phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux_2637_video&num=100:00
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: its amazing00:00
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: nothing changed :S00:02
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: you are seeing the text bootscreen ?00:03
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: dont thing so00:04
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: i am not getting what you mean00:04
moetunesphoenix_firebrd:  that looks sweet00:04
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: didn't notice any changes to the bootscreen00:05
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: ya00:05
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: but i'm not using the default boot screen either..00:05
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: the name "kubuntu 10.10" is in plain text right?00:05
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: are you able to see this image while booting ?http://lh5.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/S674wo8YvxI/AAAAAAAAArw/rhBkbvUSMWo/plasma-desktopfs1523-jpg.jpg00:07
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: are you there?00:08
webinatordoes anybody know how to set up swat00:23
phoenix_firebrdwebinator: game?00:24
phoenix_firebrdwebinator: noidea00:25
webinatori have a book on ubuntu and i dont have all the options that the book has a the swat server00:26
moetunes!info swat00:27
ubottuswat (source: samba): Samba Web Administration Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8 (maverick), package size 2195 kB, installed size 6900 kB00:27
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:27
moetuneswebinator:  some reading ^^00:27
Roxy_is someone in this channel  named djustice? im not able to see it i think...00:29
moetunesnope it seems not00:31
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muimota_Hi! just upgraded to 10.10 on my amd m3a78-vm00:34
muimota_it didn't upgrade well, now it doesn't even boot00:34
muimota_but the worst thing is that the ether has dissapeared00:35
muimota_even in slax or windows xp00:35
muimota_how is this possible? is it possible to fix?00:35
Roxy_moetunes:  thanks :( i was hoping he was..i did something rly childish toward him :( on my stupidty. feel rly bad and i was wanting to let him know i was sorry >.<00:36
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moetunesmuimota_:  afaik that could only be possible if the hardware failed00:36
moetunesRoxy_:  to find if someone is here type the first three letters of their nick and hit the tab button00:37
muimota_I know is really hard to believe that upgrading broke the hardware00:37
moetunesand try later so you can apologise if you need to00:37
moetunesmuimota_:  it was probably just a timing coincidence00:37
muimota_moetunes: but I can assure before the upgrade the ethernet worked perfect,(I updated from kubuntu 10.04)00:38
moetunesmuimota_:  software can't break hardware in other os's00:39
muimota_now I don't have the computer right here but I guess I should try to lspci to find out my card00:39
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: ahh.. so all it would change is that login screen..00:40
muimota_moetunes: I know , it sounds quite strange I was wondering if there is a chance kubuntu mixed my motherboards BIOS or something weird like that00:40
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: ya00:40
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: naa.. it's ok. it probably would work, i just changed the login screen00:40
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: hi00:40
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: hi00:41
poyntzphoenix_firebrd: do you know how to change icons on the panel?00:41
poyntzfor quicklaunch apps00:41
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: i had the same problem , i solved it00:41
moetunesmuimota_:  nope - nothing in linux will touch the bios - you could maybe check in the bios to see if the nic is still recognised00:42
poyntzi used to be able to right click and change it directly, but 10.10 won't let me do that00:42
moetunesor listen to phoenix_firebrd00:42
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: could you please help me ?00:42
kyubutsutried installing kde4.5.3 [using ppa:kubuntu-ppa] .. failed twice.  gave up.00:42
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: you dont see anything after you login in to your kubuntu 10.10 after the upgrade?00:43
muimota_the system doesn't even boot on 10.1000:43
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: can you see the grub menu?00:44
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: even on recovery mode it doesnt boot00:44
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: did you try booting in the recovery mode00:44
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: ok00:44
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: I can boot windows XP and slax00:45
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: do you get any error messages?00:45
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: as I said before roght now I don't have that computer here00:45
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: the computer restarted , no I didn't have any error messages00:45
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: did you see the kubuntu bootsplash screen?00:46
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: nop00:46
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: nothing after grub00:46
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: do you have a livecd ?00:46
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: selecting any linux choices in grub it restartes00:46
