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DanaGMatches my opinion of ARM stuff.03:25
RobotGuyI just built a fresh Ubuntu image using rootstock.  It boots up fine, but won't go to the internet. Network settings are as they should be except for the fact the iface shows as usb0 instead of usb1.03:44
RobotGuyDoes rootstock not install kernel modules into images??03:51
rsalvetiRobotGuy: not by default, you need to request it to install the kernel package you want03:52
RobotGuyOK, how do I know what kernel packages are available.  I want the latest.03:58
rsalvetiRobotGuy: it depends on which machine are you using04:03
rsalvetithere's one kernel for omap 3 and another for omap 4, for example04:03
rsalvetithen calling with --seed linux-image-omap should get you the latest omap 3 kernel04:05
RobotGuyOK, thanks.  I'm rebuilding my image now.04:07
RobotGuyDo I need something like kernel-sources to get the sources for the kernel image?04:13
RobotGuyOr maybe linux-config-omap ??04:13
rsalvetigenerally to build modules you just need the kernel headers04:13
rsalvetibut you can also get the sources from the deb package itself04:14
RobotGuyI need the entire kernel sources in my case.04:14
RobotGuyI need my kernel sources and config to match the kernel that is running.04:15
rsalvetimaybe linux-source-2.6.35 is what you need04:15
rsalvetithe config is already installed with the linux-image-omap04:15
rsalvetiyou can find it at /boot04:15
RobotGuyOK, good.04:15
RobotGuyI think the kernel stuff should be mentioned on the rootstock part of the wiki.04:17
rsalvetiRobotGuy: sure, feel free to add it there04:19
RobotGuyI'm planning to. :)04:20
RobotGuyWhat do I have to do to gain write access to the wiki?  Where do I sign up?04:22
rsalvetiRobotGuy: if you already have an account at launchpad all you need to do is to sign up04:23
rsalvetiI believe it's on the left-up corner04:23
rsalvetisorry, right-up04:24
RobotGuySeems easy to miss.  I found a create account link by clicking login.04:30
RobotGuyI'm getting an Internal Server Error when I try to edit a page.  Do I need special access to edit?  I see the edit link.04:45
rsalvetiyou should be able to edit it normally04:46
rsalvetiprobably a bug at the wiki system, or server atm04:46
rsalvetiargh, wrong terminal04:47
RobotGuyAre there any know networking issues with a BeagleBoard-xM?? I can't ping out or access the internet in any way and yet all my networking settings are correct. It sees the network interface as usb0.06:02
RobotGuyAn unoffical "ubuntu" setup works fine on the network.06:04
DanaGRobotGuy: there are two network interfaces on xM: usb-ethernet on board, and the host USB thingy (like with mobile phones).06:17
RobotGuyOnly usb0 is seen as a network device.06:25
RobotGuyWhich seems odd because another "ubuntu" setup seens usb0 and usb1 but only usb1 works for network.06:25
RobotGuyI need the usb-ethernet.06:26
DanaGWEird... I'd expect usb-ethernet to be eth0.06:27
RobotGuyDanaG: That's not what it comes up as on the other setup. It comes up as usb106:27
DanaGGranted, I haven't used xM first-hand.06:27
DanaGWhat's the actual driver behind the usb-ethernet?06:28
RobotGuyThe only module loaded is usbhid. :(06:32
RobotGuyI don't know the actual driver that works for the ethernet on a Beagle-xM.06:32
DanaGWeird.  Maybe compiled-in?06:33
RobotGuyWell, it isn't working so I am guessing it isn't compiled in.06:34
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ogra_acndec, is there a call today ?12:32
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, hey, anything of interested re: micrel?12:42
rcn-eenope, haven't heard back...12:42
rcn-eehow's the week testing of bfs gone? any odd things show up?12:43
cwillu_at_workmy desktop's still working great12:43
cwillu_at_workhaven't been able to do much with it on the beagle though, given the network trouble12:43
cwillu_at_work(chrome is <3 though :p)12:44
rcn-eeit is sweet...  it's after i ran it on the beagle for the first time i switched everything to it..12:44
cwillu_at_workI also like how I don't need any extensions to get it running in kiosk mode :)12:45
cwillu_at_workalthough:  css rounded borders kill the scrolling performance on arm, for some reason12:46
