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hrwdoes someone here uses pandaboard with natty?09:24
ograonly natty chroot09:56
ograand you dont see that on maverick ?09:58
hrwpanda connected by hdmi cable in hdmi socket of panda to hdmi->dvi-> monitor09:58
ograits a known issue with the framebuffer driver09:58
hrwogra: it is natty with maverick kernel09:58
ogra(if you mean that everything is cyan)09:58
hrwI mean "there is no red"09:59
ograyeah, maverick has it too, TI knows it09:59
ograor better rob knows it09:59
ogranot sure he is planning to do something about it though09:59
hrwone day I will may run x11 to check does it work10:00
ograX11 has no probs10:00
ograonly the console does10:00
hrwwith my luck to panda?10:01
ograi assume the issue is in fbcon10:01
ogra(vs the X11 fbdev driver)10:01
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Sp0tteris there any arm+ubuntu device that can stream 1080p movies over a network for under $100?   I'm thinking of getting this Western Digital HDTV+  thing, but I'd much rather get something more open that can be repurposed later22:44
Sp0tteri wouldn't mind paying a little more, for something that is open22:44
Sp0tterthere are firmware hacks to unlock some linux stuff on the wdtv thingy buy its not the same as being able to run ubuntu22:45
Sp0tterso far the only thing i've seen is the panda at $175 + case + psu, looking for somethign cheaper than that22:45
Sp0tterand i dont want to wait a month to get it :)22:45
Sp0tteri'm glad we could have this talk22:46
cwillu_at_workSp0tter, 5 minutes isn't very long in irc22:56
cwillu_at_workI'm tempted to not respond for 12 hours just to teach you a lesson :p22:56
cwillu_at_workthat said, I don't know of any cheaper omap3/4 boards22:57
cwillu_at_workand the panda is the only one I know of offhand that actually does hdmi on the hdmi connector, rather than just the dvi (video) signal22:58
Sp0ttercwillu_at_work: I don't think you took what i said the way i meant it23:00
Sp0tteri meant "i talk to much"23:00
Sp0tternot "you need to hurry up and respond"23:00
Sp0tteri can see how it was ambiguous though, my bad23:00
Sp0tterdvi is fine, I'm actually going to use an hdmi to dvi anyways to go to a monitor23:01
hrwSp0tter: define "device that can stream 1080p movies over a network"23:03
Sp0tterhrw: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682213659323:04
Sp0ttersame features as that23:04
hrwSp0tter: is it "device which can decode and display 1080p stream" or "device which can stream 1080p data for other device to decode"23:04
Sp0tterdecode and display23:04
hrwpanda then23:05
Sp0tterok, i'll buy this one for now, and get a panda for the other tv when it is instock and mythtv works23:05
Sp0tterthanks for the tip23:05
hrwI did not yet tried 1080p on it but 720p over ethernet was fine23:05
Sp0tteri've had some mixed results from people talking about 108-p on panda23:06
hrwI did not yet tried23:06
hrwand my panda has just 1680x1050 display connected23:06
ogra_acworks fine23:06
cwillu_at_workSp0tter, it matters very much what sort of codec you're using as well23:06
ogra_acbut i havent tried to stream it in a LAN23:06
cwillu_at_workand if you actually care about 60fps23:07
hrwcwillu_at_work: show me 60fps movie23:07
hrwcwillu_at_work: most are 24fps23:07
hrwok /me -> sleep23:08
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