elkyPici, who the heck is this guy?00:10
Picielky: I think hes the person who seriously suggested that everyone in #ubuntu-offtopic needed psychological help.00:11
PiciNot jokingly.00:11
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Piciikonia: are you ircing in your sleep?00:58
ikoniano, waiting to go to bed00:59
ikoniawaiting for something to finish00:59
ikoniaalmost done00:59
ikoniahow can someone have read the man page to know what options they don't want, but not read the one they do want01:00
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from commodore)01:15
Hobbseeikonia: anything founded by cjwatson is official, including that one.  it's a dev channel01:29
Hobbseeikonia: actually, pretty much anything that follows #ubuntu-*, and is made by a core dev, is definitely official (offshoots from #ubuntu-devel)01:32
Hobbseeif that helps at all01:32
PiciHobbsee: That doesn't mean that the channel isn't defunct though.01:32
Hobbseeor definitely wanted, and on-topic, anyway01:33
HobbseePici: that one tends to be, during the time when they're not actively debugging installers (ie, no alphas out at the moment)01:33
* h00k forwards niko to #fix-your-connection02:56
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ikonianot happy with petan advocating downloading binaries/libs from mozilla.org and dumping them over the top of the ubuntu packaged ones10:00
jribikonia: but it worked now.  Never mind the fact in 2 weeks the user will be wondering why everything is bonkers!10:05
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popeywhats the policy on people just barking google at users?11:23
Flannelpopey: it's not good11:24
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.11:24
popeyahh, better than the !jfgi i used11:24
bazhangis Josh__ just being totally random? or is that me11:42
PiciDoes jdub still do Ubuntu stuff?13:26
ikonianot seen him active in #ubuntu for a while, that doesn't mean no though13:32
popeyyes, he recently re-applied for ubuntu membership13:37
popeyi believe so his new blog could be syndicated on planet ubuntu13:37
popeydon't think he actively 'contributes' (however you measure that) other than blogging / commenting / ranting on identi.ca13:38
ikoniathen how does that work ?13:39
popeyhow does what work?13:40
ikoniaif he doesn't do anything (hard to measure) but gets membership13:40
popeydunno if he got membership13:40
popeyi just know he asked13:40
popeygiven it had lapsed when he left the project13:40
popeyseems he does have it13:40
ikoniaI didnt know he'd left the project13:40
popeydepends how you define left13:41
ikoniaI suppose13:41
popeyhe left canonical and at that point he kinda droped off the planet a bit13:41
ikonialooks like he's back13:42
popeyhttp://ubuntuedge.wordpress.com/ is his new blog13:42
ikoniainteresting few posts I'm reading13:44
ikoniaubuXubu is annoying me, he seems to think that having 18 dual boot computers in his basement is an excuse to say anything and make it fact13:53
aborticidecan i be unbanned in #ubuntu ?14:26
jribikonia, jussi: ?14:34
ikoniaaborticide: you asked to actually be banned though14:34
ikoniaaborticide: I have no idea why, but you kept joining this channel and asking to banned in #ubuntu14:34
ikoniaaborticide: hello14:36
aborticidei was away in another window14:37
ikoniano problem14:38
ikoniaso what was all this business joining this channel and asking if you could be banned from #ubuntu about ?14:38
aborticidewill you help me with a virtualbox problem?14:38
ikoniacan't here, this one isn't a support channel14:39
aborticideikonia: i figured it's pointless to fool myself into rejoining every couple of days asking for support since i am muted14:39
ikoniaplus I'm jugging a few things at the moment14:39
jribaborticide: why did you ask to be banned?14:39
ikoniaaborticide: at the time there was no ban/mute showing14:39
ikoniahence the confusion at why you kept joining #ubuntu-ops asking to be banned14:39
* aborticide wonders if jrib is trying to incite a conflict here14:40
ikoniayou also stated in other channels that you'd do something to get yourself banned that would be "cool" or "funny"14:40
aborticideyes there was14:40
jribaborticide: I'm not, I'm trying to understand why you are banned...14:40
aborticideare you aware that i already asnwered that question?14:40
aborticidei guess not, hehe14:40
aborticidewell why not?14:40
aborticideobviously you are capable of reading14:40
ikoniaok, calm down a little, the reason this is hard to understand is we couldn't see a ban/mute for you before14:41
