_jesse_linusasus6: fdisk00:00
UndiFineD_jesse_, or parted00:01
linusasus6fdisk  /dev /sda200:01
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Cernunnos_someone else encountered pbs with 10.10 install?00:02
_jesse_UndiFineD: I didn't say he couldn't use parted :/ I was just giving another option00:02
_jesse_parted is probably easier though00:03
_jesse_linusasus6: try parted first00:03
UndiFineDoh, sorry _jesse_ I swap channels often, did not read all00:03
_jesse_UndiFineD: :)00:03
b0redHey room00:04
b0redwelcome guys00:05
linusasus6ok then how to unmount partition by terminal00:05
b0redو عليكم السلام00:05
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية00:06
sosaitedsawdyhacker_: Waslam00:06
sawdyhacker_ليه ماتتكلمون00:06
sawdyhacker_صم بكم عمي00:06
sawdyhacker_سولف وخليها على ربك00:06
kindari|workOkay I got sshfs working, and I'm trying to add it to fstab. I see the uid=1003 etc on the sshfs website, does any of that information need to change?00:07
shcherbaklinusasus6: man umount00:09
zak_how to format COMPLETELY an external usb disk ?00:11
intraderAnyone please, I need to set environment variable VISUALWORKS in the 'appropriate unix startup file'. How should this be done?00:12
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shcherbakzak_: you can use gparted, but if you think of earising data then it need more.00:13
cannonfodderhey does anyone know what its called when a program can be run from any terminal location?  for example, i can run "grep" or "ls"  from any directory...i have a program that i want to make global so that it can run when i just call it...can anyone help me with this00:13
ilovefairuzcannonfodder: put it in ~/bin00:14
[thor]cannonfodder: it means that those programs are in a directory that is included in a PATH00:14
cannonfodderthanks you guys but you gave 2 different answers00:14
cannonfodderso which one is it?00:14
zak_shcherbak: can i do that from konsole?00:15
shcherbakzak_: easiect way is to dump files on it, copy as much files as drive can handle.00:15
[thor]cannonfodder: ~/bin/ qualifies under my response00:15
yeatscannonfodder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PATH_(variable)00:15
cannonfodderthanks yeas and thor00:15
yeatsif a directory is in your $PATH, it can be run without typing the full directory path each time00:16
yeatss/it/the programs in that directory/00:16
[thor]cannonfodder: /usr/bin is a relatively safe place to put your program00:17
shcherbakzak_: otherwise man shred00:18
zak_shcherbak: ?00:19
detrix42Hello everyone.  Is there a program for linux/ubuntu that is similar to printshop.  for like printing business cards using Avery's templates????00:19
shcherbakzak_: type in terminal: man shred00:19
jribdetrix42: can't you just use openoffice?00:19
detrix42jrib: perhaps but I don't like how open office does it.00:20
XiD|Laphi all. i recently decided to give the netbook remix edition a try on my netbook, but i find the performance to be slow and chuggish. when i attempted to drop visual settings for better performance, everything was greyed out with 'mutter addon disables visual style changes' or something of the sort00:20
detrix42jrib: I will double check though...00:20
[thor]detrix42: http://glabels.sourceforge.net/00:20
XiD|Lap10.10 netbook remix that is00:20
hellphyrewhats a good image editing app for ubuntu?00:21
josh__I would try...00:21
hellphyrephotoshop like00:21
switch10_hellphyre: gimp00:21
josh__Idk if it is for linux yet00:21
[thor]Hellie: gimp, comes in the standard install package00:21
josh__gimp is good00:21
josh__Havent used it in a while00:21
XiD|Lapanyone know why my netbook version is so slow? :|00:21
josh__how old is it?00:21
[thor]hellphyre: it supports layering, plugins, and all the usual stuff.. though most of the commands/functions have slightly different names00:22
shcherbakzak_: formatting drive removes partition table, so there is way to recover file. if you *overwrite* them then there is no chance to get former data.00:22
XiD|Lapthe netbook arrived earlier this morning, i can find you the newegg link if you'd like00:22
detrix42[thor]: thanx very much00:22
techhi how do i make a channel?00:22
hellphyre[thor]: is it in app manager or do i have to go find it online>00:22
XiD|Laptech type /join #channelname00:22
switch10_XiD|Lap: how much ram?00:22
[thor]hellphyre: try checking your applications menu first, under Graphics00:22
josh__ram is important00:22
techand that chanel will be mine?00:22
zak_shcherbak: well i think i made  the mistake yesterday to use fdisk , so it seems it hdd has got partitions :( that's why i want to format it completey00:23
techfor users to join?00:23
XiD|Lapswitch10_ 1 gig >_>00:23
ilovefairuztech: ask in #freenode00:23
josh__This is for UBUNU not IRC help00:23
hellphyre[thor]: not installed00:23
[thor]hellphyre: if it is not already installed as "Gimp Image Editor", you can easily find it in the Software Center00:23
hellphyre[thor]: thanks agaon00:23
XiD|Lapi take it 1gb isn't enough to sufficiently run the os?00:24
switch10_XiD|Lap: I personally do not like UNR.  I am using the standard desktop install on my dell mini 9.00:24
shcherbakzak_: either use shred or manually copy random things on it few times (trick is to use whole drive).00:24
josh__What I can't get is why, when I first got Ubuntu the Software Center wouldn't install anything00:24
XiD|Lapswitch10_ what is your hardware on it? do you have greater than 1gb of ram?00:24
josh__Anyone know about that?00:24
switch10_XiD|Lap: 1gig should be fine.  2 will obviously better.00:24
switch10_XiD|Lap: i have 2 in mine00:24
XiD|Lapi will give the desktop version a try then. i don't find mysel very fond of the unity interface anyway00:25
shcherbakhellphyre: but you do want to visit Gimp web site, a lot of stuff to learn and get.00:25
hellphyreshcherbak: ok will take a look00:25
josh__gimp? I need a better thing than that00:25
XiD|Lapthanks for the help switch10_00:25
switch10_no prob00:26
e01i installed totem-xine but how to run it?00:26
josh__nver heard of it00:26
josh__but you may need to mark it exuctable if it dosn't run00:26
davey486Is there a way to not have a grub menu show up every time I log in?00:27
josh__You need it00:27
hellphyrejosh__: who are you talking too?00:27
josh__do you have 2 operating systems?00:27
davey486I don't have another os00:27
Slix`I want to run some commands at every startup (rules for iptables). How would I do that?00:27
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josh__oh! you mean the login, you can't remove that00:27
switch10_davey486: install startup-manager and set grub to time out after a second or so.00:28
XiD|Lapdavey486 you could probably change the GRUB timeout to 1 second, so you don't have a delay while booting your computer, but stil lhave the option of booting into recovery console without playing around in bios00:28
shcherbakdavey486: There are Gui Grub managers00:28
josh__or your talking about when it shows: Ubuntu(logo)00:28
josh__I think it only has it in OpenSUSE00:28
davey486No, not the login i menu the grub menu, I reinstalled and it started to have it, wasn't there before00:28
josh__I never saw one of those in Ubuntu00:28
intraderAnyone, in .profile I added VISUALWORKS=some-existing-path and followed with export VISUALWORKS. Then I start bash, but I don't I get blank to echo $VISUALWORKS. What gives? :(00:29
josh__that, umm00:29
aurillianceGnome do has an icon cache, but the cache doesn't update - all the icons it has for the items in my main menu are really outdated. How can I fix this? Is there some gnome-do-clear-cache command?00:29
shcherbakjosh__: it is easier (here) if you use nick of person you talk to.00:29
switch10_davey486: are you sure you reinstalled over the previous version?  sounds like you installed on another partition.00:29
josh__not that I can think of00:29
josh__unless you do it manullay00:29
davey486No, I did on same partition00:30
josh__That what I did too00:30
josh__wait, i put mine on another hard disk00:30
XiD|Lapdavey486 so you originally had no grub menu, reinstalled over your existing partition, and now grub shows up - and you don't want it to. is that correct?00:30
josh__My hard disk (which has windowsXP) cannot want to partition00:30
XiD|Lapdavey486 and setting grub to a 1 second timeout is not sufficient?00:30
Slix`... Can I repeat my question?00:31
josh__how about 0?00:31
risa212Please Go to chat server #21200:31
davey486I guess , but why did it show up though?00:31
switch10_Slix`: ask away00:31
davey486I always choose to use the whole disk in the install option00:32
XiD|Lapdavey486 that is beyond my level of expertise. i could offer some guesses, if you'd like00:32
risa212please go to chat server #21200:32
shcherbakaurilliance: you could rmove menu and install it one more time (confusing is to find what is responsible for menu icons)00:32
rwwrisa212: stop that, please00:32
Slix`I want to run some commands at every startup (rules for iptables). How would I do that?00:32
josh__stop using this as a ad!00:32
davey486whats yuor guess00:32
josh__Oh! I know how00:32
aurillianceshcherbak, You mean remove the menu from my panel? Or uninstall gnome panel? Can you clarify??00:33
switch10_davey486: try running sudo update-grub00:33
Chaos2358how do i get root access to my drive? i am trying to extract a file and i need to place part in /usr/sbin/ and part into /etc but when i try it tells me permission denied00:33
josh__Either you do it when your computer startsup (press a combitaion of keys) or in the control panel00:33
XiD|Lapdavey486 perhaps it was configured to run silently somehow (don't know if this is possible/how to do it sorry) and reinstalling simply put a fresh version of GRUB on with default settings, thus you are now seeing it00:33
josh__That isn't how it works00:33
XiD|LapChaos2358 try using 'sudo'00:33
XiD|Lapbefore your copy command00:34
XiD|Laper extract command00:34
blacksh33pif he's in the sudoers file^00:34
Chaos2358XiD|Lap, but i am not doing it in terminal dont know how to do it in terminal00:34
Slix`I thought there was a folder or something that causes commands to execute.00:34
shcherbakaurilliance: neither, uninstall menu applets, alacarte and all others dependent, and instal them (after sudo apt-get update) again00:34
Slix`(at every startup)00:34
switch10_Chaos2358: open nautilus as root.  gksudo nautilus00:34
Cernunnos_hi again00:35
switch10_Chaos2358: then do it.  copy from cli is cp.00:35
Slix`Does anybody know? :( I thought it would be simple to run commands at startup.00:35
Cernunnos_someone told me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/530333/ means i should dl another image disc, anyone can confirm?00:35
davey486could it be possible that it is because there are 2 version of the kernel00:35
yeatsSlix`: you're probably thinking of /etc/init.d00:35
davey486could it be possible that it is because there are 2 version of the kernel xid?00:35
Slix`yeats: That sounds familiar. What is it?00:35
blacksh33pSlix`: google :)00:36
XiD|LapSlix` please look at this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33167100:36
XiD|Lapfound via google00:36
mmcjiHow do I construct IPTables rules to block all external RFC 1918 addresses?  From my ubuntu server I am able to ping 10.12.92.x and 10.12.93.x addresses.  My local lan is 10.x00:36
DrManhattanok, I would like to dispose of this mail icon/chat thing in my system notification applet00:37
XiD|Lapdavey486 i don't know specifics about linux upgrading, but if you overwrote the partition your OS was originally on, i assume it was formatted (and thus you have nothing remaining from your previous OS)00:37
DrManhattanI would really appreciate some help with this because I can't figure out what it's actually CALLED to google for it00:37
DrManhattanin fact, if someone would just tell me what to google I wouldn't mind just RTFMing, I just don't know what to search for00:37
DrManhattanindicator applet00:37
Slix`XiD|Lap: Thanks. Do you know which method would be best for iptables?00:37
DrManhattanI would like to remove the mail/chat thing from it00:38
cdcdcdci'm trying to configure rhythmbox's upnp plugin to transcode from flac to mp3 but i can't find the configuration files anywhere and i can't find anything on forums. does anyone know about this?00:38
davey486oh, ok guess ill just live with it, have a nice night00:38
XiD|LapDrManhattan see if this thread helps you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64059900:38
kitranawhat happened to burn in compiz animations?00:38
XiD|LapSlix` not a clue buddy, haha.00:38
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Cernunnos_my livecd doesn't boot : http://paste.ubuntu.com/530333/ anyone as a clue?00:39
yeats!hi | sparpa00:39
regspaldinghi running 10.10 minimal install from usb stick connected to a hub. also connected is a usb keyboard. keyboard is not functioning in the ncurses menu.. any thing to look out for?00:40
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ikoniaCernunnos_: looks like cd's dead00:40
blacksh33pCernunnos_: had same error, disc error00:40
Cernunnos_ikonia: new image burn and it will be ok you think?00:40
jmylesWhat command will tell me which user I am?00:40
ikoniaCernunnos_: I'd run a check on the image first00:40
b1nd3rwhoami jmyles00:41
yeatsjmyles: whoami00:41
Cernunnos_ikonia: don't know what's that...00:41
agentgasmaskHi guys. I'm trying to open a pdf file from firefox, however, when I click on the file, instead of it promting me to select whether I would like to save it or open it (I would select open if I could) it just displays a bunch of "code" in the browser. I think this might have to do with the fact that the file ends in a .PDF, where as files that end in a .pdf (note the case difference) behave correctly. Any help?00:41
blacksh33pCernunnos_: got the problem because my device was dead...00:41
ikonia!md5 > Cernunnos_00:41
ubottuCernunnos_, please see my private message00:41
cdcdcdcanyone know how to configure upnp plugin in rhythmbox so it transcodes? i've searched up and down...00:41
Chaos2358XiD|Lap, do you know about editing .config files?00:41
XiD|LapChaos2358 thats a rather vague question don't you think? ;)00:42
intraderAnyone, I am stuck in .profile I added 'VISUALWORKS=some-existing-path'. Then I start bash, but I get blank to echo $VISUALWORKS. What gives? :(00:42
yeatsagentgasmask: have you tried right clicking and "Save Link As..."?00:42
sosaitedpavucontrol doesn't seem to work in Maverick for me. It shows the name of the applications but doesn't show the sound meter bar and this doesn't allow me to change the recording input to monitor for internal audio00:42
XiD|Lapintrader have you tried a setenv $VISUALWORKS00:42
Slix`I'm pretty new to Ubuntu. There's a ton fo things I don't really understand about it and Linux, especially using the commandline properly (and easily). Is there any central place I can learn about all of this?00:42
k-radis there a maverick speed tweaks url somewhere out there that is decent ?00:42
shcherbakagentgasmask: evince is dealing with pdf, means you need to download/save and open with document viewer00:42
ikoniaSlix`: help.ubuntu.com00:42
yeatsintrader: did you source .profile after changing it?00:42
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ikoniak-rad: no00:43
yeatssparpa: do you have a support question?00:43
DrManhattanis that "ubuntu one"?00:43
k-radikonia, thank you :/  :)00:43
sparpai need help im new00:43
unitedpotsmokersguys, i installed wine application, but where is the menu?00:43
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yeatssparpa: just ask you question - someone may be able to help00:43
shcherbaksparpa: go on!00:44
Chaos2358XiD|Lap, lol yea sorry ok here it is i am trying to setup MIniDlna on my ubuntu 10.10 i have everything done but editing the .config file to "point" to my media files. when i open the .config file it gives me something like instructions on how to prepend the destination but i am not exactlly sure where to input or"change" this if you like i can send you a pm of the .config contents which isnt much00:44
XiD|LapSlix` honestly the best way to learn about the os is just to tool around in it. start clicking on everything and see what it does. also google 'basic linux command line' or some sort to learn the ultra basics, like cd, pwd, ls, cp, etc00:44
Connor1Is Ubuntu 10.4 using ext3 or 4?00:44
kitranaguess i will have to settle for magic lamp. still not as cool as windows burning down when closed or minimized00:44
intraderyeats, I thought that simply saying variable=... would work. Just the same, when I say 'setenv VISUALWORKS=...'00:44
blacksh33pSlix`: or just search for simple bash tutorials00:44
Connor1Please tell me 3...00:44
ikoniaCernunnos_: default is 400:45
ikoniaConnor1: default is 400:45
XiD|LapChaos2358 go ahead and send it to me in a pm00:45
shcherbakkitrana: look (in launchpad) for compis extras00:45
rwwConnor1: 10.04 by default, but it can use ext3 too.00:45
k-radConnor1, i believe 10.04 is when ext4 first made it00:45
F0sterO4does anyone knows how to set up a range of ip?s on a vlan on ubuntu without having to enter each manually?00:45
k-radConnor1, my recommendation is ext4 unless you choose to boot another linux os, and share the same /home directrory.  ymmv00:45
Cernunnos_ikonia: default is 4 =P00:45
mekosHi all: is there a difference between apt-get and aptitude?  thanks00:46
ikoniaF0sterO4: what do you mean ?00:46
Connor1k-rad I'm trying to figure out which partition is ubuntu/crunchbang.00:46
agentgasmaskshcherbak: Thanks for you help. It is magicly working now! :)00:46
DrManhattanfor christs sake I've disabled 4 things and I STILL can't get this stupid mail notification off00:46
blacksh33pmekos: apt-get is deprecated as far as i know00:47
DrManhattancan Anyone please help me turn it off00:47
agentgasmaskyeats: thanks, it's magicly working now. :)00:47
Chaos2358XiD|Lap, thank you00:47
mekosblacksh33p: deprecated? what means this?  thanks00:47
yeatsagentgasmask: great!00:47
XiD|LapChaos2358 check pm00:48
blacksh33pmekos: old stuff :)aptitude is recommended now00:48
k-radConnor1, if your kernels are intact the crunchbang kernels should be prefixed as such you can boot into a live usb and mount your root directories on your dual boot linux install, and see what you can find there as far as determinating installation .locales00:48
DrManhattanoh now it's a chat notification using the mail icon - lovely00:48
mekosblacksh33p: thank you! I get it now00:48
yeatsblacksh33p: apt-get is not deprecated - it's just another APT option :-)00:48
DrManhattancan anyone tell me how to turn this thing off or at least point me towards a straight volume control applet so I can turn the default applet off?00:48
maxownzwhen I run nmap targeted at my server, it quickly skips over everything and says it can't find anything open. is that normal? some sort of security feature from ubuntu server?00:48
Connor1k-rad I deleted the ext3 parittion00:48
DrManhattanI honestly can't believe this is that hard to accomplish and i'm sort of disappointed this isnt easier in ubuntu.00:49
intraderyeats, when I say 'setenv VISUALWORKS "something"' still does not work00:49
blacksh33pyeats: yea.... but the most guys recommend aptitude 'cause its newer :)00:49
dragonI had an ongoing upgrade on a server that I managed to lose console control of. I came across a file keep/overwrite prompt, so I dropped to a shell to examine the situation, then hit Ctrl+C and ended up closing do-release-upgrade process and getting back to the console where I started the upgrade. Now dpkg is running but cannot proceed without clearing the prompt that I cannot see. What do?00:49
k-radConnor1, without knowing what ext3 partition you speak of i really can't help you but they forbid me to give crunchbang help here00:49
Connor1Sucks for me00:49
Connor1k-rad they're both Ubuntu who cares.00:49
rayzr_bernjust out of curiosity, anyone trying out any new exciting OSes?00:50
k-radConnor1, they do.00:50
yeatsblacksh33p: it's six in one half-dozen the other - I typically use apt-get, but they work about the same00:50
ikoniaConnor1: the channel policy is ubuntu support here - crunchbang support in the crunchbang channel00:50
Connor1Oh well00:50
Connor1Rules were meant to be broken00:50
yeatsintrader: you're setting this variable in the .profile file, right?00:50
ikoniaConnor1: no they are not00:50
k-radrayzr_bern, i would lke to give opensolaris a shot, just for the heck of it00:50
Connor1ikonia then why are they called rules?00:50
mekosyeats: blacksh33p:  I can use either then yes?00:50
yeatsmekos: yes00:50
_dennisteris there a channel for openoffice questions? I'm having an issue with the thesaurus00:50
rayzr_berni have a laptop running win7.....i know.....and right now i'm on my netbook running ubuntu 10.10 with macbuntu theme....pretty slick....00:50
ikoniaConnor1: so you know they are rules of the channel,00:51
blacksh33pmekos: doesn't really matter today :)00:51
ikonia!guidelines > Connor100:51
ubottuConnor1, please see my private message00:51
yeatsmekos: try both out for different things - you'll get a feel for the difference00:51
ikoniarayzr_bern: this channel is for ubuntu support only, please00:51
k-radConnor1, rules are broken all the time, they single out certain people more than they do others, but the ubuntu official rule is, no non-ubuntu support here00:51
rayzr_bernok, i'll rephrase....00:51
mekosyeats: I will try out both - thanks for everything..00:51
ikonia_dennister: #openoffice.org00:51
intraderyeats, yes at the end of the .profile I say 'setenv VISUALWORKS="/home/intrader"'00:51
_dennisterikonia: thx00:51
blacksh33pmekos: yeats read description: apt-get hast super cow powers and aptitude doesnt :)00:51
mekostake care all - happy ubuntuing..00:51
Connor1ubottu do not query me >:C00:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:52
sheldonhi there00:52
rayzr_berni need support with ubuntu in the process of switching to another OS....lol00:52
yeatsintrader: so when you do the command 'source ~/.profile' and then 'echo $VISUALWORKS', it's still an empty variable?00:52
sheldonwhich os rayzr?00:52
ikoniarayzr_bern: ask your ubuntu questions, and the channel will try to help00:52
rayzr_bernnone come to mind....any suggestions?00:52
kindari|workwhen trying to mount an entry in fstab (using sshfs) im getting "read: connection reset by peer". Ive setup passwordless login using my keys and that works, I own the target mounting directory. :/00:52
ikoniarayzr_bern: you need to ask a question to get support00:53
sheldonthere are some good os apart from ubuntu00:53
sheldoni like fedora for example00:53
sheldonor you can try opensuse00:53
rayzr_bernsuse is nice.00:53
sparpahow can get file x download film??00:53
dragon!enter | sheldon00:53
ubottusheldon: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:53
ikoniasheldon: this channel is ubuntu support only, please00:53
ikoniarayzr_bern: stop,00:53
sheldonthough i found it, believe me or not, more unstable thna ubuntu00:53
rayzr_bernsorry ikonia.00:53
EpicCyndaquilI'm trying to run Ubuntu on USB via PLoP, anyone want to help?00:53
blacksh33pwarg... suse...00:53
ikoniasheldon: stop, - ubuntu support only in this channel. Please.00:53
EpicCyndaquilinstall, rather00:53
k-radsheldon, how does opensuse's gnome look ?  anyway similiar to the ubuntu "traditional ubuntu" layout ?00:53
DrManhattannever mind00:54
DrManhattanI apologize for the rant00:54
dragonikonia: is there a place where I could get a serious question answered?00:54
sheldonwhat is your question?=00:54
ikoniadragon: what's up ?00:54
blacksh33pdragly|away: just ask :)00:54
blacksh33pdragly|away: fc00:54
blacksh33pdragon: just ask :)00:54
dragonI had an ongoing upgrade on a server that I managed to lose console control of. I came across a file keep/overwrite prompt, so I dropped to a shell to examine the situation, then hit Ctrl+C and ended up closing do-release-upgrade process and getting back to the console where I started the upgrade. Now dpkg is running but cannot proceed without clearing the prompt that I cannot see. What do?00:55
intraderyeats, the source command responds 'No command 'setenv' found, did you mean....'00:55
ikoniadragon: that sounds a real mess00:55
rayzr_bernthis room's lame....l8r ikonia.00:55
blacksh33pikonia: hehe nice one *g00:56
yeatsintrader: can you paste your .profile at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?00:56
intraderyeats, the shell is bash00:56
dragonikonia: yes, it's hard to predict whether it'll come back up on next reboot. Can't afford to have this server down. Where do I start?00:56
Belial`it's funnier because none of them have autorejoin on.00:56
ikoniadragon: I'd kill the process, and re-start it00:56
Jyggahow do i get du to display the total size for each subdirectory of the current directory ?00:56
dragonikonia: kill dpkg?00:56
dragonI'll attempt that.00:56
ikoniadragon: it's a risk, but that's how I'd do it00:57
ikoniaJygga: du does sub-dir's by default00:57
shcherbakdragon: is dpkg still running?00:57
Jyggathen my du has some wierd defaults00:57
intraderyeats, I will do so - I must go to another machine to get the pastebin command00:57
ndxtghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619428 <------------ help me!!!!00:57
ikoniaJygga: du -h .00:57
ikoniandxtg: please don't do that, ask a question00:57
dragonshcherbak: yes, and it's awaiting my input, which I can't provide.00:57
LoganJRuff!ask | ndxtg00:57
ubottundxtg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:57
Jyggathats giving all subdirectories including subdirs of the subdirs00:58
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treyk41what package should I install to get the latest stable version of wine? Running Maverick00:58
Jyggai just want the immediate subdirs of the dir im in (but including their subdirs)00:58
ndxtgubuntu 10.10 32 bits, wifi Intel Pro  3945ABG keeps dropping, tried both WPA and WPA2 network, does anyone know how to fix?00:58
ikoniaJygga: -S00:59
shcherbakdragon: have you peeked in logs? what stage of upgrade you lost control?00:59
Jyggathat would explicitly not include the size of the subdirs00:59
ikoniaJygga: --max-depth=100:59
Jyggasame thing00:59
blacksh33pJygga: ls -lh works too01:00
dragonshcherbak: I dropped to a shell to examing the apt-cacher-ng config files. Somewhere in the middle of configuration?01:00
node808is this the best OS?01:00
ikoniaJygga: --max-depth=201:00
ikonianode808: that's your opion and offtopic here01:00
shcherbakdragon: have you tried retty?01:01
Jyggabut i want the size of all subdirectories summed up in the size of the immediate subdirectories ^^01:01
Jygganot just 2 deep01:01
dragonshcherbak: no, I'll give it a shot.01:01
intraderyeats, here is the .profile contents http://paste.ubuntu.com/530371/01:01
ikoniaJygga: then du won't work01:01
dragonshcherbak: what package contains retty?01:02
Jyggaany idea what i should use?01:02
ikoniaJygga: a shell script01:02
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Jyggahm but i remember using du for just that purpose Oo01:02
blacksh33pJygga: there's a graphical tool too, but can't remember the name....01:03
Jyggaits a server01:03
_dennisteropenoffice.org channel seems dead...anyone here know how to get the thesaurus function working? e.g. I know it works here for new documents, but as soon as I start formatting a new one and pasting stuff from an old doc into a new one, it gets greyed out01:03
Jyggaand i know what you mean but cant remember the name either ;)01:03
Jyggapretty colored boxes01:04
blacksh33pJygga: yea...01:04
dragonshcherbak: I don't have retty installed, and I can't install it since an installation is currently in progress.01:04
yeatsintrader: change the line to VISUALWORKS="/home/intrader/Projects/Smalltalk/Cincom/vw7.7nc" (no setenv)01:04
PiciJygga: du --max-depth still fetches the total size for subdirectories, but won't display all of them.  that sounds like exactly what you want.01:04
blackshirtgood morning all...01:05
Jyggahmmm ill pipe that into sort and then a file to read it ... works too ;) thank you all01:05
xrdodrxblackchook, good night c:01:06
tinheadI just did a clean install of Ubuntu 10.10. I cannot login, it keeps complaining: Unable to cd to /home/user. So, I used the live cd to set a root password. Strace shows EACCES on execve() when I try to 'su user' from root and EACCES on chdir() when I try to 'login user'. Upgrade did not help. Anyone faced similar issues? Any pointers?01:06
regspaldingfigured it out, minimal install needs acpi=force added as kernel parameter to enable usb keyboard01:06
Random832tinhead: ls -ld /home/user01:07
dragonmaybe this room needs more IRC ops.01:07
Cernunnos_Josh__, use /01:07
shcherbakdragon: busy, sorry. i do think that there is web with proper instruction, but last time i was checking most of the system by modified/accessed. one moment01:07
Josh__I know01:07
tinheaddrwxr-xr-x, belongs to user,user01:08
dragonshcherbak: in worst case I can kill dpkg and run apt-get install.01:09
dragonno idea how far it'd get though.01:09
intraderyeats, :) success with this test, however if I start `bash`, the echo gives me blank. Why?01:09
tinheadRandom832: drwxr-xr-x, belongs to user,user01:11
TheAlienhi, running ubuntu 10.04 on a remote server, it was working great, updated as far as it will go. then i installed gnome for use over vnc...openvpn...asterix. all seemed ok until reboot. now i cant even get a ping. i go in thru rescue, not much obvious in logs that i can see01:11
TheAlienany ideas or quesses as to what i could have done to brick the install, and how to undo it?01:12
jmylesCan I specify the location of a RSA key in the ssh command?01:12
commodoreAnyone who used Awesome WM?01:12
yeatsintrader: I'm not really an expert on this...  see this for an explanation of which files do what: http://stefaanlippens.net/bashrc_and_others01:12
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intraderyeats, I thought that .profile would be executed when bash starts. I will look at the link01:13
FloodBot3commodore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
FloodBot3commodore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
FloodBot3commodore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
FloodBot3commodore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:15
shcherbakdragon: tbh, not certain.01:15
hypatiacat on keyboard?01:17
Slix`I installed tor through the repositories. How do I find out what uid it runs as, and does it always run under that uid?01:18
intraderyeats, I still don't know. It is very confusing - 'login shell', 'interactive shell', interactive shells that is not a login shell, etc.01:19
dragonikonia, shcherbak: killed dpkg and ran `sudo dpkg --configure -a`, installation continuing as expected.01:20
Cernunnos_hi, since it's late here, around how many time for install + partitionning ubuntu please?01:20
LoganJRuffCernunnos_, 25 minutes01:21
LoganJRuffCernunnos_, always a pleasure01:21
blacksh33pnetinstall on 56k *hrhr xD01:22
Nathan_BSI am trying to install Ubuntu onto my old computer through a CD drive, but the startup system isn't recognizing the iso file on the CD. Can somebody help?01:24
yeatsintrader: you might benefit from reading up on this before continuing - here's a Google Books link to a book on the basics: http://goo.gl/noCf201:24
TheAlienNathan_BS: it sounds like u buern01:25
TheAlienburned the iso file as a file01:25
TheAlienyou need to burn it as an image01:25
Nathan_BSI used infrarecorder to burn the file onto the CD, like the Ubuntu site told me to01:26
Nathan_BSDid I have to change any settings?01:26
intraderyeats, when I set VISUALWORKS in .bashrc, it works. I will check out the link.01:26
TheAlienoh, i dunno then. never used that before01:27
TheAlienbut if you look at the files on the cd and all you see is your one .iso file, its wrong01:27
yeatsNathan_BS: when you say that the startup system isn't recognizing the file, what exactly is happening?  Does your computer skip the CD and boot into your OS? or is there an error?01:27
TheAlienthe iso file is a disk image with lots of files01:27
yeatsintrader: good01:28
intraderyeats, thanks for the help01:28
Cernunnos_for those who where here for that : http://paste.ubuntu.com/530333/ seems to be an image problem, seems to work with another iage01:28
yeatsintrader: sure - good luck!01:29
Nathan_BSOkay first I had to change the startup order from SATA to CD-ROM because it was checking the SATa first and finding windows, but then it kept saying it could not find an OS to start up on01:29
Cernunnos_well nevermind it doesn't work in fact lol01:30
yeatsNathan_BS: might be a bad burn... do you have more CDs?01:30
hblounthi. is there a way to mount an image in wine so it is recognized by game in wine?01:31
Nathan_BSI don't believe so. I have some DVD-RW's in the other room, though. A DVD would work right?01:32
yeatsyes, it should work fine01:32
Cernunnos_Nathan_BS, I have a similar prolem if the disc is too thin or bad quality or so...01:33
pepperjackhblount: i think you could mount it to /media/cdrom or whatever then symlink that to ~/.wine/dosdevices/d:  or something01:33
Cernunnos_Nathan_BS, you can also remove the HDD from the boot order using x in the BIOS boot menu01:33
Slix`ipfilter seems to come with Ubuntu. How do I enable it?01:34
Nathan_BSI've already removed the HDD drive via the setup utility. I had to in order for it to attempt to start from the CD01:34
pepperjackhblount: oh. simpler method will be to run winecfg then add a drive letter pointing to the mount point01:35
Cernunnos_ok guys, I had an error trying to install ubuntu, I downloaded a different image and burnt it on another CD, i still have the first part of this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/530333/ the second part is gone01:35
Cernunnos_now i have access to ubuntu menu, but it'l do that on installng and trying ubuntu...01:35
Cernunnos_what should I do?01:36
w3rd__hey guys is there a way to do a diff on two files and append the data to a text file?01:36
yeatsw3rd__: diff file1 file2 >> text.file01:36
shcherbakw3rd__: diff x y > z01:37
w3rd__thats what i have been doing01:37
w3rd__but it only shows the redirection of the files01:37
tom1i just reformatted my system and am trying to dual boot windows with ubuntu 10.10. It says I cannot create more than 4 primary partitions (i am trying to make a data partition)01:37
w3rd__i need to to trunk the data that is the same01:37
w3rd__and only output the data that is different01:37
yeatsw3rd__: note that > will overwrite text.file and >> will append text to it01:37
w3rd__do i need to use sed?01:37
w3rd__to filter the differences01:37
TheAlienhow can i see and change what drivers are loading? i want to go on the assumption that its crashing on loading a driver early thats conflicting..01:38
Slix`I'm sorry, I mean iptables'01:39
pepperjackTheAlien: gui way or cli?01:39
Nathan_BSOkay just curious... If I burned the iso file onto a CD-RW, will I be able to delete the file and redo the entire burn?01:39
TheAliencli since this thing isnt getting near boot.. itll be me with a remote rescue type system editing files01:39
pepperjacklsmod to see the modules  then add the module to blacklist to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf01:40
jeatonim trying to mount an original xbox memory card in ubuntu, through a usb adapter.  How do I do that?01:42
=== 20QACJNGS is now known as tjackGNU
Blue1jeaton: prolly:  sudo blkid           that will give you what devices are present - then:  sudo mount /dev/sdx /mnt  (whatever it returns)01:43
pepperjackjeaton: may help, http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Mounting_FATX_partitions_HOWTO01:43
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Slix`Hmm... a script I put in /etc/init.d/ didn't seem to execute.01:45
TheAlienpepperjack: you know of any way to see modules that will load on a system thats not running? im using a rescue system on a remote server01:45
TheAlienso i cant see the console, and its as if im running a livecd instead of the installed os. i can look at the disks but that os isnt whats running right now01:45
JackyChaoanyone who study fortran?/01:46
Cernunnos_what does "check memory" on install menu please?01:46
viewerif I make a symlink, do I have to do it every time my machine boots (or put it in a startup file) or is it permanent after you first make it?01:47
XuMuKits permanemt01:48
sechristIs there a tool like the BSD "script" that has more features or something on linux?01:49
greezmunkeyCernunnos_: sounds like a memory check to me. I usually ignore, or bypass that.01:49
sechristthe one that's in utils-ng is pretty nerfed01:49
viewerok thanks, what if I am making a symlink from /media/external/ to ~/Desktop/Folder/ will it still work? given that the external drive has to be remounted when the machine is booted?01:49
pitlimitI want to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu... but i'd like to share hard drive space01:49
pitlimitcan anyone tell me how i might do this?01:50
viewerie what happens to symlinks to mounted media when the media is removed?01:50
shcherbakpitlimit: make extre fat partition01:50
aeMaethpitlimit, if you dual boot you can read the windows 7 partition, not sure if windows 7 can read the linux side01:50
Blue1aeMaeth: nope windows can't see linux01:50
pitlimittwo answers!01:50
XuMuKpitlimit: you can see win partition on ubuntu, but not viceversa..01:51
aeMaethoh ya, and you could make a 3rd "data" drive if you want01:51
pitlimitoh that's weird01:51
pitlimiti thought people do it al the time01:51
shcherbakpitlimit: make extra fat partition, and use links to have fast accces01:51
greezmunkeypitlimit: the easiest (safest for your win7) is a WUBI install, goog that 'ubuntu wubi install'01:51
