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akgranerhey facebook will be rednecking it up in my neck of the woods with a data center :-) -http://www.wral.com/business/story/8608615/03:58
nigelboh, ugh, wiki theme change04:11
nigelbshock, fear, anger, disgust....04:11
nigelb(and exaggeration :p)04:11
doctormoWmhaha, I love hunting the old questions:http://askubuntu.com/questions/8301/how-to-send-all-notes-off-alsa-midi-event04:34
nisshhnigelb, im annoyed about that, there are still bugs in the new theme04:44
nigelbnisshh: I agree.  Me too.04:44
nigelbI ran the new theme for some time, got frustrated and went back to the old04:44
nisshhnigelb, yeah, one big one is that unordered lists dont get indented, even when it is specified in the syntax04:45
nisshhmakes it very unreadable04:45
doctormonigelb: What theme is this?04:45
nisshhdoctormo, the new light theme for the ubuntu wiki04:45
nisshhdoctormo, its now the default one04:46
nigelbnisshh: oh, yuck :/04:46
doctormoI thought the wiki was going to be shot out of a cannon, defiled and then used as the foundation for the most audacious tennis court?04:46
nisshhnigelb, yeah, i hope these bugs get fixed soon :|04:46
nisshhdoctormo, your point being?04:47
doctormoThe wiki looks exactly the same to me.04:47
akgranerhmm I am still seeing the old theme04:48
nisshhdoctormo, it will look the same to you, your probably logged in and have the default old theme set in your prefs, whereas non-logged-in users would see it04:48
nigelbakgraner: logout :)04:48
doctormoLooks nice, a little bit too much top padding, but otherwise ok.04:49
akgranernewsletter is hard to read now :-(04:49
nisshhdoctormo, look at a page with unordered lists on it, with indentations, looks terrible04:49
doctormoWhat is it with every website now having the (c) Canonical Ltd, it really bugs me that community work is being claimed by Canonical.04:49
doctormoEven the bloody spread ubuntu website which has nothing to do with Canonical has the same damn thing on it.04:50
nisshhdoctormo, yeah, i think they are just saying "this is part of canonical"04:50
doctormonisshh: That's not how you say it, and besides, most of the websites aren't. They're community websites hosted graciously by Canonical.04:51
nisshhdoctormo, point to you :)04:51
doctormoIf I thought for a second that Canonical managers considered the community to be a special needs group of Canonical ownership I'd ship out to Debian. I need to see Canonical acting responsibly with it's power.04:52
nisshhi see04:52
doctormo(the fact that I'm still here means I see this as a few oversights) ;-)04:52
akgranerdoctormo isn't it b/c the theme is owned  and developed by Canonical and community is granted a very liberal use license for use on their sites?  (could be wrong)04:53
akgranerthis was there is some legal protection for the theme, the colors, etc04:54
doctormoakgraner: Could be, but check out http://ground-control.org where at the bottom we specify different copyright owners for parts.04:54
* nisshh goes and watches some episodes of Supernatural04:55
akgraneris there anything stopping other Ubuntu sites from doing that?04:55
akgranerwhoever admins those sites can add that easily enough right?04:56
akgraneryou just add it to the footer and life is sunshine and roses :-)04:56
doctormoakgraner: Yep, just a case of adding the right stuff there and it's all golden.04:57
doctormoHmm, I need the question http://askubuntu.com/questions/11815/how-to-install-wacom-bamboo-pen to be voted up since it's important information.05:13
* doctormo wonders if jcastro does ask ubuntu in his sleep.05:50
nisshhdoctormo, i suspect he might :)05:51
nigelbdoctormo: He sleep answers06:11
nigelbdoctormo: Just like sleep walk :p06:21
nisshhnigelb, sleep-n-ask syndrome i believe its called :)06:25
nigelbwhere are the horsemen today :)06:50
nigelbGood morning ara :)07:23
aramorning nigelb, all07:23
kim0morning ubuntians08:11
kim0nigelb: hey :)08:11
nigelbhola kim0 :)08:13
AlanBellanyone use the wiki here? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2010-November/005103.html08:17
