YokoZarWho do I poke for a higher PPA size limit?00:03
mwhudsonYokoZar: ask a question at answers.launchpad.net/soyuz i think00:11
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TheMusoIs it just me, or is sbuild rather broken in natty?01:04
* TheMuso notes he is not currently using a .sbuildrc01:06
RAOFNot broken, but certainly *seriously* chatty about debug_level01:08
RAOFCertainly not screen-reader friendly :)01:09
TheMusoheh right. I was wondering whether that had to do with why packages/essential build deps step is failing... Maybe my chroot is broken...01:11
TheMusoI.e essential build deps not being satisfied.01:11
RAOFOh, that.01:11
RAOFI don't think I hit that brokenness because I use the aptitude resolver.01:11
RAOF(Because I need to build against Debian experimental sometimes, and that requires the aptitude resolver to work properly)01:12
TheMusoHow does one change that?01:12
RAOF$build_dep_resolver = 'aptitude'; in ~/.sbuildrc01:12
TheMusoThanks, not mentioned in the example.01:13
TheMusoAh much better. :)01:15
TheMusoOh it failed because there are actually broken packages in the archive. :)01:17
ebroderRAOF: following up from the conversation yesterday, do you think that delaying X from changing modes until g-s-d is up is something that could happen this cycle?01:20
RAOFebroder: Yes, I think it could.01:20
RAOFI'll be walking through that code as a part of the multi-monitor experience stuff anyway.01:21
ebroderCool. Do you know yet when you expect to be looking at it? (It looks like I may need to attempt to backport whatever you come up with for work)01:21
RAOFI was going to wait until we'd decided whether or not we were going to ship xserver 1.10; that'll be the beginning of December.01:22
RAOFI could re-order that, though, and just work on xserver master (+ possibly backporting) anyway.01:23
ebroderI don't want to make you go out of our way - I'm just making sure I know what to tell my boss when he asks :)01:23
psusiI have found the information in sysfs needed to decide that a disk is esata, and therefore udisks should auto mount it, but I'm a little confused and as a result, can't figure out how to have udev extract that information.  Specifically the disk device is a child of a scsi target, which is a child of a scsi host, and the scsi host has a scsi_host/hostN/ahci_port_cmd file with the bit that says it's eSATA.01:59
psusibut it seems that udev searches for attributes walking up the tree, but you have to go back down a level to reach that attribute... which I can't make sense of or figure out how to get udev to do01:59
psusiit seems like sometimes a subdirectory in sysfs means it is a new device that is a child of the parent, and sometimes subdirectories are... personalities, for lack of a better term, of the device, but I can't figure out how to tell the difference or how to get udev to look at the attributes of a personality02:01
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TheMusoAh. So thats why compiz is broken installability wise.02:38
TheMusoHrm but the build log shows things correctly...02:39
TheMusoHrm, mirror skew.02:42
* TheMuso refreshes local mirror.02:42
ebroderHow would people feel about SRUing the fix for bug #589487 to Lucid and Maverick?04:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589487 in Percona Server "Add INFORMATION_SCHEMA table for time spent in different thread statuses" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58948704:16
ebroderSorry - that's Debian bug #589487, ubottu :)04:16
ubottuDebian bug 589487 in update-inetd "pawserv: "postinst configure" hangs" [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/58948704:16
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pittiGood morning08:39
pittisuperm1: right, it uses optipng and advancecomp on those08:40
pittisuperm1: yes, I did :)08:40
dholbachgood morning!08:40
pittisuperm1: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/58704226/optipng-check FYI08:40
pittisuperm1: I used find /usr/share -name '*.png' | ./optipng-check08:41
pitticjwatson: FYI, apt-listchanges should now work again as of yesterday evening; I tested it on a bunch of .debs (like on upower, which still has no changelog at all); but I couldn't get the apt-get dist-upgrade integration to work, not even with fully "normal" packages08:50
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pitticjwatson: bah - after having said that, it just worked for my current dist-upgrade08:59
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cjwatsonpitti: cool, thank you!  I haven't upgraded to natty yet09:54
ionapt-listchanges works fine in my natty. Upgraded from maverick a couple of days ago.09:55
pittiion: it didn't show changelogs for packages which got their debian changelog completely stripped09:57
pittithat happened for a week09:57
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pittitkamppeter: won't coldplugging fail as well if there is no local unix socket?10:05
pittitkamppeter: I made my patch so that it skips coldplugging in that case10:05
pittitkamppeter: since it's very likely to fail10:05
pittitkamppeter: and at that point (if you disable the local socket) you are on your own anyway IMHO10:06
pittiah, I finally got cups to build with gcc 4.510:06
dholbachlamont, how does the patch in bug 674199 - would you get it into debian too?10:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 674199 in bind9 (Ubuntu) "bind9 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P2-1 FTBFS in natty" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67419910:08
dholbach... err ... how does it "look to you"? :)10:08
