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phillwpleia2: do you have a couple of minutes for a PM?01:32
eemerica2shey guys I'm having a bit of trouble with my ipod touch. When I ran the live CD, i plugged my ipod in and it showed all the songs no problem. After installing it I plugged it in and every music player I tried (amarok, banshee, rythmbox, gtkpod) all day there are "0 songs" on my ipod, yet my ipod still shows a full list of songs and everything. any ideas?02:09
pleia2phillw: still about? just walked in the door02:09
phillwpleia2: I'm just having a chat in council :)02:11
pleia2phillw: ok, did you need something from me?02:13
pleia2eemerica2s: don't know anything about ipods, sorry :(02:13
phillwpleia2: I was just seeking some advice, duanedesign and cprofitt are giving it me now. :)02:14
pleia2ok, cool :)02:14
eemerica2spleia2: no problem i'll chill here for a bit and see if anyone has any insight or else i'll just post it in the forums. would the beginners forum be a good place or should i post it elsewhere? (I dont have the forum topics open at the moment, studying for an exam :P)02:15
pleia2eemerica2s: beginners should be a fine place to post it02:15
brennydooglesHey all!02:28
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KinkyPinkiehey! anyone know a goot LaTex editor I could use on my 10.4 ?11:05
geirhaI just use vim, but search for «tex editor» in the Sofware Center11:17
trhisdonewhats up bio terror?13:54
bioterror6mins and I'm off from work13:54
bioterrorbut Idont know where I should go :D13:54
bioterrormaybe, or parents-in-law, or or or13:55
trhisdoneim a home body13:55
trhisdonewell i finally got dvd playback to look smooth in vlc13:56
trhisdonei have no idea what i did but whatever i did looks good now13:56
bioterrorsometimes, it just needs a magic touch13:56
trhisdonei still can not find a font i like....maybe linux needs its own font rendering engine13:58
trhisdoneall the fonts look blurry no matter what i do13:58
bioterrorpeople complains fonts on linux13:58
bioterrorget used to it13:58
bioterrorbut I'm off to home, to have some dinner13:59
trhisdonemaybe its the way fonts are rendered on an lcd but in win xp the fonts look great14:00
Robinuxguys what does the alternate release mean, semi-desktop / semi-server?14:05
bioterrorit means that there's no graphical installation14:06
bioterrorit's text based14:06
Robinuxi see14:06
bioterrorno LiveCD14:06
Robinuxgoing for the desktop14:06
bioterrorjust installer14:06
bioterrorlike in the old good days14:07
Robinuxyou're not gonna believe it but my download got screwed up right before it finished at 98%14:07
Robinuxdamn i am never going to download normally14:07
Robinuxfrom now on14:07
Robinuxits torrents only :S :(14:07
bioterroryou might get good speeds with torment14:08
Robinuxbioterror, ?14:11
Robinuxhahaha but i just did a smart move14:16
Robinuxi renamed the .iso.part file that was stopped, to .iso file and just pointed the torrent to it14:16
Robinuxhash-checked it and its now continuing it where firefox left off :D14:18
trhisdonei've never had a problem downloading the distro's14:20
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Puck`hi Silver_Fox_ (:15:01
Silver_Fox_Hello Puck`15:01
Puck`how are you?15:03
Silver_Fox_I am okay thank you Puck` , how are you?15:05
Puck`bored a bit, looking through some code15:06
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bioterrorszczur, meet hobgoblin  ;)16:56
szczurhi hobgoblin16:56
hobgoblinthat's the pleasantries over then - now I can revert to type ;)16:57
hobgoblinszczur: I actually do bite ...16:58
* bioterror knows16:59
* szczur kows how to defend himself :)16:59
hobgoblinszczur: against a myth ?16:59
bioterrorgarlic does not help ;)17:00
szczurhttp://szczur.ath.cx/szczur.jpg < fighting stance :)17:01
szczurhobgoblin, are you some sort of admin here?17:01
szczuri got to know who is who in this team :)17:02
Mohan_chmlszczur, but he can kick ya ;) and you have pretty good eyes on that pic :P17:02
hobgoblinon the forum I am staff - here I am just a bad penny that came back lol17:02
Mohan_chmlheya hobgoblin17:02
hobgoblinhi Mohan_chml17:02
szczurMohan_chml, ^^17:02
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin, I am starving :(17:02
Mohan_chmlszczur, want to see him kick ya?17:03