nigelbAlanBell: we noticed...08:28
nigelbAlanBell: oh, nice diging \o/08:29
nigelbheh, 'so this is me starting to push for it'..... AlanBell you rock \o/08:30
nigelbmorning dpm :)08:35
dpmhey nigelb :)08:36
AlanBelltoday should be compiz-unity in a ppa day \o/08:37
nisshhAlanBell, wooooo!08:39
dholbachgood morning!08:40
nisshhhey dholbach08:40
dholbachhi nisshh08:40
nigelbmorning dholbach08:42
dholbachhey nigelb08:43
kim0dholbach: dpm morning fellas08:47
dpmgood morning kim0!, morgen dholbach!08:47
dholbachheya kim, hi dpm08:47
popeymorning all!09:10
dholbachhola popey09:10
nigelbmorning randa, czajkowski :)09:32
dholbachhey czajkowski09:35
randahappy friday, nigelb dholbach czajkowski dpm ara popey09:36
dholbachhola randa09:36
nigelbFriday... 3.5 hours more :D09:37
arahappy Friday, randa!09:38
dpmhey randa, hey ara, hey czajkowski, popey and everyone else!09:43
czajkowskihow are we all this friday morning09:43
czajkowskiranda: *hugs* thanks package was received09:44
randaperfect czajkowski :)09:44
randaczajkowski: petra will be the contact for shipit soon09:44
randabut we will announce this09:44
czajkowskiokie dokie09:45
* popey hugs randa 09:50
popeyI don't have any packages, but you deserve a massive hug anyway09:50
nigelbI agree10:40
* nigelb hugs randa too :)10:40
randathanks guys!10:40
* randa feels loved today10:41
nigelbheh :)10:47
nigelbgit status11:15
nigelbczajkowski: I need help :)11:20
nigelbczajkowski: Can I PM you?11:20
nigelb\o/ My laptop is fixed! yay11:24
nigelbnisshh: ping11:41
popeyalan@bishop:~$ grep -ic hugs\ dholbach irclogs/freenode/#ubuntu-community-team.log11:43
popeyalan@bishop:~$ grep -ic dholbach\ hugs irclogs/freenode/#ubuntu-community-team.log11:43
* popey hugs dholbach 11:43
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 11:43
* nigelb hugs dholbach too!11:43
* dholbach hugs you all back :-)11:45
nigelbI'm curious to see how many times I've hugged :p11:45
nigelbpopey: do you have the video of that bot you ran on release day?11:47
* nigelb forgets its name11:47
popeyyeah, turned out not to be particularly interesting to watch11:49
dholbachduanedesign, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)12:06
* dholbach hugs duanedesign12:06
nigelb _   _    _    ____  ______   __  ____ ___ ____ _____ _   _ ____    _ __   __12:07
nigelb| | | |  / \  |  _ \|  _ \ \ / / | __ )_ _|  _ \_   _| | | |  _ \  / \\ \ / /12:07
nigelb| |_| | / _ \ | |_) | |_) \ V /  |  _ \| || |_) || | | |_| | | | |/ _ \\ V /12:07
nigelb|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/|  __/ | |   | |_) | ||  _ < | | |  _  | |_| / ___ \| |12:07
nigelb|_| |_/_/   \_\_|   |_|    |_|   |____/___|_| \_\|_| |_| |_|____/_/   \_\_|12:08
nigelb 12:08
nigelbhrm, that was supposed to go into a PM :(12:08
nigelbpaultag: around?12:11
czajkowskibit early for him12:11
nigelbczajkowski: he's ping me back when comes on :D12:11
Pendulumduanedesign: happy birthday :)12:11
duanedesignnigelb: :)12:24
* nigelb hugs duanedesign 12:24
* duanedesign hugs nigelb 12:24
duanedesignthank you dholbach Pendulum and everyone else for the happy birthday wishes12:25
nisshhnigelb, sorry, i was eating dinner, whats up?12:27
nigelbnisshh: you wanted to have your loco do events in classroom rite?12:28
nigelbdid you see the loco day announcement?12:28
nisshhnigelb, yep12:28
nigelbnisshh: want to sign up ? :)12:29
nisshhnigelb, no i didnt see the announcement12:29
nisshhi dunno12:29
nisshhmy loco hasnt had a meeting since12:29
nisshhso i havent had a chance to discuss it12:29
nisshhnigelb, is there a deadline for signing up?12:29
nisshhnigelb, and where is the announcement12:30
nigelbnisshh: about 1 our before the session would a nice deadline :p12:30
nigelbnisshh: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-classroom/2010-November/000243.html12:30
nisshhlol, ok12:30
nisshhnigelb, ah yeah, i saw that somewhere thismorning12:31
* nigelb bops nisshh on the head ;)12:31
nigelbs/bops/whacks (for clarity)12:32
nisshhno, why did you bop me on the head?....12:33
