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pittiGood morning08:47
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti, how are you?08:48
pittiI'm great, thanks! Slept quite long :/08:49
didrockspitti: it means that you needed it :)08:49
pittididrocks: an old friend of mine visited me yesterday, and we talked until 0:3008:54
didrockspitti: ok, that explains it then!08:54
* didrocks asked for a rebuild of libcompizconfig at 0:30 yesterday :)08:54
didrocks(epic battle with cmake which decides "ohhh no glib-2.0.pc"? Let's give it a chance… But I'll forget all the other CFLAGS just for you!)08:55
kklimondadidrocks: with autotools you wouldn't have this problem! ;)08:56
kklimondagood morning08:56
didrocksI scratches my head to see why -I<blablabl> beetwen the first and second build (without any change) disappeared08:56
didrockshey rodrigo_08:56
kklimondahey rodrigo_ :)08:56
didrockskklimonda: I know, tell that to upstream :)08:56
kklimondaoh, nice - I've just somehow managed to link my application against both gtk+ 2.0 and 3.0..08:57
rodrigo_kklimonda, heh, and no crashes?08:58
kklimondarodrigo_: it didn't even start ;)08:58
kklimondait prints a nice error message and quits..08:58
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didrockspitti: did you try to enable "gnomecompat" extension in ccsm?09:47
didrockspitti: just to know if it pulls all your shortcuts :)09:47
pittididrocks: should I? I never really used ccsm or changed compiz effects/plugins09:47
didrockspitti: I'll change the default if you confirm it works09:47
pittididrocks: is that the simple-ccsm package?09:48
pittior compizconfig-settings-manager?09:48
didrockspitti: no, compizconfig-settings-manager09:49
pittididrocks: do I need to run compiz while using ccsm?09:49
didrockssimple-ccsm, we should maybe remove it, it's not ported to 0.9, will see09:49
didrockspitti: no, you don't need to09:49
pittididrocks: say the word, and I'll kill it :)09:49
didrockspitti: let's wait for next week (unity release unity release unity release…) so that I can search over the compiz forum to see if something is working on porting it09:50
pittiok, activated, starting compiz09:50
didrocks(alt + F2 at least, should work)09:51
pittididrocks: Alt+F2 works again, but none of the others, like ctrl+alt+2 to switch workspaces, or Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal09:51
didrockspitti: ok, that was my gut feeling09:51
didrocksctrl + alt + T?09:51
didrocksit's working there09:51
didrocksoh no, it's not09:52
* didrocks shouldn't fallback to metacity because of nvidia :)09:52
mvohey didrocks - i noticed you work on the gsetting conversion for update-notifier, is there a eta? I want to do a upload soonish and it would be nice to coordindate10:04
didrocksmvo: I think I'll have some time next week to work on that, is that ok with you (like eta eow)?10:06
didrocksmvo: sorry, but compiz + unity delayed a lot my others tasks :)10:06
mvodidrocks: no worries, just wanted to ensure that we don't stomp each others foots10:06
mvodidrocks: again, no problem :)10:06
mvodidrocks: I have some vague memories that compiz can do this to people ;)10:07
* mvo hugs didrocks10:07
* didrocks hugs mvo10:07
didrocksmvo: after that, you're never the same, isn't it? :)10:07
pittihey mvo, good morning; feeling better?10:08
mvopitti: yeah, I got some medicine now (the paper says a sideeffect of taking it might be  euphoria  - I look forward to this ;)10:11
didrocksmvo: take care :)10:12
mvothanks didrocks10:15
ronocbl8: ping ping10:31
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panaggioyerterday I've added ubuntu-desktop ppa to my sources.list and after that compiz started giving me some headaches I have not expected11:39
panaggionow I've been trying to triage all the packages installed, so that I can go back to my old configuration, but I couldn't manage it yet =(11:40
panaggioI already have the "old" compiz, compiz-core, compiz-fusion-pligins-main and compiz-fusion-plugins-extra11:41
panaggiobut I just can't figure out which other packages I have to reinstall =(11:42
didrockspanaggio: look at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+packages if you click on the package arrows, you will see the binary package list11:43
didrockspanaggio: and keep in mind that ppa are not officially supported :)11:43
panaggioI know :) I just like to test things and report bugs when possible11:44
didrockspanaggio: did you report bugs on compiz?11:45
panaggiobut my desktop got kinda useless after I've tried to get things right =(11:45
didrockspanaggio: I see that the ppa is working for some people :)11:45
panaggionot yet11:45
panaggioI broke everything in here. That's not ppa's fault =P11:46
didrockspanaggio: oh ok11:46
panaggioit seems I've missed libdecoration. Restarting to see if it was just this one11:53
panaggioomg. It wasn't even necessary :D11:55
nessitagood morning crowd!11:55
nessitahey didrocks, were you able to take a look to the new package I linked yesterday?11:58
didrocksnessita: I don't have access to your branch11:59
didrocksnessita: hey :)11:59
nessitadidrocks: oh11:59
nessitadidrocks: how can I make it public?12:00
didrocksnessita: I have no idea about how launchpad is dealing with private branch TBH12:00
didrocksnessita: maybe ask on #launchpad ?12:00
panaggiodidrocks: thanks for the help! :)12:02
didrockspanaggio: yw :)12:02
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nessitadidrocks: I'm not getting any answer yet, so in the mean time I'll push to lp:~nataliabidart/+junk/ubuntuone-control-panel_natty-release12:08
