nigelbYawn.  Morning folks.00:00
popeylo nigelb00:03
nigelbHeya popey, up late today? :)00:03
popeynot as late as I have been lately00:03
* nigelb hugs popey00:04
popeythe other night I stayed up till 4AM, slept for 1 hour then went to work00:04
popeythat was the worst night for a while00:04
nigelbdid you catch with sleep?00:04
popeynot really00:04
popeynext night slept 1AM-7AM which helped00:05
popeyand now.. i think I should sleep00:05
popeyhave a great day nigelb00:05
nigelbpopey: Good night, have a good sleep :)00:05
nigelbjcastro: Totally awesome that kernel team members are replying at SE :)00:13
* jcastro whistles00:14
* nigelb votes up00:15
nigelbcjohnston: back after all the overtime? ;)02:06
cjohnstonat work right now02:06
cjohnstonfirst day at new station02:06
nigelbso now you can be on laptop at work? :D02:07
cjohnstonI was able to at my last station02:07
cjohnstonthis station ill havew more time tho02:07
* nigelb assigns all LD bugs to cjohnston 02:07
cjohnstonI'll get czajkowski to throttle you02:08
nigelbshe'll agree with me on this one :D02:08
cjohnstonI dunno bout that02:09
* cjohnston is off.. g'nite02:14
nigelbg'nite :)02:15
nigelbyo jcastro, you around?04:02
nisshhhaha, easiest way to get rid of support leechers: present them with a really complex awk command :)07:09
nisshhnigelb, not surprisingly, it was a gentoo user who just did that to a leecher in another channel, he was like "what? what is that? THIS ISNT HELPING!" :)07:49
dholbachgood morning!07:51
nigelbMorning dholbach :)07:53
dholbachhi nigelb07:53
nigelbman, he types fast!07:53
nigelbThe last time I had a call with Daniel, I got scared with all the typing :p07:54
nisshhnigelb, "The Phantom Typist" :)07:54
nigelbit was like somone torturing a poor keyboard :p07:54
nisshhnigelb, "noooo! not the C key! please! anything but my C key!" <- the keyboard :)07:55
nigelbnisshh: haha07:56
dholbachI'm sure it wasn't that bad07:56
dholbachbut when we had a call I was using the built-in mic, which I guess is somewhere near the keyboard, so it must have sounded bad :)07:56
nigelbYeah, that's the thing07:56
nigelbI could hear the keyboard more than your voice, which was SCARY!07:56
dholbachhola dpm08:01
nigelbmorning dpm08:01
nigelbI suppose kim0 is on leave today for the festival :)08:02
dpmgood morning all!08:02
dpmheya dholbach, hey nigelb08:02
dholbachnigelb, wasn't that yesterday?08:02
nigelbdholbach: Its today here, not sure how its for him08:02
dholbachnigelb, ah yes - I was just surprised because wikipedia said november 16th and the owner of a restaurant where I went yesterday gave me sweets for eid already, but then again I got an email from somebody Iran saying that it the celebrations would be today08:05
dholbachdaker isn't here either to explain :)08:06
nigelbHe's probably out celebrating08:07
nigelbI realized I had to pass in front of like 5 mosques on the way to work, there was a good crowd08:07
nigelbyay lunch, later folks08:10
jonodholbach, around?08:20
nigelbbah, short lunch08:22
nigelbheya jono08:22
dholbachhey jono08:23
jonodholbach, hey08:25
jonohi nigelb08:25
jonodholbach, sending you an email re. patch pilots08:26
nigelbjono: How are you doing? :)08:26
dholbachjono, ok08:26
dholbachsalut huats08:26
jonodholbach, sent08:27
huatshello dholbach !08:27
huatsjono o/08:27
jonothanks, if you can have this ready for when I wake up08:27
jononot much work to do there08:27
jononigelb, good thanks, just published an uber blog entry08:27
jonohuats, hey08:27
jononow I am headed to bed08:27
huatsgood night jono08:28
dholbach... ok08:28
duanedesignmorning friends09:00
nigelbMorning dholbach :)09:00
dpmhey duanedesign, good morning09:03
dholbachnigelb, I'm having a déjà-vu09:03
dholbachnigelb, didn't you say morning to me (and we talked a bit afterwards) like 1h30m ago? :)09:03
nigelbdholbach: err, that was like tabfail09:06
nigelbduanedesign: ^^ that one was meant for you09:07
dholbachhola randa09:31
randahi dholbach :)09:31
* dholbach hugs dpm10:35
* dpm hugs dholbach ;)10:36
duanedesignmorning Pendulum12:17
* nigelb waves to Pendulum 12:18