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: yes, slax00:47
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: does that support your filesystem?00:47
muimota_kubuntu was installed with wubi , so the filsystem is inside NTFS00:48
muimota_and yes I was able to check it using a windows etx reader00:48
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: ok00:48
Roxy_moetunes:  i know about that... it just i think he ignored me because of my childish and out of line thing i did....00:49
Roxy_ok i need some help or something.... my kamoso when i record a vid and i do a play back on vlc...it plays in fast mode and no sound... is there a way to fix that or something or another... yes i am a noob. >.<00:50
moetunesRoxy_:  we all make mistakes - check in at the same time you last talked to him - I'm sure it will be fixable :)00:50
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: boot using it, mount the /boot, paste the grub.cfg00:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:51
phoenix_firebrdthats what i meant00:51
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: ok00:51
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: tomorrow00:52
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muimota_phoenix_firebrd: the computer is at the office00:52
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: last question00:52
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_: do you see any disk activity after selecting from grub mennu?00:53
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: yes , it takes arounf 5-10 seconds to restart since I select the OS in grub00:54
muimota_phoenix_firebrd: thank you see you tomorow00:54
phoenix_firebrdmuimota_:see you00:55
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: are you talking about the bootscreen or the login screen?00:56
phoenix_firebrdpoyntz: the default bootsplash in kubuntu 10.10 is text based or the graphical one is disabled.you can use the graphics bootsplash by editing the grub configuration using the app "startup-manager" . select the option "show boot splash"01:02
phoenix_firebrdin that app01:02
cuznti have an old dell system. running ubuntu server. gonna be a file server only, it is on a 40 gig hd/ with my flac music collection on a 500gb hd. which is listed under media. Media does not auto boot its contents, and I want that to boot up with the system01:19
moetunescuznt:  have you put an entry for it in /etc/fstab?01:22
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:22
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: ntfg-config?01:24
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: ntfs-config?01:24
moetunesphoenix_firebrd:  what about it - I don't have anything ntfs and never have :)01:25
phoenix_firebrdmoetunes: sorry wrong question01:25
moetunes:) sweet01:26
phoenix_firebrdcuznt:what is the filesystem?01:26
cuzntummm sorry was reading01:36
cuzntedited fstab.01:36
cuzntmy dumbness beat me though01:37
cuzntmount point would be /dev/sdb1 correct?01:37
cuzntthat is where it is01:38
moetunesyou make a dir in /media or /mnt for it01:38
moetunesyou mount /dev/sdb1 in a dir01:38
moetunesthat you make01:38
cuznt. /media/music01:38
cuznt- the .01:38
moetunesmountpoint is the dir you make01:38
cuzntso i did do it correctly but it said it did not exist01:39
moetunesdid you make the dir first?01:39
moetunesmkdir -v /media/something01:39
cuzntit is a premade 500g flac hog01:40
moetunesno dude the dir you are mounting /dev/sdb1 to01:40
cuzntfull of music and shns and stuff., i want it in my boot up so i do not have to mount01:40
cuzntthats it01:40
cuzntstand by01:41
cuznthad to reboot the server01:41
moetunesyou can do   sudo mount -av   instead of rebooting01:42
cuznt" TYPE+"vfat"01:43
cuzntsudo blkid = /dev/sdb1: LABEL="MUSIC" UUID="B205-6477" TYPE="vfat"01:44
moetunesvfat = fat32 mostly01:44
moetunesvfat is the linux name for it01:45
cuznti dig that.01:45
cuzntbut that it the drive i wish to mount auTo matically01:45
moetunesyou can do that01:46
cuzntso my entry into fstab at the bottom = and wait it will take 6 years to type it in01:46
moetunesI don't understand that at all - what do you mean?01:47
cuzntUUID+B205-6477 /Media?Music     vfat     user    0    001:47
cuzntmy fstab entry is ~~~>    UUID=B205-6477 /Media?Music     vfat     user    0    001:48
cuznt-? =/01:48
cuzntso the question mark is a slash i mistyped01:48
moetunesI think it should be Media\ Music - with a space after the slash if there is one in the file name01:50
moetunescuznt:  sorry I misread what you are doing - did you mean there is a dir called Music in the system dir /media?01:52
moetunesno capital M in /media if that is the case01:53
moetunesso it is /media/Music then?01:54
cuznti made a small m and now instead of rebooting i can sudo mount -av ?01:54
moetunesthe a in -av is for all and the v is for verbose so you know what happens01:55
cuzntand /media/MUSIC does not exist01:55
moetuneswhat does   ls /media   return?01:55
cuzntcdrom shares01:56
cuzntwhich is really /media/MUSIC/shares01:56
moetunesevidently not...01:58
moetunesls can't lie :)01:58
cuzntnope shares is something else02:01
cuzntso forget that02:02
cuzntmusic would not mount02:02
moetunesit doesn't exist from what ls said02:03
cuzntnope it hath dissappeared kiond of02:04
cuzntkind of02:04
cuzntit shows up in blkid02:04
moetunessudo mkdir -v /media/MUSIC   then02:04
cuzntok it came back02:06
cuzntwhat does the -v do?02:07
cuznt now it shows the location as /media/MUSIC-1/02:07
moetunesthe -v is for verbose - just gives more output on what's going on02:08
moetunesI don't know why there's a 1 in there...02:09
cuznti do not either02:09
cuzntand now ls /media gets cdrom  music music-1 and shares02:11