tkamppeterpitti, cold-plugging only needs the presence of CUPS. CUPS is only accessed via system-config-printer (executables udev-configure-printer and udev-add-printer) and this also works if CUPS is configured for local access via localhost.10:12
pittitkamppeter: it tries socket and localhost TCP?10:13
tkamppeterpitti, s-c-p does not nail down the access method. It simply uses libcups through the pycups byndings.10:14
tkamppeterpitti, why do you supply the upstart script as a patch? It is one file in debian/ and no change on upstream files, so it is much simpler to supply the file directly.10:20
pittitkamppeter: can't, since then it would be used in Debian as well10:20
pittiwell, I don't know the exact reason any more, but having both in debian/ breaks stuff10:20
pittiyep, apparently it was that10:21
pittiin debian we need the init.d script10:22
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htorquehi everyone! i have a created a custom shortcut to 'gnome-screenshot --area' and it only works if i press it twice (fast). running the command from the terminal and via a panel launcher works fine. is this more likely a bug in gnome-screenshot or in gnome-settings-daemon?10:40
ogracjwatson, would you object to build dpkg with dropped optimization for arm until the toolchain issue is fixed (so we can build images)10:43
tkamppeterpitti, thanks for the patches on the PDF filters so that they build under GCC 4.5.x. I have upstreamized the changes now.10:52
cjwatsonogra: I'd rather have actually analysed the problem first10:52
cjwatsonnobody else's images work yet either :)10:52
ogracjwatson, indeed, but i'd like to have something by A110:52
ograno hurry yet indeed10:52
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pittitkamppeter: oh, cool; thanks11:17
* cjwatson promotes unionfs-fuse temporarily11:25
cjwatson(let's see if that helps)11:25
* pitti takes a first look at oversizedness11:36
pittiso we added 23 MB of packages and some grew quite a bit (gnome-system-monitor 1.8 MB, linux-firmware 3.9 MB)11:37
pittiout of interest, why do we currently install two python versions by default?11:38
pittioh, and we have libicu42 and 44, both 7 MB11:40
pittian OO.o rebuild should get us rid of 3211:40
pitti42, I mean11:40
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ogra_acpitti, how does the WI tracker handle the new spec namings, i.e. it currently mainly points to $team-$release_letter- will it automatically match $track-$teram-$release_letter- with that ?12:18
pittiogra_ac: it doesn't care about spec names except for the contact point12:19
pittiogra_ac: it reads the specs targetted to natty12:19
pittiogra_ac: and the contact point regexps over the names have been adapted12:19
ogra_acwell, i have 'canonical-mobile':         'mobile', in the teams list for my team12:20
* pitti uploads a fixed pkgbinarymangler to reclaim the 1.8 MB that gnome-system-monitor has grown12:20
ogra_acif i change the latter to arm that should just work ?12:20
pitti    'arm-': ['jb@linaro.org'],12:21
pittithat's the contact point12:21
ogra_acyes, that will go away12:21
ogra_aclinaro wont use arm- anymore12:21
ogra_acthats reserved for ubuntu arm12:21
pittiogra_ac: oh, I'm not sure about that "roadmap" thing, this is an apw-ism I believe12:21
ogra_aci'm just concerned about the teams12:22
pittiogra_ac: so please update the error_contact matches as appropriate12:22
ogra_acyes, thats what i plan12:22
ogra_acbut i'm not clear about the teams stuff yet12:22
pittiogra_ac: teams has to include all teams who we want to generate reports for12:22
pitti(other than the "all teams" report12:22
ogra_acas i said above, my team currently uses the "mobile" tag12:23
ogra_acfor natty we properly switched to "arm"12:23
ogra_aci was just wondering if that will properly match12:23
ogra_aclinaro will likely do its own thing and drop the 'arm' match from its setup12:24
pittiogra_ac: error_contacts does match over the spec names, yes12:26
ogra_acand teams ?12:26
* pitti toddles off for lunch, bbl12:26
pittiogra_ac: teams are not a match, they are a simple list12:26
ogra_acah, k12:26
pittiogra_ac: I don't know what the "roadmap" bit is for, i. e. the values in the teams map12:26
ogra_acthen the header is wrong12:26
ogra_ac    # lp team                   # spec name match to show up in roadmap12:26
pittiogra_ac: the value is presumably a spec name match12:27
pittibut not the keys12:27
ogra_acgo to lunch :)12:28
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mterryjames_w, pkgme trunk has odd layout: pkgme/pkgme/* instead of pkgme/*13:47
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james_wmterry, hmm, that's certainly not what I was intending14:09
james_wmterry, looks ok to me. Did you just check the branch out as pkgme?14:10
mterryjames_w, just tried it again and it was fine.  I must have created a pkgme directory in the past without realizing it, and the branch created a subdirectory for me14:11
james_wmterry, np. How's the vala backend looking?14:14
mterryjames_w, good...  I did some yak-shaving with vala-dep-scanner (which discovers dependencies)14:15
james_wmterry, you might have seen that trunk now has ./bin/pkgme, and it will work on itself as there is a rudimentary python backend. My next task is to get it to write a changelog, as currently you can't build a source package from it.14:16
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mdeslaurcjwatson: is it normal that tarballs on merges.ubuntu.com come with patches _already applied_ but no .pc directory?14:36
ari-tczewgood occasion to ask about .pc files in patches created by MoM - can we avoid to not including .pc files?14:37
Chipzzari-tczew: I assume you mean "avoid including .pc files". But why on earth would you want that?14:39
ari-tczewChipzz: useless data. merges patched should be as clear as possible.14:40
