Unit193EXT3 or 4?00:41
Unit193(Installing Kubuntu)00:41
dmcgloneI always heard EXT4 still had problems00:56
dmcglonebut it supposed to have better journaling capabalities00:56
Unit193The help part of the website is no use to me.... :( (in the "Disk Setup" I have no section for side by side)00:59
canthus13Unit193: Depends. I've never had issues with either.00:59
canthus13I've only installed ext4 on one machine, though.00:59
canthus134 is supposed to be faster, but I don't really see it.01:00
Unit1933 it is then...01:01
Unit193The disk setup used to be better for people dual booting...01:09
dmcgloneI'll be back I'm going to move my router and modem01:12
dmcgloneI'm back :-)01:21
Unit193Welcome back!01:22
dmcgloneI was running wireless, but had to move my computer so I figured I might as well just stick the modem back over by my desk and plug it up01:26
Cheri703mansfield ubuntu hour = success! (I thought)01:28
Unit193How was it?01:28
dmcgloneI'm missing my volume control on my pannel01:28
canthus13Cheri703: Dunno if you caught my question before... What are you needing a packet sniffer for?01:29
Cheri703Unit193: it was good! I taught bill (the guy who came), who has been programming for 44 years, about ssh -X :)01:29
Cheri703canthus13: I need to track a file once it gets created and sent over the network...it's getting lost somehow01:30
canthus13Hrm. That's odd. I'd traceroute first, see where the problems lie.01:30
canthus13A sniffer on the receiving machine *might* be helpful....01:30
Cheri703ok, I dunno, the service tech suggested package sniffer...01:30
* Cheri703 is a sponge, explain traceroute :)01:31
dmcgloneis it possible to remove evolution from the indicator applet?01:31
canthus13Cheri703: It pings every machine between you and the destination.  tracert <address> from the command line.01:35
canthus13bah. there's another utility that will continuously run tracert and track packet loss. can't remember what it is...01:36
canthus13mtr is what I was thinking of.01:40
canthus13It helps pinpoint failing machines.01:41
Cheri703ok, I'll look for any tutorials01:42
dmcglonewell I thought I solved that problem. NOT01:48
Cheri703thanks canthus1301:49
dmcgloneAh sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages removes that pesky icon01:52
canthus13Cheri703: no prob.01:54
dmcglonesheesh :-)02:27
Cheri703I concur02:30
dmcgloneI don't know why I fiddle with this stuff.. LOL02:33
dmcgloneI'm thinking of upgrading to 10.1002:35
canthus13dmcglone: you masochist.02:36
Unit193You all use Gnome right?02:40
dmcgloneI do Unit19302:50
dmcglonebut most of my applications I use are KDE apps02:50
dmcgloneI use Kontact, kdevelop, kate to name a few02:51
dmcgloneI'm board so I'm upgrading to 10.1002:51
* canthus13 does.02:54
dmcglonewhat is mostly?02:56
Unit193the way ubuntu has it setup I don't like it much (but somehow mint did) so I just use kubuntu ;)02:56
dmcgloneI like kubuntu, but I can't stand the kicker bar. it's a pain in the butt adding them stupid spacers to space things02:57
Cheri703canthus13: I have some more questions about this traceroute and mtr thing02:59
dmcgloneI also can't stand the new kicker menu, and the old one just haphazzardly throws everything in there wherever it can find a free spot02:59
Unit193The new menu style is not so good :(02:59
Cheri703Unit193: We are having the next ubuntu hour NEXT thursday 11/18, and after that we are going to go to every other week (otherwise we would have hit thanksgiving and christmas eve eve)03:00
dmcgloneso I just use gnome desktop with kde apps :-) best of both worlds03:00
Cheri703who was it that was able to edit the calendar?03:00
canthus13Cheri703: I'll be back on in a bit... heading home.03:01
Unit193Cheri703: I'm busy that night from 5:30-8:15 :'(03:02
Cheri703well, it'll happen again 2 weeks later...03:02
Unit193Wow, Ubuntu is definitely looking way better then it did in 6.10! (less brown!)03:06
dmcgloneoh yeah03:06
dmcgloneworks better too03:07
Unit193Last time I used it was 6.10 way too brown... but much faster...03:09
Cheri703canthus13: I know you said you're out, but let me know when you're back, I have a pm ready for you :)03:11
BiosElementCould someone explain to me why in "google v facebook", google is somehow evil? I think people need to understand the internet is meant to SHARE information...as in you put it somewhere it's gonna be everywhere...That doesn't make google 'evil'. >.>03:12
Cheri703because google is doing a "you won't let me have yours, so you can't have mine!"03:13
Cheri703so they think that's wrong03:13
dmcgloneyours and mind what Cheri703?03:13
BiosElementCheri703, Screw that, I don't HAVE to let you have a  thing. :P03:13
Cheri703whereas, fb was taking info without google's permission in the first place, so google is simply saying, "fine, if you want to be swapping info, then let me have some of yours" and fb said no, so google said they'd cut off the flow from their side03:14
Cheri703info dmcglone03:14
Cheri703friend / contact lists03:14
dmcglonewhats so bad about it?03:14
BiosElementCheri703, Actually, FB 'hacked' their way around the api block. So FB claims google is evil for letting people export data, BUT FB goes outta their way to help people 'be evil' from google lol03:14
Cheri703yeah, basically03:14
