ejathi ..07:24
ejatanyone here try VFD display with ubuntu ?07:25
* mvo hugs jibel for spotting the issues with sru #58718608:57
jibelhey mvo, my pleasure :-)09:04
mvojibel: I uploaded a new version that hopefully fixes the issues now, thanks again, much appreciated how careful you do the tests and reviews09:05
jibelmvo, you're welcome09:05
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jibelmvo, Is there a way to disable the U1 account creation dialog when you use software-center and dont have an U1 account ? I'm working on automated tests for SC and this dialog is not really convenient.14:03
mvojibel: when does the dialog come up?14:08
mvojibel: automatic tests based on mago?14:08
jibelmvo, immediately after launching SC, the title is "Create Ubuntu One account"14:10
jibelmvo, yes test based on mago, you already have one in your pocket ?14:10
mvoin natty?14:10
mvojibel: there is some code for this, but its not great14:10
mvojibel: let me look, that is a bug certainly14:10
mvojibel: about mago> there is code (in tests/) that does automatic UI testing, once with mago and once without, I had some difficulties with mago14:11
jibelmvo, Great, that will be a test that fail then, thats what I'm tracking :-)14:11
jibelmvo, I'll look at the existing tests then.14:12
jibelmvo, nothing I can reuse in test/mago.14:14
mvoI look forward for your tests then14:14
mvojibel: could you quickly check if you have oneconf installed? that might be triggering the dialog - and could you please run with --debug to see if that hints what is triggering it14:27
jibelmvo, oneconf is installed and the excerpt from the log is there http://paste.ubuntu.com/530727/14:30
mvojibel: ok, that is the problem then, as a workaround, could you please just uninstall oneconf?14:32
jibelmvo, I removed oneconf and the dialog doesnt appear anymore.14:32
mvojibel: thanks14:33
mvojibel: I talk to didrocks about it14:33
jibelmvo, ok thanks.14:33
* mvo hugs jibel14:33
* jibel hugs back mvo14:34
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