Chipzzari-tczew: I assume you mean patches which are shipped as a diff as part of the tarball should be applied before doing the diff?14:42
Chipzz"as part of the tarball" -> "as part of the debian diff"14:42
LaneyYou can use filterdiff to remove the .pc file from the diff you are looking at, but it's not useless data.14:43
LaneyThere was a discussion yesterday (I believe) about this14:43
ari-tczewChipzz: dunno how, just I hate cutting MoM patches from .pc files.14:43
ari-tczewI just want to in diff: -x '.pc'14:43
Chipzz.pc~ looks like a backup14:44
cjwatsonmdeslaur: 3.0 (quilt), I assume?14:44
mdeslaurcjwatson: yeah :(14:44
Chipzzseriously, you should just have cleaned your shit up and removed stray backup files14:44
cjwatsonthe problem with just removing .pc is that people need to know how to operate on the quilt patches if you do that14:44
cjwatsonI don't think this can be fixed solely in MoM - dpkg needs to be improved.  I filed a bug some time ago about that14:45
cjwatsonI did think about simply removing .pc from MoM patches a while back, but concluded that it wasn't that simple14:45
ari-tczewLaney: I never heard about include .pc files in merges. Did I came back from moon?14:46
Chipzzari-tczew: lets for a moment assume you meant .pc and not .pc~ ... what you're asking for is basically doing the patching (ie, a step of the build process) while diff'ing14:47
Chipzzand diff'ing has very little to do with building14:47
ari-tczewsorry, I have no strength to explain in detail what I mean. For me case is clear.14:48
ogra_acdoko, could you take a look at bug 674146 ? seems to be a toolchain issue14:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 674146 in dpkg (Ubuntu Natty) "dpkg segfaults during debootstrap on natty armel" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67414614:49
skkeeperhi everyone, can someone tell me if its possible to drag a foreign window (firefox for example ) to my pygtk aplication?14:50
Chipzzskkeeper: wrong channel :)14:51
dokoogra_ac: isn't james hunt looking at this one?14:51
skkeeperi noticed14:51
skkeeperxchat changed on me14:51
Chipzzand I don't think you can - not with arbitrary windows anyway14:51
ogra_acdoko, yes, but not at the toolchain stuff14:51
ari-tczewdoko: did you read my mail about sync gcc-snapshot ?14:52
dokoogra_ac: are you sure that this is not due to the optimized memcpy?14:52
dokoari-tczew: why? there will be a new snapshot anyway14:52
ogra_acdoko, doesnt that live in the toolchain ?14:53
cjwatsondoko: see my comment - I'm pretty certain it has nothing to do with memcpy, it's plain wrong assembler14:53
Chipzzcjwatson: why would you want to remove .pc files from patches? or do you mean .pc files which aren't shipped by upstream, but which are shipped by ubuntu?14:53
cjwatsonChipzz: sorry, I don't have time to go into this in more detail today again.  We had a longish discussion about it here just yesterday14:53
Chipzzcjwatson: np, just trying to understand the issue :)14:54
ari-tczewdoko: hmm, I think about upload to Debian first and autosync to Ubuntu.14:54
ari-tczewChipzz: are you familiar with merging?14:57
mterryjames_w, how do I run the pkgme testsuite?15:01
james_wmterry, you can install testrepository and use "testr run"15:02
james_wand python-subunit too15:02
james_wmterry, I think setup.py test works as well15:02
mterryjames_w, ah, it does now that I have the packages15:03
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mterryjames_w, do they pass for you?  I get errors like "AssertionError: Backend python (/home/mike/Projects/natty/pkgme/build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.6/pkgme/tests/../backends/python) has no 'want' script" and the backends don't seem copied to the build directory15:08
james_wmterry, ah, I haven't run them with setup.py yet. Seems setup.py is missing some of what we need.15:11
mterryjames_w, testr run gives "ImportError: No module named Cheetah.Template", so maybe I'm missing something15:11
mterryand after installing python-cheetah and running 'testr init', I get AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'test_backend' from testr run15:14
pitticjwatson: heh, catching up with lucid fixes? :-)15:15
cjwatsonpitti: yeah, a bit :)15:18
pittiugh, that fuse upload has quite a diff15:20
cjwatsonpitti: yeah, as I said in the SRU bug the three upstream patches I backported were so entangled and subtle I reckoned that if I tried to disentangle them I was likely to do more damage15:21
cjwatsonit was "add --no-canonicalise" "fix race condition [unclear if it was related]" "fix weird interaction between previous two"15:21
Chipzzari-tczew: I've never actually done a merge, but I can imagine how it works, yes15:22
psusipitti: just replied to your email... take a look and see if you can help me figure it out... or maybe involve someone more knowlegable about udev?15:23
pittipsusi: what I don't understand is why you so desperately need this in the udev db15:24
pittipsusi: why can't udisks check the sysfs attribute? it can then do some more elaborate checks of its parents and siblings15:25
psusiwell, I guess it doesn't have to go there, it just seems to be a good place to put it once it's figured out... seems like what it's for15:25
pittiwith the gudev interface15:25
psusiI suppose it could...15:25
pittipsusi: actually it's not; the udev db shouldn't really replicate stuff that's already in sysfs15:25
pittiwe should add new information to it, like "this device is a camera" (ID_GPHOTO), or "don't show this for automount" (UDISK_PRESENTATION_HIDE) or so15:26
psusibut it seems like it might be better to keep udisks generalized to just checking a well known external attribute on the disk in the udevdb, and leave it to udev rules to figure out if the disk is external...15:26