hobgoblinMohan_chml: really - or just hungry17:03
hobgoblinand I no longer have ops in here and it's not really a channel to play around in any longer17:03
Mohan_chmlHungry and angry :|17:03
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin, and I am not from Hungary like Puck` :D17:04
bioterrorI just ate17:04
bioterrornuggets and other stuff17:04
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mansoluvlucidHey,a'm on ubuntu lucid 10.04.Keyboard stops responding after closing and reopening laptop lid. Any idea.17:53
mansoluvlucid?? no discussion.17:57
jledbetterNot sure. Closing the lid puts the machine to sleep?17:59
mansoluvlucid:osI currently have to restart my ubuntu lucid to make keyboard working again if close my laptop lid.18:01
mansoluvlucidhow can i locate the system process controlling this event . Any shell commands .18:03
mansoluvlucidto do so18:03
mansoluvlucid?? any commands - to locate a process that gets executed for  i/o event handling. eg: if i turn on my laptop's bluetooth/wifi button which event/thread handles this i/o.  I tried $top.But couldn't recognise the event.Any ideas / tips.18:13
mansoluvlucidtrhisdone:8) Any comments.18:16
trhisdonehave you checked the bios? some laptops have choices in the bios to suspend the laptop when the lid is closed....maybe ubuntu cant figure this out?18:22
trhisdonealso if its a wubi install wubi doesn't support hibernation or suspend18:22
jledbetterOr maybe the energy setting? I have mine stay awake when I shut my lid.18:23
mansoluvlucidI could  suspend/resume  working perfectly. But it makes keyboard stops responding on resume,no key keyboard inputs are recognised.18:25
trhisdonei dont know i don't have ubuntu on my laptop18:25
mansoluvlucid.k Thanks for responding.:)b18:27
trhisdoneim a newbie to ubuntu ....18:27
bioterrormansoluvlucid, your laptop is?18:27
mansoluvlucidI found this ~Administr@64-203-185-194.cf.dmt.ntelos.net] entered the room.;)wos thinking . . .18:28
mansoluvlucidbioterror: sony vaio vgn cs-36mj18:28
bioterrorcant find much information18:32
bioterroryou should create a account to www.launchpad.net18:32
bioterrorand file a bug raport18:32
mansoluvlucidbioterror: I tried that once and the software couldn't successfully report the bug and asked me to update the system first. So thought to do it manually.:os Do you have any comment on this: How can i locate the process that is handling the  event/thread of laptop closing event.18:39
mansoluvlucidI tried  $top $ps etc .18:40
bioterroryou could try nomodeset in booting parameters18:41
bioterrorsounds little that kind of problem18:41
mansoluvlucidbioterror:I found this.Hope this is the required procedure for entering nomodeset parameter.* At install screen press F6 and select nomodeset and install Ubuntu as usual.18:47
mansoluvlucid* On first boot after install, press e on getting the GRUB bootloader.18:47
mansoluvlucid* Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place18:47
mansoluvlucid* Press Ctrl and X to boot18:47
mansoluvlucid* You should now be able to login to your Ubuntu as usual18:47
bioterrorwhen it boots18:49
bioterroryou edit that boot line and add "nomodeset" with out "" to the end18:49
mansoluvlucid;) will be trying that soon.Thanks bioterror.18:52
bioterrorthat disables Kernel Mode Setting18:53
bioterrormight take some features like sounds and stuff like that off, but we'll see if the resume works18:53
mansoluvlucidOMG.That leaves something more to do.18:54
mansoluvlucidbioterror:may i know the if/else case.If(working) what to do;   else what to do;18:57
mansoluvlucidsorry : wrong simile18:57
mansoluvlucidmay i know the if/else case.If(working) what to do;   else what to do;18:58
bioterrorwell, it helps making bug raport, at least18:58
mansoluvlucidya,.k i'm leaving,will be back soon. thanks for the discussion.Best wishes to you.Keep answering.:)b19:03
Maddethlong time no see cprofitt21:16
Maddethhi again bodhizazen21:16
Maddethhi st33med, night all :)22:09
st33medHi, and good night:p22:09
Matrixoracleanyone here? got a question about nvidia drivers and getting decent gfx on world of wearcraft running thru wine.22:46
pedro3005hello Matrixoracle23:05
nlsthznMatrixoracle: one word playonlinux23:08
pedro3005:o it's robbmunson23:10
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