moetunesheh - you do know everything in linux is case sensitive?02:14
moetunesmusic is diff to Music is diff to MUSIC02:14
cuzntall musics = MUSIC02:15
cuznti am aware of being specific02:15
cuznt_UUID=B205-6477/media/MUSICvfatuser00         <~~~so this was my fstab entry to get back to the originL query.02:20
cuznt_which is obviously incorrect02:21
* cuznt_ does not believe in jeebus02:21
jesus_que es esto?? entre sin saber02:22
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:25
Roxy_does anyone know why everytime i get a torrent to download the status says stalled on every torrent i try to DL?02:32
poyntzanyway to fix up akonadi in 10.10?02:35
kubuntumonkeyI just figured out an issue with multiple monitors03:17
kb3ien_what are we doing for qos these days? I just upped my home connection to 25Mbps, and backuppc is killing the clients cablemodems.03:20
kb3ien_i'm liking the idea of using tc but is there a standard place to keep tc commands in Maverik?03:20
kubuntumonkeyAnyone interested in a discussion on Multiple monitor conf?03:25
kb3ien_anyone got a spare monitor to give me :p -- sorry not tonight.03:26
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noaXessgood morning...05:48
Roxy_just wanna know if anyone knows a good website where i can just get the music off of youtube..just the music not the vid?05:58
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noaXesshave an error on /var/lib/dpkg/available.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/533402/09:33
noaXessany idea/hint how to fix that.. or recreate that file?09:33
amichairnoaXess: guessing - back it up and create an empty one instead09:36
noaXessamichair: tried that.. so i need to create an empty file.. to just move the current?09:37
amichairnoaXess: there's actually a "dpkg --clear-avail" command, might do the same thing09:37
amichairmoving the current is just for backup so you can undo any further damage :-)09:37
noaXessamichair: ok.. will test that09:37
noaXessyeah.. ;)09:37
noaXessamichair: now it's empty.. so.. what do now to refill it?09:39
amichairmaybe apt-get update?09:40
amichairnoaXess: as you can tell, i'm just guessing here, I dont really know :-)09:40
amichairwas it recreated?09:45
Fleck10.10 - each time i login bunch of krusaders open up, even if i close them all before shutdown/restart/logout09:47
Fleckand master volume is allways muted when i login09:48
moetunesare you using a new session at login?09:48
Fleckno, using last session09:48
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Fleckmoetunes and krusaders are openeded more and more09:57
Fleckat begining was only one krusader09:58
Flecknow i have 409:58
moetunesany mention of it in the autostart apps and why not try a new session ?09:59
Flecki have i new session on other PC10:00
Fleckstill kmix is muted though no krusader problem10:00
grizmaweI am using kubuntu maverick but the network settings config does not show my eth0 adapter. daemons.log shows that NetworkManager sucessfully activiated the NIC but still does not show. - link is working and network access is fine but I cannot find the NIC to alter settings...10:00
Fleckgrizmawe i think ifupdown problem?10:01
Fleckremove all eth0 from /etc/network/interfaces ?10:02
moetunesthe network manager has been giving a few ppl hassles10:02
Fleckeven auto eth010:02
moetuneswicd is a good alternative apparently10:02
Fleckevery line that says eth0 ;)10:02
Fleckdunno, network manager works great here and i love the new gui ;)10:03
Flecknice one!10:03
grizmawewill try - bbiab10:03
grizmaweFleck: /etc/network/interfaces only contains refrences to loopback. no mention of eth010:05
grizmawethe widget shows eth0 when you click on it and says it is connected. but when you click manage connections the wired tab is blank10:07
Fleckwhat says this config: /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state10:07
grizmaweFleck: Networking, wireless and WWAN all enabled10:08
Flecksounds good10:08
grizmaweFleck: Picture explains better - here is the applet showing that Network manager is handling the NIC fine: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=145610:15
Fleckso whats the problem?10:15
grizmaweFleck: but the connection settings is blank: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=145710:15
Fleckwell its auto10:16
Fleckclick on manage connections10:16
Fleckand add wired connections as u need10:16
grizmaweFleck: should et0 not show in the wired section automatically so you can edit its settings - I want to override search domain that is provided by DHCP.10:17
Fleckgrizmawe add new wired config, tick connect automaticaly and be happy! :)10:19
Fleckshould work10:20
grizmaweIt is done and works but not intuitive. Existing interfaces detected during boot should always show by default - my opinion only....10:21
Flecksorry i dont understand you, perhaps my english is not good enough10:22
grizmaweFleck: I appologise I mean it is not obvious or easy to know that you need to add a new wired device setting for a NIC that already exists....10:23
Fleckwhy not? u do so in windows too10:23
Fleckcause each interface windows knows - is set up to get settings from dhcp10:24
Flecksame story here and thats good10:24
Fleckif you need static ip, or other settings - u add custom10:24
Fleckwhats wrong with that?10:24
Fleckor again, i dont get u correct? ;)10:25
grizmaweFleck: In windows the network connection is already there and you just need to alter its properties. In KDE the wired section is blank until you add a new connection to an existing eth0. Besides I am not coming from windows but from Gnome :P10:25
Fleckwhats the difference, even better, for example laptops and wired networks, at work i have to use static IP, there is no DHCP, at home i have other IP subnet, so other settings needed10:26