nessitadidrocks: can you access that one?12:12
didrocksnessita: yes, I can access that one. I will do the review once we push unity to the ppa12:13
didrocksnessita: but it can take more time than expected, so maybe Monday at the latest :)12:13
didrockssorry for the delay12:13
nessitadidrocks: no rush, I need to run some errands12:13
nessitadidrocks: thanks a lot!12:13
didrocksnessita: you're welcome!12:13
chrisccoulsonno seb128 today?12:22
pittichrisccoulson: nothing on the holiday calendar - perhaps a yet unapproved swap day12:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - ah, ok. i'm having a bit of difficulty with my nearly-gconf-free firefox, and i think it's because of shared-mime-info12:30
mterrypitti, if seb128 is out, could you mayhaps upload https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/launchpad-integration/gtk3/+merge/40486 for me?12:36
mterryrodrigo_, I looked at libsocial and the .27 tarball has gtk-doc.make in the toplevel.  Are you working from git?12:37
rodrigo_mterry, no, a tarball, but I took the package from universe, which was getting the code from git, so maybe I left something12:37
mterryrodrigo_, http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/libsocialweb/0.25/  -- has gtk-doc.make in it12:38
rodrigo_mterry, yes12:38
rodrigo_mterry, can you have a look at the debian/rules, to see if there's some get-from-git leftover?12:38
* mterry looks12:39
mterryrodrigo_, there's certainly a get-orig-source target in the universe debian/rules...12:40
rodrigo_mterry, yes, I removed that12:41
mterryrodrigo_, and your tarball has gtk-doc.make in it?12:42
rodrigo_hmm, I think so, got it from http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/libsocialweb/0.25/, but let me recheck12:42
didrockspitti: he is having a swap day, right12:43
rodrigo_mterry, yes, it does12:43
mterryrodrigo_, so something is deleting it?  (unless it's in the toplevel and you're *still* getting the error)12:43
mterryrodrigo_, if it's been deleted, I'd start over with a fresh untarring and copy the debian directory over12:44
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rodrigo_mterry, hmm, in fact, build-area/libsocial...../ also has no configure, so dh_auto_clean is removing them?12:48
mterryrodrigo_, possibly, but if you're starting from a tarball, you actually probably don't need to autoreconf, do you?  was there a specific reason to do so (i know you had to when it was a git tarball...)12:49
rodrigo_mterry, no, just because the configure was removed, it seems by dh_auto_clean12:50
rodrigo_ok, so I'll clean all those rules12:50
mterryrodrigo_, dh_auto_clean may have cleaned it via dh_autoreconf_clean if you had that rule going12:51
rodrigo_possibly, yes12:51
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rodrigo_mterry, ah, there's a debian/clean file, listing all stuff to clean12:55
mterryrodrigo_, oh!  Huh.12:56
mterryrodrigo_, including gtk-doc.make  :)12:56
mterryrodrigo_, that whole file can be dropped.  It's a manual version of dh_autoreconf_clean (which you aren't even using now)12:57
rodrigo_mterry, ok, but there's still a patch that touches configure.ac, so what should I do?12:58
mterryrodrigo_, oh there is?  then use dh-autoreconf12:58
mterryrodrigo_, but you still don't want that debian/clean file12:58
rodrigo_in which rule?12:58
mterryrodrigo_, you converted it to dh7, right?  then use dh --with autoreconf $@ in the main rule12:59
rodrigo_yeah, removed debian/clean12:59
rodrigo_aclocal: couldn't open directory `m4': No such file or directory13:00
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rodrigo_mterry, without the --with asutoreconf it works13:03
mterryrodrigo_, guh, bad upstream package13:03
mterryrodrigo_, is the configure.ac patch intrusive?  It could just patch configure directly if it's a small change13:03
mterryhmm, yeah, it would probably expand to a lot of code in configure that you'd have to add in.  not impossible, but less clean13:04
rodrigo_not much -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/530682/13:05
rodrigo_but yeah, it expands to a lot of code13:05
mterryrodrigo_, what if...  you put the following near the top of debian/rules:13:07
mterryexport ACLOCAL = true13:07
mterryto skip it...13:07
rodrigo_ok, trying13:07
rodrigo_it complains about the invalid argument the patch adds13:08
rodrigo_ok, what I'm going to do is to prepare the patch for upstream13:08
mterryrodrigo_, invalid argument?13:09
rodrigo_yes, the patch adds a new configure argument, and debian/rules uses it, so ./confiogure complains about it not being valid13:09
mterryrodrigo_, interesting.  so sounds like configure didn't get regenerated...13:10
mterryI wouldn't think ACLOCAL would skip that13:10
mterryrodrigo_, i wonder if you couldn't just 'mkdir m4' in debian/rules13:12
mterryrodrigo_, if it's a simple error-check for the existence of the directory13:12
mterrylike in override_dh_auto_configure or something13:13
rodrigo_no, same thing13:14
rodrigo_but I'm looking at the patch, and really not sure we need it13:14
mterryit says m4 directory doesn't exist?13:14
rodrigo_mterry, no, wrong argument to configure13:14
mterry(you should get rid of the ACLOCAL = true bit)13:14
mterrythat was just to skip aclocal, but hopefully the m4 directory existing will also let aclocal continue13:15
rodrigo_yes, done13:15
rodrigo_all works if I enable the ./autogen.sh bit13:15
didrockspitti: do you have some time for a puzzling build issue?13:15
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mterryrodrigo_, dh-autoreconf wasn't enough?13:17