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cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, too bad about the lack of / searching13:00
cwillu_at_workctrl-f is such an annoying combination to type for searching13:00
rcn-eeyeah it is.. then if the page isn't fully loaded you have to kill the search and redo..13:01
rcn-eejust can't hit enter again..13:01
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cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, got a maybe-working serial link now, going to try to get more info from that zippy + ck2 lockup13:38
cwillu_at_worksysrq-9 is maximum verbosity, or sysrq-1?13:48
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, nothing shows up when it locks up13:57
rcn-eethat's a bummer...  did this not occur in a previous version? thinking of bisecting..13:58
cwillu_at_workgood question, let me check13:59
cwillu_at_work(I've been using 2.6.35 for a while)13:59
cwillu_at_workwill take a minute, need to restore the old uImage before I can download anything :p13:59
cwillu_at_workinstalling v2.6.36-dl3 now14:02
cwillu_at_workinstalled, rebooting14:07
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, no crash on v2.6.36-dl314:13
cwillu_at_workoops, spoke too soon14:19
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, crash on v2.6.36-dl3 :p14:20
* cwillu_at_work pokes rcn-ee_at_work?14:25
rcn-ee_at_workcwillu, any luck with 2.6.36, just drove to work so don't have the backlog.. ;)14:25
cwillu_at_workno.  It still locks up14:26
cwillu_at_workI'm testing without network-manager in the loop though14:26
cwillu_at_workand bam :p14:26
cwillu_at_workit's not network-manager :p14:26
rcn-ee_at_worksweet, i was going to skip 2.6.36, to buggy.. ;)14:26
cwillu_at_worknothing in the logs either14:26
cwillu_at_workI can has a 2.6.35-ck2? :p14:26
cwillu_at_workno idea if it applies :p14:26
rcn-ee_at_worki tried 2.6.35-ck2 yesterday, it's fails to build some of the crc modules...14:27
rcn-ee_at_workany chance does 2.6.37-rc1 work any better.. (the dss2 stuff is iffy in that release) but there's lots of omap changes..14:27
cwillu_at_workI'll try it14:28
cwillu_at_workalso, there's a ck patchset for 2.6.3514:28
rcn-ee_at_worki had tried: 2.6.35-ck114:29
cwillu_at_workand it didn't build?14:29
rcn-ee_at_worknope, it's failing with some of the crc modules.. (doesn't care if it's builtin or external)14:30
cwillu_at_workdefine failing? :)14:30
rcn-ee_at_work(fired off a rebuild.. didn't save error message.. ;) )14:31
* cwillu_at_work suspects foul play14:32
cwillu_at_workdownloading 2.6.37-rc1-dl014:34
apwogra_ac, have we worked out if the omap3 kernels from linaro are good enough as a drop in replacement for our CDs ?14:35
ogra_acapw, no, we havent yet14:36
ogra_acapw, see my mail that i sent to ubuntu-devel14:36
ogra_acapw, they have to be moved to main in any case and we have neither commitment from the kernel team nor from the security team for the maintenance period14:37
apwogra_ac, well my take from that thread was that they weren't that interested in doing supported versions, so it is down to distro to handle support if we go that route14:37
ogra_aci cant move them to main if nobody commits to take over the 18months of security and SRUs14:38
ogra_acapw, right, but nobody in distro spoke up yet14:38
apwogra_ac, yeah its hard for us to commit until the resources settle down14:39
ogra_acapw, right, so i think for A1 we will have to go with omap4 only for now14:40
ogra_acuntil i can get commitment14:40
ogra_acand hope the things have settled before A214:41
apwogra_ac, ok that sounds sane i guess14:41
ogra_acif there are new arches (which i'm more concerned about than omap3) we will likely have to revisit that anyway14:42
ogra_acand i dont expect them to show up before A114:43
apwogra_ac, yeah thats all noise till we have the go to do them, so i am ignoreing them14:43
ogra_aci try to but its hard ;)14:43
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, booted with network attached, which failed every time on the 2.6.3614:44
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, heh, on the other hand, picocom is complaining that /dev/ttyS2 isn't a tty :p14:45