pittiwe _do_ replicate a few bits for convenience, like from usb_id15:26
pittipsusi: well, it's a valid approach as well15:26
james_wmterry, that will be another missing dependency. Probably python-fixtures, that I think is just in natty15:26
pittipsusi: you could just join #udev, explain the situation a bit, and then we'll discuss with davidz and kay15:27
pittipsusi: i. e. the bit that we need to check is in the parental chain?15:27
pittiah, no, nevermind; saw your mail15:28
hallynjames_w: barry: hi, ISTR a recent email about UDD talking about .pc/ inclusion.  Was there such an email, and what did it decide?15:28
mterryjames_w, apt-cache search fixtures doesn't come up with anything named that, and the couple packages that it does hit don't make the testr run error go away (i'm in natty)15:28
psusipitti: yea, up, but then back down another branch for some reason15:29
ari-tczewChipzz: my advice: do some merges and then talk about .pc utility in patches.15:29
james_whallyn, there was, it is on my to-reply list15:29
james_wmterry, hmm, maybe it's not landed in natty. I thought Rob uploaded it15:30
james_wbarry, what's the best way for mterry to continue?15:30
hallynjames_w: ok, thanks.15:30
ebroderari-tczew: the .pc files are a limitation of source format 3.0 (quilt)15:31
BlackZcjwatson: as far as you know, is there any bug report about ubiquity not making the installation possible because of the user account chosen starting with a capital letter?15:31
BlackZcjwatson: from what I seen it makes the installation not possibile without a warning; do you plan to add a warning for that?15:32
ari-tczewBlackZ: are you going to merge sbuild?15:32
Chipzzari-tczew: no need to belittle me; I follow the conversations here closely, and I try to be aware of how things work15:32
jdstrandbarry: hi!15:33
mterryjames_w, I'm not blocked.  setup.py test works for me, as long as I copy the backends into place15:33
Chipzzari-tczew: and IMO you're the one that's wrong; if ubuntu ships a .pc file that doesn't exist upstream, that IS an integral part of the diff15:33
ari-tczewChipzz: I only show the way to the best understand.15:33
Chipzzari-tczew: what if the .pc accidently gets dropped?15:33
james_wmterry, ok, great15:33
BlackZari-tczew: I'll merge it but if you want to, I don't mind :)15:33
jdstrandjames_w: actually, I will 'hi' you too :)15:34
ari-tczewChipzz: merges should include only really required changes.15:34
james_whi jdstrand15:34
ogra_acpitti, any idea who from the SRU team pushed alsa-utils to updates ? the fix is not done yet at all15:34
jdstrandbarry, james_w: I am having trouble with udd. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/530751/15:34
pittiogra_ac: it was verified..15:34
ogra_achuh ?15:34
ari-tczewChipzz: sorry, I don't have a time to explain how merge works if you didn't done any merge and you think that I;m wrong.15:34
ogra_aci talk about bug 63794715:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794715:34
jdstrandjames_w, barry: basically, with libvirt, we have been doing the whole 'quilt push -a ; bzr add' methodology15:35
jdstrandjames_w, barry: but the tree with my commit yesterday for 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 totally blew apart with today's 'bzr update'15:35
jdstrand(a gagillion conflicts)15:35
ogra_acpitti, it definitely wasnt verfied15:35
ogra_acand its totally broken in -updates now15:36
cjwatsonBlackZ: already fixed in natty - bug 55589615:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 555896 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Username starting with upper letter marked as OK during install and the refused" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55589615:36
BlackZcjwatson: I thought that, thanks!15:36
jdstrandso I compared the apt-get source with what is in a newly checked out branch, and see that there are some slight differences... (as seen in the paste)15:36
ari-tczewBlackZ: no, just I'm amazed that you didn't take this one yet :) (I know that sometimes you can response quickly)15:37
jdstrandjames_w, barry: ^ (this is a source format 3.0 (quilt)) package15:37
ogra_acpitti, ugh, i see what heppened, seems lag just set it to fix released15:37
ogra_acbased on a totally unrelated comment in that bug15:37
jdstrandjames_w, barry: is there an official sanctioned way to handle quilt source format 3.0 with udd?15:37
* ogra_ac curses15:38
jdstrandjames_w, barry: every time I try to do it with libvirt, it blows up and I waste a ton of time. I seem to be doing it wrong, though I've tried several different things...15:38
BlackZari-tczew: I'll merge it then; I noted that now15:38
pittiogra_ac: so, do we need to pull that alsa-utils package from maverick-updates then, or follow up with a reversion? for armel? was it the kernel or alsa-utils which caused the regressinon?15:38
ogra_acpitti, kernel is fine, alsa-utils isnt even near to be finished15:39
ogra_acpitti, how hard is it to pull it ?15:39
lagogra_ac, pitti: My bad :(15:39
ogra_aci'll have a completed fix on monday15:39
ogra_aclag, yeah, the conversation on that bug was quite confusing15:40
pittiogra_ac: is 3.3 enough?15:40
pittiogra_ac: we could upload a 3.5 which is 3.315:40
ogra_acpitti, i had uploads from ubuntu3 on, i'm not sure which one would unbreak15:41
james_wjdstrand, from your brief description it sounds like the right approach to me. I don't have enough info to be able to say straight away why you got the conflicts though.15:41
ogra_acpitti, after all it only breaks on omap4, we could still leave it in but be fast with the next upload15:41
jdstrandjames_w: so the correct approach ismake sure to use 'quilt push -a', 'bzr add', bzr ci?15:42
BlackZari-tczew: I seen right now that lool merged it15:42
