toenailthe aptitude didnt work for installing software center holstein:04:25
holsteinyou can use synaptic if you want04:26
holsteindid you run sudo dpkg --configure -a04:27
toenaildone now try it?04:27
holsteindid the machine power off in the middle of installing?04:28
toenailusually does?04:28
holsteinthats the only time ive seen an error like that04:28
holsteinwhen i lost power during an update or something04:28
holsteintry that command04:29
holsteinand use synaptic04:29
holsteinto install software center04:29
toenaili ran the apt get its running now04:29
toenailso do you think it could still be a kernal problem with the whole pod situation04:30
holsteinyou still have trouble?04:32
holsteinyeah, if your using an RT kernel04:32
holsteinans still having trouble04:33
holsteini would look at cat /proc/interrupts04:36
holsteinif we havent already04:36
holsteinand just keep tweaking04:36
holsteincould be that VIA chip04:36
holsteincould be something in maverick though04:38
holsteinive been meaning to get a 10.10 install and confirm that the firepod works well in there for me04:38
toenailso what would i do with cat/proc ect04:40
holsteinyou would see what all is on the same irq with your firewire04:41
holsteinif anything04:41
holstein 23:     375167   IO-APIC-fasteoi   ehci_hcd:usb1, uhci_hcd:usb204:41
holsteinthats one of mine04:41
holsteinon my EEE04:41
holsteinyou want the firewire all by itself04:41
holsteinand you can make it that way in the bios probably if its not04:41
toenailnow is that a terminal command?04:43
holsteinyou can run...04:43
holsteingedit /proc/interrupts04:44
holsteinif you want04:44
toenaildont see a ieee1394 http://paste.ubuntu.com/530475/04:48
holsteini think it would be worth looking in the bios next boot04:49
holstein 18:       1306   IO-APIC-fasteoi   ata_piix, uhci_hcd:usb4, firewire_ohci04:49
toenailnevmind i see one firewire04:49
holsteinsee if you can get that off by itself04:49
toenailso just change the irq for the card your saying04:50
holsteinyeah, if you can04:50
holsteinsome laptops dont let you :/04:50
holsteinmost desktops do though04:50
holsteintoenail: what exactly happens?04:51
toenailyea , i remember the old isa cards were ou had to use a jumper to set an irq and none of the same could be used04:51
toenailwell last night i ran rakkarak and as soon as i synced the ins and outs the pc did one of those cd skip moves (i had a station on shoutcast playing) da da da da da da da da da da da da da ect. til i hit the power switch04:53
holsteinyour doing pulse to JACK then?04:53
holsteini dont use that yet at all really04:53
toenailth irq is on the left right on that link i sent you right?04:54
holsteintoenail: you should just poke around in the bios04:54
holsteinsometimes the #'s are different04:54
holsteinor can be04:54
holsteinshould be kinda obvious though04:55
holsteinhopefully :)04:55
holsteintoenail: how were you listening to a shoutcast staion?04:55
holsteinwith what app?04:55
toenailjust waiting on open office to finish installation then ill try it04:55
holsteinpulse is the audio server in ubuntu04:56
holsteinand other OS's04:56
holsteinuse to be04:56
holsteintil just now really04:56
holsteinJACK would suspend pulse04:56
holsteinthats the way i use my audio rig04:56
toenaili dont get what your saying about this pulse04:56
holsteinwhen i have JACK running04:56
holsteini cant open a web browser04:56
holsteinand whatch a video04:56
holsteinand hear anything04:57
holsteinthat audio is dead04:57
holsteinwhile JACK is running04:57
holsteinand thats the way i want it to be04:57
holsteinJACK apps talk to each other04:57
holsteinand thats all i want04:57
holsteinif i want to watch a youtube vid, im probably going to be on another machine anywyas04:58
holsteintoenail: IF you have a shoutcast station playing04:58
toenailyea i get that but what do you mean by this pulse thing04:58
holsteinand you start JACK04:58
holsteinthat is funky04:58
holsteinyou probably want to start JACK04:58
holsteinget the pulse to JACK bridge going04:58
toenailoh now i get it your saying it looked up cause i had shoutcast going04:58
holsteinand then start the shoutcast station04:58
holsteinTHEN do some work in JACK04:59
holsteinBUT, i dont have any experience with that pulse to jack bridge04:59
toenailpulse ?04:59
holsteinpulse audio04:59
holsteinthats what normal ubuntu uses04:59
holsteinand other distros04:59
toenailok i dont have it04:59
holsteinyou should04:59
holsteinunless you got rid of it04:59
holsteinthats what ubuntu will be using05:00
holsteintil you start JACK05:00
holsteinthen, JACK takes over everything05:00
toenailno i didnt this is like a retard running windows well not really but for the first time i have no idea what im doing05:00
toenailbut know enough to were i wont uninstall things that i think could be usefull05:01
holsteini can only speak about my own workflow05:01
holsteinBUT the idea of pulse going to JACK is quite new05:01
holsteinand totally cool05:01
holsteinBUT i dont need it05:01
holsteini start JACK, pulse is suspended05:02
holsteinthen i got access to the pod's ins and outs05:02
holsteinand whatever else JACK can use05:02
holsteinwhich is most everything05:03
toenailok so if i install the patches it wont lock up if i want to listen to music while useing the pod. for instance i would want to lay along with a song on there and maybe record it (classical)05:05
holsteinin theory05:06
holsteinthere are other players05:06
holsteinwith jack support05:06
holsteinaudacious i think05:07
holsteini dont really use it like that05:07
holsteinBUT yeah, its do-able05:07
toenailthe weird thing about audacios might be getting it confussed with another program but its setup is like winamp but with maverick its like windows media player maybe its a skin thing . im a winamp fan myself05:09
holsteinyeah, i used to be05:09
toenailoh you know i might be thinking of xmms i think05:09
toenailoh ok05:09
holsteini use VLC mostly05:09
holsteinif i want to play along with something05:12
holsteini usually just import it into ardour05:12
toenailim gonna try rack without restarting and running anything else05:12
toenailits ok ill figure that out after i get the bassics down05:13
toenaili get esily confussed thats why i said that wasnt try to be a a5505:39
airlynxHey there, I've no idea where to start with this, but I seem to have a problem with PulseAudio or ALSA, audio for applications will run for about 15 minutes or so and then suddenly quit, in Audacious I can use JACK and my audio will not quit, but it will if I use either PulseAudio or ALSA05:43
airlynxI'm using 10.04, I've found this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/414217 but it doesn't seem completely accurate and not very descriptive05:44

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