aboganiFrom https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSProceedings/N/Final: "low-latency will remain a community supported flavour. "15:03
falktxhi abogani15:03
falktxabogani: do you plan to keep/maintain the natty lowlatency kernel ?15:03
aboganifalktx: I really don't know.15:08
falktxabogani: it would be nice if you did15:09
falktxmany people seem to use the lowlatency kernel, and I understand why15:10
falktxit's like realtime, but it doesnt have the issues15:10
aboganifalktx: Not so much evidently.15:10
scott-workbut firewire users will still need the realtime kernel :(15:10
quadrisprofalktx, I had a look at j2sc15:35
quadrisprowithout trying, I should do it soon15:36
falktxquadrispro: it's outdated15:36
quadrisprofalktx, does it work fine with jackd2?15:36
quadrisproah well :)15:36
quadrisproscott-work, hello!15:36
quadrisprohi abogani !15:36
falktxquadrispro: let me push a new release to sourceforge...15:36
quadrisprofalktx, take your time :)15:36
scott-workhi quadrispro , how are you doing15:37
quadrisproscott-work, fine here, thanks! and you?15:38
scott-workquadrispro: how hard do you think it would be add JACK functionality to an app like mumber?15:38
scott-workquadrispro: i'm overwhelmed right now by work and family life :/  i think i'm going slowly mad :P15:38
falktxscott-work: i already have a patch for audio output through jack15:39
scott-workfalktx: is it a patch that can be submitted into the archives?15:40
scott-workthat would be my goal15:40
holsteinits not ideal though15:41
holsteinright falktx ?15:41
holsteinjust a quick and dirty fix?15:41
falktxholstein: yep, someone send it to me once15:41
holsteini think thats why its not submitted15:41
quadrispropardon, the phone15:41
quadrisproscott-work, no too hard, if done by upstream :) otherwise it needs a bit of time15:43
falktxquadrispro: you should check this - http://repo.or.cz/w/cadence.git15:43
falktxscreenshot - http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/tmp/scr002.jpg15:43
scott-workquadrispro: eh, upstream didn't seem to happy about it really15:43
falktxnot yet ready, but works15:43
quadrisprowhat's this falktx ?15:44
scott-workfalktx: i like the little icons on the top, left15:44
falktxquadrispro: scott-work: my new app15:45
falktxor apps15:45
falktxjust try it15:45
quadrisprocool, I will15:45
falktxget the code, compile (needs python and python-qt4-dev) an run "python src/catia.py"15:45
falktxquadrispro: tell me what you think15:45
quadrisprofalktx, ah please, don't rely on a Makefile, use distutils instead15:48
falktxquadrispro: i have to check on a tutorial first15:48
quadrisproso: write a small setup.py script, it would be better to manage through DH15:48
quadrisprofalktx, if I find some time, I'll provide you a brief script15:49
falktxi'll look into it later15:49
falktxquadrispro: what do you think about festige ?15:50
falktxi removed the pyjack dependency15:50
quadrisproscott-work, omg, I have ~30 channels,queries opened, I'm going mad too :(15:51
quadrisprofalktx, sincerely: I don't remember :) there were some issues which blocked us to make a package...15:53
falktxquadrispro: i'll be happy to solve this issues15:54
falktxquadrispro: j2sc new release - https://sourceforge.net/projects/j2sc/files/0.1.1/15:55
falktxquadrispro: have you tried it?15:56
quadrispronot yet15:56
quadrisprofalktx, please file an ITP for festige15:56
falktxITP ?15:57
quadrisproIntent To Package15:58
quadrisprofalktx, reportbug wnpp15:58
quadrisprono falktx, sorry15:58
quadrispro$ reportbug -B debian wnpp15:59
falktxi'll try15:59
falktxquadrispro: first time i do this...15:59
scott-workafter natty seeds and the updated website progress a bit more i'm hoping to get a "Ubuntu Studio Store" started like cory had intended previously16:00
quadrisprofalktx, there is always a first time :))16:00
scott-worki hope to use the proceeds to fund some development work16:00
scott-worke.g. adding JACK to mumble (or something similar)16:00
falktxscott-work: US store ?16:00
scott-workfalktx: i imagine that i need to clear all this with canonical first, but i wanted to talk to linux outlaws about their store and hopefull it will be global (or US and non-US)16:01
quadrisproguys, I have to leave16:01
quadrisprosee you later16:01
scott-workby quadrispro 16:02
scott-worker bye16:02
holsteinquadrispro: :)16:03
* falktx just send the bug report to debian16:04

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