lithprdoes anyone know what i need to do to have default chromium spell check english correctly.  Everytime i type in a textarea every single word is highlighted as a spelling mistake.  I'm awful, but not that awful03:47
kristian-aalborglithpr: hi03:58
kristian-aalborgyou probably need to set it to "english somewhere"03:59
kristian-aalborg"english" somewhere, that is03:59
lithpryeah, i've been through chromium preferencesm and i don't see anywhere to set the dictionary04:00
lithprspell check working in chrome- good enough for now04:16
T44btw, is anyone around that ever worked on the lxpanel code? especially the task switcher04:24
kaemodamn, i've lost shutdown and restart option from  'shutdown menu'. anyone knows what might be the case?10:59
phillwkaemo: I see the question, but do not know an answer, you can always try the mailing list if you do not get a reply on here. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved has the details on that and it's a great resource to see where lubuntu is heading.11:11
phillwhiyas hyperair can you help on "(10:59:24) kaemo: damn, i've lost shutdown and restart option from  'shutdown menu'. anyone knows what might be the case?" I've never come across it.11:12
bioterrorI would give rm -rf to .config ;D11:13
bioterror(ofcourse to the folders including lx)11:14
bioterrorphillw, that's not the first we encounter this11:14
phillwbioterror: hmmm, I'll have to pop it onto the mailing list to ensure Julien is aware of it, I've not seen it logged as a bug, maybe it needs to be.11:16
kaemoi've got it11:16
kaemoubuntu makred hal as not needed anymore11:16
kaemoso it was deleted during apt-get autoremove11:16
phillwkaemo: we still are not totally hal free.11:17
bioterrorinstalling hal brought them back?11:17
bioterrornice to know11:17
bioterrorphillw, captain, make your markings to the log book! ;D11:17
kaemophillw: i see now ;)11:17
phillwkaemo: thanks I'll pop it onto the mailing list so our dev team know.11:17
phillwkaemo: did you install lubuntu over an existing ubuntu installation, or was it a 'clean' lubuntu installation?11:19
kaemoover ubuntu desktop11:19
phillwahh, then it is a ubuntu bug, not a lubuntu one. But I'll get it documented up.11:19
bioterrorthat could happen with lubuntu too?11:20
bioterrorwhere's the difference? ;D11:20
kaemobioterror: good question11:20
kaemophillw: i don't know if it does matter, but lately the lubuntu-desktop metapackage was remove. i also remove some programs like aqualung, mplayer etc., coz i had my favourite ones already installed11:21
phillwbioterror: I'll raise it on the mailing list, then it can be tested out. In the mean time I can make a note on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp#Install%20Lubuntu%20from%20Ubuntu%20or%20any%20Ubuntu%20flavors11:22
phillwkaemo: the meta package is quite safe to remove, it's only needed during an install or an upgrade from one version to another https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp#Remove%20lubuntu-desktop has the full gory details if you are un certain.11:24
T44actually i was wondering if i can do a dist-upgrade without breaking my system11:24
T44because i removed the metapackage too, and patched the hell out of lxde11:25
phillwT44: well, you'll be able to tell us :P11:26
phillwT44: if you totally customise things, then you're not running lubuntu and we have enough on our hands keeping that happy. My suggestion would be to put the meta package back on and then do the dist-upgrade. However the team have committed to supporting the 10.04 beta as if it were an LTS.11:28
T44yeah of course, its all heavily customized11:29
phillwT44: so you will still receive all the updates to the lubuntu system, as the new ones will be backported.11:29
T44guess i'll stay on 10.04 for a while then11:30
phillwT44: well, for 5 years, anyways :P11:30
T44heh, good enough :)11:30
T44running lubuntu on 4 of my computers now11:30
hyperairphillw: sorry, i don't know what could cause shutdown/restart to disappear either11:32
hyperairphillw: i saw it years ago, but i imagine that everything has changed since then so the problem isn't the same11:32
phillwhyperair: it was the removal of hal11:32
hyperairyou mean lxdm can't handle shutdown without hal?11:32
phillwhyperair: it appears not.11:32
hyperairmeh =\11:33
hyperairwhich version?11:33
phillwhyperair: 10.0411:33
hyperairi thought 10.10 completed the halsectomy from pretty much everything11:33
hyperairah .0411:33
hyperairthat's why11:33
phillwhyperair: which we're committed to support for 5 years.11:33
hyperairphillw: well yes, but .04 is frozen, and we can't push an invasive change like that to a frozen release11:34
hyperairphillw: it just means that with .04 you should keep hal around, that's all.11:35