mterryrodrigo_, because their tarball doesn't even have an autogen.sh13:17
pittididrocks: re; what's up?13:18
didrockspitti: njpatel and I are fighting for quite some time on the FTBFS on Nux in the ppa13:18
didrockspitti: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/59036593/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.nux_0.9.2-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:18
didrocks(look for re/NSystemGNU.h:37:18: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory)13:19
didrockspitti: obviously, it misses  -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include13:19
pittididrocks: because of the missing -Is?13:19
didrockshowever NuxGraphics/Makefile.am has the right cflags13:19
didrocksand it's working fine locally13:20
pittihm, nux doesn't even seem to exist, is that a PPA?13:20
didrocksalso, libglib*-dev is included as you can see in the previous lines13:20
didrockspitti: yeah, it's a new toolkit for unity13:20
didrockspitti: lp:~unity-team/nux/packaging13:20
didrockspitti: I checked on the local build, and I have the -I… njpatel too13:20
didrocks(NUX_GRAPHICS_CFLAGS is the flag you are looking for)13:21
didrocksand in PKG_CHECK_MODULES, it has glib-2.013:21
pittididrocks: did you check building the actually uploaded source, or just from the branch?13:24
didrockspitti: I tried dpkg-source -x .dsc and build it, right13:24
didrocksand it worked as well :/13:24
pittibuilding here; for some reason it ignores -j413:25
didrocksweird… I don't think last time I checked the source there was something for that13:26
Sir_Konradcan I install Compiz on Unity now? :P13:26
didrocksSir_Konrad: will depend when we get nux building, see ^13:27
Sir_Konraddidrocks, the topic?13:27
pittididrocks: the Makefile.am looks a bit strange to me, but I'll let this build first13:28
didrocksSir_Konrad: no, I ignore the join/quit, so not sure if you followed the conversation13:28
pittilibnux_graphics_@NUX_API_VERSION@_la_SOURCES = \13:28
Sir_Konraddidrocks, yeah I just joined about 15 seconds ago.13:28
pitti  $(source_cpp) \13:28
pitti  $(source_h)13:28
pittiah, I missed that one13:28
pittididrocks: hm, indeed it builds fine here as well13:29
didrockspitti: and we are building a .ccp, so it's not an issue with CPPFLAGS13:30
didrockspitti: I've updated and tried to build as well (even if I didn't see anything which can be interfering from yesterday)13:30
didrocksand it built :/13:30
didrockspitti: you tried the package as well, not the bzr branch?13:31
pittididrocks: building from branch13:31
pittiI don't know where the .dsc is :)13:31
didrockspitti: ok, but in any case, I still have the terminal opened with the build from .dsc13:31
didrockscan still have a try to confirm I'm not crazy (or just a little bit)13:31
didrocksok, even erasing my dsc there and taking them from the ppa :)13:32
didrockslet's ensure I get everything like the ppa13:32
pitti./NuxGraphics/Makefile:NUX_GRAPHICS_CFLAGS = -pthread -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/gdk-pixbuf-2.0 -I/usr/include/libpng1213:33
pittilooks fine to me13:33
didrocksyeah, that's what I checked too :/13:33
pittididrocks: did you try rebuilding this?13:33
didrockspitti: "this"?13:33
pittijust to rule out a silly glitch somewhere?13:33
pittididrocks: the PPA build13:33
didrockspitti: yeah, I tried 20 minutes ago13:34
didrockspitti: first build was at 11AM13:34
didrocksand it failed in both i386 and amd6413:34
didrocksI just try rebuilding on i386 though, but well…13:34
pittididrocks: hm, perhaps a pbuilder is in order then13:34
pittifor reproducing the issue13:34
pittiit's obviously not helpful to stare at local Makefiles which work13:34
didrocksmy pbuilder was broken the other day, but I can see if pbuilder update works today13:34
pittiI see no autoreconfiscation in the log13:35
didrocksno, we don't do that :)13:35
didrocksmost of the time, I patch upstream and make a new tarball, much easier and less error-prone13:36
didrocks(for unity & co)13:36
pittiand the MAINTAINER_CFLAGS are present as well, so it's not a shortcut in the substitution13:36
pitti$(NUX_GRAPHICS_CFLAGS) is just empty13:36
pittididrocks: right, but sometimes it happens when you have weird time stamps, and you b-dep on autotools-dev13:36
didrockswaiting the end of the local build with .dsc and *tar redowloaded and then… will try pbuilder13:36
didrockspitti: oh right, but I think I tweaked MAINTAINER_CFLAGS to do the right thing there13:37
pittididrocks: configure.ac has PKG_CHECK_MODULES ... xxf86vm13:40
pittididrocks: but /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xxf86vm.pc has Name: Xxf86vm13:40
pittiI suppose that's not the reason?13:41
didrockspitti: hum, maybe that can infer to it13:41
didrockspitti: do you remembered I blame CMake this morning?13:41
pittino, I didn't see that13:41
pittididrocks: configure.ac looks fine otherwise, the various NUX_* substitutions all look the smae13:42
pittididrocks: just that the thing that's different from NUX_GRAPHICS is this xxf86vm thingy13:42
didrocksone sec, l2010-11-12 09:55:53     didrocks        (epic battle with cmake which decides "o13:42
didrockshhh no glib-2.0.pc"? Let's give it a chance… But I'll forget all the other CFLAG13:42
didrocksS just for you!)13:42
didrocksmaybe it's related to that ^13:42
didrockslike "I can't find one, let's forget the CFLAGS"13:42
pittididrocks: oh, nux -> c'est la cmake?13:42
pittiI don't see a cmake file anywhere13:43
didrockspitti: no, but it looks it's the same symptom13:43