* dpm lunch12:58
* popey has a friend going to NJ,USA and wants to know what the sales tax there will be on an $699 ipad :S13:01
popey7% seems to be what google says13:01
Pendulumpopey: that sounds about right13:02
Pendulumwhere in NJ is he or she going?13:02
Pendulumin case he's somewhere near NY, he wants to buy in NJ not NY (I think 8.5% sales tax in NY)13:03
popeythats useful to know, thanks!13:04
Pendulumhowever, if he's near Pennsylvania (so really if he's near Philly), he should look at buying in PA13:04
Pendulum6% sales tax there :)13:04
Pendulumbut if he rents a car, he should get petrol in NJ and know that it's all full service (but still cheaper than any of the surrounding states)13:06
Pendulum(I went to uni in Philly, lived in NY, and once dated a girl who lived in the middle of NJ so spent a lot of time at her place ;-) )13:06
popeyYou and your crazy tax laws :)13:07
Pendulumyeah, but it's lower than VAT :P13:08
Pendulumthe problem in NY is that the 8.5% is actually only approximate13:10
Pendulumbecause the state sales tax is 4%, but all the cities and towns have their own additional sales tax\13:10
Pendulum(it's the only state I've spent time in regularly where that was true)13:10
Pendulumso I think NYC was 8.5%13:11
PendulumI've found something that says the average for the state is 8.45%13:11
popeyQuiet in here today.15:50
* popey tickles dholbach 15:50
* dholbach hugs popey :)15:50
jcastrodholbach: 5 minutes?15:55
JFojcastro, sorry I missed your ping. Whassup?15:57
JFoit's headache day here at the JFo ranch15:57
* dholbach hugs JFo15:58
dholbachhey jono16:01
jcastro   can you guys connect to mumble?16:01
* JFo hugs dholbach 16:01
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm all set?16:01
jonohey dholbach16:01
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm screw mumble, let's do skype16:01
jonomumble never seems to work for me16:01
dpmjono, ok all set16:01
dholbachjono, why?16:01
jonodholbach,  no idea16:01
jcastroI can't connect to mumble16:01
jcastrosays server disconnected?16:01
jonojcastro, then connect to skype ;-)16:01
dholbachit'd be good to get that debugged and fixed16:01
jcastroit would, just not right now16:01
jcastroalso, I am on natty now.16:02
jcastrowhich in hindsight was a bad idea16:02
dholbachjcastro, I didn't say it should be NOW :)16:02
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jcastropopey: is "ubuntudevs" on twitter you?16:27
JFoso, unregistered nicks are getting K-lined in about an hour... just an FYI16:27
popeythat account doesnt exist16:28
jcastroyeah but I can't create it either16:28
popeyguess someone had it and renamed/deleted it16:29
popeyubuntudev is available16:29
jcastrosnagged it16:30
jcastroI think maybe nick grabbed it16:30
jcastroI recall us snagging a ton of them16:30
jcastrohey sense16:44
sensehi jcastro16:44
jcastrocheck out the post on ayatana from the guy who wants to start a loco16:45
sensejcastro: On Planet?16:45
jcastrono, ayatana mailing list16:45
jcastrodang, I didn't mean sense16:45
jcastroI meant paultag16:45
paultagjcastro, I'll snag it, thanks man16:46
jcastropaultag: help them out yo, that would be /killer/ to have an entire loco focusing on unity usability16:47
paultagjcastro, aye16:47
paultagYou're my own savior. Thanks jcastro, is the thread dead and  killed off or should I CC ayatana16:47
jcastromail him directly I would say16:47
jcastroas the topic would be offtopic16:47
paultagjcastro, righto. Cheers16:47
jcastrodo this:16:48
jonodpm, let me know when the Ubuntu Translators page is finished on FB and I will tweet and FB it16:48
jcastropaultag: CC me and charline.poirier@canonical.com too16:48
dpmjono, yeah, I'm uploading some pictures now16:48
jcastroshe does usability studies16:48
AlanBellJFo: that is just spam surely16:48
paultagjcastro, done and done16:48
jonodpm, awesome!16:48
paultagjcastro, back atcha big guy :)16:49
AlanBellthe kline of unregistered nicks16:50
jonodpm, might be wise to register ubuntul10n on identi.ca too and cross post from Gwibber16:50
JFocould be16:50
