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hanniegodbyk, ping15:42
hannieKevin, if you are present, could you tell me is I can move screenshots to the next page?15:43
godbykhannie: To move the screenshots around, you can't give them a number like 5\baselineskip.15:48
godbykhannie: Instead, you can only suggest a position. One of t, b, h, p.15:49
godbykFor top, bottom, here, page, respectively.15:49
godbykYou can provide more than one option.15:49
hannieah, Some screenshots should be moved15:49
godbykSo if the screenshot is at the top of the page and you want it on the bottom of the page, you could say, \screenshot[b]{...15:49
hannieI want to move a shot from page 17 (bottom) to page 18(top)15:50
hannieIs that possible?15:50
godbykyou can try using \screenshot[t], but if that doesn't work, then you'll have to move the \screenshot command to someplace else in the file.15:50
hannieOk, I can move the complete paragraph to another place too15:51
hannieI am going to experiment a bit. Thanks so far. Lots of work to do ):15:52
godbykNo problem.15:52
godbykI have to run off to a meeting, so I'll be away for a few hours.15:53
godbykI'll respond to your emails when I get back.15:53
godbykFeel free to ping me here, too.15:53
dakergodbyk, ping16:04
godbykI'm back now.18:33
ChrisWoollardIt is very quiet here again22:25

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