achiangcamden: i've never tried applying them myself, but my impression is that con develops against upstream linux, not the ubuntu tree00:03
camdenthis is my impression as well00:05
camdenI may have had some success00:06
camdenwe will see when my compilation is done.00:06
godberAnyone have time for, what I hope is, a quick newbie question?00:11
achianggodber: just ask. someone may see the question later and have a response00:11
godberjust want to know how to build for x86 when on amd6400:11
godberaccording to those instructions ^^00:12
godberdoes running00:12
godberdebian/scripts/misc/oldconfig ARCH00:12
godbersomehow make the build be for that architecture?00:12
achianggodber: i'm confused. what is it you are trying to do? build a 32 bit kernel or a 64 bit kernel? it sounds like you have a 64 bit host, is that right?00:13
godberyes, 64bit host00:14
godberwant a 32bit kernel00:14
achianggodber: i'm not familiar with the Ubuntu way. but the upstream way is to say: linux32 make00:14
achianggodber: so, you might want to experiment with: linux32 debian/scripts/misc/oldconfig x8600:15
godberyeah, I am trying that right now ... will let you know, thanks00:15
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godberexcept of course oldconfig doesnt exist00:16
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godbertheres kernelconfig00:18
achianggodber: did you run debian/rules updateconfigs ?00:18
godberoh, I thought those were alternatives00:18
godberwill try00:18
achianggodber: and probably, what you want would be: linux32 debian/rules updateconfigs00:18
achianggodber: but i'm just guessing.00:18
godberactually looking at the kernelconfig script, it looks like it might do the same thing00:19
achianggodber: should i ask why you think you want to do this? or should i be afraid? :)00:19
godberwell, I have been questioning the wisdom of my actions all day00:20
godbersince I put the odds of success low00:20
godberbut I was going to try and identify which patch causes 00:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 659422 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot failure after upgrading kernel to 2.6.32-25-generic (affects: 4) (heat: 133)" [Undecided,New]00:20
camdenalright, kernel done. wish me luck00:22
achianggodber: yuck.00:23
achianggodber: i assume you're doing a git bisection run, and not a manual one?00:24
godberagreed, but until I can convince someone to care, I am out of luck00:24
godberthat was the plan00:24
godberI thought the exercise would be worth it ... at least up until a point00:24
godberthen I accidentally spent the last hour building the wrong arch :)00:24
godberI think its been at least ten years since I built a kernel, things have changed00:24
achianggodber: i don't think you need to run updateconfigs00:27
achiangor even kernelconfig, really00:27
godberhmm, I am trying to get as close to the Ubuntu way as I can00:28
achianggodber: right, but you really only need to run that script if you've updated the Kconfig, which it doesn't sound like you're trying to do00:28
godbertrue, though ...00:29
* achiang is grabbing the lucid tree to poke around a bit00:29
godberoh, you don't have to bother, I am gonna have to split soon00:30
godberI appreciate your help though00:30
godberI am gonna have to pickt this pack up in the morning00:30
achiangdo you know the kernel revisions between .32-24-generic and .32-25-generic?00:31
achiangwell, that's easy enough to find, actually00:31
godberno, I thought I could use the git tags00:31
achiangright, you can00:31
achiangi found them00:31
godberand the bisect good/bad stuff00:31
godberreally, I am on step one ... which is "Create an identical kernel to the one that fails"00:32
godberat least I am building on an 8core ec2 instance now, instead of my laptop00:33
godberit really seems to me that the arch should be an argument here00:40
godberDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=2 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic00:40
jj-afkgodber: you have picked a bad day, most of us are away, /me included :)00:41
jj-afkcontains all the docs on how we build kernels etc00:41
godberyeah, I have been digging around in some of those00:41
jj-afkgenerally, you can just git bisect, and remove debian/stamps-build*00:42
jj-afkand then build using fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic00:43
achiangjj-afk: the challenge is building i386 on an x86_64 host00:43
jj-afkyou just need to setup up and i386 chroot and use schroot00:44
achiangew, there's no way to use linux32 somehow?00:44
rlpbany ideas about getting a crash dump when I can't get the kernel to reboot after panic (if that's the cause)?00:44
jj-afkachiang: you can but the packaging depends on other bits, so it gets messy fast00:44
godberachiang, its building a whole deb package, so the chroot needs to match the arch00:44
godberI see00:45
jj-afkif I am just building kernels I can do it, but packaging up a deb, I just use the chroot00:45
jj-afkthere is a script to set them up for you its pretty painless00:45
achiangjj-afk: got it.00:45
achianggodber: ok, sounds like you know the steps then, good luck. :)00:46
godberok ... yeah, brilliant00:46
godbernow I know where to start tomorrow00:46
godberthanks guys00:46
achianggodber: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/530367/00:46
achiangfortunately, you probably don't have to iterate very many times, since you've isolated your issue to -24 and -2500:46
godberoh, yeah, good, thanks00:47
godberthanks again guys, bywe00:55
MaahesI could use some advice, my touchpad won't come back after suspend. I've tried reloading psmouse (the only module I've found running prior), I've tried loading synaptics(_i2c) but it says the modules don't exit (but zsh autocompletes them for me) the touchpad is no longer in /proc/bus/input/devices but tpconfig sees that's there, but cannot get information from it.04:17