ogra_acpitti, if we can do a fast path for the actual 3.5 we shouldnt need to pull it15:42
james_wjdstrand, yes, I think so15:42
jdstrandjames_w: right, so that is what I did :)15:42
jdstrandjames_w: but if you look at the paste, there is a difference between the apt-get sourced package and the branch15:43
ari-tczewBlackZ: ok sorry then for messing your head :)15:43
jdstrandjames_w: which presumably has to do with the quilt source format 3.0 stuff...15:43
james_wjdstrand, right, that may be different dpkg-dev versions?15:43
pittiogra_ac: so looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/alsa-utils/+changelog it seems that all SRUs were omap4 related, so if it causes trouble, we could pull it; but I'd prefer a new version, as we can't otherwise get it off people's systems15:43
ogra_acpitti, ok, then just leave it as is and i'll have a fix on monday15:44
jdstrandjames_w: ugh. I'm on maverick, the package is natty and I don't know what udd used behind the scenes...15:44
hallynand, you shouldn't have to (he mumbles)15:45
cjwatsonjames_w,jdstrand: I've found that I generally have to do 'bzr add .pc/new-patch-name.patch/*' or life is inconsistent15:45
jdstrandcjwatson: I did that15:45
cjwatson(and there's a udd bug about that, I blieve)15:45
james_wjdstrand, hardy with a backported dpkg-dev I think15:45
hallynand, you shouldn't have to (he mumbles again)15:45
cjwatsonhallyn: indeed not15:45
jdstrandcjwatson: well, much more generally, I just did 'bzr add'15:45
james_whallyn, I absolutely agree, but bugs happen15:45
pittiogra_ac: ok15:45
* jdstrand can't decide on the most robust approach...15:46
hallynjames_w: my problem with keeping the patches applied is that when you refresh patches, bzr doesn't seem to want to do the right thing with updating .pc/ contents15:46
james_whallyn, agreed15:47
jdstrandjames_w: slight history, hallyn and I (and soren) are trying to coordinate our libvirt work with udd15:47
hallyn(and it complicates updates in general)15:47
hallynbut, ok, - i wanted to check whether 'keep the patches applied' is the accepted best practice15:48
jdstrandyeah. it hasn't worked right yet... I feel like we are doing it wrong cause people are obviously using it, but based on feedback just now, it seems we are using the recommended procedures15:48
james_whallyn, it is, and it sucks15:48
cjwatsonhallyn: we talked about this yesterday, and what I said, in brief, was that for my own 3.0 (quilt) packages in bzr I just don't revision-control .pc, and that for the most part this works better *except* that people have to know to run a magic command after checking out or (sometimes) updating the branch15:48
littlegirlHey there, do any of you devs know when the 260 series of NVIDIA drivers will be made available via Ubuntu --> System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers?15:48
jdstrandcjwatson: do you quilt pop -a or just bzrignore .pc?15:48
cjwatsonI keep patches pushed, quite deliberately15:49
cjwatsonI just don't check in .pc15:49
jdstrandhallyn: I guess we can try to bzrignore .pc15:49
cjwatsonbut this doesn't work well when the importer touches the branch (so I try to avoid that happening ...)15:49
cjwatsonif the importer has already given you a .pc, you need to keep it consistent15:50
cjwatsonan inconsistent .pc is worse than either other option15:50
jdstrandcjwatson: can you explain that last comment? how do we keep the importer from touching the branch?15:50
littlegirlHey there, do any of you devs know when the 260 series of NVIDIA drivers will be made available via Ubuntu --> System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers?15:50
cjwatsondo absolutely everything in bzr, mark-uploaded before uploading, etc.15:50
* jdstrand will need to read the latest on UDD15:51
jdstrandI think I am out of date...15:51
cjwatsonlittlegirl: have you searched the bug database to see if there's a thread there?  repeating your question here probably won't help15:51
ebroderIs there a way to search for LP bugs linked to a particular Debian bug?15:52
cjwatsonebroder: yes, but it's a bit obscure, one moment15:52
littlegirlcjwatson: The bug database contains the bug that lead to this question. I'm not asking about a bug. I'm asking when the latest version of the NVIDIA driver will be made available in Ubuntu. This seems like the most appropriate place to ask that question.15:52
jdstrandhallyn: I didn't "bzr mark-uploaded"15:53
jdstrandI was unaware of that command15:53
cjwatsonlittlegirl: I'm asking because if you have a bug number I might be able to interpret it better.  (I don't know anything about nvidia)15:53
hallynjdstrand: i've never heard of it15:53
jdstrandjames_w, cjwatson: thanks15:53
jdstrandhallyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation. specifically 'Uploading a package'15:54
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littlegirlcjwatson: It's not about a bug. I am asking when the most recent NVIDIA driver will be made available via the Ubuntu --> System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers interface that comes by default with Ubuntu. This has to be a bug in order for developers to help me with it?15:54
cjwatsonebroder: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/debbugs/<bugnumber>15:55
ebrodercjwatson: Awesome, thanks15:55
cjwatsonlittlegirl: well, I don't know the answer to that question.  If you happened to have a bug number I might have been able to make an intelligent guess.  And no, it's not usually best to just ask here - not all developers are on IRC, particularly not at any given time15:55
cjwatsonit seems to be in 10.10 already; as for lucid, I don't know15:56
cjwatson(but I'm just looking at package versions here)15:56
