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Zanthusdoes anyone remember how to use apt to do updates and install software on a computer that is not connected to the internet?08:00
blahdeblahZanthus: I think you need to add a CD-ROM source - can't remember how to do that, but Google should tell you pretty quickly08:02
darkroseZanthus: last post08:07
Zanthusthanks darkrose  :)08:22
Zanthusnow I just have to figure out how to do that step from the terminal08:22
Zanthus(no GUI installed)08:22
head_victimZanthus: just do what I do, download the repo and put it on an ext hdd :)09:01
* darkrose dd's /dev/null over head_victim's drive09:01
head_victimIt's ok, I can get it again.09:02
* darkrose dd's /dev/null over head_victim09:03
Zanthusthanks for the help darkrose  :)13:03
darkrosenp 13:04
darkroseurgh, shift13:04
head_victimCloning a hard drive from 80 gb to 120 gb, does Gparted have a copy tool or will dd do what I need?13:33
Zanthusclonezilla?  http://clonezilla.org/13:36
head_victimZanthus: so just run that as a livecd and copy it over?13:37
darkrosesounds like a job for `cp -Rp --copy-contents <src> <dest>`13:38
ZanthusI haven't actually used clonezilla before13:39
head_victimdarkrose: that will look after mbr, everything?13:39
darkroseno, need manual partitioning13:40
head_victimSo just set up the drive with whatever partioning I like making sure there's enough room for / on one of them and just run that to get it to the new drive?13:41
head_victimOk lucky I have about 100 ubuntu cds here I can use as a live cd.13:43
head_victimIf it fails I'll just blame you ok?13:49
* darkrose tries to care, fails14:07
MaxEeePsycho1...clonezella is pretty much straight forward, its a live boot environment, jusst tell it target, and host, it'll copy partition(s), and just get gparted to fix the partition(s) size14:54
head_victimI'm still physically rebuilding so I'll ponder the options when it's together again15:10
blahdeblahhead_victim: Did you already do your hard disk copy?22:42
head_victimblahdeblah: I have to buy an ext drive first. But yeah I have a complete mirror on my hdd here now23:58

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