Fleckwith windows its nightmare10:26
Flecki have to change each time IP to dhcp and vice versa10:26
Fleckwith KDE - i add 2 configs10:26
Fleckso easy and cool!10:26
Flecknot just wired10:27
grizmaweFleck: I agree but I think eth0 should be there ready to be edited10:27
Fleckwell dunno... :) i dont see the difference anyways10:27
grizmaweFleck: you should not need to add a new config to something that network manager is already managing10:28
Fleckwhats the difference click on NEW/ADD button or EDIT button?10:28
Fleckgrizmawe well i agree but thats not a big deal i think! :)10:28
Flecknow i got your point! :)10:29
grizmaweFleck: agreed, not a big deal but usability is all about the little details :D10:29
Fleckbut then again - u will need to create auto ...10:29
Fleckcause u modified default one...10:29
grizmaweFleck:  It works well when you know. Many thanks! - Time to look around KDE. First time using it since about 1998!10:30
Fleckgrizmawe good luck! :) i like KDE ;))10:31
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rolandis it possible to get 3D effects working on a Kubuntu10.10 intsall inside vmware?12:06
bazhangroland, not sure, probably contact vmware and find out; there is also #vbox for virtualbox12:08
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rportalhola aladinha14:32
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dmoynehello who knows how to set nfs + autofs on client ; I have problems with permission to write in direcories tant I ca view on client15:10
noaXessfirefox won't open flash exaclty... it want open it with firefox built in faudio/video.. how can i reconfigure that, that flash works.. like youtube?15:16
BluesKajnoaXess, have you installed kubuntu-restricted-extras15:17
dmoynenoaXess, are you 64 bits15:18
noaXessyes.. but it worked.. any update has make that unwork..15:18
noaXessoh i see that gnash is activated in firefox..15:19
dmoynenfs who knows ?15:20
noaXesshow to reove the gnash swf plugin from firefox?15:22
dmoyne noaXess,  rfemove it with synaptic15:23
noaXessbut i want only remove the plugin from firefox.. not the whole gnash swf player..15:23
dmoynenoaXess,  at least you see if now it works without15:23
BluesKajnoaXess, find the plugin in the package manager and remove it ,. not the player15:24
dmoyneanybody that has installed nfs  + autofs on client15:24
noaXessBluesKaj: hey...15:25
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.15:25
noaXessBluesKaj: a sudo dpkg -l | gep gnash gives me just gnash15:25
noaXessthe gnash package15:25
dmoyneubottu, thanks I will check15:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:26
BluesKajdunno why you use gnash, it's been unstable for ages15:26
noaXessfound it.. mozilla-plugin-gnash15:26
BluesKajnoaXess, gnash isn't required on kubuntu , it''s gnome app , just rtemove it and reinstall kubuntu-restricted-extras abd yse mplayer or dragon player for video15:28
noaXessBluesKaj: how to set flashplugin to default?15:29
dasKreechBluesKaj: it is supposed to be stable now15:35
BluesKajdasKreech, well, we should use kde apps , don't undestand the attraction to gnash anyway , it's redundant15:37
dasKreechBluesKaj: so is Linux15:37
noaXessBluesKaj: got it.. swfdec was alo installed on that machine..15:39
dasKreechBluesKaj: as well as basically all of the GNU toolset15:40
BluesKajnoaXess, the flashplugin-installer is best on kubuntu in my experience , make sure you have that15:41
noaXessBluesKaj: on my machine no problem.. was on a customer machine... gnash and swfdec was installed.. in any case.. don't know why..15:42
BluesKajprobly a left over from a gnome install that was replaced with kubuntu-desktop, a couple of yrs ago kde was having flash probs so ppl were installing gnash15:44
BluesKajeither one of those scenarios could explain it15:45
mollitzHi. I'm having a Multitouch-Enabled monitor. When running in Gnome it works perfectly. In KDE touch does NOT work. How do I enable it in KDE? (I saw nice videos about gestures on Plasma)15:51
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napierhi, How I can activate the process kills in  kubuntu desktop?17:51
dasKreechnapier: the process kills?17:55
dasKreechYou mean the task manager?17:55
napierdaskreeck, yes, How I can activate the process kill in kubuntu desktop?17:56
dasKreechnapier: you can press alt+F2 and click on the box to the right of the wrench or you can press Ctrl+Esc which is faster :)17:57
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napierdaskreeck, i want to install a process kill like i have in the bar of gnome18:02
napierbut for kubuntu18:02
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eric123This is the first time I have used IRC, just seeing how it works18:49
chuckfwelcome to the channel18:50
ivan_Hi guys! I occasionly closed the lower panel. How do I restore it with default settings?18:52
BluesKajeric123, quassel is somewhat different than most irc clients , but from all reports it works quite well . I prefer konversation myself18:52
eric123Cool, I will give konversation a try18:53
dasKreecheric123: welcome18:53
dasKreechivan_: right click on the background -> add panel18:54
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PhoenixzHow can I see what brand / model is the touchpad of my laptop?19:05
PhoenixzThe touchpad is working, but not correctly. (using kubuntu), KDE system settings is telling me the driver for the touchpad is not installed, how can I install it?19:05
BluesKajPhoenixz, look in the kmenu/apps/system/additional hardware foir starters , or do search for touchpad drivers for you make and model laptop on google-linux19:08
BluesKajPhoenixz, err , kmenu/apps/system/additional drivers19:10