littlegirlcjwatson: Here is the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/629910 and here is the solution: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=2314331 but the solution is not available via Ubuntu --> System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers.15:56
hallyni suspect #ubuntu-kernel is the place to ask?15:56
littlegirlcjwatson: If the developers cannot be contacted via IRC, how do I contact the developers that are in charge of the Hardware Drivers interface?15:57
jcastroor #ubuntu-x15:57
cjwatsonyou shouldn't contact the developers responsible for Hardware Drivers for this.15:57
jdstrandcjwatson: so, iiuc, I do a branch, I do my quilt work, I bzr add debian/patches (ie, ignore adding .pc), then bzr mark-uploaded, then bzr push.15:57
littlegirlLucid is the LTS. Why is a fix that is in place in 10.10 not in place for the LTS?15:57
cjwatsonthe change wouldn't be made by changing that interface, it would be made by upgrading the nvidia-graphics-drivers package15:57
jdstrandcjwatson: (I forgot to commit in there, but you get the idea)15:57
ebroderlittlegirl: We are probably not going to do a significant update like for an Ubuntu version that's already been released. However, there are generally newer versions of the proprietary NVIDIA and ATI drivers available at https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates15:58
cjwatsonlots and lots and lots and lots and lots of changes are in later versions and not in the LTS - the LTS only gets high-priority changes15:58
cjwatsontseliot is the developer assigned to that bug15:58
cjwatsonhe's not here right now15:58
cjwatsonbut he would be the person to ask, I imagine15:59
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cjwatsonof course, that bug as such doesn't seem to apply to 10.04 - it's about a regression in nvidia 256.53, and 10.04's version is older than that (195.36.24, by the looks of things)15:59
littlegirlebroder: Thank you for the link! If I add that PPA to my system, will the Hardware Driver interface offer me the latest driver or will I still have to add that manually?16:00
cjwatsonjdstrand: this only works if the branch doesn't already have a .pc16:00
ebroderlittlegirl: I honestly have no idea16:00
littlegirlAlso, it is a very bad idea for you guys not to fix this in the LTS, since it *is* an LTS. This is a serious bug that affects text scrolling in everything (terminal and text programs) and I can't believe you would want to leave the LTS in such a condition.16:01
jdstrandcjwatson: the main point of my question isn't a rehash of UploadingAPackage but getting at your workflow for avoiding .pc breakage16:01
littlegirlebroder: Well, thank you again anyway. That PPA will probably be a huge help. (:16:01
jdstrandcjwatson: hmm. so I guess we have to fiddle with .pc (it is already there)16:01
cjwatsonlittlegirl: "you guys" - the person who'd be involved isn't here so that's a rather misdirected comment16:01
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks16:02
cjwatsonjdstrand: all of the 3.0 (quilt) packages I care about, I imported by hand myself from previous revision control systems16:02
cjwatsonI don't have a good answer for such packages imported by the UDD importer16:02
littlegirlcjwatson: 10.04 has 195.36.24, which is way behind.16:02
* jdstrand wonders if we should just ignore the importer branch...16:03
cjwatsonlittlegirl: it really is best to raise this kind of thing through the bug tracker, honestly16:03
maco!sru | littlegirl16:03
ubottulittlegirl: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates16:03
littlegirlcjwatson: It was a general comment regarding whatever the approach is to the LTS.16:03
jdstrandcjwatson: it would seem I could just bzr --remove .pc and commit and then be ok, no?16:03
cjwatsonjdstrand: I don't know16:03
macolittlegirl: if you read that page, you'll see the policy reasons why "old" (ie stable)  things are kept around16:03
cjwatsonit's possible the importer will try to put it back16:04
littlegirlmaco: I understand about stable things. This is an unstable thing. (:16:04
cjwatson(note that these policy reasons are *not* "we don't want to fix important bugs")16:04
jdstrandjames_w: who should I talk to about the importer and the libvirt branch? (I realize this isn't really your main focus these days)16:04
macoer...that bug just has a link to other stuff...16:04
james_wjdstrand, I'm happy to talk to you about it, I'm just in the middle of something OMFG URGENT right now, so if you can wait until later I'm happy to chat16:06
jdstrandjames_w: sure. thanks16:06
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apwcjwatson, have you heard of issues with 'all' of a users initramfs's becoming dammaged during an update?16:07
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks again to you too :)16:07
apwcjwatson, do we regenerate them all if the tools are updated ?16:07
smbapw, cjwatson Which was lucid in my case16:08
smbIt was a bigger update though I did not pay attention on what changed16:08
smbJust seemed that three versions of initramfs were updated into an unusable state16:09
smbsee bug 67296416:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 672964 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "2.6.32-26 unbootable: does not find root file system" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67296416:09
jdstrandhallyn: whenever I have my chat with james_w, I'll try to figure out a robust way to udd libvirt, commit my little patch and see how it goes. then I'll talk to you and soren about the new procedure. we can reevaluate if it doesn't work again16:09
hallynjdstrand: awesome, thanks16:10