pitlimitwhy is it safest, greezmunkey ?01:51
aeMaeththere was a program for xp that was experimental for reading ext301:51
tom1could someone help me with a dual boot/data partition question please?01:51
blackshirtpitlimit: windows can read ext3 linux partition with third party tool01:51
Blue1greezmunkey: I dual boot, and have no issues01:51
pitlimiti was just downloading the regular one right now...01:51
Blue1tom1: go01:51
tom1I have too many primary partitions (and i don't really know what i'm doing)01:51
greezmunkeyBlue1: not the point.01:51
blackshirttom1: what you mean ??01:51
tom1i have windows 7 (with system reserve), ubuntu 10.10 with swap partition01:52
tom1so i can't create the data partition (can't have more than 4 primary partitions)01:52
Blue1greezmunkey: I always live in fear that windows will overwrite the partition.01:52
greezmunkeypitlimit: safe because you install within win7. If you decide it works with your hardware, etc. you can dig in deeped, and repartition.01:52
Blue1tom1: nuke the ubuntu partition, and make that an extended partition01:53
pitlimitgreezmunkey: you mean for the sharing of the partitions, right?01:53
blackshirtBlue1: i think..we are on the same situation01:53
pitlimitor for ALL ubuntu dual-boots with windows?01:53
Blue1blackshirt: ok01:53
aeMaethhow do i list a directory into one line per directory or file?01:53
tom1which setting should i pick at setup? just "extended"?01:53
shcherbaktom1: / - primary, swap, /data /var /home - logical01:53
tom1shcherbak...sorry, translation please?01:54
greezmunkeypitlimit: kind of. you would create a partition for win7, and some seperate ones for ubuntu. Then there is the whole partition resizing thing...01:54
pitlimitgreezmunkey: i read that it will do it for me?01:54
pitlimitthe install disk?01:54
shcherbakonly boot partition need to be phisical, rest of system can be placed on extended partition. you can go further and read...01:55
pitlimitgreezmunkey: i really don't understand what you're saying01:55
greezmunkeypitlimit: do your homework first! Back up your win7 partition second.01:56
tom1so windows (and reserve), ubuntu and data will be primary?01:56
greezmunkeypitlimit: what doing your homework on partitioning, and / or backing up your win7 partition???01:56
pitlimitgreezmunkey: you really aren't making sense01:56
pitlimiti'm not trying to be rude, but you're really not saying anything that i can decipher01:56
shcherbaktom1: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem01:56
tjackGNUpitlimit, please, be polite.01:56
jkazanaaeMaeth: use find and search for all dir or files, it should print each one on one line01:56
pitlimittjackGNU: i am, i am really not trying to be rude01:56
pitlimitbut i cannot make heads or tails of what is being explained01:57
hxcjonnysniperokay so i need help with direct x. i keep getting a direct x error when i open call of duty. i have been trying to fix this ALL day. someone help me?01:57
tjackGNUpitlimit, do no try; just don't be rude.01:57
greezmunkeypitlimit: do you know how to manipulate partitions on a computer?01:57
shcherbakpitlimit: are both systems already installed, do you have place (unpartitioned) on your hard drive?01:57
tom1so only windows and the data need to be primary?01:57
tjackGNUpitlimit, what is your *really* problem?01:57
blackshirthxcjonnysniper: are you sure, ? what you mean with direct x..i think it's windows-based01:57
pitlimityes greezmunkey01:58
pitlimiti read that the ubuntu install disk will do it for me01:58
pitlimitshcherbak: i am just starting the process now01:58
pitlimittjackGNU: greezmunkey told me to use the WUBI install because it's safer01:58
pitlimitat least for windows 701:58
pitlimitbut I don't understand why the WUBI install is safer?01:59
aeMaethneat jkazana, is there a way to control that for the directory it's in?   say, if i only want it to list /home/user/Documents/ if i run it in documents?01:59
tjackGNUpitlimit, why wubi? you do not have free space to create more partitions?01:59
greezmunkeypitlimit: ok, then all you need to read up on is what partition requirements ubuntu requires (so much for the homework), next, and before you do any of it, back up your win7 partition. That's it!01:59
shcherbakpitlimit: ok, can you tell me how your hard drive look like? space used by Win7 etc.01:59
hxcjonnysniperi mounted and installed call of duty black ops and now when i go to run it an error pops up that says "direct x encountered an unrecoverable error" "check the readme for possible solutions"01:59
TheAlienSo... no ideas for how to see/change what drivers load at startup on an os filesystem not currently being executed (ie examining what loads on an installed system from a live disk)?01:59
EpicCyndaquilWUBI installs within your Windows partiion, and can be uninstalled eaasier pitlimit01:59
blackshirtpitlimit: i think safe to try..not for daily use...01:59
pitlimitwhy blackshirt ?02:00
pitlimiti don't want to use the WUBI installation02:00
hxcjonnysniperblackshirt:i mounted and installed call of duty black ops and now when i go to run it an error pops up that says "direct x encountered an unrecoverable error" "check the readme for possible solutions"02:00
pitlimitam I ok if I just do a regular disk install?02:00
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tom1is LVM the same as an extended partition?02:00
guest34324hey, I have a wubi installation, is there a way I can access files within ubuntu from windows?02:00
pitlimitMy understanding is that the Ubuntu install disc will handle the install for me02:00
pitlimitoops the repartition02:00
meerkatmansionHi, I've just got Maverick Meerkat to run... can someone tell me how to fix the fonts? They look really 'fat' for some reason. I've installed ttf-mscorefonts and Tahoma from my Windows partition, but I can't seem to make it look slimmer02:00
tjackGNUpitlimit, you could loose the Windows 7 partition. Take care.02:00
greezmunkeypitlimit: I suggested wubi so that you can try it out on your PC. If that goes well, and everything works you should be able to confidently set it up on a dedicated partition.02:00
shcherbaktom1: lvm is big step ahead02:01
jkazana<aeMaeth> sure, just specify where to start:   find /path/to/search -type d02:01
pitlimitgreezmunkey: thanks02:01
blackshirtpitlimit: wubi placed ubuntu system on windows partition likes other program/software under windows, you can uninstall it...not on dedicated partition..02:01
pitlimitI don't want to try it02:01
xangua!dualboot | pitlimit02:01
ubottupitlimit: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:01
pitlimitI just want to plunge in :)02:01
tjackGNUpitlimit, it's not so "peace of cake" like you're imagining....02:01
viewerwhats going on with the temporary files that torrent clients make that report file sizes that they don't actually occupy or take up on the drive?02:01
jkazana<aeMaeth> do a man find for more02:01
tom1shcherbak: sorry, just to be sure of the order02:01
viewerhow is that possible02:01
pitlimittjackGNU: I've done it before with XP... is it dif for Windows 7?02:01
shcherbaktom1: go on02:01
tom1shcherbak: do i create the ntfs data partition before doing the linux install?02:01
pitlimitI've heard WUBI has overhead02:01
yeatspitlimit: are you asking whether it's safe to dual boot Win7/Ubuntu?02:02
shcherbaktom1: you shaoud install windows before linux, otherwise you may need to reinstall grub02:02
S0LIDUSnickserv identify hercules102:02
aeMaethjkazana, thanks02:03
tom1okay, i have windows and linux newly installed right now02:03
tom1can i just have ubuntu and swap share a partition?02:03
pitlimityeats - i'm just going to do an install now02:03
tjackGNUpitlimit, not a little bit. Just one thing: if you have free (UNPARTITIONED) space on your HD, Ubuntu Installation process will take care of it all.  And I mean free space on your HD, not in your "C:" partition...02:03
yeatspitlimit: it is safe - just back up Win7 first and ask here if you hit trouble02:04
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
greezmunkeypitlimit: the cool thing about a wubi install is that you can get things set up on ubuntu without the pain of partitioning up front. Then back up your config files for use once you decide to partition and reinstall. That, and it lets you jump right in without the potential of destroying your win7 setup.02:04
pitlimitgreezmunkey: but as a regular linux user, I don't want the overhead that WUBI creates02:04
pitlimitthanks tjackGNU  point noted - I've got a ton of free space02:04
blackshirtStevenZhang: hello02:04
guest34324hey, I have a wubi installation, is there a way I can access files within ubuntu from windows?02:04
StevenZhanghelp me please02:04
StevenZhangi am trying to install GNUstep-devel02:05
hxcjonnysniperso no one knows what to do with this direct x error?02:05
StevenZhangyes, i get it, but , when i am trying to start ProjectCenter02:05
StevenZhangI get Segment Fault02:05
greezmunkeypitlimit: I had to assume that you were not a regular linux user up front, for that I am sorry - but it does beg the question "why ask about it in the first place"...02:05
pitlimitgreezmunkey: do you even remember my question?02:05
tjackGNUpitlimit, then boot with the Ubuntu CD install and make exactly like you did with WinXP.  But READ carefully what's on screen.02:06
pitlimitthanks tjackGNU02:06
greezmunkeypitlimit:  pitlimit> I want to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu... but i'd like to share hard drive space02:06
StevenZhangany idea02:06
greezmunkey17:50 < pitlimit> can anyone tell me how i might do this?02:06
meerkatmansionSo uh.... no one finds Ubuntu default fonts ugly eh02:06
pitlimitthere ya go.. thus my question02:06
tom1Blue1: what did you mean by nuke ubuntu and put it on an extended partition?02:06
pitlimitmy question had nothing to do about linux directly02:07
tjackGNUpitlimit, you cannot share space between Windows 7 (NTFS) and Linux (ext*)... It's just impossible.02:07
blackshirthxcjonnysniper: i don't have experience with direct x on linux..02:07
pitlimitgot it - I don't use windows that much, tjackGNU , so I'll probably just abandon the idea02:07
Agent001I got a problem with Empathy on ubuntu when I type "favorite" it hilight as incorrecct.02:08
tjackGNUblackshirt, that's because GNU/Linux doesn't have DirectX or whatsoever.02:08
Slix`Agent001: I think it's set to British English :P02:08
greezmunkeyAgent001: maybe your language/location settings??02:08
greezmunkeySlix`: ;)02:08
gg22Due to the length and complexity of my situation I have posted my entire problem in a pastebin file> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k If anyone can help me in repairing my ubuntu OS it would be greatly appreciated.02:08
blackshirtpitlimit: linux, can acces windows parition directly, with vfat/ntfs-3g module.. windows can access ext2/ext linux partition but with adding third party software02:09
tjackGNUpitlimit, you can do this: make Ubuntu use ALL your hard drive for installation. And welcome to the free world! ;-)02:09
Agent001Oh wow.. it's fixed. Thanks guys02:09
pitlimitI'll keep Windows just in case an emergency situation comes up =p02:09
tjackGNUpitlimit, Windows *is* an emergency itself....02:09
blackshirttjackGNU: hxcjonnysniper ask about direct x error..maybe sound strange for me..i think he was using wine02:09
greezmunkeyno kidding...02:09
pitlimitwell, mostly in case I have to run something for class on Windows... :)02:10
tjackGNUpitlimit, try install Ubuntu and make the partitioning, but DO NOT GO FURTHER (then no changes will be saved).  If you think that is the way, just go, man!  Try it.02:11
tjackGNUblackshirt, so ask him to go to Wine's channel...02:12
tom1shcherbak: can i just install ubuntu as logical off the live cd?02:12
DuckMaestrowill the iso work on a dvd-r, or does it have to be cd-r?02:13
blackshirttjackGNU: thank's bro..02:13
tjackGNUtom1, the only partition that need to be primary is '/' or '/boot'...02:13
andrewpendingDuckMaestro: I installed from DVD-r so it should be fine.02:13
tjackGNUblackshirt, you are welcome.02:13
StevenZhangboth dvd and cd will be ok02:13
tom1tjackGNU: does swap count as primary?02:14
wegueI think  the virtualbox would be helpful02:14
hjgmay be!02:14
blackshirttom1: i don't think so02:14
shcherbaktom1: main partition should be phisical (it do contains bootloader)02:14
tjackGNUtom1, no... And if you have more than 2GB of RAM, do not create more than 1.0GB~1.5GB for /swap02:14
weguewhen I first time try ubuntu I run it in virtualbox02:15
tom1i have 1) ntsf system reserve 2) windows 7 3) / ext4 4)extended (with linux-swap)02:15
=== Phoebus is now known as |9nertia|
tom1is this 4 primaries (gparted says so)02:15
tom1i have 4 GB of ram02:15
tjackGNUtom1, just do this: '/' as primary, '/swap' and '/home' as logical. It's done.02:15
commodoreWegue: Good for you.02:15
=== |9nertia| is now known as Apollonian
shcherbaktom1: which are primaries? win7 and?02:16
commodoreTom1: RAM does not matter.02:16
tom1i think the 100 MB system reserve that windows installs02:16
tjackGNUtom1, then '/swap' is just going to make ou waste space... Create a /swap of about 1.0GB at MAX....02:16
=== Apollonian is now known as p00pm0b|l
greezmunkeySwap can be on an extended partition, if you install from the cd and tell it to use "entire disk" it will place swap on an extended partition by default.02:16
tjackGNUcommodore, explain yourself.02:16
=== willie_ is now known as h34rts
shcherbaktom1: whats 2... win7 reverse02:16
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
tjackGNUcommodore, "ram does not matter."02:17
commodoreHe was explaining a partitioning issue, yet stated his RAM02:17
shcherbaktjackGNU: lol02:17
tom11) system reserved, 2) windows 7, 3) ubuntu, 4) "exended" with linux-swap under it02:17
poutineI have a 1.66ghz system, why does xboard start so large?02:18
tom1and i just want to make ntfs with my unallocated space i have left but have no partitions left02:18
gg22pastebin file> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k here is my problem in a pastebin thanks to anyone that can help.02:18
tjackGNUcommodore, of course... With 4GB of RAM you will never use more than 1 GB of RAM... Just if you're using doing big workloads, like database and etc....02:18
commodoreOnly 4 primRy partitions allowed, tom1.02:18
tom1right, is swap primary?02:19
commodoreIt should be logical.02:19
tom1i want 1) windows reserve 2) windows 3) ubuntu 4) ntfs data partition02:19
shcherbaktom1: swapoff and well02:19
commodoreI suggest deleting System Reserved02:19
tom1so did i just mess up the swap partition when i installed?02:19
hblounthi. anyone know if i can get updates for battle net (starcraft) within the game, or do i need to do something manually with wine?02:19
commodoreWindows doesn't really need it.02:19
tjackGNUtom1, [1] S.R. [2] Win7, [3] /boot (ext3), [5] / (ext4) [6] /swap02:20
tjackGNUtom1, that's it.02:20
Agent001I dont think ubuntu supports starcraft 1 anymore, only starcraft 2.02:20
tom1tjackGNU: i would like my data partition to share between the two...that was a goal of me reformatting02:21
=== p00pm0b|l is now known as Phoebus
wegue"/"&"swap" that's my partition02:21
blackshirtgg22: are you set quota ??02:21
tjackGNUtom1, what do you mean by 'data partition'?02:21
gg22gg22: set quota ?? what do you mean?02:22
shcherbaktjackGNU: common for win and linux, ntfs02:22
tom1just a big ntfs partition that i'll keep all my files on so windows and ubuntu can both see it02:22
blackshirtgg22: your home on separate partition ??02:22
tjackGNUshcherbak, it's better create a FAT32 filesystem for this purpose.02:23
commodorehblount: refer to Wine's irc.02:23
shcherbaktjackGNU: I know, he does not02:23
tjackGNUtom1, create a FAT32 partition.02:23
gg22blackshirt: no My os is on my laptop harddrive but when I did that photo rec on my external drive last night i think it did something to screw up my partitions but I'm not 100% sure how or what exactly the problem is.02:23
tom1i need files larger than 4GB though02:23
tjackGNUshcherbak, so why do you does not answered him? o.O02:23
shcherbaktjackGNU: I told him 15 minutes ago to make fat for both.02:24
gg22blackshirt: I do have dual boot also and i can safely say my windows is working fine despite my ubuntu's problem right now.02:24
commodoreWho codes Python? lol. Anyone for 3.0?02:24
tjackGNUtom1, what about an ext2 partition? But in Windows you have to use ext2explorer (it's a tiny program....)02:24
commodoreHow about ditching Windows altogether. You know you want to.02:25
andrewpendingcommodore: Haha!02:25
tom1tjackGNU: I'm sorry this has gotten complicated02:26
tjackGNUshcherbak, ok, sorry. I'm lost about all this questions about partitioning a hard drive... Seems like hey never used "format.exe" in their lifes.02:26
blackshirtgg22: your picture  showed a lot of free space.. is it right ??02:26
tjackGNUtom1, it's complicated 'cause you don't make any effort to explain with more details your problem...02:26
=== BrownR_ is now known as BrownR
tom1tjackGNU: i've explained several times02:27
tom1tjackGNU: all i want is a big shared ntfs partition02:27
tom1tjackGNU: not ext2 or fat3202:27
tjackGNUtom1, you just asked, and asked, and asked... We need details.02:27
tom1tjackGNU: do you need more details?02:27
tjackGNUtom1, no.02:27
gg22gg22: I would say it is true since I can check my actual user account and it shows nowhere near the maximum amount of filling that partition up. I set aside like 285 Gb for linux then like 150 for windows.02:27
tom1tjackGNU: i don't understand why it says i have 4 primary partitions if swap is not primary02:28
gg22blackshirt: I would say it is true since I can check my actual user account and it shows nowhere near the maximum amount of filling that partition up. I set aside like 285 Gb for linux then like 150 for windows.02:28
blackshirttjackGNU: i think tom1 want to use ntfs partition shared between windows and ubuntu ...02:28
tjackGNUtom1, you can create a HUGE ntfs partition. Both Windows and Linux gonna see it. No problem at all. So WHAT IS YOUR REALLY PROBLEM?02:28
tom1tjackGNU: i can't create the partition because it says i already have 4 primary partitions02:28
tjackGNUtom1, and don't you have them?02:29
xTheGoat121xEvening everyone, I tried installing the PPA for Compiz 0.9, and CCSM crashes when trying to activate plugins02:29
tom1tjackGNU: people here are saying swap doesn't count as primary...so i count 302:29
tjackGNUtom1, OOPS! If you created /swap as a primary one, it does count like a primary partition, yes.02:30
tjackGNUtom1, can ou tell me your partition scheme?02:30
tom1tjackGNU: sure, what's the fdisk option? (if that's what i'm supposed to be using)02:31
blackshirtgg22: you say have other pastebin for error, can you show it ??02:31
tjackGNUtom1, why you're using fdisk?02:31
tjackGNUtjackGNU, but the command is "fdisk -l"....02:31
tjackGNUtom1, but the comand is "fdisk -l"...02:32
tom1tjackGNU: okay, how should i do it?02:32
tom1tjackGNU: (without fdisk)02:32
tjackGNUtom1, are you already try to boot with the install CD?02:32
tjackGNUtom1, it's all graphical...02:33
tom1tjackGNU: i installed 10.10 last night (i'm not on the cd right now)02:33
shcherbaktom1: swapoff02:33
shcherbaktom1: and remove swap partition02:34
tjackGNUtom1, I'm REALLY cant understand what's going on there....02:34
JdGordon|with unity, how do i open a second terminal?02:34
JdGordon|pressing the teminal button on the launcher just selects the open one already02:34
tom1shcerbak: what is swapoff? is it bad to not have swap space?02:34
tom1shcherback: sorry02:35
=== david is now known as Guest4534
tjackGNUtom1, ok.02:35
tjackGNUtom1, do you have pencil and paper?02:35
tom1tjackGNU: yes02:36
xTheGoat121xCan we expect Compiz 0.9 to be standard in 11.04?02:36
tjackGNUtom1, ok. Do exactly what I'm gonna write... But, please, wait until I finish.02:36
tom1tjackGNU: okay02:37
cozziemotoxTheGoat121x,  that I am not sure of I do know that netbook will have compiz instead of mutter however02:37
xTheGoat121xcozziemoto, that's at least good cuz it runs terribly on mine.02:38
cozziemotoxTheGoat121x,  a stable release of  0.9.x is not out yet even for testing02:38
cozziemotoxTheGoat121x,  that is one of the big reasons for the switch from mutter to compiz02:38
tjackGNUtom1, just push this buttons, in this order: d, 5, d, 4, d, 3, n, 3, <enter>, +17.5G, n, 4, <enter>, <enter>, t, 4, 82, w02:40
tjackGNUtom1, that's it.02:40
tom1sudo or no?02:41
ShayGuyWicd stopped picking up wireless networks the other day, and a reboot hasn't fixed the problem. What will?02:41
tjackGNUtom1, you will delete al the partitions and create them again. But I do not know wh you are using fdisk... The Ubuntu install disk is so much better to see.02:41
tjackGNUtom1, you can't be logged on in Ubuntu...02:42
JdGordon| /wc02:42
KimLaRouxShayGuy, made sure it's not an hardware problem?02:42
tom1tjackGNU: I was only using fdisk to get the partition list...i originally set the partition using the cd02:42
tjackGNUtom1, but you set it "wrong". Why create an extended partition just to pu your /swap?02:43
tom1tjackGNU: i know i set it wrong, i was just clarifying that i wasn't using fdisk02:43
tom1tjackGNU: what will your setup do?02:44
hellphyre_so i setup my network share from ubuntu 10 and windows 7 for my server, i have 3 things shared on my win7 machine, music, users and my entire S: drive. I can access music and users but the S: drive asked me for my password and network. There is no password. any ideas? thanks02:44
tjackGNUtom1, my setup? I don't get it? How is my partition scheme?02:44
brianBTBok... before i start, PLEASE no snide coments about SET being bad.02:44
ShayGuyKimLaRoux, I'm pretty sure, but I don't know how to be absolutely certain. The switch on the outside does nothing.02:45
brianBTBI keep getting errors in Social Engineer toolkit02:45
tom1tjackGNU: sorry, yes, how will the partitions be set?02:45
brianBTBI keep getting errors in social engineer toolkit. I used the svn to get the files, but there are no metasploit or mailsend files. can anyone help me?02:45
brianBTBI keep getting errors in social engineer toolkit. I used the svn to get the files, but there are no metasploit or mailsend files. can anyone help me?02:47
johnjohn101my wireless is much more flaky in 10.10 than previous ubuntu versions. Is there anything I can do?02:47
brianBTBI keep getting errors in social engineer toolkit. I used the svn to get the files, but there are no metasploit or mailsend files. can anyone help me?02:48
tjackGNUtom1, mine is [1] S.R. (ntfs) {primary} || [2] Win7 (ntfs) {primary} || [3] /boot (ext3 150MB) {primary} || [4] EXTENDED>> [5] /swap (2.0 GB) || [6] / (ext4 rest of my HD)02:48
hellphyre_brianBTB: try flooding the channl.. lol02:48
brianBTBhellphyre, eh??02:49
hellphyre_STOP flooding the channel02:49
tom1tjackGNU: I'm sorry, is that for my computer?02:49
brianBTBstill, can anyone help?02:50
tjackGNUtom1, no. You asked about MY partition scheme... It's a sugestion to you, too.02:50
cordoval_has anyone know how to do this but backwards? http://morison.biz/technotes/articles/6102:50
tom1tjackGNU: sorry, what I asked, I meant the setup your instructions would create for me02:51
brianBTBdoes anyone know how to launch a .run file?02:51
ravingboihello everyone~02:51
cordoval_rather than hosting on windows, hosting on ubuntu a virtualbox windows but let windows access a http://localhost domain set on the apache2 running on the ubuntu02:51
ravingboifirst time login02:51
tjackGNUtom1, just press that inside fdisk. Without the commas...02:51
tom1tjackGNU: i just wanted to know what the end result will be, before i start deleting things02:52
cordoval_there should be someone here that has done this perhaps? has anyone know how to do this but backwards? http://morison.biz/technotes/articles/61 rather than hosting on windows, hosting on ubuntu a virtualbox windows but let windows access a http://localhost domain set on the apache2 running on the ubuntu02:52
uLinuxWhat folder can I add a program for every user? /bin ?02:53
brianBTBdoes anyone know how to launch a .run file? i know i am spamming but my report is due in the morning. and I need to get SET working to hit my teacher with a file. it is for a report on school security02:53
edbianuLinux, /usr/bin02:53
uLinuxedbian: tks02:53
brianBTBfor Computer Engineering02:53
edbianuLinux, /bin will work but it is improper02:53
tjackGNUtom1, try it. Until you press 'w' NOTHING will happen with your HD. If you think that will not gonna be ok, just press 'q' and find another way.02:53
killerghostbrainBTB: ./yourfile.run try it02:53
dhiejoin #banjarmasin02:54
tom1tjackGNU: can't you just give me the breakdown?02:54
StevenZhangsorry, i get a network error.02:54
uLinuxHow can I reinstall sound drivers?02:55
StevenZhangstill remember my gnustep problem?02:55
tjackGNUtom1, what is a breakdown? Sorry, I'm brazilian and my english is not the 'coolest' one.02:55
ahtmly2kanybody know an audicity channel..? there's no file menu bar in my audacity window.. can anyone help me?02:55
uLinuxOr how can I reinstall anything that has to do with sound? drivers, alsa, pulseaudio.02:56
hellphyre_brianBTB: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/gaming-multimedia-entertainment/35202-installing-run-files.html02:56
edbianuLinux, Well to reinstall alsa you sudo apt-get reinstall alsa02:56
edbianuLinux, But linux sound is very complicated.  Additionally I don't know how your system is setup right now.02:56
tom1tjackGNU: i apologize for the confusion. I just wanted to know how you want me to partition my drive02:56
uLinuxedbian: it's just im having a problem that would be solved if i reinstalled ubuntu but now i dont have time02:56
edbianuLinux, http://www.tuxradar.com/content/how-it-works-linux-audio-explained02:57
lightahi here, how can I uninstall a graphic controler ?02:57
brianBTBhellphyre, thnx02:57
edbianuLinux, reinstalling ubuntu will probably fix the problem.  It won't teach you anything though. (it is extremely unlikely that you HAVE to reinstall)02:57
edbianuLinux, yeah02:57
brianBTBsh myfile.run worked02:58
tjackGNUtom1, just push this buttons, in this order: d, 5, d, 4, d, 3, n, 3, <enter>, +17.5G, n, 4, <enter>, <enter>, t, 4, 82. Then, press p to see what is gonna look like. If you liked: w. If you don't: q.02:58
Sean93_how can i view my own webcam?02:58
hellphyre_brianBTB: 2nd reult listed via google. Thank LArry Page02:58
edbianSean93_, using an app like cheese02:58
uLinuxwhy dont they make a standart for sound system, etc02:58
pepperjackSean93_: vlc is handy for that02:58
edbianuLinux, They do.  They make several.  That's the problem.  There are too many things doing different jobs.02:59
tom1tjackGNU: is there just an easy way to do it off the live cd?02:59
tjackGNUSean93_, sudo apt-get install cheese02:59
edbianuLinux, The real problem is "what is the perfect sound system"02:59
Sean93_pepperjack, how?02:59
uLinuxedbian: they should work together in only one sound system02:59
tjackGNUtom1, boot with the live CD again!02:59
uLinuxsame for packages03:00
tom1tjackGNU: okay, then what?03:00
edbianuLinux, Read the article :)  You have choices in the linux world.03:00
uLinux.deb is alright03:00
pepperjackSean93_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14373203:00
edbianuLinux, It's not that I don't enjoy talking about this sort of thing.  It's just that we're offtopic.  Additionally I think you should read up on it before you cast judgement ;)03:00
tjackGNUtom1, can you read?! I'm really stressed with you. Just put the CD, choose your language, and go for it, man! In 7 clicks you are done!03:01
uLinuxedbian: yeah ;)03:01
tom1tjackGNU: i'm sorry you're stressed with me...i know how to boot with the cd...please tell me what options to use my 7 clicks on and you can be done with me03:02
=== n is now known as Guest72137
tjackGNUtom1, just follow the instructions. Don't be hurry.  It's easier than you ever imagine....03:02
edbianNobody wants any help with anything?03:04
tom1tjackGNU: i don't use fdisk (another apparent misunderstanding), if you just tell me how to set the partitions when i install you can be rid of me03:04
S0LIDUStom1, What are you trying to do?03:04
edbiantom1, Just use the installer.  It has a partition er (an automatic one)03:04
cordoval_there should be someone here that has done this perhaps? has anyone know how to do this but backwards? http://morison.biz/technotes/articles/61 rather than hosting on windows, hosting on ubuntu a virtualbox windows but let windows access a http://localhost domain set on the apache2 running on the ubuntu03:05
tom1SOLIDUS: I'm trying to dual boot windows and ubuntu with a data partition but when i try to allocate the space it says i already have 4 primary partitions03:05
tjackGNUtom1, put the CD, boot, choose your language, and FOLLOW THE SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS.03:05
lightahi here,  can someone help me with graphic controler ?03:05
tom1tjackGNU: FOLLOW THE SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS to do what? what options do i use?03:05
edbiancordoval_, There is some guest editions thing that lets you do that03:06
edbiantom1, You should ask in the channel for your language so that you understand better.03:06
S0LIDUStom1, Would you be using Wubi or the LiveCD?03:06
tom1edbian: isn't this english?03:06
cordoval_edbian: oh true, I forgot about them, will check now03:06
edbiantom1: yeah (sorry if I offended you)03:06
edbiancordoval_, yep :)03:07
tjackGNUtom1, you are trying to make a mind-installation... It's absurd!03:07
tjackGNUtom1, nothing will happen until you boot with the install disk and follow the instructions.03:07
cordoval_edbian: where should I look, i have the window open and menu "Machine, Devices, Help" I go under Devices but03:08
JakeCulpinHey, does anyone here have any knowledge with truecrypt? I'm using an Ubuntu LiveCD to currently access my system, due to this reason: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1302103:08
edbiancordoval_, Is it not there.  I'm afraid I don't know.  I bet though that there is a package in the repos for it.03:08
cordoval_edbian: package in the repos means...03:08
JakeCulpinI'd be made up If someone could help me, I have lots of data on this drive, which I can access via the LiveCD, but I want to be able to boot my original os, just not happening.03:08
ShayGuyWell, it's been 20 minutes. I have to go.03:09
cordoval_edbian: notice that this guy does it inversely http://morison.biz/technotes/articles/61 for windows03:09
cordoval_It would be a shame that we cannot do it for ubuntu03:09
tom1edbian: it's fine, am i really that confusing?03:09
tjackGNUtom1, and I'm done with you... You don't wnat to learn. You want that I imagine what is going to happen there, and give you some "answers"... It's not that way. For that cases it's that exist something called WUBI.EXE...03:09
tom1i'm trying to hard to learn and you just tell me to boot the damn cd and call me absurd03:10
echo310infantryi have a 470 and a 260, when enabling my tv via seprate x screen it says cannot apply... any ideas?03:10
edbiancordoval_, yeah I see that.  Open synaptic.  Those are the repos03:10
edbiantom1, Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attentions :P03:10
tjackGNUtom1, but that is the step zero: boot the CD.  Then you follow the screen instructions and voilá!03:10
JakeCulpinno truecrypt experts here?03:11
edbiantom1, Did you boot the CD?  What is your question?03:11
echo310infantrywhat do u need to know about trucrypt03:11
cordoval_edbian: synaptic opened, now ... virtualbox?03:11
tom1tjackGNU: i understand i need to boot off the cd...but i'm not clear on the options i should be using when i set the swap partition (which is apparently why i have 4 primary partitions currently)03:12
edbiancordoval_, I found this btw: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#additions-windows03:12
cordoval_I got this response "It is possible but if your running apache2 on the host you will have to configure your network settings of the guest to be bounded device instead of a NATed device...."03:12
echo310infantryreading it now03:12
cordoval_edbian: reading your link ...03:12
edbiancordoval_, I'm not sure if it's in the repos.  I just said maybe.  I have no idea what the package might be named.  I'd begin by searching "virtual box" these are just guesses.03:12
edbiancordoval_, k03:12
tom1edbian: i just want to change my setup so i'm not using 4 primary partitions so i can set my current unallocated space as a shared ntfs drive03:13
tjackGNUtom1, you have 4 primary partitions. The Extended partition IS a primary...03:13
greezmunkeytom1: Please understand that this is not a formal technical support organization, people here are volunteers. There is the expectation that a few words will point someone like yourself in the right direction, and then that person would quitely work towards a solution, chiming in now and then for additional guidance only after reading up on their problem on their own.03:13
edbiantom1, You can only have 4 primary partitions on a hdd.  You need to create an "extended" or "logical" partition.  Inside the extension you can put logical partitions that don't count as one of your 4 primary.03:13
tjackGNUtom1, go here <http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download> scroll down until number 4 and click on "Show me how". That's it.03:13
edbiantom1, Use the live CD and gparted to re-arrange the HDD partitions03:14
tom1edbian: okay, how do i set swap so it's not a primary?03:14
echo310infantryjake ur not gonna like my answer but it sounds like it overwrote part of the encryption freezing the disk... u cant partition after you encrypt without doing through the probram or un encrypting the drive03:14
edbiantom1, delete it, create a new partition inside an extended partition, make that new partition swap03:15
tjackGNUtom1, delete it.03:15
JakeCulpinecho31, I decrypted the disk already.03:15
JakeCulpinI can access my files using liveCD03:15
echo310infantrybut u did it after the partition correct03:15
JakeCulpinI just want to be able to boot back into my OS.03:15
JakeCulpinI did it when I couldn't logon.03:16
DuckMaestroanyone know a guide for installing ubuntu on latest gen mac-mini? im running into an issue.03:16
JakeCulpinI just want to get rid of this annoying truecrypt pre-boot auth crap and boot.03:16
edbianDuckMaestro, What's the issue?  It should just install.03:16
JakeCulpinI used the recovery disk with win7 to try and repair the MBR, no help.03:16
hxcjonnysniperi need help configuring direct x with wine.03:16
DuckMaestroedbian, i see the low-res pair of icons, then hear cd spinning for a few minutes, then just black screen03:17
echo310infantryi realize what your saying and i think your screwed 99% sure03:17
edbianDuckMaestro, Oh it won't boot at all?  Check the CD.  Do you get any errors at all?03:17
JakeCulpinSo I'll have to backup all my shit onto a drive + reinstall Windblows?03:17
h00kubottu: language | JakeCulpin03:17
ubottuJakeCulpin: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:17
edbianhxcjonnysniper, direct x is the API for windows not linux03:17
izinucshxcjonnysniper: ain't gonna happen..03:18
echo310infantrycorrect.. if u can even get a backup off the hdd03:18
DuckMaestrono errors, but i verified my burn after it finished. though that's not to say the disc didnt lose integrity between then and beginning the install03:18
JakeCulpinYeah, As I said, I'm able to edit/check files on my hdds using ubuntu03:18
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, you'll have to do this on Windows: [1] /fixboot [2] /fixmbr, [3] bootsect /nt60 ALL /force /mbr. This you will make after you boot with the CD, and you gonna click on "Repair my computer", and then select the Command prompt....03:18
hxcjonnysniperedbian: so there is no way i can play cod on linux? i have seen videos on youtube and stuff.03:18
edbianDuckMaestro, If it won't boot with 0 errors you either have a bad cd or bad hardware.  Sometimes though it's just that Ubuntu doesn't like the hardware (usually that doesn't happen with a mac since they're so cookie-cutter and common)03:19
edbianhxcjonnysniper, You have to use wine03:19
echo310infantrytjack dont forget its encrypted03:19
JakeCulpintjackGNU, I'm assuming you want me to do this at the recovery menu command prompt?03:19
JakeCulpinecho31, the drive itself has been decrypted.03:19
edbianhxcjonnysniper, I have no experience setting it up, I do not know how well it works.03:19
JakeCulpintook me 48 hours, decrypted the WHOLE drive03:19
DuckMaestroedbian:  in my case neither display port (whether apple mini port or hdmi) seems to be outputting a signal. tried two diff monitors separately.03:19
ShayGuyOkay, back. Wicd still isn't working.03:19
izinucshxcjonnysniper: unless cod has a switch for opengl probably not03:20
Exploiteranyone notices there is something wrong with man page of netstat.....03:20
tjackGNUecho310infantry, they just want they Windows back... That's what these commands will do.03:20
echo310infantrythen just run reco disk03:20
Exploiterwondering if its only me... or there is something wrong03:20
edbianDuckMaestro, mmm, you didn't even get the boot menu on the CD?03:20
JakeCulpinI've ran it.. like 40 times.03:20
DuckMaestroedbian: no. just the pair of icons at the bottom, then spinning, then no signal03:20
JakeCulpinand yet, the truecrypt **** still comes up ._.03:20
tom1can i just delete the swap partition and add a swap file in / ?03:20
echo310infantryi have a gtx470 and a gtx260, when enabling my tv via seprate x screen it says cannot apply... any ideas?03:20