didrocksI was blaming CMake, but the cause is maybe something else13:43
rodrigo_mterry, yay, seems to work13:43
didrockslike pkgconfig or whatever13:43
pittididrocks: so, I have no idea about this I'm afraid; perhaps just try a build with using Xxf86vm?13:43
mterryrodrigo_, yay!13:43
rodrigo_mterry, mkdir'in the m4 dir though13:43
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didrockspitti: yeah, I'll try that and push it there13:43
mterryrodrigo_, eh, that's a forgivable grossness, as it *should* be in upstream tarball13:44
pittididrocks: let me know if you need score bumping or so13:44
didrockspitti: sure, one sec :)13:44
rodrigo_mterry, yes13:45
didrockspitti: it's already building, no need to score then :)13:51
* rodrigo_ -> lunch14:00
didrockspitti: it failed… but in any case: libxxf86vm-dev: /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xxf86vm.pc14:00
didrocks(I should have checked before)14:00
pittididrocks: yes, but the "Name:" in the file is capitalized14:00
kenvandinepitti, didrocks: can one of you sponsor lp:~ken-vandine/ubuntu/maverick/x264/maverick-proposed14:01
kenvandinei had asked seb128 back when i pushed this... but i guess he forgot :)14:01
kenvandinedidrocks, i suspect you are busy :)14:01
pittikenvandine: can do14:01
kenvandinepitti, thx14:01
didrockspitti: right, but configure fails with the capital letter14:01
pittididrocks: oh, interesting; so perhaps it doesn't like the inconsistency there14:03
SarvattPKG_CHECK_MODULES should look for lowercase, and it should add -lXxf86vm from that14:03
didrockspitti: but why only on buildd and not locally?14:03
pittididrocks: NFC :(14:04
geserneed all panel applets need porting to libpanel-applet-3-0 to show up on the panel again?14:04
didrockspitti: do you get your pbuilder working? it's still broken here14:11
didrocksI have a bunch of: ind: File system loop detected; `./proc/1/task/1/cwd/sys/devices/platform/reg-dummy/subsystem/devices/i8042/serio0/subsystem/devices/serio1/input/input8/subsystem/input0/device/subsystem/devices/LNXSYSTM:00/device:00/PNP0A03:00/device:01/physical_node/sub14:11
pittididrocks: I don't have a pbuilder14:12
didrocksI have that only for natty, my maverick pbuilder is working fine…14:12
njpateldidrocks, pitti is it possible to get the build dir off LP where the build failed?14:16
njpateldidrocks, pitti I think inspecting the produced makefiles is the only way to figure out that's going on14:16
didrocksgetting the Makefile on it can be useful14:17
didrocksnjpatel: we checked the local one is ok, but yeah, getting the one on the buildd will be helpful, maybe14:17
pittinjpatel: certainly; but that needs lamont14:18
njpatelmakefile and the configure14:18
pittinjpatel: I agree14:18
didrocksok, I'm trying to recreate a natty pbuilder, the maverick one worked there…14:18
didrocksoh oh, can reproduce \o/14:20
didrocksNUX_GRAPHICS_CFLAGS =14:20
didrocksNUX_GRAPHICS_LIBS = -pthread -lgdk_pixbuf-2.0 -lm -lgobject-2.0 -lgmodule-2.0 -lpng12 -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.0 -lGL -lGLEW -lGLEWmx -lXxf86vm14:20
didrockswhat's the… !!!14:20
njpateldidrocks, wow14:21
didrocksin every Makefile, btw14:21
didrocksall the other CFLAGS is ok14:21
njpatelhow the hell can that happen?14:22
didrocksso, there is a missing dep that empty the CFLAGS14:22
pittididrocks: pkg-config failure theN?14:22
didrockspitti: seems that14:22
njpatelpitti, that's what I thought, but it would happen on normal natty too?14:22
didrockslet me try pkg-config on that manually in the chroot14:22
njpateldidrocks, missing depend causing it?14:22
didrocksnjpatel: if that's a missing .pc dep, maybe not14:22
didrockssame idea :)14:22
didrocksnjpatel: but not direct one, one from an install -dev package14:22
didrocksnjpatel: I check nux build-dep, all is correct14:23
didrockshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/530720/ \o/14:24
didrockspitti: njpatel ^^14:24
didrocksso missing dep on libgl*-dev it seems14:24
Sarvattdidrocks: libxext?14:24
kenvandinepitti, also... just a reminder, please don't forget the gwibber maverick SRU14:24
Sarvattoh beat me to it14:24
didrocksI install libxext-dev in the chroot and try to rebuild14:25
njpateldidrocks, oh god :)14:25
didrocksnjpatel: not his fault for that :)14:25
didrocksNuxGraphics/Makefile:NUX_GRAPHICS_CFLAGS = -pthread -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/gdk-pixbuf-2.0 -I/usr/include/libpng1214:26
didrockssounds better :)14:26
didrocksSarvatt: you mean, libxext missing dep is already known?14:28
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mvodidrocks: hey, a quick quesiton/bugreport. it appears that if oneconf is instaled on s-c launch people will get a "please log into u1" dialog. can we make this a bit more subtle?14:33
bcurtiswxtest: System-->Administration-->Time and Date  try to unlock it to make changes (I can not)14:33
mvodidrocks: I'm happy to submit a bugreport if you are busy currently14:33
didrocksmvo: at start?14:33
SarvattI saw it as Requires.private in the .pc and I just started shipping the generated gl.pc from the dri build instead of from the swrast build recently (since thats where that libGL is from), will fix up the libgl1-mesa-dev deps for the next upload14:33
mvodidrocks: yes14:33
didrocksmvo: yeah, a bug report, so that I can check, thanks :)14:33
mvo2010-11-12 15:28:39,984 - root - DEBUG - oneconf: refresh hosts14:33
didrocksmvo: oh yes, in the terminal, that will change as I'll use u1sso (it was the binding from u1preferences which made that)14:34
didrocksmvo: but a bug report will be fine :)14:34
