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mhall119is there a way for users to define their own stylesheets in a browser for accessibility changes?13:25
mhall119kind of like how you can specify font settings that get applied over whatever the page says to use13:26
Pendulumif things aren't hardcoded, yes. but generally people don't like to use them because they break things and make it all look really ugly13:28
Pendulum(or at least, it's possible in firefox)13:28
mhall119ok, so we'd have to provide users a way to enable/disable accessibility stylesheets13:29
nigelbPendulum: Possible in a lot of browsers13:29
nigelb(we are taught that when we learn about precidence of styles :) )13:30
mhall119nigelb: the question was how to tell the browser to apply the accessibility styles, and when not to13:30
Pendulumso you could set everything at high contrast but you would have to view every website that way13:31
Pendulumthere's no way to specify just for certain pages (afaik)13:31
mhall119there are CSS media types for things like "speech" instead of "screen", are these used by browsers?13:31
Pendulumi don't actually know13:33
mhall119if so, we can produce different styles for the Ubuntu web theme for these media types13:34
mhall119also not sure if this is implemented in any browsers: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/aural.html13:34
UndiFineDscrool to the bottom of the page on my link to see examples13:36
mhall119UndiFineD: not what I was talking about13:37
PendulumUndiFineD: i can't even read that link as the page is giving me a headache :-/13:37
mhall119Pendulum: how about something like tihs; http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/alternatives.html13:38
mhall119it works in Firefox at least13:38
Pendulummhall119: your link was fine13:38
mhall119not chrome, but I'm going to assume people who need accessible stylesheets won't be using chrome13:38
mhall119is that a safe assumption?13:38
Pendulumtbh, I have no idea. I don't know what charlie-tca uses and he's generally our best test on accessible style sheets13:39
mhall119okay, I'll look for him later, but I think if we can make an alternate, accessible style what people can switch to easily, that'll solve a lot of our ally bugs13:43
UndiFineDhttp://www.w3.org/TR/2004/WD-css3-speech-20041216/ <-- is this the whole specification ?13:46
Pendulummhall119: I would be totally in favour of that!13:46
Pendulummhall119: also, talk to AlanBell because I think he may be willing to help13:46
mhall119ok, I'm hoping the design team will give us some CSS to use13:47
* AlanBell reads back13:47
UndiFineDI will spend some time tomorrow to get such a page working13:48
AlanBelloh, ok. I think where I got on this was that newz2000 was going to let me write an accessible stylesheet and he agreed to probably not reject it13:48
mhall119lol, good enough for me13:49
UndiFineDI will put it on my own page, trying to get faisal spoken ;)13:49
mhall119actually, I think we might want more than one accessible stylesheet for the different profiles13:49
AlanBellmy initial suggestion was to install the simplemente theme as an optional theme13:52
AlanBellhe would prefer to incorporate the features of that theme into the light theme like the navigation and screen reader support. I am not sure how practical that is.13:53
AlanBelland he talked about a stylesheet loaded through means as yet unknown, which would increase the font size and contrast13:53
AlanBellmhall119: is reset.css just something from the wiki theme or is it all over the place?13:54
AlanBellmhall119: problem with getting the browser to select an alternative stylesheet is that it doesn't appear to be sticky, so you go to a page of the wiki, choose your fancy high contrast stylesheet, go to another page and  you are back to square one14:07
mhall119AlanBell: reset.css doesn't sound familiar to me, so maybe just the wiki theme14:16
mhall119hmmm, not using the same sheet across pages on the same site would suck14:17
PendulumAlanBell: i'm fairly certain there's a way that should be able to make it sticky since other sites can14:19
Pendulumor are you talking about browser specific style sheets rather than stylessheets offered by the website itself?14:20
AlanBellPendulum: I could easily be wrong14:24
AlanBellI went here in firefox http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/alternatives.html selected one of the other sheets, hit refresh and it flipped back to the initial view14:25
Pendulumbecause the BBC definitely can get it right as the ouch! stylesheets stay across the site when you change pages14:26
Pendulumand considering how much they've messed up the ouch site otherwise...14:26
AlanBellI can only see "basic page style" and "no style" on the ouch site14:28
nigelbmhall119: well, generally user stylesheets are first14:36
mhall119nigelb: how do users assign sytlesheetS?15:13
nigelbmhall119: users will have to create it.  Like body {font-size: 20px;} in a mystyle.css and ask browser to use that15:14
nigelbthe exact options vary15:14
nigelbI've heard some browsers allow per site user stylesheets15:14
UndiFineDit is a browser plugin15:49
mhall119it would be nice if browsers would send a "Enable Accessibility" Header attribute15:53
UndiFineDok, this works really well: http://imtranslator.net/Translator-For-Firefox-ImTranslator_v_3_3_5.asp18:06
UndiFineDjust tested it quickly18:06
UndiFineDmhall119, what can be done is this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/speech_useragent.png18:29
mhall119UndiFineD: I don't really want to resort to making people setup custom UAs20:12
UndiFineDno this is a step in between, i would rather offer something correctly20:13
UndiFineDwithout changing20:13
UndiFineDby the user20:14
AlanBelldone a bit more on http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/faisal23:49

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