phillwhyperair: I know that, but if 11:16:31) kaemo: ubuntu makred hal as not needed anymore11:36
phillw(11:16:49) kaemo: so it was deleted during apt-get autoremove happens, it will just cause support issues. I'll add it to the 10.04 notes.11:36
hyperairthat's weird11:36
phillwhyperair:  it was a lubuntu on top of ubuntu install, so needs to go into https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp#Install%20Lubuntu%20from%20Ubuntu%20or%20any%20Ubuntu%20flavors11:37
hyperairi guess apt-get was acting weird11:37
phillwI'll get it added in.11:37
hyperairbecause lxde/lxde-core/lxsession recommend hal11:37
hyperairapt-get autoremove should never remove it unless lxde/lxde-core/lxsession were also gone11:38
phillwhyperair: I've never really played with installing lubuntu on top of an existing system, so I don't know how it behaves, but in 10.04 it obviously mis behaves.11:41
hyperairapparently so11:41
bioterrorphillw, you should play with ubuntu more ;)11:41
hyperairphillw: i don't think aptitude would get it wrong11:41
hyperairphillw: but apparently apt-get does11:41
bioterrorphillw, take one you're going to give away and play with it first11:41
hyperairi'm going to test this in schroot11:41
kaemophillw, hyperair it's 10.10, not 10.04 (in my case)11:57
bioterrorwish there was a alpha to test ;D11:58
phillwkaemo:  oooh, well that should not be happening then.11:58
kaemogtg, bbl :)12:00
hyperairphillw: i just tried apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, followed by apt-get install lubuntu-desktop, followed by apt-get autoremove ubuntu-desktop, and nothing got removed together with ubuntu-desktop. O_o13:43
phillwhyperair: most odd, as bioterror said it was not the 1st time he's seen it happen.13:43
hyperairphillw: weird.13:44
hyperairphillw: could it have been due to mixing apt-get and aptitude?13:44
phillwhyperair: It's worth noting on the 10.04 section just in case.13:44
phillwhyperair: it could be, as they keep two different databases AFIK13:45
hyperairphillw: but it was 10.10 though13:45
hyperairand yeah, apt-get keeps a separate db from aptitude13:45
hyperairat least for the automatically installed packages list13:45
hyperairphillw: conclusion= people should only use aptitude. =p13:46
phillwhyperair: yeah, it was 10.1013:46
hyperairaptitude is awesome. you can even play minesweeper with it13:47
phillwhyperair: I'm an apt-get person, just because I'm familiar with it, they do both behave slightly differently.13:47
hyperairi used to be an apt-get person13:47
hyperairbut then i've noticed that aptitude allows for very fine-grained control over dependency issues13:47
hyperairwhereas apt-get would fail right away and complain13:47
phillwI guess I'll have to learn aptitude as apt-get has been dropped.13:48
phillwStill it will mean a whole new set of notes on my forum :P13:48
hyperairphillw: apt-get hasn't been dropped though.13:48
hyperairphillw: and it probably won't be dropped in the future either13:49
phillwI thought it was no longer installed by default? I saw messages on the 10.04 testing forum going on about it?13:50
hyperairapt-get has always been installed by default13:50
phillwprobably me having a blonde moment, but I recall a thread about it.13:51
kaemophillw: in 10.10 aptitude is not installed by default, apt-get is ;-)13:52
phillwkaemo: that'll be what it was then, I do recall a thread about aptitude and apt-get :)13:53
hyperairphillw: yeah that's probablt it13:55
phillwhyperair: lol at apt-get install aptitude :P13:56
hyperairphillw: hey i do that in my chroots for testing13:57
hyperairphillw: i recently discovered aptitude -D which shows you why a package is being automatically installed/remove13:58
hyperairsomething like aptitude -D banshee13:58
hyperairwhich will show which package depends on what13:58
kaemodo you know anything about "not authorised" issue when plugging in pendrive? i'm on lectures now and it happend to me in the worst possible time ;p14:03
kaemoi noticed it in both gnome and lxde (after installing lubuntu-desktop)14:04
hyperairsounds like something screwed policykit up14:05
kaemolike used was kicked out form some device admin group or something14:05
kaemocould be14:05
hyperairi don't see how that could happen.14:06
kaemome neither, just makin' some unsure inference from my knowlage ;)14:08
kaemoi've seen this issue before on the net, ut hoped that it won't affect me ;<14:09
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kaemoanyone present?16:12
phillwkaemo: I'm usually lurking :)16:13
kaemophillw: :)16:13
kaemoi've got another issue ;<16:13
kaemowith suspending16:14
kaemosuspend option in shutdown menu does not work like it's supposed to work16:14
kaemoit blacks out screen but no suspension is made16:15