hxcjonnysniperedbian: i am using wine. but when i go to start it i get "DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error"03:21
edbianDuckMaestro, sounds like the disc is scratched03:21
rwwExploiter: it looks fine to me03:21
echo310infantryas i said before i think ur screwed03:21
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, nope. Boot with the Windows DVD, then "Install", and then "Repair my computer", there will be some more options and you'll choose a command prompt and you'll excte those commands.03:21
echo310infantrytry what gnu said though03:21
DuckMaestroedbian: ok ill try a new burn...03:21
JakeCulpintjackGNU, Yeah i did that before, apart from one of those, so I shall try.03:21
edbianhxcjonnysniper, yeah, what you're trying to do is complicated.  You probably need specific knowledge about this version of COD in wine.  Have you googled it?03:21
Exploiterrww: my man page is not showing argument options, like -an etc03:21
edbianhxcjonnysniper, I'm sure others have tried03:21
JakeCulpinIt did say " the volume does not contain a recognized file system"03:21
edbianDuckMaestro, worth a shot.  Sometimes you get strange problems like this. (also you might wanna try other distros)03:21
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, then you'll have your Windows again.03:22
gogetatjackGNU: noo windows03:22
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, the MBR have a filesystem?03:22
rwwExploiter: mine shows both -a and -n :\03:22
hxcjonnysniperedbian: yeah its a common error though. windows or not. i have been looking ALL day on how to fix it. i just really hope i didnt waste 50 dollars.03:22
tom1tjackGNU: thank you for your help and patience, i apologize for frustrating you03:22
gogetahxcjonnysniper: 50$03:23
Exploiterrww: nevermind, will reinstall it, thx anyways..03:23
edbianhxcjonnysniper, Don't give up so early! :)03:23
tjackGNUtom1, don't excuses, please... It's 01:20 AM here... I'm just tired. Good luck.03:23
gogetahxcjonnysniper: whats broken03:23
JakeCulpintjackGNU, as far as I know.03:23
hxcjonnysniperedbian: oh im not. =]03:23
tom1tjackGNU: thanks, i'll figure it out03:24
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: im trying to run call of duty black ops through wine. i have it installed and everything but when i click on it i get a direct x error that says "DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error"03:24
JakeCulpintjackGNU, this is Windows7 btw.03:24
echo310infantryis anyone very familiar with nvidia x server?03:24
mintis there a way to retrieve a file from another disk partion?03:24
edbianmint, yeah03:25
echo310infantrymint u can mount it03:25
edbianmint, mount the partition, get the file ;)03:25
h00khxcjonnysniper: wine help can be found in #winehq03:25
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, well... I had the same problem with a criptographed disk, and afer those commands in the Windos installation, I was able to boot in it again.03:25
bastidrazortom1: yes, you can add swap as a file. reference here:: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq03:25
Hakume1I'm still having trouble with my sound.03:25
gogetahxcjonnysniper: Had to use "winetricks d3dx9 vcrun2005" and a no-dvd patch.03:25
echo310infantryis anyone very familiar with nvidia x server?03:25
mintI'm trying to dual boot ubuntu and mint and ubuntu broke (long story)03:25
tjackGNUtjackGNU, yeah. Windows 7. I didn't expected nothing else. ;)03:25
Hakume1I am to a degree.03:25
gogetahxcjonnysniper: thats what it sayd for that game in winedb but sound will not work03:26
mintanyway, I'd really like to get my files off the ubuntu section03:26
edbianmint, easy03:26
echo310infantryi have a gtx470 and a gtx260, when enabling my tv via seprate x screen it says cannot apply... any ideas?03:26
edbianmint, pm me?03:26
tom1bastidrazor: thanks, that's what i was reading...just wanted to make sure that wasn't a bad idea03:26
tjackGNUecho310infantry, already google'it?03:26
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: ive edit the registry and everything.03:26
gogetahxcjonnysniper: it needs winetrick dx9 and cvrun2005 installed03:27
JakeCulpinok, lets see if it worked03:27
gogetahxcjonnysniper: winetricks can install dx9 and vcrun200503:27
JakeCulpinstill got that truecrypt password screen03:27
gogetahxcjonnysniper: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=21918&iTestingId=5865703:27
echo310infantryjake for real... its screwed03:27
Exploiteris there is any graphical tool to find out open ports in linux?03:27
echo310infantrynetwork tools03:28
tjackGNUJakeCulpin, that's why I hate so bad this crypt-stuffs... This is for Osama Bin Laden's PC...03:28
swimwith compiz, I cannot get any windows space on my 3d sphere03:28
echo310infantrytjack.. is there a channel for my question that u are aware of?03:28
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: i dont have a problem with the sound. the game wont start.03:29
echo310infantryswim make sure u have at least 4 windows03:29
swimi do03:29
JakeCulpintjackGNU, yeah03:29
gogetahxcjonnysniper: being you peobly lack thkse 3 things03:29
tjackGNUecho310infantry, no. I'm new for here. Sorry.03:29
gogetahxcjonnysniper: read comment nedded those things just to getit to work lacking sound03:29
echo310infantryswim have u rebooted?03:29
echo310infantryand updated?03:30
swimyes, several times03:30
echo310infantrygoogle for config files03:30
swimdo you know if there are any settings that will conflict with the space??03:30
echo310infantrynot that im aware of03:30
gogetahxcjonnysniper: game has a silver rating03:31
swimit was working just fine..03:31
swimthen it just quit working03:31
tjackGNUswim, if a black hole became huge, it can conflict with the space...03:31
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:this has nothing to do with my problem?03:31
echo310infantryuload then reload in package mgr03:31
wrektjethello. my programs associated with my webcam are using the wrong device as the source. where do i go to change the default settings? programs like cheese and weborama dont have a prefrences item regarding input devices03:31
gogetahxcjonnysniper: then you fail to understand your issue use windows03:31
swimif a black hole became huge enough, it would conflict with everthing03:32
tjackGNUwrektjet, go to System / Preferences / Multimedia Systems Selector03:32
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: my problem is with direct x. not sound.03:32
gogetahxcjonnysniper: READ!03:32
Exploiterswim: not with chuck norris03:32
tjackGNUExploiter, yeah!03:32
gogetahxcjonnysniper: d3dx9 is directx03:32
swimno doubt..  it'll subtly sneak around chuck03:33
wrektjettjackGNU, i donyt seem to have that option. im using 10.0403:33
woniuhello everyone03:33
wrektjetill find it..03:33
ShayGuyWicd hasn't been picking up wireless networks since yesterday, even after a reboot. I can't remember what has to be done at the terminal.03:33
blackshirtwoniu: hello03:33
tjackGNUwrektjet, do you have it, for sure. Just right-button click on the menus and "Edit menus". Then scroll to System / Preferences / and [x] mark this option. Voilá!03:34
woniuwhat is .cue file03:34
swimwell, i'm going to go check on this in the compiz channel..  thanks guys03:34
gogetahxcjonnysniper: but even with the directx fixed it will not have sound03:34
lonewlf2001woniu: .cue files tell .bin files where to write on a cd...03:35
tjackGNUwoniu, it's a file that says what is have to be donne with the image file (.iso or whatsover)....03:35
bigtimerhey im using kate for programing but in my university kate can open the terminal in it self but in ubuntu it cannot oben the terminal in itself ? does someone know why ??03:35
wrektjettjackGNU, awesome thanks a lot.03:35
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:word well i cannot find vcrun200503:35
wrektjetdone and done03:35
tjackGNUwrektjet, Ubuntu for you and me, my fellow.03:35
DuckMaestroedbian: how long should it take before i see boot/install options if im trying to install from dvd-r?  maybe im not waiting long enough?03:35
woniuand how can i open it?03:35
tjackGNUwoniu, with Brasero or k3b...03:36
gogetahxcjonnysniper: http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks03:36
edbianDuckMaestro, When you put in the CD and boot it?  There should never be more than 1 minutes of blank screen ness (that's generous).  Depending on the speed the boot time from computer off to live CD running is 10 or 15 minutes03:36
gogetahxcjonnysniper: winetricks can dl and install said things its a script03:36
MaahesI'm having an issue that's a pain: My trackpad won't come back online after suspend. I've tried loading and unloading psmouse, I've tried using tpconfig -x, tpconfig sees it as there, but no it's not listed in /proc/bus/input/devices. I do not have a physical switch to turn my trackpad on and off. Is there a program that can turn my touchpad back on?03:37
Dwade09hxcjonnysniper,  then try using a gaming os like windows or try playonlinux or cedega03:37
gogetaDwade09: lol03:38
tjackGNUMaahes, sudo rmmod synaptics, then sudo insmod synaptics?03:38
Some_PersonI'm having trouble connecting to one Windows 7 machine's SMB shares. For some reason, ubuntu seems to think this machine is on a domain (instead of a workgroup) and prompts for a user/password/domain. Accessing other computers' shares works fine on my network (including another Windows 7 machine), and other machines can access this machine's shares no problem (but no other machines are Linux). What the hell is going on and03:38
Some_Personwhat should I do?03:38
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: i was trying playonlinux but i couldn't figure it out honestly.03:39
Dwade09well its true gogeta if he cant get it working in wine.03:39
woniuok,i got it ,tkanks03:39
timClickshow do I detect what touchpad I'm using is and its driver?03:39
tjackGNUtimClicks, sudo lsmod03:40
JackyChaohow can i insert a picture in latex03:40
gogetahxcjonnysniper: dl wintricks script install cabextract from apt-get then dl d3dx9 and the other file03:40
tjackGNUtimClicks, or just lsmod... w/o sudo....03:40
JackyChaoanybody knows03:40
gogetahxcjonnysniper: the game will work but lack sound03:40
edbianSome_Person, Read all about samba.  I guarantee it works, you just have to configure it: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/install-samba-server-on-ubuntu/03:40
gogetahxcjonnysniper: as the wiki says sudo sh winetrcks d3dx903:41
edbianSome_Person, https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/configuring-samba.html03:41
Dwade09hxcjonnysniper,  if there is no sound install the sound drivers03:41
swimhey, does anybody know where there may be a compiz support channel???03:41
Some_Personedbian: I don't want to set up a server on ubuntu. I'm trying to access a server on a Windows 7 machine03:41
gogetaDwade09: its a wine issue with that game03:41
edbianSome_Person, oh sorry.  Misread that.  What is the issue?03:41
Dwade09gogeta,  iw as being sarcastic03:41
edbianSome_Person, (I've never done it this way before)03:41
Some_Personedbian: It prompts for a user/password/domain despite the machine not being on a domain. I can't log in to it. Strangely, other machines (including one Windows 7) can be accessed fine03:42
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:You (root) don't own /home/hxcjonnysniper/.wine. Don't run winetricks as another user!03:42
gogetahxcjonnysniper: sorry no sudo03:42
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:it says i do not own it.03:42
edbianSome_Person, Perhaps you can set the share to not require those things?03:43
gogetahxcjonnysniper: just sh winetricks d3dx903:43
Some_Personedbian: It isn't supposed to require a damn domain03:43
hxcjonnysniperokay i did that.03:43
gogetahxcjonnysniper: and the vc file you nedded03:43
gogetahxcjonnysniper: as long as you installed cabextract it should install everything03:44
edbianSome_Person, Yeah I know.03:44
edbianSome_Person, Sorry I'm not sure.  Make a forum post.03:44
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: i didnt do that i dont think O.o03:44
gogetahxcjonnysniper: sudo apt-get install cabextract03:44
greezmunkeySome_Person: Have you tried "WindowsMachineName.local" as the domain? (substitute the windows name)03:45
Some_Personedbian: I can mount it manually with 'smbmount', just not in nautilus03:45
tjackGNUSome_Person, have you tried to login with the domain being the workgroups? Like: in a Win7 the workgroup name is HELL, and you log in, put your user, pass, and domain = HELL... Try it already?03:45
gogetahxcjonnysniper: probly miselld that03:45
Some_PersontjackGNU: Tried already, fail03:45
gogetanope didnt03:45
tjackGNUSome_Person, and you have a account on the Windows machines?03:45
edbianSome_Person, Really.  Then just don't use nautilus!  ha aha03:46
Some_PersontjackGNU: Duh. It's my laptop03:46
Some_Persongreezmunkey: didn't work03:46
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:it says it is already the newest version03:46
gogetahxcjonnysniper: k then just do sh winetrcks vcrun200503:46
tjackGNUSome_Person, and you log with your user and password and workgroup and nothing?03:46
gogetahxcjonnysniper: if you are finished with the d3dx903:47
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:already did that too.03:47
Some_PersontjackGNU: In nautilus, it just prompts for it again. Like I said, I can mount it manually with smbmount without problems (smbmount //server/share /path/to/mountpoint -o user=username pass=password)03:47
gogetahxcjonnysniper: well see if said game runs03:47
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:nope. same error.03:48
tjackGNUSome_Person, sudo apt-get install libpam-smbpass03:48
oxidizerhi to every one03:48
striker_hi all03:48
New_guyanyone available to help a newbie with ubuntu netbook03:48
gogetahxcjonnysniper: you using wine 1.3.603:48
tjackGNUSome_Person, sudo apt-get install nautilus-(anything with samba)03:48
gogetahxcjonnysniper: or the older wine03:48
Some_PersontjackGNU: The odd thing is that this is working fine with my other Windows 7 machine.03:48
brntbeer__wrongg channel03:49
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: it says 1.2.103:49
AbhiJitNew_guy, ask03:49
gogetahxcjonnysniper: yep to old03:49
gogetahxcjonnysniper: hears how to update the repo to the 1.3.603:50
gogetahxcjonnysniper: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb03:50
New_guyjust put netbook on a compaq laptop that was running kubuntu just fiine....but am having problems with the display with netbook03:50
greezmunkeySome_Person: What version of win7 are you trying to connect to (that does not work) ??03:50
Some_Persongreezmunkey: Both are Ultimate03:50
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:i already did this too. like two hours ago.03:50
tjackGNUSome_Person, I know how it is. I NEVER have a Win-Linux SMB shares without headaches... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... I have the same problem some times. Right now, for example... (I can't even see my brother's Win7 shares)03:50
edbianNew_guy, What are the problems03:50
New_guythe app bar (left side) doesn't appear until you mouse over it....and even then the display is not readable03:51
gogetahxcjonnysniper: if your still using 1.2.1 you havent dont a upgrade then03:51
greezmunkeySome_Person: Haave you tried turning off windows firewall as a test?03:51
AR_ok i downloaded a program and want to run it but when i click the setup.exe it says error03:51
swimhey, anybody here know a lot about compiz???03:51
New_guyIf I click around in the top left corner, I can get the main window with web, music, photos, games, etc to display ok03:52
boxbeatsyhi, i'm about to reszie my ubuntu partition on my dual boot machine by booting into gparted.  i know i need to back up windows because i'm expanding ubuntu and shrinking windows, but is there also a chance that ubuntu gets corrupted even though i'm expanding it?03:52
AbhiJit!wine | AR_03:52
ubottuAR_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:52
AbhiJitAR_, you cant run .exe file directly. you need wine for that03:52
gogetahxcjonnysniper: just do apt-get update03:52
gogetahxcjonnysniper: then apt-get upgrade03:52
Some_Persongreezmunkey: Not sure how that would help. SMB is working; nautilus just thinks the machine is on a domain instead of a workgroup. But I'll try it03:52
ylmfoshow are you ?03:52
gogetahxcjonnysniper: it should grab the newer version of wine03:52
gogetahxcjonnysniper: as well as any other updates03:52
Hakume1My Riptide sound/analog game/modem card isn't being detected by Ubuntu 10.10, even with the libsdl-debian-all package.03:53
gogetahxcjonnysniper: sudo apt-get upgrade03:53
Some_Persongreezmunkey: Nope, didn't help03:53
gogetahxcjonnysniper: blarg both commands are sudo03:53
Hakume1It WAS working until earlier today.03:53
greezmunkeySome_Person: There are a littany of bug reports regarding Nautilus, and win7 shares, unfortunately. But you did say you can connect to one win7 box but not another, right?03:53
Some_Persongreezmunkey: correct, and both are using the same configuration as far as I can tell03:54
sacton3Hey guys, I have a question.  I am wanting to make a custom version of Crunchbang with so mods and release it as my own distrobution.  Do I need to notify the creators of Crunchbang that I am doing so?03:54
hxcjonnysniperstill says 1.2.103:54
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:this is ridiculous.03:55
gogetahxcjonnysniper: should like you didnt add the wine repo03:55
Some_Persongreezmunkey: This may have started when I tried to access some SMB shares at school (where domains are used). I haven't accessed my laptop before, and perhaps nautilus is now assuming all machines are on domains03:55
Hakume1Anyone know what to do?03:55
tjackGNUSome_Person, I think it's that stupid Homegroups feature.... But... I really do not know.03:55
gogetahxcjonnysniper: do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa03:55
gogetahxcjonnysniper: then sudo apt-get  update03:55
=== fxhp is now known as foxhop
DuckMaestrohmm, separate issue. was installing netbook release on my netbook. seemed to be going fine. got far along, then started downloading updates (still within the installer).  then around about halfway through the updates my screen goes black. i dont see any disk activity.03:56
c4rp3d13mhelo all03:56
DuckMaestroshould i hard reboot?03:56
gogetahxcjonnysniper: lastly sudo apt-get  install wine1.303:56
c4rp3d13mnew ubuntu server user here03:56
izinucshxcjonnysniper: you have to sudo apt-get update before you sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade otherwise your system won't have cached the new repo03:56
gogetaizinucs: llooks like they sepreted the stable and beta instalers03:57
=== abd3lnuban is now known as aBD3LnUbaN
gogetaizinucs: you have to use wine 1.3 now03:57
hxcjonnysniper0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:58
izinucsgogeta: wouldn't know .. I have an aversion to wine.. except when it's a good red :)03:58
gogetahxcjonnysniper: udo apt-get  install wine1.3 didnt install wine?03:58
Hakume1My Riptide sound/analog game/modem card isn't being detected by Ubuntu 10.10, even with the libsdl-debian-all package.03:58
=== tjack__ is now known as tjackGNU
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:its installing it now.03:59
echo310infantryis it possible to drag a program from one screen to another?03:59
=== tjackGNU is now known as Guest7639
VinceNGood Evening fellow Ubuntu Lovers, I need some help setting up a PPTP Server on my box and i'm having issues with it04:00
hxcjonnysnipergogeta:so after that what?04:00
Hakume1Yes, and I still haven't managed to figure out how to fix my problem.04:00
boxbeatsyhi, i'm about to reszie my ubuntu partition on my dual boot machine by booting into gparted.  i know i need to back up windows because i'm expanding ubuntu and shrinking windows, but is there also a chance that ubuntu gets corrupted even though i'm expanding it?04:00
gogetahxcjonnysniper: see if said game works04:00
DuckMaestroany thoughts on a black screen 3/4's the way through a netbook install?04:00
uLinuxHow can I clear paste/clipboard in terminal?04:00
tensorpuddinguLinux: shift+insert is the best way, i find04:00
aBD3LnUbaNi have a question:I'm using a lenovo g560 with an Intel HDA sound card, my laptop's speakers make the sound and so do my headphones, anyway i could just let the headphones make the sound?04:00
greezmunkeySome_Person: I can use Naut to connect to shares on my win7 ultimate pc. It asks for a domain, I typed in my work nework name (on the win7 box), password, and checked the box to remember the pword until I log out. Works... Check your win7 machine, advanced sharing settings, make sure that discovery, sharing, access for anyone - are all on.04:00
echo310infantryis it possible to drag a program from one screen to another?04:00
izinucsecho310infantry: yep04:00
VinceNboxbeatsy: Anytime you start screwing arround with partitions you could hose the drive.04:01
uLinuxtensorpudding: that pastes04:01
gogetahxcjonnysniper: being it upgraded wine it should have kept your settings04:01
tensorpuddingoh, you want to _clear_ paste? what does that mean?04:01
echo310infantryizin.. how it just rotates my cube04:01
tensorpuddingempty the clipboard?04:01
boxbeatsyVinceN: mmk.  is there anything in particular i should take not of avoiding?04:01
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: word. i think its done.04:01
uLinuxtensorpudding: yes empty04:01
uLinuxor clear :P04:01
boxbeatsyVinceN: after booting up, i'm just going to boot to gparted and im hoping there are clear instructions there on resizing04:01
gogetahxcjonnysniper: might have to winetrick those 2 file again but maybe not04:01
echo310infantryizinucs.. how it just rotates my cube04:01
boxbeatsy*after backin gup04:02
Some_Persongreezmunkey: And you're not using a domain at work there?04:02
greezmunkeySome_Person: correct, and Nautilus 2.30.104:02
VinceNboxbeaty: If you have a spare drive I would mirror the drive first.  Baring that.  Back up anything you can't afford to loose04:02
VinceNGenerally speaking resizing is easy but you always always always want to have a backup04:02
izinucsecho310infantry: click and hold the window, drag .. cube rotates to another side with the program following.. typically04:03
timhow do I get to irc.gimp.org?04:03
greezmunkeySome_Person: I configured win7 to have a work network, because I connect to lots of differant subnets.04:03
boxbeatsyVinceN: got it.  thanks!04:03
echo310infantrylol i meant using two monitores04:03
Hakume1@echo310infantry: Same thing.04:03
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: i opened cod. it no longer has an error. but its loading something. black screen so far. FINGERS CROSSED.04:04
echo310infantryno it just moves the program through the cube04:04
gogetahxcjonnysniper: well the post said it nedded to be no cd cracked to04:04
Hakume1I've been trying to fix my problem, but I have no idea how.04:04
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: it doesnt need a cd crack?!04:05
gogetahxcjonnysniper: it does04:05
gogetahxcjonnysniper: unless its working for you04:05
timcan anyone help me get to irc.gimp.org?04:05
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: oh well its already cracked.04:05
gogetahxcjonnysniper: heh04:06
IdleOnetim: /server irc.gimp.org04:06
g3dhi, I have a laptop with a microphone in port. It's working for Skype for example, but I would like to hear the sound from my microphone from my laptop speakers. How can I do that?04:06
gogetahxcjonnysniper: well it work04:06
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: its a black screen but when i run my mouse through it, it has white boxes pop up. its the menu i just cant see it! lol.04:06
gogetahxcjonnysniper: probly gotta rerun winetrick to readjust the settings for the upgrade04:07
gogetahxcjonnysniper: close thow04:07
echo310infantryis it possible to drag a program from one monitor to another?04:07
hxcjonnysnipergogeta: i appreciate though. imma try to fix this now.04:08
gogetahxcjonnysniper: but as i said thes game listed as working barly04:08
uLinuxWhen I add a PPA 'Software Sources' adds 2 lines: Main and Main (Source Code). Do I need source code thing?04:08
uLinuxin Lucid was different. why?04:08
leprechauuLinux, totally up to you04:09
leprechauif you ever want to build pacakges from src ... you need the deb-src line to fetch package sources04:09
leprechauecho310infantry, of course you can04:09
uLinuxleprechau: hm ok i dont to that04:10
echo310infantryit just rotates the cube04:10
uLinuxleprechau: so I unmark Source code in Ubuntu software04:10
leprechauecho310infantry, only if you are holding ctrl+alt when you click an drag04:10
echo310infantrythats incorrect04:11
gogetauLinux: if you whant but it only grabs them if you tell it04:11
leprechauecho310infantry, then you have changed your hotkey settings for cube rotate04:11
Alvaro-hi all :D04:11
echo310infantryno i havent04:11
leprechaudude...yes you have04:11
uLinuxgogeta: i disabled it now i need to delete every source code entry04:12
leprechauit's not just magically doing something ... computers only do what they are told04:12
echo310infantryif u drag a program it just rotates the cube as u drag04:12
ultronhi .... my eeepc gets more hot with linux or maybe just with ubuntu than usual... i've been trying to find some solution can you guys have any suggestions?04:12
gogetauLinux: if you compiled from source there in the folder you compiled in04:12
uLinuxhttp://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu source code04:13
jmylesHow can I have the apache user (www-data) SSH to another machine and be authenticated by a public key?04:13
Alvaro-anyone know's how to do a virtualhost with tomcat?04:13
uLinuxgogeta: i just apt-get or install from synaptic04:13
leprechauecho310infantry, does your desktop actually span both monitors or do you have the same image mirrored on both?04:13
gogetauLinux: then your fine04:13
robsc_anyone here used gcalcli for google calendar?04:13
leprechauecho310infantry, and does it just rotate the cube when you come to the edge ... or always?04:14
gogetauLinux: you should be able to clean up just by unistalling said source deb04:14
echo310infantryonly when dragging a program04:14
MaahesI'm having an issue that's a pain: My touchpad won't come back online after suspend. I've tried loading and unloading psmouse, I've tried using tpconfig -x, tpconfig sees it as there, but no it's not listed in /proc/bus/input/devices. I do not have a physical switch to turn my touchpad on and off. Is there a program that can turn my touchpad back on? Also: trying insmod synaptics or synaptics_i2c says04:14
Maahesthere is no module, but zsh autocomplete is giving me synaptics(_i2c) as options.04:14
gogetauLinux: but if you never installed any then you have none04:14
echo310infantryand two seperate desktops04:14
leprechauecho310infantry, that's not what I asked .... when you drag the window does the cube start rotating right away or only when your pointer gets to the edge of the screen?04:15
uLinuxgogeta: source deb?04:15
gogetauLinux: then ill assume you have none04:15
leprechauecho310infantry, you don't have your screens setup right .... what gfx card do you have?04:16
gogetauLinux: ubuntu instal installs source if it has to do it for a task like a deb that compiles04:16
echo310infantry2x gtx47004:16
uLinuxgogeta: sometimes i use .deb files04:16
uLinuxoops ubuntu uses them too:p04:16
leprechauecho310infantry, are you using the default drivers or nvidia proprietary?04:16
gogetauLinux: /debs are bianry 90% of the time04:16
uLinuxgogeta: it's just source entries dont go away04:16
echo310infantryusing x server04:17
uLinuxafter disabling source code04:17
leprechauecho310infantry, open your nvidia-settings04:17
gogetauLinux: so why would it04:17
incognitodoes freenode have a mysql channel?04:17
uLinuxneed to remove manually04:17
leprechauclick on X Server Display Configuration04:17
gogetauLinux: why utterly pointless to do so04:17
ultronhi .... my eeepc gets more hot with linux or maybe just with ubuntu than usual... i've been trying to find some solution can you guys have any suggestions?04:17
echo310infantrydone im on seperate x04:17
gogetauLinux: unchecking it disables scanning04:18
leprechaugoto configure and click TwinView04:18
gogetauLinux: at some point you may need it like for a driver04:18
=== squishynothere is now known as squishy
echo310infantryits greyd out04:19
gogetauLinux: many drivers will use the header source to compile into the kernel04:19
echo310infantrybut i dont want twin anyways04:19
SofiaIs there a good way to log myself out of gnome over SSH? I have sudo privs on the machine. I just forgot to lock the screen or logout. I'd prefer to do it without rebooting, since I have some long-term stuff running in screen/my SSH connection.04:19
uLinuxgogeta: ok ill just left source for default lines04:20
WilliamHerryi find a zombie program in my ubuntu, what should i do next04:20
uLinuxand enable source again04:20
gogetauLinux: its not gonna take or save space disabled04:20
gogetauLinux: or enabled04:20
gogetauLinux: its just the repo list04:20
bastidrazorSofia: you could restart gdm which will log you out but not have any effect on screened things.. sudo service gdm restart04:21
dekerhi all, i'm having some trouble with grub and mbr04:21
gogetauLinux: when you install a app etc it grabs the binanry deb04:21
ggg22still need help fixing my Ubuntu 10.04 explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:21
dekertrying to install ubuntu 10.10, but can't add the entry to windows bootload04:21
gogetauLinux: few excep[ptions like drivers04:21
Sofiabastidrazor: Good enough. Thanks!04:21
gogetauLinux: but computer janator can clean up anthing left behind and not used04:22
robsc_i went back to 10.04  10.10 too buggy for me04:22
uLinuxgogeta: i dont use janitor04:22
uLinuxit's messes up04:22
leprechauecho310infantry, you have each monitor on it's own card? ... one on each card? ... you actually do want twinview and you want the nvidia driver to recognize both cards04:22
gogetauLinux: i never had it mess up04:22
personcould anybody help me with an ubuntu issue?04:22
johnjohn101how do I keep my wireless from being so flaky on 10.1004:22
leprechauecho310infantry, I have 4 monitors at work and I drag apps between them all the time04:22
gogetauLinux: ka removing stuff it shouldent04:22
johnjohn101seems to disconnect every hour or so04:23
uLinuxgogeta: i've just added a ppa and it automatically added 2 lines..04:23
echo310infantryhmm  maybe its compiz04:23
gogetauLinux: ppa are apt line04:23
leprechauecho310infantry, naw I have compiz at the office also04:23
echo310infantrywhats ur edge settings?04:23
uLinuxgogeta: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:shutter/ppa04:24
strcpyHi. Any comments on why "GNOME Art" is not working properly on ubuntu 10.10 ? 'install' button is disabled .04:24
personhi echo, would u help me please?04:24
gogetauLinux: there yep that will add line there extra repos04:24
leprechauI set them as twinview .... set the positions and only one as primary04:24
leprechauecho310infantry, what happens when you click 'detect displays'04:24
gogetauLinux: you can add and remove them threw sysanptic if you wish04:24
echo310infantryhmm then why wont my twinview work?04:24
uLinuxgogeta: but why it adds source line?04:24
gogetauLinux: yes if you whant the surce you cna get it04:25
gogetauLinux: but otherwise it will alays go for binary\04:25
personhi gogeta, would u help me please?04:25
ggg22still need help fixing my Ubuntu 10.04 explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:25
Genieliumy resolution changs again after i install the ATI drivers04:26
GenieliuI type the xrandr just to find the DIV-0 is connect04:26
=== pavi_ is now known as pavi
gogetauLinux: if you relly whant to you can remove the extra source lines but as i said its not gonna do anything notcable04:27
Genieliubut i want to use the DIV-1 to be connect ,what command should i type?04:27
uLinuxask | person04:27
uLinux!ask | person04:27
ubottuperson: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:27
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:27
personim trying to install cisco vpn client on ubuntu 10.1004:28
personbut Im noob on this, and dont understand so many things04:28
VinceNperson : What a cooincidence i'm working a VPN issue myself04:28
gogeta< points gun04:28
gogetaopen vpn all04:29
Blue1ggg22: what type of file system?04:29
GenieliuHow could I use the xrandr command to make the DIV-1 to be connected?04:29
=== aj_ is now known as akashj87
poutinepers3us, you seem to have difficulty reading english, did you not see where the bot said to ask a question on one line? You still have yet to even ask one answerable question04:29
person:S I started with ubuntu couple days ago, instead of windows.. and im not good at it yet04:29
poutineperson, you seem to have difficulty reading english, did you not see where the bot said to ask a question on one line? You still have yet to even ask one answerable question04:29
ggg22Blue1: here i'll take this to a private window and post all the information i posted previously to the other guy i'll get you up to speed on whats going on.04:30
akashj87Wine is not showing progress, its stuck on "applying changes" in software centre. Please help04:30
stormy79Yeah, I'm trying to set up an openVPN server at home on my Ubuntu box, so I can have a secure wireless connection at hotspots.04:30
gogetahe did ask but cicso junk so i have no clue04:30
personhur dur..04:30
ylmfhave one04:30
poutinehe did not ask gogeta04:30
stormy79However, I got stuck on the server configuration file.04:30
gogeta(11:28:09 PM) person: im trying to install cisco vpn client on ubuntu 10.1004:31
personok, could anybody please give me advice on how to install a vpn client on ubuntu?04:31
poutineperson, Read documentation on it04:31
personI just did it04:31
gujunshanwhere am i04:31
personmay I PM u poutine?04:31
poutineno person, you really fail at how these channels work. You don't join a channel with 1426 other people in it just to private message one person04:32
gogetapoutine: ssay that to my 5 im windows04:32
personu mad04:33
jmichaelxsome people fail at common civility04:33
gogetapoutine: genrely if someone has the answer we do switch to im to ge tout of the clutter04:33
ggg22still need help fixing my Ubuntu 10.04 explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:33
poutineoh so you private message me anyways.... I suppose I should have seen that coming...04:33
gogetabut only if someone as taken on your issue04:33
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:34
VinceNSo anyway speaking of VPN's.  Does anyone have any clue on how to troubleshoot a "Failed to connect to VPN" error.  Im not sure if this is a settings issue or not.  I can connect to the server when the server is being run out of windows XP but i'm having trouble setting up the PPTPd on the Ubuntu side04:34
personno, nevermind poutine, im supossed @I fail@04:34
greezmunkeyAbhiJit: thank you...04:34
poutineI have no interest in helping you whatsoever person, perhaps your problem is that you lack the ability to read in the first place. Perhaps you should hire someone competent, as "basic reading ability" does not appear to be part of your skill set04:34
gogetaVinceN: you set ufw for vpn?04:34
personyes babe, if u say so04:35
gogetaVinceN: not forggeting ubuntu and xp both have firewalls heh04:35
VinceNgogeta: No idea what ufw is so.............. No LOL04:35
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.04:35
personlike Vincen said, i have the same problem on my ubuntu04:35
Evil_Erici need help with a terminal command04:35
gogetaperson: well same link for you then04:35
Blue1Evil_Eric: which?04:35
VinceNgogeta: I didn't think the firewas was enabled unless I went into firestarter and set one up04:35
VinceNIs there some way I can disable it for testing?04:36
gogetaVinceN: been on by defult senc 9x ubuntu04:36
Blue1VinceN: sudo ufw disable04:36
greezmunkeyEvil_Eric: there are literally thousands of them, pick one! ;)04:36
VinceNgogeta Blue1 Thanks i'll give that a shot and report back04:36
Evil_Ericim trying to figure out if this is the proper way for this command to look skill -c transmission04:36
gogetaBlue1: well wouldent go disabling it easy enough to open the vpn ports04:36
Blue1VinceN: you can always try man04:37
charley__i have ubuntu installed on device sdc4, I upgrade to 10.10 and grub fails to load.04:37
charley__what can I do?04:37
Blue1gogeta: yeah but that can at least tell you if it's a firewall issue.04:37
ggg22just for clarification my problem is pretty complicated so pm windows are going to have to be a possibility unless everyone in here doesn't care to have paragraphs of text and pasties being broadcasted all over the main page. It is out of respect to the other people with problems.04:37
S0LIDUSVinceN, I would give OpenVPN a bash, it works very well on Ubuntu and has lots of info and support.04:37
gogetaVinceN: both xp and ubuntu will need the firewalls open enough for vpn04:37
gogetaVinceN: or disabled04:38
Blue1ggg22: no one is going to paw through that much data, esp. if you can't identify the file structure04:38
gogetaVinceN: disable is a bad idea thow04:38
VinceNgogeta: well like I said i'm not having issues with the XP server04:38
charley__can someone help me with this grub problem?04:38
VinceNBut then the wizard may have set it up automatically04:38
ggg22Blue1: its called read the pastie it is only six lines long and shows my whole partition table list.04:38
gogetaVinceN: then ubuntu ufw probly just needs the vppm port opened but disable will be a quick check04:38
