b0redHey Room00:42
b0redkif l sha3eb :P00:44
mhall119pleia2: what are you looking for?00:50
pleia2mhall119: blueprint or bug report talking about some loco directory past events to TeamReports output00:50
mhall119let me check, one minute00:51
cjohnstonI know we talked about it00:51
cjohnstonnot sure that it was put into anything00:51
mhall119pleia2: there is https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/60565100:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 605651 in loco-directory "Merge in Loco Reports into loco.ubuntu.com (affects: 2) (heat: 17)" [High,Triaged]00:51
mhall119and dholbach has some work on a separate teamreports app00:52
pleia2mhall119: that seemed like more generic stats, like membership and stuff00:52
pleia2not the past month's events00:52
mhall119pleia2: the bug is, yes00:52
mhall119pleia2: we're in a pre-planning stage right now with how we're going to expand loco-directory00:53
cjohnstonmhall119: have you gotten to look into the expansion?00:53
mhall119the plan is to create a sister-site for non-loco teams with the same functionality00:53
mhall119cjohnston: not yet, I'm still catching up at work00:54
pleia2well, if you need to to create a bug report or add to an existing blueprint, just let me know00:54
pleia2team reports are tedious, this could simplify it a ton :)00:54
mhall119yeah, that's definitely the direction we're going00:54
pleia2less time copying and pasting, more time finding all the photos and blog posts I should be linking00:54
mhall119the question right now is which foot to put forward first00:54
cjohnstonmhall119: I'm thinking wont fix? bug 64442700:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 644427 in loco-directory "Map with pins on the front page (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64442700:55
mhall119is that the one for events or teams?00:56
mhall119yeah, I don't see a benefit for pinning teams00:59
cjohnstonreally odd that when i run init-ld i get multiple messages telling me to run init-led01:03
cjohnstonmhall119: eww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53039001:39
cjohnstongot a call... 01:39
mhall119"Unexpected Zope exception" == Not our fault ;)01:51
YoBoYgod morning06:49
nigelbmorning YoBoY :)06:50
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dholbachgood morning!08:40
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cjohnstonmornin dholbach 12:00
dholbachhey cjohnston12:01
cjohnstondholbach: I'm struggling with this one.. Add team event is now visible on the events page.. but not on a team page...12:22
cjohnstongiven, you prolly shouldnt see add event for every team12:23
cjohnstonwhich is where my thought comes in..12:23
dholbachdoesn't the LD figure out on its own which team you're part of?12:23
cjohnstonyes.... but it doesnt know if your not logged in12:23
dholbachbut don't we use the @login_required decorator?12:24
dholbachso we should be good, right?12:25
cjohnstonI just find it odd that the link is visible to a non-logged in person on the events page, but not on a loco team page12:25
dholbachwhy don't we just add it there?12:25
dholbachI mean it's not a big deal, right?12:25
dholbachit'd be nice if the view showed you a small message saying "You're creating an event for <team X> now."12:26
dholbachor something12:26
cjohnstonbut if I visit the german team, should I see a link to add an event when I am not going to be able to even after logging in, since I'm not a german member12:26
dholbachso it's clear that even though you clicked on "add event" on the french team's page, you create if for your team12:26
cjohnstonyou can only create an event for a team your a member of12:26
cjohnstonwould that work though12:27
dholbachwhy not?12:27
dholbachI mean... why are you wondering if it'd work?12:27
dholbachin my view the biggest problem we have right now is that people who are new to the LD have no idea what they can do with it12:27
dholbachand the "log in" link is not really super obvious12:27
dholbachI mean... if I don't know what I'm going to do with it, why should I bother loggin in :)12:28
dholbachwe probably could show a "you can't create events for the french team!" page12:28
dholbachbut I think it's more user-friendly to say ""You're creating an event for <your own team X> now."12:29
dholbachthat's just my take :)12:29
dholbachlunch time - see you later :)12:30
nigelbI'm hungry now12:30
cjohnstonoff to work.. 12 hours overtime12:30
* nigelb hugs cjohnston 12:31
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mhall119woot! gwibber-daily now has my keyboard controls!12:56
* nigelb RTs12:58
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jledbetterdholbach, It does say "You're creating an event..." I just didn't read above where I was putting stuff in.13:37
AlanBellmhall119: what are they?13:39
mhall119AlanBell: shift+up, down, home and end13:39
mhall119you have to click the message stream so it has keyboard focus13:40
AlanBellsounds good13:40
Ddordadid anyone touched the LP code so far?20:15
mhall119what LP code?20:50
Ddordamhall119: Launchpad21:14
Ddordathe mailing list part21:14
mhall119Ddorda: I'm still not sure what you mean, is this in regard to a project on launchpad, or the code of launchpad itself?21:31
Ddordamhall119: LP itself21:32
mhall119oh, I haven't touched that code in a while21:34
mhall119it ain't pretty21:34
Ddordamhall119: there is an huge problem with any non-latin language21:45
Ddordaand they just won't fix it..! for now our loco mailing list is stuck without logging for the mailing list21:45
cjohnstonmhall119: ping22:22
AlanBellDdorda: presume you have asked in #launchpad22:22
DdordaAlanBell: i asked, but quite long time ago22:23
AlanBellDdorda: are there any non-ubuntu software projects on launchpad that use rtl or utf-8 that you know of?22:23
Ddordai also opened a bug about it (which seems to be a duplicate to an even way older report!)22:23
DdordaAlanBell: non-ubuntu stands for not in develop of canonical?22:24
AlanBelland, um, why is the loco mailing list on launchpad? are they not all supposed to be on lists.ubuntu.com22:24
AlanBellyeah, non-canonical ones or upstream stuff, or perhaps OEM projects for china or whatever22:25
DdordaAlanBell: they were, however, we also had a duplicate mailing list on LP. in advice of the loco council we've decided to keep only the LP mailing list22:25
AlanBellok, fine22:25
Ddordabut few months ago we noticed about this bug, it is an huge problem since now no one can read the history of the mailing list22:26
AlanBellfrom the launchpad point of view software development projects are their customers, locos are just squatters :)22:26
DdordaAlanBell: but it is impossible to ignore any non-latin language, it is just too much :P22:27
mhall119cjohnston: pong23:15

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