ikoniahence why you asking to be banned didn't make sense14:41
ikoniaplus it's a little odd that you then suggested in another channel you'd do something to get yourself banned14:41
ikoniawho set a mute on you in #ubuntu and why ?14:41
aborticidei don't remember, maybe it was you14:42
ikonia(we really couldn't see anything at the time of your asking)14:42
aborticideoh it was bahzhang14:42
ikoniait wasn't me,14:42
ikoniaok - why14:42
aborticidedon't know14:42
aborticidehe was being a baby14:42
ikoniareally ?14:42
ikoniaso if I look at the logs now, there will be no reason for him to have set a mute on you14:42
ikoniais that what you're saying ?14:42
aborticidesure, if it was reasonable i would have just parted ways, seeing as i know i have no chance of appealing it14:42
aborticideobviously there will be a reason, but it was a baby reason14:43
ikoniaerrr you can appeal/resolve it, that's what I'm trying to do now14:43
ikoniaaborticide: ok, please explain the reason you got banned (it's quicker than me going through the logs)14:43
ikoniasorry - muted14:43
aborticidei don't remember, really14:43
ikoniabut you know it was a baby reason ?14:43
aborticideyou're the one who is helping me with the kernel, so clearly i'm not trying to waste your time14:43
aborticideit was a minor conflict14:44
ikoniaI don't think your wasting me time - I've had very reasonable conversations with you in other channels, hence trying to resolve/understand what's gone on14:44
aborticidei think he intended it to be like a 2minute ban, he wanted me to apologize for it and i didn't14:44
aborticideso he just left it like that14:44
aborticideof course i could just lie and fake it14:45
aborticidethat's like the easiest solution14:45
aborticidebut while i'm at i might just start sucking up to freenode staff in hopes of becomming an admin myself14:45
ikoniaaborticide: can you hang on for a minute I'm just trying to find some info (as I said, at the time we couldn't see any)14:45
ikoniadrop the attitude, it's not helping, I'm trying to be reasonable and helpful, being silly about it isn't helpful14:45
ikoniaalmost there, I may have found someething14:46
aborticidewe don't have to be robotic about it, i've been giving you straight and precise answers14:47
ikoniaI know, I'm not doubting you,14:48
aborticideyou're accusing me of having an attitude, i don't think i have an attitude14:48
ikoniaaborticide: what was the rant about sucking up to freenode staff about ?14:49
aborticidethe only way i could have less of an attitude is if i stopped being a person and started being a robot14:49
ikoniaI don't need to hear that sort of stuff, I'm just being polite and trying to resolve your issue for you14:49
aborticideit wasn't a rant, i meant it just as it was written; if i wanted immunity in a certain channel i could become friends with the mods and then eventually become a mod, just like how sauvin does in freenode and then he can abuse the rules any way he pleases and not give a damn about anything14:49
ikoniafrom what I'm seeing from the logs you where bascially put on a mute (couldn't find it the first time) because of the random noise you where making in channel and a few smart moth comments14:49
aborticideyes i guess robotic individuals can't see the truth in something i saw unless its ultra technical14:50
ikoniaaborticide: how is any of that relevant to your situation ? I just want to help you get this resolved ASAP, making comments like that are uncalled for and don't help14:50
aborticidei was using it to explain to you what my options are, since you asked me why14:50
aborticidei didn't intend to beging ranting about it14:51
aborticidejust sayin', you know?14:51
ikoniaaborticide: ok, well, try not to, please, its that sort of thing that appears to have got you muted14:51
aborticideif i start lieing about being sorry, in order to save time, then i might as well start trying to get immunity14:51
ikoniaaborticide: I'm just going to ask for a few simple things and I'll remove the ban if your comfortablw tiht hem, is that ok ?14:51
aborticidei mean if i had said sorry to him, this problem wouldn't have gone on for like 5-6 days14:51
ikoniasorry - bad typing,14:51
ikoniaif your comfortable with what I'll ask you to do14:52
ikoniais that ok ?14:52
aborticidehe just wanted me to apologize to him but i said no way!14:52
aborticidecomfortable with what? you haven't said it yet14:52
ikoniaaborticide: stop, calm down and read what I'm typing to you14:52
aborticideyou said you are going to ask me for a few simple things, but they have not been said yet14:52