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MaahesAdditionally, I tried binding XF86TouchpadToggle to Ctrl+shift+t, but it says there's an error, no output to any error log though, additionally manually clicking and unclicking the gconf setting for touchpad_enabled does nothing as well05:02
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TeTeTWhat are the plans for the .26 kernel in lucid-proposed? When will it be moved to lucid-updates?08:20
smbTeTeT, I believe that one too will be subject to exercise the new revert patches if not tested process, which Steve wants to have a go on Monday. From then on it depends a bit on the decision of waiting for regression testing or not. I would ask him on Monday08:23
TeTeTsmb: so the screen resolution on Esprimo E patch would be safe as I've spent quite some time testing it?08:24
smbIf you mention/report this in the bug report, yes. That should be ok08:24
TeTeTsmb: was done, the tag verification_done was added too08:29
smbTeTeT, Then I would say you are good/safe08:30
smb(As long as the scripting goes right of course, but I am pretty sure they double/triple check on that :))08:30
TeTeTsmb: does this mean after removing the untested patches, the kernel will be published in -updates right away, or does it stay in proposed for another week?08:33
smbTeTeT, The target for the future will be a re-upload with untested things reverted. Then another week for qa regression testing. I don't think we are quite there, but I would think that this at least will be kept for another week in proposed to have some baking time.08:35
TeTeTsmb: sounds reasonable08:38
smbTeTeT, Mind that I am not authoritative there anymore. Last words would be Steve (or Martin). Just most of the US might be on swap days after the holiday yesterday.08:41
smb(Martin not being affected there, of course)08:41
* smb waves to cking 08:44
* cking waves back08:46
smbcking, cannot hear08:46
* smb got a feeling there is an apw hiding somewhere09:03
apwsmb, now what makes you think that09:04
smbapw, Some Andy sends out mail. :)09:04
apwdamn i should have thought of that 09:04
smb:) morning anyway09:04
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diwicbug #64025412:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 640254 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "[Dell Inspiron M101z] Internal speakers does not function in Ubuntu after booting into Win7 once (affects: 1) (heat: 64)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64025412:57
diwicCan somebody tell me how this stuff is supposed to work with the new throw-your-patches-out policy?12:58
diwicFirst it was accepted to pre-stable12:58
diwicThen it came from upstream12:58
diwicneither seems to be enough to avoid the throw-patches-out 12:59
diwicI thought we would keep whatever came from upstream.13:00
diwicupstream stable, that is.13:00
smbdiwic, I would hope that upstream stable takes precedence13:00
smbbut that might be a special case the scripts to come need to handle13:00
smbYou may want to talk to Brad and/or Steve on Monday about that13:01
* diwic does NOT like the new policy.13:02
* smb is not the one to complain about it ;-P13:03
diwicsmb, assuming people do what they should and send things to upstream stable, that is the common case rather than a special case13:09
smbright, and I think that you would get the benefit of not getting reverted in that case13:14
smbThough it does not really matter what I think13:14
apwdiwic, things coming down from upstream stable are meant to be immune to the validation failure mode13:14
apwso if its being thrown out coming down from there there is something wrong13:14
smbJust make sure that people writing scripts are aware, too13:15
diwicapw, so if you look at the bug you would agree with me that the threat comment by sconklin (or his bot) is wrong in this case?13:16
apwdiwic, if it came from stable it is a bug yes.  he is probabally assuming all patches with BugLink are not from stable13:17
smbIt could just be a matter of updating the bot not to send a threat when there is a buglink to a stable tracking bug in the same patch as well as being the only one13:20
smbThere is this thing about programs written by humans not always being bulletproof13:20
apwyeah.  diwic just make sure you bitch at them in email to say you don't think this bug is one that should be on the drop list13:57
* apw notes we are down to just two now13:57
diwicapw, just two what?13:59
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apwoh ... heh ... /me notes we are down to just two patches dropped from Maverick to Natty which I do not either know should be dropped or have replacements for14:03
diwicapw, so, now I have bitched.14:37
apwdiwic, hehe good man14:38
diwicapw, now that I got your attention, how do I review my personal patches for upstreaming and update?14:39
apwthat work item is about looking at the ones we are carrying in your name and deciding whether they should be upstream14:40
apwif they should not then let me know and i will mark them so that i don't ask you again14:40
apwif they should be, its a reminder to push them along up there14:40
diwicapw, and how do I know which ones we are carrying in my name?14:40
apwahh they are listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/KernelNattyUbuntuDeltaReview search for your name14:41
diwicapw, ok, only one and that one should be dropped. Someone else tried to upstream it, I think it got rejected.14:43
apwok if you edit the Spec there and add a * this should be dropped (diwic) under them, then i'll drop them as i go14:44
apwthen you can close your work-item :)14:44
diwicapw, thanks14:47
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lagapw, smb: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/249861/16:51
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krauthowdy, anyone an idea what's going wrong here? http://pastebin.com/sBp8d3ag19:46
krautthe problem happens on a via esther, is there any issue with the cpu scalling?19:46
krautit's reproducable when heavy disk i/o happens19:46
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