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sresuLogout process doens't initiate. ps aux - http://pastebin.com/jcjxjQrs. ~/.xsession-errors - http://pastebin.com/wbLnykjU Clicking on logout only stops display manager and moves to tty where it should be killing process and exiting. Instead it only stays leaving the system on the black screen. How can I fix this logout problem?19:17
BluesKajsresu, are you logging in at a tty ...I have to ask19:18
sresuBluesKaj: No19:18
sresuNormal login19:19
sresuBluesKaj:  wherein usual kdm starts w/o Desktop effects19:19
BluesKajso you're logging in with kde / kdm19:20
sresuBluesKaj: tty becomes an option to go back to another user account Like when the logout process hangs, I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login to same user or another to continue my work19:20
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sresuBluesKaj: The moment system starts, it asks for username and password. This is how I normally login19:21
BluesKaja tty is always in service unless you logout as that user , hence the logout to the tty when you want to quit19:22
sresuYes, I do that19:22
sresuLately I have to use tty since the logout probably doesn't complete or initiates19:23
sresuBluesKaj: Was ps aux of any help?19:23
BluesKajsresu, ps aux ?19:24
sresuBluesKaj:  http://pastebin.com/jcjxjQrs19:25
sresuBluesKaj: and ~/.xsession-errors - http://pastebin.com/wbLnykjU19:25
BluesKaji don't understand why you are root19:25
sresuScroll down you will find my account  name19:26
sresuYes, I get that. My account is the one mentioned in the end19:26
BluesKajnever seen root like that before19:27
sresuMoreover, if you check your uptime <uptime>, it will say 1 extra user which is always root19:27
sresuBluesKaj: Try <uptime>19:27
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BluesKajok, no other users here , so...19:28
sresuBluesKaj: Moreover, in System Activity (Ctrl+Tab+Esc) would display root as well19:28
BluesKajsresu, but why do that , it can be dangerous19:29
sresuBluesKaj: I'm only confirming that it usually active as well. You can easily try System activity or <top> to find that19:30
moetunesroot will show in top due to processes being started during the boot  - there should be no root user showing in uptimunless you do su -i or something19:32
sresuBluesKaj: Do you know where is kdm.conf file stored? Does it include kdm.conf file?19:32
sresumoetunes: I use sudo at times to open kate using CLI to do codong19:32
sresuBluesKaj: Sorry, does it include AlwaysRestartServer ?19:33
moetunessudo wont add a user named root19:33
sresumoetunes: Then I cannot say why that's the case with me.19:34
sresumoetunes: What do you suggest?19:34
moetunesseems strange tho19:34
sresuGot it! /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc19:35
moetunessresu:  check at next boot to see if it exists again maybe - or check for rootkits19:35
sonnehi everyone19:36
sresumoetunes: I find two other username in top like avahi, daemon, haldaemon. kdm, messagebus,privoxy,rtkit,statd,syslog19:36
moetunessresu:  they aren't users19:37
sresuThen same goes for root19:37
sresuMy account name is highlighted though rest aren't19:38
moetunessresu:  in konsole run   who   it will show who is logged in19:39
sresumoetunes: hsr19:39
sresuMy account name19:39
sonnei have two folders with identical subfolder structure, but different files at the lowest level and i want to combine these two folders. Is there a easy way to do this wis a cp commandline?19:40
sresumoetunes: ps gave the details of current processes in the link provided19:40
sresumoetunes: What do you suggest then?19:42
moetunessresu:  it seems you are chasing ghosts - relax about it19:44
sresuBug #3891519:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 38915 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "Logout proces hangs" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3891519:44
sresuBluesKaj: https://launchpad.net/bugs/3891519:45
BluesKajok, sresu , glad I installed nvidia 7600gt on my old machine otherwise i'd have that prob too19:47
sresuoh..that was for moetunes19:47
sresuAnyways thanks BluesKaj, moetunes19:50
dasKreechWhat drivers are you using?19:50
BluesKajsresu, dasKreech , yeah I was about to suggest a driver check might be in order19:51
sresudasKreech: http://pastebin.com/xh7xXuXJ19:51
sresuBluesKaj: How to check drivers?19:51
sresuBluesKaj: dasKreech: Or shall I try this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/38915/comments/43 ?19:53
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Guest91796hello people19:55
BluesKajsresu, that launchpad bug is for ati drivers , not intel19:56
=== eric123_ is now known as eric123
sresuBluesKaj: Yeah, I saw that19:56
Guest91796hello BluesKaj , sresu19:56
sresuI'm not sure what's causing it19:56
dasKreechhello Guest9179619:56
sresuhello Guest9179619:56
thd_evening ... anyone know how to enable a service ? I'm trying #update-rc.d -f nfs-kernel-server defaults20:01
thd_but it complains with #insserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (empty) of script `nfs-kernel-server' overwrites defaults (2 3 4 5).20:02
moetunesis nfs-kernel-server installed20:04
thd_yes :) I can start it manually with the init script20:04
thd_I even tried to symlink it directly into rc2, but it did not start on boot20:05
moetunessounds like somethings not working right - a workaround is to add a line in rc.local20:06
thd_ok, will try rc.local, but wouldl love to know why it is failing20:07
moetunesno idea sorry20:12
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:14
dasKreechthd_: ^^^ and #upstart may help20:14
thd_ok, reading upstart20:15
dany_hi all20:20
dany_I'm trying to compile a old version of a library ( I need it) and I get this error:20:20