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kaemoin gnome-power-preferences i don't even have option to suspend when lid is closed16:15
kaemoand runnin' gnome-power-preferences --verbose gives something like this:16:16
phillwsuspending is a PITA across the whole family. http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332 is the best resource for it, they have a list of what ones work, what ones don't and various work arounds.16:16
kaemo - Cannot add option, as cannot suspend.16:16
kaemo - Cannot add option, as cannot hibernate.16:16
kaemookay, i'll give it a look16:16
phillw!flame | kaemo16:16
kaemophillw: flame? how come?16:16
phillw!flood | kaemo16:17
ubot5kaemo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:17
phillwme got the wrong command :P16:17
kaemoubot5: i know, but i'm on univeristy net and it www doesnt work too good16:17
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:17
kaemoubot5: go to hell16:17
phillw!language | kaemo16:18
ubot5kaemo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:18
kaemophillw: what does !flame do? ;-)16:18
phillwflame was an incorrect instruction, what I wanted was flood, ubot is only a bot so if I get it wrong I get an error message from it.16:19
phillwkaemo: "(16:16:31) ubot5: Sorry, I don't know anything about 'flame'"16:20
kaemohere's paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/533505/16:20
kaemobut i'look at forum anyway16:20
phillwkaemo: you'd still be far better off on that area of the forum, there's all sorts of 'tweaks' they know. just remember to use the lubuntu tag if you post a question up.16:21
kaemophillw: i know16:23
kaemophillw: what is your association with lubuntu project?16:24
phillwkaemo: /join lubuntu-offtopic16:24
kejt_hi all, anyone here who can help me17:07
szczurkejt_, what's the problem?17:08
kejt_hi szczur... well maybe it isn't quite lubuntu problem, but I dont know where else to go...17:08
kejt_problem is...17:09
kejt_that I cant find a way to add a simple xrandr script to startup?17:09
szczurwhat about adding it to .XSession in your home folder?17:10
kejt_I didnt try that, I added it to various rc.d files, xinit and some other i forgot :)17:11
kejt_will try that now.17:11
kejt_szczur... nothing... I did in terminal this:17:21
kejt_sudo leafpad .Xsession17:22
kejt_copy paste this http://pastebin.ca/199475217:22
kejt_not link, but content... :)17:22
kejt_and finally chmod 700 .Xsession17:22
kejt_restared and nothing happened... same old resolution17:23
phillwkejt_: you need to install xorg.conf for it to remember screen resolutions, i don't know why, but you have to put the screen resolution into the xorg.conf file.17:25
kejt_ok, but let's say i dont want that, i just want that some script starts up with lubuntu, could that be done? iirc in ubuntu there is "tool" just for managing startup...17:27
phillwkejt_: the xorg.conf file will be read at startup, it is by far the easier way to do it.17:28
kejt_ok so do i need to manually create xorg.conf in X11 folder?17:29
phillwkejt_: http://www.osguides.net/operation-systems/217-how-to-create-xorgconf-in-ubuntu-910.html is where I send people to that has where it puts things etc.17:33
kejt_ok, thanks will look there...17:33
phillwyou will see an entry for your screen resolution, someone like bioterror would be better able to help you, so hang around for when he's active (I think he's having dinner).17:35
phillwhyperair: is lxandr remembering screen resolutions?17:48
hyperairphillw: i don't know, why don't you test it?17:58
phillwhyperair: because they broke support for my usb 3G dongle in the kernel release in later 9.10 and 10.04. I'm currently running 9.10 ubuntu with updates turned off, it's a real PITA. I'm staying at this pub so can now order cable broadband. It really does it hard for me to support lubuntu :'(18:01
phillw*does make it hard*18:02
hyperairwell that sucks.18:04
phillwhyperair: I have a very unloved bug report in for it. But, heck, such is life.18:04
hyperairheh kernel bug reports often go unloved18:05
phillwtell me about it :) even http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=92 does not work :(18:06
hyperairphillw: what you could try doing is looking for the person who develops the driver for your dongle, and whine at him/her18:07
hyperairwait a sec, exactly what is broken?18:07
phillwit's a huwaiie (or however they are spelt)18:07
hyperairhwuawei afaik18:08
meetingologyhyperair: Error: "_@" is not a valid command.18:08
hyperairphillw: anyway, if wvdial works, surely it's a problem in the userspace app?18:08
phillwthe network manager simply refuses to recognise my model.18:08
hyperairyeah maybe it's a network manager problem18:08
hyperairtry poking some network manager devs.18:09