cwillu_at_workoh, nope14:45
rcn-ee_at_workyeap, it's /dev/ttyO214:45
cwillu_at_workjust locked up14:45
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, I still have entries for ttyS2, is that expected?14:46
cwillu_at_workand why the hell did that change in the first place? :p14:46
rcn-ee_at_workit's using the 'omap' serial driver now over the generic serial... dma/etc improvements..14:47
rcn-ee_at_worknew in 2.6.37-rc1, so it'll screw every user up.. ;)14:47
cwillu_at_workand it had to change the name?14:47
cwillu_at_work... that's gratuitous and borderline abusive14:47
rcn-ee_at_workYeah... compatibility nightmare..  but S is for the serial, and O is for omap serial.. ;)14:48
cwillu_at_workI hate you.14:48
cwillu_at_workbut anyways, 2.6.37 hangs too :p14:48
rcn-ee_at_workdang it..14:48
rcn-ee_at_workdid anything in the old 2.6.34 work?14:48
cwillu_at_worklet me try again without the network plugged in just to make sure it's the same'ish problem14:49
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, believe so, used it for a while14:49
cwillu_at_work2.6.34 had that memory leak though14:49
rcn-ee_at_workyeah it did.. but if the other thing works, we will have something bisect with. ;)14:50
cwillu_at_workcan't we bisect 2.6.35 -> 2.6.36?14:50
rcn-ee_at_worki thought 2.6.35 failed too.. it worked?14:50
cwillu_at_work2.6.35 is fine, unless I do stupid mii-tool tricks14:51
cwillu_at_workI've got 10 days uptime under
cwillu_at_worktwice in a row too :p14:52
rcn-ee_at_workah so a new bug with 2.6.36...14:52
rcn-ee_at_workand that's the one you can't get a backlog with right?14:52
cwillu_at_workwhen it hangs under 2.6.36 or .37, nothing comes over the serial link when it dies14:53
cwillu_at_workit just hardlocks14:53
cwillu_at_worknow, the serial link is coming via rsyslog, so it's possible that a more direct approach would get something, but...14:54
cwillu_at_work2.6.37 seems to have the same hang14:54
rcn-ee_at_workfires up his test rig.. it'll take a little bit.14:55
cwillu_at_workalso, just a reminder in case it's relevant, the ks8851 driver does give some irq warnings14:56
cwillu_at_workunder all kernel versions14:56
cwillu_at_workunder 2.6.37, when I attach the network cable (but before I run dhclient or network manager to configure it), I get "NOHZ: local_softirq_pending 08"14:57
cwillu_at_workhmm, there's an bug message in 2.6.37's bootup re: ioremap call on system memory14:58
rcn-ee_at_workyeah the nohz has been around since like 2.6.32..14:58
cwillu_at_workthat's in a call from omapfb though, so I don't think it's related14:58
rcn-ee_at_workthe ioremap has patches for queued for rc214:58
rcn-ee_at_workanother one of the reasons i'm planing to skip 2.6.36..14:59
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, I also get Spurious irq 95: 0xffffffdf, please flush posted write for irq 5614:59
cwillu_at_workthis happens when the network interface is finally configured14:59
cwillu_at_workI don't get that in 2.6.36/37 though15:00
cwillu_at_workit seems to crash when it would be showing up15:00
* cwillu_at_work doublechecks15:00
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, yep, I never see those on kernels that crash15:02
ndecogra_ac: yes, there is a call. i am connected.15:03
cwillu_at_workI get the spurious irq's on .35 moments after I start using the network15:03
ogra_acndec, i'm a few mins late15:03
rsalvetiogra_ac: pool/main/a/alsa-utils/alsa-utils_1.0.23-2ubuntu3.4_armel.deb15:32
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, still around?15:52
cwillu_at_workgot a stack trace \o/15:52
cwillu_at_workhowever, most of it scrolled off the top of the screen :p15:52
cwillu_at_workomap2_mcspi_work shows up 5th line from the bottom15:53
cwillu_at_worklet me muck a bit more and see if I can get it to do the same to the serial port15:53
cwillu_at_workooo, hope15:56
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, got it15:58
cwillu_at_worksec while I paste it15:58
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cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, http://pastebin.com/tMZ5Lrfh16:03
cwillu_at_workthat looks familiar :p16:03
