ubuntuWi-Guesth00k: This is a test.03:02
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: Well, hello!03:02
=== h00k changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-wi to: Topic on #ubuntu-us-wi: Welcome to the Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo! | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-wisconsin | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam | Forum: http://wisconsinloco.ubuntuforums.org/ | Mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wi | Meeting: Thursday Nov 17 8:00pm Right Here!
sgtdDavidLevin: welcome14:37
DavidLevinsgtd, thank you good to meet you14:38
douglasawh-workdoes anyone happen to know anything about he wonders of IE?19:46
douglasawh-workI've been tasked with giving a more "fair and balanced" view of browsing19:47
douglasawh-worki.e., admitting that IE exists19:47
sgtdwho are you giving this view to and what does that mean?19:52
sgtdi support IE6-8 with regard to our web app19:53
sgtddouglasawh-work: ^19:53
sgtdthough our app does not leverage any activex or the like19:54

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