didrocksSarvatt: ok, I'm making a quick fix in ubuntu for building nux then14:34
mvodidrocks: the message is not the problem, the dialog is ;) i.e. it should not pop it up unless the user requests the feature explicitely14:35
mvohey tremolux14:36
bcurtiswxtremolux, where in Boston?14:36
mvodidrocks: bug #674537 (just fyi)14:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 674537 in oneconf (Ubuntu) "triggers u1 login dialog on fresh install (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67453714:36
tremoluxhey mvo!14:36
mvodidrocks: and not urgent (at all) :)14:36
didrocksmvo: thanks :)14:37
tremoluxbcurtiswx: I'm in Action, about 20 miles outside of Boston14:37
bcurtiswxtremolux, hmm, idk where that is.. my bro lives in Malden14:38
tremoluxbcurtiswx: sorry, Acton  :)14:38
bcurtiswxtremolux, i was just up there for Halloween.  I have relatives in Northboro and Malden14:39
tremoluxbcurtiswx: ah yeah, I know Northboro well14:39
tremoluxbcurtiswx: pretty around here at Halloween-time, isn't it?  it's been a great autumn14:40
bcurtiswxtremolux, absolutely.  I love fall.. and winter. I grew up in Rochester, NY.  so winters anywhere else aren't that extreme :)14:41
didrocksmvo: I think the dialog popup is related to a recent change in u1preferences api, last time I check, it didn't :) but well, as I'll move to u1 sso, the issue won't be there14:42
bcurtiswxcan anyone test the following please: system-->admin-->time and date  and try unlocking it to change it14:42
bcurtiswxi can't for some reason14:42
pittibcurtiswx: confirmed in natty14:46
mvothanks didrocks14:47
bcurtiswxpitti, OK thx.  What package should a bug for that be filed under?  Would anyone want to be assigned to that?14:47
pittibcurtiswx: gnome-system-tools; but it's going to go away in natty14:48
bcurtiswxpitti, hmm.  I can just wait for that to go away then.  What's replacing it?14:48
pittibcurtiswx: time and date will just be dropped, you can change it in the panel applet14:49
pittiuser & groups has a replacement in gnome-control-center 314:49
pitti(so I heard)14:49
pittifor time and date, the alternative is system-config-date14:49
bcurtiswxpitti, how do I change it in panel applet? this may be my dumb question of the half hour14:50
pittiI packaged that during maverick for an OEM project, and it's a lot smaller than g-s-t14:50
pittibcurtiswx: hm, it used to be possible, anyway14:50
pittibcurtiswx: so, you can set the time zones and locations there14:50
pittiI guess I never actually set the time, since ntpdate is doing that14:51
bcurtiswxpitti, OK then my issue is my times an hour behind what it should be..14:51
bcurtiswxbut my location is set correctly14:51
pittiwrong time zone?14:51
Sarvattdidrocks: sorry about that, I fixed up the libgl1-mesa-dev depends in debian experimental and it'll be in the next upload in a few days after we do a merge14:52
pittibcurtiswx: what does "date" say?14:52
bcurtiswxin terminal?14:52
bcurtiswxFri Nov 12 08:52:39 EST 201014:52
bcurtiswxshould be EDT14:52
bcurtiswxwere in daylight savings14:52
pittibcurtiswx: what's /etc/timezone for you?14:53
didrocksSarvatt: no worry. I was just puzzled by the issue and as my natty pbuilder is broken, debugging was just horrible :) fix pushed to natty and look forward to your next merge :)14:53
pittibcurtiswx: indeed, DST ended this Sunday, right?14:53
bcurtiswxyes, this past sunday14:53
pitti$ TZ=America/New_York date14:53
pittiFr 12. Nov 09:53:45 EST 201014:53
pittilooks like tzdata bug14:54
pittitremolux: ^ did you happen to hear about that?14:54
pittilooks like America/ has eternal summer time now14:55
pittibcurtiswx: would you mind filing a bug about this, please? seems we need to fix that in all stable releases14:55
pittibcurtiswx: (against tzdata)14:55
tremoluxpitti: oh, nope, I didn't14:55
bcurtiswxOK, anyone to be assigned?14:56
pittitremolux: could you look into that?14:56
tremoluxpitti: yep14:57
pittizdump -c 2011 -v America/New_York14:57
pittithat looks entirely backwards14:57
pittiAmerica/New_York  Sun Nov  7 05:59:59 2010 UTC = Sun Nov  7 01:59:59 2010 EDT isdst=1 gmtoff=-1440014:57
pittiAmerica/New_York  Sun Nov  7 06:00:00 2010 UTC = Sun Nov  7 01:00:00 2010 EST isdst=0 gmtoff=-1800014:57
pitti$ TZ=America/New_York date -d 'now - 2 weeks'14:57
pittiFr 29. Okt 10:57:30 EDT 201014:57
pitti$ TZ=America/New_York date14:57
pittiFr 12. Nov 09:57:39 EST 201014:57
pittihm, wait14:58
pittidoes the "D" mean "daylight saving" or does the "S" mean "summer time"?14:58
bcurtiswxyeah, we lose an hour.. not gain one14:58
tremoluxpitti: yeah, it's fine isn't it?  (scratching my head)14:58
pittimaybe I'm just misinterpreting the abbreviations here14:58
pittitremolux: so the gmtoff looks correct14:58
pittiseems I'm just misinterpeting the meaning of EST vs. EDT14:59
pittiright, so it's "S"tandard vs. "D"aylight14:59
pittiso zdump is correct14:59
tremoluxpitti: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/eastern-time/15:00
tremoluxpitti: yep, it's correct15:00
pittibcurtiswx: according to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=179 it _is_ 10 am for you..15:00
bcurtiswxpitti, this is correct15:00
pittitremolux: ok, sorry for the confusion; we use CET vs. CEST, wehre the "S" is "summer time"15:00
bcurtiswxmy comp says 9:00AM right no15:01
bcurtiswxyesterday it had the right time though15:01
pittibcurtiswx: does it get better with sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com ?15:01
pittiperhaps something else changed the internal clock15:01
bcurtiswxi did that and the timestamp says 10:02, but my clock never changed15:02