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, for reference, the errors I got with stupid mii-tool tricks:  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=vdrrr8iL16:06
cwillu_at_workthe trace is as identical as can be expected with two different kernel versions16:07
cwillu_at_workkthread -> work_threader [-> process_one_work] -> omap2_mcspi_work -> complete [-> __raw_spin_lock_irqsave]16:08
cwillu_at_worker, worker_thread16:08
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee_at_work, any chance you could spin me a preempt_voluntary kernel?17:17
rcn-ee_at_workfrom stable?17:19
cwillu_at_workno, 2.6.36 or later17:19
cwillu_at_workwith or without ck2, doesn't matter17:19
rcn-ee_at_workalthough, my work network is slower then molasses right now so it might take a bit to upload.. ;)17:21
cwillu_at_worknp, heading out for lunch right away anyway17:22
cipherhow can I build a rootfs for armv7a (beagleboard) without qemu21:57
cipherI've been playing with rich nelson's omap-image-builder but run into trouble when trying to do the second-stage stuff21:58
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, your mistake was letting me see you both leave for work and arrive at work this morning :)21:58
cipherwhat happens is the kernel panics when the qemu-system-arm tries to run the lucid kernel21:59
ciphernot sure if my qemu version is bad but I can provide it if needed21:59
cwillu_at_worksorry, you're running it in qemu, or no?21:59
cipherI'm using rootstock to try and build a rootfs21:59
cipherrootstock uses qemu at some point for secondstage of debootstrap, this is my understanding21:59
cipherI'm more than happy to perform the second-stage stuff on the real hardware if that's possible, but I don't know enough about what it's doing22:00
cwillu_at_workuse the static thingies22:00
cwillu_at_work(there's a comment to that effect in the script22:00
cipherI noticed it was looking for qemu-arm-static, but I don't have that22:00
ciphernot sure what that is either22:00
ciphermy first guess was that it was a statically compiled arm-softmmu22:00
cwillu_at_workit basically allows you to run arm binaries outside of qemu22:01
cwillu_at_workthat, plus bin-fmt-utils or whichever22:01
cipherwhy does this stuff need to happen with qemu anyway, can't it be done on the live hardware?22:02
cwillu_at_workcipher, the real hardware doesn't have much memory, has small slow disks, and a slow single-core processor22:02
cwillu_at_workI can do the whole rootstock process in 13 minutes on my server22:03
cipherI understand, but without knowing what the secondstage is I can't make that determination. looking through the debootstrap stuff it seemed it was unpacking some packages or some thing22:03
cwillu_at_workcipher, it's a debian install22:03
cipherI trust that it's done for a reason, just wondered what it is, thanks22:03
cwillu_at_workthat's what I was looking for22:04
cipherany reference for what I should do22:04
cwillu_at_workinstall those two22:05
cwillu_at_worktry it again22:05
cipherand what about qemu-arm-static?22:05
cwillu_at_workthat would be the first22:06
cipherthat's a package?22:07
cwillu_at_workif you don't see it, check for qemu-kvm-extras-static22:07
cwillu_at_workThis package provides a static version of the QEMU ARM user mode22:08
cwillu_at_workemulation.  This is particularly useful in combination with22:08
cwillu_at_workbinfmt-support: it permits running ARM binaries in an ARM chroot.22:08
cipherso my host system isn't actually ubuntu, I did build my own qemu with --static option.22:08
cipherI'm on debian lenny22:08
cwillu_at_workqemu-kvm-extras-static comes from debian afaik22:09
cipherhrm, sid I guess22:10
cipherwonder if I can just use my own qemu static that I compiled --static?22:11
cipherah, from the way it sounds probably  not22:16
cipherso I installed the qemu-user-static package (which has qemu-arm-static) and tried again. I got a number of errors related to chown failing22:31
cipher/bin/chown: changing ownership of `/proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/br0': Operation not permitted for example22:32
cipherI did run with sudo22:32

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