VinceNgogeta: I know disabling is a bad idea but i'm behind a hardware wall.  If it works with the firewall off then I know for sure thats what it is, I can turn it back on and tweak it04:39
Evil_Ericis there a chan where one can get help with reminal commands04:39
Blue1VinceN: I am pretty weak with iptables - it's why I cheat and use webmin04:40
VinceNBlue1 Gogeta : Firewall disabled, Still getting that error04:40
gogetaBlue1: ufw is a iptables cheat04:40
Blue1VinceN: then it's not a firewall issue04:40
Blue1gogeta: indeed04:40
VinceNBlue1 : Agreed, Anything else I can check?  Is there anyway I can get a more specific error message?04:41
gogetaVinceN: yo trying to connect to xp04:41
Blue1VinceN: you've done lowlevel stuph like make sure that each computer can ping each other?04:41
eazseecasurhello everyone, i need some help please. when i try to visit some sites my screen goes black or completely crazy and when watching tv online this can happen too. anyone have an idea?04:41
VinceNBlue1 Yes.  Both computers can see each other fine04:42
gogetaVinceN: xp firewall will block ubuntu being the subnet is diffrent04:42
VinceNgogeta : Works fine in XP sir04:42
gogetaVinceN: as in can connect to xp04:42
Evil_Ericlaters all04:42
Blue1VinceN: that's always a good place to start -- are you using samba?04:42
VinceNGogeta : Correct, The machine is dual boot.  I need to be able to connect no matter which OS is booted up at the time.  I can connect to XP no problems04:42
gogetaVinceN: k04:43
gogetaVinceN: no not a networking config issue unless the vpn uses its own networking configs be the next place to look04:43
ggg22still need help fixing my Ubuntu 10.04 explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:44
brandon__anyone ever get a ps3 controller working in ubuntu?04:45
brandon__i cant seem to get it to patch bluez-util04:45
gogetaVinceN: so where is your vpn server located04:45
VinceNGogeta, Its on my main PC at home.  Which dualboots windows XP and 10.0404:46
jadariteI have a D-Link DWL-132 USB wireless adapter.  It works fine in windows, but I would like to install it through Unbuntu.  Does anyone know how?04:46
VinceNI am setting up 2 servers, one in Win XP and one in 10.04 which are on the same box04:46
gogetaVinceN: well if you have vpm filtering it may be filtering ubuntu04:46
gogetaVinceN: the mac adress changes04:46
VinceNGogeta, No the hardware is the same the MAC should not be changing04:46
eazseecasurhello everyone, i need some help please. when i try to visit some sites my screen goes black or completely crazy and when watching tv online this can happen too. anyone have an idea? i ll try with chromium know to see what happen04:47
gogetaVinceN: it changes trust me04:47
avisso this is the ubuntu's freenode global wide reaction to the suicide bot  stumbleupons assault on me on one of their many blackboxes.  i can't joined a single #ubuntu channel without being  banned.  and #ubuntu-ops wont respond to me, but will tell me to get out.  what happened to me could have not only killed me, it nearly killed my mom, and there was nothing offensive i had done to deserve it.   truth be told, i'm one of the nicest guys in the04:47
avisworld, and in every single ubuntu channel, i've been kicked out and banned.  enjoy your self righteous dictatorship04:47
VinceNGogeta, I don't see how since i'm not spoofing but ok04:47
ggg22still need help fixing my Ubuntu 10.04 explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:47
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
gogetaVinceN: we get at least 100 people a day cant connect to there isp due to that04:47
VinceNGogeta : don't see how that would affect the VPN though.  Its all done through an IP tunnel I don't think the transport layer is involved at that point at least not at that level.04:48
gogetaVinceN: well if you dont have a mac filter then no it shoudlent efect it04:48
VinceNGogeta : I do not have a mac filter I am aware of04:48
Gloch say whut?04:48
VinceNI did not specifically set one yp04:48
celticman82ok guys im trying to update my alsa drivers but when I get to the "sudo cp ~/alsa*" I get this error cp: target `/home/cheyne/alsa-utils-1.0.23.tar.bz2' is not a directory any help would be greatly appreciated04:49
VinceNAnd pardon me, This is transport layer stuff but mac addressing is done at the data link layer I belive so I still don't think that should effect it.04:49
gogetaVinceN: just trying to elmnate the server rejectinng it due to some rule04:49
VinceNGogeta : Is there any way I can see if the server is even receiving the request?04:50
hashashinhi, my nfs resources will not mount on startup, only then mount -a, i must do more on Ubuntu than putting it in the fstab file?04:50
gogetaVinceN: ping it maybe04:50
gogetaVinceN: kinda hard if your not at the server04:50
VinceNgogeta, I am at the server04:50
gogetaVinceN: being it probly would be in the logs04:50
ggg22Really need help fixing ubuntu 10.04 been a 10+ hour problem that continues to deny me normal access to my linux OS. explanation here> http://pastebin.com/CBA8p17k04:51
VinceNGogeta: and I can ping the server both on the LAN when connected locally and through the WAN04:51
tecnicohashashin: I'd recommend using autofs for network resources.  Just my 20cents04:51
gogetaVinceN: humm04:52
gogetaVinceN: at least we knoe its at least sending something04:52
gogetaVinceN: so a client or server rejcting04:52
tecnicohashashin: the network service must be up by the time the mount happens... that could be the problem you are having.. just a guess.  But with autofs, the NFS or whatever other resource would automatically be mounted when you try to access it. And what's even better, it'd unmount if it is not being used and that'd prevent your system from hanging if you have some network hicup locking the mount04:53
dapzHi i'm natively from windows so i'm used to mIRC, but is there a way to see what channels people are idling? Normally this is displayed in the whois on mIRC04:53
gogetaVinceN: if your connecting to lan the ip for ubuntu will also be diffrent if your using ip filter04:54
VinceNgogeta: Seems so, Doubt its the client cause it will connect when trying to connect to the XP Server04:54
IdleOnedapz: on freenode, whois only shows you channels you share with the user.04:54
gogetaVinceN: also check your roughter both machines ip will need a rought to the vpn04:55
dapzWell I'm looking for any similar channels i guess, namely technical channels for programming/developers04:55
Hobbseeggg22: in that picture, is that /home that has the 200gb free space, or /?  I'm wondering if /home is on a separate partition to /, and only /home is full04:55
dapzdo you know of any IdleOne ?04:55
hashashintecnico, thanks I'll look at autofs04:55
gogetaVinceN: assuming you did this fr cp aruldy04:55
Hobbseeggg22: (and weird!)04:55
greezmunkeyggg22: have you tried booting into a live cd to investigate your drives further?04:56
AbhiJitdapz, ##programming04:56
ggg22Hobbsee: yeah i know this is bad because i don't even know how to start in fixing thsi problem.04:56
IdleOnedapz: #programming, ##c++ and so on, basically pick a language and try joining the channel.04:56
gogetaVinceN: most uppnp rughters do this for you but who knoes04:56
VinceNGogeta: already covered that base, both OS's are set to obtain the same IP when booted.04:56
VinceNand the router is forwarding the traffic to the static IP as assigned to the machine04:56
gogetaVinceN: umm i dont think they will new mac = new ip04:57
VinceNgogeta: Except i'm not using DHCP04:57
gogetaVinceN: you can check with ifconfig however04:57
VinceNBoth IS's are static assigned04:57
gogetaVinceN: ah04:57
VinceNOS's even04:57
Hobbseeggg22: yeah, i'm trying to figure that out.  answer my question?  :)04:57
gogetaVinceN: so not a roughting issue04:57
ggg22Hobbsee: blackshirt the previous guy suggested i tried making a new user account and logging into it using alt+ fn but i get lots of weird messages. he had to go so can i just give you what i am getting when i try to bring up log in windows? yeah did gparted already and it didn't fidn anything.04:58
gogetaVinceN: so we are down to client being incomptable somehow04:58
VinceNgogeta : Doubt it, I really think this is a config issue with the pptpd on Ubuntu but I have no way of finding out what it is with this no specific error code04:58
gogetaVinceN: yea seems to have coverd the rest04:58
Hobbseeggg22: if you could run df -h -T and pastebin it from the bad machine, that'd be great.  also, a pastebin of those errors would be great if you can (or roughly what they say)04:59
greezmunkeyVinceN: what are you vpn'ing to?04:59
gogetaVinceN: shoudk be a log file for ppptd04:59
=== evi379 is now known as unknown379
macoHobbsee: i didnt know about -T! you get a gold star!04:59
dekeranyone know much about grub and mbr?04:59
Hobbseemaco: it's useful :)04:59
CaneToadon Ubuntu [Maverick and older too] what do you do when your wireless internet stops and iwlagn says "MAC is in deep sleep" over and over in the dmesg output ?05:00
sockyHey Guys,  I'm running ubuntu 10.10 and want to add itunes support to my windows virtual machine that is running via virtual box.  I've found a couple of guides that give the exact same info so I get the same error.  This is the guide: "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=970628", and my error happens when I do "make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/ M=`pwd` modules"  I get Building modules, stage 2.05:00
socky  MODPOST 0 modules05:00
ggg22Hobbsee: okay i get you that in meantime here is some of what you asked> http://pastebin.com/ufAkMC21 patition table (fdisk -h)05:00
ggg22http://pastebin.com/0CLiG05Y (df -h) return values05:00
=== JuttyMire is now known as Maser
gogetaVinceN: if your PPP setup doesn't work right away, you should look in this log file. If the log messages don't help, you can also turn on extra debugging output using the debug option. This output makes pppd log the contents of all control packets sent or received to syslog.  All messages then go to the daemon facility05:00
s0diumCan anyone please tell me why I have a clicking sound in Ubuntu Meerkat?05:01
giikerhas anyone edited 3gp videos? what app did you use?! i Just need one to paste 3gp videos...05:01
gogetaVinceN: http://www.faqs.org/docs/linux_network/x7261.html05:01
dekeranyone here using windows bootloader?05:01
gogetahow to make it log and how to get to it05:01
Hobbseedeker: ew.  usually you want to  do it the other way05:02
gogetaVinceN: then you will have detailed errors05:02
dekerHobbsee: yeah, i just might have to05:02
dekerbut want to see if it's doable the other way05:02
Hobbseeggg22: hm, where's /home?05:02
dekerbut, it's troublesome05:02
dekeri need help!05:02
Hobbseedeker: you're highly unlikely to get help on making a windows bootloader work with linux here, tbh05:03
Hobbseeggg22: what does 'sudo mount /home' give you?05:03
uLinuxwhat 'sudo su TEST' does?05:04
dekerHobbsee: yeah, i figured it was worth a shot   =)>05:04
Hobbseeggg22: gnome will throw many errors if it doesn't have /home to store temporary stuff into05:04
uLinuxgo to folder TEST?05:04
giikeranyone knows of an app to edit 3gp videos?05:04
gogetaVinceN: i guess it has logs by defuly but for more deail it tells you how05:04
ggg22Hobbsee: here i will fidn where /home05:04
chasejackscan someone please take a look at this pastebin and tell me what's wrong?  I'm trying to convert some flv's using WinFF05:04
DHRcan you easily switch an installed 10.10 system to using grub-legacy?  I'm getting unhappy with grub2.05:05
chasejacksseems like something very simple i'm missing?05:05
dapzIs anyone really good with wireless issues in Ubuntu, I need some help desperately05:05
ggg22Hobbsee: it is inside my regular user profile i can tell you that much it is /home/sarge1221?05:05
Hobbseechasejacks: you need to run it as root, for some reason05:05
gogetachasejacks: permission error for some reasion you need to sudo05:05
chasejackshobbsee: how do i do that?05:05
Hobbseechasejacks: sudo <what you ran before>05:05
gogetachasejacks: sudo05:05
chasejacksbut i'm using Winff via the GUI05:06
chasejacksi'm not good with the terminal05:06
chasejacksthat terminal opened automatically05:06
gogetachasejacks: your sh script is for term05:06
uLinuxsudo su TEST is for user TEST05:06
chasejacksgogeta: what do you mean?05:06
chasejacksgogeta: brand new to linux05:06
Hobbseeggg22: it's got to be there somewhere, try mounting it manually with the 'sudo mount /home' and see what it says?05:06
gogetachasejacks: its not a .sh?05:07
chasejacksi dont know what you're reffering to05:07
chasejacksi open WinFF via the applications menu05:07
gogetachasejacks: oh05:07
gogetachasejacks: well i would use something else its premessions are all wrong05:08
chasejacksgogeta: when i hit "convert" that terminal opens automatically05:08
Maddog94dhas anyone had a problem with thr rtl8187b wifi card05:08
ggg22okay it says it cannot find /home in /etcfstab or etc/mtab05:08
gogetachasejacks: it doesent ask you to go su05:08
gogetachasejacks: well thers better programs then winff05:08
gogetachasejacks: avidmux handbrake etc05:09
chasejacksgogeta: whats my alternative?05:09
ggg22Hobbsee: okay it says it cannot find /home in /etcf/stab or etc/mtab05:09
gogetachasejacks: you can try this but thers lots of others http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/05:09
Hobbseeggg22: oh, how have you booted to get to that shell?05:09
chasejacksgogeta: i'm trying to convert flv's to mp3's or wav's05:10
Noviceboot problems with 10.1005:10
gogetachasejacks: avidemux supports that i beleve05:10
blakkheimchasejacks: man ffmpeg05:10
Hobbseeggg22: oh, your /home is on sdb1, isn't it...05:10
gogetachasejacks: think it does video and autio05:10
chasejacksblakkheim: i dont know how to operte ffmep05:10
Novicewhenever i install ubuntu freshly,it worls fine for 2 days. After that, i get  grub problem stating that it couldn't go into the system05:11
blakkheimchasejacks: exactly, that's why you run "man ffmpeg"05:11
Hobbseeggg22: ie, on the second hard drive05:11
tecnicochasejacks: type  in your terminal   " ls -al /usr/bin/ffmpeg"05:11
gogetachasejacks: well if your ripping off youtube thers a web way05:11
ggg22Hobbsee: told you it is complex problem ^_^ i went to boot linux as usual and it said somethign about sdb1 not being able ot mount so i eventually picked option m or manual modify to fix it from there i removed the restored files and then tried startx to see if it worked. It did i am in the root account for linux right now and everythign works except software center05:11
chasejacksgogeta: that's exactly what i'm trying to od05:11
gogetachasejacks: pop in url it gives you a mp305:11
hashashintecnico, autofs seems work like a charm, thanks again.05:11
chasejacksgogeta: i have download helper...pointed to ffmpeg but it doenst work for some reason05:11
Novicehelp me05:11
gogetachasejacks: http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/05:11
NoviceHey u hackers ut der05:12
gogetachasejacks: sorry http://www.video2mp3.net/05:12
NoviceOr i will switch to Windows05:12
gogetachasejacks: pop in url i always use high qualty and done05:12
Hobbseeggg22: ah05:12
blakkheimgogeta: ripping from youtube will never be "high quality" nor will any kind of mp305:12
NoviceDont keep blabbering to yourself05:12
NoviceHELP ME NOW05:12
chasejackstecnico: still getting an error05:12
NoviceU people suck05:13
gogetablakkheim: acully yea that one will rip hd05:13
Hobbseeggg22: there are two disks on that machine, right?05:13
NoviceUbuntu help SUCKS05:13
HobbseeNovice: cya05:13
tecnicohashashin: great.  And take a look at the difference between soft and hard mounts when it comes to NFS..  it makes a difference when the network connection goes down.. your process table ends up locking and you have to do lazy unmounts .. it's a nightmare05:13
gogetablakkheim: ell hes ripping youtube made it easy for him05:13
blakkheimgogeta: doesn't matter, the audio quality is still horrible05:13
tecnicochasejacks: I was trying to see the output of that command to look at the permissions of ffmpeg05:13
gogetablakkheim: well no matter if he does a web rip or dl and convert it will be the same heh05:13
ggg22Hobbsee: only this root account works somethign about useraccounts are not working though i can access all the user account files there not corrupt or anythign i just log in to user accounts on standard boot or try alt+fn of anything kind.05:13
tecnicochasejacks: you could try:  chmod o+rx /usr/bin/ffmpeg05:14
hashashintecnico, ok05:14
ggg22Hobbsee: yeah it is duo booted has windows 7 and linux ubuntu 10.0405:14
Hobbseeggg22: yeah, the problem is that the standard accounts want stuff on the disk that didn't mount properly (sdb), and so cry loudly05:14
chasejackstecnico: thanks, here it is http://pastebin.com/dHPRBvzQ05:14
* Hobbsee scratches head05:14
chasejackstecnico: chmod: changing permissions of `/usr/bin/ffmpeg': Operation not permitted05:15
winguilinhi people, if i upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 i will lost my data or programs?05:15
gogetachasejacks: well i gave you a easy way to get the job done heh05:15
Hobbseewinguilin: no05:15
chasejacksgogeta: i appreciate it very much05:15
chasejacksgogeta: thank you :)05:16
ggg22Hobbsee: i tried windows and thankfully it is fine only user accounts under ubuntu have problems.05:16
tecnicochasejacks: oh.. gotta prefix that with 'sudo'  so,  sudo <cmd>05:16
Hobbseeggg22: yeah, it would be05:16
chasejackstecnico: still permission denied, im baffled05:17
Hobbseeggg22: what does sudo fdisk /dev/sdb1 output?05:17
Exploiterggg22, linux is not the problem, user is(ALWAYS)05:17
HobbseeExploiter: if only that were the truth.  linux has bugs05:17
gogetachasejacks: of course they are right no matter how you do it youtube audio sucks05:18
ExploiterHobbsee yeah?? liike there are millions of bugg which bothers you.. windows have 1000 times more bugs.. to be specific05:18
tecnicochasejacks: the output of your ls  command seems to indicate that /usr/bin/ffmpeg is a directory and not a binary file05:18
ggg22Hobbsee: I tried ti and it said ti was unable to open /dev/sdb105:18
Hobbseeggg22: rats05:18
tecnicochasejacks: type   sudo file /usr/bin/ffmpeg       . Does it say directory?05:19
gogetatecnico: only 1 way that happond and im just gonna stay quite05:19
tecnicothat bad?05:19
chasejackstecnico: good call ,yes it does...what does that mean?05:19
Hobbseeggg22: oh, plug the external drive back in, then run it05:19
gogetatecnico: means he didnt use apt-get and probly a source05:19
chasejackstecnico: does that mean it's not installed properly?  I did a recompile and followed the steps thoughorly05:20
gogetatecnico: ding ding ding05:20
greezmunkeyGive that man a het!05:20
chasejacksgogeta: how do i get ffmpeg installed properly, the latest one with all the features?05:21
chasejacksgogeta:  i followed all the steps05:21
ggg22this is satin's external hardrive i pray this thing doesn't destroy want little linux os i got left T_T05:21
gogetachasejacks: well first you have to remove that botched install05:21
tecnicochasejacks: well, I'd recommend moving that away (sudo mv /usr/bin/ffmpeg /tmp/ffmpeg_screwed)  and installing ffmpeg with apt-get install ffmpeg05:21
Hobbseeggg22: it shouldn't05:21
gogetachasejacks: and for refrence later ubuntu is not ment for source compiles avoide when possable05:22
zer010hello all05:22
ggg22Hobbsee: it still says unable to open even with external attached.05:23
zer010I don't come to irc very often, but I needed some quick help05:23
chasejacksgogeta: does the apt-install have all the features?05:23
gogetachasejacks: well latest for ubuntu and any ubunu apps will use05:24
gogetachasejacks: flc support has been around for ages so05:24
zer010I need the command to install GNOME in Fedora...I know, NOT an Ubuntu specific question05:24
gogetazer010: yum install grub05:24
AbhiJitzer010, #fedora05:24
gogetazer010: yum install gnome sorry05:24
ggg22Hobbsee: though i checked the computer tab and the external drive doesn't appear to be listed. Thats another thing is all things usb are not functioning in this low shell setting i guess or there are errors one?05:25
zer010I figure it's as easy as su yum install gnome205:25
Hobbseeggg22: yeah, it probably doesn't function05:25
chasejacksgogeta:  http://pastebin.com/eWu1QdAZ05:25
chasejackstecnico: http://pastebin.com/eWu1QdAZ05:25
AbhiJitzer010, yes?05:25
tecnicochasejacks: Apt-get installed packages are your safe bet since. With more experience and time  you could install ffpeg from source if you want.  Basically you untarred the ffmpeg source directory directly in /usr/bin.  Next time untar it somewher else, like ~/source (mkdir ~/sources). Then follow the instructions.05:25
chasejacksyou guys are unbelievably helpful, thank you so much05:25
gogetachasejacks: thats fine they are not nedded anymore05:25
zer010You suggested #fedora05:26
AbhiJitzer010, yah ask in #fedora channel05:26
chasejacksbut how do i get rid of them now?05:26
gogetazer010: yep they have a chat to05:26
zer010 thanks05:26
AbhiJitzer010, welcome05:26
gogetachasejacks: as it said to do05:26
=== HeimDaLL is now known as HeimDaLL|OFF
gogetachasejacks: sudo apt-get autoremove05:27
ggg22Hobbsee: is there away to possibly just reinstall all the files that the boots want or would that require a complete reinstallation?05:27
maddog94dhoping to get some help with my wifi05:27
chasejacksgogeta: oops didn't see that, this ubuntu thing is cool05:27
chasejacksgogeta: this is my first day on it :)05:27
gogetachasejacks: it tend to notec junk and wanna remove it05:27
chasejacksgogeta: how will i know where ffmpeg is installed?05:28
AbhiJit!manual | chasejacks05:28
ubottuchasejacks: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:28
gogetachasejacks: computer janator is a gui for that as well05:28
gogetachasejacks: its installed05:28
gogetachasejacks: being thers no ui you can tyor ffmpeg05:28
gogetachasejacks: but your facret app should work05:28
chasejackshow do i know where its located05:28
maddog94di have a problem where all the sudden it will disable the wifi card05:28
maddog94dconnects just fine on boot05:29
AbhiJitchasejacks, whereis ffmpeg05:29
chasejacksAbhiJit: no idea...05:29
tecnico:) :)05:29
AbhiJitchasejacks, no05:29
chasejacksthats a command?05:29
AbhiJitchasejacks, thats the command you have to type in termianl to know where is ffmpeg05:29
gogetachasejacks: yes or you can do updatedb then locate ffmpeg05:30
chasejacksffmpeg: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg /usr/share/ffmpeg05:30
AbhiJitchasejacks, first one05:30
gogetachasejacks: thats where it is05:30
chasejacksthanks guys for being so patient05:30
chasejacksand helpful05:30
AbhiJitchasejacks, the one with '/bin' is executable. generaly05:30
Hobbseeggg22: hmm.  what did you run for the "With failure I then tried a manual solution where it takes ubuntu into a lower shell state or whatever and the first thing i did was from command prompt i removed every item backed up from the external harddrive through use of terminal".  Something strange is going on05:31
chasejacksi'm pointing the firefox extension Download helper to that directory and its not working05:31
DuckMaestroim reading a guide on installing ubuntu on latest mac mini. it recommends installing rEFIT before the ubuntu installation, to manage booting.     does that all sound legit/reasonable to you guys?05:31
gogetachasejacks: if you did the same misinstall to winff its also in apt-get05:31
gogetachasejacks: notee you dont need to use the console to install packages there is 2 gui sysanptic and ubuntu store05:32
tecnicoDuckMaestro: why dual boot? I'd install ubuntu on a virtual machine and have both worlds.. no need to mess up with your mac05:32
ggg22Hobbsee: okay what i did was go to the directories that i had restored from the external in case they were corrupt and did rm since rmdir wasn't working for me. after i rm all the files i nthe directory i then deleted the diretory itself and i ls it to see the directory is gone. it was in my home folder.05:33
Hobbseeggg22: aiee05:33
gogetachasejacks: i just use it being its quick if you knoe excaly what you whant05:33
DuckMaestrotecnico: i have a specific test case i need to do for work and i need to run native without VM. thanks for the suggestion though.05:33
S0LIDUSDoes anyone know the 10GBE support in ubuntu server 10.04?05:33
chasejacksgogeta: do you know anything about the extension for firefox download helper?05:33
gogetachasejacks: i use downthemall05:34
gogetachasejacks: its the orignal and fast05:34
chasejacksgogeta: how do i get winff to work now05:34
gogetachasejacks: launch it?05:34
ggg22Hobbsee: one thing that might be related to this is those files was the only way i could open them was to use root i guess ti was soemthing with photorec? the directory had the pad locked symbol for root priviledges05:34
Hobbseeggg22: wouldn't surprise me05:35
chasejacksall i need05:35
chasejacksis the path to FFplay.exe05:35
Hobbseeggg22: sudo mkdir /home && sudo mkdir /home/username && sudo chown username:username /home/username05:35
gogetachasejacks: from your whereis command05:35
allu2ggg22: your trying to remove folder?05:35
gogetachasejacks: ffplay.exe hua05:35
ggg22allu2: correction already removed via terminal running low shell.05:36
chasejacksffplay: /usr/local/bin/ffplay05:36
allu2ggg22: ah ok05:36
gogetachasejacks: you said .exe05:36
Hobbseeggg22: if the above works without errors, you should be able to reboot back into a user account05:36
chasejacksyes, winff is asking for the path to FFPlay.exe05:37
gogetachasejacks: but you got it05:37
S0LIDUSCan anyone help with 10GBE support in 10.04?05:37
gogetachasejacks: umm linux does not do .exe05:37
gogetachasejacks: are you using a windows app05:37
chasejacksnot at all, just using winff05:37
gogetavia wine05:37
chasejackson ubuntu05:37
AbhiJitS0LIDUS, what is 10GBE?05:38
gogetachasejacks: maybe its a typo from the port no worrys05:38
S0LIDUSAbhiJit, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.05:38
gogetachasejacks: is a windows app ported to linux05:38
chasejacksgogeta: well i typed in that path and it sill says it cant find it05:38
HobbseeS0LIDUS: should just work05:38
chasejacksffplay: /usr/local/bin/ffplay05:38
gogetachasejacks: shure you did install the windows version05:39
chasejacksgogeta: how could i, i don't have wine05:39
gogetachasejacks: well do wheris ffplay05:39
S0LIDUSHobbsee, Does Ubuntu support it ?05:39
ggg22Hobbsee: quick question but for username:username it actually is username right or do i make them what i want to call the account?05:39
HobbseeS0LIDUS: should do05:39
rinku_kokiriwhere are virtualbox headers found?05:39
Hobbseeggg22: the latter :)05:39
gogetawhere sorry05:40
S0LIDUSHobbsee, Thanks ! ; )05:40
greezmunkeyS0LIDUS: wouldn't that simply be a matter of supporting the hardware?05:40
ggg22Hobbsee: okay so for tiem being i make an account called guest which is done then i would do guest:guest /home/username?05:40
gogetachasejacks: thats the path05:40
chasejacksgogeta: lol i was in the windows tab05:41
gogetachasejacks: think you had a extra space05:41
Hobbseeggg22: oh, i was thinking the username you used before.  or does /home/usernamefrombefore still exist?05:41
gogetachasejacks: lol05:41
S0LIDUSgreezmunkey, Yep, but I can't remember the hardware support page for ubuntu 10.04.05:41
chasejacksgogeta: but its still saying it cant find ffplay05:41
MaahesI'm having a really sucky problem with my touchpad, and I have tried multiple things, but none work, long description here: http://pastebin.com/DH8zCpGY if anyone can help05:41
rinku_kokirihei i ran svn co http://www.virtualbox.org/svn/vbox/trunk/include/ where does it place the src/headers05:41
ggg22Hobbsee: Yeah sarge1221 still exists was going to ask is it best to tyry to make a new account or you think this will fix sarge1221?05:42
Maahesrinku_kokiri: in the root of the folder you ran svn co in.05:42
Hobbseeggg22: oh, well, if that still exists, try 'sudo chown -R sarge1221:sarge1221 /home/sarge1221' and you should be good.  hopefully05:42
* Hobbsee thought that was gone05:42
gogetachasejacks: darn thing05:43
ggg22Hobbsee: one second should i backup my files before doing this i have alot of stuff still in that acount espicially the home folder itself.05:43
Hobbseeggg22: i'tll be fine, it's only changing permissions05:43
Hobbseeggg22: would not try rm or something, though ;)05:44
gogetachasejacks: i probly would go with avidemux05:44
MaahesHobbsee: you wouldn't happen to know anything about making a live usb require a user with a password would you? I tried making a user earlier, with a password, but gdm kicked me out for not being in the "nopassword" group. Longshot, but I remember you being knowledgeable :)05:44
gogetachasejacks: if thats being stubbern05:44
dudehow do i change loginscreen resolution?05:44
HobbseeMaahes: unless you set it somewhere in usb creator, i've got no idea05:45
pitlimitMy wireless doesn't seem to be working on my newly install Ubuntu - can anyone help me with this?05:45
HobbseeMaahes: course, you could always sudo adduser <user> nopassword, but i'm not sure if that would be permanent05:46
gogetachasejacks: aviedemux i in apt-get as well05:46
ggg22Hobbsee: okay i think it did it. anyway to test it or will i have to just reboot as normal?05:47
realeyesanyone know about deving for android?05:47
poutinerealeyes, yeah shoot05:47
Hobbseeggg22: just reboot as normal05:47
tempaswhat does modified BSD license mean?05:47
realeyeshow do i start? I've got ubuntu 10.10 and a droid incredible05:47
ggg22Hobbsee okay i will do that right now then.05:47
Hobbseeggg22: excellent :)05:48
AbhiJittempas, ask in #bsd or #freebsd05:48
Maahestempas: uh, it means they modified it. Read the text.05:48
poutinerealeyes, http://developer.android.com/index.html05:48
tempasMaahes: where can i read it?05:48
Maahesan easy way would be to do: diff currentbsdversion.txt thatliscense.txt05:48
tempasi know nothing about licensing05:48
Maahestempas: for what program?05:48
hxcjonnysniperis it possible to mount a folder onto my desktop?05:48
tempasMaahes: its an open source project on Github05:49
realeyespoutine: any other way to go about it? ;/05:49
airlynxI have no idea where to start with this, I'm using Ubuntu Studio 10.04 and whenever I use programs that require audio (except JACK) the audio will quit after about 15 minutes, e.g. in Audacious this happens if I select PulseAudio or ALSA but if I set up and use JACK it works just fine05:49
Maahestempas: its probably in the git directory. what project is it?05:49
porthose_where can I find documentation on how to customize unity?05:50
poutinerealeyes, not really, you should be familiar with java. I use ant and vim for deving, that site will tell you the API and requirements05:50
realeyeshow do i learn java?05:50
ggg22Hobbsee: thats funny seems there is no off button how do oyu restart ubuntu from terminal?05:50
denysoniquerealeyes, you don't learn java05:50
poutinebeyond the scope of an IRC channel realeyes05:50
AbhiJittempas, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_free_software_licenses05:50
Hobbseeggg22: oh.  sudo reboot05:50
denysoniquerealeyes, learn python05:50
poutinedon't learn python...05:50
* realeyes c.c;05:51
denysoniquejava only eats up memory05:51
hxcjonnysniperis it possible to mount a folder onto my desktop?05:51
denysoniquehxcjonnysniper, mount?05:51
denysoniquehxcjonnysniper, man mount, see the --bind option05:51
poutineenjoy your android dev with python denysonique05:51
Maahestempas: Pintura is part of the Persevere project, and therefore is licensed under the AFL or BSD license <---bottom of the github page05:51
hxcjonnysniperdenysonique: bind option?05:52
ggg22lets hope that fixed it. here the splash screen.... it didn't fix it T_T05:52
AbhiJittempas, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_license05:52
denysoniquepoutine, ?05:52
poutine<realeyes> anyone know about deving for android? ... <denysonique> realeyes, learn python05:53
ggg22Hobbsee: okay here is the exact message "The disk drive for /mnt/sdb1 is not ready yet or not present"  "continue to wait; or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery"05:53
Hobbseeggg22: s05:54
realeyesI'm confued.05:54
denysoniquenou, I only read this line <realeyes> how do i learn java?05:54
tempasand sometimes it says i have to have a CLA to contribute .. why is that?05:54
tempaswhats the all about05:54
denysoniquebut python works on android too05:54
realeyesMaybe this whole 'dev for android' isn't my thing :P05:54
AbhiJitm going05:54
ggg22Hobbsee: it seems to have frozen and is not loading to top it off its running 100% trying to burn itself up.05:55
Hobbseeggg22: argh.  what's top showing as the culprit?05:55
tempasThe Apache license has some extra benefits over the BSD or MIT X11 license style licenses. The Apache 2.0 licenses contains a patent grant, which means that at least the authors of the code are giving you any rights that you need to any patents they might own that happen to be in the code you are using.05:56
ggg22Hobbsee: don't know can't run top from splash screen. At least i dont think you can05:56
tempasit seems that Apache license is better than MIT and BSD to use05:56
Hobbseeggg22: good point05:56
ndxtgI'm using ubuntu 10.10 . Whenever I click on shutdown/logoff/restart, it just logs out to the login screen and it says "currently logged in", like the switch user screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?05:56
MaahesI'm having a really sucky problem with my touchpad, and I have tried multiple things, but none work, long description here: http://pastebin.com/DH8zCpGY if anyone can help05:57
ggg22Hobbsee: god windows got blue screen of death and linux ubuntu now has the purple  screen of doom.05:57
=== eureka_ is now known as nitneiht
Hobbseeggg22: try unplug the external, then reboot, hit 'e' at grub and take out "quiet splash", see if that shows anything?05:57
Hobbseeggg22: bwah?  that shouldn't effect windows05:58
ggg22Hobbsee: oh well i unplugged it before loading should i try ti with the external plugged in?05:58
Hobbseeggg22: oh, so it's going and looking for it.  mind pastebinning /etc/fstab?05:58
pitlimitcan anyone help me get my wireless working?05:59
HobbseeMaahes: quickest solution will probably be reboot05:59
macoggg22: um, bsod and kernel panics *should* only happen in two cases. 1) hardware bug  2) driver bug.  given the likelihood of both OSes finding driver bugs simultaneously... :-/05:59
ggg22Hostbee: can't still frozen on splash screen. it stopped trying to load.05:59
denysoniqueMaahes, try with synclient06:00
Hobbseeggg22: reset on the panel?06:00
ggg22Hobbsee: oh you mean hard reset okay06:00
Hobbseeggg22: yeah06:00
MACscr_lappyim getting the dreaded blinking cursor when trying to install ubuntu on my new mobo/ram. Happens before i can even enter anything. It boots the cd and even shows the first splash screen  (the simple purple one with two graphics at the bottom), but after that it goes to the eternal blinking cursor. Any ideas?06:01
ggg22Hobbsee:trying this time with external plugged in.06:01
denysoniqueMaahes, synclient TouchpadOff=006:01
denysoniqueMACscr_lappy, try the alternative install cd06:01
denysoniqueMACscr_lappy, or burn another one06:01
ggg22Hobbsee: what about recovery mode i never tried but do you think it might boot up?06:01
Hobbseeggg22: you can try06:01
MACscr_lappydenysonique: ive tried an install cd for ubuntu 10.4 that i have used before and another 10.10 one. both had the exact same results =/06:02
MACscr_lappybut i havent tried alternative06:03
ggg22Hobbsee: jeeze man when it fails boot off a recovery mode thats terrible.06:03
Hobbseeggg22: quite06:04
ggg22Hobbsee: so much for fail safe what the heck did that external hardrive do to kill my linux like some crazed penguin assassin...06:04
Hobbseeggg22: wish i knew...i haven't been able to find info about what that actually does06:05
ggg22Hobbsee: so i get the toughest fix of the month then i guess?06:05
Hobbseeggg22: heh :)  I don't normally help out here, so i don't know.  but it's one of the more obscure ones06:06
jadariteI have a D-Link DWL-132 USB wireless adapter.  It works fine in windows, but I would like to install it through Unbuntu.  Does anyone know how?06:07
Hobbseeggg22: if nothing obvious makes itself known, i'd backup the /home directory on the machine, and reinstall.  at least you should have your data06:07
Hobbsee!ndiswrapper | jadarite06:08
ubottujadarite: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:08
greezmunkeycrazed penguin assassin! Heh (sorry man)06:08
Hobbseejadarite: by the look of it, that card isn't supported under ubuntu.  it may be by using ndiswrapper and windows drivers06:09
MACscr_lappyif i change my mobo's, will my UUID changes for my hard drives that have Ubuntu installed?06:09
HobbseeMACscr_lappy: no06:09
archerhelp me with switching off CONFIG_PAX_MEMORY_UDEREF06:09
archerI don't know how to06:09
MACscr_lappyHobbsee: hmm, seems when i try to boot to my existing OS, it says it cant find that UUID06:10
ggg22Hobbsee: okay at the end of linux recovery it has [  23.953054] shpchp 0000:00:01.0: Cannot reserve MMIO region /dev/sda5: clean, 579747/18743296 files, 18554644/74945225 blocks06:10
HobbseeMACscr_lappy: did you repartition at all?06:10
MACscr_lappyHobbsee: nope, because all the drives are the same, even same order06:10
ggg22Hobbsee: anything significant because that is what it is getting stuck on for recovery mode.06:12
Hobbseeggg22: no idea, googling06:12
gogetajadarite: your card needs nids wrapper06:12