dany_gcc -g -O2 -Wall -Wunused -o .libs/dc1394_vloopback dc1394_vloopback.o affine.o  -lm ../libdc1394/.libs/libdc1394_control.so /usr/lib/libraw1394.so20:20
dany_../libdc1394/.libs/libdc1394_control.so: undefined reference to `raw1394_set_iso_handler'20:20
dany_any idea of what does it means?20:20
FloodBotK2dany_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:20
FloodBotK1dany_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:20
PhilRod_haha floodbots flooding20:20
dany_no one?20:23
dasKreechdo you have a raw1394_set_iso_handler lib ?20:26
DiogenesWgute nacht20:26
dany_dasKreech:  what do you mean with set iso handler lib? anyway I have installed a raw1394 library with apt-get20:30
dany_I was thinking 2 things: or the raw1394 lib that I have is too new and some function name is different or that20:31
dasKreechwould probably go with the latter20:31
dany_libdc doesn't see the raw library20:32
dany_and in this case I have to link it in some way.. right?20:32
dasKreechdany_: You can probably ask in #ubuntu-kernel20:32
dany_dasKreech:  ok thanks20:32
apparlewhere are the browser identification settings for rekonq?20:41
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone20:45
dasKreechapparle: #rekonq :)20:46
apparleno reply there20:46
phoenix_firebrdi enabled the kubuntu ppa and updated my system. now the weather widget is not absent.20:46
phoenix_firebrdsorry the weather widget is absent . how can i get it back20:47
dasKreechphoenix_firebrd: add widgets -> search for weather?20:52
dasKreechphoenix_firebrd: oh wait hmm did you install the plasmoids package?20:52
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: you mean seperately?20:53
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: i enabled the ppa and updated. during the update i had to remove the weather widget due to dependency issue. after the update i am not able to find it in the widgets list20:55
dasKreechphoenix_firebrd: ah did you try reinstall it?20:55
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: i tried to find using the kpackagekit and from web sources, i am not able to find it. can you tell me the exact package name20:56
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: i think  i found it20:58
dasKreech!Info plasma-widget-weatherforecast20:58
dasKreech!info plasma-widget-weatherforecast21:00
ubottuplasma-widget-weatherforecast (source: plasma-widget-weatherforecast): weather Plasma widget that shows the forecast and temperature. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 258 kB, installed size 856 kB21:00
dasKreechstupid bot :)21:00
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: what is found is not the default one, i will try installing plasma-widget-weatherforcast21:01
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: its already installed, but its not showing in the widgets list21:02
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phoenix_firebrddasKreech: i think i didnt install the plasma-addons, will that be the problem?21:08
dasKreech!info plasma-dataengines-addons21:11
ubottuplasma-dataengines-addons (source: kdeplasma-addons): addons for KDE 4 Plasma - data engines. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 205 kB, installed size 1104 kB21:11
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: i am installing the plasma-addons, i dont know if it will help21:13
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: is this one? http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdeplasma-addons/applets/weather/21:13
dasKreechI don't know whihc one you are tlalking abioiut21:14
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha21:15
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: got it working21:21
phoenix_firebrddasKreech: installing plasma-addons did it21:21
phoenix_firebrdapparle: are you there?21:24
apparlephoenix_firebrd: ?21:25
phoenix_firebrdapparle: approx. 4 days back we were talking about a problem in my bluetooth, i found the problem now21:25
apparlephoenix_firebrd: fireaway21:25
phoenix_firebrdapparle: its the problem in the driver, that is the kernel21:25
apparlephoenix_firebrd: so did you find a patch or something for it?21:26
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apparlephoenix_firebrd: any idea on how to fix it?21:27
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i used another bluetooth dongle it worked perfectly, but the that didnt work perfectly is not yet fully supported in the currect kernel.21:27
phoenix_firebrdbut the default one didnt work perfectly is not yet fully supported in the currect kernel.21:28
apparlephoenix_firebrd: did you find anyone with same problem or a bug etc ?21:28
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i tried the kubuntu 11.04 today, which uses kernel 2.6.37rcx. that bluetooth dongle didnt work, seems that my bluetooth dongle wont he supported in the future21:29
apparlephoenix_firebrd: but where is the bug21:29
apparlephoenix_firebrd:  I mean you will have to find the source of the problem21:29
phoenix_firebrdapparle: ya everyone using the particular brand of bluethooth are having problem21:30
apparlephoenix_firebrd: which brand?21:30
phoenix_firebrdapparle: accel semiconductors, china21:30
apparlephoenix_firebrd: and isn't there a single patch or something for it?21:30
phoenix_firebrdapparle: no21:31
phoenix_firebrdapparle: bug is already filed21:31
apparlephoenix_firebrd: give me the link21:31
phoenix_firebrdapparle: ok wait21:31
phoenix_firebrdapparle: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39893021:32
apparlephoenix_firebrd: has anyone tried locating the problem in the C code?21:33
phoenix_firebrdapparle: this is the vendor id : product id  0c10:000021:33
