magn3tsWill the 11.04 nightly tomorrow include the Unity/compiz builds from the PPA being opened tomorrow?01:57
magn3tsOr should I install 11.04 in a VM and then enable the new PPA as well?01:57
IdleOneis there a Unity channel?01:59
IdleOnealso I want to know how to add items to the launch bar01:59
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Drakesonif I upgrade compiz right now, I'll be screwed, right?02:49
wzssyqaDrakeson: it seems that it does not compliant with old configfile02:50
wzssyqaDrakeson: you need to delete old config files02:51
Drakesonwzssyqa: I see. but is that it? I mean will it work if I blow up my .gconf, .config, etc.?02:57
wzssyqaDrakeson: for me , delete ~/.compiz ,it worked02:58
sagacianyone getting the cannot mount aufs on /root error when booting from live media?03:00
rwwIdleOne: I have network and datetime and am missing the others. odd.03:21
IdleOnerww: the oddity forced me to install Unity and give it another try03:37
IdleOnebut I am really not sure I like Unity right now03:38
IdleOneto be fair this is the netbook version03:38
IdleOnegoing to log back into gnome and see if that "fixes" it03:41
IdleOneNow I have network and nothing else03:43
IdleOneno errors though03:43
rwwheh, mine all showed up this time03:44
rwwrace condition or something, maybe03:44
IdleOnehmm wait there is some compiz packages wanting to upgrade03:44
IdleOne compiz compiz-core compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-plugins libcompizconfig003:45
IdleOnesee what happens after this upgrade03:45
rwwi just installed them. now i don't have window decorations :\03:45
IdleOnelibdecoration somesuch got updated earlier today03:46
IdleOneI think that is when this broke03:46
IdleOneoh, well.03:59
IdleOneit'll fix itself sooner orlater03:59
IdleOneor later*03:59
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ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule07:58
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Drakesonhow can I get unity+compiz? it is still using mutter17:04
charlie-tcaIt is not officially ready yet. I read there is a ppa for it, though17:04
DrakesonI see. after an upgrade "ubuntu desktop" does not load indicator applets, and "netbook desktop" is using mutter and crashing at will :(17:06
* Drakeson learns the pain of staying on "development version". again. well, still.17:07
Ian__I updated my laptop and it's gnome is stuck without window-title bars, I can't type in windows but can run applications via shortcuts17:11
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yofelIan_Corne: tried 'metacity --replace' since that sounds like the window manager not running17:13
charlie-tcaor is that unity on the laptop, which has a bug for that17:21
vishwhat is the compiz equivalent of "metacity --replace" ?17:21
vishheh, I'v had the problem Ian_Corne mentions when trying to run Unity in 10.1017:23
vishand i had launcher with "metacity --replace" ready for when Unity crashed ;p17:24
Drakesonvish: compiz --replace & ???17:27
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vishhmm, i had tried just "compiz --replace" earlier but that dint work now i tried "compiz --replace &"  and "compiz --replace &&" dint work either17:29
bcurtiswxhey all, those running natty desktop.. do your gnome panels not work on restart on occasion?17:32
patdk-wkI haven't had an issue17:36
patdk-wkbut I only reboot like once every few days17:36
Ian_Corneoh yofel I'll try it17:47
Ian_Cornegnome-panels and the like do show up17:47
yofelthat's what I would try, haven't used gnome in a while17:47
Ian_CorneI'll try it17:50
Ian_Corneyofel: it seems like it wants to load compiz17:53
Ian_Cornewhich I've disabled..17:53
Ian_Corneor at least no effects17:53
yofelthen I don't know17:54
Ian_Corneit's that17:54
Ian_Corneinstead of metacity17:54
Ian_Corneit loads compiz17:54
Ian_Corneand that fails because I'm on nouveau17:54
Ian_Cornenow, Is this a bug or just ubuntu moving to compiz?17:56
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Ian_Cornehttp://twitter.com/castrojo/status/3152010819936256 for people that missed it19:25
yofeloh great, once the display on my eeePC turns off I can't turn it on again...20:50
yofelssh works at least20:51
yofeland.. there's nothing in the logs...20:53
yofeloh, closing the lid and opening it again turned it on again20:56
mfaroukgafter i installed maverik the windows xp is not booting. why?21:51
mfaroukgwhy the windows is listed but it doesn't boot and return to the grub list again and again21:52
bazhangmfaroukg, #ubuntu for Maverick21:56
mfaroukgbazhang, Yes21:57
mfaroukgbazhang, i installed the 10.10 just now and i can't boot the windows21:58
mfaroukgbazhang, i tried to change the sequence but it doesn't work with me also21:58
bazhangmfaroukg, this is the wrong channel.  #ubuntu is the correct one.21:58
mfaroukgbazhang, i posted there too don't worry, can you help me?21:59
bazhangmfaroukg, no.  this is for 11.04 issues *only*  please don't crosspost 10.10 issues here.22:00
mfaroukgbazhang, i checked the title is showing 10.10 here22:01
mfaroukgbazhang, whatever i try there22:01
mfaroukgbazhang, thanks22:01
bazhang Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu   <---- mfaroukg from the topic here22:01
guntbertmfaroukg: read , it says: Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu22:02
bazhangheh quit22:02
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