HobbseeMACscr_lappy: check ls -lh /dev/disk/by-uuid and /etc/fstab, modify /etc/fstab to match the values in the disks06:13
archerhelp me with switching off CONFIG_PAX_MEMORY_UDEREF please06:13
gogetajadarite: http://bigpixel.com/?p=16706:14
Hobbseeggg22: i can't tell06:14
Dreamglidercan i move /home to a seperate partition after i installed ubuntu 10.10 ?06:14
ggg22Hobbsee: anyone who would know what that means?06:14
macoDreamglider: yep06:14
macoDreamglider: you'd just have to copy your stuff over & modify /etc/fstab to point to the new partition06:15
archermove ...06:15
archerencryption and ect06:15
tecnicoarcher: is it on?  sudo grep CONFIG_PAX_MEMORY_UDEREF /boot/config-`unamr -r`06:15
Dreamglidermaco: you have a link to a guide ?06:15
archertecnico,  ty. i am looking into it06:16
MACscr_lappylol, just unplugged all my usb stuff and now the live cd seems to at least be booting, woo hoo06:16
macoDreamglider: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving06:16
gogetaMACscr_lappy: stick to osx heh06:16
Dreamglidermaco: thanks man.06:16
Hobbseeggg22: i've no idea, sorry :(06:17
Dreamglidermaco: thanks woman :)06:17
DreamgliderUbuntu has come a long way since 8.04/1006:17
chandrageetha how frequent we have to update through update manager, since it needs more space06:17
gogetachandrageetha: shouldent use more space lol06:18
tecnicoarcher: that's just to see if it is on or enabled... it is is and you want to change it depends if it is compiled in or if it is a module. If it is a module you can just unload the module. If it is compiled, you need to recompile the kernel with that off.  And recompiling the kernel is a completely different game for a new person to linux06:18
gogetachandrageetha: not by mutch anyways06:18
ggg22Hobbsee: it made it to the splash screen O_o yet it won't load thats mean.06:18
Dreamglider i only installed 10.10 last week,  used 8.04/10 from birth till eol. so i have to take my hat of for it. 10.10 is nice.06:18
gogetachandrageetha: genrely if it leave the old kernel after a update you can remove it06:19
chandrageethadaily it says --- mb will be needed for these updates, like that06:19
archerwhat shall i do to enable vt  in my laptop? it is always unaccepted by vmware06:19
chandrageethahow to remove old kernel?06:19
gogetachandrageetha: mb to dl not to install06:19
gogetachandrageetha: once installed to cleans all that out06:19
gogetachandrageetha: well 10.10 shouldent have anynold images06:20
gogetachandrageetha: yep06:20
ggg22Hobbsee: i do recall one other thing when i tried to bypass the mnt before it displayed a message about gnome not having proper drivers installed for power management?06:20
aDik21/server irc.malaysiachat.org06:20
chandrageethathank u gogeta,06:20
gogetachandrageetha: being the last kernel update didnt leave the old one behind due to a expolite so it auto removed it06:20
tecnicoarcher: most likely CONFIG_VT is enabled already.    sudo grep VT /boot/config-`uname -r`06:21
gogetachandrageetha: normly it leave the old behind just in case you have issues06:21
chandrageethaso we need to install each and every update prompting?06:21
chandrageethai have no issues with it. but simply to know06:21
gogetachandrageetha: well you can set the check whenever you like weekly daly montly06:21
chandrageethawhat is actually meant by check feature?06:22
archertecnico,  yes it is on. the fact is i am not luck at all06:22
gogetachandrageetha: when it looks for updates06:22
gogetachandrageetha: oof course you dont have to do it right then it just tells you they are there06:22
archertecnico,  and about 3d acc, not lucky enough either06:22
chandrageethasorry, along with the update window, it shows a button named check. what does it mean06:23
gogetachandrageetha: but always a good idea to stay updated06:23
chandrageethaok. will follow you , thank you06:23
gogetachandrageetha: check is a good idea to hit before updating06:23
gogetachandrageetha: make shure everything is still where it should be06:23
gogetachandrageetha: or it might try to get something thats not there or moved06:23
gogetachandrageetha: and fail06:23
chandrageethayeah, the same i am doing, thank you gogeta very much06:24
chandrageethabye all06:24
denysoniquehmm ubuntu makes everything simple;)06:25
denysoniquebut it could be more simple imho06:25
pcmhSo could windows. Just depends on who you ask.06:26
ggg22Hobbsee: i plugged in the external and recovery mode was possible what should i do now?06:26
archerthank you all. especially to tecnico . I have to quit06:27
denysoniquebut with ubuntu there is one problem06:27
denysoniquethere is no simple way a novice user could play videos06:27
gogetadenysonique: push play?06:27
denysoniquegogeta, codecs...06:28
pcmhOpen the "Video player?"06:28
gogetadenysonique: toten will say it need to find em hit ssearch and wala06:28
denysoniquegogeta, and will install automatically?06:28
pcmhUbuntu has always said "You need these" when I tried to play ones with wierd codecs and it downloaded them for me06:28
gogetadenysonique: if there avable yes06:28
MACscr_lappylol, crap, i cant test the fglrx drivers with the live cd because it requires a reboot06:29
MACscr_lappythats retarded06:29
gogetaMACscr_lappy: you would need to make a usb cd that can save to do tht06:29
macoMACscr_lappy: can we not use "retarded" like that? thanks06:29
gogetaMACscr_lappy: a persent live cd06:29
ggg22quick question but after top how do you stop it from terminal?06:29
macoggg22: q06:30
amokpauleHello, someone here knows how to get an ati 6870 working with ubuntu?06:30
ggg22maco: thanks06:30
gogetaamokpaule: push hardware let drivers install06:30
macoMACscr_lappy: i believe a logout is sufficient, so you could "sudo service gdm restart" and let it log back in (may need user/pass ubuntu/ubuntu)06:30
gogetamaco: for fglx its kernel06:31
macogogeta: oh boo06:31
pcmhWhat about fan control on Radeon GPU's. Anyone had any luck with that?06:31
gogetamaco: he needs a prestent live cd for that06:31
MACscr_lappymaco: lol, you actually find the comment offensive?06:31
gogetaMACscr_lappy: there easy to make06:31
amokpauleI did but after a reboot my screen satys black i have to go to the recovery mode and reset my xorg config. When i try to open the ati control center it says "unsupported device"06:31
gogetaMACscr_lappy: i think even the usb maker for ubuntu has that option some windows ones to doionno abought mac06:32
MACscr_lappyim not on a mac06:32
ggg22okay I was able to get in gui for my user account woot now how can start in figuring out how to take this external drive out of the equation?06:32
MACscr_lappyand i dont like them06:32
MACscr_lappyMAC is my initials06:32
gogetaggg22: ?????06:32
ggg22What this problem is it has somethign to do with the external drive it wont even let linux bootup without it plugged in.06:33
macoMACscr_lappy: your usage of it is offensive, yes. please follow the channel guidelines including the bit about respect06:33
gogetaamokpaule: then major driver bug there06:33
gogetaamokpaule: on amd part06:33
=== dreamtraveler is now known as noobuntu
gogetaggg22: ahh you installed grub to the internel drive06:34
pcmhggg22: Did you install linux on the external?06:34
MACscr_lappymaco: i am not being offensive at all. Its just a term to describe something. Just like saying something is stupid06:34
MACscr_lappyanyway, i will drop the topic06:34
gogetaggg22: that will make grub flip out when you remove it06:34
gogetaggg22: you have to remove grub from the internel and put it on the externel06:34
amokpaulekk guess ill pack it up again and trade it for an nvidia card06:34
elkygogeta, it is quite unnecessary. Developmental delay isn't uncommon, and we really shouldn't alienate people in here who've been affected by it.06:34
gogetaggg22: make shure you restore booting on the inernel as well06:35
gogetaelky: well amd broke it cant do anything there06:35
gogetaelky: then go back to os drivers06:35
gogetaother then06:36
ggg22no I didn't install linux on external. anything this thing did to grub it did on its own accord so how do i go about removing the external making my system bootup normally?06:36
MACscr_lappyive tried a bootable usb, but my crappy mobo doesnt seem to have it show up as a boot option. Though it supports booting from usb06:36
MACscr_lappyquite odd06:36
elkygogeta, that doesn't mean you can use language that alienates people affected by developmental delays.06:36
gogetaggg22: ah remove ext drive now06:36
gogetaggg22: then just doing sudo update-grub should make a grub menu without the externel06:37
MACscr_lappyelky: the last thing we need on the internet is more hyper sensitivity06:37
gogetaggg22: you must have some sort of os on the ext being it made a entry for it06:37
ggg22gogeta: i don't think it is quite that simple this problem is very confusing. i checked the total filesystem capcity and it now reads 747.1 GB i have a 500 gb laptop hardrive and the external is 200 to 250.06:38
gogetaggg22: thats a known bug06:38
elkyMACscr_lappy, actually the internet would benefit immensely from sensitivity training. We might have more than white christian males between 12 and 35 on it if it did.06:38
pcmhggg22: is this a fresh ubuntu install?06:39
mneptokelky: there's no need to stereotype the types of people that are insensitive.06:39
ggg22gogeta: oh really okay you got my vote.06:39
gogetaggg22: did you lvm the drive?06:39
macomneptok: it was more a list of people who aren't constantly being spit upon, i think06:39
gogetaggg22: 747 seems to think the drive is part of your os06:39
ggg22gogeta: the only thign i did with this external is i scanned it using photopoc or whatever it is called then it did weird thigns after the scan06:40
mneptokmaco: i think that's more than hyperbolic.06:40
gogetaggg22: humm06:40
mneptokmaco: seeing that i am not in that demographic and i hardly feel spit upon.06:40
gogetaggg22: just thinking hear06:41
pcmhggg22: Anything on the external? If not format it with Gparted maybe?06:41
gogetaggg22: well if its ext or any other linuxx fsa it would read it as total space i assume06:41
macomneptok: you're in 2 or3 of the 4...06:41
lyraeDoes alt+prtscrn not work for anyone else?06:41
ggg22gogeta: thhen it said something about running out of space which is impossible the fiel was only 25 mb and it asked to store the file on a location for my laptop i selected in my home folder and thats where it stuck the recovered fiels. after that its acted plain weird.06:41
gogetaggg22: yea you hit that fs bug06:42
gogetaggg22: some see there drives as 147tb lol06:42
ggg22gogeta: yeah thats me it started showing random totals like tb 1.3 and 1.2 XD06:42
gogetaggg22: seems to only effect 64bit06:42
gogetaggg22: well now we knoe its wreaking more havic then bad space readings06:43
realeyesYou don't have the right permissions to extract archives in the folder "file:///usr/local"06:43
gogetaggg22: well with no os on the drive updating grub with the hdd removed should give you a correct meenu06:43
ggg22gogeta: i'm just glad we know what it is do i still need to unplug it then just do install grub?06:43
realeyeshow to unzip to a destination as root?06:43
gogetaggg22: well it should scan for drives with no ext it should make a entery06:44
realeyeshow to unzip to a destination as root?06:44
gogetaggg22: then plugged in or not shouldent have a effect06:44
ggg22gogeta: okay this is badit doesn't seem to know the external is connected so i cant access the file structure?06:45
gogetaggg22: we whant it disconnected for now06:46
gogetaggg22: you saying its not working at all now?06:46
ggg22gogeta: okay it is disconnected. trying stuff out06:46
realeyeshow do I Unzip to /usr/local (you will need to be sudo / root). ?06:47
gogetaggg22: when the install make the first grub install it looks for any os on any drives then makes the enterys06:47
gogetaggg22: in the case of a ext drive disconnecting it = grub crash06:47
vdubhackdoes anyone know an easy way to make an installable ISO of how I exactly have my system setup?06:47
pcmhanyone know how to control the GPU fan speed of a radeon card?06:48
ggg22gogeta: okay so just reinstall grub then?06:48
stubuntu@realeyes yes, root is the only way06:48
realeyeshow do i do that?06:48
gogetaggg22: you can genrly still boot it via the grub command line06:48
gogetaggg22: fine find stage 106:48
gogetalike find06:49
ggg22gogeta: stage 1 ?06:49
gogetaggg22: tells it to look for the boot device06:49
taranI am unable to upodat from Ubuntu 10.10.Im behind a firewall of the office but have configured proxies properly.Any HELP?06:49
gogetaggg22: but we are gonna fix it looking for the ext at all06:49
DiverdudeIs there anywhere i can read about what the mot common root folders are used for. I mean forexample the difference between /lib and /usr/lib. Where to put executables so that i can execute them from anywhere. What is /proc  and /var etc.06:49
realeyesstubuntu: how do i do that?06:50
vdubhackDiverdude: to make a program run from anywhere put it in your path06:50
vdubhackDIverdude: Read about compiling programs its really not that hard make sure to pay attention to setting up paths06:50
gogetaggg22: you should also be able to go into d.40 and rmeove the other drives entry and just update-grub06:51
taranHow to update Ubuntu 10.10 when you are  behind a firewall?06:51
Diverdudevdubhack, yes i know...that was just an example...it was more what different standard folders are used for06:51
stubunturealeyes: are you using the command line to copy  files?06:51
Diverdudevdubhack, like a folder overview06:51
ggg22gogeta: "find stage 1" output no such file or directory06:52
gogetaggg22: well wasent the excat command and you do at the grub screen06:53
vdubhackdiverdude: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemsExplained06:53
gogetaggg22: but its better to remove the exra drive entry so it doesent crash at all06:53
ggg22gogeta: no wait i am in the gui still just cvan't access the external drive06:53
ggg22gogeta: not in grub right now so go install grub then go from there correct?06:53
gogetaggg22: yea if thats the same script the live cd uses06:54
vdubhackdiverdude: if thats not enough google ubuntu folders explained06:54
ggg22gogeta: oh okay. alrighjt i gotcha i'll reboot with or without the external plugged in when i edit grub?06:54
gogetaggg22: well live = no ext defently will rmeake grub without the ext on it06:55
gogetalive plus06:55
freezwayis there a way to tell my gpu usage. I have an nvidia card06:55
ggg22goeta: okay when you say live what do oyu mean i don't mess with grub very much because of reasons like these it is very sensitive.06:56
gogetaggg22: heh yea it can be06:56
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.06:56
sailendra1i need help in ubuntu06:56
ggg22gogeta: you mean a live disk of grub 2?06:56
gogetaggg22: the ubuntu live cd cabnn repair grub dunni abought supergrub these days06:57
ggg22gogeta: does gpart have grub repiar?06:57
sailendra1is there any application that supports the yahoo voice chat in linux06:57
ggg22gogeta: *gparted*06:57
MACscr_lappywhats a better alternative to dd that i can use to image a drive that wont store empty space?06:58
sailendra1hello there06:58
gogetaggg22: the say just boot live cd do sudo update-grub206:59
gogetaggg22: should repair the menu auto06:59
mincompwhere's my bourbon?06:59
sailendra1how to use the yahoo voice chatting in linux06:59
ggg22gogeta: okay well glad my problem is solved and to think it was grub and the external harddrive XD06:59
gogetaggg22: just do it with no ext06:59
gogetaggg22: said it work non live to if you can still boot07:00
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: clonezilla?07:00
gogetaggg22: i assume with ext unplugged07:00
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ggg22gogeta: does it have to be in ubuntu live or can something like knoppix and that other stuff do it my only thing is my cd burner is dead.07:01
MACscr_lappyvdubhack: was hoping for something i could run from the live cd or just ubuntu in general. Dont want ot have to boot up any media to do it07:01
gogetaggg22: says you can do it right there07:01
sailendra1any software application for linux voice chat using yahoo messenger07:03
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/mnt/mydir/hda1_piece1_7-15-2006.ddclone bs=4096 conv=noerror   something like that doesnt work for you then? DD can be used to not copy free space07:03
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: if that doesnt make much sense for dd I would recommend reading the man further on it :) dd will do what you ask07:06
pcmhAnyone successfully using a RAdeon card with Ubuntu?07:07
freezwayanyone here have tremulous installed?07:07
MACscr_lappyvdubhack: if wan to do the full disk, can i jsut do sda? or do i really need to use sda1, sda2, etc?07:07
freezway'cuz i cant connect07:08
lyraeDoes alt+prtscrn not work for anyone else?07:08
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: it really depends in my opinion mostly on how many diff types of file systems your making an image of and things like that.. What is you end goal your trying to accomplish? Are you trying to make an image of your current install for an easy reinstall or?07:09
MACscr_lappybasically that, though to be honest, i really jsut need an image of it because im going to do a fresh install of ubuntu and want to rsync a lot of stuff back07:11
MACscr_lappymessing around with differen driver options have just fubared my system07:11
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: I would suggest a different route then to save you hassles in the future, I would do a standard backup of your info and setup your distro differently such as putting /home on its own partition and things like that07:12
vdubhackthat way you only have to reinstall the system your home and what not is still there07:13
vdubhackbut will not save settings if you are after that07:13
cheater99how do you grep for lines that either have the string "bash" or "python" in them?07:13
cheater99i am really lost how to do it!07:13
cheater99i have tried grep \(bash\|python\) but it didn't work..07:14
vdubhackcheater99: cat file | grep bash07:14
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MACscr_lappyvdubhack: what is a standard backup of my info?07:14
cheater99vdubhack: no..07:14
tasslehoffI've written an application that uses libusb. It is sad because it can't get permissions to access the device without "sudo", and the only other way I found that will solve it is to write udev rules.. Is there an easier, more user-friendly way?07:14
vdubhackor cat file | egrep 'bash | python'07:15
cheater99vdubhack: i want lines that have either bash OR python07:15
cheater99ok, let me try that!07:15
vdubhackcheater99: man grep07:15
cheater99i've read that07:15
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: copy to external drive or DVD or something like that07:16
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: then install with / on its own partition /home on its own at the min. There are great manuals out there for advanced installs07:17
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: I share my /home with 3 different linux OS's07:17
pcmhWhat's a good general ubuntu chat irc?07:18
vdubhackpcmh: where you are in #ubuntu07:18
selig5pcmh: ubuntu-offtopic07:19
rww#ubuntu is for technical support. #ubuntu-offtopic is the closest we have to a general ubuntu chat channel, though it frequently strays into other topics.07:19
pcmhThanks selig5. vdubhack I just don't want to get in the way of people who need help :p07:19
Spyzermay anyone tell me an IRC channel where i can discuss about chess databases and all??07:19
vdubhackmy bad since i see people in here talking about anything all time figured was here07:20
codeblade(defun hellow()(format t "hello"))07:20
MACscr_lappyvdubhack: so how should i do my initial backup. LOL, i need to get my system backed up correctly before i reinstall07:20
dalejust start over07:21
vdubhackMACscr_lappy: burn the important stuff to a DVD or use an external drive of some sort or something like that07:21
vdubhackif you have messed up things dont save your settings just the important info07:21
lyraeon rythmbox, i added new songs to my music folder but its not showing up in the rythmbox library. How do i reload my tracks?07:21
vdubhackSounds like you were trying some things that would be worth starting from scratch with again07:22
lyraeI could add the folder again but i think it would just make dupiclates07:22
WraithIs anyone really familiar with wordpress?07:24
WraithI currently have it running on ubuntu07:24
chrisgWraith: what in paticular do you need to know?07:26
* manytou is just checking out that weird client07:26
Wraithchrisg keeps crashing07:27
Wraithand I have no idea why07:28
Wraithreboot the server...works for about 30seconds...then down again07:28
chrisgyou mean your webserver crashes?07:28
chrisgwhat does your main error_log say?07:29
Wraithnot sure where that is located...I am not familair with wordpress...security is my main area..but techs are asleep so boss ahs me on it07:30
Wraith...yay me...07:30
chrisgi think the apache logs on ubuntu by default go into /var/log/apache2/07:30
Wraithok Ill pull it up now07:30
chrisgthere ought to be an error.log/error_log somewhere ni there07:30
chrisgthat shows you the webservers last errors07:30
Wraithumm...it says a lot....lol07:31
chrisgand erm, when you say crash, you mean it actually crashses and doesn't accept connections on :80 anymore?07:31
Wraithwell ...no07:32
chrisgah ha07:32
Wraithin ssh I can netstat and see the attempts to connect07:32
Wraithbut they do not pull up the page07:32
Wraithbut they are still hittin 8007:33
chrisgbe worth looking thruogh that error log initially then07:33
chrisgand the error log for the virtualhost your wordpress install is on too, if it's defined07:33
unyuguys, my ubuntu can't shutdown07:33
unyuit stuck on black page07:34
Jordan_U!sysrq | unyu07:35
ubottuunyu: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key07:35
unyuwell. usually i use ctrl+alt+del07:36
rwwUbottu is a bot. Messages starting with ! are usually instructions for it to display information to someone.07:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:36
rwwThat too.07:36
unyuwhat ???07:37
Jordan_Uunyu: Ctrl+alt+delete is not sent directly to the kernel like sysrq is (ctrl+alt+delete is for windows).07:37
unyui see, but can i repair it ???07:38
Jordan_Uunyu: I don't know yet. First we need to diagnose the problem, knowing whether sysrq magic can get it to reboot will give usefull hints at the problem.07:39
unyuso, what should i do?? only type !sysrq ????07:40
Dwade09hey guys im running ubuntu in a vbox ontop my ubuntu os, how do i get ubuntu in vbox to boot into the cli and use it only as cli and not load into the gnome gui form?07:40
Jordan_Uunyu: No. "!sysrq" was a command to ubottu, our channel bot, to give you a message about sysrq.07:41
unyurrrr, so what should i do to my ubuntu...07:41
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Jordan_Uunyu:  In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key07:42
shebang_wafflesaDwade: trying playing around with the init levels (i don't know much about 'em, but someone here should)07:42
unyuok. i reading wiki right now07:42
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unyuok, let leave that for now...i have another problem07:43
Dwade09shebang_wafflesa,  thanks and yeah its why i asked i know someone in here can tell me how to boot into the cli of ubuntu rather then its main gui format.07:43
unyumy system give warning about my dpkg, it says dpkg was interupted...07:43
=== Gardener is now known as rww
unyuhow can i fix my dpkg07:44
jaranHi, anyone ever tried playing the Digitally Imported premium streams in Banshee or Rhythmbox?07:45
iijijijhey any help here07:45
iijijiji got backtrack based on ubuntu but hard to install stuff07:46
Jordan_Uunyu: Open a terminal via Applications > Accessories > Terminal and run "sudo dpkg --configure -a". If that gives any further errors then use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ to give us a link to the full output.07:46
rwwubottu: backtrack | iijijij07:46
ubottuiijijij: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)07:46
shebang_wafflesadwade: look up some guides on runlevels. I've never messed with sysv style init sysytems , but there should be plenty of indo out there to get you booting up the way you want to07:46
Dwade09shebang_wafflesa,  i did must over looked it before  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/boot-into-console-command-line-instead-of-x-549292/07:47
iijijiji want to know if i install ubuntu with backtrack can they share the same swap partition07:47
Cyber_Beastlooking into over all size of a directory (45GB) of a portable HDD, in ubuntu 10.10 shows very different size everytime.. Can anyone explain this ?07:49
taranhello friends07:49
Cyber_BeastFiguring out what is size of a directory from portable HDD, is very slow, and everytime it is shown different.. Please help.07:50
taranhope u all r very happy07:50
unyuowh mann, thanks <Jordan_U>07:50
Cyber_Beasttaran: Yeah we are, and we hope you're too07:50
taranyes seeing all the helpfull souls around07:51
teamcoltraI know this sounds like a dumb question, but whats the "me menu" listed as in the add to panel options? I meant to click "move" and clicked "remove" but now can't seem to find how to add it back07:51
taranI am behind a firewall and proxy settings are properly made yet I cant update.Any help please07:51
MACscr_lappyanyone use a linux torrent client that allows you to specify what happens to the torrent after its done downloading? aka, maybe you want it uncompress to a specific folder after its done. I hate doing that stuff manually afterwords. i know some let you uncompress, but they all go to the same folder07:54
teamcoltraMACscr_lappy, Deluge has that07:54
teamcoltra(its a plugin, but easy to install, if I remember correctly its part of the default pack)07:55
MACscr_lappyim using deluge and it seems to only allow you to do it all to the same folder07:55
MACscr_lappyseems like the labels are worthless for actions as well07:55
zabkahi, my script is working from command line but not from crontab... it is a perl script, that holds some web pages. it seems that that part fails.07:55
jribzabka: pastebin the script and your crontab07:55
teamcoltraMACscr_lappy, are you using the deluge thats in the Ubuntu repo, or the latest version from Deluge?07:55
unyucan , we share the same /home folder with 2 or   more different linux07:57
MACscr_lappyteamcoltra: im pretty sure its the latest from deluge, but to be honest, i havent upgraded in a couple months07:57
unyui mean, use the same /home dir with 2 linux os07:57
[thor]unyu: yes, as long as they share the same file system type ( ext3, ext4, .. .. )07:57
teamcoltraUnyu yes if they shere the same fs type07:57
jribunyu: sure.  The only issue that may crop up is if some of your programs have a different version on the different distros and they change the syntax of a config file07:57
teamcoltra... what [thor] said... :P07:58
unyui see, but does it has any effect to my application, such crash or else ???07:58
jribunyu: huh?07:58
[thor]no, as far as the distro is concerned, the /home/ folder is business as usual.07:59
teamcoltrayou might run into an issue if one distro is using a different windows manager, but uses the same filename and location for settings... but I don't know of any two that do08:00
unyuok, sorry if my questien make you confuse, i just can't say it properly I guess..he08:00
=== pavi_munching is now known as pavi
teamcoltraunyu, there are many other channels that will support you in your native language if that is not English08:00
unyu[thor] : what'd you mean by "business as usual"08:01
JackStonernm-applet keeps crashing randomly, im on ubuntu 10.04...how do i find out what is wrong???08:01
teamcoltraunyu, "Business as Usual" means that it will just see the /home folder as if it was not shared or anything was changed08:02
unyuok, thanks guys08:02
[thor]unyu: the distro will assume that the config files/folders in /home/ are sane and useable as long as it can read the file system.08:02
=== exia_ is now known as ExiaHan
wonder32Hi,I sell computer with ubuntu, but I don't found the oem installation mode in Ubuntu Netbook 10.04-10. Can you help me? How can I install Ubuntu Netbook in OEM mode? thanks08:04
AussieguyIs there any way to force a program to use eth0 instead of my vpn connection?08:05
Aussieguyfor example lynx browser hitting my ip update script somewhere on the internet08:06
vipinbHi all can Anyone tell me what this message al about . I'm waiting for a solution from past 1 year "ome to #ubuntu! Please read the channel topic. This channel is logged. Use of this channel implies acceptance of terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService08:06
vipinb* #ubuntu :http://www.ubuntu.com08:06
vipinb* lorenzosu (~lo@host66-155-static.115-81-b.business.telecomitalia.it) has joined #ubuntu08:06
vipinb* Aussieguy (~robbie@220-253-182-22.NSW.netspace.net.au) has joined #ubuntu08:06
FloodBot3vipinb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:06
vipinb* murrayc has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)"08:06
MindVirus1Anyone know libjack-dev for JACK2?08:06
Dwade09guys how do i get it where my vbox ubuntu will not load x perminantly ?08:07
Gorrothis it possible to keep something like the HP Minis or Dell Minis running while the lid is closed, but have the screen stay off?08:08
Gorroththis way i can sometimes use them as wireless APs or something08:08
Gorrothwhile keeping them in my backpack08:08
jribGorroth: yes, but I'd be worried about it overheating08:09
Gorrothwell, i don't think it'd overheat just acting as an AP08:09
Gorrothplus, it's cold enough outside08:09
Gorrothanyway, how do i keep it running with lid closed but having the display off?08:09
Aussieguythe heat generated by the boxes would be harmful08:09
Gorrothokay, ignoring that08:10
Aussieguyyou need some kind of ventilation08:10
Gorrothi'm not worried about that detail atm08:10
teamcoltraAussieguy, its in your power settings, just change the option for "When lid is shut"08:10
teamcoltraAussieguy, click the battery -> Preferences -> When Laptop lid is closed -> Turn Screen Off08:11
Gorrothteamcoltra: thanks a lot08:11
unyuguys, how do i use pastebin.ubuntu.com08:11
teamcoltraerrrr yeah sorry Gorroth  :P08:11
[thor]Gorroth: let us know if you melt any lappys :D08:11
Gorrothteamcoltra: i will do that when i pick one up.  i was just curious if i could do it before getting one of those systems08:11
AussieguyI think we got confused, throught you meant close the lid on the fan vent08:12
=== Dwade09_ is now known as Dwade09
MACscr_lappyshouldnt installing from a high speed thumb drive be faster than cd?08:12
Gorrothoh, no.  i just meant close the laptop lid like it's folded up like a notebook08:12
teamcoltraGorroth, I use this setting, and I keep my laptop in my backpack (running with its lid closed) as I walk to and from school (I am a teacher) ... I never have an issue. I also leave my laptop on all the time. Most laptops vent from the bottom, so it doesn't really matter much, but it *IS* something to at least watch for08:13
=== elijah is now known as Guest18960
Gorrothteamcoltra: yeah.  i think a mini should be cool enough, but i'll always stick the laptop in my bag so that the vent can get as much room as possible08:13
Gorrothi'll see if i can downclock it even08:14
Gorrothperhaps from inside linux08:14
MindVirus1Anyone know libjack-dev for JACK2?08:14
teamcoltraGorroth, but you should be able to get an answer to a question when you ask, and not have jump through the third degree on why you shouldn't do something, you should be told the risks once, and then given an answer ;) -- I don't think much of that is nessesary. Again just keep an eye on it, if you are using it as some type of server, just watch its sensors through shell to make sure that its not over heating08:14
jribMindVirus1: I'm not even sure that's a question08:14
vipinbHi Can anyone tell me what is this log all about http://pastebin.com/bFHuYBGj. I'm waiting from paste 1.5 Years for an answer for this....08:15
MindVirus1jrib: It is well-defined and has a definite answer.08:15
jribMindVirus1: "yes"08:15
MindVirus1jrib: What is it?08:15
jribMindVirus1: I don't know, I just answered your well-defined question08:15
teamcoltraGorroth, you could even whip out a small script to get the computer to beep at you when its temperature is over 95C (most computers will auto-shutdown at 100C)08:15
wonder32You know if is possible to install Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 or 10.10 in oem mode?08:16
MindVirus1jrib: I was just assuming that we were using the same English. My apologies.08:16
Dwade09guys nothing i am doing to boot my vbox ubuntu into cli outside x is working. i hit ctrl+alt+f1 it boots my main os into command line not my vbox08:16
Gorrothteamcoltra: yeah, i'm with your philosophy on questions/answers.  i tried my best to avoid a long debate about something unrelated to my question, but i do like that people mention potential risks08:16
jribMindVirus1: you're the one seeking answers08:16
MindVirus1jrib: Do you know libjack-dev for JACKD 2?08:16
MindVirus1I don't know how else to ask it.08:16
jribMindVirus1: I have no clue what you mean08:16
MindVirus1jrib: So, there's jackd 1 and jackd 2.08:16
MindVirus1libjack-dev is for jackd 1 (I think).08:17
hellphyreand dev apparently08:17
Gorrothteamcoltra: hmm, yeah, i might write a python script that can monitor temperature and alert me somehow.  shouldn't be too difficult08:17
moho_recorde cable tv shows08:17
jribMindVirus1: well is jack 2 in the repositories ?08:17
MindVirus1jrib: I have no idea.08:17
MindVirus1But there is a jackd2.08:17
jribMindVirus1: that would be what I would check first08:17
Gorrothteamcoltra: out of curiosity, what do you teach08:17
MindVirus1So I assume that's the same thing.08:17
jribMindVirus1: ok, what is the package for jackd 2?08:17
teamcoltraGorroth, query me about that08:18
teamcoltra(this channel is for support, yada yada)08:18
Gorrothoh, sorry08:18
MindVirus1jrib: I don't know. I just know there's a jackd2.08:18
tripelbI've queued up this page http://worldmassageconference.com/room/replay and I want to record it.  How do I do this? (Ubuntu 10.04)08:18
jribMindVirus1: how do you know that jackd 2 is in the repositories?08:18
MindVirus1However, libjack-dev is removed when I try to install it.08:18
roadrash1965Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the system sounds in Ubuntu 10.04 ?08:18
tripelbJust the audio08:18
tripelbwould be fine,08:18
MindVirus1jrib: I don't know how you got that from what I said.08:18
fuse512hey guys! i have a weird problem installing ubuntu server 10.04, one of my sata disks isn't detecting in the installer menu but I can see it if i run fdisk -l in the console?08:18
tripelbI've queued up this page http://worldmassageconference.com/room/replay and I want to record it.  How do I do this? (Ubuntu 10.04)  Just the audio would be fine.08:19
faspWhat does 2>&1 mean? These characters are hard to google^08:19
jribMindVirus1: "jrib: well is jack 2 in the repositories" "you: I have no idea.  But there is a jackd2."08:19
Dwade09hello guys how can i boot my ubuntu vbox into cli without the x session?08:19
MindVirus1jrib: Right. I don't know what relation jackd2 has with JACK 2.08:19
jribMindVirus1: what do you install that removes libjack-dev...?08:20
MindVirus1jrib: jackd2.08:20
chevieDoes anybody know, who is to contact when an archive on archive.ubuntu.com is corrupt?08:20
moho_fasp, it means 2women and 1 man08:20
faspone cup?08:21
jribMindVirus1: what does « apt-cache depends jackd2 » return?08:21
MindVirus1jrib: Are you not on Ubuntu?08:21
jribMindVirus1: erm, why?08:22
MindVirus1jrib: Just a question.08:22
jribMindVirus1: I am on ubuntu08:22
Diverdudewhat is PPA ?08:22
[thor]vipinb: what version of ubuntu are you running?08:23
Gorrothjust another question about netbooks and ubuntu.  does anyone know of any current models where the wireless card can be put into Master mode (i.e. able to act as a wireless access point)?08:23
Gorrothi'm having trouble figuring out if the HP Minis or Dell Mini 10s can08:23
jribMindVirus1: oops, I meant "showsrc" not "depends"08:23
vipinbI'm running 10.04 and 10.10 in both i have this problem08:24
jrib!ppa | Diverdude08:24
ubottuDiverdude: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.08:24
teamcoltraGorroth, I don't think that is a Ubuntu question08:24
teamcoltraGorroth, you will probably have to just go to the manufactures08:24
Gorrothoh, i thought it was related to linux.  i suppose i can ask in #linux08:24
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
Gorrothi'll do it later though; i actually must sleep :)08:25
vipinbthor: I have raised this problem in several forum. I didnot got any answer for this.Even I can able to see same type of question in search. Without any solution08:25
roadrash1965Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the system sounds in Ubuntu 10.04 ?08:26
teamcoltraroadrash1965, yeah they are in the sound preferences08:26
[thor]vipinb: it seems to be happening even back to jaunty08:26
[thor]vipinb: pulseaudio blames alsa, and the alsa team says shove it.08:26
teamcoltraroadrash1965, click the speaker icon, click Sound Preferences -> Sound Effects08:27
ozramhow can i display a user-list in x-chat?08:27
[thor]ozram: click the View menu item and checkmark "Userlist"08:27
teamcoltraozram, #xchat08:27
vipinbThor: I'm between these two. I want to fix this issue... I do not  who will fix this issue...08:28