phoenix_firebrdapparle: dont know about that21:34
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i dont know much about hardware programming21:34
phoenix_firebrdapparle: last time tried to debug a driver found out some asm routines21:34
phoenix_firebrdapparle: if i have to debug i have to look for the source code of the file btusb.so21:35
phoenix_firebrdthe btusb.so is the driver21:35
apparlephoenix_firebrd: in which ubuntuversion did it work alright?21:37
phoenix_firebrdapparle: it didnt work in any version21:38
apparlephoenix_firebrd: but the bug says, it worked in Jaunty21:38
apparlephoenix_firebrd: did you check in the old versions?21:38
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i havnt used jaunty21:38
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i started with karmic21:38
phoenix_firebrdapparle: should i check with the older versions?21:39
apparlephoenix_firebrd: can't help, I don't know much about drivers either21:39
phoenix_firebrdapparle: if it works in the older version, what should i do next?21:40
apparlephoenix_firebrd: you could try with jaunty..... but I suggest you try ubuntu because kbluetooth was horrible in jaunty21:40
apparlephoenix_firebrd: I think maybe,  you could try installing the latest kernel or the bluetooth driver into jaunty so that we can make sure if it is driver problem or not21:40
jmichaelxwould there not be a way to use gnome's bluetooth tools in KDE?21:42
phoenix_firebrdapparle: even if i find that its a driver problem what will the solution for it21:42
jmichaelxproviding the issue is the tools, not something kernel-related21:42
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: i tried blueman already, thats not the problem21:43
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: ok... sorry for budding-in right in he middle of things then!21:43
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: thats ok21:44
apparlephoenix_firebrd: then at least we have localized the problem21:44
apparlephoenix_firebrd: maybe you could search through all the patches to see if there has been a regression, and fix it21:44
apparlephoenix_firebrd: if it is not the driver but bluez then you could search through its patches21:45
jmichaelxthe thing i hate most about linux is not that there is a fair amount of hardware that does not work... what i hate is that there are so many things that work in one version, but not in the next... only to work again in the next, and once more not work in the next21:45
apparlephoenix_firebrd: but I think that would go out of hand21:45
jmichaelxit's that way with wireless, video, audio, bluetooth... you name it21:45
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i tried the latest version of bluez, thats not the problem21:46
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: are you in maverick?21:46
apparlephoenix_firebrd: I mean if an older version of bluez worked then, maybe there has been a rgression21:46
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: ya21:47
phoenix_firebrdapparle: i will recheck that, i will be back shortly21:47
apparlephoenix_firebrd: what21:47
apparlephoenix_firebrd: how will you check that21:47
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: one option you *might* consider is intsalling the 2.6.36 kernel from the kernel ppa.... it is possible that could make a difference21:47
phoenix_firebrdapparle: going the install the bluez latest version again and check21:48
apparlephoenix_firebrd: you could do that, try install a jaunty version.... and if you have good net connection, download jaunty and test it there21:48
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: today i tried the kubuntu 11.04 alpha, that has kernel 2.6.37 rcx, no use21:48
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: even if .37 didn't work, .36 might21:49
phoenix_firebrdapparle: sure trying jaunty will be my next step21:49
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: everything is just wildly back and forth21:49
phoenix_firebrdapparle: one small note, 11.04 was very fast21:49
apparlejmichaelx: not wildly21:49
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: :)21:50
jmichaelxapparle: wildly.... if you think otherwise, you have lucked into the right combination of hardware21:50
apparlephoenix_firebrd: that is always the case.... if luckily all of your hardware works well in new version then it is always faster than previous21:50
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: is 2.6.36 available is kubuntu beta ppa21:51
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: it may be... i was thinking of a specific kernel ppa21:51
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: i am afraid if it will break my system21:51
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: i only suggested the .36 kernel, since it would be an easy thing to test. if it doesn't help, just uninstall21:52
jmichaelxphoenix_firebrd: if it does not work, you just remove the package21:52
phoenix_firebrdjmichaelx: ok, after testing with bluez21:52
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phoenix_firebrdi will be back after testing21:53
chris____Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with a problem I have upgrading my 9.10 Kubuntu to 10.04.1 LTS.21:53
chris____Every time I try to upgrade the upgrader returns exit code 127.21:54
phoenix_firebrdchris____: did you check the webpage before upgrading. there might be a preupgrade tasks21:55
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jmichaelxchris____: you could try upgrading from the command line21:58
jmichaelxchris____: do you have many packages installed from 3rd party repos?21:58
chris____Nah, actually just installed 9.10 from a stick and now want to upgrade strate away.21:59
