twbhttp://paste.debian.net/99638/ <-- the heading is a bit weird...12:31
twbThat's lucid d-i netboot with priority/low and network-console.12:32
cjwatsontwb: yeah, there are a few bugs like that, please file it on base-installer12:38
cjwatsonthe title doesn't get reliably restored when there are nested confmodules12:38
cjwatsonon second thoughts I suppose it might be a cdebconf bug.  either way12:38
twbcjwatson: btw, I asked a question on #debian-boot that you might know the answer to12:39
twbAnother thing I don't understand is why in debian-daily I do "vga=ask", pick 1280x1024-8, and it works -- but if I do the same in lucid, the whole image is smushed (unreadably) into the top inch or so of the screen.13:14
twbI mean, it's not like the DDC signal has changed.13:14

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