tgm4883CRU_, hulu != huludesktop00:07
tgm4883I only bring that up since you can view hulu inside MNV00:07
CRU_I'm not sure what that means ...noob to mythtv and mythbuntu00:08
CRU_I figured out how to get the sound to work...if anyone is interested.  I needed to create a ~/.asoundrc and add hw 1,7 to it00:09
tgm4883CRU_, ok, so yea hulu has a desktop application called huludesktop. But you can also view hulu using a mythtv plugin called MythNetVision00:09
CRU_hmmm. i will have to try that.  I'll make sure the plugin is added00:09
CRU_I have it added, how do I access that inside mythtv?00:12
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CRU_tgm4883: How do I add Hulu to the list of Internet Video sites?00:22
tgm4883CRU_, did you install MNV?00:37
tgm4883I would think it is installed, I'd have to verify on my setup though00:37
CRU_Yes, I can "Search Internet Video" and such now00:37
CRU_it is installed (double checked it)00:37
Azelphur2010-11-12 01:12:45.716 MainServer::HandleVersion - Client speaks protocol version 23056 but we speak 63!01:13
AzelphurI keep getting this spammed from the server and client01:13
Shadow__Xtgm4883: hulu support is int .2401:18
Shadow__XAzelphur: did you upgrade your backend?01:20
Shadow__Xand not upgrade your frontend01:20
AzelphurShadow__X: all machines are on the same mythbuntu repos01:27
Azelphurand all up to date01:27
Shadow__Xclearly not if one says 63 and the other says 5601:27
Shadow__Xfrom terminal do mythfrontend --version on each01:28
Shadow__Xthis is mine01:28
Shadow__XMythTV Version   : 2686301:28
Shadow__XMythTV Branch    : branches/release-0-23-fixes01:28
Shadow__Xand mine is still .23.1-fixes01:28
Azelphurmine is 27162 0.24.20101028-101:29
Azelphuron all machines01:29
Shadow__Xthen what client is saying 23056 thats an old .23 build01:29
Shadow__Xa really outdated one before they switched the way it handles version name internally01:29
Shadow__Xalso that sounds like trunk01:29
Shadow__Xnot .24 release01:30
Shadow__Xconsidering the build date of 10.2801:30
Azelphurit's the server saying it01:31
Shadow__Xwhat i am saying is that if you were using auto builds you selected trunk which you should only run if you have a true reason to01:31
Shadow__Xalso .24 has been released. so its old01:32
AzelphurI selected 0.2401:32
Shadow__Xthen do an upgrade because that build is old01:32
Shadow__Xunless i am mistaken somewhere it just seems you are trying to run a .23 client on .24 which WILL NOT work01:32
Shadow__XAzelphur: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds01:33
AzelphurShadow__X: http://pastebin.com/3YMnNHma01:34
Azelphurthe mythfrontend version is not old01:34
Azelphuroh wait, yea it is01:34
AzelphurShadow__X: ok then wtf, the frontend version and backend version are different on the same computer01:35
Azelphurusing the same mythbuntu repo01:35
Shadow__Xthats a no good01:35
Shadow__Xyou probably installed one with the ubuntu repo and the other using the mythbuntu repo01:35
Azelphurok reconfiguring mythbuntu-repos now01:35
Azelphurwhich country do I select (or PPA?)01:35
Shadow__Xread http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds01:36
AzelphurI'm in UK01:36
Shadow__Xit explains everything. Normally you select which ever is closest to you01:36
AzelphurI selected UK, No testing, did an apt-get update and there are no new updates available01:37
AzelphurShadow__X: hold on a minute, re-reading that message01:38
AzelphurShadow__X: Client speaks protocol version 23056 but we speak 63!, but mythfrontend --version says Network Protocol is 6301:38
Shadow__Xmythtv is a client/server model01:39
Shadow__Xso the server speaks 6301:40
Shadow__Xone of your frontends is running an old build of .2301:40
Shadow__Xso if you have only one fe you found the issue01:40
Azelphurhaha figured it out01:40
Azelphurmy brother was running mythfrontend on his laptop01:40
Azelphurthat solves that mystery01:41
Shadow__Xeverything should be on the same version01:43
Shadow__Xso you need to upgrade everything to the release version of .2401:43
Azelphuryea I thought I had everything, I forgot my brothers laptop :)01:43
Azelphurhehe awesome it's off grabbing metadata now01:47
Shadow__Xdid you upgrade to the most recent build01:47
Azelphurno I was already on the most recent build01:48
Azelphurjust my brother that wasn't01:48
Azelphurthat's why I was confused :)01:48
Shadow__Xwhen was the last time you ran the upgrade01:49
Shadow__Xthe release of .24 was yesterday 11/10/201001:49
AzelphurShadow__X: today :)01:50
AzelphurI reinstalled mythbuntu 10.10 and got straight on the repo01:50
Azelphurso it's up to date01:50
