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* psusi sighs at forgetting to LD_PRELOAD=libeatmydata this time when upgrading to natty02:37
Steristmay i ask what the focus of natty is?03:24
wzssyqawhy gnome-panel can not load indicator?06:47
Ian_CorneAmaranth: with compiz I can't have window management, it crashes, I'm on nouveau07:29
Its-me-againhow mint 10.5  comomng along atm11:44
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mphillanyone know what kernel version will come with natty?14:53
yofelmphill: according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSProceedings/N/Final likely 2.6.3814:58
yofeloh yeah, read that one, sure looks promising :D15:00
Trewasactually that patch is not all that relevant for general use, unless the general use is considered to be compiling kernel with make -j64 at the background :)15:03
yofelyou know, some of us here actually do that ..15:04
brotTrewas: well, the patch also is beneficial for your desktop if you just have the usual background services running15:05
yofelnot with 64 though :P15:05
Trewasbrot: afaik it groups processes only by tty and background tasks really don't have them15:09
mphilli'm an I/O whore15:21
mphillthe patch will be great15:22
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jewsucanusemy application menus are gone18:36
jewsucanuseonly non-gnome crap like firefox isn't affected.18:36
swimbhello, will there be a daily build today?19:19
charlie-tcaThere is a daily build today - http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily/current/19:21
charlie-tcathe daily-live should be tomorrow. There were problems today19:21
swimbok thank you19:25
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Steristmay i ask what the primary focus of natty's development is?21:07
Ian_CorneI would guess unity21:09
yofelSterist: here's what's planned, I agree with unity though - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSProceedings/N/Final21:11
Steristoh perfect, thanks21:16
BUGabundowhat's the best way to support adobe air in 64bits?21:39
strycoreMy apt/dpkg is going insane in natty, can someone take a look at my dmesg ?22:27
strycorepasted here : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/LQYMPMcn22:28
strycoreapt-get or dpkg --configure -a gets stuck at Generating grub.cfg ...22:30
strycorehi again22:59
strycoreeverything back to normal, ran update-grub after a clean reboot, mounted every hard disk and dpkg ran fine23:00

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