hypatiaRobotGrrl: you got mentioned on the adafruid blag :D00:17
RobotGrrlhypatia: Hahaha yeah! :)00:43
hypatiacongrats :D00:46
RobotGrrlthanks ^_^00:50
RobotGrrlTheProf: http://forr.st/~CuR there's the code snippet that I use :)00:50
TheProfRobotGrrl: Thanks for the link!01:57
TheProfThat worked perfectly -- thank you.02:17
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TheProfI have one more issue please -- for some reason on my site the theme I'm using is showing blog postings with a different font than all other postings (story, etc). Any idea how to debug it?02:34
TheProfThe font is smaller and the spacing is tighter.02:34
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MarkDudehttp://www.rhok.org/events/rhok-2/  Canada location16:27
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