tremoluxbcurtiswx: prolly have to wait for the next minute bump...15:03
bcurtiswxnow it did15:03
* bcurtiswx shrugs 15:03
tremoluxsunspots  :)15:03
bcurtiswxwas there something in the updates yesterday that would have caused the issue15:03
bcurtiswxtremolux, im a space physicist .. no sunspots yet :P15:04
tremoluxbcurtiswx: haha15:04
tremoluxbcurtiswx: there was a tzdata update yesterday, but no changes to America/New_York and in fact no changes at all for 201015:06
bcurtiswxtremolux, seems to be the 2nd instance of my computer being "special".. it's probably just me :D15:07
tremoluxbcurtiswx: heh15:07
bcurtiswxtremolux, pitti: thanks for the help :)15:08
tremoluxbcurtiswx: sure np!  that was a strange one15:08
mvowill anyone mind if I do a no-change upload of python-gtk2 for the py2.7 transition?15:09
pittimvo: why? current package already has 2.7 bits15:10
mvopitti: hm, then my mirror is outdated15:10
pitti-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2777032 2010-11-03 04:38 /usr/lib/pyshared/python2.7/gtk-2.0/gtk/_gtk.so15:10
pittimvo: I have 2.22.0-0ubuntu115:10
kenvandinepitti, thx for the sponsoring, can you also get gwibber out of binNEW?15:11
pittikenvandine: for natty?15:12
pitti(still reviewing SRUs)15:12
kenvandinei split all the plugins into separate packages15:12
kenvandineso we can reduce how many we include by default :)15:12
pittiyay you15:12
* kenvandine is very pleased to finally have done that15:13
bcurtiswxkenvandine, did you still need guinea pigs for gwibber fixes?15:15
kenvandinesort of... problem is we need a considerable chunk of users to update before we know for sure15:16
kenvandinebut... based on what facebook said, this should reduce our DB queries by roughly 266 million per day :)15:16
kenvandinebcurtiswx, the update is actually very low risk, just removes an operation that isn't actually useful anymore15:16
kenvandineso to verify it, you just need to confirm "Replies" is no longer listed under facebook15:17
bcurtiswxkenvandine, does 266 million get us out of being limited?15:17
kenvandinei really should15:17
bcurtiswxkenvandine, PPA that I can DL from?15:18
kenvandineit is in -proposed15:18
kenvandinemaverick and lucid15:18
bcurtiswxim using natty ;)15:18
kenvandineah... not in natty yet :)15:18
kenvandinebut you can try the dailies if you want15:19
bcurtiswxkenvandine, natty soon though?15:19
kenvandinenatty was my lowest priority, since it should have the lowest number of users15:19
kenvandineonce it gets out of binNEW i'll look into merging some other fixes and doing another release15:19
kenvandinemaybe monday15:19
kenvandineor over the weekend15:19
bcurtiswxkenvandine, great :)15:20
kenvandinethe biggest change to gwibber in a long time has been sitting in binNEW all week :)15:20
kenvandinei am anxious to get more people testing that, it is the plugin split15:20
kenvandineand much better error handling15:21
bcurtiswxi'm anxiously awaiting.  I'm anxious to see how all the transitions to compiz-unity and GTK3 go (once things start building with it)15:23
Amaranthdidrocks: I think we need to rethink how we handle compiz crashing15:41
AmaranthI naively ported the shell script mechanics but hooking in to SIGSEGV kind of breaks apport15:41
didrocksAmaranth: yeah, I think we should revisit the apport script15:42
Amaranthdidrocks: No no, apport isn't even getting called15:42
didrocksAmaranth: for intance, if there is unity, we should file the bug against unity I guess15:42
AmaranthBecause compiz doesn't actually crash15:42
didrocksAmaranth: oh, you mean the general crashing?15:42
AmaranthIt launches metacity15:42
didrocksAmaranth: hum, it crash if there is a plugin which crash, isn't it?15:42
didrocksAmaranth: well, right now, I can get no decorator very easily :)15:43
didrocksand no metacity15:43
AmaranthThat's your decorator crashing maybe15:43
AmaranthEither that or you've already removed that part of the patch15:43
didrocksAmaranth: not really, it's when a plugin crash (not only at start)15:43
AmaranthBut what we should really do is make gnome-session restart compiz15:43
didrocksAmaranth: yeah, that's part of my plan, with writing a compiz new plugins15:44
AmaranthWe had some issues with it way back when but that was actually a bug in compiz as well, we just overreacted15:44
didrocksAmaranth: the plugin will do the detection at start15:44
didrocksAmaranth: with that, we can set compiz as a required component15:44
AmaranthWe're already doing the detection15:44
didrocksAmaranth: yeah, but as a plugin enables us to do interesting thing15:44
Amaranth"set compiz as a required component"?15:44
AmaranthHow does moving the check into a plugin get you anything15:45
didrocksAmaranth: like, "can you start unity? no, can you still start compiz + gnome-panel, can you start metacity?"15:45
didrocksAmaranth: sam agreed that a plugin was cleaner that this detection at start patch15:45
AmaranthSam thinks everything should be a plugin15:45
didrocksAmaranth: I quite agree on that one, so that we don't enforce everyone to have the detection if they don't want15:46
didrocksand then, compiz will be set as a required component to gnome-session15:46
AmaranthErr, you realize launching metacity will close compiz, right?15:46
AmaranthIf we don't handle that correctly gnome-session will start it again15:47
didrocksAmaranth: of course, why?15:47
didrocksAmaranth: you can tell gnome-session "register/unregister than one"15:47
didrockswe discussed that with vuntz at UDS15:48