roadrash1965teamcoltra: the sound prefs in 10.04 doesn't have an option to use custom sounds. do you know if there is a workaround08:28
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
aeMaethroadrash1965, see my pm08:28
wonder32Sorry, can you help me?08:29
vipinbthor: alsa-sink.c File is a pulseaudio file not a alsa source file.08:29
roadrash1965teamcoltra: thanx. I'll give it a try08:29
chevieDoes anybody know, who is to contact when an archive on archive.ubuntu.com is corrupt?08:29
[thor]vipinb: but the error is with that sb?????? file, which is an alsa driver08:30
vipinbThor: Is there any way to correct it. So that I can rollback the problem in that file and compile again the alsa-driver.08:31
[thor]no idea08:31
[thor]the linux audio system is a mess08:31
rinku_kokirifresh install ubuntu 10.10 on an asus m70vmx1 WILL NOT BOOT08:32
rinku_kokiriplease advise08:32
rinku_kokirii get blinking cursor of doom08:32
rinku_kokirigrub will not install08:33
vipinbThor: Can you tell me which file is creating this issue in alsa driver. So that I can check it.08:33
Dwade09can anyone tell me how i can get rid of the x session in ubuntu and make it strictly cli ?08:34
[thor]sorry, that is beyond my capability.08:34
rinku_kokirican anyone help me08:35
jribDwade09: edit /etc/default/grub and add "text" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, then run update-grub08:35
vipinbCany anyone else help me please08:35
Dwade09thank you jrib08:35
jrib!helpme | vipinb08:35
ubottuvipinb: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude08:35
jribrinku_kokiri: above is for you too08:36
lotus-bladeis there any way to deactivate the automount feature for cd drive?08:36
jriblotus-blade: I don't know how, but you'd probably have to mess with udev configuration (that should get you started)08:36
vipinbThis is my question ...  Hi Can anyone tell me what is this log all about http://pastebin.com/bFHuYBGj. I'm waiting from paste 1.5 Years for an answer for this....08:37
chevieDwade09: I'd suggest 'sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove'08:37
lotus-bladeI have looked in /etc/fstab and saw only the entries for the hard drive08:37
ninwaDoes anybody happen to know a good network clipboard sharing tool that is cross-platform? :o) Already using synergy between my windows and linux machines, this would be the final finishing touch.08:37
jribchevie: gdm starts via an upstart init script08:37
rinku_kokirijrib> error: cannot find device for / (is /dev mounted?)08:38
jribrinku_kokiri: context?08:38
rinku_kokirisudo update-grub08:38
cheviejrib: Oops, probably mixed it up with another distribution ...08:39
rinku_kokiri/usr/sbin/grub-probe:  [above error]08:39
jribrinku_kokiri: why are you running "update-grub"?08:39
rinku_kokiribecause you told me to08:39
Dwade09jrib i did sudo update-grub and i get /etc/default/grub: 11: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT: not found even though i added it and saved it.08:39
jribDwade09: pastebin your file08:40
=== aaron11 is now known as dog
Dwade09jrib, this is in vbox btw and i used nano.08:40
lotus-bladeis there any way to deactivate the automount feature for cd drive?08:41
lotus-bladeI have looked in /etc/fstab and saw only the entries for the hard drive08:41
wonder32Sorry, I have found a very simple solution08:41
rinku_kokirijrib> i figured that since i had a boot issue, and u mentioned grub, then said above is for me too, that that's what u were talkign about08:41
=== exia_ is now known as ExiaHan
petanDwade09: what grub u have, new command is grub-mkconfig08:41
rinku_kokiribut i guess not08:41
jribrinku_kokiri: that was /below08:41
rinku_kokirifresh install ubuntu 10.10 WILL NOT BOOT,08:42
rinku_kokiriblinking cursor of death08:42
jribrinku_kokiri: sorry, my fault.  I meant the !helpme08:42
Dwade09jrib http://pastebin.com/SxAgkYfX08:42
yyzHello all08:42
rinku_kokirigrub-install won't work08:42
rinku_kokiriplease advise08:42
jrib!enter | rinku_kokiri08:42
ubotturinku_kokiri: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:42
jribrinku_kokiri: you followed the !grub2 wiki page?08:42
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:43
jribDwade09: I don't know why you are getting the error, but theer's no "text" there08:43
GrimmVarghey, guys. Have any of you ever sett upp remote host (irssi) through ssh with screen to send notifications to the laptop in use, in the gnoe notification system?08:43
Dwade09how do i fix it jrib ?08:43
lotus-bladeI do not want my cd drive to automount.  I want to be able to symlink /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom.  is this possible?08:44
jribDwade09: well start by adding "text"08:44
rinku_kokirijrib> yes, it seems i have already done EVERYTHING on that page up until #408:44
rinku_kokirican't do much past 4 cause you need to be able to boot to go farther08:44
jribrinku_kokiri: you should explain what goes wrong08:44
=== pavi is now known as pavi_out
jrib!away > pa08:45
ubottupa, please see my private message08:45
jrib!away > pavi_out08:45
ubottupavi_out, please see my private message08:45
rinku_kokirijrib> i thought i did...08:45
jribrinku_kokiri: aren't you asked to boot from a cd?08:45
rinku_kokirithe whole blinking cursor at boot after a fresh install08:45
jribrinku_kokiri: I mean what goes wrong while following the !grub2 directions08:45
rinku_kokiri4. Once the system has installed GRUB 2, the user can reboot and will be greeted by an updated GRUB legacy menu. As shown, the user will see a "Chainload" option which will test the GRUB 2 installation. Selecting the Chainload option will transfer control to GRUB 2 and display a GRUB 2 menu.08:45
rinku_kokiri^^ don't get that far08:45
jribrinku_kokiri: what happens with 1,2,3?08:46
petan!away > petan08:46
ubottupetan, please see my private message08:46
aaaoooaaahi guys im not sure if this is the place to ask about database stuff so if it isnt would you mind pointing me in the right direction? My question : I have a CSV file that I need to edit and cannot edit it via openofficeCalc/msexcel because it changes the structure of the file. The only way I can think of doing it is to create an ODBC connection to the csv file and then hopefully edit it via open office Base. Is this the fastest way to get it done? If so08:46
rinku_kokirisudo aptitude command not found08:46
jribrinku_kokiri: don't you think that's relevant?08:46
rinku_kokirigrub-pc already installed08:47
rinku_kokirijrib> no... aptitude has nothing to do with not being able to boot08:47
petananybody need help08:47
Dwade09petan,  it says same thing it did on what jrib told me and add text? add what text ?08:48
TorrBYI have a problem with bash script which works in CentOS but doesn't in kubuntu 10.1008:48
jribDwade09: the word "text"...08:48
aaaoooaaapetan: me08:48
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, not really08:48
petanaaaoooaaa: just ask08:48
jribDwade09: didn't you want no xsession?08:48
rinku_kokirii have a problem with a fresh install of ubuntu not booting08:48
Dwade09oh ok i will try that next.08:48
rinku_kokirilike a FRESH install08:48
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, csv editors shouldn't modify the structure of the file08:48
aaaoooaaapetan: its kinda long and i dont wanna flood, can you scroll up08:48
petanTorrBY: what is say08:49
rinku_kokirilike i install, reboot... blinking cursor of doom08:49
aeMaethTorrBY, dash is default in ubuntu, i would try forcing bash to use it, to make sure you're not running a bash script through dash08:49
jribaaaoooaaa: what structure is getting modified exactly?08:49
petanaaaoooaaa: pm me08:49
crashanddie_petan, no PM'ing08:49
jrib!pm | petan, aaaoooaaa08:49
ubottupetan, aaaoooaaa: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:49
Dwade09jrib yes and its working.08:49
petanaaaoooaaa: /query petan and then past08:49
aaaoooaaawow everyone wants to help08:49
petancrashanddie_: why?08:49
crashanddie_petan, oh, for the initial question?08:49
crashanddie_just make sure the conversation comes back here08:49
rinku_kokiri!pm | rinku_kokiri08:49
ubotturinku_kokiri, please see my private message08:49
aaaoooaaajrib : it adds commas08:49
TorrBYaeMaeth, I have #!/bin/bash at the beginning of script08:50
jribaaaoooaaa: ah, well if it's some sort of small change, you could just use a text editor, no?08:50
petancrashanddie_: sure08:50
Dwade09jrib, i added text and then rebooted after i updated grub and it still booted into the x session.08:50
aeMaethwell, if bash <script> doesn't work,idk waht to say08:50
rinku_kokiriI hope grub [legacy] still works with ubuntu 10.1008:50
jribDwade09: pastebin your file08:51
aaaoooaaajrib: not quite hundreds of repetitive "small" changes...this thing will go into controlling some pretty "heavy" stuff08:51
jribDwade09: and /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:51
Dwade09ok jrib give me a few minutes?08:51
aaaoooaaajrib : so i would like to have the data displayed in a tabulated form08:51
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, what is that supposed to mean? Please provide examples, I'm sure we can provide you with help if you start explaining precisely what you are attempting to do.08:51
jribaaaoooaaa: I don't know, there are certainly libraries to edit csv files that you could try.  But then you have to hope they won't add commas too.  What commas is open office adding?08:52
rinku_kokirican any one help me fix my boot issue on a clean install of ubuntu?08:52
jribcrashanddie_: he wants to edit a csv file but when he does so with ooo, it adds commas and he doesn't want that08:52
ozramwhat a pain08:52
ozramcant even install a simple flash plugin08:53
ozrami installed rpm08:53
ozrami installed it with alien08:53
rinku_kokiriozram> i swear ubuntu is getting like windows08:53
jribozram: rpm is not for ubuntu.08:53
crashanddie_jrib, how can an CSV file not contain commas? "Comma separated values"08:53
rinku_kokirinot working with anything08:53
Dwade09jrib http://pastebin.com/WZZMgjnT and /boot/grub/grub.conf is empty08:53
ozramgot that i368 running with both now08:53
ozramneither work08:53
jribcrashanddie_: "adds commas"08:53
ozramWTF AM I SUPPOSED to do -.-08:53
rinku_kokiri^^ x208:53
jribozram: undo what you did first of all :)08:53
Dwade09oh nvm hold on. mistype08:53
aeMaeth!ohmy | ozram08:53
ubottuozram: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.08:53
ozramso i remove alien and ..08:54
FloodBot3ozram: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
rinku_kokiriANYONE HELP?   ubuntu WILL NOT boot after install08:54
jribozram: presumably alien created some sorted of deb package you installed.  Remove that08:54
Dwade09jrib http://pastebin.com/WZZMgjnT and http://pastebin.com/bL8tUjdb08:55
jribrinku_kokiri: follow the !grub2 wiki page.  And tell us exactly what step fails and how.08:55
crashanddie_TorrBY, what shell interpreters are installed on the target systems?08:55
rinku_kokirijrib> i did08:55
rinku_kokiri After selecting "OK" the next option allows the user to test GRUB 2 by adding an entry to their normal GRUB menu. Select "Yes" to place a Chainload option on the GRUB menu. When GRUB boots the next time, the user can select a normal GRUB entry or transfer control to GRUB 2 via the Chainload entry.08:55
rinku_kokiri^^ can't do08:55
aaaoooaaaalright Ill upload the files onto pastebin08:55
ozramyes i saw some locked folder, with parts of the erroneous "deb conversion"... in the download directory. is deleting that.. enough?08:55
jribrinku_kokiri: "can't do" because...08:55
rinku_kokiribecause it fails08:55
crashanddie_TorrBY, it could be that bash isn't installed, and then the default shell can crash on bash-specific keywords08:55
jribrinku_kokiri: fails how exactly?08:56
rinku_kokirijrib> error: cannot find device for / (is /dev mounted?)08:56
crashanddie_rinku_kokiri, you messed up your partitioning08:56
TorrBYcrashanddie_, bash 4.1.5(1)-release08:56
rinku_kokiri.it did it itself08:56
rinku_kokirijrib> ^^08:56
rinku_kokiriso no08:56
jribDwade09: I still don't see "text" there.  Do you know what you have to do?08:56
crashanddie_rinku_kokiri, reinstall, and select "use one device for all" (new users) or whatever the exact name is08:56
aeMaethi think it's installed, just the shell might be ignoring bash and running with dash anyhow...08:56
rinku_kokiricrashanddie_> that's what i selected in the first place08:56
crashanddie_TorrBY, what error do you get?08:57
Dwade09jrib i added "text" after the line you told me to add in the /etc/default/grub08:57
jribDwade09: oh I see what you did.  No use the existing line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT08:57
TorrBYcrashanddie_, this http://p.defau.lt/?3f_C3uw7daTY2LbKFPccig alsways return "unknown"08:58
Dwade09then i get the error as before08:59
aeMaethwithin the quotes08:59
jribDwade09: you still haven't pastebinned the file that gives you the error08:59
rinku_kokirijrib>    hei jack   you could have told me how to mount /dev09:00
rinku_kokiribut nooooooooo09:00
aaaoooaaapetan: original : http://pastebin.com/XHm4JqRp , opened + "saved" in office calc: http://pastebin.com/1LY4L7E409:00
rinku_kokirijust wanted to throw !'s at me09:00
jribrinku_kokiri: good luck with your issue09:00
ozramcan someone maybe take a while and help me out? in query?09:01
jribozram: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)09:01
petanaaaoooaaa: sorry I didn't watch your issue I don't know what you need09:01
Dwade09jrib its just saying that /etc/default/grub 11: grub cli you told me to add not found heres the pastebin http://pastebin.com/P5iWGku709:01
crashanddie_TorrBY, works fine here09:01
jribDwade09: oh I see what you did.  No use the existing line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT09:01
s7hi, am running an all ubuntu internet cafe. i need a recommendation for time management software09:01
ozramso ... about the failed deb-conversion leftovers from alien. is it enough if i delete those files which ended up in a "locked" folder... within my download folder?09:01
jribDwade09: and delete the line you added...09:02
crashanddie_TorrBY, it's not a shell issue, it's a problem in your algorithm09:02
rinku_kokirijrib for future knowledge (so you actually know how to answer someone's question next time) i used this to fix... no thanx to you  http://www.webtechquery.com/index.php/2010/04/install-grub2-from-live-cd/09:02
ozrami mean if alien said it failed. did it maybe partially install my flash plugin and i have to go and remove/clean that up now with sort of "apt remove"... or not?09:03
rinku_kokirijrib> maybe you can add that to your quick list of !'s or help pages09:03
Dwade09i added GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" then you said put text on the other one so i did, now its saying that. it worked the other way but booted into gui.09:03
TorrBYok, i'v found. problem is in ^M at the end of each line of FLISH09:03
jribrinku_kokiri: if the wiki directions are lacking, it would be great if you could update them with your experience09:03
chevieCan someone get 'wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2' and then check the file with 'bzip2 -t Packages.bz2', please?  When I do this, bzip2 complains about a CRC error (and so does my 'apt-get update') :-(. TNX.09:03
jribrinku_kokiri: I'm not sure why you seem to be mad at me for sending you information09:03
rinku_kokiriyep cause you're too busy "helppin people" huh09:03
crashanddie_TorrBY, also, you shouldn't use uppercase variable names09:03
rinku_kokirimaybe if you wouldn't have trigger happied me09:04
ozramhow can i display a user bar in x-chat? :F09:04
crashanddie_TorrBY, you might have collisions with environment variables -- always use lowercase (or begin with lowercase and use uppercase to separate words, etc)09:04
aaaoooaaahi guys I have a CSV file(ORIGINAL : http://pastebin.com/XHm4JqRp ) that I need to edit and cannot edit it via openofficeCalc/msexcel because it changes the structure of the file(File Open + saved in calc with no "changes" : http://pastebin.com/JxVsLjmp ). The only way I can think of doing it is to create an ODBC connection to the csv file and then hopefully edit it via open office Base. Is this the fastest way to get it done? If so how should i go abou09:04
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, actually, the second file is valid, the first isn't.09:05
Dwade09jrib, where it says quiet splash do i remove that and put text?09:06
ozramokay again... despite the ops recommendation. anyone experienced care to help for 10-15 mins. @ query?09:06
spandiDoes Empathy support video chat for GTALK ?09:06
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, would also recommend using an IRC client that is aware of the message limit, your last line was cut ("If so how should I go abo")09:06
bazhangozram, ask here09:06
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: yeah i sorta know that but i have to work with the former method09:06
ozramits not 1 question09:06
aaaoooaaai mean format09:06
jribDwade09: add text so it will have three words09:06
bazhangozram, then ask them one by one.09:06
ozrammy main goal is to get thise cheap chinese midi keyboard running on ubuntu09:06
ozramwhich is... like.. quite a few steps left. i suppose09:06
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, then just write a quick shell script that "fixes" it after your changes09:07
Kyriusi have a question09:08
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_:  Yeah except I dont know the nature of the commaing and IM not prepared to take risks09:08
jribaaaoooaaa: how was the existing file created?09:08
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, btw, the only changes that could ever possibly impact it are the first 6 lines09:08
petanKyrius: go ahead09:08
Kyriusis there a way to make rarfilesource work o linux? or is it already out there and i can't find it09:09
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, where you have a bunch of ,,,,, at the end09:09
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: whatdya mean?09:09
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, other than that, the files are pretty much exactly the same AFAICT09:09
petanKyrius: what rarfilesource09:09
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: youre wrong. I passed it into a file comparator and its all over the place09:09
aeMaethKyrius, i thought vlc could do that five years ago09:09
Kyriusit is a codec that enables you playing video straight from rar09:09
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: tried chaning it by replace but that only made things worse09:10
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, don't tell people who are trying to help you "you're wrong"09:10
aeMaethpetan, http://www.v12pwr.com/RARFileSource/09:10
petanKyrius: try vlc - apt-get install vlc09:10
Kyriusi have vlc09:10
Kyriusdoesn't work09:10
Kyriushow do i enab le it09:10
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: im sorry didnt mean for you to take it personally. I just meant to say that i checked and it isnt just the first few lines09:10
Dwade09jrib i added text to all three of the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and still boots into xsession09:10
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, obviously, your parser can understand empty fields (15th line, "TAG,,Local" -- so having ,, or ,"", doesn't make a difference)09:10
jribDwade09: there aren't three lines with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.  There's only one.  There's another line that kind of looks like it, but it's not.  And then there's the line that you added, but you should remove.09:11
petanKyrius: sorry no idea, mybe others09:11
Kyriusit's ok, tnx anyway09:11
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, so the fact that the last two fields are being nulled (15th line, ","","" becomes 8th line ",,) has little to no bearing09:12
aaaoooaaajrib: a proprietary program called RSLogix500009:12
veteranhello..how can i download source code of programs?09:12
jrib!source > veteran09:12
ubottuveteran, please see my private message09:12
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, other than that, it's just empty lines which are removed09:12
gogetaKyrius: extract your rar09:12
jribaaaoooaaa: why not save it in OOo without making changes and use some sort of diff program to see what changes.  Then you can check if it's just the initial part of the file that's getting changed09:13
Dwade09jrib done and done, but it boots back up into xsession09:13
jribDwade09: right, so I asked you to pastebin the file09:13
zambai'm looking for a piece of software that can timeshift a potentially infinite video stream and let's the user extract portions of the video stream on demand.. does anyone know of something like that?09:13
crashanddie_jrib, that's what he did09:13
Kyriuswhy would i want to extract it if i can play it straight out of rar09:13
jribcrashanddie_: ah, I missed that09:13
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: it isnt about the nulls09:13
gogetaKyrius: so lazy09:13
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, have you tried using the file?09:14
gogetaKyrius: yout not saving any space having movies rard there aruldy compressed09:15
Dwade09jrib http://pastebin.com/GhGQLhFY09:15
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: yes, it wont accept it, i RTM and it explicitly stated that I shouldnt try to edit the file using excel09:15
Kyriusthat's true09:15
jribDwade09: ok, now what happens when you run « sudo update-grub »?09:16
airtonix!find csv09:16
ubottuFound: csv2latex, csvtool, libclass-csv-perl, libcommons-csv-java, libcommons-csv-java-doc, libcsv-java, libcsv-ocaml-dev, libdbd-csv-perl, libtext-csv-encoded-perl, libtext-csv-perl (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=csv&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all09:16
Dwade09it updates, then whne i reboot it, it boots into the xsession. jrib.09:16
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, basically, any CSV editor is probably going to re-write your file as OO has done. You're probably better off using vim to edit the file09:16
jribDwade09: ok, now pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg09:16
Kyriuswell, i'll live09:16
Dwade09jrib, how do i get the file besides using nano ?09:16
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: is msaccess/openoffice base a CSV editor?09:16
jribDwade09: gedit?09:17
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, yeah, they all work the same09:17
gogetaKyrius: lol just saw it as someone with to mutch time making that plugin09:17
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, they load the file into memory, and when you ask to save, it jumps dumps it through a transformer: memory > CSV file.09:17
jribaaaoooaaa: you should ask the makers of the software how you /can/ edit the csv file09:17
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, they don't actually go and edit a single part of the file, they just overwrite the whole thing most of the time.09:17
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: can I use sql?09:18
aeMaethgogeta, i see how it could be helpful to leave it in rar's if that's how you get them and you have a lot..save space..but you could load the video into /tmp and watch it from there :P09:18
aaaoooaaajrib: I have but they take forever to get back to me09:18
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, you can try, but I'm betting you a buck or two it will be the exact same result09:18
feindbildhi ^^ what resolver does ubuntu use? I have the correct nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf, nslookup will find the FQND in the LAN but whatever braindamaged resolver ubuntu uses only resolves the hostnames, not the FQNDs ...09:18
airtonix!info csvtool | aaaoooaaa09:18
amageeif i have two ubuntu machines on the same network, what's the easiest way for one to mount a directory from the other?09:18
ubottuaaaoooaaa: csvtool (source: ocaml-csv): a handy command line tool for handling CSV files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.0-1 (maverick), package size 33 kB, installed size 188 kB09:18
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, just vim/perl it.09:18
gogetaaeMaeth: rar is not saving any spacearuldy compressed09:18
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, what kidn of changes do you need to do?09:19
slooksterpsvany ldap server gurus here?09:19
aeMaethgogeta, but rar files + the extracted file = twice the size09:19
errycan i cancel an update after is installed some files09:19
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: I need to change the name of all the input/output tags09:19
Dwade09jrib http://pastebin.com/8k5fDkbx09:19
gogetaaeMaeth: also adding a overhead of extracting and playing09:19
errycause i messed mysql up and it wont updae09:19
airtonixcrashanddie_, lol vim ? confusing keyboard shortcuts are confusing!!09:19
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, that's easy09:19
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: without making ANY changes to the other files09:19
HomerPDX75Hey all09:19
gogetaaeMaeth: not with a video it cant compress again09:19
aaaoooaaai mean entries09:19
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, can you give me an example?09:19
jribDwade09: add "text" after all the lines with "quiet splash"09:19
feindbildthat and dhclient assings a .0 ip >,< how the fuck is that even possible?09:19
HomerPDX75Just a late night question, what happened to Ubuntu running Android apps?09:19
m4rkhi there.. i installed ubuntu netbook remix, but the interface is so terrible, i've ended up using regular gnome. is there any benefit to switching to xubuntu?09:20
gogetaaeMaeth: limits of compresion in genrel09:20
aeMaethit's already in the rar, and if he extracts it it's in two places now, so he's saying it's easier to leave it be09:20
airtonix!language | feindbild09:20
ubottufeindbild: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:20
gogetaaeMaeth: extract delete rar09:20
aeMaethgogeta, torrents :P means you want to leave them there so others can get the files09:20
erryis there a way to ge tthe defaultk mysql db and settings back?09:20
feindbildubottu: ok, gonna spam offtopic ...09:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:20
gogetaaeMaeth: well retards rar torrent videos09:20
Dwade09jrib do i delete quiet splash or beside quiet splash "text" ?09:21
rocket16How to set Me Menu to display our name and photo like in 10.04 in 10.10?09:21
gogetaaeMaeth: most are not09:21
erryaptitude seems to keep my dbs09:21
jribDwade09: depends on the behavior you want.  Both will stop gdm from starting09:21
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)09:21
blackshirterry: what you mean ??09:21
amageethe machines can see each other.. i've told machine A to "share" a directory, i just don't know how to access that directory from machine B09:21
aeMaethgogeta, it started because of irc, and carries on for ???? reasons09:21
gogetaaeMaeth: pretty mutch09:21
erryblackshirt, i want the mysql db back09:21
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: http://pastebin.com/XHm4JqRp line 79 : "IN_FS_2_00" needs to be changed to "IN_2_00_FS" and line "OUT_SV_5_01" "OUT_5_01_SV"09:21
errylike the mysql mysql db09:21
Dwade09thank you jrib i will add "text" beside them first.09:21
gogetaaeMaeth: usefill for files but bettery useless for a single video file09:22
aaaoooaaathere are about 127 of ins and maybe about 30-50 outs09:22
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, only on line 79 or all lines?09:22
gogetaaeMaeth: at least for torrents09:22
aeMaethgogeta, well, useless in this day and age, but when everyone had slow connections and it could corrupt,  packs were easier09:22
blackshirterry: i don't know and can' figure out your problem... if you want back, you can install it again09:22
gogetaaeMaeth: yes i  was there lol09:23
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
gogetaaeMaeth: crupption was rely a issue in uxnet09:23
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: all09:23
gogetaaeMaeth: not so mutch irc09:23
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, I'm not actually seeing the OUT bit09:23
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, which line is the OUT?09:23
gogetaaeMaeth: point was once on pc or in torrent 50 rars is pointless09:24
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: 39109:24
amageesurely file sharing between ubuntu machines using nautilus should be straightforward?09:24
Dwade09thank you jrib so much and i am so sorry for being so confused it worked, again i am so sorry for all the trouble.09:25
jribDwade09: no problem, glad it worked09:25
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: the reason why i wanna do it via access/base is because thats one of the prescripted workarounds in the manual09:25
aaaoooaaacrashanddie_: let me see if i can get the manual09:26
aeMaethamagee, i use apache...but samba i hear is easy to install09:26
aeMaethactually i sftp09:26
gogetaaeMaeth: samaba err is installed09:26
jribaaaoooaaa: if you're just renaming variables, I would just do what crashanddie_ is suggesting (using sed)09:27
jrib!away > JimmyJ|zz09:27
ubottuJimmyJ|zz, please see my private message09:27
amageeah, finally, found it https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/internet/C/networking-shares.html09:27
amageewould be nice if enabling a share actually installed the packages, or gave some indication that they need to be installed before it will work :S09:28
gogetaamagee: good news it does09:28
jribamagee: if it didn't, you should probably file a bug09:28
amageehmm although i am still using 10.04, maybe it's fixed now09:28
aaaoooaaajrib : seD?09:28
aeMaeth!sed | aaaoooaaa09:29
ubottuaaaoooaaa: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:29
gogetaamagee: its installed by defult09:29
amageenot for me it wasn't09:29
aeMaeththat said almost nothing about sed :(09:29
aaaoooaaaSED = CLI?09:29
jribaeMaeth: yes09:29
gogetaamagee: if your not getting a conenction you have a firewall issue09:29
metallicohi guys, i cant start firefox09:29
metallicoi get09:29
metallico/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.12/firefox-bin: relocation error: /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.12/libxul.so: symbol snd_pcm_recover, version ALSA_0.9 not defined in file libasound.so.2 with link time reference09:29
FloodBot3metallico: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:29
amageeit started working as soon as i installed the packages09:29
aeMaethaaaoooaaa, do a "man sed" for more details09:30
jribaaaoooaaa: sed will let you do find and replace.  For example: echo foobar | sed 's/foo/xxx/'09:30
gogetaamagee: well bug there09:30
petanmetallico: how did you install it09:30
gogetaamagee: its been auto installing sense 9.10 days09:30
petanmetallico: through apt?09:30
metallicoap-get install firefox09:30
gogetamaybe earler09:30
amageegogeta: so i should file a bug even though it's 10.04?09:30
gogetaamagee: cant hurt09:30
blackshirthello ...09:31
petanmetallico: try apt-get remove firefox and install it again09:31
aaaoooaaajrib : im not too confident with using cli editors at this point so Im kinda stuck with having to try the database option09:31
aaaoooaaais there a database chat room?09:31
jribaaaoooaaa: what I wrote is *basically* all you need to know.09:32
amageegogeta: where should i go to file the bug+09:32
metallicoi just reinstalled it and it didnt help09:32
gogetaamagee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu09:32
petanmetallico: did it work before09:32
amageegogeta: thanks09:32
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:32
jribaaaoooaaa: maybe the openoffice channel can help you with base09:33
jrib!ooo | aaaoooaaa09:33
ubottuaaaoooaaa: a free and open source office suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components. To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". For (unofficial) repositories containing OpenOffice.org 3, see https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive/ppa. User help available in #openoffice.org.09:33
petanmetallico: or it's since you installed it09:33
amageegogeta: i don't know which package to file it against though09:33
metallicoit was working in the begining, then i rebooted the computer and it stopped09:33
gogetaamagee: for sharing the samaba server i guess09:33
petanmetallico: you upgrades something?09:33
amarcolinoI have installed logcheck and looking at my ssh connections, nothing to worry, except for the ports. I have set an explicit port, however, ssh is connecting to other ports, would like to know why and how do I go about stopping that?09:33
tomoyuki28jpEmacs23 on ubuntu10.04 crashes too much. Where is the log file I should take a look at?09:34
metallicono, but i have installed a few addons09:34
petanmetallico: try safe mode09:34
petanmetallico: of firefox09:34
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall09:34
metallicosame error when i try safe mode09:34
gogetacomputer_: routher issue hua09:35
petanmetallico: addons were installed on your profile? or with root permissions09:35
metallicomy profile09:35
petanmetallico: can you switch to guest profile to test if firefox work there?09:35
gogetapetan: root on firefox who set that bomb off09:35
metallicosame error09:36
petangogeta: I mean installed as root, that happens09:36
metallicoboth root and guest09:36
petanmetallico: that is not related to addons then09:36
errycan i restore mysql from the way it was when i installed it09:36
gogetapetan: not unless your running ff as root09:36
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, very verbose on purpose: perl -pi -e's/,FS_2_00,/,IN_2_00_FS,/g && s/,,IN_FS_2_00,/,IN_2_00_FS,/g && s/,OUT_SV_5_01,/,OUT_5_01_SV,/g' example.csv09:36
errypurge seems to keep the config & dbs09:36
jriberry: purge related packages and then install it again09:36
petangogeta: some plugins like jre are packages09:37
erryjrib, it seems to keep the config and dbs tho09:37
metallicowhat does "relocation error" mean?09:37
jriberry: because you aren't purging all related packages?09:37
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, my bad, just saw a typo: perl -pi -e's/,FS_2_00,/,IN_2_00_FS,/g && s/,IN_FS_2_00,/,IN_2_00_FS,/g && s/,OUT_SV_5_01,/,OUT_5_01_SV,/g' example.csv09:37
erryjrib, shouldn't mysql-server be enough?09:37
jriberry: no, do a « dpkg -S /path/to/config_file_that_doesn't_die09:37
jribcrashanddie_, aaaoooaaa: wouldn't that fail to make the substitutions on all lines?  I believe his variables show up in other fields (not isolated) too09:38
errywell nvm leave it09:38
erryi'll mess it worse09:38
jriberry: you won't mess it worse09:38
crashanddie_jrib, then just remove the trailing commas09:38
erryjrib, how do youi know :p09:38
jriberry: I'm from the future09:39
erryno wai09:39
erryjrib,  did earth die in 2012?09:39
gogetajrib: oboma still nucking helthcare09:39
crashanddie_jrib, you are indeed correct09:39
petanmetallico: I think it cant find the libraries ff needs are you sure you did not perform any updates before apart of that plugins? those plugin were installed through ff?09:39
metallicoyes to both09:40
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, perl -pi -e's/FS_2_00/IN_2_00_FS/g && s/IN_FS_2_00/IN_2_00_FS/g && s/OUT_SV_5_01/OUT_5_01_SV/g' example.csv09:40
jribcrashanddie_: and initial I guess.  I'd use \< \> (syntax for sed, don't know if you need to escape in perl) to make sure you don't replace "foo" in "foobar"09:40
crashanddie_jrib, no idea, which is why I put the commas there09:40
cabrilohello all... how do I enable session choosing in GDM in Ubuntu 10.04?09:41
jribcrashanddie_: echo 'foo bar foobar cat(bar)' | sed -e 's/\<foo\>/x/g; s/\<bar\>/y/g'09:41
crashanddie_jrib, yeah, he probably should do the second one before the first...09:41
gogetacabrilo: press the session buttion09:41
petanmetallico: try get it from mozilla.org just to ensure it's same09:41
petanmetallico: just unpack it to ~/bin/ff/09:42
crashanddie_aaaoooaaa, anyway, you get the idea, feel free to ask some more questions if you have them. Good luck.09:42
cabrilogogeta, no session button...09:42
gogetacabrilo: shure is says session09:42
cabriloit's strange though. I have it set up so there is automatic login after N seconds... during this time, I can choose a session, but that's the only time. e.g. when I log out, there isn't one09:42
gogetacabrilo: unless your using auto login09:43
cabrilogogeta, I tried without auto login too09:43
cabriloand there isn't one09:43
metallicodownloading now09:43
n3rV3cabrilo, try f10 on the login screen might work...09:43
cabrilolet me give that a try09:44
cabrilon3rV3, nope :(09:44
petanmetallico: run it from ~/bin/ff you can execute it from nautilus09:45
cabriloI have universal access preferences, date/time and shut down buttons09:45
zambai'm looking for a piece of software that can timeshift a potentially infinite video stream and let's the user extract portions of the video stream on demand.. does anyone know of something like that?09:46
n3rV3cabrilo, do you have any other desktop mangers...09:46
cabrilon3rV3, kdm is also installed09:47
cabrilobut it's equally useless09:47
cabriloI couldn't even get the list of users to show in kdm09:47
oamso, could someone point me in the general direction of setting up a global proxy, also taking care of https? iptables solved my http/ftp forwarding problems, but mitm attacks and all.. for https :/09:47
vince_hi there09:49
metallicoi downloaded it and extracted to bin/ff what do i do next?09:50
petanmetallico: open it and run it's binary09:50
metallicoit started!09:51
petanmetallico: ok do you want to repair apt version? this one will work only for you09:51
