* karni is still working on ContentProvider01:22
karniverterok: hi :) I have one question if you're around. is node_id for one given file unique among all files in all volumes, or just unique in that volume? (the former would make my life a little easier)01:45
karniverterok: hm, I think "Map<String, Map<String, FileInfoDelta>> NODES_BY_VOLUME" speaks for itself. node_id may not be unique between different volumes.01:50
verterokkarni: I'm cooking, so I might be gone as soon I smells something burning :p01:50
karniverterok: hahah01:51
verterokkarni: it should be unique...but it's an implementation detail01:51
karniverterok: I see. so I shouldn't depend on that01:51
verterokkarni: so, I'ld treat it as non-unique ;)01:51
karniverterok: ok, thank you :)01:51
karniverterok: bon apetit!01:51
verterokkarni: thanks!01:51
* verterok waves01:51
karniverterok: I'll ge going soon. have a great afternoon!01:51
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duanedesignmorning all12:28
ryeduanedesign, morning!12:30
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duanedesignhello rye14:21
duanedesignrye: what are 'generations'?14:22
__lucio__duanedesign, facundobatista, verterok or jdobrien will be able to tell you in detail. i would, but i have to run now.14:33
facundobatistaduanedesign, give me 10' to start a test, and I'll be with you14:34
duanedesignthanks, no rush ill be on for awhile14:36
facundobatistaduanedesign, hola!14:59
facundobatistaduanedesign, so, 'generations' is a feature that allows the client to ask the server not "give me all the changes to these nodes with hashes X, Y, etc", but "give me all the changes from generation N"14:59
facundobatistaduanedesign, each change that any client does increases the generation by 1 or 2, depending on the operation15:00
facundobatistaduanedesign, so, SERVER_RESCAN is instantaneous now15:00
karniduanedesign: that's why this new feature will be really useful on ubuntuone-android-files :) no need to rescan the contents, just ask once and you have all the changes.15:05
duanedesignfacundobatista: aha, ok thank you.15:05
facundobatistaduanedesign, any doubt, just ask!15:06
duanedesignjoshuahoover: can i post the screencasts you made about setting up U1 on 10.04 on screencasts.ubuntu.com?23:24

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