nisshhkaushal, whats up?06:19
kaushalis there a irc channel for debugging wireless issues on Ubuntu ?06:21
kaushalI am faced with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/533367/06:22
kaushalnisshh: hi06:25
nisshhkaushal, where is that output from? a logfile?06:26
kaushalnisshh: Its from a daemon log06:28
nisshhkaushal, so is your wireless choppy? has dropouts? doesnt work at all? or what?06:29
kaushalwireless choppy ?06:30
nisshhkaushal, like is it slow sometimes06:33
nisshhah ok06:34
nisshhkaushal, how often does that message appear in your logs?06:34
kaushalalso is there a way to find lspci -vvv | grep "Network" 06:34
kaushalI mean full output for the wireless card06:34
kaushalwhen i run that command i see only a line06:34
nisshhwhich is?06:35
kaushal0c:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)06:35
kaushaland not details06:35
blahdeblahkaushal: I don't know about the avahi stuff, but that WPA supplicant stuff is just harmless noise, in my experience.06:35
nisshhwell, thats because your being too specific with grep06:35
kaushaloh ok06:35
nisshhblahdeblah, +106:35
kaushalnisshh: so what would be the option for grep ?06:35
kaushalto print the rest of the lines06:35
kaushalis it -C 5 ?06:35
nisshhkaushal, try | grep wireless06:35
blahdeblahkaushal: Do you have a Windows laptop around?06:36
nisshhwith no double quotes06:36
* blahdeblah hangs his head in shame for having to ask the question06:36
kaushalnisshh: nope06:36
nisshhblahdeblah, bad bad boy! :)06:36
kaushalit doesnot result anything06:36
nisshhkaushal, what info are you trying to find anyway? your IP address or something?06:36
* blahdeblah slaps himself on the wrist, but consoles himself with his excellent taste in music presently playing.06:37
kaushalnisshh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/533369/06:38
kaushalso i am interested to get that output using lscpi 06:38
blahdeblahkaushal: In my experience, most problems with poor wifi performance are caused by interference.06:38
kaushalI know i can use lscpi -vvv | less06:38
blahdeblahIf you're able to, download a copy of this http://xirrus.com/library/downloads/XirrusWiFiInspectorSetup.1.2.0.exe onto a Windows box, and do a quick survey of the area.06:38
kaushalbut i need to go through each and every hardware06:38
nisshhkaushal, why?06:39
nisshhoh wait, i see06:39
kaushalblahdeblah: sure06:39
kaushalblahdeblah: what does it do ?06:39
nisshhkaushal, also, you are using the ath5k driver, which has known issues, so there is an ath9k driver too06:39
blahdeblahIt tells you what wireless networks are in range, and how strong they are, etc.06:39
kaushaloh ok06:39
kaushalnisshh: sure06:39
blahdeblahWhen i did a survey around my place, i found that there was so much interference on the 2.4 GHz that it basically was not viable to use it at all.  I ended up buying a 5 GHz-capable access point.06:40
kaushalnisshh: i was interested in that command06:40
nisshhblahdeblah, thats what the network indicator does on Ubuntu :)06:40
nisshhkaushal, ah ok06:40
blahdeblahnisshh: If you haven't used it, don't knock it - it's heaps better than anything i've found on Linux06:40
nisshhblahdeblah, fair enough i guess :)06:40
kaushalnisshh: basically how do i get that output06:40
blahdeblahkaushal: There were even some idiots in my area using channel 3 & 9, thereby trashing two channels at once!06:41
kaushalwithout going through each and every hardware06:41
kaushalnisshh: is it lspci -vvv | grep -C 10 "Network" 06:41
nisshhkaushal, try grep Wireless or grep Network06:42
nisshhkaushal, also when using | less, you can use page up/down to scroll as well i think06:43
blahdeblahThat's the way i would do it: lspci -vvv|less, then search for Network06:43
nisshhblahdeblah, i bet darkrose would know how to do it more specifically :)06:45
blahdeblahso would man lspci, no doubt06:45
nisshhthe beast awakens :)06:46
darkrosewhat are you wanting to do?06:46
nisshhdarkrose, kaushal wants to know how to use grep on the end of lspci to find the detailed info about his wireless hardware06:47
nisshhbut he isnt getting the juicy details, just his card manufacturer06:47
blahdeblahnisshh: There is a way to limit lspci output to just certain types of device - check man page06:54
darkroselspci -vvvv | awk '/net/ {f=1}f' | tac | awk '/^$/ {f=1}f' | awk '/^[0-9]/ {f=1}f' | tac06:56
* darkrose gives blahdeblah a preemptive panadol06:57
nisshhblahdeblah, yeah i know, i cant remember how though :)06:59
nisshhdarkrose, you want kaushal to use awk? damn!06:59
blahdeblahdarkrose: bwahahaha - not only old-school, but ugly as well!07:01
nisshhblahdeblah, it may be old school but awk is very powerful :)07:02
head_victimblahdeblah: bought an external drive today, should be setting it up tonight to copy across the repository. Should be able to set it up on that laptop to be a portable repository for your meeting ideas.07:02
blahdeblahnisshh: You have no idea how ironic that sounds - i've been using awk since you were in nappies.07:03
blahdeblahnisshh, kaushal: http://ubuntu-au.pastebin.com/V9u9x2Y207:03
blahdeblahnisshh, kaushal: Pastebin from my laptop - just find the id, then use -s to select only that07:03
nisshhblahdeblah, meh, when i was in nappies i was hacking on the linux kernel :)07:03
blahdeblahnisshh: I don't believe you.  :-)07:03
nisshhblahdeblah, bah! :)07:04
* blahdeblah goes back to his firewall rule editing session07:04
blahdeblahhead_victim: cool - sounds good.07:05
head_victimblahdeblah: just gotta work out how to set it up so I can share it across a lan and just have people put in the right lines to their sources.list and have it work.07:08
* darkrose goes back to coding skynet07:14
* blahdeblah makes a note to kill darkrose as soon as he gets over the flu07:19
blahdeblahhead_victim: HTTP is best - just install apache and put in a directory section in the config and you're done.07:20
head_victimblahdeblah: sounds easy enough for even me to do.07:24
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head_victimWhat switches do you use to rsync the mirror? I was using -vtlr, is that sufficient to get what is needed done?07:27
blahdeblahhead_victim: That looks good to me - once it's running reliably, i would probably drop the -v08:27
head_victimblahdeblah: cool, will be my first foray into apache so at least I'll be learning stuff as well11:46
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