nigelb"I didn't see it" "wait, I saw that somewhere" :p12:33
nigelbAnyone in the community nifty with node.js? ;)12:33
nigelbI just saw some awesome stuff done with it :D12:34
nisshhnigelb, lol, no i thought you meant some sort of official announcement that i didnt see, i wasnt expecting an ML announcement12:34
nigelbhttp://transloadit.com/ => javascript in client and server side; how awesome!12:34
nisshhnigelb, my next loco meeting is on the 14th december, ill try and get it brought forward, i really want to do the loco day, unfortunately, our loco is very, very inactive12:37
nigelbnisshh: nice time to wake them up :)12:38
nisshhnigelb, hehe, for my loco its between 9pm and 12pm right now :)12:38
nisshhnigelb, what sort of topics are being covered at loco day?12:52
nigelbnisshh: something loco-ish is the plan12:54
nigelbIts left to the loco's themselves12:54
nisshhnigelb, something loco-ish?12:55
czajkowskiso I dont know why they dont use their own loco channel..12:55
nigelbnisshh: well, something like "how to have successful meetups?"12:55
nigelbnisshh: but the thing is we'd be using the classroom team and more locos can share their ideas12:56
nisshhnigelb, oh ok, well our loco cant do that, we got unapproved for being inefficient :)12:56
nigelbnisshh: heh, just take a pick of topics :)12:56
nigelbwe'll help you out once we get past the "get more people to do sessions!!" stage12:57
nisshhnigelb, ill talk to others in the loco and ill let you know around the 15th of december or so (after our next loco meeting)12:57
nigelbnisshh: um, that's kinda a few days before the planned date :(12:58
czajkowskinisshh: you know just doing things in your own channel, or not on irc like a going for a coffee is just as good if not better to get discussions going12:58
nisshhnigelb, yeah, i realise, im trying to move the meeting forward atleast a week, dunno if i can though :)12:58
czajkowskinisshh: getting some folks on irc is just not possible, either due to work or choice, and can cut people off from wanting to get involved so dont worry12:59
nisshhczajkowski, yeah, thats what im doing now12:59
czajkowskinisshh: good stuff and I think you'll find you'll get more response doing that kinda thing12:59
nisshhczajkowski, our loco has a problem with meetups, since we are so few and spread out a long way (australian loco)13:00
nisshhwe very rarely meetup physically13:00
czajkowskinisshh: right but that can happen in any loco tnbh13:00
czajkowskinot just larger counteries tbh13:00
czajkowskinisshh: or getting discussions on email is a good idea also13:00
czajkowskipick a random topic and say lets chat about this or somethng13:01
nisshhczajkowski, yeah, i just sent a mail to our loco's ML13:01
nisshhnigelb, czajkowski, i should have a definitive answer for you by the 10th of December13:13
nigelbnisshh: that works :)13:14
czajkowskinisshh: that event has nothing to do with me13:14
nisshhczajkowski, i realised right after i said that :)13:14
nisshhnigelb, cool13:14
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czajkowskijcastro: ello there13:44
czajkowskidoes anyone remember which sessions this was decided upon : he Leadership Code Of Conduct was agreed to play a formal role in leadership in Ubuntu, and the translations community will be porting it to DocBook so it can be translated by the community.13:48
nisshhnigelb, is there a list of sessions that are already planned? i need some inspiration :)13:50
Piciczajkowski: I thought that there were seperate named sessions for each.13:56
czajkowskiI knoew it was to be translated13:57
czajkowskijust didnt see the outcome of it13:57
dpmczajkowski, all the notes are here (for the one on translations - I don't know about the other part): https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-translations-translatable-coc - There are a few actions unassigned, and it would be awesome if someone would lead that effort, as I'm not sure I'll have time to drive that blueprint, that's why the assignee part is still open. btw, the docbook conversion was already done14:01