cabriloseriously though, everybody else in 10.04 have session chooser in gdm?09:51
ikoniametallico: don't install anything from mozilla.org on your ubuntu install09:51
ikoniametallico: it will conflict with the versions installed by ubuntu and will not be managed by the package manager, so your desktop will not be aware of them09:52
petanikonia: if he just unpack it will not break anything, in his home09:52
cabrilocan somebody give me an example of their settings? e.g /etc/gdm/custom.conf09:52
BenomsHi, I use a laptop with ubuntu and have an external display in Clone mode (Nvidia 310M). My external screen is a higher native res than my laptop so things don't fit on the laptop screen when i'm using the external screen, which is fine, coz i'm using the external screen, but when i unplug the external screen, the laptop stays at the resolution too high for its screen (it doesn't squash, it just goes off the screen).  Does anyone know of a w09:52
cabrilogogeta, n3rV3, could you please paste me somewhere your /etc/gdm/custom.conf?09:52
ikoniapetan: depends how careful he is, there is no need to download anything from mozilla.org09:52
petanikonia: this help us to find where is problem09:53
petanikonia: you won't break apt version by unpacking it to ~/bin09:53
n3rV3cabrilo, one moment09:53
ikoniapetan: how ?09:53
vince_Does anybody know what's going on with the latest Ubuntu update? I'm suig gnome and the new update features a lot of KDE-related updates.09:53
ikoniapetan: how does this help resolve his problem09:53
cabrilon3rV3, thanks09:53
NocturnalGuycan anyone help me with ddclient?09:53
petanikonia: now I know that problem is not in plugins for instance09:53
ikoniapetan: disabling plugins in the firefox pacakge in ubuntu would prove that09:54
petanikonia: they are installed in profile and this new version started with them09:54
jkpquestion: im having a problem installing the exim package with apt....heres the output: http://pastie.org/1292182.  any ideas what i can do to fix this? (is it a bug?)09:54
MrDudlevince_: you probably have some kde apps09:54
plitterHello, I added the sentence <options snd-hda-intel model=lifebook> in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf but nothings seems to really have changed after i rebooted, so i tried changed <options snd-hda-intel model=æøæaæøæå> and still nothing changed, is there something more i need to do to check different model settings?09:54
metallicoi think, I will be ok starting it from /bin09:54
jkpfresh install of 10.10 server09:54
petanikonia: and that libraries used by firefox ar not broken09:54
Benomsmeh im going back to winblows then09:54
vince_whoops, faixed09:54
Benomsubuntu isn't ready for noobs like me09:55
jpdsBenoms: OK, your choice.09:55
jribBenoms: let's try to stick to support.  That sort of remark doesn't get you help any faster09:55
petanikonia: you have better suggestions?09:55
n3rV3cabrilo, i don't have any file by that name... i am using lucid btw, don't know if there were any changes in this package09:55
cabrilon3rV3, hmm... probably09:56
cabrilodo you have /etc/gdm at all?09:56
metallicoi am happy i can start ff now, thanxxx very much, petan09:56
petanmetallico: what was the error from apt version09:56
n3rV3cabrilo, yes :) i do09:57
petanmetallico: you can keep this one sure, but update link in menu09:57
metallico/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.12/firefox-bin: relocation error: /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.12/libxul.so: symbol snd_pcm_recover, version ALSA_0.9 not defined in file libasound.so.2 with link time reference09:57
cabrilon3rV3, ok, thanks for the help though... I'll try to file a bug or something09:57
petanmetallico: backup /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.12 to ~/bck09:57
cabriloa bit annoying... I wanted to give KDE a try and realized I couldn't switch to it09:57
petanmetallico: replace the file with version from ~/bin you will need to do that as root, I suggest to use mc for that09:58
ikoniametallico: do not do that09:58
ikoniametallico: your system will lose support09:58
plitterHello, I added the sentence <options snd-hda-intel model=lifebook> in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf but nothings seems to really have changed after i rebooted, so i tried changed <options snd-hda-intel model=æøæaæøæå> and still nothing changed, is there something more i need to do to check different model settings?09:58
petanmetallico: ok follow ikonia then09:59
metallicopetan private09:59
ikoniametallico: dropping binaris and libraries in from mozilla.org to replace your core ubuntu packages is not supported09:59
n3rV3cabrilo, you can09:59
n3rV3you can try using kdm's login manager09:59
n3rV3cabrilo, if the issue is with gdm's login configs... it could work10:00
berkeshow do I restart my desktopcouch server? I cannot find its "binary" or startscript.10:01
cabrilon3rV3, probably is... thanks again10:01
n3rV3cabrilo, np10:02
iflemacabrilo in a terminal try      sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm    and login/change session with kdm10:02
cabriloiflema, I tried that as well10:03
cabrilono sessions in KDE either10:03
cabriloin KDM10:03
MACscr_lappyso i created an image of my ubuntu 10.10 system before i reformeted. How do i restore my settings, such as thunderbird, pidgin, firefox, etc? I thought those were stored in my home directory10:05
MACscr_lappyi copied them back to my new profile (same username), but didnt seem to make a difference10:06
zambawhat's the version proof way of controlling firefox configuration through gconf?10:06
n3rV3MACscr_lappy, need to change the ownership of the files....10:06
aeMaethMACscr_lappy, afaik that should have fixed pidgin and firefox, both are stored in a hidden folder in home10:07
soulthiefhttp://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=13864 economic strategy game... money in game = real money just try it! good luck10:07
MACscr_lappyn3rV3: i copied it with the regular user. Should i have done it with sudo?10:07
MACscr_lappyand if i use the * to copy it, will it get the hidden folders?10:08
mpihHi, can anyone tell me what Debian release Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is build from? Is it Debian 6 or still debian 5?10:08
MACscr_lappyor hell, just tell me the correct way to do it =P10:08
=== nik0 is now known as niko
ikoniampih: neither10:09
soulthiefhttp://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=13864 economic strategy game... money in game = real money just try it! good luck10:09
ikoniampih: what are you trying to do10:09
MACscr_lappysomeone kick soulthief for being a spammer10:09
mpihikonia, I'm not trying to do anything, just need to know what Debian version Ubuntu is from ;-)10:10
ikoniampih: neither10:10
ikoniampih: why do you need to10:10
grunnyhi. I just upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 (WUBI) and now when I select Ubuntu on start up it doesn't boot into ubuntu it just takes me to GNU GRUB mash. Can anyone help me? :)10:10
mpihikonia, Then what ? I know it's unstable but from what branch?10:11
ikoniampih: why do you need to know10:11
n3rV3MACscr_lappy, are you done with the changes??10:11
ikoniampih: it's taken from a package version at that moment in time10:11
jribMACscr_lappy: * will not expand to directories that start with a '.'.  However .* will10:11
n3rV3MACscr_lappy, it would be along the lines chown -R u+x <username> /home/<pathtohomedir>10:12
mpihikonia, type cat /etc/debian_version in Ubuntu 10.04 and you'll get the Debian version. I'm sitting with 10.10 unfortunately, so i cannot do it myself10:12
ikoniampih: I don't understand why you need to know ?10:13
MACscr_lappyn3rV3: should i use sudo? or should that not be needed since i should own both sets of files already10:13
Statiumõóÿñå òóò íàðîäó10:13
lopanyoneknows what webcam software can i use for ubuntu10:13
Statiumhi all10:13
ikonia!webcam > lop10:13
ubottulop, please see my private message10:13
n3rV3MACscr_lappy, yes you need to do that, :) i skip the most important details sometimes10:13
Statiumåñòü êòî ñ ðîññèè10:13
ikonia!ru | Statium10:14
ubottuStatium: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:14
mpihikonia, nevermind ;-)10:14
sacarlsonlop:  I like cheese for web cam pics10:14
MACscr_lappyman i cant wait to get things restored so i can go to bed and have a working computer tomorrow to do actual work on =P10:14
ikoniaStatium: english only,10:14
StatiumI am familiar with the English10:14
ikoniaStatium: please speakin English in this channel then10:14
=== aum is now known as _aum
lopikonia: does skype ubuntu support webcam?10:15
ikonia!skype > lop10:15
ubottulop, please see my private message10:15
Statium. ikonia . ok10:15
lopbecause i ve already have a default skype10:15
lopbut that doesnt contain the webcam10:16
=== denny_ is now known as denny
sacarlsonlop: I think the new version of skype now supports web cam10:16
MACscr_lappyn3rV3: think that might restore some apps i installed with wine as well? i think wine stores things in the users home directory10:16
_aumAfter login into ubuntu box my mouse pointer goes away. but in the terminal when i input some character in comes back. can anyone tell me why this is happening ...10:17
lopsacarlson: my distribution is older ..how could i get the latest skype?10:18
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:18
AbhiJitlop, from skype web site10:19
sacarlsonlop: just go to skype.com10:19
=== madmn is now known as shanec
lopsacarlson: will try now10:19
murlidharwhat is the plugin required to play online audio streaming in the browser.... apparently i have install mozilla-plugin-vlc but nothing seems to be working !10:19
AbhiJitmurlidhar, you told me you were using radio tray?10:20
murlidharAbhiJit: yes but i want to check the link first10:20
AbhiJitmurlidhar, okk10:20
newbcakesHi guys... I recently installed Ubuntu via Wubi, and was trying to make a shell script to re-map my mouse buttons, so they work properly. However, I can't seem to give my little script execute permissions. Why?10:20
murlidharAbhiJit: i wonder why it is not working in my browser ....btw hi : )10:20
AbhiJithi murlidhar10:21
loponce i get into http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/post-download/, how could i run .deb file?10:21
sniperjo_is there a way to lock my processor down to a certain frequency in Ubunutu eg C410:21
murlidharAbhiJit: it says plugin not installed.10:21
AbhiJitmurlidhar, yeah i have no idea about it. give me link. let me try if opens ehre10:21
murlidharAbhiJit: http://www.radiomaska.com/radio128.html10:21
sacarlsonnewbcakes:  did you try sudo chmod +x ./yourfilename10:21
AbhiJitmurlidhar, hey but we also have the link for radio maska? you gave me?10:22
sacarlsonnewbcakes: what does ls -l yourfilename look like?10:22
murlidharAbhiJit: yes i have but the thing is it is not working10:22
sacarlsonnewbcakes: -l is lower case L10:22
murlidharAbhiJit: do you listen to radio teental ?10:23
murlidharit is also good.10:23
newbcakes-rw------- 1 MyName MyName 157 2010-11-12 19:44 MouseKeys.sh10:23
AbhiJitmurlidhar, i faced some problems with radiomaks in recent days too. from radio tray also and from rhythmbox also10:23
AbhiJitmurlidhar, no give me link i mean ip10:23
sacarlsonnewbcakes: what did it return when you did $sudo chmod +x ./Myname ?10:23
=== madmn is now known as shanec
newbcakesYou mean MouseKeys.sh?10:24
=== shanec is now known as nanrcmp
AbhiJitmurlidhar, thank you.10:24
sacarlsonnewbcakes: also looks like you might want to try chown on it if you plan to run it as a normal user10:24
newbcakesIt returned nothing10:24
=== uLinux is now known as uLinux_
sacarlsonnewbcakes: oh yes chmod +x MouseKeys.sh10:25
newbcakesYeah nothing happens10:26
AbhiJitmurlidhar, do you have opera?10:26
murlidharAbhiJit: yes10:26
sacarlsonnewbcakes:  how is that posible?10:26
AbhiJitmurlidhar, then try that link in opera. it wll take you to the plugin page after clikcing on it10:26
murlidharAbhiJit: talk to me in the OT channel ...10:27
sacarlsonnewbcakes: oh maybe it's in a fat32 file system10:27
sacarlsonsacarlson: ok maybe that won't support chmod values10:27
Spaztic_Onehello, is it possible to start rhythmbox with a command and have it immediately start playing a specific song / internet radio station?10:27
rigvednewbcakes: it seems that you do not have enough permissions to run the file. are you the only user in your wubi install?10:27
newbcakesSo how would I enable the drive to execute scripts? :(10:27
sacarlsonnewbcakes: ok maybe that won't suport chmod values move the file to a dir that is in a file system that's unix10:28
newbcakesUhhh... I installed it via Wubi - it's all NTFS :X10:28
randomOfAmberSpaztic_One: ctrl + alt + T, 'rhythmbox --help'10:28
baronwhere am i10:28
sacarlsonnewbcakes: I'm not sure but you can create file system inside filesytems that can then be mounted but I foget how to do that10:29
newbcakesSounds pretty complex10:30
rigved!cn | baron10:30
ubottubaron: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:30
Spaztic_OnerandomOfAmber: do I need to do rhythmbox-client, or just rhythmbox?10:30
sacarlsonnewbcakes: is the file you want to run in your home account dirctory?10:31
newbcakesNo, it's on an internal partition10:31
newbcakesWould it help if it was in my home directory?10:31
sacarlsonnewbcakes: just move the file to your home dir and try the chmod again10:32
sinaiwhat is an internal partition?10:32
newbcakesYou're a freaking genius.10:32
ranjanhow can we install Synaptics Gesture Suite™ Linux for TouchPads in Ubuntu?10:33
newbcakessinai: The partition for an internally-mounted hard drive10:33
sinaioh,i get it10:33
sacarlsonnewbcakes: so I take it that chmod in your home works?10:34
sacarlsonnewbcakes: yes I have worked that same problem for hours to figure it out10:35
rigvedwhenever i try to log into wiki.ubuntu.com, i get an Unknown Time Zone Error. any ideas on this can be fixed?10:35
ozramanyone in here experienced with jackd, qsynth and playing with a midi keyboard in standalone? i could really use some help here. this keyboard is driving me nuts....10:35
newbcakesYeah - there was something about remounting in fstab or something10:35
newbcakesBut I think this way is a lot easier10:35
sacarlsonozram: I used to get jackd to work but only as sudo to start10:35
ozramit works10:36
ozramalso qsynth10:36
newbcakesAlright, thanks a ton sacarlson10:36
newbcakesIf this was reddit I'd upvote you ^_^10:36
ozrami just am inexperienced with linux.. and dont know what connections i need to setup in jackd10:36
ozramplus with a potential keyboard problem... its really hard to diagnose/try around10:36
sacarlsonozram: been a while but i ran something like patch10:37
nickmoeckI know that Intrepid is no longer supported but.... is there still an intrepid repo that can be accessed to install packages?10:37
ozramim working on this problem not since hours... we are talking about days here. including vmware attempts etc.10:37
nickmoeckI know the official one is gone10:37
ozramdo i need soundfronts for qsynth?10:37
ozramto actually hear any sounds?10:37
jribnickmoeck: old-releases.ubuntu.com, but you should only use it to get up to date and then upgrade to a supported release.10:37
jrib!upgrade > nickmoeck10:37
ubottunickmoeck, please see my private message10:37
sacarlsonozram: what is standalone?10:37
ozrami mean... i dont care about any sequencer10:38
Remhi guys, do you know of a channel to discuss gnome look at?10:38
nickmoeckjrib: thanks for the advice on that, but that's not gonna be possible. Thanks for the url though10:38
ozrami just want to play keyboard. here..10:38
jribnickmoeck: why isn't it possible?10:38
sacarlsonozram: I used the keyboard software that interfaces the leter keys to the midi events to test it10:38
ozramwhat is it called?10:39
nickmoeckjrib: I'd rather not answer that ;)10:39
jribnickmoeck: it's dangerous to use an unsupported release as you aren't getting security updates any more...10:39
sacarlsonozram: I used the tmidity10:39
sacarlsonozram: and virtual midi keyboard10:40
sacarlsonozram: opps and that was timidity10:41
taranwhere can I get the list of channels available10:41
minimecHi I would like to mix (and record) two input devices (Zoom H2 + Logitech Headset) I guess I have to use some of the Moptions in Pavucontrol. How would I handle that?10:41
nickmoeckjrib: I know. It's a testing/lab environment and I need to be on Intrepid for the stuff that I'm working on10:41
ozramwhy a virtual one?10:41
sacarlsonozram: I don't have a midi keyboard just the keyboard on my computer10:42
sacarlsonozram: I used it to test the sounds of drum synths and stuf10:42
taranwhat is the meaning of rtacker returned a 4xx message?10:43
ozrami am confused10:44
ozramsometimes are not listed in the top left apps section10:44
=== _Nertil is now known as Nertil
ozramso i go to the software center10:44
ozramwhen i search for timidity i find 2 entries10:44
ozrambut how do i start the programs?!10:44
ozrambut timidity... plays midi signals in sound?10:45
sacarlsonozram: I think timidity starts at boot but can start it from the terminal10:45
ozramso its like jackd or ... what?10:45
sacarlsonozram: yes timidity converts midi files to sound10:45
ozrami want to generate sound from midi signals10:46
ozramnot files10:46
sacarlsonozram: no jackd is more like a sound mixer10:46
ozrami have a keyboard here10:46
ozramdoes timidity do that?10:46
Osmosisperdonar sabeis alguno como se llama el canal de Java no puedo conectar a #Java10:46
ozrami started it from console. all that happens is some text showing up.. thats it10:46
sacarlsonozram:  timidity simulates a synthisizer with midi events it creates sounds10:46
sacarlsonozram: you can use your keyboard to create the events to play it10:47
OsmosisSorry i forget change the chip with the language XD!, somebody know what is the name of the Java channel?10:47
ozramdont know how some console text is supposed to generate sound for me from my keyboard. when i cant see anything starting in the gui?10:47
Osmosiswith #Java i can not achieve connect10:47
sacarlsonozram:  the patch panel will be the gui part to route your midi events to the instruments you want to play10:48
ozrampatch panel?10:48
ozrami dont see anything here10:48
sacarlsonozram: best take this offline this is not ubuntu related10:48
sacarlsonozram: you can pm me10:49
ozramokay, thanks.10:49
minimecHow can I record two input devices at the same time with PulseAudio?10:51
sacarlsonminimec: well your audio card might be sterio so it can record two sounds with a simple record program10:52
sinaihello,i am a greenhand,there is a software which named ‘Prism’ in my new OS, Who can tell me what it is? There are so many english that i can't understand well.10:53
sacarlsonminimec: you can create internaly software generated sound with more chanels with a recording software like rosegarden10:53
minimecsacarlson: I have a Zoom H2 and a Logitech Headset. They are both working and shown in 'input devices' in pulseaudio. SHouldn't there be the possibility to mix these two devices and use them as 'recording device'?10:53
sacarlsonminimec: sounds like two sound cards yes so you can use rosegarden or other to record them10:54
minimecsacarlson: Even more sound cards. 2x Webcam Sphere + Zoom H2 + Logitech Headset + Internal audio --> 5 input devices. Thx for the Rosegarden hint. Would I be able to stream the mixed devices or does Rosegarden just record them?10:56
=== techhelper1 is now known as techhelper1|AFK
anygivennamedunno what happened.....my keyboard is typing differently.....some keys are typing numbers instead of letters.....how do I restore it ?10:57
bungle_hi guys anyone ever experience unexpected shutdowns in meerkat?10:58
bungle_logviewer last messgae padlock: VIA PadLock not detected.10:59
=== peppy_ is now known as annecy
n3rV3MACscr_lappy, i wasn't here11:00
n3rV3your issue was resolved?11:00
PythonItHi all11:00
bungle_any admins about?11:02
sacarlsonminimec: I don't know about streaming.  you might be able to setup streaming with jackd if you can get it to work11:02
bungle_hi guys anyone ever experience unexpected shutdowns in meerkat?11:02
minimecsacarlson: Yeah... I would like to avoid Jackd, as I never used it. I have no clue how that works ;)11:03
=== PythonIt is now known as PythonIt2
blackshirtbungle: what you mean with unexpected shutdowns ??11:03
rameshchandrasinhi i just dwnloding this theme http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Overglossed?content=74813 but it dont giving me that promised wallpaper11:03
bungle_working away no problems then just shuts down11:03
rameshchandrasinhttp://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=3&id=74813&file1=74813-1.jpg&file2=74813-2.jpg&file3=74813-3.jpg&name=Overglossed that one11:03
bungle_done it about 4 times in the last 2 days11:04
sacarlsonminimec: well it's the only software sound mixer I know but maybe pulseaudio will replace it someday or now for all I know11:04
=== PythonIt2 is now known as PythonIt
MrDudlethere anyway to not have any panels?11:05
bungle_blackshirt,  last system message b4 unexpected shutdown -   padlock: VIA PadLock not detected.11:05
rameshchandrasinu helpp me11:05
minimecsacarlson: Thx for your ideas anyway. If I find the time I will test a Jackd solution. For now I will just switch record devices with Pavucontrol.11:05
=== help is now known as help`
rigvedrameshchandrasin: shoot11:06
PythonItWhat's the +W mod ?11:06
MrDudlethere anyway to not have any panels?11:07
PythonItWhat's the +W mod ?11:07
A1B2C3Hello there, do someone use a 13 ou 14 inch laptop on ubuntu ?11:08
PythonIt17' for me x)11:09
blackshirtbungle: are you have via processor ??11:09
A1B2C3im lookin for a laptop of this size but have no idea where i can get a good model11:09
bungle_sorry what do you mean blackshirt11:10
bungle_my cpu is intel dual core11:10
A1B2C3sinai, can u give me details and how it is supported by ubuntu ?11:10
rigved!offtopic | A1B2C311:10
ubottuA1B2C3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:10
Killshey i have a problem trying to load ubuntu11:11
Killstrying to boot ubuntu11:13
Killsit gives an error message when i try to boot11:14
=== walther is now known as Guest8227
Killsany1 here?11:15
MrDudleof course11:15
Killscant tell you what the error message is right now still waiting for it11:16
Killsits loading ubuntu now on the screen11:16
hobomoim trying to navigate to a folder through the terminal, but the folder contains special characters. anyone know how to get around this?11:16
MrDudlenot have it have special characters is my advice11:17
thierryHi all, I can not "ping archive.canonical.com" (that means I can not apt-get update). Anyone else?11:17
pooltablehi looking for a way to record web viedo thanks???11:17
MrDudlepooltable: how is that related to ubuntu?11:17
hobomoits a flash drive that got automatically renamed by Windows11:17
MrDudlethierry: let me check11:17
blackshirthobomo: special character ??11:17
pooltablei need to work with ubuntu ?11:17
popeythierry: use a different mirror?11:17
hobomoblackshirt: yeah it has a y with an accent over it11:18
MrDudlepooltable: it's called google11:18
popeypooltable: you want to save flash videos?11:18
MrDudlethierry: canonical.com is pingable11:18
MrDudlei'd try apt-get update11:18
thierrypopey: I tried to switch to french one (because i'm french) but actually it links to main one, and i'm stuck11:18
blackshirthobomo: what the special char you mean ?11:18
popeythierry: try the uk one, gb.archive.ubuntu.com11:18
popeythierry: or just glare at jpds11:19
pooltablehttp://channelsurfing.net/watch-espn.html  not sure if it is flash11:19
hobomoblackshirt: the special character is a y with an accent over it. i dont know how to type that11:19
MrDudlepooltable: so you want us to help you steal espn?11:19
blackshirthobomo: y^11:19
thierryMrDudle: canonical.com is pingable, but archive.canonical.com is not11:19
pooltablejust for example11:19
MrDudlepooltable: go to google.com11:20
pooltablethan ?11:20
MrDudlesearch save flash videos on ubuntu11:20
blackshirthobomo: what your folder name ?? i mean for simple name11:20
MrDudleoh my god so complicated :o11:20
popey!jfgi | MrDudle11:20
ubottuMrDudle: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.11:20
bungle_hobomo, try using character map11:20
MrDudleI used no acronym11:21
thierrypopey: gb.archive.ubuntu.com this one ping11:21
hobomoMrDudle: you're being annoying though11:21
popeythierry: the gb one is usually pretty quick11:21
MrDudlehobomo: because i think people should use google for stupid questions?11:21
popeyMrDudle: you're just firing the user looking for support at google, which isn't particularly supportive11:21
MrDudlepopey: yes it is11:21
popeyMrDudle: no such thing as stupid questions11:21
MrDudleYes there are.11:21
MrDudleIf you can get it on google without really needing help then do it.11:22
Killsok what could be the problems that ubuntu doesnt boot on a laptop neither from usb neither from a cd11:22
pooltablehow get kamefu to work to play turbo grafix 16 games?11:22
MrDudleA question about what software to record flash on ubuntu is something easily answered in google11:22
MrDudleit's just lazy11:22
bungle_people just ask questions without trying to solve it themselves first which is very annoying especially when there is so much info out there already11:22
popeyMrDudle: its possible to help people without being rude11:22
pooltablei was not sure on if it was flash sorry11:22
MrDudlepooltable: or google desktop recording on ubuntu11:23
MrDudlegoogle is a valuable resource for a reason11:23
hobomoblackshirt: sorry i cant figure out how to paste the name here11:23
Killsok what could be the problems that ubuntu doesnt boot on a laptop neither from usb neither from a cd11:23
pooltablei know mrdudle11:23
hobomobungle_: what do you mean by using a character map11:23
=== root is now known as Guest13541
MrDudlepooltable: so you are just too lazy to do the work yourself11:23
popeyMrDudle: enough11:23
bungle_For flash videos, you can just copy the file from /tmp and then use ffmpeg2theora to convert it from .flw into .ogg.11:23
bungle_DivX videos and all other videos that are opened with mplayer-plugin can be usually saved from the player's right-click menu after the video has been fully downloaded.11:24
bungle_There are also man Firefox extensions for saving video content from web pages.11:24
FloodBot2bungle_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:24
kerimhi folks11:24
popeypooltable: gtk-recordmydesktop is a useful app for recording the screen11:24
bungle_hobomo applications...accessories ....character map11:24
pooltablenot mrdudle just was not sure what to look for11:24
blackshirthobome: use asteriks (*) for replacing11:24
MrDudlepopey: I never ask a question here without first googling it extensively11:24
popeyMrDudle: great!11:24
MrDudleespecially when it's a question about what's the best software to record things11:25
blackshirtkerim : hi11:25
pooltablebungle what is the fiefox app call?11:25
tankdriver_archive.canonical.com is down. Are there any mirrors?11:26
pooltablebungle is this it Mozilla Archive Format (with Faithful Save) ?11:26
Josh__Not that I can think of11:27
MrDudletankdriver_: gb.archive.ubuntu.com11:27
popeyMrDudle: thats not a mirror of archive. *canonical* .com11:27
=== jso is now known as Guest17217
tankdriver_MrDudle: thank you!11:27
popeytankdriver_: that wont work11:28
pr0misedhello! how can i enable for an user on my ubuntu just access your /home/username for the user can access other /home/otheruses or cd /etc/ this user can access JUST ONLY your HOME11:28
trojan_spikepr0mised, users and groups11:28
CookiesnMilkzI'm having problems installing gimp on 10.10 it's even failed from the software center11:29
tankdriver_popey: you are right, package 404 - not found11:29
popeyCookiesnMilkz: do you get a specific error message?11:29
Josh__Check your internet connection11:29
popeytankdriver_: I'm sure the sysadmins are on it11:29
n3rV3!chmod > pr0mised11:29
ubottupr0mised, please see my private message11:29
Josh__Or the server is down11:29
tankdriver_Ill try it later. thank you11:30
CookiesnMilkzIt's unable to connect, so the server might be down11:30
Josh__your welcome11:30
popeyit is11:30
pr0misedn3rV3 and trojan_spike: thanks! i'll read.11:30
Josh__If you can still recive chat messages, then your internet connection isn't down11:31
crankyadminAnybody here running Zsh?11:31
n3rV3Josh__, yes you are facing connectivity issues?11:31
blackshirtCookiesnMilkz: can you pastebin your output completely ?11:31
n3rV3crankyadmin, no m using bash only11:31
airtonixhow do i create a ufw rule to deny incoming packets from through to ? ( is WAN gateway and is my server )11:31
CookiesnMilkzYeah, one sec.11:31
blackshirtCookiesnMilkz: i'm waiting for that .. :-D11:32
CookiesnMilkzFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gimp/gimp_2.6.10-1ubuntu3_amd64.deb  Unable to connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com:http: [IP: 91.1811:32
crankyadminFor anybody reading the channel. Can you try running byobu (apt-get upgrade first) from Zsh and then from bash. Thanks11:32
Josh__For the last time, THIS IS NOT A ADVERTISEMENT!11:33
bazhangJosh__, whom are you addressing11:33
airtonix /ignore Josh__ all11:33
blackshirtCookiesnMilkz: check your internet connection,..check your sources.list too..11:33
castCookiesnMilkz: ping google.com :)11:33
bazhangJosh__, please prepend your responses with the user's nick11:34
Josh__M dad says to google everythin11:34
jpdscast: What does Google have to do with us.archive?11:34
crazy_bmwping IP11:34
Josh__yeah, it has nothing to help with11:34
EvilWarхерасе народу О_о11:35
Josh__What? It can't search IP addresses11:35
blackshirtCookiesnMilkz: maybe repository server you are using down ?11:35
bazhang!who | Josh__11:35
ubottuJosh__: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:35
Josh__Try another one11:35
bazhangEvilWar, /join #ubuntu-ru11:35
castjpds: nothing. think carefully what that tests :)11:35
popeyFor people having issues with repositories, response from canonical sysadmins:- "known issue.  We're on it"11:35
RainKinghi all11:36
crankyadminJosh__, I'm not advertising I'm trying to diagnose a bug on launchpad. That seems to be affecting Ubuntu users... where best to ask than in an Ubuntu IRC channel.11:36
CookiesnMilkzI'll try again and see what happens.11:36
popeycrankyadmin: which bug?11:36
casti really think people should have multiple servers listed in sources.list, for when this kind of thing happens11:36
crazy_bmwà áåëîðóñêèé ÿçûê ïîíèìàåòå11:36
castit is a bit disheartening that us.archive.ubuntu.com is down though :(11:37
jpdscast: It's more disheartening that us.archive isn't even in the US.11:37
martinerkulhow do I change between sessions in terminal? 'm  logged on via putty11:38
blackshirtjagoan: mas jagoan neh :-D11:38
CookiesnMilkzAll fixed11:39
castahhh, us.archive.ubuntu.com. is working again :)11:39
gogetahey are the repos being unstable atm11:39
popeycast: yup11:39
popeyyes, us.archive.ubuntu.com had an issue which has now been resolved11:39
castwhat was the issue?11:39
popeyno idea11:40
Josh__I don't know11:40
popey"Network outage affecting archive servers"11:40
blackshirtbao: hello11:40
Josh__Maybe someone un-plugged it, (No)11:40
jpdsJosh__: Haha, "it".11:40
gogetak was helping someone and everything got unstable lol11:40
pr0misedn3rV3: there explain how user permissions, but my directory structure is, /home/web/SITENAME/www/ so, reading there i don't see how to set permissions for the user just get access in your home /home/web/pr0mised.com/www/ for the user promised can't leave from your directory /pr0mised.com/www/11:41
Josh__You can't, it's not possible11:42
Josh__But you can make it11:42
Josh__wait, it is possible, sorry11:42
castsounds like your average shared web hosting setup11:43
Josh__He might be using the network version11:43
castlet vsftpd deal with limiting them to their homedirs :)11:43
Josh__You know, with,11:43
=== uLinux_ is now known as pt
=== pt is now known as uLinux
n3rV3pr0mised, exactly if you set your user permissions then user can't get out if s/he doesn't have access to outer dir11:45
n3rV3though i don't know if there is some other setting for apache which i think you are refering to11:45
pr0misedn3rv3: good! but i want set permission for example chmod -R permission_number /home/web ?11:45
martinerkulcan I have multiple "desktops" in terminal?11:47
jribmartinerkul: screen or tmux11:47
martinerkulfor example.. now I'm in irssi.. and want another session where I can do stuff on my comp11:48
jribmartinerkul: yes, use screen or tmux11:48
martinerkulso I have to quit irssi now to get that installed? :P11:49
jribmartinerkul: maybe you can ctrl-z irssi?  I don't know11:49
n3rV3pr0mised, that is correct, but you want to deny user access to outer dir so change ownership of outer dir to root11:49
jribmartinerkul: you can also just open up a new terminal11:49
martinerkul_right.. so now i'm using screen.. (I think) .. how do I switch between this stuff? :P11:51
jrib!screen | martinerkul_11:51
ubottumartinerkul_: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen11:51
martinerkul_or I could just google it.. :P11:51
jribmartinerkul_: ctrl-a ?  will give you a cheat sheet.  But you can just ctrl-a c  for a new window and ctrl-a # where # is a number to switch tabs.  I've switched to tmux though11:51
=== zulgaban_ is now known as wakkarto
martinerkul_mkay .. ty11:52
baoso many11:52
=== martinerkul_ is now known as martinerkul
martinerkullol.. think I ahve multiple irssi's running now :P11:53
martinerkul_yeah.. I'm screwing this up :p11:55
=== martinerkul_ is now known as martinerkul
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefix, which will only connect to gogle .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?11:56
martinerkulfinally got the hold of it11:56
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefix, which will only connect to gogle .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?  also the updater seems to fail on almost all patches11:57
=== asig3 is now known as asig
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefox, which will only connect to google .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?  also the updater seems to fail on almost all patches11:58
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefox, which will only connect to google .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?  also the updater seems to fail on almost all patches (DNS works fine as does ping)11:59
vincenzo_salve sono nuovo volevo chiedere se in questa chat si possono scaricare anche file di film11:59
erUSUL!repeat | Vogg12:00
ubottuVogg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:00
erUSUL!it | vincenzo_12:00
ubottuvincenzo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:00
vincenzo_chiedo scusa come faccio per andare su ubuntu.it12:01
Gnome1919is anybody there?12:01
n3rV3Gnome1919, i am here12:02
ozram-> /join #ubuntu.it @ vincenzo12:02
ranjanhi all, how can i move a window using my laptops touchpad only like in windows.12:02
ozramsenza "flecha"12:02
Gnome1919hi everyone12:02
Gnome1919i have a question about netbook LCD brightness control12:03
Gnome1919i have a question about netbook LCD brightness control12:04
Gnome1919it seems i'm unable to find that12:05
Gnome1919my keyboard function key is not working either12:05
gbear14275how can I tell if a machine has internet access?12:13
gbear14275ok different question.  I setup a VM and am able to read the ip addr value... but is there a way to query a site or service to determine if that site/service can see the machine...  Thinking of something similar to whatismyip.com for a headless machine12:16
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefox, which will only connect to google .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?  also the updater seems to fail on almost all patches (DNS works fine as does ping)12:17
=== karthik is now known as Guest87130
sebramy rootpassword: 312:18
akonciushas anybody tried software for lowering fan speed?12:19
akonciusi googled quite long time, and haven't found anything usable12:20
Sk00rchenhey guys! Need your help with locating what fills up my disk. My /var is suddenly completely full. du --max-depth=1 tells me it's in "." but I cannot find anything there with ls?12:21
babu__audio not playing in amrok...wat's the reason12:23
gbear14275Sk00rchen, I don't think you are going to get anything other than  . with a max depth of 112:24
babu__audio not playing in amrok...wat's the reason12:24
gbear14275I ran that command on my system and got the same thing12:24
babu__audio not playing in amarok...wat's the reason12:24
Vogghello ~ i have a new installation of ubuntu 10.04 lts and it is all working .... except firefox, which will only connect to google .. all other websites it will not connect to .. can any one help ?  also the updater seems to fail on almost all patches (DNS works fine as does ping)12:25
gbear14275Sk00rchen, nvm... I forgot to put sudo at the front12:25
Sk00rchengbear14275: well, the large files should be directly under /var then, but there is no files there?12:25
gbear14275Sk00rchen, are you running th command as root?12:25
babu__audio not playing in amarok...wat's the reason12:25
gbear14275babu__, have mute on?12:25
Sk00rchengbear14275: yes12:26
=== YNOT__ is now known as Ynot_be
weguebabu_,your desktop enviroment is gnome or kde12:26
babu__hv both gnome n kde..using both12:26
ubuntuhi, i've got problem with radeon xpress 200 with  ubuntu 10.10, I know that, amd doesn't support this, but it should work with open drivers but it doesn't work :-(12:27
