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njinhello to all, how can i verify if mirrors for Hardy's net install are up ?07:53
micahgnjin: try it in virtualbox?07:53
devildantenjin: they should be up, hardy is not EOL yet ;)07:53
njinmicahg, devildante: bug 675343 say they aren't up07:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 675343 in ubuntu "8.04 Hardy installation fails on SPARC (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67534307:54
njinbut ok i download Hardy07:55
micahgnjin: AFAIK, there's no net install for SPARC07:56
devildantemicahg: yeah07:58
devildantenjin: you should probably test with qemu set to emulate SPARC07:58
micahgnjin: it also sounds like it's a failure in teh BIOSs lack of kernel memory07:58
njindevildante, micahg: Thanks08:00
devildantenp ;)08:00
micahgnjin: but you might have better luck talking to someone who knows SPARC08:00
devildanteafter all, we're contamined by x86 :p08:00
njinat #ubuntu08:00
devildantewhat the...08:11
devildanteis fullscreen flash fixed or what?08:11
micahgdevildante: please be more specific?08:18
devildantemicahg: before, when you full-screened a video on youtube (for example) and wants to change the sound volume, full-screen disappears due to notify-osd08:20
devildantemicahg: now, it doesn't anymore... strange08:20
devildantemicahg: I could say it's a bug, but it's really a feature in that case :p08:21
micahgdevildante: I think that's bad compiz interaction08:21
micahgor it was that adobe bug08:22
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devildanteout of nowhere, a dbus error in a gtk dialog11:48
devildanteand I didn't bother to read it :p11:48
bcurtiswxHowdy all, my bug control membership is about to expire, would someone mind clicking a few buttons for me? :) thx13:03
bcurtiswxbdmurray, hggdh, ^^13:03
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ScottKnjin: If you want to install sparc, you have to get the Gutsy installer from old-releases.ubuntu.com, install that, and then upgrade to Hardy.13:49
ScottKmicahg: Gutsy is the last sparc installer that worked.13:50
devildanteScottK: why's that?13:50
ScottKdevildante: Because all the later ones are broken.13:51
ScottKI think Jaunty was the last one with a working kernel.13:51
ScottKAnything after Hardy is dicy though.13:51
devildanteScottK: They didn't bother fixing it? guess that's an example why they abandoned SPARC13:52
ScottKdevildante: No, it's a result of them abandoning sparc.13:52
ScottKSparc was a primary architecture for servers in Dapper.13:52
ScottKThe fact that it was finally removed was just a mercy killing at that point.13:52
devildanteah, Dapper13:53
devildantefirst release I've ever used13:53
* ScottK too13:53
devildanteand its server support will go EOL with 11.04 release13:53
devildantesweet memories fading...13:54
hggdhbcurtiswx: getting there13:58
bcurtiswx_hggdh, thx :)13:59
hggdhbcurtiswx_: done, thank you14:00
hggdhfor helping :-)14:00
bcurtiswx_hggdh, you're14:01
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hggdhI am going hopelessly behind on emails :-(15:07
charlie-tcahm, that's easy! just give up... :-)15:09
devildantesame here :p15:11
hggdhhey, you are right! It is *only* an issue if I worry about it...15:11
hggdhtime for a logout/login to release compiz memory15:12
SevenMachinesBetter to have too many emails than have have your spam box dwarf your actual emails i suppose15:13
devildantehggdh: logout/login to release memory should not be normal, therefore it's a bug that you must report ;)15:18
hggdhdevildante: known issue on compiz/radeon ;-)15:19
hggdhand, anyway, this laptop is a POS, so I am not sure it would be worth the time to debug it15:19
bcurtiswx_hggdh, owns a POS laptop.. unheard of! P15:30
hggdhbut I am the soon-to-be owner of a not-so-POS core-i7...15:32
hggdhif it ever arrives, I mean15:34
* bcurtiswx_ wishes he has your income then15:35
* hggdh wishes too. Money goes all to wife...15:37
bcurtiswx_women.... :P j/k15:40
ScottKbcurtiswx_: There are actual women in the channel. Kidding or not, do you think that made them feel more or less welcome here?16:01
bcurtiswx_ScottK, good point.  my sincerely apologies to anyone offended.16:02
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njinhello to all, jtv report bug 675416 , fs go in read-only , in syslog we have bluez's 'hci_scodata_packets', subsequently system unbootable fixed by fsck. Means that HD is in a bad state?16:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 675416 in ubuntu "Unbootable after filesystem corruption (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67541616:25
njinJeroen T. Vermuelen has problem with his pc, can we help him?16:32
charlie-tcanjin: What do you mean?16:38
charlie-tcaWe can't really give much support here.16:38
njincharlie-tca:hello, regarding this bug all this problems in my opinion means that the HD is going in a bad state16:39
charlie-tcaThen add that in a comment. You can modify https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Package%20installation%20failure for it16:40
rusiviRegarding bug 488849 -> Looks like OP native installed 9.10, then upgraded to 10.04 based on packages  OP quoted: + boinc in Karmic is 6.4.5, Lucid it's 6.10.17 + Firefox in Karmic is 3.5.3, Lucid now at 3.6.3 + Pulseaudio in Karmic 0.9.19, Lucid now at 0.9.2216:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 488849 in linux (Ubuntu) "memory eaten: poll_schedule_timeout (affects: 4) (heat: 17)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48884916:47
devildanterusivi: isn't the firefox version the same between versions? (due to the new policy)16:49