AmaranthAre you talking about the session management X protocol or some new gnome-session thing?15:48
didrocksgnome-session interns I guess, I didn't look at yet, but vuntz told me it's possible with gnome-session15:49
Amaranthcool I've got compiz in an infinite loop15:51
AmaranthLuckily before it loaded any plugins15:51
AmaranthBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)15:52
Amarantharg I have no dbgsym package for it15:53
didrocksAmaranth: is it the one with the glib mainloop?15:53
AmaranthI dunno, latest package in natty15:53
AmaranthIt seems reproducible, I've killed it and started again, same thing happened15:54
didrocksAmaranth: the -dbgsym package aren't accessible?15:56
Amaranthdon't have the repo added yet :)15:56
didrocksAmaranth: in any case, what do you think in the compiz ppa to produce files with debug symbols unstripped?15:57
didrockswill be faster when moving fast15:57
Amaranthdang, dbgsym is ubuntu1, ubuntu2 isn't available yet15:57
Amaranthdidrocks: works for me15:58
didrocksAmaranth: btw, I've replaced zoom by ezoom15:59
Amaranthwow this is a long backtrace16:00
Amaranthseems to be a deadlock, I thought the kernel caught that and killed the process16:00
Amaranthtop of the stack is __pthread_mutex_lock, anyway16:00
didrocksAmaranth: waow, so surely related to the glib patch16:01
Amaranthoh, perhaps it's because I'm using the gconf backend for settings16:01
didrocksoh, I didn't tested that layout yet16:01
didrocksI'm still with the ini backend16:01
Amaranthwell, it was working but I don't think I'd tested with the glib patch16:01
Amaranthyeah, it seems both compiz and the gconf backend are trying to pump the mainloop16:02
didrocksmore than possible that it's the cause :)16:02
didrocksok, bad then16:02
Amaranthyeah, they end up blocking each other16:02
Amaranthcore is waiting for results from the backend, backend is spinning on the mainloop lock16:02
didrocksAmaranth: ok, something to see with smspillaz/dbo16:03
njpatelkenvandine, !16:03
njpatelkenvandine, is there anyway through libgwibber to get to the tweet stream as a model?16:03
kenvandinenjpatel, not yet16:04
njpatelkenvandine, was planning to work on the gwibber-gtk stuff tonight would love to have some actual data16:04
njpatelah, okay,16:04
kenvandinesorry :)16:04
njpatelnp :)16:04
kenvandinei wanted to libdee working first16:04
kenvandineright now the data is just a pile of json16:04
njpatelah, of course,16:04
kenvandinenjpatel, but.. if you can just make it work with a dee model, with dummy data on the other side16:05
kenvandinethat would rock16:05
kenvandinesince that is what i plan to expose... once i can use it in python16:05
njpatelyeah, will just use DeeSequence model for now16:05
kenvandinenjpatel, so just make the stream view display that16:05
kenvandinewhat is the difference? DeeSequence and DeeSharedModel?16:06
Amaranthdidrocks: Yeah, there are no dbgsym packages for the gconf backend but I'm 100% certain it's stuck in processEvents16:06
Amaranthwhile (g_main_context_pending(NULL)) g_main_context_iteration(NULL, FALSE);16:06
njpatelkenvandine, DeeModel is the interface, DeeSequenceModel is the local one that implements it (if I'm recalling the name right) and DeeSharedModel is the remote on that implements it16:06
njpatelkenvandine, so we only deal with sequence for now, but it's like a two line change to make it work with shared, as the stream won't know what DeeModel it's using16:07
kenvandineoh... i might understand now :)16:08
kenvandinei need to get that working in gwibber-service so i can play16:08
didrocksAmaranth: sounds logical, can you try to switch to the ini backend just for a test?16:08
njpatelthe local one is just 'cos gtk/glib doesn't really have a nice model, GSquence is nice, but has a crazy API16:09
njpatelso dee-sequence wraps gsequence into something sane16:09
Amaranthdidrocks: Simple fix, the ccp plugin only tells the gconf plugin to run that if the glib plugin isn't loaded16:10
Amaranthdidrocks: So we need to toss out that flag and delete the glib plugin :)16:10
didrocksAmaranth: well, we need to be smarted in the futur :) I think people will still want to get their gnome keybindings16:10
didrocksI know pitti is really eager of that :)16:10
Amaranthdidrocks: Right, the glib plugin exists to pump the mainloop for the only gconf plugin16:11
Amaranthdidrocks: But now glib is internal so we don't need that plugin and we don't need the gconf ccp backend to try to pump the mainloop16:11
Amaranthbasically I just need to toss out that part of the code16:11
didrocksAmaranth: so, the gconf plugin needs to be updated to be able to speak to both? or maybe the glib plugin should be removed if the glib mainloop is being to be the default, not sure…16:11
didrocksAmaranth: agreed16:12
Amaranthdidrocks: It just doesn't need to worry about the mainloop at all, core is handling it now16:12
didrocksAmaranth: it's still not in the main branch, we should coordinate with sam for that (it's still a separate branch), but in theory, I completely agree16:13
Amaranthdidrocks: I'm trying to do so now in #compiz-dev :)16:14
didrocksAmaranth: hum? I don't have an autojoin there?16:14
didrockssomething is broken in my weechat config :)16:14
rickspencer3didrocks, kenvandine hey guys, I was thinking about trying out the compiz-based unity today, is the PPA set up?16:16
* rickspencer3 is on holiday todasy16:16
kenvandinedidrocks, not yet16:17
rickspencer3kenvandine, was that "not yet" for me?16:17
kenvandinewhoops :)16:18
didrocksrickspencer3: will be soon, we are fighting since this morning on getting things in shape16:18