dpm, and dholbach also submitted the branch to the CC for review14:01
dholbachdpm, erm14:01
dholbachdpm, I did?14:01
czajkowskidpm: coolio14:01
dholbachdpm, for now I just wanted to merge my few changes into your branch :)14:01
dholbachI thought you'd take it from there :)14:02
czajkowskidpm: if you want you can assign it to me14:02
czajkowskias it kinda falls on my thingy of poking the lovely folks in LP about getting it signed14:02
dpmdholbach, ah, sorry, I saw a merge proposal for the cc, I must have read it wrongly14:02
czajkowskiso I don't mind chasing up on thay14:02
dpmczajkowski, a-we-some. Thanks!14:02
czajkowskinp just assign me and next week in my own place I'll get to tackle all the backlog of stuff14:03
dpmczajkowski, done. We'll have to chase jono next week to approve the bp14:04
dpmdholbach, that was not an attempt to load more work on you. If I had tried that, I would have been more subtle :P14:05
czajkowskisounds like a plan14:05
dholbachdpm, yeah, sure14:06
dholbach. o O { nice try :-P }14:06
czajkowskiI say we just action item paultag to do all action items, he'll create seperate bugs and all for them and then get cracking like there is no tomorrow and have them all done14:07
nisshh*sigh* my loco is dying :(14:14
czajkowskinisshh: sup14:20
nisshhczajkowski, hey, dont mind me, im just sad that my loco is dying slowly, there was a giant split down the middle earlier this year that caused a lot of grief and led to the loco being un approved by the council :(14:22
czajkowskithis oz ?14:22
nisshhczajkowski, yeah, australia14:22
czajkowskitell ya what pop into channel for a moment and we can talk14:23
nisshhczajkowski, oh wait, your on the council arent you?14:23
czajkowskinisshh: see pm :)14:24
czajkowskinisshh: bingo :)14:24
nisshhhehe, i remember now14:24
czajkowskinisshh: anyways see pm and join the channel14:25
nisshhczajkowski, i havent got a pm from you...14:25
czajkowskiyou do in a window have an invite into a channel14:25
nisshhah, my status window :)14:25
dakernisshh, my loco too14:53
nisshhthat sucks14:53
nisshhdaker, which loco are you in?14:53
nisshhdaker, if it aint dead yet, theres still a chance :)14:54
dakernisshh, a very slow death14:55
czajkowskiah now14:56
czajkowskiit can't be that bad14:56
dakerit will die in 09/201114:56
cjohnstonrevive it14:56
nisshhdaker, yeah14:56
dakercjohnston, how ?14:56
czajkowskidaker: ok what do you think is wrong with your loco at present ?14:57
dakeri have done the impossible14:57
dakerczajkowski, 1) they think the ML is GOOGLE14:58
czajkowskisome teams do use Google for their ML14:58
czajkowskiit's what ever folks get used to14:58
dakersometimes i feel that in a loop, each time we have to explain that the ML is for Ubuntu problems (installation, upgrade, events)15:02
dakerczajkowski, the last problem is we have lost 350CD, the Customs think that we are going to sell them15:05
dakerczajkowski, so canonical should pay a big amount if we want to recover the package15:06
popeydaker: other Locos have had that issue, and canonical have paid the customs fees15:07
dakerpopey, how much ?15:08
popeydoes it matter?15:08
* popey points daker at randa 15:08
randammm?? hello15:08
dakerpopey, i know she knows that15:08
randadaker hello :)15:08
dakerhi randa15:08
czajkowskidaker: well it's not just for problems at all, can be social also, like arranging to meet up, or did you see this, what do you thijnk about this15:09
nigelblol, Keybuk rocks haha15:09
nigelblondon office has no windows...LOL15:09
randadaker, what's your Loco team?15:09
dakerranda, ubuntu-ma (Morocco)15:10
randaargghh I know, Customs wanted o charge EUR 1,400 unfortunately that is not reasonable for Canonical15:10
dakerpopey, see15:11
czajkowskidaker: ok, well that is unfortunate15:11
randawe sent letters, one of your guys even went to talk to a politician I think to ask for help15:11
randabut nothing worked15:12
AlanBellcan you get them pressed locally?15:12
randaIm happy to send small amounts to different people...15:12
dakerczajkowski, yeah we have organized a Global Jam we have got ~10 personnes15:13
