Chloricevening guys00:16
dorganso everyone set for Senchacon??01:35
dorganoops wrong channel01:35
Chat8742orlando 31 male here 01:36
chloricwrong IRC01:36
Chat8742this BB app sucks 01:37
mhall119bb app?01:52
MichelleQ1I dunno... bulletin board?  01:53
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reya276Morning everyone13:30
reya276Is it just me or is everyone in the community a bit bummed about the changes Mark S. has been making for the future of Ubuntu, no more Rhythmbox, Gnome replace by Unity, X by wayland and probably something else towards having more MONO (.NET) stuff in it?13:32
reya276Or maybe the reason why everyone has been so Quiet lately is due to being over worked if that is the case then I can totally understand I'm in that same boat right now feeling like I'm ready to crash, speaking of that my Work PC is acting real funny.13:34
reya276How can I give it a good clean up does anyone have a safe guide as to how to do that. Bleach Bit is one option13:34
mhall119reya276: depends on what you mean by cleanup13:41
reya276well yesterday my display drivers started acting all crazy(I have the deafult drivers not proprietary ATI) and today the system is extremely slow for some reason and this machine is a beast13:43
mhall119hmmm, did you get an x.org update?13:44
reya276well I did that reset command dpkg-resetconfig etc...13:49
reya276but now everytime I logout it says my X config is messed up13:50
reya276oh man Remmina for Terminal Servers Connection is awesome, works flawless14:26
reya276GnomeRDP can suck it, be Gone from my Desktop14:26
reya276ok now lets see if my X issues where fixed14:28
reya276yeap it seems that the X issue is fixed no more error msg at login/logout14:48
maxolasersquadAnyone see this. http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-November/145273.html14:50
maxolasersquadIt looks like Fedora believes Wayland is the way to go as well.14:51
mhall119so it is15:16
mhall119zoopster: morning15:54
zoopsterhi mhall11915:54
mhall119zoopster: so after talking with my manager, it seems that using Ubuntu is going to be a harder sell than implementing a cloud15:55
mhall119the company is trying to standardize on a single distro, and right now it's redhat15:55
zoopsterthat's a interesting excuse15:55
zoopsterwhat other os's are in use?15:56
mhall119Windows server15:56
mhall119that's it for servers that I know of15:56
zoopsteronly one flavor?15:56
mhall119though I'm sure there's some mainframes and ancient AIX boxes running around somewhere15:56
mhall119only RHEL as far as I know15:56
zoopsterfor linux15:56
mhall119don't know what version of Windows Server15:56
mhall119will UEC run non-Linux OSes?15:57
zoopsteruec is a product specific to ubuntu15:57
zoopsteryou can run eucalyptus on rhel15:57
mhall119I meant guest OS15:57
zoopsterwe don't support windows on it, but it will run15:58
mhall119ok, if they can run Windows and RHEL instances as the guests, they might be okay with Ubuntu on the hosts15:58
zoopsteran upsell the enterprise version will provide windows guest support15:58
mhall119enterprise UEC?15:59
zoopsterbasically, yes15:59
mhall119are they different software, or just different support levels?15:59
zoopsterit's additional software to the open core15:59
mhall119they might go for that15:59
mhall119do you know if Oracle supports running their DB products in the cloud?16:00
zoopsterthey do on EC216:00
zoopsterI don't know about private16:00
zoopsterbut expect they treat it as virtualization16:01
mhall119do they provide images, or just support it if you do it?16:01
mhall119I think Moffitt will go for at least a pilot project16:03
dantalizingrun oracle in a vm and pay them for all the cpus on the hardware anyway ... win!  not!16:08
mhall119we were discussing what to do with out MySQL installs yesterday16:09
mhall119I heard rumor that InnoDB is going to be dropped from the free version16:10
mhall119yeah, mariadb is my preference16:10
dantalizingi think dorgan is using mariadb16:10
mhall119but my manager says Moffitt will probably pay for the commercial MySQL+InnoDB16:10
dantalizingyou should talk to him16:10
