xubuntu060ah..i see whoi am now00:07
Doug_SUnable to log into and use Ubuntu 10.1001:13
Doug_SHelp! I installed 10.10 about a week ago. Everything was fine. Tried to log on the other day, nothing. Could not log onto and use. Tried recovery console, that did not work either. How can I get logged in and back to learning and using 10.10?01:51
Doug_SI am new to everything Linux.01:51
JuanantonioHello, I got Hardy64, should I pass to Lucid?02:44
JuanantonioAnyone reads me?02:46
Balsaqgood morning to all of you who choose to inhabit the nearly impenetrable digital rainforest known as....Xubuntu!05:44
SnakkahHi. Can anyone tell me how to change the Xubuntu login screen's wallpaper/theme?07:32
Balsaqi did that!07:36
Balsaqlemme think07:36
Balsaqi went inti the software manager07:36
Balsaqand i typed in words like...07:36
Balsaqboot screen07:36
Balsaqlogon screen07:36
Balsaqand there it was07:37
Balsaqwas easy07:37
Balsaqi did it in ubuntu07:37
Balsaqi may have been bashing in synaptic or in software manager forgot07:37
Balsaqbut it came right up07:38
Balsaqill go look on my laptop....07:38
Balsaqin windows now07:38
Balsaqit was called Tweak07:40
BalsaqUbuntu Tweak07:40
SnakkahOkay, thanks.07:40
Balsaqit was easy once i found it07:40
SnakkahJust Google'd it.07:40
SnakkahIt looks nice. Is it in the official repositories?07:41
Balsaqsee if it is in your package manager to be installed07:41
Balsaqit was in ubuntu07:41
Balsaqprolly is in xubuntu also07:41
SnakkahYeah, they use the same repos.07:41
Balsaqmay have a diff name but as i say i was just tyoing in related words in my ubuntu software or synaptic manager and it popped right up07:41
Balsaqit has a search feature07:42
Balsaqas i am sure u know07:42
Balsaqi also saw a way to do it in terminal but it looked like a real PITA07:43
SnakkahEh, easier way would be to just download it as I have the webpage conveniently opened in my browser. :p07:43
SnakkahAnd it's a .deb file. Awesome.07:43
Balsaqi just recall it being one of the easiest things i have done with buntu07:44
Balsaqforgot how i actually did it now07:44
Balsaqyeah maybe i downloaded it that way...been awhile07:45
Balsaqthe carious screens that appear on the way to the ubuntu desktop really stink07:46
Balsaqso i changed it right away07:46
Balsaqnot sure why they would make a nice OS and make the path to get to it look like that07:46
Sysii don't think login screen or bootup logos look bad, though i never see them07:47
Balsaqmaybe not bad just not good07:49
Balsaqshould be like a nice ride thru space, or a across an ocean, or thru the forest or something...or a tunnel that is leading you somewhere important!07:50
Sysisomething you get rid of as fast as possible, and nicer than wall of text07:51
Sysikubuntu plymouth theme is great, pity it don't work with restricted driver07:52
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Balsaqyeah my ubuntu insignia wiggles and gets all weird and squirrelly during boot up just because i use the driver they recommended07:56
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m4rkhi thhere...i've installed ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook, but the interface is so terrible, i ended up using regular gnome09:23
m4rkis there some way i can swtich to xfce without completely re-installing?09:24
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:24
m4rkoh ta09:26
m4rkinstalling now. and how do i get rid of all the gnome stuff? can i sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop ?09:27
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »09:27
m4rkSysi thanks. I guess lots of people must come here asking these questions09:28
Sysisomewhat often09:29
Sysianyway good to have ansvers ready :)09:29
m4rkdoes firefox not use gnome libraries to run?09:30
DraccoHello. I have an odd problem. When I try to print pdf file from default in xubuntu Document Viewer, it raises its size from 2mb to 15 mb, which stucks the printer. Can anything be done about that?12:57
ablomenDracco, you could try tuning down the quality in the printer settings13:00
ablomenmaybe that makes a difference13:00
Draccook let me try13:00
Draccostill the same13:02
Draccoeven when i print to file (to pdf) it prints to 15mb file13:03
ablomenDracco, if it has a lot of pages, try printing it in parts13:03
ablomeni think your problem has to do with postscript files not being compressed like pdf's are or something like that13:04
Draccoit has 3 pages13:07
Draccoand about bad compression, is it possible to fix it?13:08
ablomenno clue, it was mostly a guess13:08
ablomenDracco, maybe try the adobe pdf reader13:10
ablomenmaybe there's a bug in evince13:10
Draccouhm well i guess i could try13:12
Draccook, cant make it yet and have to go13:20
Draccothanks for the help and have a good day :)13:20
m4rkis gwibber ok with xubuntu?14:17
Sysiwhy not14:28
StaRetji1Hello ppl, you've helped me a lot in the past, so I thought to try once more. I need to autostart xfce4 in maverick, without username and login and without gdm. I can login to xfce4 withouth gdm if I type username and pass, but how can it be done automatically?15:10
StaRetji1I've googled for it, but all I found was for older releases and didn't work for me15:11
StaRetji1thx in advance ;)15:11
Sysiwhy not gdm15:11
StaRetji1I have Intel atom and xbmc installed on it15:11
StaRetji1it's htpc15:11
Sysiautologin would be easiest with gdm15:12
StaRetji1I've found this, but it doesn't work on maverick http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/install/autologin-karmic.html15:12
StaRetji1I'm suspecting #! /bin/sh, maybe I should change it to #! /bin/bash15:14
Sysiit's just about what shell to use15:15
StaRetji1exactly, for some reason, my own used tty215:15
StaRetji1so, I now edited tty2 also to no avail15:16
likemindeadAnyone know a program that will convert .m4p to .ogg ?15:38
likemindeadSoundConverter won't. :-\15:38
* likemindead shakes his fist at DRM.15:39
Sysione of the best reasons for piracy15:40
likemindeadI spent the last three months converting all 800+ albums in my music collection to .ogg (most were .mp3 files before) but the .m4p are a headache.15:42
likemindeadI guess I could burn them to audio CD and then rip them...15:43
Sysiyou could burn to virtual device15:43
m4rkSysi, i installed gwibber but it sucks15:55
likemindeadHmm... won't burn. Xfburn can't decrypt. ;-[15:56
m4rkit turns out gwibber has some weird client-server setup that means it keeps running in the background even after quitting the UI15:56
m4rkis there a better twitter client for xubuntu?15:57
charlie-tcaDoes pidgin do twitter?16:00
m4rkcharlie-tca, pidgin can do twitter but not very well16:05
m4rkSysi, thanks. did you see the first comment on that page? :16:08
Sysinow :D16:09
m4rkslim pickings. they either need gnome or mono or adobe air it seems16:10
* m4rk is trying qwit...329kB install16:12
jonathan_how do i stop my computer from asking me to restore a session each time i log in?16:13
jonathan_i am using 10.1016:13
TheSheepjonathan_: in session settings16:15
m4rkqwit is the only acceptable twitter client i could find for xubuntu17:11
m4rkhowever, the version u get with apt-get install qwit is broken. need to install a later version from here http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/install-qwit-11-pre-2-in-ubuntu-now.html17:12
TheSheepm4rk: who are you talking to?17:13
judgenWhere is the xfce gdm menu entry located?17:16
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charlie-tcaso, if the video card blanks the screen during the upgrade, is it bad?18:17
charlie-tcaas in, won't turn the monitor back on...18:17
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hutchHi is this the only xubuntu channel or is there a chatroom etc?23:13
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!23:25
bazhangwhoops quit23:26

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