dakerranda, do you mean small packages?15:14
czajkowskidaker: that's still a good turn out15:14
randadaker: I could send 20 Cds to 10 different people....15:15
randaor something like that15:15
randaI cant think of any other soluction15:15
dakerranda, even with 20 CDs we will have problems :)15:19
randaoh really15:19
randadaker, we dont have any problem anywhere else :( why do you have this problem in your country, do you know?15:20
randathe highest we pay is 200 USD15:20
randabut canonical is happy to pay that... unfortunately 1400 EUR is a lot of money15:21
czajkowskiaye it is15:21
dakerranda, we have a solution15:21
dakerranda, we have to contact Universities so they will send letters to explain that the CDs are not for sales15:24
randaok daker, i did send lettersto the custom office explaining that they were promotional only and not for sale15:24
randabut they still refused it but maybe the university is more lucky15:25
dakerwe will see15:26
randakeep me posted daker if there is anything we can do, I will be happy to help15:27
dakerranda, if nothing happens the package will be destroyed ?15:27
randayes daker, but we need to try, we have lot f Cds anyway... it is a shame I know but we should give it a go15:28
dakerranda, sure15:28
dholbachdpm, dinda: I just had a look at the newest version of sphinx (http://sphinx.pocoo.org) and it seems to support making html, singlehtml, epub, pdf, latex and gettext translations15:42
dholbachI'll try packaging the hg snapshot of it in a ppa15:43
dindadholbach: nice15:43
nigelbwhy is sphinx familiar....15:47
nigelbah, yes, python documentation,15:47
nisshhczajkowski, we can forget that idea with coming to an agreement with the other group in the au loco15:58
nisshhczajkowski, hmm, maybe not here, can you invite me to the council channel again please15:59
dakerkim0, did you send the email to the IS (Cloud portal) ?16:21
kim0daker: indeed, they are being too busy as usual16:22
kim0daker: jono is going to have a call with them then to push harder16:22
dakerkim0, ok16:23
Technovikingmorning all16:23
kim0Technoviking: morning16:23
jcastrojono: are you planning on blogging/tweeting when the PPA lands?16:24
dakerkim0, btw when you have time can you write a what we need16:28
kim0daker: can you explain a bit16:29
TechnovikingIs it ok to have your personal blog use the Ubuntu font?16:30
dakerkim0, found it http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CloudPortalSpecs16:32
doctormoTechnoviking: sure16:33
nisshhdholbach, Harvest rocks!16:35
PiciTechnoviking: Per the design team style guidelines, if you're going to specify the Ubuntu font in CSS, you should use the following so that it gracefully falls back to something nice: font-family: 'Ubuntubeta','Ubuntu','Bitstream Vera Sans','DejaVu Sans', Tahoma, sans-serif;16:36
dholbachnisshh, thanks - it wasn't just my doing, but yeah - I think it'll be useful :)16:36
nisshhdholbach, yeah, your just the only person i know who had anything to do with it :)16:37
Technovikingjcastro: Are there plans to be able to shrink the unity sidebar, or should I file a wishlist bug16:42
jcastronot sure about shrink16:43
jcastrofile a wishlist pls16:43
Technovikingjcastro: will do after I install from ppa:)16:44
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day16:46
dholbachhave a great weekend16:46
Technovikingdholbach: you too16:46
nigelbdholbach: nigt :)16:46
dholbachtake care :)16:47
jcastroTechnoviking: are you on natty?16:48
Technovikingjcastro: not yet16:49
Technovikingjcastro: have a spare box I can upgrade16:52
Technovikingdo they make natty dailies CD yet, or should I just upgrade from maverick16:56
jcastrothey do17:02
jcastrothe link is in the natty forum someplace17:03
paultagczajkowski, hey now :P17:06
czajkowskipaultag: ello17:07
dakerkim0, videos will be hosted in a hosting site ? like youtube17:08
paultagello :)17:08
* czajkowski offers jono a #locoteams tag 17:16
jonoczajkowski, what for?17:27
jonoSevered Fifth tweets?17:27
czajkowskino for ubuntu cloud stuff17:27