phillwI've tried the two work arounds from my own forum, and it doesn't want to play with them either.18:09
hyperairwhat workarounds are they?18:10
phillwhyperair: daft thing is, as 3 is one of the main sellers of usb dongles in the UK I was sorta hoping they'd get onto it, I reported it during the 10.04 testing cycle on 10.0418:11
phillwhyperair: have a read of the thread. http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9218:11
hyperairphillw: i only see one post.18:11
hyperairand i saw it already.18:11
phillwhyperair: let me go dig out the bug report.18:12
kristian-aalborghi all18:13
phillwhyperair: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/529794?comments=all maybe you could give some one a 'gentle' dig in the ribs?18:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 529794 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Lucid 10.04 Alpha3 network-manager 0.8 fails to connect on boot Huawei E172 3G USB modem (affected: 4, heat: 28)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:16
phillwhiyas kristian-aalborg18:16
kristian-aalborgthe Eee 700 is running smoothly with 10.4 :D18:16
hyperairphillw: by the way, next time you gather information in a forum thread, please copy it over to the bug report. developers don't like following links everywhere18:17
phillwhyperair: I enclosed the forum thread link on the bug report, that is how I found the bug report :D18:17
hyperairphillw: i mean please summarize whatever's useful in the forum thread into a comment on the bug report.18:18
hyperairphillw: every extra step you make a developer take reduces the likelihood that he/she's going to fix the bug18:18
hyperairor even take a good long look at it18:18
phillwhyperair: okies, I have no problem doing that, but the devs etc. have to appreciate that whilst there is the 'full, official' way of doing reports, us lesser mortals do not know them and just try to give as much information as we can.18:20
hyperairphillw: that doesn't stop you from posting useful information such as your device id from lsusb, logs, any potential workarounds used, and whatnot onto the bug report instead of leaving it hidden inside a forum thread for developers to dig through.18:21
hyperairphillw: many devels don't even open bugs.launchpad.net, they just stare at their emails, and if they don't see the information there they just ignore it and move on, or request for more info, and move on anyway18:22
kristian-aalborgany slim users here?18:43
bioterrorkristian-aalborg, sowwy, lubuntu uses lxdm as default18:45
kristian-aalborgyup, I saw18:45
kristian-aalborgsetting up slim should not be too hard, though18:45
kristian-aalborgit does start the X server ;)18:46
kristian-aalborgfwiw, lubuntu 10.4 takes about 1,7gigs19:22
kristian-aalborghey, I got slim working :D19:23
kristian-aalborgI just kept messing around19:25
phillwkristian-aalborg: so I was not that far out when I said 2GB including swap, it's nice to be correct every so often :P19:25
mark76Yes. But what did you do that made it work?19:26
kristian-aalborgI can paste the files, mark7619:26
kristian-aalborgthere's no network OR configuration tools19:26
kristian-aalborgsince I got it (slim) running... will have to figure that out ;)19:27
mark76Does SLiM normally come with network and configuration tools?19:28
kristian-aalborgthere should be no connection19:28
kristian-aalborgI might be using the wrong commands in the .xinitrc19:30
kristian-aalborgdoes anybody know this?19:33
kristian-aalborgI use, for Lubuntu:19:34
kristian-aalborgexec startlubuntu19:34
kristian-aalborgfor openbox19:34
kristian-aalborgexec openbox-session19:34
kristian-aalborgin other words, the stuff from /usr/bin - is this the correct approach?19:34
kristian-aalborgI also lost my keyboard settings, it seems20:06
kristian-aalborgah wait20:06
kristian-aalborgI did not... only lxterm doesn't see them20:06
kristian-aalborgI think SLiM is by far the leanest20:14
kristian-aalborgbut I'd be okay with lxdm too if I could strip it down to what slim does20:15
kristian-aalborg"press this button to flip between sessions"20:15
Kurdistanguys can you take a look to: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533452/?20:48
szczurhi leszek21:06
phillwhiyas leszek, szczur has just been sold, pop onto #lubuntu-offtopic for the details :)21:18
kristian-aalborgany idea how to remove unneded entries from lxdm?21:31
kaemodid anyone had issues with suspending not working?21:34
kristian-aalborgkaemo: look at the wiki, I think there might be something there21:40
kristian-aalborghurf durf22:23
kristian-aalborgshould I remove the swap partition on the ssd? I have 512 megs of ram22:24
koioshi phillw22:39
kristian-aalborganyone using radiotray?22:43
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