hallynjdstrand: i'd like to listen in on yoru conversation, but i've got far less experience with udd than you, obviously - so i only have my blind unreasonable prejudices :)16:11
* hallyn figures that makes him perfect for arguing on irc16:11
jdstrandhallyn: well, I think you are giving me too much credit. I've had many failures with udd. They are certainly experiences, but to say I have experience with it is probably overstated :)16:11
jdstrandhallyn: but I'll ping you16:12
cjwatsonapw: not heard of such issues, no.  bootchart regenerates all initramfses, but I don't think other packages do16:13
apwcjwatson, the error on boot is this "udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured"16:13
cjwatsondon't know, sorry16:13
jdstrandthat isn't totally fair. I have had some successes outside of libvirt16:14
apwcjwatson, would udev updates not need to regen as well16:14
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cjwatsonno, most packages should only regenerate the *current* initramfs16:14
cjwatsonby design16:14
cjwatsonbootchart is a bit unusual because you're going to want to compare multiple kernel versions16:14
apwcjwatson, ok there was a udev update 3 days ago on lucid16:14
cjwatsonthat symptom sounds as though update-initramfs was run between udev unpack and configure16:14
cjwatsonudev itself will not be directly at fault16:14
apwand as the message is the udev, .... i suspect that update has triggered the issue somehow16:15
cjwatsonsomething else was doubtless upgraded at the same time as udev, and called update-initramfs at an inopportune point16:15
cjwatsonbut it's not udev's fault16:16
apwoh in parallel ... ick16:16
cjwatsonhowever, udev could avoid the problem by making its initramfs hook more robust16:16
cjwatson-copy_exec /sbin/udevadm /sbin16:16
cjwatson+if [ -e /sbin/udevadm.upgrade ]; then16:16
cjwatson+    copy_exec /sbin/udevadm.upgrade /sbin/udevadm16:17
cjwatson+    copy_exec /sbin/udevadm /sbin16:17
ebroderThat still seems a little racy16:17
cjwatson[note: check that that copy_exec syntax actually works, in lucid as well as in more current releases]16:17
smbcjwatson, Maybe you would see more in dpkg.log. I updated the bug report with those16:17
cjwatsonmaintainer scripts are not going to race with commands inside the update-initramfs run16:17
ebroderOh, I see. Yeah, that's fine16:18
cjwatsonsmb: grep 'initramfs.*all' /var/lib/dpkg/info/*16:18
apwcjwatson, the message the users are reporting at boot which is a udev.preinst message ... which seems very odd during boot16:19
cjwatsonBTW, I think it's unlikely that this is a new bug or a regression16:19
cjwatsonthe probability is that you got unlucky with an existing latent bug16:19
lamontdholbach: I'll upload a new bind9 today16:19
DktrKranzcould someone approve nomination for maverick in bug #642071 ? TIA16:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642071 in kexec-tools (Ubuntu) "kexec --load does not work in maverick amd64" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64207116:19
cjwatsonapw: that's because the temporary /sbin/udevadm wrapper got copied into the initramfs16:19
cjwatsonapw: read udev.preinst16:19
dholbachlamont, sweet - thanks16:20
apwcjwatson, ahh now that makes sense16:20
smbcjwatson, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/530770/16:20
cjwatsonthose are all false positives16:20
cjwatsonso I don't understand why multiple initramfses were updated for smb, but aside from that I understand the problem completely16:20
smbYes I think I remembered to have seen the issue a while before.16:22
smbThen diwic got hit by it too and today me16:22
smbI just was a bit quick in regenerating the ramdisks, I guess16:23
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cjwatsonshould it remain assigned to sconklin, since it isn't a kernel bug?16:26
smbNo I think it should get reassiged. probably also to a different package16:29
smbuh, actally it isnt16:30
smbnever mind then16:30
cjwatsonI already reassigned it to udev16:30
smbbut I think sconklin will be more than happy when he isn't assigned to it16:30
cjwatsonassign it to me then16:32
apwcjwatson, is plymouth special?  that was also updated 3 days back16:34
apw(special in the sense it it triggers all initramfs's rebuilt)16:34
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cjwatsonapw: not as far as I know16:49
cjwatsonit triggers the current initramfs, like most packages that ship initramfs components16:49
cjwatsonthe only package on my system that rebuilds all initramfses is bootchart16:50
cjwatsonof course, upgrading a kernel package will rebuild its own initramfs16:50
pitticjwatson: ah, nice catch, want me to take a look?16:58
pittioh, you're already on it?16:58
manjosuperm1, ping17:06
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cjwatsonpitti: yeah, have patch, just need a moment to test17:27
pitticjwatson: ah, me too..17:27
pitticjwatson: I added a test case to the bug17:27
cjwatsonpitti: if you want to take over, I don't mind - http://paste.ubuntu.com/530793/ is my working tree17:28
pitticjwatson: I have almost the same patch, except that I used -x17:28
pitticjwatson: I tested that in a VM17:28
pitticjwatson: sorry for the duplicate work, should've waited, I guess17:29
cjwatsonthat's ok, if you've tested you should probably keep going17:29
cjwatsonI've been thoroughly distracted by hacking on plymouth17:29
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: still around?17:36
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pitticjwatson: ok, uploaded to lucid/maverick/natty; needs SRU review now17:49
pitticjwatson: I also have a gnome-settings-daemon in the maverick queue which OEM is urging about, if you have a minute for that17:52
superm1manjo, whats up?17:53
* pitti waves good night17:54
manjopitti, don't bite the bug17:54