mhall119we're already throwing support money at Oracle, why not16:10
dantalizingbut you'll end up on a dead platform ... mysql is dead, lets face it16:11
mhall119yeah, that's what I told him16:11
mhall119and he agrees16:12
mhall119but, the DBAs and purchasing people all like Oracle16:12
mhall119so they'll be just as happy to require us to move our apps to it16:12
zoopstermhall119: there are ec2 images for some oracle technology16:35
zoopsterI thought the innodb discussion was a misunderstanding of the conversation16:36
zoopsterso you use various flavors of sql db's what's the difference in rhel vs ubuntu?16:37
mhall119zoopster: they'd like us to use only Oracle and MS SQL16:38
mhall119we're bucking the trend using MySQL already16:38
mhall119we're already being encouraged to use Oracle for any new projects16:38
zoopsterI guess your company has a big IT budget to waste16:39
mhall119I guess so :(16:39
mhall119I'm trying to convince my manager that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, and build out an Ubuntu+Django+MySQL cloud product on the cheap16:40
zoopsterhere's some proof points that ubuntu is best of breed for cloud deployments - http://redmonk.com/sogrady/2010/11/11/does-the-operating-system-still-matter-part-4/16:41
dantalizingnice, fedora switching to wayland also ... someday16:42
zoopsterand I saw where ubuntu has more than that much share in rackspace as well16:42
dantalizingzoopster: thats awesome ... rackspace started off as such a redhat place16:50
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping pong17:03
maxolasersquadWe are running into the Oracle-license-by-core problem.17:55
maxolasersquadWe want to put our new development in 11g, and keep our old systems in 10g.  But the cost of 11G on our five-core server is astonishing to say the least.17:56
maxolasersquadAnyone in here planning on picking up a Boxee Box?18:14
dorgananyone know if facebook has an icons available?18:17
dorgani am looking to use a fcacebook icon on a customers site...but want to use the image from facebook itself18:17
maxolasersquaddorgan: http://facebookicon.net/18:18
maxolasersquad"We have no permission to use their trademark and we are in no way competing with their website or business model. All icons/buttons available on this site are the result of user submissions."18:20
maxolasersquadhttp://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like may be helpful as well, depending on what you are trying to do.18:21
dorgani am just looking for a little facebook icon to put next to a link :)18:23
dorganbut I would like it to be hosted by facebook18:23
maxolasersquadAre you looking to link to their facebook profile?18:27
maxolasersquadLooking around their site, I don't see any good way to use an official Facebook image, hosted by facebook, that they are officially sanctioning.18:28
itnet7RoAkSoAx: pong18:48
RoAkSoAxitnet7: dude!! how's it going?? I texted you the other day... have you received my sms?18:56
zoopsterdorgan: did you look here? http://www.facebook.com/badges/19:14
zoopsterdorgan: and here's the plugin links http://developers.facebook.com/plugins19:15
dorganyeah problem with that stuff is its all javascript I just want an image19:17
dorganand its going to have to look good @ 20 x 2019:18
zoopsterwhat about a google search for images dorgan?19:30
maxolasersquadzoopster: He's looking for an official image hosted by Facbook, which I don't think he's going to find.19:40
zoopsteragreed other than consuming their tools  which link to their logo's you are correct19:44
maxolasersquaddorgan: http://www.facebook.com/brandpermissions/20:00
maxolasersquad"We generally do not allow the use of the Facebook logo. If you would like to request special permission for a specific use, please work with your Facebook business contact." - http://www.facebook.com/brandpermissions/logos.php20:01
maxolasersquadHowever in there is an "f" logo that you can use.20:02
maxolasersquadHowever you need to download and host it locally.  The good news is that using height and widht, making it shows as a 20x20 image should be really easy.20:03

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