ikoniaaborticide: firstly, #ubuntu is a busy channel, the smart comments/clever jokes aren't needed, just try to stay with the topic of supporting Ubuntu, is that ok for a starter ?14:53
aborticidei don't know, it depends on the situation, often a smart cocky comment can be a supernova of truth14:53
aborticidei keep it balanced though14:53
aborticideequal proportions of technical data so people dont' get distracted14:53
ikoniathen we can't continue14:53
ikoniaI need you to not do it14:53
aborticidesome people have compulsive obsessive disorder when they jump on my ass14:53
aborticideit's like if i started banning people because they don't capitalize their dots and the first letter of each sentence14:54
ikoniaaborticide: no-one will jump on you if you keep to the support topic without the smart comments/jokes ?14:54
ikoniaaborticide: is that do-able ?14:54
aborticideof if i start banning people because they can't ask super precise questions14:54
ikoniaaborticide: stop14:54
aborticidei wasn't being unreasonable14:54
aborticideokay lets try something new: show me where i was being unreasonable14:54
ikoniaaborticide: just answer with yes or no - that's all14:54
ikoniaaborticide: no-one will jump on you if you keep to the support topic without the smart comments/jokes ?14:54
ikoniaaborticide: is that do-able ?14:54
aborticidei don't even know what jokes i made14:54
aborticidei rarely even make jokes14:55
aborticidejust ask xahlee, he thinks i'm a total nutcase, and he's a nutcase shut-in already14:55
ikoniaaborticide: eg: when the person who couldn't speak English joined the channel and started speaking you commented "thats fasinacting, please tell me more"14:55
aborticideah that's because he kept doing it after he was told 6 times, i thought the moderates were joking around with him, so naturally followed their tone14:55
aborticideis that really grounds to mute me on?14:56
ikoniaaborticide: he wasn't told at all, yours was the first line14:56
aborticidecmon now14:56
ikoniaaborticide: I'm using it as an example only14:56
aborticidei'm pretty sure he was told, can i see?14:56
ikoniaaborticide: the logs are public14:56
aborticidei remember telling bazhang that it was told14:56
aborticidei don't know where to find the logs, i'm not a regular, can you tell me please?14:56
aborticidemy statement wasn't a predatory statement out of the blue14:56
aborticidethat's how i remember it14:56
ikoniawell - it was14:57
aborticidethat's also why i did it, because if it was out of the blue i know i'd get the sword right away14:57
ikoniathe user said hello14:57
ikoniait was out of the blue14:57
aborticidei remember copying/pasting the previous times he was told when we were in ubuntu-ops even!14:57
ikoniathe user then spoke in a non-english language14:57
ikoniayou then made your comment14:57
aborticidethis is all new-news to me, can i see the logs pls?14:57
ikoniaaborticide: I'm not debating it, I'm stating what happened14:57
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:57
aborticidedoes that have logs from ubuntu-ops too?14:58
aborticidewhat are LoCo channels?14:58
ikoniathere is the log14:58
ikoniasearch for "froncy"14:58
aborticideit seems it does, but i'm not sure what day it was on14:59
ikoniaaborticide: loco are local ubuntu groups14:59
aborticidewhat day was the mute on?14:59
ikoniaaborticide: I've just given you the link to the exact day14:59
aborticidei swear it redirected me to the index page14:59
ikoniaprobably a typo14:59
aborticidelet me investigate what happened14:59
aborticideits weird because i usually copy/paste stuff15:00
ikoniajust search for froncy - this is just an example15:00
aborticidefirst, observe that bazhang was picking a fight with me all along:15:01
aborticideaborticidezteam: don't try debugging ubuntu, just reinstall it is faster10:1015:01
aborticidebazhangaborticide, not helpful15:01
aborticidebazhang: reinstalling alsa is quick and painless15:01
ikoniaaborticide: stop, I'm not going through the log line by line15:01
ikoniaaborticide: I'm agreeing to remove the ban if you can agree to the terms15:01
ikoniayou asked for an example, I've giving you one15:01
aborticideokay i guess we can agree in a totally non-predictable weay15:02
ikoniaaborticide: based on the example I've given you, can you please keep the smart comments/joke efforts out of the support channel ?15:02
aborticidesee if i was medidating this behavior then i would be able to say , okay it will never ever happen again, but seeing as i just followed my logic common sense, this is an entire character attitude adjustment15:02