dmcglonewhat do you guys find this stuff???03:15
BiosElement? Heh03:15
dmcgloneall this news?03:16
BiosElementdmcglone, Eh, all over the place. ars technica is a good place to start even if I hate their guts anymore heh03:17
dmcglonegoogle is evil. I typed in "technica" and I get a footwear website.. LOL03:21
canthus13Cheri703: I'm back.03:38
Unit193Oh why did they have to make a desktop comic widget....04:16
* Cheri703 is planning to exert some civil disobedience tomorrow....protest crappy bosses04:24
Cheri703so I've gotten these questions a few times now, and I'm not sure what the best answers are: What do you do at an Ubuntu Hour? and Why should I come?04:33
BiosElementCheri703, Talk. Meet people. Have fun.04:36
BiosElementThat's the simple answer anyway04:36
Cheri703that's what I generally say04:36
BiosElementTechnically you can also fix bugs, write code, test stuff, teach people things, etc.04:36
BiosElementBTW Oracle v. Google just turned into SCO 204:38
BiosElementGroklaw: "It's SCO II, at least in part, alleging that the infringed material is "Java method and class names, definitions, organization, and parameters; the structure, organization and content of Java class libraries; and the content and organization of Java’s documentation." Don't tell me it's APIs and methods and concepts again. And infringing the "organization" of Java documentation? Lordy."04:39
canthus13....Like we didn't know that was gonna happen?04:56
BiosElementcanthus13, Heh, not really. It's a joke of a suit. I look forward to Oracle running themselves into the ground.04:59
BiosElementhaha wow, I didn't know this. Oracle's being sued by the DoJ for fraud alligations. >.< Not to mention they're at war with HP, Google and also nuked OpenSolaris. >.> Wow.05:01
BiosElementIt's a textbook answer for the age old question: "How do I get rid of a great company>"05:01
BiosElementUDS Decisions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSProceedings/N/Final06:23
thafreakMorning Ohio15:13
thafreakNothing like the smell of source compiling early in the morning16:46
canthus13that's your fan burning out.16:48
thafreakgood thing I have a box full of replacement fans16:49
canthus13What's stupid is my media server decided to stop booting the other day... I swapped CPU fans, it booted. tested the fan, it's fine. :(16:49
thafreakAnyone see the rumors about facebook directly taking on gmail?19:08
deejoeI think BiosElement was going on about something facebook/google yesterday, iirc19:12
deejoeI don't know if it was about gmail as such19:12
BiosElementFB isn't gonna do that, it's not what they do. >.<19:13
BiosElementFB is just being a little baby about things a of late. >.>19:14
* BiosElement hangs a sign on his door reading "Ubuntu Ohio Rumor Mill"19:16
deejoeis that where one takes rumors to get them ground down to a fine and nutritious powder?19:29
thafreakSo, our sites here at work are completely unavailable...all because register.com is having "connectivity" issues, and therefore NONE of their dns servers are working19:32
thafreakWTF happened to geo-redundant nameservers???19:32
thafreakApparently no one ever told them about having those19:33
greyfox-I think thafreak is talking about this: http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/11/facebook-gmail-titan/19:35
greyfox-"announcement coming monday"19:35
deejoe> Oh, and assuming our sources prove accurate, this explains the timing of the Google/Facebook slap fight over contact information.19:41
thafreakDoes anyone have a recomendation for domain registration other than godaddy?19:49
canthus13Who would recommend godaddy? :P19:50
thafreakWell, I use them...19:50
thafreaktheir site is aweful19:50
canthus13so do I.  I wouldn't recommend them, though.19:50
thafreakand a total bitch to do anything19:50
thafreakbut they're cheap, and so far reliable19:50
thafreakright, neither would I19:51
canthus13Try to get your domain name away from them, though...19:51
thafreakhence the reason I asked if anyone would recommend a company other than them :)19:51
thafreakWho would you go with?19:51
Cheri703My domain is through my hosting19:51
Cheri703thafreak: go to nodaddy.com19:52
Cheri703they have alternatives listed19:52
canthus13I dunno.  I only have one domain name...19:52
* canthus13 hasn't really worried about switching.19:52
thafreakI used to use directnic...I think...but I switched to godaddy ages ago, cause they were cheaper19:53
thafreakOut of curiousity...I'm looking to see where certain high profile domains are registered20:02
thafreakslashdot, tucows...forgot about tucows...that's OLD school20:03
thafreakcan some one do a whois on google.com, and confirm they see what I'm seeing...20:07
canthus13what am I confirming... asid from an assload of crap.20:08
thafreakI was getting things like20:08
canthus13Oh. yeah.20:09
thafreakNot sure what whois is doing there20:09
canthus13Google snatched those up.20:09
canthus13they were spam sites, virus sites, etc.. kinda like how cnet grabbed com.com because it was being used for viruses/spam.20:10
thafreakgeez, it seems all these big guys use "markmonitor"20:10
canthus13Yup. trademark monitoring.20:10
thafreakhmm...what are some smaller guys I can look at...like digg...20:10
thafreakI guess reddit right20:11
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