Shadow__Xhmm whats weird though is that the build date is from 10/2801:50
Shadow__Xthats weird01:50
Azelphurmaybe the repo didn't build the new version yet?01:50
Shadow__Xthats what i am thinking. Or maybe i am just reading it wrong01:51
mrandSorry, I haven't read much of the scrollback, but only the PPA has 0.24 in it, not the official Ubuntu repo.  It won't be there until natty comes in for 11.0402:58
tgm4883Azelphur, don't use UK, use PPA or DE03:12
tgm4883Shadow__X, ^^03:12
Shadow__Xmrand: i was referring to have an old build of .23 using the ubuntu repo03:52
Shadow__Xbut thanks03:52
dutchgirlhi all08:22
dutchgirli have a problem. . . after installing mythbuntu 10.10 the system reboots, posts, then the mythbuntu load screen appears and nothing. just freezes on the screen. I've tried what i can think of; compoletely erasing teh drive and allowing setup to configure hard drive and nothing. i have installed xp mce but i hate it. i really want to get mythbuntu running. Please help me08:25
dutchgirlmce runns fine ps08:26
hot_wheelzI can't get mythbuntu 10.10 to make it passed the splash when doing a fresh install.10:08
hot_wheelzWhat is wrong?10:09
hot_wheelzany ideas?10:13
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toxichello guys, I can't find jamu on my mythbuntu... Not in the default repositories either... any idea on how to get jamu ?16:39
chilukI have it in mythbuntu 10.10, and I think it lived in the same spot in 9.10.16:55
chiluktoxic ^^^16:55
Azelphurgah the web panel is still broken in 0.24 :(17:05
Azelphurand by "Still broken" I mean "Worse brokenĀ£17:09
AzelphurInstead of no downloading videos with spaces in them, it appears to be no downloading of videos at all17:10
rhpot1991web panel?17:17
rhpot1991smells like permissions maybe17:17
rhpot1991or a location out of whack17:17
Azelphurgood be permissions *shrug*17:17
Azelphurrhpot1991: I don't think it's permissions I get 40417:27
Azelphurif it was permissions it'd be 403 right?17:28
nimm-2hi there. i am trying to install mythbuntu 10.10 on my htpc. specs are: mainboard= asus m4a88t-m, CPU= AMD PhenomII X4, RAM =KingstonHyperX 2x2G, satellite card= technisat skyStar HD2. My problem is, that after the installation, which works perfectly, and after the reboot, the monitor gets switched on and off. in the end theres nothing displayed but i am sure mythbuntu booted! btw i'm quite a noob18:01
chiluknimm-2 you forgot to mention your video card ... that's probably more important than the rest of your listed specs.19:30
nimm-2onboard with amd880g chipset19:31
nimm-2found out that there's no driver. downloaded ati-driver-installer-10-10-x86.x86_64.run ... could this work?19:43
nimm-2controller is a ATI Technologies Inc RS88019:50
thopiekarI've installed mythbuntu on an older pc and scanned successfully all channels.. but now I want to connect this pc by another pc..19:52
thopiekarI'm now here writing you from the livecd - how can I connect the pc from here?19:53
Wickedhello all. using the mythbuntu repo..whats the diff between 0.23 and 0.23.120:08
tgm4883Wicked, 0.00.120:08
tgm4883Thanks, I'll be here all night :)20:08
tgm4883well 0.23 has builds from 0.23 branch up until 0.23.120:09
Wickedand whats the difference? 0.23 being pre release of 0.23 then 0.23.1 being when they offically branched 0.23?20:10
rhpot1991no, 0.23.1 is a new release20:11
rhpot1991newer than 0.2320:12
Wickedi didnt realize that mythtv's svn had both20:12
rhpot1991so you should choose 0.23.1 if you want latest and greatest 0.23 version20:12
Wickedi switched to 0.24 but its not compatible with xbmc...so i want to go back to 0.23 until it is20:14
tgm4883sorry, mgr walked up to ask me a question20:14
Wickedi nuked my db(got plenty of backups!) and gonna use 0.23 for a bit longer20:14
tgm4883there is a single branch for 0.23, 0.23.1 is a release at a point in time on that branch. Specifically when there was a protocol change (which is why there is a 0.23.1)20:14
Wickedgotcha! :)20:15
CRU_Can anyone help me...I have a MCE USB remote (VRC 1100) and can't get it to connect lirc (cant find correct lircd.conf to use irw) and in mythtv none of the keys with three presses (shift control _) will work.  I tried xmodmap but with three key presses still doesn't work.22:29
Gibbymy .bashrc is not running at startup on my mythbuntu frontend....23:38
Gibbyok, i just did the upgrade to 0.24 on my backend and frontend, restarted both and now when i start my frontend it says: Warning: MythTV wants to upgrade your database, for the Video schema, from 1032 to 1038... it then lists my backend IP and DB name... should i do it?23:52

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