didrocksrickspencer3: now, it's just a matter of waiting the buildds16:18
kenvandinerickspencer3, funny... i was specifically trying to not mention didrocks, didn't want to distract him16:18
kenvandinei guess thinking about that made me type it :)16:18
didrockskenvandine: thanks man :)16:18
rickspencer3kenvandine, for the rest of the day, your job is to not think of the number 4216:18
rickspencer3okays, maybe I'll check in later16:19
* rickspencer3 back to the non-grind16:19
didrocksrickspencer3: btw, if you didn't see that, now Quickly and the natty build-system has a full prototype to install in /opt16:19
kenvandinerickspencer3, enjoy16:19
rickspencer3didrocks, I saw, yah16:19
rickspencer3it's sweet16:19
kenvandinedidrocks, oh... awesome16:19
didrockskenvandine: just needs some testing, as I don't want everyone to not be able to install python apps :)16:20
didrocksso, for brave people: https://launchpad.net/~didrocks/+archive/ppa on natty16:20
kenvandinei was just fighting with autotools trying to figure out how to deal with something that installs in /opt16:22
kenvandinejust == at UDS16:22
didrockskenvandine: well, this will only work with python :)16:22
kenvandinebummer :)16:23
didrockskenvandine: but it handles all the bytecompile at install time and symlinks generation16:23
dbarth__hey, is it me or there is no release meeting this week?16:24
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rickspencer3dbarth__, no release meeting16:41
rickspencer3(so far as I know)16:41
pittistarting next week16:58
dbarth__ok, thanks17:01
didrocksvish: nautilus will show the desktop in natty, you can close your bug :)17:05
vishdidrocks: which bug? the papercut bug or the ATI bug?17:06
didrocksvish: the compiz papercut17:06
* kenvandine -> lunch17:07
vishdidrocks: i'm a bit confused when you say "close".. or did you mean *not* show17:08
didrocksvish: no, nautilus will draw the desktop icons in natty, and your bug was about to change the wording of a compiz plugin for that?17:09
vishdidrocks: nah, not to change the wording.. :)  but to fix the behavior17:10
didrocksvish: ok, just so you know that the desktop icons will be shown in natty :)17:10
vishdidrocks: cool, thanks. :)17:11
vishso i'll re-confirm the bug..17:11
didrocksok :)17:13
didrocksthanks to you :)17:13
ronocbl8 ping17:14
icekkI installed ubuntu desktop on my netbook, is there a tool i can use to strip it down a little and make it faster?17:28
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didrocksicekk: for support issue, please, head to #ubuntu17:31
icekkhmm its not a support issue is it17:31
icekkits more like a feature17:31
devildantedidrocks: typing !support is better :)17:32
didrocks!support | icekk17:32
ubot2icekk: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org17:32
ubot2Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:32
didrockshum, it doesn't display the topic?17:32
icekkdirocks, whats this chan for? development?17:32
didrocksicekk: this channel is for developping ubuntu17:32
didrocksicekk: right :)17:32
icekklike kernal level?17:33
icekkor overall?17:33
didrocksicekk: here, it's desktop as #ubuntu-desktop intend :)17:33
icekkyeah, does that mean the development is related to OS development strictly?17:33
icekkor any type of ubuntu desktop dev?17:33
didrocksicekk: the OS, there is #ubuntu-app-devel I think for developping applications on ubuntu17:34
icekkthat's pretty cool, is the OS itself written in c?17:34
didrocksicekk: it's the OS as the applications, all what you can install in ubuntu17:35
didrocks"the distribution" is the correct term17:36
icekkIf I wanted to run command line linux on an embedded device, are there distributions geared toward embedded devices?17:37
icekkor just run a stripped down version of ubuntu-desktop17:37
bl8ronoc: pong17:42
ronocbl8, hey17:42
geserdoes someone know why some of my panel applets don't appear in my panel anymore in natty? do they need porting to the new libpanel-applet-3-0?17:51
pittihave a nice weekend everyone, good night!17:54
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chrisccoulsonw00t, gsettings support in firefox built, finally \o/18:31
mvochrisccoulson: nice! is there a guide for python too? i have some python stuff that need fixing18:35
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chrisccoulsonmvo - i'm not sure if there is any guide for python18:36
mterrymvo, I *think* that if you want to use gsettings, you have to switch to gobject-introspection first18:43
mvomterry: thanks, *mehh* that sounds not like a friday evening project ;)18:47
bcurtiswxis there a way to build from pbuilder and test the build from in there (like a chroot) ?19:12
bcurtiswxhmm, prob a motu question. sry19:13
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nerusjames_w: Hi19:49
james_whi nerus19:49
nerusI saw this http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/11/11/3048/19:49
nerusam I talking to the right person ? ;)19:50
james_wnerus, you want jasoncwarner19:50
nerusjames_w: oh okay :)19:51
james_whe's apparently not here right now19:51
nerusI guess he is not around19:51
nerusthanks very much19:51
nerusi will come again later in the day tomorrow19:51
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bratscheAnyone around who is very familiar with GI and Python stuff who can help me for a few minutes?20:40
bratscheTrying to make some GI binding and it doesn't seem to be working as I want.20:41
mclasenpitti: have you done the media-player-info 11 release ?21:37
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