jcastrojono: you might want to snag @ubuntuappdev16:50
jonojcastro, wise16:50
jonowill do16:50
jcastrodaniel's now got @ubuntudev16:51
jcastrohey paultag16:52
jcastroyou know what's awesome about ohio?16:52
paultagjcastro, yo16:52
paultagOh christ16:52
paultagjcastro, it's not Michigan?16:52
paultagoh ffs :P16:52
jcastrothat never gets old16:52
paultagjcastro, did you see that we're one of the most hungry states in the US?16:52
paultagjcastro, and CLE is the 5th most depressed city. OWN IT!16:52
jonojcastro, done16:53
dpmjono, we've got the http://identi.ca/group/ubuntutranslators group already (which has an alias to ubuntul10n), I'm not sure if it's necessary to create an ubuntul10n user in identi.ca as well. I'm open to any suggestions for not having to tweet/dent twice, though! :)16:53
jonodpm, so can someone go to identi.ca/ubuntul10n and see tweets?16:57
dpmjono, no, that's what I meant, we've got a group instead of a user. People can go to http://identi.ca/group/ubuntul10n and see tweets there - if creating a user is a better approach, I'm happy to create one17:00
jonodpm, oh, I think we need the user too17:00
jonoand then people can see the same tweets on twitter or identi.ca17:00
jonocould you register it too?17:01
jonoand then you can tweet once in gwibber and it goes to both accounts17:01
dpmjono, ok, let me finish with fb first and then register it17:02
jcastropeople use identica still?17:02
paultagjcastro, done. Cheers17:02
jonodpm, you are a legend17:02
dpmI wished :)17:02
dholbachalright... claling it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:05
dholbachbye duanedesign17:05
duanedesigncya tom17:05
jcastropaultag: ... and over to charline17:10
jcastrohigh five17:10
paultagjcastro, ^517:13
czajkowskievenng chaparoos17:55
dpmjono, ok, FB page ready for announcement: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ubuntu-Translators/12032072469847817:57
dpmAlso if you could add the microblogging accounts in the announcement, that'd be great:17:57
jonothanks dpm!18:10
dpmno worries18:11
dindadoctormo: ping18:16
jcastrodpm: that page looks great!18:17
dpmjcastro, cool, glad you like it!18:17
jonodpm, posted, lets see how many people join :)18:17
dpmjono, awesome, thanks!18:18
jonodpm, no, thank *you*!18:18
jonodpm, already 77 likes :-)18:22
dpmwohoo, fantastic18:23
czajkowskikenvandine needs a medal for his patience in debugging gwibber19:14
JanCczajkowski: didn't he write most of those bugs himself?  ;)19:39
czajkowskidnno if folks can read this or not but19:49
JanCczajkowski: without a Facebook account it's not readable it seems19:54
czajkowskiI am quite proud by the way I've destroyed Mark Shuttleworth's presentation by lending him my broken remote, faulty mouse pad, and my macbook that's in desperate need of ram. You've still delivered an inspiring talk.19:55
czajkowskifrom one of the speakers at an event yesterday19:55
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jcastrojono: still need that unity.u.c stuff20:06
jonojcastro, just finished my calls up until lunch21:06
jonowill check into it now21:06
czajkowskijono: chatting in 55 ? you've mail21:07
jonoczajkowski, yup, thanks21:08
pleia2jussi: give me a nudge when you're around for a quick chat?21:17
jonojcastro, hmmm my unity login doesnt work now21:21
jonoit seems that tried getting  OpenID working, but it still doesnt let anyone in21:21
jonojcastro, I will follow up with IS about it21:22
doctormodinda: pong21:37
* jono thinks aloud...if only I could here the dulcit tones of an Irishwoman saying "curly wurly" to me...21:57
czajkowskioi oi21:58
* czajkowski slurs on her PG tips mug of tea21:58
czajkowskijono: ready ?21:59
jonoczajkowski, yup, I will call you up22:00
czajkowskilovely jubbly22:00
jcastrojono: ok done, rendering22:06
jcastrolet's hope it turned out ok22:06
czajkowskijono: see pm22:35
jonoeveryone: http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/11/17/ubuntu-global-jam-lets-make-this-rock/22:55
Pendulumjono: when do you want to reschedule our call for?22:57

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