Ben604anybodyyyyyyyyyy thereeeeeeeeeee?12:32
alkisg1Eeeeeeeermmmmmm not sure...12:32
Ben604not sure if I'm in the right place...12:33
Ben604we're running ubuntu server, within hyper-v, behind an internet proxy12:33
Ben604we can't seem to get ubuntu to access the outside world via our proxy12:33
Ben604which is a massive shame12:34
alkisg1Yup, it doesn't look like the right place. You should probably try in #ubuntu or in #ubuntu-server or somewhere similar.12:34
Ben604thank you kindly!12:34
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highvoltageEdubuntu meeting in 23 minutes if I'm not mistaken :)18:37
HedgeMagehi, highvoltage18:44
HedgeMageI can actually make that one :)18:44
highvoltageHedgeMage: I never received your suggestion for alternate meeting time!18:45
HedgeMagehighvoltage: ooh, I need to do that!18:46
HedgeMagepm me your email addy in case I don't already have it, please?18:47
HedgeMageI lost a bunch when the desktop died its final death, not sure if yours was one18:47
HedgeMagegot it :)18:48
dindaok, here's the support issue I'm trying to find help for a non-profit group located in Somerville, Massachussetes20:15
dindathey have a college student working an iso for an image they are using on some older dell desktops P4, 512 mb20:16
dindathey are trying to get the boot time down - it's currently around 8 minutes20:16
mhall1198 minutes? wow20:16
dindadoes anyone know Casper/grub well enough to maybe talk to this kid on the phone and answer some questions for him?20:16
alkisg8 minutes to boot?! A bootchart would help.20:17
dindahttp://itd-usr.blogspot.com/  is his blog detailing some of the work he's doing now20:17
mhall119dinda: is he messing with casper scripts?20:18
dindamhall119: yeah20:18
dindamhall119: that's where he's stuck20:19
mhall119there's his first problem :(20:19
dindashould I send him to the mailing list?  or ask him to come in here?20:21
dindaeven if I need to pay for an hour of someone's time to talk to him on the phone, it's a really worthy cause20:21
alkisgWouldn't #ubuntu-devel be a more appropriate place for casper related questions?20:22
mhall119dinda: feel free to give him my email address and I'll do what I can, but I'm by no means an expert20:24
mhall119I learned enough hacking casper scripts in Qimo 1.0 to not do it again in 2.020:24
dindamhall119: thanks, that wouldbe much appreciated.20:24
mhall119michael [at] qimo4kids20:25
mhall119[dot] com20:25
dindamhall119: ok, his name is Ian, will introduce you20:25
highvoltagedinda: I'd be glad to help him on IRC, I'd just need an heads-up of when and what his nick is20:25
highvoltagewell, if mhall119 has it covered, that's fine then :)20:25
mhall119yeah, if he can get on IRC, that'd be faster20:25
dindahighvoltage: not sure he's on IRC yet but will suggest it to him20:25
mhall119it'll serve him well to be on IRC, and also to hookup with his local loco team20:26
dindamhall119: yes i was trying to find doctormo and others in the Boston area20:27
JanCso, would the "school server in a box" be about specific school-related packages being included by default?20:29
mhall119JanC: my thoughts were it would be everything a small school might need to setup school-wide infrastructure20:30
mhall119so it sould be identity management (LDAP), file sharing (Samba), possibly email, plus things like schooltool, italc and LTSP20:30
mhall119a filtering proxy would be good too20:31
dindaJanC: the idea to have something relatively inexpensive that could ship on a server appliance and allow schools with low or no internet local server tools20:33
dindaJanC: Tom Hoffman of SchoolTool created something with just schooltool on an ARM box20:33
JanCaha, so more or less an "SMB server" but tailored to schools20:34
dindaJanC: so I was building on that, something a school can just plug in, select the software, minor config and then run20:34
dindaJanC: yup, exactly20:34
JanCsounds interesting20:34
dindaTurnkey linux has a nice selection of appliance images already20:35
mhall119dinda: michelle and I talked about something like this a couple years ago but it was "charity server in a box"20:35
dindabut I'm hoping to find an OEM to make and ship the box as a commercial product20:35
JanCI guess some way to publish an external website might be cool too20:35
mhall119yeah, internal websites would be useful too20:36
JanC(not sure if schooltool supports that)20:36
JanCmhall119: I was also thinking about integration between internal & external website20:36
mhall119JanC: that would be nice, but more involved20:36
mhall119I was just planning on taking existing things and putting them in a single simple install20:37
mhall119kind of like what edubuntu and qimo already do with games and apps20:37
dindaJanC: issue is that many schools still don't even have internet access or very limited20:37
mhall119OpenLDAP and Samba work very well together once they're configured to do so, but the configuration is often difficult20:38
JanChm, that's not really an issue here, but would certainly be in some parts of the world20:38
mhall119if you can ship an install with that already done, you're 75% of the way to your goal20:38
dindayeah, has to be dead on simple20:38
JanCthat = internet access20:38
JanCmhall119: I think an SMB server that does the LDAP + Samba thing would be a good start...  ;)20:44
JanCwell, there is the thing-previously-known-as-ebox of course20:45
JanC(I always forget the new name)20:45
JanCbut maybe that's not exactly what schools need20:45
dindaJanC: actually been talking to them, they are now called zenytal20:46
mhall119JanC: yeah, we discussed that at UDS20:46
JanCthey probably want to group users per function (student vs. teacher), but also by class etc.20:46
JanCnot sure that's possible with Zenytal20:47
JanCI guess an LDAP-profile that's more school-specific might be useful there20:57

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