mterryjames_w, OK, I have a vala backend done, except the hard part of the build_depends :)  Is it worth proposing for merging yet?  It is autoconf (only) based right now, and some of the autoconf bits are sharable with other autoconf-based backends.  Is there a mechanism for sharing that logic yet?17:55
james_wmterry, not yet, other than normal code sharing mechanisms17:56
james_wmterry, I have no problem with merging something which doesn't do the whole job17:57
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cjwatsonpitti: g-s-d done17:58
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mterryjames_w, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/pkgme/vala/+merge/4074617:58
cjwatsonpitti: heh, exactly the same udev test case I would have proposed18:02
cjwatsonpitti: udev accepted too18:03
Eeyore-Jrhi.  i'm looking at a gpsbabel-gui ppa and it's requiring dependencies for maverick that are not there18:04
james_wmterry, looks great at first glance. I'll go over it and merge later, thanks.18:05
mterryjames_w, sure!18:05
james_wmterry, we should think of ways to make an autotools backend using the same code18:05
mterryjames_w, yeah, some of that code is tricky, and very little (so far) of the vala backend is actually vala-specific18:05
mterrywould be nice to reduce code for writing new backends18:06
mterryjames_w, maybe some way to declare that you subclass a backend, and then a way of calling parent backend's version.  And fall-through to parent if child doesn't declare?  Else, a simpler way may just be to ship autoconf scripts in /usr/share/pkgme/autoconf that backends can call18:08
mterrymaybe the latter is better in case a backend wants to support multiple build systems...18:08
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mathiazjdstrand: hi!19:04
jdstrandhey mathiaz :)19:05
mathiazjdstrand: I'm merging openldap from debian and I'm wondering whether /etc/apparmor.d/force-complain is required to be shipped by packages19:05
mathiazjdstrand: IIUC this was needed for supporting upgrades from pre-feisty19:05
jdstrandmathiaz: if the upgrade logic to force complain is not in there, no. you should still clean up /etc/apparmor.d/force-complain/usr.sbin.slapd and /etc/apparmor.d/disable/usr.sbin.slapd though (to be friendly)19:06
jdstrandmathiaz: well, more than friendly, you don't want to leave a dangling symlink on purge19:06
jdstrandmathiaz: I thought it used dh_apparmor these days?19:07
mathiazjdstrand: yes it doesn19:07
mathiazjdstrand: yes it *does*19:07
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dannfwhat's the SRU versioning scheme? specifically, if there were an update to a 2.52-1 version of a package, what would it be - 2.52-1ubuntu1?20:01
micahgdannf: depends, usually 2.52-1ubuntu0.120:02
* dannf is trying to find a version in between - 2.52-1ubuntu0.1~foo1 (or 2.52-1ubuntu~foo1 maybe)20:04
micahgdannf: which package?20:04
dannfmicahg: dnsmasq20:04
micahgdannf: the version I gave is correct in this case20:04
dannfright - i'm trying to do a private version that would upgrade to an SRU version if it occurred20:05
micahgdannf: then 2.52-1ubuntu0.1~ppa1?20:05
dannfmicahg: yeah, that works - thx20:06
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mathiazjdstrand: hi - should the ufw profiles be sent to debian as well?20:30
mathiazjdstrand: (openldap has a ufw profile)20:31
jdstrandmathiaz: sure. ufw is in Debian20:31
ebroderdannf: Daviey asked about a dnsmasq SRU in #ubuntu-motu - do you know if you're looking at the same bug? I was planning to sponsor it but if there's more than one SRU, it would be good to coalesce them20:32
mathiazjdstrand: however apparmor is not - right?20:32
jdstrandmathiaz: not yet no20:32
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m4n1shpitti: Martin, will natty stick with libnotify 0.5 or will update to 0.7 in few months when it comes out? (AFAIK it's not out)20:48
RoAkSoAxkirkland: proposed a branch for merging into powernap, however i don't really need it to be merged just yet, but I'd like you to review it when you have the time.20:57
jdstrandwendar: ping re ARB security notes21:00
kirklandRoAkSoAx: cool, will do21:07
kirklandRoAkSoAx: not today, but maybe sunday21:07
RoAkSoAxkirkland: no prob. :) It don't really need an immediate review so whenever you can is fine ;)21:08
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ScottKbarry: python-lzma fails to build on Natty in what I suspect is some python2.7 specific way.21:59
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ebroderDoes unity's window maximization not work on amd64?22:52
rmrfslashcan someone here help me disable nouveau once-and-for-all?22:53
rmrfslashlittle guy is persistent22:54
rmrfslashsudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau22:55
rmrfslashI've tried a few iterations to try and get rid of this thing... always shows up in lsmod22:56
ebroderrmrfslash: This isn't the right channel for support issues. Please ask for help in #ubuntu22:57
wendarjstrand: pong? (from a couple hours ago)23:12
wendarjdstrand, that is ^23:12
jdstrandwendar: hey, did you get me message yesterday?23:12
jdstrandwendar: (on irc)23:13
jdstrandwendar: well, I'll just ask again. I had said that the security team could come up with some recommendations for ARB and add it to the wiki23:14
jdstrandwendar: (that was at UDS)23:14
jdstrandwendar: where is the right place to add that?23:14
wendarjdstrand: how about a new page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PostReleaseApps/SecurityChecklist ?23:19
jdstrandwendar: sounds good. I'll add it sometime next week (about to go eow)23:20
jdstrandwendar: thanks23:20
wendarjdstrand: awesome, thanks!23:20
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