jonoczajkowski, erm, what has that got to do with locoteams?17:27
czajkowskithey might like to know about it. just a thought17:27
popeyI'd be willing to bet nobody looks at the #locoteams hashtag17:33
sensepopey: czajkowski does17:33
czajkowskipopey: lotta non english ones do17:35
czajkowskisome funky stuff tweeted17:36
popeyTechnoviking: you might want to hide yourplace/forums as it just got mentioned in #ubuntu17:46
popeyits appearing on google search index and people are getting confused17:46
senseThe LoCo Directory also uses the hashtag for its frontpage.17:46
czajkowskiit does17:47
dakerhave a nice week-end17:57
Technovikingok, running natty on baremetal17:59
Technovikingpopey: bullocks, that explain why my web host is dragging18:01
TechnovikingI wish IS would get me a test box for the forums18:08
popeyI'd stick an .htaccess on it18:13
doctormohey paultag, are you still hiding in the south?18:19
paultagdoctormo, south?18:20
paultagdoctormo, Ohio? Ohio is north18:20
doctormoohio is south right?18:20
paultagdoctormo, it touches Canada18:20
doctormohence south ;-)18:20
paultagWell south of something I guess :)18:20
* doctormo continues to digg merrily.18:20
paultagdoctormo, I'll be heading to Boston soonish18:20
jcastroTechnoviking: see my twitters18:33
jcastroPPA is ready18:33
Technovikingjcastro: got it installed, just got a big white screen18:45
jcastroTechnoviking: see didrocks in -desktop please18:46
jcastroTechnoviking: bah18:47
jcastroyou just missed him18:47
Technovikinglet me switch to Ubuntu desktop and see if I can get into ccsm18:47
jcastroyeah there should be a thing at the bottom18:48
jcastrolike in the screenshot in the directions18:48
Technovikingstill white screen with unity plugin enable18:50
nigelbhrm, I guess 1 am is early enough to sleep19:07
nigelbg'nite folks19:07
Technovikingnigelb: night19:07
nigelbnight Technoviking19:08
Technovikingjcastro: got rid of the white screen, but the all the screen resources (Trash, show desktop, etc...) crash and want to reload19:09
Technovikingaaaahhhhh... you not longer use Ubuntu Netbook, just Ubuntu desktop, I'm very stupid19:12
jcastroI should add that to the notes at least19:13
jcastrogood point19:13
jcastroTechnoviking: ok so does it work now?19:13
Technovikingjcastro: kinda, have issues in screen position19:15
jcastrois it like that?19:17
Technovikingjcastro: yup19:18
duanedesignkim0: i was looking to get some books to learn more about cloud computing. I realize this is a pretty wide open question, but are their any books you might recommend?21:09
jcastrough, I always forget the IS team freenode channel? help?21:17
sensejcastro: #canonical-sys-admin or something similar?? Maybe?21:25
Pendulummaybe #ubuntu-sysadmin ?21:26
dakerjcastro, #canonical-sysadmin21:30
senseI'm going offline, see you guys!21:34
duanedesignjcastro: i was trying to plan for getting my work items done and i noticed one of the blueprints I have items on is not showing up in the burndown chart21:39
jcastrowhich one?21:39
jcastrojono needs to set the series goal21:40
jcastroping him over mail though, he's off today21:40
duanedesignok :) thank you21:40
doctormoScottL: ping22:47
doctormojcastro: What do you think of my diagram? http://doctormo.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/gnome-ubuntu-relates1.png22:49
jcastrodoctormo: I dunno22:53
doctormocurious subject22:55
Technovikingjcastro: Can anyone edit the Unity ppa docs? njpatel just tweeted any helpful hint22:57
jcastroTechnoviking: go nuts22:57
Technovikingjcastro: thanks22:59
ScottLdoctormo, pong23:01
Technovikingjcastro: what is the sidebar dock offically called in unity?23:09
jcastroTechnoviking: launcher23:17
doctormoScottL: I was wondering if you'd be up for helping me with wacom support, walking me through a few things either tomorrow or next week.23:19
ScottLdoctormo, i would be happy to help, although i am unsure how much help i will be, but either way it will probably need to be next week (we have visiting family this weekend)23:24
ScottLhi paultag :)23:32

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