ikoniaaborticide: I can't be bothered any more, I'm really trying and you're just constantly arguing it15:02
ikoniaaborticide: I'm not removing the ban,15:02
ikoniaaborticide: please come back another day when you can listen and resolve this15:03
aborticidecan you ban me from here too? i don't want to fall into this trap again15:03
ikoniaaborticide: no problem15:03
ikoniaaborticide: if you part the channel I'll see if I can get that done15:03
aborticideoh that's weird, why do i have to part it?15:04
ikoniaaborticide: because I can't do it this second, so if you part, I'll request it be done15:04
aborticideah then i should make sure myself that this is guaranteed15:04
ikoniaif you feel you must15:04
aborticidewell sure15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
topyliaborticide: you should part this channel anyway, since you aren't here to resolve any issue15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
aborticidefuck shit ass bitch cunt15:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!15:05
ubottujrib called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()15:05
ikoniapointless and dissapointing, I've had some really interesting conversations with him in other channels15:05
* Pici blinks15:05
ikoniaworth noting17:32
popeyand not spreading about17:34
popeyhis server is getting a royal beating17:34
popeyyou know thats Mike Basingers server where he's testing out the new theme?17:34
ikoniano, I didn't know that17:35
ikoniamaybe he should setup some restrictions on it so it doesn't get spidered by google17:35
popeywell.. it wasn't spidered by google until it was mentioned in a publicly logged irc channel :)17:38
popeyhe's only passed that url around via email AIUI17:38
ikoniapopey: someone just posted it in #ubuntu saying he found it in google17:39
ikoniahence why I mentioned it here17:39
popeyah ok17:46
popeyhave let him know17:46
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guntberthi, if http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/locallanguage#hebrew-arabic is right, then the factoid !arabic should be changed19:32
PiciIts a bit weird to send all people who speak arabic to the channel for the Israeli team.19:46
guntbertPici: I would agree, but either the mentioned page is wrong (which I cannot know) or the factoid19:47
Piciguntbert: I'll follow up with the loco council.19:48
guntbertPici: ok, thx19:48
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (Djokera)20:52
topylii wonder what is the biggest arabic speaking loco20:52
bazhangtsimpson, is that a correct banmask?22:33
tsimpsonbazhang: $a is an "extban"22:33
tsimpson$a:<nickserv_account> bans by account22:33
bazhang$a:oly562 tsimpson ah okay22:33
oly562i will say this once,, those of you who are picking on me, i do not respect you as linux users, ubuntu community, or humans in general. you are hurting the ubuntu code that i will not be referring any user i come in contact with to #ubuntu ever again. i used to say it was a good room, that is until i found out ops booted people for asking questions of which they could not answer.  no big, i usually find out the answers to my quest22:44
oly562time to do your job for you.....22:44
oly562your busted:22:44
oly562examples of biased ops:22:44
oly562ops picking on a helpless user from another country:22:44
oly5621. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/09/%23ubuntu-ops.txt22:44
bazhangoly562, hi22:45
oly562time to do your job for you.....22:45
oly562your busted:22:45
oly562examples of biased ops:22:45
oly562ops picking on a helpless user from another country:22:45
oly5621. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/09/%23ubuntu-ops.txt22:45
oly562my gawd, cant you see there is an english barrier?22:45
oly562Ikonia, and You22:45
oly5621. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/02/%23ubuntu-ops.txt conspiring...22:45
oly5622. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/02/%23ubuntu.txt watching me like a hawk, why? i know, ikonia spoke to you, also rww geting in the action towards me...22:45
oly562Idleone explicit language and claims to be a saint.22:45
oly5621. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/02/%23ubuntu-ops.txt22:45
bazhang<[daemon]> linxeh: yes - use openSUSE    * [[daemon]] (~mmichna@opensuse/member/mmichna): Marco Michna23:31
marienzI wish people wearing a project cloak would be more careful :(23:35

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