chris____Especially since for some reason 9.10 doesn't support my wi-fi out of the box for some reason, but I heard lucid does.22:00
jmichaelxchris____: ok, BEFORE you upgrade to 10.04, you should make sure you update your 9.10 installation22:00
jmichaelxchris____: what wireless adapter are you using?22:00
chris____How do I do that?  When I open up package man. the only upgrade I see is to lucid.22:01
chris____Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g22:02
chris____According to lspci | grep Network22:02
jmichaelxchris____: ok, did you already select to upgrade to karmic at some point?22:02
jmichaelxchris____: yes, that card should work in 9.04.... but upgrading to 10.04 would be worthwhile in any event22:03
chris____Nah, all I did was install 9.10 and then try to update; but only option is to upgrade to lucid in package manager.22:03
jmichaelxchris____: i am honestly not very familiar with the update manager... just open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:03
chris____I've heard some others have strange out-of-box probs with driver.22:03
chris____I'll try that... thanks.22:03
jmichaelxchris____: well, the firmware is not there out of the box22:04
apparlechris____: why do you want to upgrade.... just perform a fresh installation22:04
chris____I'd rather just upgrade if possible apparle ;D22:04
jmichaelxchris____: i should have asked the same thing apparle is asking... if this is a fresh installation to begin with, you should do a fresh installation of 10.0422:05
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chris____sudo apt-get update seems to be updating fine...22:05
apparlechris____: it is too much a hassle.... if you can backup, do an upgrade....22:05
chris____I'll try dist-upgrade when that's done, thanks for now anyways!22:05
jmichaelxchris____: when that is finished, after rebooting someone should be able to help with upgrading to 10.0422:06
chris____Kay thanks!!22:06
apparlechris____: I still think you should do a fresh install.... is there any specific reason you stick to upgrade?22:08
chris____Why do I need to fresh install?  What's the plus-side?22:12
chris____I'm gonna upgrade to lucid tommorow, getting late.  I tried starting it and it works fine but 1h30m download needs to wait!  Thanks for the help.22:15
chris____Yeah; I know.  My internet's slow.#22:15
jmichaelxchris____: fresh installs are always the surest way to a cleanly running system.... but upgrades do usually work fine22:16
apparlewhere are the browser identification settings for rekonq?22:19
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Freddy2is only me or kde 4.5.3 is available in the ppa for lucid?22:28
UnksiFreddy2: afaik the newest version is only available to maverick22:37
Unksiand 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 is for lucid22:37
Freddy2hmm synaptic is telling me something different22:40
Freddy2ah, it comes from staging hehe22:43
Freddy2ok, staging is out and no more updates (4.5.1 is the top most available for lucid)22:46
RadSurferWhat is needed to get Kubuntu to recognize a video dvd? Nothing appears to happen when I insert one23:05
asfyxia@Radsurfer, don you get an indication on your screen that your system recognizes a new medium?23:14
RadSurferDolphin does not.23:15
RadSurfervlc, and gxine does not play dvd's.23:15
RadSurferSomething is obviously missing I'm guessing23:15
asfyxiaDid you try a regular cd or something like that?23:16
RadSurferdata dvd's read fine23:16
RadSurferI'm trying to watch a video dvd23:16
asfyxiaWell, that's odd. VLC should play a dvd. Or is it protected by css or DRM?23:17
RadSurferno idea. how can I check. it doesn't recognize it23:17
RadSurferI could try another, see if any work23:17
asfyxiaI think your dvd is protected. DRM is a bitch and you can't get to work. For css (I think it was called that way) is possible23:18
RadSurferA different video dvd is recognized.23:19
RadSurferoh pooh23:19
asfyxiaLet me look up something, just hold on...23:19
jmichaelxRadSurfer: have you installed libdvdcss2? you will need to get it from medibuntu, or some other 3rd party source23:20
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asfyxiaRadsurfer, I found it: you open a terminal, and do sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh .That should do the trick (copy/paste it to avoid mistyping) ;-)23:21
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barrapontohow do i upgrade to kde >= 4.5.2 ??23:26
asfyxia@RadSurfer, can you get your dvd working now?23:28
RadSurferno. Apparently they are encrypted or something. a "standard/ordinary" video dvd plays fine23:28
jmichaelxasfyxia: i had no idea that an install script for dvd css was included somewhere in an ubuntu installation23:29
jmichaelxasfyxia: is the included css the same or similar to the libdvdcss2 that is available from medibuntu?23:29
asfyxiaToo bad for you. Then I'm afraid itś locked by DRM. A couple of weeks ago I heard that they cracked the code, but it will take some time before we can enjoy that23:30
asfyxia@jmichaelx, yes it is. By this way you avoid the slow medibuntu servers. With thanks to our forum hero Pjotr who wrote the instruction ;-)23:31
jmichaelxasfyxia: well ty... i am happy to have leaned about this23:31
asfyxiaOk, I'm going now, thatś all I could do for you. I'm from the Netherlands and it's already night here ;-)23:32
jmichaelxhet is ook nacht hier in die USA23:34
maco!de | jmichaelx23:34
ubottujmichaelx: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.23:34
jmichaelxmaco: no...23:34
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl23:34
jmichaelxmaco: almost the same thing, though... and i know this is an english only channel. apologies!23:36

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