weguethe default enviroment is gnome that's rigth?12:27
aurillianceI'm using xcalib -co 40 -a (bound to F9) to dim my screen, but I need a seperate keyboard binding to un-dim my screen. Is there a trick I could use to have one key to toggle the dimming?12:27
aurillianceI'm guessing It'd require some one-line bash sweetness beyond my skills12:27
=== chicognu_ is now known as chicognu
weguemay be device crashed12:28
babu__pls reply12:28
wegueI was meet such a problem before, the information shows that device or software crashed12:30
icerootubuntu: x200m is not using the vga driver, its using the chipset driver (look at website from amd/ati)12:31
happzcrewHi can any one help? I have Win7 Ultimate 64, I installed Ubunto 10.10, had the option to boot into either Ubunto or windows 7, booted into Ubunto, restarted, and now there is no option to boot into windows 7, it has disappeared!!!! HELP!!12:32
meaniefaceubunto hehe12:34
weguetry live CD to rescue12:35
=== funnylookinhat_ is now known as funnylookinhat
happzcrewyou are talking to someone that has NEVER used anything linux based!!12:35
happzcrewI am quite proficient in winblows though!!12:35
happzcrewdoes not help!!12:35
berkeshappzcrew, that I doubt, so much hardware runs on linux under the hood :)12:36
ubuntutry sudo update-grub in applications>accesories>terminal12:36
happzcrewok ta12:36
happzcrewit says you must run this as root!12:37
babu__pls reply12:37
babu__audio not playing in amarok...wat's the reason12:37
ubuntuhave you written "sudo"?12:38
ubuntusudo update-grub12:38
lea123hi I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 on my existing Vista. it gives me three options viz. Install along side , erase and use the entire disk and lastly the specify partion for advanced users12:39
lea123I need my VISTA to run along side Ubuntu for the timebeing12:39
berkeslea123, that would be Install along side.12:40
lea123i hope it doesn't write on my hidden partion where my OS and other recovery information is stored12:40
lea123Otherwise I am done12:41
=== bknox is now known as taotetek
ubuntuthe safest option is wubi12:41
lea123I have had a terrible experience with WUBI12:41
ozramwhat happened?12:41
ozramim using wubi atm12:41
ozramits on the same partition as win712:42
lea123Just conked off one fine day .... lost quite a bit of data12:42
ozramwin data too?12:42
happzcrewFound linux image:    /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic    Found initrd image:    /bootinitrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic      Found memtest86+  image:  /boot/memtest86+.bin12:42
ozramor only ubuntu stuff?12:42
lea123And people suggested Wubi isn12:42
lea123isn't the best installation12:42
ubuntui installed ubuntu on 18 computers with wubi and it works every time....12:42
lea123Well after 5 months it was over for me12:43
ozramhow would i go over about uninstalling wubi from my main part.?12:43
aurillianceOk, I've written the following one liner that toggles a dimmed screen, and bound it to F9, but when I try it it spits an error. Executing it from a terminal doesn't give any error... Why's that?12:43
aurillianceif [ "$screendimtoggle" -eq "1" ]; then export screendimtoggle=0; xcalib -co 40 -a; else export screendimtoggle=1; xcalib -c; fi;12:43
ozramwithout like... losing my win7 and everything? :]12:43
ikonia!wubi > ozram12:43
ubottuozram, please see my private message12:43
aurilliance!wubi > aurilliance12:43
ubottuaurilliance, please see my private message12:43
berkeslea123, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot has some hints on different hidden-partiion setups.12:44
ozrammaybe ill check out kxstudio and see if that works with my midi problem.12:44
berkesmaybe yours is listed there, lea123?12:44
lea123berkes I am on that page but it gives me the older version of ubuntu not 10.1012:44
ozrambtw uninstaller page = 40412:45
aurillianceAnyone know why my one liner doesn't work when mapped to a keyboard shortcut? ^^12:46
ozrami think im gonna uninstall it right now and check out kxstudio12:47
ozramsee no other option atm12:47
* ozram bbl12:47
berkeslea123, I assume you already have windows and want to install ubuntu alongside? Or the other way around?12:48
lea123I have windows vista already12:48
lea123I chose the advance option12:48
lea123I see the 3 partions sd1, sd2, sd3 instead of C , D and the hidden partion for windows recovery12:49
ubuXubui dont want to interupt but i just di 18 windows-ubuntu dual booters12:49
ikonialea123: you won't see drive letters in an ubuntu installer12:49
lea123how do I know which one is C or D ??12:49
ubuXubuif u need anything im here12:49
mil0Hi. If I tunnel my web traffic through a socks5 proxy, am I limited to the connection of the proxy or do I get the full bandwith of of my connection?12:49
ikoniaubuXubu: what are you talking about12:49
=== Kyle_ is now known as krger
ubuXubuhelp installing ubuntu beside windows12:50
ubuXubui am good a that but ill stay on the side if i am interupting12:50
austennhmm i tried using a proxy server from home once...12:51
lea123Thanks ubuXubu ...12:51
austennalthough i have hi speed cable, data connection came to a crawl on proxy12:52
lea123ubuXubu ... How will I get to know which one is C or D from SD1, SD2 and SD3 ?12:52
ubuXubuif u are trying to identify which one is your main c drive windows one way is by the size lea12312:52
mil0so looks like im limited to the proxies bandwith12:52
austennyea i think so, but not sure on this12:53
lea123But C and D was equally divided ..12:53
dewyhi, im just about to setup a server with ubuntu alternate 10.10 using this computer http://www.ebuyer.com/product/219937 its 64bit.  Im just wondering what is the better choice, the amd64 or the i38612:53
aftertafhey all : anyone know why on my LAN i'd have big latency at times for ssh and for nfs between my PC and server ? (all on 10.10)12:53
aftertafdewy:  64 bit.12:53
Dr_Willisdewy:  i use 64bit OS when ever possible.12:53
mil0thanks austenn! i suppose i should just test and come back with results12:53
aftertafme too12:53
ubuXubuc will be 1st ahead of it, plus since all your files are on c it will be bigger12:53
lea123I hadn't stored anything in D however it still says 93 MB in use12:53
lundtorlea123: cat /etc/fstab12:53
dewythanks dr_willis and aftertaf so ill go for the AMD6412:53
ubuXubuc is 1st12:54
chicognulea123, with file type ?12:54
aftertaflatenct even seems to freeze yakuake when i'm trying to access file system by nfs12:54
ubuXubulea123 if u are too confused u can simply dowload wubi and it will install ubuntu as a file in windows12:55
lea123chicognu Linux files..12:55
chicognulea123, it is some reservad space to super-user12:55
chicognulea123, nothing to worry about12:55
lea123ubuXubu I had done the wubi didn't reach anywhere hence some help required12:55
aftertaflea123: mount both of them in live CD and look in Nautilus (explorer-type)12:55
ubuXubulea123 you installed WUBI already?12:56
lea123long time ago ... and it conked off12:56
ubuXubuconked off?12:56
ubuXubunever heard of that but ok12:56
brujohhey all, every time I install the nvidia driver on my fresh ubuntu 10.10 install I reboot and get a black screen. Any ideas?12:56
lea123just didn't work one fine day12:56
ubuXubulea123 did u uninstall it12:56
aftertafbrojoh : press ALT-F1 and enter console. then cat /X11 log files in /var/log12:57
lea123I am getting 3 options change delete revert against SD1,sD2 and sd3 Do i need to click on them ??12:57
ubuXubulea123 the steps are as follows12:58
aurillianceOk, I've written the following one liner that toggles a dimmed screen, and bound it to F9, but when I try it it spits an error. Executing it from a terminal doesn't give any error... Why's that?12:58
aurillianceif [ "$screendimtoggle" -eq "1" ]; then export screendimtoggle=0; xcalib -co 40 -a; else export screendimtoggle=1; xcalib -c; fi;12:58
ubuXubuchoose either to install it side by side and ubuntu will divide it up for u or12:58
lea123yeah I am going in for the install side by side12:59
crashanddie_aurilliance, no need for quotes around 112:59
brujohaftertaf, I had to reload to fix it. Unfortunately if I install it I will be broken again with no x :(12:59
crashanddie_aurilliance, just add an echo to see which branch it's taking12:59
ubuXubuadvanced..and if that one, u size it yourself, u choose ext3 or 4, u choose /   , u choose to format and u choose a swap artition which is ram x 2 or less if u like12:59
crashanddie_ubuntu, "you"13:00
aftertafbrujoh: then look in the logs for that time/date :)13:00
sorycan I ask a question ?13:00
crashanddie_!ask | sory13:00
ubottusory: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:00
lea123OK .. ubuXubu but I don't need the windows recovery partion to be overwritten hence I chose advanced to make sure it doesn't overwrite it13:01
brujohaftertaf, I scrubbed the drive :(13:01
sorysudo modprobe tap     when I do this    it comes out a problem ->FATAL: Module tap not found.13:01
ubuXubulea123 good idea u may need it someday13:01
sorywhat should I do ?13:01
ubuXubulea123 have u already made your windows back up disks?13:02
crashanddie_sory, "tap" isn't the correct name13:02
crashanddie_sory, basically, when you say "modprobe xxx", it tries to find a module for the kernel named "xxx". In this case, you asked it to load the module called "tap", and it can't find it.13:02
aftertaflea123: best is to boot in livecd and to shrink / create partitions before running installer13:02
aftertaflea123: if you know how to do that you're good to go.13:03
sniperjo__im getting a error :  [26195:26195:226658678793:FATAL:chrome/browser/browser_main.cc(881)] Check failed: PathService::Get(chrome::DIR_USER_DATA, &user_data_dir). Must be able to get user data directory! when starting chromium13:03
soryif I change it to "tuns" , is it same ?13:03
ubuXubulea123 have you made your windows back up disks?13:03
sniperjo__if i run the same command on the local machine it works, through a telnet script i get that error13:04
palein in lucid, why audacious 2.3 doesnt support volume scroll % like in earlier versions?13:06
lea123BTW SDA2 is listed as the Windows Recovery Environment (loader) ????? Its corresponds to the C drive I suppose given the size of SD2 ...13:07
lea123I thought the Windows Recovery Environment loader was the smallest partion amongst all ..13:07
ubuXubulea123 have you made your windows back up disks yet?13:08
lea123data backups yes13:08
zambahow do i add a shortcut to every users desktop?13:10
zambait's basically just a .desktop file13:10
ubuXubulea123 if u have chosen to protect your recovery partition as you stated then you are ready, if in doubt you can ask your computer manufacturer to be sure about securing that, but if you made your back up disks your even more secure.13:10
Dr_Williszamba:  if you want to do it for all newly made users. put it in /etc/skel13:10
Dr_Williszamba:  for allready made users.. not sure of a proper way to do that..13:10
zambaDr_Willis: ok13:10
lea123ubuxubu Any idea why the Windows Recovery Environment loader is showing as the largest partion ?? Thats quite confusing13:11
ubuXubulea123 no13:11
Dr_Willislea123:  Windows Recovery Env. Loader. may be the Windows 7 'boot' partition. or a 'system recovery' partition for restoreing windows.13:11
Dr_Willislea123:  how large is it?13:11
leadZEROAre there any good GUIs for Server that can control the various services? IE, DHCP, DNS, Web, FTP?13:12
ubuXubulea123 it includes your entire OS and the software to create those backup disks13:12
Dr_WillisleadZERO:  dont use webmin. :) theres another alternative.. ebox perhaps? i forget its name13:12
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox13:12
aftertafgot an answer : First of all, you can make "UseDNS no13:12
lea123Dr Willis its showing 125 GB which is the size of C drive... Vista has partioned my HDD into 3 partions viz C 125GB , D 125 GB and 1.6GB recovery partion13:13
ubuXubulea123 but when you create your ubuntu partition you will be making that separate altogether and using ext 3 or 4 your choice and you will not be touching the windows partitions13:13
aftertaflea123: last time i changed partitions on a preinstalled 7, I ended up formatting all and reinstalling from a DVD13:13
aftertafwhen I removed the recovery partition :)13:13
blue_annasince I installed links2, links from applications like empathy dont open in firefox13:13
blue_annasometimes, like from pidgin, it uses links2, but others, like with empathy, it gives me an error13:14
lea123ubuxubu Dr Wilis Any idea why the Windows Recovery Environment loader is showing as the largest partion ?? Thats quite confusing for me13:14
binkyhi all.  i've created 2 users, user1 and user2.  I then created a group, group1, and added user1 and user2 to it. Then, i did a chgrp to /home/user2 to group1.  Then did a chmod 775 to /home/user2.  My problem is, user1 can't write, even though he's part of group1.  For example, if as user1 I do a "touch newfile" inside /home/user2 I get access denied. Anyone have any ideas what I forgot to do?13:14
blue_annabut xchat continues to open them in firefox .)13:14
ubuXubulea123 i would ask the manufacturer to be sure13:14
lea123Aftertaf precisely I don't want to get into that mess at all13:14
blue_annabinky, add user2 to group1 ?13:15
ubuXubulea123 how big is your hard drive13:15
lea123ubuxubu what shall I ask the manufacturere ??13:15
lea123its 250GB13:15
binkyblue_anna: yea both are added...13:15
aftertaflea123: if you have a large windows partition (check via livecd which are which) then shrink away :)13:15
Consul_Falxfolks, please, how about installing a usb hsdpa/edge modem?13:15
ubuXubulea123 ask them about yor recovery partitoon13:15
blue_annabinky, ooh .. and chown -R user#:group1 /home/user#13:15
Dr_Willislea123:  the 1.6gb is proberly the actual recovery partition. sounds liek the furst one is just a odd name.13:15
zambahow do i lock the homepage for a user in firefox?13:15
lea123Yeah but its (recovery partion)  hidden you see13:16
Consul_FalxI have huawei E270 and ubuntu lucid amd6413:16
binkyblue_anna: i wasn't aware that u can chown for a group... just users?... checking man....13:16
blue_annabinky, even after that, you might need to be sure that the primary group for each user is group113:16
lea123Sorry Dr. Willis I didn't understand ..13:17
ubuXubulea123 you may be better off choosing the side by side option..after confirming which one is your recovery partition13:17
lea123Are you sure the side by side will not attempt to write on the partition recovery disk13:17
lea123What is the the meaning "device for boot loader installation" ??13:18
ubuXubulea123 thats why i said call your manufacturer and confirm which one the recovery is13:18
ubuXubulea123 grub should be prechecked off for that13:18
binkyblue_anna: the primary group is their names... so for it to work i have to change each one's primary group? what if I have other groups where one needs access but the other doesn't?13:19
lea123ubuxubu the manufacturere will not reply since its a VISTA machine13:19
Benoms1Hi, i'm trying to use ubuntu as a sort of home file server. Can anyone tell me if there is a way i can do file/folder replication. I want to make sure that a cop certain folders (eg, photos) are present on more than 1 disk and would like this to be automatic.13:19
lea123also its a hidden partition13:19
ubuXubulea123 yes they will if they preinstalled vista13:19
ubuXubui know its hidden13:19
Benoms1cop of*13:19
blue_annabinky, well for the touch to work, you shouldnt need to do that. but if you want user2 to be able to open the file after user1 creates it, you need to make sure the file is created with the shared group permissions13:19
lea123Would they be knowing in terms of SD1, SD2 and SD3 ?? you mean ..13:20
blue_annabinky, if you have many shared groups that they work with, your users will have to get used to the chown/chgrp commands13:20
ubuXubulea123 they will know exactly the  size and where it lies as opposed to c drive13:20
ivgenijздесь руские есть?13:20
Consul_Falxhelp me, i need to configure an 3G/edge modem Huawei E270 on Lucid6413:21
ubuXubulea123 and that will give you confidence when we build your new partitoon13:21
binkyblue_anna: right i got you there, but the problem is i can't write to the directory to even do the touch...13:21
Dr_Willislea123:  you can examine all the partitions from a live linux cd. and see ahts on them.13:21
blue_annabinky, the key is to think of it as a binding between groups of files and a purpose, not a binding between groups ofpeople and a purpose13:21
pibarnasConsul_Falx: its blue light turn on and you cant navigate?13:21
blue_annabinky what is the owner and group of /home/user# (where you are touching a file)13:21
lea123ubuXubu , Dr Willis :  the graphic clearly shows the linear order of the partion first the hidden 1.6GB then 125 and 123GB ... which are the C and D drives13:22
ubuXubulea123 when i looked at ubuntu's graphical representation of my disk, you don't seem confident13:22
blue_annasorry, groups of people and the files ..13:22
lea123THE SD1 is the 1.6GB..13:23
ubuXubulea123 i meant when i saw that graph i could clearly see where everything was13:23
lea123sd2 = 125GB13:23
Dr_Willislea123:   I would guess the 1.6 is the windows recovery partition. Look on the partition see what files is there. sda1 would be the 1.6gb i imagine.13:23
binkyblue_anna: the owner is user2.  the group it's under is group1, user1 and user2 are members of group1, the dir i am trying to write in to touch, is 775  so owner:rwx and group:rwx, but its denying user1 write...13:23
Consul_Falxpibarnas: it's blinking in blue and i can access the ROM on the device13:23
Dr_Willislea123:  if sda3 is empty of files. you could install linux there.13:23
lea123Dr Wiliis precisely correct13:23
blue_annabinky, that's not exactly what I was expecting .. try touching a file in user1's home and changing the group to group1, then moving it there?13:24
lea123Dr. Willis Well it says no root file system is defined13:24
lea123and I can't  go further13:25
ubuXubuchoose / lea12313:25
=== ke_ is now known as kek_
Dr_Willislea123:  you need to delete the partiton thats empty. and let the installer use the space where its at.13:25
Dr_Willislea123:  thats one way to do it. or manually make the partitions.13:25
Dr_Willislea123:  you must have a / partition and a swap partition as a minimum.13:25
austennGraphics:  Card Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller X.Org 1.6.4 Res: 1024x768@85.0hz13:26
austenn           GLX Renderer Mesa DRI Intel 915GM GEM 20090712 2009Q2 RC3 x86/MMX/SSE2 GLX Version 1.4 Mesa 7.6 Direct Rendering Yes13:26
=== kek is now known as Guest55355
lea123Dr. Willis You mean choose SD3 and hit DELETE is it ??13:26
austennInfo:      Processes 130 Uptime 1:10 Memory 119.4/2004.5MB Client X-Chat 2.8.6 inxi 1.2.613:26
=== kek_ is now known as kek
binkyblue_anna: i will try to see what happens, but in the end im trying to do a samba share and control access via groups... so it's got me stumped, because the samba permissions are all set but the simple writing for group access is not working right from the console...13:26
Dr_Willislea123:  for starters it would be 'sda3'  and if its empty.. you can delete it..13:26
Dr_Willislea123:  it can NOT be a ntfs/ or vfat/windows aprtition. You must make linux partitiosn.13:27
kekwhy does this work in the terminal but not from a script? echo !(5.*|*.sql|backup|dibs)13:27
blue_annabinky, wait is this a local drive or a drive across the network?13:27
=== adventure is now known as duckx0r
lea123Dr_Willis OK now it says free space I believe I need to hit new partion table right ??13:28
petrolmanHi, I would like to test MariaDB, is there already a package for this db?13:28
binkyblue_anna: the mv didn't work either, access denied.  no i can't get the rights working on the actual box13:28
Dr_Willislea123:  new partition.. not partition table....13:28
Dr_Williskek:  is the script using Bash or sh?13:28
binkyit's ubuntu server 10.1013:28
duckx0ris there a way to change the language for menus and windows by the command line?13:29
kekDr_Willis: tried both. Using #!/bin/bash -i at the top of the script makes it work...13:29
lea123Dr. Willis Wow I didn't know that difference which meant - I had to hit ADD and it brought a small dialog box asking me to choose the type of new partion from primary or logical ??13:30
blue_annabinky, okay .. I dont know how samba works .. the groups and users you have on one machine are only superficially related to the groups and users of another .. for example if you removed the remote drive and plugged it in locally, and it had a user uid 555 named pinky, that disks files would show up with the name of the user with uid 555 on your local machine. your problem is actually with samba and not with unix fs, the f13:30
blue_annailesystem part you have set up correctly13:30
binkyblue_anna : some extensive searching in google before i came here made me think it was acls... but not sure13:30
blue_annaIm surprised , windows still uses samba?13:31
binkyblue_anna: sorry to confuse... i should not have mentioned samba... even in my simplest original example, having nothing to do with samba, just standard unix commands, it's not working.13:31
blue_annabinky, well, you said the drives you are writing to are not local13:31
lea123Dr. Willis a small dialog box asks me to choose the type of new partion from primary or logical ??13:32
greywalki have a question - ubuntu 10.10 - i cannot start ntfs-config tool - it asks for the password, but the application does not launch. can anyone help me with that?13:32
Dr_Willislea123:  i always use primaries13:32
blue_annabinky, if the drives are on a different machine than the user permissions files, that would explain the errors13:32
Dr_Willislea123:  if you just saved the layout with  that partition deleted.. you could restart the isntaller and tell it to use 'unallocated' space. and it would auto partition.13:32
binkyblue_anna: i was just letting you know where i eventually was trying to get.  im saying that i cant get a simple touch on local drive with local users working with group permissions.13:33
Dr_Willislea123:  example layout --> (windowws recovery)(windows) (/) (swap)13:33
Dr_Willisbye all.. bbl13:33
maverickjesusdoes anyone know if its possible to change the screen draw size in ubuntu?13:33
binkyblue_anna: samba is not the issue, i should not of mentioned it.  my apologies.13:33
OsmosisDo you know something why the ##java channel is not accesible?13:34
blue_annabinky that should work .. there are examples online that demonstrate the effect. is there free space on the drive?13:34
maverickjesusregardless of whether I use nvidia/ati, ubuntu draws outside the edges of my lcd13:34
maverickjesusits really annoying13:34
n3rV3yes maverickjesus if you are looking to change screen resolution13:34
binkyblue_anna: yea, many gigs :)13:34
LjL!identify > Osmosis    (Osmosis, see the private message from ubottu)13:34
petrolmanthe java channel has been closed by oracle ;-)13:34
ikoniapetrolman: no it's not13:34
amurabihello everbody13:34
greywalkhello everyone. i need some assistance, if possible - i cannot launch ntfs-config tool - the system asks for the root password, i introduce it, and nothing happens, the app won' launch.. is there a way to fix this?13:35
n3rV3maverickjesus, thats your display(hardware) settings, find the menu button on screen and try adjusting13:35
binkyblue_anna: yea it seems to me straight forward, but for some reason permisson is being denied.13:35
lea123What is the difference between primary and logical partion ??13:35
ikonialea123: nothing13:35
duckx0rmaverickjesus, could be your monitor. is there some sort of "auto" button on it?13:35
binkyblue_anna: owner works, root works, but group doesnt13:35
ubuXubulea123 i chose logical and i saw doctor said primary so dont worry13:35
maverickjesus its an LCD tv for a media center13:35
LjLlea123: there can only be 4 primary partitions, so logical partitions are a trick to have more. basically, one primary partition is designated as an "extended partition" and can contain several more "logical partitions"13:35
ubuXubumine works great13:36
maverickjesusreason I ask is it never used to do it13:36
maverickjesusonly since I updated to 10.1013:36
lea123OK ubuxubu then I am sure i need to choose location for the partion as end rather than the beginning right considering my windows recovery partion is in the front13:37
lea123or beginning13:37
OsmosisLjL i dont have created a password13:37
binkyblue_anna: i suppose i should fire up a gentoo vm i have and try it there, but to me this seems so basic... albeit i havn't messed with groups on ubuntu before, but i assumed the same across platforms...13:37
OsmosisLjL just a username13:37
ubuXubulea123 build it, make it ext 3 or 4 (3 is better IMO), format it, choose / as the mount point13:37
ikoniaubuXubu: why is 3 better ?13:38
ubuXubui said i like it better13:38
LjLOsmosis: then make one, you need to have one to join that channel13:38
LjL!register > Osmosis    (Osmosis, see the private message from ubottu)13:38
ubuXubu4 id for massice files13:38
ikoniaubuXubu: why do you prefer 313:38
ikoniaext4 isn't for "massive files"13:38
ubuXubu4 is for massive files waaay bigger than i will ever use13:38
=== Osmosis is now known as osmosis
ikoniano it's not13:38
ikoniait's performance in general on small files is much greater than ext313:39
ubuXubuplus i had issue with 413:39
ubuXubuand it went away with ext 3 for me13:39
lea123I thought version 4 would be the latest  :)13:39
ubuXubuu pick the one u want13:39
ikonialea123: version ext4 is the latter13:39
ubuXubulea123 as i said 3 or 413:39
lea123What is the meaning of mount ?13:40
ikonialea123: make the disk visible to the operatoring system13:40
ubuXubulea123  choose /13:40
ubuXubuikonia there have been issues with 413:41
_MadWolf_I used wireshark to find out why my network doesn't work under ubuntu, returns 2 different MAC addresses... but why does it work under windows?13:41
blue_annabinky, from user1 if you issue the command groups do you see group1 in the list ?13:41
binkyblue_anna: yes13:42
ikoniaubuXubu: not for a long time13:42
ubuXubuikonia interesting that you did not mention it13:43
ubuXubuikonia when i need answers sometimes i want the sure bet and 3 is that13:43
blue_annabinky, because I noticed, I did usermod -G team -a blue and opened a new console and my groups didnt include team13:43
=== jorge__ is now known as jcastro
blue_annaeven though /etc/group does include me .. I'm trying to reproduce it13:44
ikoniaubuXubu: there are still bugs in 313:44
ikoniaubuXubu: interesting that I did not mention what ?13:44
ubuXubuikonia maybe so, but i have never ever seen them13:45
binkyblue_anna: strange, you are having a diff problem than i am now ;)13:45
hariomI am getting error while connecting to an external server using OpenVPN. It connects sometimes but most of the times it gives this error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur with 60 sec.13:45
ikoniaubuXubu: errrr "ok"13:45
hariomHow to solve that?13:45
ubuXubuikonia but i have seen odd behaviour in 4 but then again thats just me i told lea123 3 or 413:45
ikoniaubuXubu: why are you still going on about this13:45
ubuXubuso enough of the 3/4 stuff13:46
binkyblue_anna: you can do a sudo groups "user" to get the groups for that from any user with sudo13:46
ikoniahariom: looks like your machine and the target can't do a TLS hand shake13:46
StaRetji1hi folks, how can I autostart xfce4 session as root?13:46
binkyblue_anna: if you do an id user it gives more details with uuid13:46
LjLStaRetji1: don't you think there are easier ways to hoose your system?13:47
=== osmosis is now known as osmosis_paul
StaRetji1LjL: it's htpc system on usb stick and I need root privileges to run some bash scripts. It's behind a router, nothing important on it, just xbmc13:48
osmosis_paul /msg nickserv register politron politrons@hotmail.com13:48
=== james is now known as Guest58840
LjLosmosis_paul: do it again, with another password and without spaces before the /13:48
hariomikonia: Yea, true but why is it so?13:48
ikoniahariom: probably a version miss-match13:48
hariomIs it something to do with MUT settings?13:48
=== help is now known as Guest66463
tsimpsonStaRetji1: so use sudo13:48
ikoniahariom: no, very doubtfufl13:48
blue_annabinky, look here. http://nopaste.dk/p2584 I dont really have a problem. and this works, so it should work for you13:48
crashanddie_hariom, it means that the client can't connect to the server13:49
crashanddie_hariom, make sure that you can access UDP port 119413:49
blue_annabinky, assuming you dont have something particular to your set up that messes with file permissions13:49
hariomversion miss match? I have 2.1.4 installed and the server has the same.13:49
hariomikonia:version miss match? I have 2.1.4 installed and the server has the same.13:49
=== Wizard0^zZz is now known as Wizard0
StaRetji1tsimpson: did that before, but got permission problems from time to time. I would really like root xsession running and not asking for password. I could edit sudoers to not ask password, but I would really like also xfce4 to be started as root user13:49
ubuXubulea123 the nice thing is ubuntu will actually tell you if you made a crucial mistake and will make you go back and fix it.13:50
ikoniahariom: 2.1.4 of the open vpn client/server ?13:50
=== Guest66463 is now known as help`
Voggis there anyone here who can actually help me yet ?13:50
blue_annabinky, notice simply opening a console after adding myself to the group was not sufficient, I had to spawn a new login process13:50
ubuXubulea123 as far as mount, or format and stuff like that goes13:50
crashanddie_!help | Vogg13:50
ubottuVogg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:50
lea123ubuxubu :) I beg to differ but yes you are right about ext3 they are some issues with ext4 its primarily for large files13:50
hariomikonia: on both13:51
ikoniahariom: most odd13:51
Voggi have read the giudes and can find nothing of value ..13:51
ubuXubulea123 i know thank you i have done my homework and i just did 18 dual booters hehe13:51
crashanddie_Vogg, ask a question13:51
Voggits all baby speak13:51
tsimpsonStaRetji1: by default the root user is disabled, so you can't login to it. also many DEs disable login as root anyway13:51
lea123ubuxubu :)13:51
castblue_anna: fyi, you can use newgrp team to save relogging in13:51
crashanddie_hariom, can you connect to port 1194 on UDP?13:51
blue_annabinky, oo damn, I missed one of the commands in the log .. sorry, I was cutting and pasting by hand. also didnt obfuscate all of my login names :P13:52
Voggfire fox will only connect to google ..13:52
tsimpsonStaRetji1: just run a the as root and you can run whatever commands you want without entering a password every time13:52
ubuXubulea123 i think overall ikonia knows more than me but i have 18 dual boot computers in my basement hehe13:52
blue_annacast, yes13:52
quiescensblue_anna: in short that is pretty much the expected behaviour, the list of groups you belong to are set when you log in13:52
binkyblue_anna: so you suppose it has something to do with loading access tables per session?13:52
lea123ubuxubu :) OK its now ready to format it I guess ..13:53
Voggdoes anyone have any idea why firefox will connect to google on http but absolutely no other wibsites ?13:53
sresuI would like to convert a media file from one format to another. Which multimedia trancoder other than arista can help me do that?13:53
blue_annabinky, http://nopaste.dk/p2585 here it is with the chmod13:53
ubuXubulea123 dont worry if u skipped a step ubuntu will tell u!!!13:53
crashanddie_Vogg, does the dns work on other websites?13:53
ubuXubuubuntu is awesome13:53
lea123ubuxubu :) OK its now ready to format it I guess .. the freespace has now been renamed as SD3..13:53
Voggin terminal using netstat -a -n -t -u i can see connections being made13:53
popeysresu: what format do you want to convert to?13:53
Voggmy router logs show the packets being allowed13:53
blue_annabinky, try newgrp group1 && touch $HOME/user2/foo13:53
heiherhow to chmod /proc/<pid> ?13:53
sresupopey: .asf to .3gp13:53
crashanddie_Vogg, does dns work?13:53
Voggyes DNS works13:54
hariomikonia: What do you mean? I have got instruction to use 2.1.4 and it connects few times. But I do get errors most of the times13:54
tsimpsonheiher: you an not13:54
crashanddie_Vogg, what happens when you tracepath another website?13:54
popeysresu: thats tricky, 3gp is a format we don't support out of teh box, you might need medibuntu ffmpeg codecs for that13:54
StaRetji1tsimpson: I've added password to root user and I have ssh access for root. So, I thought if I start xfce4 session as root I could run apps as root also, plus I have some bash scripts, I guess they will run without a permission problems if ran as root user.13:54
ubuXubulea123 hey you did the job right by making all your back ups 1st so just dive in13:54
popeysresu: vlc might be able to do it though13:54
blue_annabinky, if tht works then yes, you just needed to log in again13:54
ikoniahariom: I mean it's odd that it's complaining of a TLS error13:54
heihertsimpson: sysctl ?13:54
sresupopey: Otherwise, .asf to .wmv13:54
Voggtracert shows normal network path13:54
popeysresu: ffmpeg should be able to do that13:54
sresupopey: or to .avi13:55
crashanddie_ikonia, it's probably a NAT problem, but he can't be bothered to answer my questions.13:55
lea123ubuxubu sorry the freespace has now been renamed as SD5 with ext3 filesystem and not sd313:55
sresupopey: ok, thanks13:55
DarkStar1Hi. I know this may not be the right room for it but I need help with tomcat because I an't seem to join the tomcat room13:55
popeysresu: there is a program called winff (for linux as well as windows) which is a pretty frontend to ffmpeg13:55
ubuXubulea123 ok13:55
crashanddie_Vogg, please reply using my nickname13:55
ikoniacrashanddie_: ooh really, I didn't think of nat13:55
ikonia!register > DarkStar113:55
sresupopey: Sure, I'll try that13:55
ubottuDarkStar1, please see my private message13:55
tsimpsonheiher: /proc is a virtual filesystem, the permissions are those that the program is running under13:55
ikoniaDarkStar1: if you register you can join the tomcat channel13:55
Voggcrashanddie_; ok13:55
crashanddie_ikonia, the tls handshake within 60s problem is usually because the client can't connect to UDP 119413:55
tsimpsonheiher: the only thing that can modify those permissions is the program itself13:55
DarkStar1I am registered13:56
ikoniasilvio_: why did you post that13:56
DarkStar1This nick is registered13:56
lea123ubuxubu;  Well like you said it now says you have not selected partiotions fpr use as swap space ??13:56
ikoniaDarkStar1: doesn't show you as identified13:56
Voggcrashanddie_; this is a vanilla install of U 10.04 LTS13:56
ubuXubuok lea123 make swap now13:56
crashanddie_Vogg, can you telnet to port 80 of other websites?13:56
ubuXubulea123 how much ram do u have13:57
DarkStar1ikonia: I joined it last night, so I am registered. Besides I can join this channel13:57
tsimpsonStaRetji1: you can try running xfce manually from ssh with X11 forwarding, but I can't say if it would work or not13:57
ikoniaDarkStar1: #tomcat is the correct place to ask13:57
blue_annaplease help me solve this - since I installed links2, links from applications like empathy dont open in firefox. sometimes, like from pidgin, it uses links2, but others, like with empathy, it gives me an error13:57
lea123ubuxubu : How to make the swap ?? I have 2 GB credit crunch :)13:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:57
ikoniasilvio_: stop it13:57
crashanddie_!ops silvio_ piracy dude13:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:57
ikoniacrashanddie_: it's fine, I see it13:57
Voggcrashanddie_; i have to rebot system to find out as Ubuntu will not install IRC client13:57
hariomikonia:How can I solve that? I tried by disabling firewall but still no luck13:58
ubuXubulea123 check off swap and i still believe, unlike many ppl here that swap should be ram x 213:58
ikoniahariom: check with crashanddie_, he has an idea13:58
DarkStar1ikonia: If only I could Join the channel. I can join any other channel except tomcat13:58
StaRetji1tsimpson: ok, will try that, thx for the tip13:58
heihertsimpson: i want top display process myself.13:58
LjLubuXubu: can you give a reason for that?13:58
ubuXubulea123 but if u have a crunch choose a lot less13:58
ikoniaDarkStar1: probably because your not identified13:58
lea123ubuxubu : How to make the swap file ??13:58
ubuXubuLjL the machine will run bwtter when opening huge files13:58
tsimpsonheiher: you usually don't need to change the permissions to gather those statistics13:58
LjLikonia: he is identified, and the channel is not +r13:58
hariomcrashanddie: Hi, I am getting OpenVPN (ver 2.1.4) error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur with 60 sec.13:58
LjLubuXubu: why?13:58
ikoniaLjL: thanks13:59
greywalkwhen I added another keyboard layout - there appeared an icon with keyboard in the Indicator Applet - how do I disable that icon?13:59
lea123ubuxubu : How to make the swap file ? Should I choose the REVERT option >>13:59
QuagmireHello Guys, Did a fresh install of 10.04 LTS a few days ago and now each time I wake the system up from hibernation mode the screen will dim after just a very few seconds, but it doesn't always do the dimming thing. It will do it for a while, then quit, then do it again later. The only thing that stops it is a reboot. No, this is not a huge deal, but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed it or knows a cure (besides rebooting.) .LOL13:59
ubuXubuLjL u know why13:59