40
JoeMaverickSettGoogle translate FTW!15:40
giliror you can learn french to help more people ;)15:40
GoodgameTimo_, actually I'm quite opperative, but the fact is that the rhythmbox french documentation is better than the english one...15:41
bioterrorhe needs to watch few luc besson movie15:41
bioterrornikita and couple of taxi15:41
bioterroror get a girl friend and watch amelie for the thousand time15:42
bioterrorevery chick luvs that movie15:42
JoeMaverickSettDamn it, bioterror! :D15:42
bioterrorlaters, gotta leave the train15:42
Goodgamebioterror, if I want to launch other programms than conky (tallking about the exemple in your post) is it still this file I've gotta edit cat /home/lubuntu-user/.config/autostart/conky.desktop?15:43
Goodgameor it will be cat /home/lubuntu-user/.config/autostart/chromium for exemple?15:44
Goodgamebioterror, ok I will write what I will change, post it on the topic and you will tell me if it's ok15:51
bioterrori bet you can do it15:52
Goodgameok, will post it tonight :)15:52
bioterrornot really a rocket science15:52
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Goodgameoh yeah another crap on my lubuntu16:45
GoodgameI've added a third desktop and it disapears when I reboot16:47
head_victimos prober16:47
head_victimHang on I'll find a link16:48
head_victimThat tells you how to do the workaround, they're working on a full fix16:48
Goodgameoh sorry head_victim you've misunderstood me, you know, once you're logged, their are two virtual desktops on lubuntu?16:49
GoodgameI've added a third one, but it has disapeared16:50
head_victimSorry mate, completely off base.16:50
head_victimI'll have another look16:50
head_victimSorry mate, no idea, I'd suggest hanging in here in the hopes someone more expereienced than I arrives or try the mailing list16:56
Goodgameok i'm gonna wait16:56
Goodgameshouldn't have installed lubuntu16:57
Goodgameit's too new16:57
head_victimIt's been great for me, saved me buying a new pc16:57
Goodgamemy pc is quite powerful16:57
head_victimAre there any other problems you're having then or is that the only one for now?16:58
Goodgamesome graphical problems (rare) some problems with rhythmbox, and unused buttons on my mouse16:59
head_victimAh k I use exaile for my music and all the buttons I have work for what I need (I use 5 from memory)17:02
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Goodgamehead_victim, logitech?17:10
head_victimGoodgame: yeah, mx5500 desktop17:10
head_victimBut the limiting factor for me is I use a dvi/usb kvm17:10
Goodgamecrap my M705 doesn't work mor than "right click" "left click" and "scroll" I have 4 unused buttons17:11
head_victimAh k I use the forward and back buttons in the web browser17:11
head_victimI"d test it in more places but my lubuntu pc is in parts atm, getting a cpu upgrade.17:12
Goodgamehead_victim, it works in the web brother but not in the file manager for exemple17:12
head_victimGoing from a 2.4 celeron to a 3.0 intel p4 (yay, HT)17:12
head_victimGoodgame: Ah ok I'll check it out when I have it together again17:12
head_victimGoodgame: I have to head to bed it's 3am here but fingers crossed someone with more information than I will come along.17:15
Goodgamehead_victim, ya in china?17:15
head_victimBrisbane, Australia.17:15
Goodgameok ok17:16
Goodgamehead_victim, you'll explain to me next time?17:16
head_victimI'll do my best17:16
Goodgamehave a good night17:17
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mark76Oh that's weird. I have Sylpheed and XChat both set to put an icon in the systray and neither of them have one in it22:14
mark76Hmm. Seems that Cairo Compmgr has something to do with it22:15
ravenreturnsAnybody out there fancy helping a persistance issue im having with a pendrive?23:57

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