rusividevildante: I am not familiar with the policy so IDK.16:49
rusiviWell in any event, assuming he was in Karmic his Kernel needs to be updated.16:50
devildanterusivi: nvm, the policy took place just recently (during the maverick cycle, in fact)16:50
charlie-tcaQA meeting in #ubuntu-quality in 10 minutes16:50
rusivisomeone complained about this bug in #Ubuntu noting it looked deadish so just wanted to revive it for a quick discussion16:51
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micahgScottK: I remembered talking to someone who knew, just couldn't remember who (SPARC)17:21
micahgdevildante: I think Dapper server is still supported until June 2011 since it was delayed 6 weeks17:22
ScottKmicahg: That's correct.17:22
devildantemicahg: I don't remember myself talking about supported versions on that channel, tbh :p17:23
micahg(07:53:32 AM) devildante: and its server support will go EOL with 11.04 release17:30
devildanteah yes17:30
jibeldevildante, for reference17:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 642518 in linux-restricted-modules-envy-2.6.24 (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 14 other projects) "[MASTER] package fglrx 2:8.723.1-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: Kernel fix for CVE-2010-3081 breaks fglrx (affects: 285) (dups: 240) (heat: 1974)" [Undecided,Invalid]17:49
jibeland also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pgadmin3/+bug/61097517:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 610975 in pgadmin3 (Debian) (and 24 other projects) "relocation error with latest wxwidgets2.8 (affects: 100) (dups: 17) (heat: 368)" [Unknown,Unknown]17:49
devildantejibel: the first one is hardware-specific17:50
jibeldevildante, sure its hardware specific, all the users of the fglrx driver. That's quite a bit.17:51
devildantejibel: you beat me with the second bug, though17:51
devildantejibel: I was talking about small changes only, though17:51
devildantejibel: I don't consider any changes to the kernel to be small17:52
devildanteeven if it's a 1-line change17:52
charlie-tcathen it really amounts to your personal opinion of small?17:53
devildantecharlie-tca: if you convince me that a kernel change can be small, then I'll gladly change my personal opinion :)17:54
charlie-tcaagain, opinion. One word change is very small, but it depends on who is considering it small17:55
devildantecharlie-tca: "small" also depends on the case. Changing a very small part of a nuclear system is not considered a small change, is it?17:56
jibeldevildante, thats a question of perspective, lets say my business is hosting website, a change to apache is smaller or bigger than a kernel one ?17:56
charlie-tcathe real question is "who decides what small is"?17:56
jibelcharlie-tca, thats why I say there's no small change.17:57
charlie-tcaI agree with that.17:58
devildantejibel: smaller, I think17:58
charlie-tcaEvery change can have major impacts, and small is in the eye of the changer.17:58
devildanteI didn't say it is small, though17:58
devildantejust smaller17:58
jibeleven smaller, what we can measure is the risk caused by the change not the change itself.17:59
devildantejibel: for me, a small change is a change to an app that does not affect other parts of the system for a first18:00
devildantethat's only one part of determining what's small though18:00
charlie-tcadevildante: the problem is in defining small so that everyone uses the same meaning18:01
hggdhactually, the problem is one of trust18:43
hggdhthere is no really "small", or "smaller" change. An one-line change can lead to disater18:44
* micahg can give a great example of that :)18:47
devildantehggdh: I guess that's why we have common sense to determine which change is small and which is not :p18:48
hggdhdevildante: the point is it is quite difficult (if not impossible) to figure a metric for "small" changes in *code*18:49
hggdhyou can do that with doc changes, for example18:49
devildantemicahg: your example is...?18:49
devildantehggdh: we can eliminate suspects first: for example, hardware-specific changes (like kernel, xorg...) cannot be small18:51
devildantehggdh: or do you not agree on this one?18:51
micahgdevildante: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 <-- the first fix18:51
hggdhdevildante: we can work by exception -- doc changes, again, do not tend to cause massive failures18:52
hggdhanother example: I once submitted a one line change to Evolution (a doublwe-free crash). Unfortunately, my one-line change changed the code on the wrong place18:53
hggdhand caused a memory creep18:53
devildantehggdh: a what-free crash?18:54
hggdhdouble-free -- an area of memory being freed twice18:56
hggdhso the second would fail on libc18:57
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ScottKhggdh: What's the replacement for regression-potential?  regression-natty?19:08
hggdhScottK: regression-release natty19:09
ScottKhggdh: Thanks.19:09
hggdhScottK: welcome19:09
ScottKI'm sure I'll have to ask you again.19:09
hggdhScottK: it will always be regression-release plus the ubuntu version19:10
hggdhit was dicovered on19:10
ScottKIt always takes me a while to adjust to changes in procedure.19:11
hggdhall of us...19:15
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jpicheI'm wondering if someone could look at bug 675864 to see if I'm missing any information. It's really annoying, so I want to make sure I've got everything20:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 675864 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio skipping (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67586420:51

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