dholbachgood morning!08:40
nigelbdholbach: sorry about last night, I had left work by then :)08:42
nigelbI mailed you :)08:42
dholbachnigelb, no worries08:43
dholbachso how's the project going?08:43
nigelbdholbach: I've been totally out for a month thanks to no laptop, getting it back today \o/08:43
dholbachdid we make much progress in the last few weeks/months?08:43
nigelbNot much :(08:44
nigelbActually, I did get it to 1200, its back up 1400+08:44
nigelbI need to sit down iwth it today08:44
dholbachwe need to get more people involved again08:45
dholbachit can't be just you doing it08:45
nigelbI know, I need to plan around it08:45
nigelbits kinda tough wthout computer access :)08:45
dholbachyeah, I can imagine08:47
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Justin__hello room23:10
Justin__has anyone here ever dealt with ntfs drives under ubuntu server?23:11

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