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zniavre_good morning10:08
zniavre_the Tints tab is weird for me i can't find a kind of "tints map" for color10:09
zniavre_how to use it ?please10:09
zniavre_https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0Aa86IE02TBXPZGtzZDU0NV85ZnFocnQzZGo&hl=en   fond it but it is not easy to use10:15
vishthorwil: wow!! that was an awesome reply from david!15:08
thorwilvish: hmm?15:09
vishthorwil: seen the movie Memento? ;)15:10
vishthorwil: the link you you pasted earlier.. ;p15:10
thorwillol, oh that david15:11
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